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-the paper that goes
bv lb* Falrnwm Pnntin# r.r.d Puhlut
W. J. WIEUEL. ticneral Ma rial
a. RAY MAPfcL, Advertising
c. V. REOIC, Circulation Mani
p- ' Publication ottice, Monroe <
Alt departments reached through pr
The Associated Press is excluBlvcl
usp (or republication oC all news dls
to It or not otherwise credited In Ihl
also the local news published herein,
publication ol special dispatches h
Iro.uign Auveruaing i.epreaenuuv
vYAiai, UiuiifWick bidg. New turn.
Street, cniuago.
BY MmIL? ^Payable in aavan
One Year fa.uui luieti Aloi
six Moutoa XS.U'i jue Mum
BY CARRIER--<in Falrm
One Year ti.o.-.uue Mum
Six Montiia Xo.v, I jue Wuel
Piill COf\ i..iliaE Ctit
BY CARRIER? (OuUlde of F<
One Mucin Jbvune Week
All aubscrliiUuius payable In advance.
Wben asking mt cna ng? in audi una gi
Entcieu at ....
l?V7 ..I r-J- IIIIHU-l
tubaeriterb uu our cuirler rou'.es
The We.it Virginian any evening sliu
TEU.N UNION.' elate Uie tact aim
rteidence ?na a messenger will ueli
I , yuur uoci at ones. There is uo cba
acrlber tor tb'.a service. i tie weal
to render to lta subscribers the beat
livery aerv.ee pwrtllile ai'J ibis i? i.
tV/HEN the Red Cross fund was r
wcnl 10 >' with a vim thai made tint
many other cities suffer rathci
?. parison. Later when West Virginia cil
farewell demonstrations for the first men
tional armyMannington without any Ion;
paper campaign of preparation held a
' if the full truth were known, probably '
orate and enthusiastic as any held in I
?} ! state.
The same thing was true with Mannint
Well. The boys froir. the county distri
, care of well. In the matter of dinners th
ter than the contingent that went from
now Manningtojk with characteristic cnth
into The WestVirginian's fund for th
jacco for the boys with the American ar
t-s We take off our hat to Ma nington.
S ihese things with the hearty good will tha
plays is a place of distinction. Manninf
& in any of the quantity races that absorb t
tion of larger West Virginia cities, but
lality no compariscn between towns
ii>. Mannington has been carefully consider
I rj'VERY once in a while a piece of si
I*1, off whith partakes of the quality o
Lexington?it's heard 'round the wi
slang, American popular songs that act
S and American movie films have that qua
i .1 i : J ' I i >
ui siaug wc nave in mina is aoing nis Di
ish took up at the beginning of the war.
EC/does not understand those three words
used in England, then in Canada and i
|te of the great British commonwealth, a
United States, and you could not clear
S planation of less than 500 words.
Of more recent date is "carry on," alsi
which means that no matter what happei
war and the work of the world must g<
interruption. As is the case with most si
it is obscure, but it seems to have been
of some British officers using the words w]
upon parties of soldiers at work and th
salute and stand at attention. Salutes
p.. thing used to mean a lot in the British
ment, but they have a new and better p
Kf- I But those at the front are not the onl
? to carry on. Most of us back here at he
P|f - that ought to be done if we look for it
5$;', Truth to tell many persons have found v>
can carry on. and among these are the te
ler school who have volunteered to do
Bggv; instructing in the school for foreign men
rvill be maintained by the school authoriti
Independent district at that building this
tore the war began it was beginning to d
| '| Ruff Stuff |j
New drive on the loafers has begun j
g|; ?t City Hall, according to the dope'
g|| in the Aston'isher
Let's sec, this is crusade No. 4-11*44
And it will last about as long as that
cvory-day-in-tfie-ycar campaign against'
E& ' the tagle38 dogs.
Which lasted just about one week.
And ?n none of the spasms of cn>
forcing 'he 36 hour law have they ever J
moii ated the real nuisances among
the toater* of the town.
L.. . L_
consciousness that r
III Mil the big tasks before
HOME." decades been ignorii
stmriAT ^ coun,ry were
ilng Compear. 8?r problem than ei
1-r would be to say tha
We can see it from
Manager and we know that i
?er- for teachers all over
eudent. crs cf (j,e Mj]|er scj,
Ureal. rifice which this inv
. .... i___. _ i
11 wo. jjuuuc unacrsianas,
vate exchange. and mind to ste this
iD PRESS. 'ca W'H not mind th
y entiUed to the the best work is dot
patches credited bands.
s newspaper and
All rights ot reerein
are also CO/A
^ ulated on the
iad W. Aladlson 1 .
have approacl
====== | ness.
? . In some cities the
68 only) , upon the amusemen
aUl* Wjjj0 j rates all along the 1
" c j on to the public on
ont* says the public musl
t .'.WW''.''' 16c apP'y out ?' t*ie gr<
I'rg, This is the logica
urmont) Fairmont thi
L ISo loss of the theatre
ITS. their dealings with
re old as weU as ?o a little deeper
. _ T_ j anot]ier column
PER CALL 1 10 ways in whicl
" turn for the cour
tailing to get and incidentally th;
uld call " WHS- get away with the 1
give name and proaching holidays '
vet a paper to While there is m
V frgtmat!"pfans |
uttwayaper a?- 4,,v v?ui
ari ui me plan I a capable postmast
H organize an efficien
' be well to help as n
> n mi- ~ lion, ns ihcre arc sc
il .10, 191 i. , , ,
? man under normal <
For one thing, yc
wholesale cancellatii
entrance into the wai
i mail service, not on
Zt in the lend. We
regularity. Some li
sionally. Ihat h
TW Worthington when
routed another way
''lal matter, withou
after it was over.
With a million ai
TON WAY 1,le army ailc'
. ,, . * semblance to its no
aiscd Manninolnn . i .i i -
1 I \r g?l?'S 10 DC me Dig
ic elaborate efforts syslcm in ,he u.Qrld
" severely in com- wc have to contcnd
ties began to plan 0,her sidc_and un|
called to the Na- be a? &wfu, snar,
I drawn out new, tcmpcrs we wi? ge
reception which, somc Ws,
tvas quite as elab
his section of the A schooI ll0liday
. , bratinn of the Aubi
n s sec??d f?re" have had a numbe.
,ct were all taken many dul,ng the p
ey fared even bet- gmall amount of gt
Fairmont. And the poop]e ot Germ
usiasm litis kicked Q, lhem.
e purchase or tomy
in France. . , ,
a . ,l . j As fuel admlnist
A town that does : , ,
, ?a , j- mlsstoner J. \\altei
1 ?**?UUI|I?IUI| CI1.V
!ton is not entered of thc stdking th
lie time and attcn- have been built "P
when it comes to prices durlnS th? \
is complete untii Pe?P'? who hold po
ed. are volunteers. A
many ways tn whit
there has been no <1
ang will be turned
f the shot fired at Yesterday the T
arid. Really good 'n force the pi
ually arc popular em>' act which pre
lit,. Of the kind thls country of Ge
t" which the Brit- tratlon began coal
Given a man who town's great white
as they were first We are beginning
thc other divisions Pretty soon the k
nd finally in the we were not gettin
it up with an ex- klck?that we are
a of British origin, Mr. Hoover has I
is the work of the ing retailers, In spl
> forward without ed the food adminii
lang, the origin of He is simply going
born of the habit for the retailers tli
hen ihey happened tailers who seek
e men stopped to warned not to will
and lhat sort ot [ bring tne wnoie b
military establish- sharp tur.., and It
oint of view there ask Congress for a
the scheme Is that
ly ones that ought when the retailers
>me can find work j and charging unw
sincerely enough, j overcome it the co
'ays in which they | time he is gouged.
achers of the Mil- i
the none loo easy ; The Italian situa
and women which ! but it it is true t!
es of the Fairmont j maintaining disclp:
winter. Even be- j little reason to b<
awn on the public j military coflapse.
The ducks who are supposed to ha ofsome
use on election day do not need1
ii work if they can manage to get coin!
some other way.
See the dead heads at the theatres;
will also have to pay when the warl
tax goes into operation.
War has some uses.
t *
The lads who have just been walking,
in will not do so as often in the future.
. . .
Anil at that the tax la only a copper.
But the dead head habit Is a terrible
. . .
Those who get it right never want!
to pay a penny. c
ill, ii I .nil.,,.,.
rstematic Americanization was one of \
I Americi: one, too, that we had for]
tg calmly. Some of the best minds in j
Itling the problem. Today it is a big- ;
rer; ir perhaps a better way to put it!'
it we understand its importance better. :
more angles than we formerly could,
t must be solved. One of the ways is
the country to do just what the teach-'
tool have volunteered to do. The sacolves
is much greater than the general
but those who are big enough in spirit
opportunity to do something for Amere
lack of popular applause. A lot of
le without the accompaniment of brass
IC. IT r/ZTV.nrrv
airmont theatres deserve to be congratstraightforward
manner in which they
ted the war tax problem of their busipolicy
adopted is to thrust all the tax I
I seekers?and then some?by raising
inc. Here it has been decided to pass
ly that part of the tax which the law
[ pay. and to meet the other taxes that
>ss receipts.
1 and the fair way to do it and patrons
ratres certainly will not think any the
people, who have been thus square in
their public, when they are compelled
into their pockets to see their favorite
today are printed a few sugge.'.iuns as
l the individual citizen can do a good
itry by helping the postoffice fotce here
: postal system of the whole country,
huge burden which the mail of the apivill
uch just criticism of the way in which
he local postoffice. and a large part of i
d be overcome by the appointment of i
er. possessing the executive ability to :
t force, yet for one's own sake it will I
auch as possible to overcome this situaim:
things that make the matter worse!
iu must take into consideration that the
>n of railroad trains which followed our
r has had a demoralizing cffcc. upon the
ly of Fairmont but of every postoffice
arc getting our mail with comparative
owns do not get any mail at all occa-!
as happened several times of late at
the mail trains in both directions were
without the slightest warning; and for
t the slightest explanation or apology j
nd a half young men away from home
: life of the country twisted out of all
rmal self the holiday mail problem is
gesl thing of the kind that any postal
ever tackled?remember the distances
with arc all greater than those on the
less all the folks help there is going to
But if they do help and keep their
t through in fairly creditable fashion
lino been ordered in German;' in celeLro-Gennan
victory over Italy. They
of that kind of celebrations in Gernst
three years, and considering the ;
>od the "victories" they celebrate do ;
any it is a wonder they are not tired
rator of West Virginia Finance Com
Barnes will serve without ray. One
!nm< ft 1m\ii t t lio oi'm t llio 0V11 n Oe flioh
i for the control of commodities and
car is that all. or practically all, the
sitions of large responsibility in them
t a time like the present there are
:li men may 6erve their con -.try, and
earth of patriots to meet the demand.
'resident made arrangements to put
revisions of the trading with the en>vide
for the custody of property in
rman citizens and the coal admlnlssaving
by telling New York that that
way would have to be toned down,
to get on a war basis in civilian life,
nockcrs who were complaining that
g along fast enough will have a new
going too fast.
found a way to dig Into the proflteer,te
of the fact that Congress preventstartion
from reaching down to them.
to make the wholesaler responsible
,ey sell to, and those who sell to reundue
profits after they have been
[ lose their lbenses. That ought to
usiness of food distribution up at a
probably will make It unnecessary to
dditional power. The weak point In
there is no machinery for ffudlng out
are taking advantage ot the situation
arranted profits. But that will be
nsumer will howl loud enough every
lion continues to he extremely grave,
hat the army at every point is now
line and obeying commands there is
illeve that there will be an Italian
BernstorlT has been made an excellency
by the German emperor.
Wonder if he will be proud of this
decoration when it is all over and Germany
begins to feel the scorn-of the
world for the particularly contemptible
charaater of the German diplomatic
cnrvlon *>
Broadway must burn fewer lights or
at least burn its lights fewer hours
during the war.
But our freat white way probably
is in no danger.
* ? *
Governor is coming to the State
charities meeting early in December.
Wonder it be will take advantage!
if the situation to explain the change 1
"" ; '
^He aoRRow SOME
SPONG.e CAKe. J?rf
Ml3T?f? To
^ SOM .B<
at tlic nospita] on tlie East Side.
? * *
He'll get a record crowd it he will.
Summer yesterday and winter to
With a hurricane or two thrown In
tor good measure between the ttyo
Wonder If we can blame that on
the war?
Ought to blame It 011 some one. for
it Isn't right.
What People Say
And Some Side Remarks
Col. Theodore Roosevelt celebrated
his fifty-ninth birthday at his home
it Oyster Bay Saturday, lie said:
I "At any age. birthdays do not
* matter much, and as a matter of
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Oct. 30.?'l'lle
police department has started to tunc
its annual census of the Capital, and
there is great curiosity to know just
how much the population has grown ill
the last few months. The estimates 1
.. "it (Kilt on o UI ~1. 1 lilt
OlflllV 41 411114 (i,\J t\? ftn 4"/, l
000. The executive officers of the
Credit Men's Association guess the la'tcr
figure, and they have a lot ot authoritative
data to go on, it is admitted.
rinding a place to live is the first
and the hardest problem that confronts
the newcomer. It is just as dif I
flcult to find a satisfactory room, it
seems, as it is to find a suitable apartment
or house. Rents have been hoisted
up by the liboral patriots and parigons
ot politeness and kindness who
own the properties, and what they fail
ti get the groceryman or restaurant
keeper is sure to. There was a War
Reiief committee around here some
place a few months back, which said
with a flourish and a boast in their
press agent's statements given to thi
papers, that it was going to do great
things to prevent the people from bsIng
mulcted by the greedy, avaracious
and unfair. But it ended in just say
ing: sure and certain is it that it ,ias
never done anything. Complainants |
have never been able to find where
it is located, if^it still exists, and letters
addressed to it bring no replies.
Within the last week the government
has taken over four additional
apartment houses and ordered the tenants
to get out. It is now about to
take over the Continental hotel, which
is one of the two large hostelrles iiat
stand off to the right from the Union
Station. How many offices, hotel
buildings, private residences and apattment
houses Uncle Sam has commandeered
siuce he went to war, we do not
know. But it is a large number, ar.d
being added to every few days. In
addition to this he is erecting huge
sheds of buildings for his immense and
rapidly growing clerical force. The
first of these cantonments for cornmissions
and their clerks to bo com
pleted and ready for occupancy, is <he
new home for the Council of National
Defense. There are six great woodr.n
$100 Reward, $108
Hi? readers of Mhltfr paper will ba
pleased to learn thatltMere Is at least
one dreaded disease /tfitt scionco has
been able to cure'ln all * Its stages and
that is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional-treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Medicine isftaUen internally and
acts thru the Blood'on-the Mucous Surfaces
of the System thereby destroying
the foundation of-the dftwase. giving the
patient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature in doing Its
work. The proprietors have so much
faith In the curative ^powers of Hall's
Catarrh Medicine? thatzthey offer One
Hundred Dollars for'ahg.case that It falls
to cure. Send for->llat?of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHCNlflY ft CO.. Toledo,
Ohio. Sold by all^nrus-elat. 75c.
lVERETT true
j r^ j p;
it some canjoy with
A? To SPON/CiC orf CO I
?~ I
rati I had quite forgotten that
this is my birthday until some
one cnlicd my attention to it."
Congratulatory letters and telt
grams were received from all part
of the country, many of them fror
the "Hough Hitlers." Two of the lal
tor were from West Virginia and on
congratulatory message came fror
Tlte day of trousers for women 1
coming. Women worker* are goin
to he wearin' 'em before some peopl
tumble to what womens' suffrage an
the political equality fight means. ,
Fairmont dress-wearing citizen (a
present) says:
"Overalls are being extensively
worn by women In England, who
find themselves doing work hitherto
done by men. This does not
unses a woman, as might have
been prophesied before the war,
but it makes working conditions
much safer and more sanitary.
The war will probably bring
about many sane modifications in
woman's dress In this country."
buildings, all connected, and stuccoswhere
they show conspicuously to in
public. This plant is located in tin
rear of the Pan-Americun building. Ad
ininiiifr similar* It it a a atpuol tiraa orn irr
ing up tor the use ot Kood Admlnlslra
tor Hoover's department, which t
growing in leaps. These are locate!
in the rear ot the L). A. H. bulldlug
while in the rear ot the new Red Crosi
building, immense wooden addition!
are underway which will be used b:
Hint organization. Rut the largest cl.tr
ical cantonment will be located soutl
ot Pennsylvania avenue at Seventh
in the rear ot the Central Market. Tci
Initial coBt ot this great plant will bi
$11,000,000 ? temporary wooden build
ings?all of it., It is a sight worth sec
ing?the thousands ot men at won
on these buildings, day and night, an
with what rapidity they spring up, an
put together, completed and ready to
their tenants. This last mentionet
plant will bo used exclusively by thi
War department. The wages ot th?
carpenters on these jobs range fron
$6 to $10 a day. A man whose ablllt;
Is limited entirely to successfully dnv
Catarrhal Deafness
May Be Overcome
A Simple, Safe and Reliable Way Tha
Call* for no Ugly Trumpet*,
Phones or Other Instrument*.
To be deaf Is very annoying and em
barrasslng. People who are deaf ar
generally mlgliey sensitive on this sul
Jcct. And yet many deaf folks carr;
around Instruments that call attenttoi
to their infirmity. Therefore peopl
who are hard of hearing, who suffe
from head noises, or who are actuull:
deaf from actarrhal trouble, will bi
glad to know of a simple recipe tha
can be easily made up at home for i
few cents' cost that is really quite el
ficient in relieving the disagreeable
deafness and head noises caused b;
From ahy drug store get one ouno
of Parmlnt (double strength) abou
90c worth. Take this home and put 1
into a simple syrup made of % pin
of hot water and four ounces of ord
nary granulated sugar. Take a table
spoonful four times a day.
This treatment should by tonic at
toln reduce the inflammation in th
middle ear that a catarrhal conditio;
would be likely to cause and with th
Inflammation gone the distressln
head noises, headaches, cloudy thitS
ing and that dull feeling in the ear
should gradually disappear. Anyon
who Butters from catarrh, catarrhs
deafness or head noises should glv
Parmlnt a trial. It is pleasant to tak
and is quite inexpensive.
Unit Tints Cnmpnpy,
:-V J,
Ins n nail will be put at work at H a no
day at toon aa he applies tor a Job, and tl
a boy who carries water to the work- tl
lnfmen draws down 13 for eight hour a
There are thousands ot smaller mac- tl
ufactorles In the country that hare not j<
secured any government contracts, a'.- e
though equipped to do government P
work. The reason is that they hivo p
never gone atter this business, cann?; u
afford to maintain an ottice and a r- ;> o
I resentative nere, nna are utitami .-r p
with the ways to so a'.iout getting gov t
ernment business. The big fellow i v
got in first and are loaded to the brim a
with orders. That belug the case liio I
Innings of the little fellows are now t:
about to start. The government Is n
seeking them out. and if they "havo P
the goods." and above all. If they cau t
"deliver." There are few making the s
necessaries of life that do not make t
some article that the government Is in t
the market for. The best way for these , c
manufacturers to get in touch with h
the government wltbout the hoavy coat "
of maintaining a representative frou '
the fir mhere. or sending one here from ' I
time to time at beavv expeuse. Is lo I
connect wltb one of the large number
of firms that have sprung up here for
that purpose. The plan ot these firms,
whose members are thoroughly fntnll '
iar with the departments and personally
acquainted with the government c
contract?letters, is to att as the manufacturer's
rjsldent agent, keeping
him Informed from day to day Jus:
what Is going on In which be might bo f
Interested, forwarding specifications
blank contracts, etc.. and advising him.
For this service he pays a straight
monthly sum. until he is "loaded up
with business," and whatever bonus he /
may see fit to give after he secures the ;
business. In a word, the resident rep-.
resentative brings the manufacturer |
and the government's purchasing tie-,
partmentg together, and such represcti- < a
tatives are proving themselves as val-1 l
uable to the officials as they are lo )
their citizen clients. The work isn't i
done on a commission basis, leastways <
not much of it nor successfully, for the t
government has put tin the bare I l
| against commission brokers. Thev
want to do business with only bona
fide and reputable representatives of
firms. Anybody who profeaBoa to bo
able to get business on the strength
- of a special "pull" he claims to have,
is a very good individual for u tnumi
facturer to steer clear of. Governmint
business is awarded ou bids, and g.ies
I. only to those bidders who, after lines
s tigatlon, it is found are equipped to1
n handle the business in a compfctely sal.
isl'actory way. Uncle Sam is awarding
p no contracts to anybody to enable nim
Q to borrow money ou and build a plant
to fulfill a contract. Nor Is he putting
any business through commission
9 brokers or the "pay when you get the
g business" concerns that are elrculatc
ing the manufacurerB of the country,
j There are a number of reputable con^
cems that have sprung up here during
t the war that will represent any manufacturer
on a straight salary basis and
do it honestly, and when he gets enough
business he may cut them off If lie
wants, or hand them a bonus as a present.
or both, if be wants. Ou the whole,
it is cheaper and a better way for ibo
smaller class of manufacturers. There
is hardly a factor^ of any size in the
country that will not at some time be
working for the government should the
war continue as long as the officials 1
nere, without bardly an exception, la- 1
lieve it will continue. 1
No official notice has been made ot I
it. but the fact is that the Treasury ilo- <
partment is making plans to issue t
"shin plasters," such as were in circulation
in Civil war clays. The pluu is t
to put qllver bullion behind an issue '
of from $50,000,000 to $100,000,000, the <
certificates ranging from 10 to SO *
cents. That will enable the mints to 1
turn out pennies and nickels until the
3 demand for them Is met, allowing a
3 temporary letup on the mintage of
" dimes, quqarters and halves. This situation
has been brought about by the
' demand for Hmall coinage, which is to ;
3 great for the government to supply.
' With the mints working 24 hours the
b day, the officials say that it cannot be
1 K Try Making Your Own S
s H Cough Remedy jjj
re Ton ran about ?, and bara re
I- Kj a better remedy than the ready- pj > _
. Ln made hind. Eaally done. Jjj ;
If tou combined the curativo properi
tlea of every known "ready-made cough
; remedy, you would hardly have in them
9 all the curative power that lies in this
3 simple "home-made" cough syrup which
l takes only a few minutes to prepare. I
f Get from any druggist ounces of !
Pinex (60 cents worth), pour it into a i
pint bottle and fill the bottle with plain
. granulated sugar eyrun. The total cost
is about 65 cents and gives you a full
pint of really better cough syrup than
you could buy ready-made for $2.50.
Tastes pleasant and nover spoils.
This Pinex and sugar syrup prepara.
tion gets right at the cause of a cough
' and gives almost Immediate relief. It
' loosens the phlegm, stops the nasty
throat tickle and heals the sore, irri?
tatcd membranes that line tho throat,
rliest and bronohlal tubes, so gontly
nnd easily that it it really astonishing.
A day's use will usually overcome the ,
ordinary cough and for bronchitis,
croup, whooping cough and bronchial <
a asthma, there is nothing better.
). Pinex is a most valuable concentrated
- compound of genuine Norway pine ex'
tract, and has been used for generations
? to break up seYenreoughs.
To amid disappointment, be tore to
r ask your druggist for "2& ounoea of fl
y Pinex" with full directions, and don't |j
b accept anyming cite, a guarantee or u
i absolute satisfaction or money prompt- I
i ly retoded, goea with thia preparation. (I
Ibe JPinex Co* Ft. Wayne. Ind. j
e *?
11 Family of I
[ Thi? phrase aptly eipreees the r
i depositori and The People. Nation)
understands, and the new depositei
" 8 We believe that it Is Important
? to teel perfectly at home as soon
? ! officers direct their energise.
Z t You are Invited to make a per*
* 3 and join our large family of depos
e 'j On the Corner Nsi
. 1 . --
iet- Hence the proposed Issuance or
1* historic "shin plasters" to Slsv |
ic neccssarx relief.
Manufacture of foodstuffs not csseaat
to the conduct of the war I? a t:;\ret
receiving the attention ot the a
IUIUCUIi tliill l?V fcl ^ 11J UIU llltil I . *
'resident will tnke action soon. T'.o
lan Is to get the manufacturers fj volnteer
to gradually reduce their outv-t
t non-essentinls. This or any othci
lan tried first falling to get results. I
lie government will force what t'auu
by controlling coal shlpntoni t
nd transportation of products to uv, i
rom plants operated by the rccah ; (
rants. Candy. Ice cream unit syr t J
lanufacturers have nlrcady felt t > 4
uldlng hand of the government M
hrough Hoover. They can only t. fl
ttgar from the refineries now to na'f
heir normal requirements, tbls ordT I
o hold good until after Cuban sugar
Tops start to come In early In Decern
nm Iron helps
digestion and 1
tones you UP
Ipeeda JUp Digestion and Appetite^
Invigorates the System?Cheaper
Than Prepared Iron
"Everything I ate disagreed with nie
ind I was in such a terrible coudiliou
couldn't walk more than a few steps
talf the time. My digestion troubled
no for seven years and I had tried scvtral
doctors hut they only gave me
emporary relief," declared W. T. Hamtrey.
who one day reading the paper J
tf his home town about Acid iron Mmtral
and since then hns sung its praises
o the sky.
"I saw Acid Iron Mineral advertised
u the papers and after using two largo
tottle 1 began to improve and wen;
tack to work. 1 can eat attd digest
mything now and I recommend it betause
1 know it cured me and I contidcr
it one of the best medicines I
ver saw and s|jall ever have it about
lie house. It is absolutely great for
he troubles 1 had," continued Mr. Hamirey,
who like thousands of others at
ast abandoned wcako rand less ecu
tomical prepared remedies and startid
taking natural, medicinal Iron Ju.'t
is it comes from the wonderful deprtt
controlled by the Fcrrodlne Chemial
Corp., who with up-to-date methods,
liter, concentrate, test and bottle th'a
latural remedy, which is cheaper,
itronger and goes from two to si*
imes farther.
Ask for a bottle of Acid Iron Xfin i
;ral (natural medicinal iron, conceit
ruled) at your druggists. Put a ten
spoonful into a glass of drinking wrier
after meals and note what a delightful,
unusual tonic and invigorn:or
this natural iron is Just as it
tomes from Mother Nature.
It doesn't hurt the teeth or stomach,
lelps digestion and having no laxatli o
Iffect does not derange the boivols pr. . ; -f
over. Everybody knows, all doct amow
what Iron will do for weak, ftrloverished
hlood and how nicely it
Irlves uric acid and rheumatics from
he system.
Sold in Fairmont by Holt Drug Co..
n Fairvlew by Frank J. Yost, In Manlington
by the Prescription Pharmacy J
>nd other good druggists through the
date. ]
j^hoe Econom^H
WFive Minutes aday?
^^rnproves ! ^
makes cheerful homes.
Fill your home with
that comforting atmosphere
that only good
coffee can bring.
Order a can of "Bona"
a '
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depositors 1 f
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