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Sonjethipg About Eating Z
Houses in Fairmont and ?
Clarksburg. ?
t i . it
. (E. E. Meredith Press Bureau.)
^ CLARKSBURG Nor. 7.?Plea have M
" been advanced to ten cents a cut in
: Smith's restaurant In this city and B
to ten dents a cut at Cries' restaurant ?
At Fairmont. the reason beinr advan. -
1' ced at the latter restaurant that It
I '-.la impossible ot provide home-made p
I flies at twenty cents each with eggs jj
ft tad.milk at the high prices at which D
I thejr now stand. The only other pla- a
I c?s getting ten cents a cut tor pies n:
I here is UcQowan's restaurant, which
I Always has exceptionally extravagant g
I '. makes ot pies and hotel dining rooms ft
ft' where the service figures into the f
I coat of. food. At Fairmont the Criss ft
ft- pies hate the celebrated Criss-cut,
hi Which means that pies are cut in ft
A quarters. The Anderson restaurant, a
H next door, sells plea at five cents a p
sleep but the pies are cut Into five n
R pieces. The new R. ft J. restaurant
at the traction depot in Clarksburg p
continues to sell pie at five cents a d:
' . J1
There has been some advance in p
cost of nating at lunch counters and
restaurants recently but further ral- a
aft' were discouraged by the fall in c|
H >' !?? mklAk * <- ?am a. ?ui- _
juiw bwua tthivu wut tjutjtl luis j1
week.. Beth the Capitol hotel and the
R. ft J. reataurant In tbia city serve
dlnnera lor 3S cents, which provide
a hWoce ol three meats, three vegetaM*a
and a desert. "
In large cities caleterlas have raised ?
"the price ot pie to seven and eight
cants" a piece and unch rooms are
charging ten cents with six pieces J'
carved out ol one pie.
' -Canada Is depending on Uncle Sam "
to. Bring Germany to Its knees. Fair- ,
{nqnters who returned on Monday v
night lrom Canada, say there Is no
eSnslveness, but Canadians feel a
greatly disposed to extend friendlier '
couftealea this year than ever before tr
saM W. G. Kelley, of Davis, Burkham If
JTTyler's piano house last evening. ._
Seldom did Mr. Kelley talk with any .
one but that the fact was revealed '
that they had a husband, brother or '
.lather who was aervlng In the army, j*
' It la nothing unusual to see scores s<
of . men, who had their arms or legs ..
off and hgd been returned to Canada "
to, make why In the Bervlce for the
unimpaired In body. No passports f'
/were, required said Mr. Kelley but It
Jras necessary to make a deposit of ?!
rfifl fnp nnrh wim whloh woo !? ?? "
I-?- -.WV- D**MI " "*v" SULCI
led and thirty per cent duty on ?
lges, which wag retained by
itborltleu. Just a little strictei
tie search ot the luggage over ?
occasions in crossing
al boundary line t.
Kelley and Dr. J.
the two Falrmonleia ... j
.but E. C. Burkham,' vice presi I
>t the Davis, Burkham & Tyler
ot Wheeling, and W. E. Max- a
ot East Liverpool, O., made up *
oartette. Messrs Kelley and
eU -each secured a big Moose
inch one ot the party brought
it deer home with them. The
bunted near Georgian bay, about
ailes north ot Toronto. Game
ally is plentier this season than
because of the reduced number
nters due to the war.
mersAre Hauling
al from Bank Mines
auers using coal for heating purare
taking advantage ot the tale
weather and good roads to haul
coal from the bank mines. While
ipplles all over the county it is
H especially true In Wlnfield district.
I / V % n
felmne that
mtbe Peddler-'
RQOME peddlers'are "flylby Onighters!"
They sell a cheap
toffee at a big profit sod then
Hunake a quick getaway. That's
Bprobably why your , coffee is
often flat, muddy and bitter..
tcers. Ourspecinl |
the dust and chaff
bat full-strength
lea full flavor and
m In a dclich'.ftiily
lor liquid. Try a
Toledo. Ohio
"Win My Chum Week." ^
Recruiting campaign tor the Eporth
league of the Diamond street
. ?. church will begin ovember 11
id continue until November 18. Mot"Good
soldiers of Jesus Christ, not 1
Slacker Among Us." Sunday even- <
g November 11 6:30 the following
ogram will be given: Devotional ser- '
ce, Daisy Watklns, leader. Address
raking Men Alive," Rev. J. E. Wells,
ualc, church choir.
Monday 1:80 o'clock, devotional
essle Preston; song, chorus of girls. '
ddress, "Red Radge of Courage," '
uy McDougal. Music, Farmers' Sons
Tuesday, devotional service, Laura
ell. Duet, Mrs. Cecil Jenkins and
essle Preston. Violin solo. Miss Ed- i
i Jenkins. Address, "A Ministering ]
ngel." Edward Hale. Music, Farer's
Sons ChoruB. I
Wednesday, devotion, Nettle Mor- ,
in. Piano duet, Anns Dunham and
arie Scott. Address, "The Happy
ellowshlp of Youth" Rev. W. D. Reed,
unc, Farmer's Sons Chorus.
Thursday, devotional, Mrs. Bailey
Inrgan Music. Ills MIbhpb gtsslsv J
ddress, Rev. Yoak. Subject, "Tbe
ar Away Battle Line." Music, Far- 1
ler's Sons Chorus. 1
Friday, devotional, Dr. E. M. Cox.
l&no Solo, Margaret Beatty. Ad- I
ress, Levi B. Harr. Duet, Mrs. Cecil 1
enkins and Bessie Preston. Music,
armer's Sons Chorus.
Sunday, November IS, 6:30, devotion 1
J, Vertle Morgan. Music, church
loir. Address, Rev. Wells. Music,
armers Sons Chorus.
Guests of Mrs. shoemaker.
Frank Selby of Morgantown who
as the guest of his sistor, Mrs. Geo.
boemaker returned home vesterday.
Irs. Anna Westfall ot Clarksburg is
Bre also. They were called here by
le lllnes? Mrs Fel?
* '
* ruuch Travis o( Akron, Ohio is
siting relatives here and attended to
line business matters. Mr. Travis la
aployed in a runber factory In Akin.
vangellstic Services at the First M.
P. Church.
These services are growing In Inrest
and the church Is working nicely
1th thelr pastor, Hev. C. C. Lawson.
great meeting Is anticipated. On
Wednesday evening the church is retested
to attend in a body and bring
telr triends. This la consecration
Igbt and a large crowd is expected
> be present to enjoy this service,
he choir is doing some masterly singig
under the leadership of brother
mes. These services will last for
>me weeks, and you are invited to
ttend them as well as to assist in
>me way to promote Uod's kingdom.
It you are Christlike, lend a band in
its part of God's moral vineyard,
ome and enjoy the splendid song
srvice as well as the other part of
le service. Subject Wednesday evilng
"Not by Might Nor by Power,
'ho then will Consecrate his life this
Sister Si
And so are fa
And you can
men over there
send your share
has just been s
ake it a succes
this paper, arr
45c worth of t<
\ return p<
perianal aekn
Everybody wi
your ft
The Wes
ivenh?g **Wanted a Man." I
T. A. 8. '
Mra. J. L. Crosa will ent?rtaili tha
r. A. 8. dab en Thuraday evening
it bar homa in State street. The mem
)era are requested to come prepared
o do Red Crosa Work.
Reception. I
A reception will be given at the
Jlamond street M. E. church on Friday i
tvening lor the new pastor Rev. J. E.
.Veils and wile to which all of the
nembers 01 the church are Invited.
Aid Society. a
The Aid Society ol the Diamond t
itreet M. E. church will meet Thurs-.
lay alternooh at two o'clock at Mrs. 1
Priacllla Merrlfield's in Wilson St. I '1
! i
Personals. ! a
Miss Naomi Reeves of Morgantown 1 i
ivenue spent the week end with (
'rlends at Morgantown. i ,
Mrs. Mary M. Boggess who has;'.
seen ill for several days is slowly re- \1
:overlng. ; t
Little Miss Doris Stealey is confined
.0 her home with an injured leg caus-1 i
id by a hard fall on the street car ?
rack. She is the daughter of Mr. and ?
Mrs. A. B. Stealey in Uutfey street. c
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler George of Phil- {
llppi were guests of Dr. and Mrs. E. '
M. Cox on Monday.
Miss Viola Springer is the guest of t
her daughter Miss Arthur Rich 'at ,
Flaggy Meadow.
Robert Elkins of ClarkBburg is spend ng
a few days in the city. 1
WiJ ?
Does This Savi
Look Good to Yo
Fuel is high?here is 9 \
economy and a perfectly he
save the gas half of the cc
stoves, with the fuel saving
Cole's Original I
isie's Sei
ther and mother, and everyoi
do it easily; doesn't cost mucl
do love their American tobai
! Make use of our arrangem
started, to supply our boys wil
is? This has been endorsed 1
angements have been made wi
)bacco for 26c.
re is What '
2 packages of Lucky Strike (
3 packages of Bull Durham T<
3 books Bull Durham Cigaret
1 tin of Tuxedo Tobacco, ret
4 books of Tuxedo Cigarette
istcard is enclosed in each nar
owledgment of his gift. Y ou
ints to give a little. Will you ht
>ute! Organize your club, y<
ictory and give the boys just
t Virginic
Attractive Series of Entertainments
Under High
School Management.
t'nder tlie high school management
i very atiraclive lecture course has |
een arranged tor the students and peo
ile ol Falrview the coming season,
rhe iledpaili-Brockway Lyceum Bueau
furnishes the course which consists
of four numbers In the order nam
id, The l'aramounts, Indian String
iuartet, Dr. Moll Sawyers and The
lerrilees Entertainers. This ia by
ar the best and the most expensive
:ourse that has ever been to i'airview.
T ie numbers this year will be held
n the M. E. church owing to the Inluflicient
seating capacity of I he high
ichool auditorium. A ticket selling
lontest is being waged and tltteen stulents
are working hard for a live dolar
gold piece which is to be given to
he one selling the most season ticksts.
More interest is displayed over
lie lecture course this year than ever
lefore and It Is a certainty that a
arge audi it ce will be present on
rh trsday right. Nc v. S, to greet The
II? Gi
way to gain big fuel
ated home. Why not *
>al wasted by all other
lot Blast X!
okes to
ie else. It's the real thing to
1; every little helps. And gos
:co and cigarettes. It's eas;
tents for taking contributions
r v*?^ vm r*
Dh their favorite smoke. * W
iy the Government. Through
th the American Tobacco Coi
rhey Will G
Cigarettes, retails, at 20c
obacco, retails at 15c
te Papers
ails at 10c
kacrp. so that pverv Contribute
will treasure this message fro
ilp make it a success try doinj
mr church, your town, you
a little comfort?their favori
? rr?? I
Oil and Gas.
... I'
Very few completion* were reported
'rom tbe Southwest Pennsylvania, ;
IVest Virginia and Southeastern Ohio
lolds. The few reported were not .
mportent a* to size or location. In
inly a tew district* are operator* ma
king an effort to start new work. At
the present lime they are giving more
attention to putting their old wells j
In condition for the winter. 6hooting
and cleaning out Is 'very much in i
practice In all sections. Operators :
have about given up hope of finding
a new pool this year. If the unex
pected happens it would be too late
In the season to push deevlopment
work aggressively. The scar/ffty of i
material would be another hindrance,
for the shortage is-even more acute I
than at any time during the year. '
In Union district, Pleasants county,
Peter Bchlagel has completed and
shot In the Cow Run sand No 17 on
the J O Rtggs farm. It Is producing !
eight barrels a day. j
On Dents Run, Mannington district,
Marion county, the Blackshare 'Oil
and Gas Company's No 2 on the Ward
M Satterfield farm is down to 54 bar- '
rels a day and the Carnegie Natural
Gas Company's well on the J L Phil- I
lips lot Is producing an even 100 barrels
a day.
Will Palmer Nuium, the Fairmont
architect Is home from a business
trip to Pittsburgh.
' ' ' ' ' ' I. '." "I ' * ' *BS
iturday's Special
This 2-Quart
lersney Casserole
nickelplated frame, regu52.25
value for
98 cents
isement one to a customer,
jhone orders taken and
delivered with other
Is purchased.
do. ,
ih, how those
y for you to
I on to the
rill you help to
the efforts of
npany to send
>r will receive a
m the trenches
? your bit?
it office
te stroke
cco Fund
LOST?Strayed or stolen trom 8li
W. Diamond street J small pigs.
tiny mrormation regarding same wui
tie appreciated. Umberto Sealise.
LOST ? Between ideal Bakery and
Berkeley St., on i'enn. Ave., a silver
mesh bag. Return to Ideal Bakery
tchool office. Reward ll-6-2t-3059.
LOST?Tuesday near Y. M. C. A. pair
ot glasses In box. Return to High
icbool office. ll-6tl2t-305S
WANTED?OhT'talee teeth! DouT
matter it broken 1 pay J2.00 to
(16.0U per set. Send uy parcel post
and receive check by return mall.
L. Mazer, 3007 S. Filth Street, l'hilalelphia.
Fa. 10-12-26t-2!)59.
FALSE TEETH?We pay as high as
(17AO per set lor old (aise leutu, no
matter li broken; also gold crowns,
hndge work. Mail to Burner's False
Teeth Specialty, VI Thlru St., Troy, A.
Y, and receive catb by return mail.
WANTED?Men. Steady work. Hel
mtck Foundry Machine Co.
WANTED ? Laborers to work Concrete
Mouongahela Fewer Flaui.,
Hutchinson, W. Vu. 40c per hoar.
Apply jsicoia mag (Jo., on the grounus.
WANTED?A bookkeeper who can uo
stenographic work. An excellent op.
portunlty to become chiet clerk lor a
large coal company in Fairmont. An
swer In own hand writing stating experience
and present employment, (liu
relerence. Uood salary to right party.
Must not be subject to dralt. Address
P. O. Box 278 Fairmont, W. Va.
WANTED ? 2 bricklayers tor mine
work. Also carpenter on concrete
forms. None but experienced men
need apply. John C. Ambrose, 610 Ful
ton street, Bellvlew. or at Ida May
mine. 11 6-3t-306S
WANTED?Carpenters and laborers
Apply to Armour & Company at
Marlon Products Company.
hUU SA' ?O-ruoni house with hath
Big lot Apply 326 Jefferson street
4-20-tt No 223t
FOR KENT?Five unfurnlaned rooms
320 Qaston avenue. Phone 813-R.
FOR RENT?Seven room brick house,
603 Ohio Ave. All modern convent
ences. Brooks S. Hutchinson, phone
986 or 176. ll-3-tf-3t)6J
f 1,11 S
Put Your Salary on An J
Income-Earning Basis 'J
i j Make It show a permaaent S
j, return tor the later Invested. I
It should pay you more ilian
the hare necessities ot lite,
and it will.
Deduct a portion from your
cash every pay day and immediately
place it on interest
in the National Dank ot I
The moment you start pll- !
f ing up cash capital you are be ;
ginning to climb. You'll get :
7 up where there are abundant i
| Y, opportunities that you hardly i
I 'ii dare consider now.
wiiMh nr<t^
BANKof Hl^di
Fairmont Kjhf)
West VA.^sgUg|g
You Ma
make a mistake in the payment
mistakes ot others?
Start a Checking Account witi
and your record will prove who n
This is worth while.
Fairmont Tr
js 1*7 HATSOEVER \
B VV fires, wljatso
B whatsoever develope
B fires or fire breedinj
B any worth of manh
B you, think of these t
I F. E. N
^ Masonic Temple
I WANTED?Ctrl or mWdle l|?l ?nu
tor (ananl housework. Phoue Mrs.
T. J. Fut. H-3-lt |04#
WANTED?Mild tor iMiral boar-owork.
Mrs. S. L. Csrtcr. Pbona
32S-J. 426 Benonl Are. ll-Wt-?06J ;{;
I WANTED ? Mild tor sensrsl house- ;l.
work. Apply Mrs. Jno. W. Mason.
Jr., 426 Morgantown Are, Phone US.
FOK KENT?Very reasonable, a well
lurnisbed room lcr one person. Call
at 626 Gaston Ave. 1V-1V-U<29M
FOR RENT?Varnished road. No. 13
Kbea Terrace. Phone 12U2-M
11-UU048 ;
FOK KENT?Furnished rooms for I,
gentlemen. Walnut Ave. Phone
1241-J. U-63HM8.
FOR RENT?3 or 4 furnished ifoomt
for light housekeeping. Phone 2S'M.
FOR SALE?Eight Shares Twin
Mountain Orchard at a bargain II v.g|
sold quickly. Phone 808-J.
LET Madam Kosmos help you by -s
giving your life prediction. Send
liirthdate and dime. l>e Laurens
Kosmos, Box 291, Louisville, Ky.
10*3M??Mp. 'K
FOR SALE?Will sell cheap to qqtck
buyer, confectionery store and pop*
I'nrn nnrhln** Hnlt Inrfttiftn 4a inom
right at iiiterurbaa car atop. 31 Market
street, Mannlngton, W. Va.
U-74M0M J
, WANTED?Five or 7 room Louse by,
i family of two; modern couveniehoes,
i centrally located. Phone 1322-M.
[ LET MADAM KUBMOS help yon by
giving your life prediction. Send
blrthdate and dime. DeLaureaa Mos.
moe, Box 391 Louisville, Ky.
' DRESSMAKING?221 Washington' St .-j
Phone 1196-J. Miss Snow Atha.
We wish to extend thanks to our
1 friend* and neighbors for their kind- ja
ness and help in our bereavuqept and
' lose of our husband and father, Mr.
James T. Sbarp.
1 11-7-lt 3065 AND FAMILY.
| Professional CarcUt -3
? J
Optsnwtriat and
26 ytvi i>r>ottgil %rwiiwKwuo.
giuhi ftirnHftnd in *
: ouo nour. WiUt
A. B. Scott & Company,
| Representing Nubone CcrwU.
8 M t? J tilt Monroe ML .1 I
&*C<<8K8?30gg^ . .^2?
I.' i- .v jmimhi*. ., i in" i i' ^
i DR. A. fi. SMITH, 9
I Classes ol All studs miieotlj . /?
Stud. tlattstactloa manatees, B
! Hall block over Mania's Drug
J Store.
.y Never ; ;|
; of bills, but can you control the
1 this bank, pay all bills by check, &j8
lade the mistake, should one occur. - '
at <C9nnnnnnn j v"?
y?W)WV*vu JP, . W '
ustCon^pMy^J |j: ||
rnaketh for safety from IL ;?ffa|
verer preventeth fires,
sth care in handling .8
g materials; if there be S ; {aw
ood or womanhod in
hinge?Fire Facta.
Fairmont, W.Va. ,8

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