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\\ Pittsburgh ~ |
PITTSBURGH, Oct. 29.?The local
ctock market last week wag dull and
Irregular. The not result of the trading
was 16 declines. 10 advances and
tlx stocks closed unchanged Au incident
ot the dealings was the reviial
of demand for brewing securities, s'.,ui
ulated by a movement to obtain a rerumptlon
of dividends on Pittsburgh
Brewing common stock. The latter on
sales of 3,664 shares advanced Iroui 4
i; to 6>4 and closed at 4%, and the bonus
sold at 63, an advance of 3 per can;
over the last previous sale, lndepend
ent Brewing stocks were % to l'.i
higher, but the bonds were unchanged
at 43.
At Saturday's bhort session of the
exchange the business was light. Onio
Fuel Supply and Oklahoma Gas each
n, declined a dollar a share, and Union
')- Natural Gas sold at 166, a Iobs ot f3
from the laBt previous market. West'
y inghouse Air Brake continued in lair
Investment demand and closed
changed at 104. There were no dealings
In Glass stocks. Saturday sales
were as tollews:
Summary for Saturday.
r- Stocks? High. Liw.
' ' 100 Diana Mines ... .07 .07
80 Mfrs L & H .... 56% 66%
/.j 700 Mt Shasta 37 o?
15 Ohio Fuel Suply 40Vi 40V:
382 Oklahoma lias.. 28 27Vj
it 550 Pgh Brewing ... 4% 4%
i 3,100 Pgb-Jerotne 53 .53
30 Pgh O G G14 ?Vi
1,200 Boss M & M 10 .10
SOUnlon Nut Gas... 106 165
jl 100 West Airbrake.. 104 104
} ; '6.307
82,000 Pgh Brew 6s.. 53 53
New York
NEW YORK. Oct. 20. ? the New
York stock market on Saturday was
J , dull but strong. During the two-hour
session 347,000 shares of stocks und
$4,138,000 bonds were handled. Onehalf
the total sales of stocks was contributed
by three issues, United State3
Steel common. Marine preferred and
& Bethlehem Steel B. Prices advanced
1 to 10 points, the latter Marine preferred.
which was traded In to the xl
tent of 62,100 shares and rose on expectations
of arrangements being con:
| pleted soon for paying off back u.vljg>
dends. Steel common advanced from
c' , 105% to 107, and other members of this
group, were 1 to 2 points higher, - op
pers and oils were also strong, although
actual business was Held
There were two weak spots In the list j
Brooklyn Rapid Transit broke from j
k ' ' to 5U%, and General Electric from !
1 * 135 to 132. but the latter recovered to I
1 , 135 and closed at 134 bid.
I Oil and Gas. |
The rounding out of the week's desji
velopment work in the Eastern fields
I'e brought no better results than the
j. Bret day. In the list of late completions
gas wells were more consplcu;
5 sib than oil producers. The gas companies
are extremely active in all
sections where there is a chance for
hi ? Increasing the supply. The West Virfk
glnta fields are no longer capable or
gr " MOTOR ^
I v ' ! ' ^
^ "">?
R\ Gasoline or 110 gasoline, the English
Mi refuse to give up their motor cars.
R- . The shortage of petrol, and necessity
MV : ? of conserving the supply, has caused
M(-\ nearly every inotor-driven vehicle in
England to UBe gas or a substitute fuel'
v save this
Present three of these coupons c
Br'; of The West Virginian with iJSC cast
with sewed stripes, guaranteed fast c
itealtzing the need 01 every latully to
H' Flag to display on patriotic holidays, <
I. number ot our readers at ridiculously s
H' price ot dags has almost doubled In th
H i to clip 3 ot the above coupons consfeci
Hi 'the West Vlrglmau office witb S3 cem
Hi cents exuw lor mailing 11 nut called lor
supplying large producers. '
One mile east of Pino Grove, Grant
district, Wetiel county, the Carnegie
Natural Gas Company has completed
a test on the B L Morgan farm. It
is a fair gasser in the Gordon sand.
On Limostono Creel:, Coal district,
Harrison county, the Hope Natural
Gas Company's test on the Benjamin
Wilson farm la a gr.aaer in the fifth
On Walnut Hun. Washington district.
Calhoun county, the Hope company
drilled Its test on the G E Cooper
farm through the Big Injun sand
and found It barren. A fair gas pressure
was developed in tho salt sand
and it was given a shot In that formation.
It Ir, light. On the Little
Kanawha River, Sherman district,
Calhoun county, the same company
has completed a second test on the
Laura V Ash farm, it is not good
for moro than three barrels a day
in tho Big Injun sand.
On Brush Hun, Washington district,
Jackson county, the United Fuel Gas
Company's test on the I N Harpold
farm Is a gasser in the Big Injun
unnil On ITapI/ tho iinmn onm. i
pany'a test on the Boyd E Warne
farm Is a gasser in tho same formation.
On Frozen Camp Run. Curtis ,
district, Iloane county, the United
Fuel Gas Company completed a gas 1
well at its test on the J \V Hinzman 1
In the Burning Springs district. '
Wlrt county, E R Turner's test on the (
Robert Connelly larui. the Nutter and ,
Cox & Lockliart's No 11. Burton Robinson
farms, are all light pumpers.
Robert Wardrop got a 10-barrol pumper
at his No 17 on the William Hark- j
ness farm. O E Crow's No 9 on the ,
Thorn-Roberts farm is a llgbt pump- '
cr. " 3j ]
in Greenbrier district, Doddridge
county, the Eastern Petroleum Coin- !
pany lias completed a test on the Josoph
Smith farm. It is dry and ]
abandoned. Traior Brothers have a
gasser in .the Big Injun on the John ,
A Smith farm. The same parties are
drilling a test on the Freeman Cole- i
man farm. In Washington district. ,
Pleasants county, llinsmore & Co.
have a very light pumper on the E \
M Colo farm. In Lafayette district
the Omaha Oil and Uas Company has .
drilled a test on the A P Jones farm |
to a depth of 1,000 feet and have a |
ilshlng job. The same company is .
drilling a test on the N S Locke &
Sons' farm and the rig completed for
a test on the 1 C Hamsworth farm. ,
In Spencer district, Roane county, .
tho Carter Oil Company has put its !
test o nthe A J Neaster farm to .
pumping. It is not good for more !
than five barrels a day. On Kellys
Creek, Cabin Creek district, Kanawha
county, Frank Smith has drilled ,
his test on tho li B Tliompkins farm
through the Weir sand and it is dry. ,
Tho Kanawha Valley Products Company's
No -1 and 5 on the W M Bower
farm are both gassers in the Weir (
sand. Tho Cabin Creek Gas Company
got a 2,000,0000-foot gasser at No
11 on the David Ward heirs' tract.
Tho Eastern Carbon Company's Nos
4 and 5 on tho W M Tliompkins farm
are both Weir sand gassers.
Drilling and Starting Tests.
In a number of districts there is
considerable test work under way and
starting. In Union district. Clay |
county, the Ohio fuel Oil Company |
is drilling a test on the Thompson
Land and Coal Company's tract. The
United Fuel Gas Company is drilling
on the Baxter heirs' farm. On White
Oak Creek, Washington district, Cal- i
i i
carrying Its supply in a big bag. The j
average motor car carries its gasbag
on the hood. The gasbag of the street c
bus is lashed to the rear. This explains
why you couldn't tell at lirst ,
glance whether the photograph was j
ot a balloon or ot an automobile.
onsecutivcly numbered at the office '
I and get a beauliful Flag 4j"j feet, 1
olors. 1
Fairmont and vicinity lor an American 1
ve hav0 arranged to supply a limited <
mall coat In spite of the fact that the i
e last few weeds. All you need do la
illveiy numbered and present them at t
s in cash and the dag is yours. Ten t
. - . ..
To serve wherever they may,
by patriotic Lowell, Mass., girls on ti
in numbers. They are banded togetl
leaders. The girl who marries forte
houn county, the Hope company Is;
drilling tests on the Adali Duf[lel(l i
and A E Knotts farms. On Heedy
Creek, Center district, Itoanc county,
0 L Cabot Is drilling tests on the C
C Hickman and W S Miller farms.
On Yoms Run, Spencer district, Mr
Cabot is drilling on the G G Deaton
tarm and has material on the-ground
tcr a rig on the Samuel Ilix farm,
located on Little Crook. On Reedy
Creek, Curtis district, Roane county,
3lmms & Co. are due In the salt sand
it a test 011 the J A Perry farm. On
Crooked Run, Ravenswood district,
Jackron county, the Ravenswood Oil
uid Gas Company has started to drill
on tile John Baker farm. On Elk
Pork, Washington district, the United
Fuel Gas Company is due in tho sand
Jit tho John Parsons and David E Ice
(arm. On Littlo and Heedy creeks,
Curtis district, Roane county, the
same company is starting tests on
the Fulton Walker and Clara J liar[ess
Grain and Produce \
CHICAGO. Oct. 28.?Prospects of]
larger receipts from the new crop;
led to heavy selling of corn Saturday,
iinl made prices average lower. The
iiarket closed unsettled at the seme
is yesterday's finish to 31 down,
with December l.lSVi to l.lSvi and
May, 1.12%. Oats declined J, to ?;.i
The result in provisions varied from I
2\u cents drop to a rise of 50 cents. I
Open Close
December liny. 11SV1
May 112% 110%
December 58% 5814
Mav (10 5!)?i
October 1100 1000
January 10GO -10S5
Organization of tbo Harrison county
council of defense lias been perfected
with the election of Virgil I,.
Highland, as chairman; J. S. Rodney,
vice-chairman, and E. Bryan Templeman,
That \%.st Virginia physicians pays
little attention to the law3 requiring
registration of births and deaths is
shown by the Wetzel county assessor's
annual report to the county clerk.
During last year there were 300
airths and 79 deaths in this county.
Out not a single one was reported by
my physician, according to the reeled
The officers of the national bank
ixaminer for that district have been
moved from Huntington to Parkers-1
surg as a result, of a re-arrangement j
if the districts. The examiner R. G. i
Finey, is preparing to move his rarely
here. The offices had been situlted
at Huntington tor many years.
Owing to the high cost ot living,
:he lawyers ot this city and county
liave decided to advance their fees.
The Cabell County Bar Association
(las appointed a committee, headed
iy Fred Livezey, to revise upward its
minimum legal tee schedule.
Barbour county has organized a
:ounty defense council at the instance
jf tho state council of defense. It
onsists of Dr. W. W. Chenoweth and !
r. Edward Stuart ot Philippi; Porter
Lovett and ('. Jl. Elliott, of Biling-1
:on; A. D. Woodford, of Barrybur;;; j
,V. W. Skidtnoro, of Kasson, and Wallo
P. Williams, of Volga.
Surgeon E. A. Sweet, of the United
States public health service, bas appointed
A. D. Burke, city milk inspector,
at Huntington, up dairy br.ceriologist
to servo at various army
:antonmonts througliot the country.
Mr.' Bttrko has been ordered to resort
for duty as soon as possible at
he national army cantonment at Ma:on
All lock tenders on the Kanawha
rtl.io flvore lfivn ieel Bonn
lli?4 W"IU ?!???<-. JU.H uova (-.IVUII
lie authority of L'nlteil States marihals
by tho government In order
hat they may protect tho locks and
lams. Until recently soldiers guardid
the locks.
L. L. Friend, elate supervisor of
ilgh schools today anonunced statis;ics
relative to the tvorlr done by vuious
high schools last year. Thirty:oven
schools had parent-teachers asiociations
and 33 conducted communty
center meetlugs. Tho meeting at
^ogan was attended by 700 people,
livening classes were conducted in 37
ind eight schools conducted evening
looking classes, classes mainly for
lousewives. In more than 50, reading
iircle work was carried on and 21
lonductcd lyceum courses. Five high
icliool3 held "open night" sessions,
ly which the parents and others were
inabled to seo tho schools In active
icssion. Three schools had ngricul
t o fight on the trenches if need he
lie model of the regiment of fighting I
1 er not for show hut for service, and 1
its her membership.
tural classes which wont into their
districts and conducted meetings.
Ono hundred years old Sunday and
OS years a resident of the railed
States, the Rev. William Gerhardt, a
native German of Martlnsburg, founder
of the order of Knights of Pythias
in West Virginia, has written a message
to the people of the state
through Samuel 13. Montgomery, state
labor commissioner and !t_ecper oi
records and seal cf the Grand Lodge
Knights of Pythias. On next Tuesday
in Martinsburg Mr.1 Gerhardt will celebrate
his founding cf the Pythian
Order in the state. lie will ho presented
$200 in gold by the grand
lodge, which in memory or Gerhardt
Day. will buy $5,000 worth of Liberty
The efficiency of West Virginia idleness
and vagrancy art is under observation
not only here where it is
being tried out, but in numerous other
states from which requests have
como for copies of the law and information
in regard to exactly what is
being accomplished, says the Capitol
Gossip man of th.- Charleston Mail.
With the unprecedented demand
for labor in the stato at this time
there is absolutely no excuse for any
able bodied man being Idle, in tlic
opinion of executive officials, so the
mere fact that such a man is found
to he working Iocs than 35 hours a
week is almost a sure proof of vagrancy.
While the law was passed to ho
effective only during the war. it is
believed nossible hv manv nersons
that it's proper enforcement at this
time will only prove its value for any
time, ami it is likely to be re-enacted
and amended for enforcement In the
peace times which are to follow the
c- o
There's a Reason.
None of baseball's celebrated boneheads
have been accepted for war setvice.
Don't put ?n t!
i" ^
v It is poor econcn
? by substituting somethir
' you like to save on cost if
X - ?
8 betteri" You can get a t
8 if you put on
> Before its m crits were rec
b regarded as a more or less
b Certain-teed hasdem
0 a most du rable roof, but i
? It is economical to buy, ir
? practically nothing to mai
8 clean, sanitary, fire-retari
? It is now used as the pr
fi office buildings, factorii
?j houses, garages, farm bu
& bility is demanded. CER'
9. for 5, 10 or IS years, ac
? 2 or 3 ply).
P There are many roll roofings
:CERTAIN-TEED. It pays tc
f; to lay a CERTAIN-TEED r<
b roof, but there is a vast difftrer
? the quality of a roofing by looks (
? label. Be sure that it is CER
9 certain of quality and guaranteed:
Certain-teed Siate-Sur;
9 are iupp!ant?m[* wood and date shin
r> oxc jusx as gooa looKinp, wear Detterj
8 ire firc-retardant, and do not have to
X Certain-teed Pair
Oj are the best qualit
t?5 - ground and mixed*
f; curacy- Made (or
jg colors. With paint
X the name CEHTj
guarantee of qualit
Q KervYork, ObicnRo, Philadelphia. Kt.Lou:
S LuIIolo, Man Francisco, Milwaukee, i
? Minneapolis, Kansas City. Seattle, Indi,
g Grand JCaplda. Nashville, Salt Laite City,
g Brdncy, Havana
"Battalion of Death," organized
lussian women is constantly growing
lave tho backing of important military
Jail Breaker is
Arrested Here
Wanted on charges of bootlegging
and breaking jail. B. F. Williams, of
Sommerville, Nicholas county, was arrested
here Ia? Saturday afternoon
l just as he was about to board a B. AO.
train to leave tho city. He was arrested
by Deputy Sheriff Howard
Adams and City Policeman Ward. Ho
no doubt had a "tip" that the officers
were after him because he skipped and
did not return here until Saturday,
when he came to lift "his clothing and
get his pay. He did not deny that he
was tho man wanted. Sheriff Worton.
of Sommerville, was notified of the
man's arrest. An officer will be sent
| here to take him hack to Sommerville.
? to
Av. At. Attend. Per
Year to Oct. 2S cent
Oct. 1917 of
191(1 gain
First M. E noil 54G S
Diamond St. M. E. 337 309
South, 31. E 159 12S
Presbyterian 250 333 33
First M. P 185 147
; First Baptist 278 270
I Palatino Baptist . 17" 135
| Christian 187 175
Lutheran 90 102 13
Tho schools In the main made a
poor showing yesterday.
A condition of sluggishness prevails
that is deadening In its effort.
Why not tho school people wake
up anil get In line for great things,
he roof until
ay to save money ?
lg inferior but wouldn't ?
you could get something g
letter roof for less money g
n-teed i
ES33 \.rz^
ifing ?
. ? I
:ognized, roll roofing was
te m porary roof?but now g
onstratedthatitisnctonly ?
ilso the most efficient roof. <!>
lexpensjve to lay and costs ?
ntain. It is light weight, ^
lant and weather-tight. 3
eferablc type of roof for 3
:s, hotels, stores, ware- 3
ildings etc., where dura- %
TAIN-TEED is guaranteed ?
cording to thickness (1, g
1 '
on the market, but only one 8
i get the best. It costs no more g
oof than it does to lay a poor .s
ice in the wear. You can't tell g (
ar feel. _Your^onIy safety is the ?> <
TAlN-TkED?then you arc X j
satisfaction. ? '
faced Asphalt Shingles o
gles for residences. They cost less, ? '
, won't fall off, buckle or split. They gj !
be painted or stained.
its and Varnishes gj
y paint materials, fsSESt O
iith mechanics! ac- _ V
all uses and in all - j
, as with roofing, v
\1NjTEEP is a EggfraEpjpl V
if, Boston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh. Detroit, 3
Cincinnati, New Orleans, LoBAnfcdes, 8
annpolis. Atlanta. Memphis, Richmond, W ?
. i>cs Moines, Houston, LuluUi, London, o
WANTED?Old false teeth. Don't
matter if broken I pay $2.00 to
315.00 per set Send by parcel post
and receive check by return mail.
L. Mazer. 2007 S. Fifth Street. Philadelphia.
Pa. lQ.12-20t.2D59.
FALSE TEETH?We pay as. high as
517.50 per set for old false teeth, no
matter If broken; also gold crownsbridge
work. Mail to Berner's False
Teeth Specialty. 22 Third St.. Troy. N
Y., and receive catb by return mail.
WANTED?Young lady or young man
familiar -with mining news of Fairmont
district to act as corresponicn:
for coal trado paper. Address with fall
particulars 11. F. D.. P. Q. Box 7'1
Charleston, W. Vn. 10-2G-3t-391.'
WANTED?Men. Steady work. Hel
mick Foundry Machine Co.
per day. Apply Jos. Wright & Sans. ,
Jackson & Cleveland Ave. 10-24-6t-30U!> [
WANTED?Married man of good |
character who will work hard for |
advancement. Give reference of two
reliable people who have known you
three or more years. Salary and
commission. Address P. 0. Box 412,
Fairmont. W. Yn. 1 "-27-2t-3021.
WANTED?Tailor tor cleaning, pressing
and repairing. Good salary to
right party. Stetson Tailoring Co.,
226 Madison street. 10-2'J-2t-3020.
bOlt SALE- (!-roo:n t.ouss with built
Big lot. Apply 325 Jefleraou street
4-20-tf No 223.'
" Losr AND b'OUNU
LOST?Gold ring with broken intaglio
marked "T. B. T. to J. O. S. 1904.'
Reward if returned to this office. Hex
3025. 10-27-2t-3')25
LOST?269S5 automobile license between
State street and Fairmont!
Hotel. Reward if returned to Box
3027, West Virginian. 10-29-H-3027.
LOST?From Gypsic Camp, bay
horse, with white spot on forehead
and scars on breast near Waynesburg,
Pa. Will pay f 10 reward for!
his return. Address Box 3026. West
Virginian. l0-30-2t-3026
?= I
FOR SALE?Ford car. 1914 model.
JUBt newly overhauled. Has speedometer
clock, exhaust whistle and
tiro holder. Reason for selling going
out of town. Phone 3G6-R.
Phones 1105, 1106, 1107.
lu answering blind ads in
The West Virginian classilied
columns, please be careful to
use the precise address given in
the adv. Write the address
plainly. Letters brought to The
West Virginian office do not reautre
stamps. Always inclose
your answers in scaled envelopes.
Advertisers or others inquiring
ubout a classified ad.
must designate the ad. number
at the end of the ad., as we have
no other means of referring
to it
^ IF Why Evade Your ^ I
l Responsibility?
Health is given you
to work, and monev 1r
| I paid tor your labor in |
I I order that you become | I
fc? both now and LATER! ra
tSl If you merely live Kj
KN now?you cheat the N?j
M responsibility of later f-1
Think this over,
then start your savings
earning Interest
at Our Savings Department.
Jfaibmoht y
| trust. i
jcompany |
frectly across the Kj
eet from our former Aa
:t<ltn, '
sr VV fires, whatsovi
rc whatsoever developet
pR fires or fire breeding
Ps any worth, of manhoi
jg you, think of these th
1 F. E. N1
&. INSU1
Masonic Temple*
FOR RENT?Very reasonable, a well ,,-t)
furnished room for one person. Call v'
| at 526 Gaston Ave. 10-l&-tf.|99S f i
FOX RENT?;> rooms and bath. No!
1014 Fey St.. rear Rhea Terrace. j^S'S
Call T J. Hurchlnal. 10-25-tf-S0H '; ^
FOR RENT?Two furnished rooms - ;/j
for light housekeeping. 623 Walnut 'vS
Ave. 10-37-3t-30K'?j$aM
" "for~salb
FOR SALE ? Salt rising and yeast
homo made bread. Also pies and cakes.
Apply 402 Qulncy street
FOR SALE?Horse and wagon. Bar- ,
gain to quick buyer. 723 Beaont v
Ave. 10-18-9t-298>
FOR SALE ? One large brown rnr-ri SS
carriage and one gray reed sulky, ,
Apply 136 Maple Ave. 10-25-81-801* ,l{
FOR RUNT?One large store room on
first floor In Jackson Hotel Bldg. Call
Mrs. Rosa Tucker. Phone 1268.
WANTED?District manager for
counties In West Virginia. $500,000
stock company Issuing combination. .
accident, health and $100 funeral ,
bcneilt policy for $1.00 monthly pre- .
mlum. Popular plan. Liberal contracts.
Address Commercial Cas- :.;^j
aulty Insurance Co.. Newark, New
Jersey. 10-29-2t-3028
FOR SALE?Eight Shares Twin
Mountain Orchard at a bargain 11 ;
sold quickly. Phone S08-J.
10-29-6t-3029. 4
i?i i mi i us
LET Madam Ifosmos help you by ' '.'S
giving your life prediction. Send
blrthdate and dime. De Laurene - .3
Kosmos, Box 291, Louisville, Ky. .
10-29-6t-30S0. 'j'^l
Professional Cards cji
experience. Glasses furnished'^ If
i one hour. With
A. B. Scott & Company.
. ....... . . ; >.
awp.oxtcop.o.oxtaacceutca5itt?a039asa. '''Wgk
g Representing Nubone Corsets. 8
P Bell 48V J 386 Monroe St 4?
i DR. A. B. SMITH,
Glasses ot all iclnds oorrecily '
! fitted. Satis taction guaranteed. . ??
! Hall Block over Martin's Drug
Successor to Walker A Kellay '
Fire. Accident and Surety Bonds
Fleming Bldg., Over Hall Hardware
T0..4V C1-1 *- 11-^i
a uu x uui oaictry un iill |!S j
Income-Earning Basis |8
! S Make It show a permanent f| .'.'>^^1
1 retum for the labo - invested, II
; It should pay you more than II |9
the bare necessities of life, I I
Deduct a portion from your II' :
i cash every pay day and lm-Jl
J mediately place it on inter- ||l
| est In the National Bank of |l
j | The moment you start pll- II
| ing up cash capital you are be |M r ''djaE
i i ginning to climb. You'll get IB ~m
"V up where there are abundant II .
fcjj opportunities that you hardly HI|j|
nanoflj&bpf %
Fairmont bftttb '!
1\ ll f f f ^ '"j
. W |H
" ,;/'
jj& . <^W|
?, :''3

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