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(Every Provident Man or
Should Clin This Ad at O
Three and one-bait years ago on
curtain on our first Coupon Sale, an
from that day-on we have made Cot
have become so popular tbat scotes i
for Harrison's Coupon Day each wee!
given the buying public every item
offer you one leader to attract you t
buy other goods In order to get that
tee all goods listed to be tbe same
class stores. In quoting former val
flated prices. You are always yorr
Coupon Day Wednesday, we have ti
^ ble items that you need right NOW,
S y glance that It will he very profitable
, coupon offerings Wednesday.
$3.00 Silk CO Ofi
I Fresh new crepe do chine and
washable silks In suit shades;
wh'lte and flesh shades in crepe Ue
chines and pleasing stripes In suit
shade silks; siesz 30 to 10; with
& coupon (V) choice $3.39.
(Main Floor)
5c Toilet 1 An
Paper. ?'" Rolls for .. IwC
Generous size rolls. 6 ounce crepe .
tissue paper; our regular ue seller;
one o? the best 5c a roll toilet pa-';
1 pers on the market today; while theI:
quantity lasts, Wednesday, with]
coupon (V) ;i roils for I0e
? r 11
$2.75 A'uminum OA AC
Tea Ke'Jks
Size No. S. seamless ".Mirro"
wv.\ umuu, ttuvurntscu in an luauing
magazines, including tlie Saturday
Evening Post; 99 per cent pure
aluminum, aluminum lid; highly
i?: ' polished on outside with velvet tin- :
| . Ish on Inside; with coupon (V)
K only J'1.25. Busemeut | j
$2.50 Aluminum | Q7
Pieser-iuif Kettles l?vl
"Mirro" brand pure aluminum ;
wear, seamless. 12 quart capacity; !
J Bteel ball; high polish outside, vel- i
vet polish inside; guaranteed to \
give satisfaction; regular $2.50
\jMc- with coupon (V) only $1.97. .
Basement) |
25c Cotton 1
Bats, 17c or 3 for .. 3UCjs
Made from good quality staple i
white stock; net weight one full I
pound; each roll opens up about i
one-half comfort size, that is about s
Kg36x84 inches; with coupon (V) 17c \
each, o 3 for 50c. (Basement)
|lt)c Biker's .
Chocolate, i for .. .
Baker's Chocolate has been note.,
as a delicious nutritive, salutary* <
beverage for more than a century: :
Baker's Chocolate can be used for' \
cooking or beverage purposes; with! i
coupon (V) Wednesday 2 for 15c. j
t Basement)
25c Wizard Oil, IQa
A Bottle
For floor anil furniture; for all
kinds of mops or take common
piece of cheesecloth and a few
dropB will convert It into an ideal
dust cloth; renews the life of furniture
as well as polishes It; with
' j coupon (V) a bottle ISc.
RRinnn i
Loathtr QQ.
Ibags 00C
rC seal grain leather, size
I inches deep, about 6 inches
welted seams; colored liniglily
polished nickeled metal
frame; wide strap handles;
mie In Monday; with coupon
lur choice 88c. (Main Floor;
jj Bleached 7fti*
ts, each IOU
, even white bleached, made
elected cotton yarns, hemends,
center welted seam;
. splendid finish, ready to use.
!d size, with coupon (V) each
(Main Floor)
ien's $10 07
Sweaters . *0.31
fibre silk top. knit in fancy
; and close patterns; deep
collar or collarless; purple,
old rose, copen and navy,
white or self trimming; with
n (V) only 8G.9T.
(Main rioorl
Woman in Marion County
mi.;, tr if s i
nee?iius very Minute.;
a Wednesday morn we rained the
d the idea met with instant favor;
ipon Day a Weekly event, and they
ipon scores of lolks watch and wait
and you know why, don't you?
j. For 1S1 Coupon Days we have
exactly as advertised. We do not
a our Btore and then compel you to
special leader. We always guaranquality
as sold by all reliable firstucs
we never mislead you with inown
judge and jury For our 18!!d
'led mighty hard to select seasonaand
we feel that you will see at a
for you to take advantage of these
10c "Baby Elite" 7.
Shoe Polish v
lilack combination cleaner and
paste in paper carton; put up by
Whlttemore -Mfg Co., which guar
antees the quality; may be used on
gun metal or vlci kid shoes for
men, women and children; with
coupon (V) a package 7c.
75c Boys Flannelette CQ*
Rompers www
Constructed from a good service
able and warmth giving Eden cloth
a widely advertised line ot rompers
that are really made better than
ncccssnrv: sizes L' to 6 years; with
i Ms<ii Klnur
h; "S-- ?er"
fcl.ttU Cotton ?<| aa
Blankets ^1.43
Sizes 50x"G .Inches; color gray
with pink and blue and gray and
blue striped borders; carefully con
structed trom selected cotton
earns, full standard napping, with
toupon (V) a pair $1.29.
(Third Floor I
75c Doz. Barber
Towels, (i for I wC
uieacnea sou nmsn huck weave,
riple striped red horderss, size 14x
29 inches, selvedge and fringed
:nds; sold regular at 75c a dozen,
villi coupon (V) G for 29c.
(Main Floor)
5c Silk Hose KAn
For Women
One special lot of standard grade
ilk hose, repiesenting a special
lurchase that arrived Monday;
>ought to sell lor 75c; fancy and sol
d shades; gray, champagne, bronze
iky, pink and black and white;
vitii coupon tV) u pair 50c.
(Main Floor)
n" b'uuu i'uio miito 1UC1CCH4id
table cloths, full bleached, new
mil showy center designs, all
iround borders for round or square
:ables, size G-lxtil, ready for use:
ivith coupon (V) each bSc.
(Main Floor)
i-ii.MI Boys' Q7
Mackinaw Outfits^*"**
Made from a fabric with a pedigree,"
outfit comprises a pood warm
mncklnaw coat, rah rah hat and
storm leggings all to match; these
outfits give warmth without weight
rich plaid patterns; with coupon
(VI an outfit for $3,97.
(Second Floor)
6?c Women's AQf*
Corsets IvG
Made from a very good grade of
white coutil; lias 4 garters; back
lace; one of the best Inexpensive
corsets for women on the market
today; all sizes; with coupon (V)
each 49c. Main Floor
39c Children's 0I1?*
'Tnion Suits *vC
Come in sizes 4 to 14 years; medium
weight; at the present high
price of cotton goods this offer
should readily appeal to every parent.
They havo lockstitch seams;
with coupon (V) a suit 29c.
(Main Floor)
12'/2c Kellogg's 4[).
Corn Flakes. 9. for
You will certainly readily admit
that in the face of present prices
that this offer is most far reaching
and commands your prompt action
Wednesday; these are full size,
'resh stock pnekages; with coupon
(V) 2 pkgs. for 2ftc. (Basement)
And Do What You Can t0 j-j
Help Postoffice During ?i
Christmas Season. p;
Don't (orget that postage will be It
three cents on letters starling Krlday Ci
1 Nov. ; end that letters mailed with n<
but two cents postage will be return- ft
ed lo the writer when the return ad- v.
dress is given or forwarded to the si
: addressee and the deficiency of one o
ceni collected on delivery. 1 tl
Get all your letters to the postofftcc it
as early in In the day as you can and '.I
avoid the rush un tne postofTlce em- o
ployes between four o'clock und sev- a
en. This splitting of the mall of big si
business places into two or more lots p
will help out considerably In the lar- ."i
ger towns.
Mail your Christmas parcels early, w
By so doing you save lots of man b
power at the postoffices. By mailing t(
parcels early the work can be dlvid- tl
ed over several weekB instead of be- si
ing done in a rush. Stickers reading ei
"Don't Open Until Christmas" shoula V
bo used in all aiding the postofTice in m
this way. si
It Is a patriotic'duty to do these r;
things. It becomes the duty of every ai
citizen to conserve the man force at ni
tho postoffices in this time of hur- e'
i rled work in every department of the
I government. dl
i Starting with next Friday drop d
I letters can go for two cents but let- T
icro 10 parties uuisiue or me town gi
must carry three cents In postage, tt
This extra postage is part of the war p;
tax. The failure to place sufficient ti
postage on letters will mean delay >;
and disappointment in the delivery w
of the mall, cause confusion, annoy- t
ance and Inconvenience ad will be an fc
Imposition on the postal employes, cl
causing them unnecessary labor. Pos- tt
tnl cards must hereatfer bear an ad- tr
dltional one-cent stamp besides the jc
stamp Impressed on the card. The
new order does not efTect printed al
cards known as private mailing bi
cards. It Is suggested that business w
(lrms having lots of mail get differ- |p
ent colored stamped envelopes, using tt
one color for drop letters as they are, n
and others for three-cent postage. w
Very few of the offices have any w
great quantity of three-cent stamped a]
j envelopes on hand hut they have or- p|
dercd them.: Stamped envlopes come 0|
in three colors besides white. c(
The Christmas mall this year is ex- u
pected to be very heavy. There will SI
be messages and remembrances to in
pernaps z.uuu.uuo men in the army
abroad and in the cantonments of
this country. The department will be ir
called upon to handlce practically two t(
Christmas mailings, one on Nov. 15 C1
(or the troops in France and sallorB
with the fleets; the other will be the -,]
usual heavy Christmas movements s.
for the home and in addition (or the 6,
men at cantonments.
It must be remembered that parcels ij
going to France can hardly he expect- r}l
ed to reach their destination by p,
Christmas unless mailed on or before j.
Nov. 15. About Nov. 10 is the best p
time to mall such articles and letters. rj
It will be impossible under the t|
transportation operations in France
to send parcels of greater weight
than seven pounds. Such parcels p,
should be offered to the postoffice op- ,j,
en so that the contents may be In- -jspected
and the postmaster affix to [e
the parcel his certificate that no pro- p,
hibitod articles aro contained there- p]
in. Failure to comply with these di- a]
rections may cause a long delay. pl
Beginning Dec 1 a 1 cent war rev- tv
enue stamp will be required for each [e
cents pant on parcel post pack- DI
ages. Special stamps will be sold tor b(
this purpose and ordinary stamps ...
will not be accepted. ?
Tlio great rush at the Fairmont
postoffice conies between tour o'clock bl
in the afternoon and 8:20 at night.
To see that mail gets to the office b,
earlier than four o'clock will be cooperation
with "Uncle Sam" of a pa- '
triotlc sort. Since July 1,023,751; b[
pieces of ordinary mail have been recorded
by machinery and this does; a,
not include a couple of weeks when j '
the counter was nut of order and rT
lurge letters, which arc handled sep-'
Postmaster Manley says: "I would I
urge upon all persons who may uselL
the mails for transmission of Christmas
gifts and messages to bear in
mind tho postal slogan?"Mail Early,
Pack Securely, Address Properly."
Negro Bootlegger T
Sent to County Jail
1 Clarence Lee, colored, of Fairmont,
whom the officers suy is an old tfuier
at the bootlegging game, was arrested ,
yesterday afternoon by Deputy Sheriffs
Hood and Beatty at the Baltimore aud a|
Ohio railroad station upon the arrival r.?
of the afternoon train. The officer yl
say that he had four pints on him. lie
was told to stop, but beat a hasty retreat
u ptlie bank in the west side
yards and stopped only after the oltii
cers shot several times to scare htiu.
As he ran away the officers sav that .
Lee dropped pint after pint of whiB-ny
until lie had been rod of the entire ^
four pints. 01
Yesterdaapfternoon he was heard by sj
Justice Conaway and was directed 10 "
pay a fine of $100 and undergo mipr's- f|
onment in the county jail for ninety :
days. lr
Now Op
Washington St
Storage and
Ford car repairing a sp
prompt and careful attenti<
Unlike the small boy who said ho
rlshed to goodness there wouldn't
a any more wars because It made
lore history - many who saw real war
ad war machinery before their fasInated
eyet. Saturday night were
lore intensity interested in war
an ever bt-ipre in their lives. While
ot quite up to expectations on the
art of simiu who anticipated face to
ice fighting and death struggles,
tc., the usual accompaniment of1
allan went away disappointed be-1
luse there was "no ste-ek," meaning i
J bayonet sticking?the great repro |
iic"nn of the war across the ocean
ub witnessed by the majority as a
Ight beyond the wildest conception
t those who through reading felt
ley had a pretty good idea of how
went. And even those knowing
lorugn close experience something
f actual war were held tense and
Imost spell-bound while watching
nana oftnw BAAMA of
bases of what ts really happening j
over there."
The old saying that anticipation is:
orse than realization comes ncarcrl
elng true when it comes to going!
i war than any other place. An?>ng
le many faces of different types
aown In the picture very few seerni
worried and most of them smiled.
1'hether on the march through allost
Impassable mud or by the road
de In uncomfortable positions?still
ley smiled. On "the battlefields carring
ammunition and supplies back
ad forth to the trenches horses and
ien never wavered but came through
very obstacle courageously.
Thousands and thousands or sol
lers came steadily on and on. The
ifferent hendwear was interesting
he round close fitting cap?the larsr
round tam-o-shanter, the cap with
le visor?the helmet, like a washin
in shape, the helmet closer titng.
and other peculiar to us shapes,
ow nnd then came men?big men?
ith short skirts and bare knees,
hey looked like big little boys out
ir fun. With rough faces and dusty
othes, and all they owned upon
lelr backs, they marched on to the
enches, smoking and laughing and
Whatever wo have been taught
rout the harmfulness of tobacco has
sen forgotten. There Isn't a man
ho can get along without it, accord
g to the reproduction of them over
lere. We saw them smoking on the
arch, by the roadside, during- all!
1. IV- -V?- ...1.11..
win, in uie ucucuea, ?iiuu i> iiij, |
ounded out-of-doors, in tho hosplt-'
s. Especially in tlie temporay hos
[tnls there, nurses lifted the heads;
t the disabled and placed the wel
>me cignrette in the soldier's mouth.'
ghting it for him. It was smoke?'
noke from beginning to ei\d?the soce
supreme of the soldier.
One of the Fairmont boys who is
t France writes that ho would lovo
> tell all that is going on there but
tnnot. He says ho is in a very beauful
part of the country through tho
lllage itself is extremely dirty. He
tys they do not have stores but sell
rerything from covered wagons. He
lys France is all right but not at
II like God's own country?America j
hose who receive letters from tho
jys so far away treasure them great
and add to the pleasure of others
y giving word glimpses of the land
coived by them In bits of descripon
and passed on generously.
A very small boy in tho neighborind
financed his nlavmntes tho nthor
iy in a game called playing store,
he children set up hexes for counrs
and arranged shelves behind of
jxes. They appropriated what supies
could be found at home?severbrought
caned tomatoes?a huge
impkin?some beans?crackers and
.'o loaves of bread. Then the prolim
of how to buy without money
oved a great one and would still
3 unsolved if one very generous
lungster had not come to the resio.
"Say" ho said "I've got a bank
. home full of money l'n\ saving to
ly Liberty Bonds. I'll get it and
vido it arounu?a'course you'll pay
ick?you will now?sure?" A cliori
of "Sures" proved quite assuring
id in a very short time the boy was
ick with the bank. The pennies?
lout Bixty of them?were divided
id buying commenced. A can of
n/r ri rATMA
Press an electric button anil you
irrn a contact with a live wire wmcb
ngs the bell. When your shoes press
jainst your corn it pushes its sharp
lots down upon a sensitive nerve an '
3U get a shuck ot pain.
Instead ot trimming your corns,
hich merely makes them grow, just
ep Into any drug store and ask for a
tarter of an ounce of freezone. This
111 cost very little but is sufficient to
unove every hard or soft corn or calid
Ft?r?m ntin'e foot A four Hrnno nit
lied directly upon a tender, achiui;
Jrn stops the soreness Instantly, and
ton the corn shrivels up so it litta
gbt out, root and all, without pan>.
his drug is harmless and never iuantes
or even irritates the surroundig
tissue or skin.
?en For
reet Garage.
1 Repairs.
ecialty. All work given
I Store Opens at 8 A. M
[I Many Becoming Styles
oi mew Draped Velvet
liat? of black Lyons Velvet are
the most worn this season,
hence good grades of LyonsVelvets
are scarce and high
In price?but In spite of this >
fact we are able to sell
stylish hats for young
women. Others fine
So many women cio not
This season special atteni
in suits and coats at pric
IN SUITS one can choc
ials at $23.75, $27.50, $29.
IN COATS there is a p
$12.75, $15.00, $17.50, $19
Why Be Without
tomatoes sold for two cents?uW
anyone talk about the high cost "o
living. Bread sold tor ono cent
Beans sold for three cents as being
a high priced article and the pump
kin went for four cents. The crack
ers went for a penny apiece and the
demand was great. Supplies soon
gave out and armed with the remaining
money the entire store including
all customers, journeyed in the direction
of the nearest candy shop.
Everybody then sat down and disposed
of the eatables.
As an example of trust in human
nature?mo small nnancter now irequently
meets a lioy who owes lilm
money. Walking down the street
with his mother, he will say. "There
goes a boy who owes mo six cents.
And there goes another who isVes
me three cents."
He has a record in his i>i.od of every
penny not and has no other idea
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
provesit 25catall druggists.
must lea
neglect tl
How Women are Restored
Spartanburg, 8.O.?"For nine
fered from backache, weakness,
Iinriueieo i coma narmy ao m
trial many remedies but lotuu
nest relief. Alter taking ILyd
ham's Vegetable Compound I
change lor the better and am n<
strong so I hare no trouble In doi
I hope every usor ot Lydla E,
Vegetable Compound trill get at
as I did from its nso."?Mrs. S. 1
122 Dowey Ave., Spartanburg, f
Chicago, III.?'Tor about twt
fcred Irom a female trouble so 1
to vralk or do any ot my own vr
about Lydla E. Pinkham's Ves
pound in the newspapers and di
try It. It brought almost lmm<
My weakness has entirely dlsspi
never had better health. Iwelgl
and am us strong as a man. 11
is well spent which purchases L
ham's Vegstablo Compound."
O'lijtTAji, 1753 Newport Ave.,1
juiid cum s
Especially Satisfactor
in the Many Very Sr
Shown at Moderat
wish to pay more than $35.00 t
tion has been given to the assei
es ranging up to $39.50 or ther
ise from a great many different
50, $32.50, $34.75, $37.50 and $3
leasing scope for selection in t
.75, $21.75, $23.75, $27.50, $31.5
When such a splendid collect!
pieces is here at such remarkat
of FUR brings not only the sa
fortable on cold days but the s;
air of distinction to your appe
than that he will ultimately come
heir to all that belong*' to bint. He
regards It very much In the light of
an Investment. The good time ho
had was thrown in in the bargain.
One of the girls in a lower grade
at the Miller school came home yesterday
with some information that
had made quite an impression on her.
"Wbut do you think?" she said, "the
teacher said we should chew our food
thirty-two times and I only chew
mine twice."
(j .. n
I Stop licking Eczema
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, you can stop burning, itching
eczema quickly by applying a little zemo
furnished by any druggist for 35c. Extra 1
largo bottle, $1.00. Healing begins the '
moment zemo ia applied. In a short time
: usually every trace of eczema, tetter,
pimples, rash, blackheads and similar
skin diseases will bo removed.
For clearing the skin and making It
vigorously healthy, always use zemo, the
penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It is not a
greasy salve and it doe3 not stain. When
others fail it is the one dependable treatment
for skin troubles of all kinds.
The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O.
Arorketi i
irn notto i
leir health If
to Health Wtttf M'M
years I suf- aS???
and irreguit
work. I fip3^y\ a
i do pcrmi- tt .
felf"* great IOESJ
jw well and ~~
ng my work. ^*??
'yp$ jl
lyearalsuf- ! BjfjK v^*,
[wasonabl? //\ ., P/lr I ^
ork. I read III Af/ U
;etable Com- I \ ///V I
itermlned to / I II ?\
sdiato relief. I I J
5 165 pounds //. / N ^gS
hink money II mMlm
rai?E.Plnk. ?.Ml
' . --: '*/y. . *
Store Closes at 5 P. M.
"Niagara Maid"
Silk Underwear
Tink and White Teddy, Camisoles,
Chemise, Bloomers. $1.25
to $5.00. Also "Niagara Maid" (J
Silk Gloves and Stockings.
All prices. "';V
h\ i
-bats |
rt l . ia
y selection
nart Styles H
e Prices. g
;o $39 for a suit or coat.
Tibling of a wide variety
styles, colors and mater9.50.
lie best of new styles at
0, $34.75 and $39.50.
ion of sets and separate
)le prices. The wearing
tisfaction of being comatisfaction
of adding an
arance. Prices $4.50 to ^
Neuralgia Headaches
Alter shopping or after a hard day
nre quickly relieved with Sloan'a
Liniment. So easy to apply, no nibI
bing, and bo promptly effective.
Cleaner and more convenient than
mussy plasters and ointments. It
j . .1 1--"? ? -t? ?
pores. Every home should have a
bottle handy for sprains, strains,
lame back, rheumatic pains and
stilt, sore muscles and joints.
Generous sized bottles at all druggists,
25c., 50c., $1.00.

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