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r ?ie West Bit
br tta ralnaont Printing and Pubi
Publication 6 glee. Monro,
W. J. WIKGEL. General 1
;|A-'^SiSfe I
Jfiif Ibj Awocutad Praia ta excluelvely a:
ft'.'1 ft republication of ail nawa diapatches c
Sfe.lotnirylaa credited in tola neaepaper
K. I nawapubiilhed herein. All rlghta of ret
- I dliDttcboi herein am im r???pi-a/i
!' TELEPHONES?1105. 110?. 110T. All
through private exchange.
Foreign Advertising Representative. I
tzi PUttt Avenue. New York; 6 8 Wab
BT MAIL?(Payable In advance on! I
Abe month*. 13.00; three months. fl.DO: I
"MX CARRIER?(In Fairmont) Ol
roobtlut I3.C0; one month, 60c; one el
BT CARRIER?(Outside of Fairmont
one week. 18c. By carrier Three Cent I
All subscript Ions payable in advance
W^gyisklng for change In addrcrs I
the PostofTlce at Falrmorfl
Snbeorlbers on our carrier routes falll
Virginian any evening should call "VI
rV state the (act and give name and rcsldel
win deliver a paper to your door at I
charge tp the subscriber (or this servlJ
fVi state papers of equal importar
|| r in such a small number of words
and Viscount Ishii used in arrivii
-1 the attitude of their governments tow
. Inward China in the so called Chine
IIS. pf die results of the war is going to
r' pf secret diplomacy the Lansing-Ishii
' v pish die diplomat!.:< of Europe a ' ei
l-Fi- W die settlement of their various "i
: By this agreement, which is certai
'< ppproval of public opinion in this cour
agpport by die Jap government and i
| 'hut relatively unimportant jingoes ai
Y'Z 'Japan, this government acquiesce in th
principle diet Japan has an interest in '
f- tqteerst in the politics and people of tl
IS set forth in the Monroe doctrine. J.
gages to respect and protect the politic
fifCity of China ana reaffirms the c
which this government has stood comm
lien of Chine let it become known thai
.. they would like to ground their rela
" \ Such an agreement L in strict accorc
I ?P?al attitude of th gover ent of
tgwmrd (he people of China with wh
hpen on the most cordial terms, except
ppdes which soon passed and were not i
. the coarse of events. Without being t
' about it the late Serretary of State H
established in the Philippines let it beco
? pre did not claim to have any special "
h China, we are so much interested in
pase get a square deal that this cour
' 'path complacency any ..'.tempt to parti
; are, now die Chinese republic, or exp
(p that general effect, which in plain t
government that attempted to take ad
| WtQ*M of the Chinese would have to r
States. That hint was directed
Jailing nations of Europe. We have
Japanese occupy a peculiar place in
af China What that place is is now
M d ner'.- agreement.
Hull is settled t least until there is
$5 ince of power throughout the world a
it had been permitted to drift on, have
M It8 to the peace of mind of the Ameri
lest thing about it is that it seems to
g ? way which will insure the maintains
y Mb of the Chinese people. Wu Tini
t. Iter of China to the United States, a
f the present day statesmen of Chin
m* China could really do busines
sen door principle it would mean
Muntry. The great trawback in Chii
ptusivenc of the people; their anti-f<
afeti-occidental attitude. Now that tl
turn from that they need capital. Th
Wnd resources, but the people are pi
i'C.few in under the open door policy
tflrms of the agreement just entered in
hard bargains at Peking, but there is s
(me if die Chinese have within them
' virility they will gTow strong enougl
agonist the Japanese end all the rest c
\ / TNLESS Christmas packages fo
battle front in France are on
vember 15 they will not reach
Christmas day. "he Postoffice de
?MUrtilc?n to th?t the. nreftent* 2
III Ruff stuff
' Did the elections go (be way yo
Wanted them to?
The folks who thought they coul
: and the war by voting for a mayoralt
^ Candidate in New York proved quit
? numerous after all.
Hillquit was lucky in not gettin
elected at that.^
Defeat will save him the trouble <
! ' doing a lot of explaining why he coul
Mt make good.
$5 The only place where people ca
! Mop the war by voting la in German
And over there most of thoae wt
. have votea are still strong for tt
ag Sotsdam bunch and their war.
: That agreement regarding Chit
?"ian SHE;
> street Those who have
Kaniitr. depended upon to d
es v. redic. them. But there wi
roe botbr.-**r' on# *end them pre
_ Superintendent who have np one ovi
'ed press. fill these voids so thai
ntitled to the uae for * tr.?.i <
nedited to ii or not ,n trench or camp w]
and also the local "To make it easv for
judication of speclsl * j . 11 *2* 101
stepped m. Thu 9
departments reached Christmas preset
__ good aad see that it r
Robert e. ward. be preseptless. All;
?'h ciiireao. the Red Cross. But
es. Red Cross is bound I
a montn*We'1 '0i 9*
ne year. J7 00; ell problem that is wor
e.k, 16c Per copy Americans. You kr
:.) One month. 75c: plays at the end of t
?L _ c_L _ ' l
uie iodicco is almost
*'? ?'<* ?? w?)i a? that, too. has been ti
? of American tobacct
t. west Virginia, as ,nJ women will send
which the newspaper
pen CALt jng in connection wi
Inx to (jet The West Fach auarter buys 4.
nee and a messenger for placing it in the
once. There i. uo Edition cadi kit con
to the donor which tl
" ? the mails. Wouldn'i
signed on Christmas i
Well, you might be
quarter around to Th
A five dollar bill wil
20 soldiers. That a
to you, but the tobac
lot to the lads on th<
ggflA tV/U'LE it is bj
W ?f th* plans
! branch here,
H JAPAN. j Part,molor.lruc'" wil
| | ;A. _ 1 nroniir.U after Ihev at
,vs ,lovc "ecu wiiiicn D
as Secretary Lansing Willi the railroad
ig at a settlement of burden of the war d
ard each other and t0 make war at the
se question. If one 'rucks for relief, and
he the abandonment ''a4 proved a splend
agreement will fur- *nd fuel, the two iter
Ecellent model to go are selling at war pri
questions." A few years ago
m to meet with the *P'te ?f 'be relatively
try and with cordial tven engine design
ill except the noisy, '?day. The reason
nong the people in words?good roads,
e newly put forward Many short sighti
China not unlike our r?ad campaigns on th
lis hemisphere which ?' 'bose who owned
span ot. her part en- 'bere were enough fai
al and '.:rrito:' ! in- t,on going ahead at a
>pen door policy to die greatest amount <
itted since the states- benefits,
it is upon that basis The action of the
lions with the other ?P*n toP car? for cai
a body blow to road I
lance wiih the tradi- but we have learned
the United States war en;ls road constn
om we always have country at a rate wl
for one or two epi- appear smi.l by com|
lermitled to influence roads which are kept
he least bit truculent
ay after we became As iB usually the
me known that while "on ,a a mixture c
'sphere of influence" labels Indicated nol
seeing that the Chi- ,ocal Issues which s
itry ould not view the opinions ot the
tion .he Chinese em- 'he country over tt
ressions of statecraft where Tammany ele
erms meant that any suspicion ana toon [
vantage of the help- Government. That
ecko.i with the Unit- millions of dollars a:
mainly to the great ?r the United States
always felt that the the naval and millt
the foreign relations 10 bo tarried on, it
' defined precisely in national govern men
an entirely new bal- Fu" tonal sutfrag
matter that might, if York state, and tha
become very disturb- The states that wit;
can people. But the men now will mere!
have been settled in weight ln national <
ince of the best inter- ?'?nal politicians w)
S Fang, former min- uhstruct the movem
nd one of the ablest of ,hata,
always contended
s with the world on An American pati
a renaissance of the submarine and ther
Ja u ad to be the ex- things are inevitabli
ireign and especially courage or excite ti
ley are beginning to they to make the 0
e lind is rich in nat- earnest In carrying <
>or. Capital would
Japan under the One of the signifli
ito will seek to drive was the overwhelml
i limit lo that, .and in amendment to the c
the germ of national islature 'rom melcit
i to hold their own under the direct ci
>f the world. quasi-public institu
corruption and gra
CHTS. encouraging to not
r die soldiers on the wipe the practice ot
their way by No
i their destination by Counting your Li
partment, which hat be just aa interest!
ire delivered into the running through tb
ij]| with Japan will be a terrible blow to |
11 me proreseionai jay cater* m mis i
I country.
- I But It still leaves tbe land question j
u I in California wide open and that will
be all they need.
d It is astonishing how little a pro- I
y fesslonal agitator can get along on '
:e when be has to.
"Every school must have a truant i
>g officer." Headline.
* *
What a terrible aasault upon per- 1
>t sonal liberty. i
Id ? ?
Beefleas day oo the B. ft O. diners I
has become meatless day. i
>n ? j
y. That's playing the game a little
closer tc the rules.
10 ,
is Lots of people prefer chicken to beef
any day.
is Joined the Rail Qreoa j?ft
M looked d>C situation over carefully
pledge that every package mailed be- I
nil be ddieverd on "or before CKrLlmar
of die Christmas proposition up to die |
dear ones on die other side may be
o their part. This advice is not for
II be hundreds of boys who have no
sents. Many red blooded Americans
er there will want to do something to
t there will be no suggestion of neglect
len the great holiday morning dawns,
these Americans the Red Cross has
reat organization will convert money
its of the kind that will do the most
caches some lad who would otherwise
you have to do is to hand the cash to
you must do it at once, for even the
>y the November I a rule,
er aspect of the Christmas in France
thy of the consideration of generous
low what an important part a smoke
he Christmas feast. Well, in France
impossible for American tastes. But
sken care of and there will be plenty
i for the camp Christmas if the men
enough quarters to the tobacco funds
s throughout the country are conductth
the American Tobacco company.
3 cents worth of tobacco and provides
hands of some soldier in France. In
tains a stamped postal card addressed
te recipient is asked to sign and put in
t you like to have one of those postals
norning as a sovenir of the great war?
lucky enough to get ohe if you get a
e West Virginian office without delay.
II buy a weeks supply of tobacco for
mount of money does not seem much
co it would buy would mean a whole
: battle front, awaiting no one knows
' no means the most important aspect
of the Armour people to establish a
decidedly the most interesting is the
II play iri the distribution o. the meat
:t here.
: o.' the country struggling under the >
emand of a nation that had to begin
bottom business is turning to motor
in almost every instance the experiment
id success' even at a time when tires
ns upon which the heaviest wear falls,
ces. *this
would have been impossible in
' low prices for gasoline and upkeep, v
ing had been is far advanced as it is p
i for this can be summed up in two ti
;d individuals used to oppose good ?
e ground that the, were in the interest h
motor driven pleasure vehicles. But w
- sighted people to keep road construe- a
fair pace. Now the sections ' which '<
if progress was made are reaping the ^
government in forbidding the use of g:
Tying road making material has dealt c
milding programs all over the country,
our lesson, and just as soon as the a
action should be resumed all over the tl
lich will make all past performances g
Sanson. Thoroughly good permanent ?
in repair pay big dividends. ,,
o a
case the result ot yesterday's elec- a
it good and bad. Thia year party a
thing and the voting turned upon
vere tinged in most instances with a
candidates upon the war. Taking zi
le worst result was in New York, s
cted a mayor whose loyalty is under Jj
lossession of the whole metropolitan 0
will cost the New York taxpayers p
ad as New York is the principal port t(
i, and the one from which much of ||
ary activities of the war wjll have ci
tpay add to the difficulties of the v
t. h
o {J
;e has won a notable victory in New ^
t settles the fate of tlia movement, i
hhold the franchise from their wo- o
y deprive themselves of that much u
'lections. Even the kind of profes- e
io have been doing their -tmost to u
ent ought to be able to see the logic n
?o 3
ol boat has been sunk by a German tl
e has been some loss of life. These ''
? U wnr tlrna n n ^ IhOV will lint ills. ^
"MM* "" v " ' ' a
is American people. Rather ought ?
hltcd States forces that much more 11
an the war to a speedy end. "
o I
:ant results of the election yesterday 0
ng adoption in Massachusetts of an s
onstltutlon which prohibits the Leg- t
ig appropriations to institutions not
antrol of the state. State aid for j
lions has been a fruitful source of j
ft throughout the nation and it is 1
e that the states are beainning to 8
It. j
o 5
berty bonds over in future years will 1
ng as getting out the old sock and J
ic Dana roil.? *v neeung register. I
"Railroad lawyers were given bear- f
Got ofT lucky it thev got less than 10 <
The result ot the elections in New <
k'ork state is apt to give real punch 1
0 the coming state convention ot the .
lYest Virginia auSraglsts.
They tailed the first time they tried
t in New York toe.
Secretary Klght seems to have falen
into a traveling job by joining the
irmy branch.
Well, it takes something of a fight
to get money out of the public these
lays when every one seems to be do
ing it.
"Water consumption is low just
Just at the time, too, when the consumption
of tbe other stud touched
*RB Yo? AH .
Just a =. ..jg?^
Misiure. Lr?
?=p RtLPLACIkiA -^=^z-=s=
sr^. pqckct^-- ^=C2
- ? 3g|?1BO* a^_?-^-^-==
?WpMBWIipp?> '>i ?s
| bui
i syt
MONONGAH. Nov. 5.?[Editor The 100
/eat Virginian.)?Your articles in the mu
ast week's run of your paper concern- 8?'
ig Food Prices, etc., surely should be l?r
ppreciated by one and all alike. No "J1
artia'.ity was shown, or intended I be- pl?
eve. Neither did it have a tlng<; of l'n
ard feelings written in same either ere
ay, the worst that a person can say t8r
bout tl-.em are, these articles were not ? "
>ng enough or did not go deep enough, 1 a
ut they surely acted like a lubricant 8|
jwards opening the eyes of some ot :
le readers who took enough time anu 81
bowed enough interest to read same (
arefully.' as!
Now as 1 am neither a store keeper, p
or Interested in any store, I believe ar'
s a third party, I could show where j pa:
be most of us are lacking in this strug-1 a '
le between high prices and scarcityja
t "grub." It we take the single word, .
arelessness, and define same accord- i a "
)g to "Hoyle" then we would be up "?!
gainst the naked truth about this r:
eemlr.g trouble between the dealers ?
nd the public at large, etc.
1 am speaking ot the situation here
1 this town mostly as 1 know It, and !
part of It hits your city also. Organiation
should be the main spring of all .
tore keepers. This will tend to keep ?.
le prices uniform throughout the ? ,
jwn and keep away hard feelings and
ther petty obstacles. With a one
rice system in use, then your cue- (
jmers will be contented and not think SQC
lat wnen buying an article from you ter
iat so-and-so probably would sell it jor
heaps.-. Selling goods on time is a (0.
ory poor, and costly practice. It hits j
oth ways, the buyer and the seller. yo,
: surely le a grave mistake for all par- an(
les buying food, or any other house- j00
old necessities to buy same on time. ba]
'hose goods have to be paid for only .
nee, so pay for them when you get it
lorn and be done with It. To buy food lhc
ne day and then enjoy yourselves in ar(
ating It for several meals, then step th(
p and puy for it seems to be a hard tQC
ut to crack. Parties having work a t
nougu to keep the wolf from the old ani
ack door should pay aB they go and
hue get the full benefit derived from ~
nw BKIU, .V ym ly WilU IS SlUW yil>
ig bis bills when he has the money, or
font pay at all unless forced to, Is
bout the dirtiest piece of skunk humility
this side of the hot place with
o exceptions, buying an article of
ecessiy and then ask tor credit when
ou have the change then turn about
nd take that change and blow yourself
a luxuries such as Is not needed Is a ,
lire vntf> tn uorno ?ho doutl ft* 1
lire. L
Another bad link lu the chain 1b the r
lablt moat of the store keepers here \
lave. When a customer comes in and \
lays his bill or part ot it, then he wont
save until he gets a sack lull ol fruit
tnd a few smokes, etc., for his generwlty
in paying for what he owes. A
ew woeks ago 1 noticed the comical
ilde of this act. Two foreigners came
nto a store on a Tuesday afternoon to
>ay their bills. One owed something
ike ?27 and paid up in full receiving
t few smokes, a sack full of fruit, etc. 4
rhe other owed $7, and paid $4 of the 1
isme, leaving a balance of {3. Well I
te raised a rumpus because the store 1
{eeper did not set up the same amount
>t stuff to him as the other fellow got.
rhis mode is wrong and the sooner it j ?
s cut out the better it will be for all! X
:oncerned. This "setting up" business j
is surely a backward step to up to date i
All Traces of Scrofu
By the greatest of ail purifiers, w
A common mistake in the treatment
of scrofula has been the use
of mercury and other mineral mixtures,
the effect of which is to bottle
up the impurities in the blood,
and hide them from the surface. pi
The impurities and dangers are is
only added to in this way. ai
For more than fifty years S. S. 5. at
has been the one recognized reliable o'
tyood remedy that has been used C
po) ' *
" th
jiness principles and '.be sooner it L
done away wilb the sooner satlsfacn
will arise lo the top and treat all
'ommon sense teaches us that a
-sou cannot carry on business on a
item like this because the merchant M|
> to pay bis bills consisting of a list la>
i long to mention here, but pay he an,
st, or bust. It all merchants would An
. together and make a one price sys- dlv
a and stick to it they would be doing gl(
: nation at large a very good examfor
others to follow and in a short {ro
le they would act more like brothto
one another than business gets
from one another. For the mer- TT
ints side of the question 1 will say,
bsolutely know they get the wrong
e of the question about so many
les daily. They receive stuff which
ihort in weight. Theu they have to 1
1 tho contents only and the pack- Hti
: is thrown away for which they set
id for, but, after paying for this they he
? still wjiitiiif? nn snmo nf Ihiir clnur
ring customers. Last month I saw ?
voman come into a store and order
box ot matches sent to her house
lie she went to Fairmont and bought
15 pound sack of sugar and carried
ne home herself. She said she got _
s sugar Sc cheaper than if she had K
jght it here. She did not take into
isideration the 20c carfare but that
where the root of the evil lies?
:elesbness coupled with ignorance.
S'ow in conclusion let me advise to |
i and all, let this high price stay'gco
: of your heads because it wont help gill
! matter by worrying over it or hla
lewiug" the rag about it to every wd
i you meet, it is nation-wide and not wit
rely in this section. It's here to stay Oil
til tie conditions change it and the the
iner we knuckle down to it the bet- "
for all it will be. In the mean time.
the buyers' benefit let me add, go
your store and buy what you want? ou-s
1 pay for it?and be Bure and carry *
ir small purchase home with you
i not gander all over the old town jjj?
king for bargains when there are no Erf,
rgains. These two small obligations ?c
>ay for it when you get it, and take ]
with you?will be a mighty cog in ^
> wheel to help lower the price you ^
; now paying or will have to pay in the
s future. We one and all are living JOc
i fast for our own good. Jump back
:ouple of decades and compare then ~
il new and see where you are at.
First Aid for
inuselinld Accidents ?
All dravvbts ?ell Resinol. Ketp a jar on hand. w
la |
from the System |
ith highly satisfactory results for $
:rofula. Being; made of the roots p
id herbs of the forest, it is guaran- 2
ed purely vegetable, and absolutely g
ee from all mineral ingredients. 5
You can obtain S. S. S. from any 5
rugstore. Our chief medical adviser 5
an expert on all blood disorders, 2
id wilt cheerfully give you full 5
ivice as to the treatment of your 5
ivn case. Address Swift Specific
o., Dept. F Atlaata, Ga.
a ohame and him like a lane ax- c
se we are putting up agalnat the t
icaa which oontrout ua one and all. i
tur body la a Imply a machine and i
e mora you poke down your throat 1
e more than machine haa to work <
d finally wear out soma part which t
nrsot be replaced. Bat leaa. drink i
snty of pure water, exerclae In the i
en air?keep your rooxne?not aim- .
r ventilated, but well ventilated, look life
in a cheerful way and above all, e
y your billa at once end cut out that I
wneta in doing It too. Then high I
cea wont bother you enough to make
inkles in your face.
What People Say
And Some Side Remarks
Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson asked S. L.
stlethwalt. representstlve of the _
lerican Red Cross, who is here to
Ip with the membership campaign
the Fairmont chapted, what differce
there was between tl. $2 and $t>
imbershlps when he invited ques- v
ns at the meeting of the chairmen
d vice chairmen of the various subnmitteas
at drive headquartera in
? Fleming building Tuesday night.
Postiethwait had invited queries
t seomed to not know how to answer
s one, for a moment, at least, then
"The five dollar memberships
nable the person joining to do a
lot more good."
lohn H. Havlin, a prominent showin
of Cincinnati, says the war tax
II not affect the business of the thesis.
He says:
"Theatre-goers are showing their
patriotism by paying the war tax
without a murmur. They are setting
an example to others who are a
itfected by this extra taxation. a
There is no confusion and no in- o
convenience. 1 predict that the .h
business In the theatres will be b
corneal this winter. It is a pleas- y
tre for me to be in a position to a
lelp collect this money so that it n
can be turned to our country's i:
cause." b
i? r
ocal Architect 2
Soon to go to France ?c
foining the special architectural ser- a
e, Wetter Jones of the firm of Jones
i Nuzum, the Fairmont architects, "
t week left for Washington, D. C? m
1 is now under eoUstment at Camp ll
lerlcan UnlversltySeorgetown. This I
Islon Is under the corps of United I
itee engineers and Is expect*
>.y will be In France about a month
m now.
ugh Pierce to be
Buried Tomorrow
Funeral services over the body of
igh Fierce whose death occurred
/eral days ago in Akron, Ohio, will be
Id on Thursday afternoon at 2
uddy Cheeks?Sparkling Eyes
?Most Women Can Have
Says Dr. Edwards, a Well-Known
~ "i Ohio Physician
)r. F. M. Edwards lor 17 years treated
tea of women for Uver and bowel
nenta. Daring these years he gave to
patient* a prescription made of a few
11-known vontablfl ingredients mixed
h olive oil, naming them Dr. Ed winds'
re Tablets. Yog wO know them by
Jr oiivo color.
~hcse tablets are wonder-workers on the
ir and bowels, which cause a normal
ion, carrying off the waste and poison*
i matter In one's system,
f you have a pale face, sallow look, dull
s, pimpies, coated tongue, neaa acnes, a
least no-good feeling,all out of sorts,
ctive bowel*, yon take one of Dr.
nrartf Olive Tablets nightly for a time
1 note the r^trfog results,
fliousands of women as well as men
e Dr. Edwards? Olive Tablets?the suesfnl
aubetttote for calomel?new and
n Just to keep in the pink of condttfea,
and 25c per dm. . AH druggists, ^
AT THE first sign of a
gishness, tightness in che
go to the nearest drug stc
Kings' New Discovery. The :
Family of I
This phrase aptly eipreses tbe re
depoaltors and Tbe PeopleB Natloni
understands, and tbe new deposttoi
We believe that It is important
to feel perfectly at home as soon
officers direct their energies.
You are invited to make a perse
and join our large family of depot
On the Corner Nei
"'clock from the residues of t>L*
irothsr .Lee N. Pierce, at Ul High
"treat. .The body arrived here tula
nomine from Akron, accompanied by
"Is brother. A. T. Pierce, oCAkron. The
leceased was an ambulance driver (or
he Medical corps at Allentown, Fa.,
md was smothered In a (Ire in Akron
rhere he was spending a turlough.
unnftnuv ovw
Take one or two Cases rets tonight
nd enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver
nd bowel cleansing you ever expert,
need. Wake up feeling grand your
ead will be clear, your tongue clean,
reath sweet, stomach regulated and
our liver and thirty feet of bowels
ctlve. Get a box at any drug store
ow and get straightened up by mornag.
Stop the headache, biliousness,
ad colds and bad days. Feel fit and
eady for work or play. Cascarets
o not gripe, sicken or inconvenience
ou the next day like salts, pills or
alomel. They're fine!
Mothers should give a whole Casuret
anytime to cross, sick, bilious
r feverish children because It will
ct thoroughly and can not Injure.
High Cuts
We are showing some extra
good values in boys boots. Foetwear
bought several months ago
at a much lower price than the
RltmP. ltlni) cnntfl Jnilnv Thow own
being sold from 50c to 51.00 under
their real value. Black and
tan?vlscalfzed leather, style as
Sizes 5 to 13 Vs 52.25 to 53.00.
Sizes 1 to 2 52.50 to 55.40.
Sizes 2% to 6 53.00 to 54.00.
Boys' shoes, lace and button,
all leathers?52.00 to 54.50.
fl>VVVvl /
? Colds
cold?feverisbneai, slugst,
sniffling and sneezing?
>re and get a bottle of Dr.
first dose brings relief,
preparation hai been reeomsuccessfully
for coughs and
It's years of uss recommend It.
druggist has
lot years. if
)epositors 1
lationsblp existing between our 3
U Bank. The old depositor fully ?
soon learns Its meaning,
that the new depositor he made ?
as possible, and to this end tho Sj
jnal investigation of our survive H
ir the Postofflce.
>200,000.00 |

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