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^ to six mo
K. Extra
little gari
pique ma
*V iHH months
| T'"rd F
fc-;. :.. . MERRY CHRIST:
How'd you like to bo one of those y
boys over in France facing German t
liquid lire, bombs, shrapnel and shell li
and wake up Christmas morning and
not receive one single Christmas gift
from the folks back hornet ; S
Won't It make your own Christmas j
less merry If you think that day that 11
21 IK WED IHll
aoi rin ties,
1 s
Five or Six Women and Sev- j
' , era! Married Men Among i
Them. \
The night school for foreigners c
which was organized recently held the '
; ' first session last evening at the Miller (
v * school and was conducted by Princi- .
pal Ralph Beckner and his corps of J
The school started off with.an enrollment
of 28. Most of the foreigners
who enrolled in the school are young
men, though some five or six women
v were also enrolled. ?
The branches which seem to have J:
the preference among the students ,
>v are English, spelling, penmanship and '
;v arithmetic. The school will meet next
Wednesday evening at 7:20 o'clock
and only one session will be held
weekly for the present, though it may
be decided later to hold another one (l
? * _ also. I
The young men and women enroll- t
!- - ?d are of the more intelligent class of ?
foreigners and alKof them seem en- i
tbuslastlc and eager to master the o
: . common school branches. Several t
married men were among those en- 0
idled. r
11 e
Men Are Needed For ;
Quartermaster's Corps I
. The Quartermaster Enlisted Reserve };
< Corps require In the neighborhood of '
3,000 men to serve as clerks, blacksmiths,
farriers, horseshocrs, saddlers, r
storekeepers, tentmakers. wheelWrights,
wagonmasters, assistant wagonmasters,
skilled laborers, watchmen, i
E!. packers, etc. I
Any man between the ages of 18 and ]
*5 is eligible for enlistment, provided i
by Will Rule
eat (tore specializes in Infant dressei
nths old. Whether It It a complete (
I find our baby'e ready-to-wear "corn
Lonjj Silk Dress
For wee tote from
^l\ months old: set com
if* s'"1 ('resf aD(i long
.?T,\|' with underboily to n
y,| I back; heavy silk embr
y'l yoko, neck and sleet
wfoSl f 8l*n,,: trln>med with 1
fr 1 u $! ^eer Lawn Lonj
III i YJffl pine duality lawn.
1 V/1 atnbroldery trlmmetl;
lj 'Jj HI lace Insertion; very sh
' L-/I/ d months old slzeF.
Short White Cassimere Dr
ints from 6 months to two yearn old;
aterlnl with deft touches of silk embt
bottom of garments.
Long Silk Coats $5
length pure white Jap silk over s
olddered dCBlgns; large and smallei
nents tba' attract tho eye of evcry lo
Long Pique Coats $1
silk emhicldcretl and trimmed; si
terlal; generous length.
g Cassimere Infants Ca
apes $2.98 50<
f and daintily White cmliro
om all wool white ('?,ton I,0I'
. , , ... round crown;
re material; silk ,)ons BnU fiUk (
, large scalloped plain: for infai
geiierous lenglhT year old.
(I collar with' sTTk
'fed designs"; ?^"ASTnDf
serviceable and
tor an Infant 6 I _
111 one jenr old.? j Kg S^QP
ou didn't mall that Christmas present
o Sammy In time so he could receive
t on Christmas day?
Of course. To be sure.
The pnstofflcd says Nov. 15 Is the
ast mailing day for France.
le has not been called by his loca
loard for examination, and Is physical
y qualified.
Teamsters are especially wanted.
Promotions in non-commissioner of
icers giades are very rapid for men o:
ibllity and experience In their partlcu
ar trade.
There Is being established near Jack
lonvllle, Florida, a camp for the train
ng of quartermaster enlisted men. nnc
t Is contemplated sending all men en
isted in the quartermaster corps tc
hat camp for training In quartermas
er corps work.
Further Information and appllcatior
danks will bo gladly furnished on re
luest to Ralph B. Innis, Captain, Q. M
J. S. R? Room 555, Federal Building
;bicago, 111.
5ome From Funeral
Of Grafton Veteran
MrB. Bessie Watson and children
f this city, Mrs. Emma Robinson, ol
Vatson, and Fred Collier, of this city
ave returned from Grafton, when
hey attended the funreal of Mrs
Vatson's father, Frank Bender, o
hat place, which was held on Tuesay
Mr. Bender, who was aged 79 years
led on Sunday In Gratfon after at
llness from Blight's disease. He wai
iorn in Frederick, Md., Oct. 3, 1838
nd at the outbreak of the Civil wai
le Joined the First Maryland Infantrj
f the Confederate army, his rcglmeni
orining part of the Stonewall brigadi
f General Jackson. He attained th<
ank of sergeant and served until th<
nd of the war.
He became a resident of Grafter
fter the war. where he was united ii
narriage with Miss Darah Collier
rho survives him, with the following
hildren: Mrs. Floyd Kuhn, Georgr
lender, of Grafton; Mrs. J. E. Mc
Bay. of Charleston; Mrs. Fred Bcdn
inse, of Cincinnati, and Mrs. Dessii
Vatkins, of Fairmont. He was :
nember of the M. E. denomination.
Hot chicken pie with gravy am
unshed potatoes and other gooi
things. All you can eat for fiOc a
First M. E. church Thursday oven
no Nov. 8, 6 to 8 o'clock.?Adv.
Our Third Flo
i Baby Day
i, coat,, capea, caps and bonnet! frorr
Phriatenlng outfit or Juat a tiny little
or" m're than equal to the occaalon. Tl
i Sets S4.o0 p ni , ,
Crib Blanket
one day to 6 ______
prises lone Jap These pretty no
silk petticoat by crib and carrla
.atch; buttoned hots come In pink
oluered flounce, -?
res?cluster de- grounds with patt
lalnty silk lace white. Good welg
... ... en wooly fleeced
f Dresses -SI -- ...
tvnrrn onnitnrv on a
buttoned bark, ... . ...
ribbon beading; ' 8lze about 30;l
eer; one day to es, reversible. Thl
esses $1.75. s\
all wool silk finish cai? ^
oldcrcd effects 011 collar,
Ilky sateen, elaborately <[|
collar; warm and cute ( K(!r(.fl.
vlng mother. uv I
nowy white, serviceable A. ?S
ps and Bonnets, jfl
1 to $1.75. wMi'
Idered Jap silk, silk pop /
tin and white corduroy; I / V
trimmed with lace, rlt> y
mbroldered effects, also I I'tjd?
ills from ono day to one Ud"
MONT.W.VA. . ^
Committees Named For th
Big Drive Next
. ..us were made yesterday evenft
for the campaign that the Monongt
Auxiliary of Red Cross will put on
boost its membership over thd Si
mark. Committees were appointed
look after tho membership campalf
in the lodges, churches, various se
tions of Monongah and other, mlnli
towns along tne west Kork river.
There will be a house to house ca
vnss throughout Mononguh, emlea
orlng to get tho large percentage
the 800 membership in the mlnli
town nlone. Other than the hou:
to house canvass it will be broug
before every organization in the tow
Committees appointed yesterdi
evening by Mrs. Lee N. Satterfiel
chairman are as follows: Thobur
Miss Mary Killoen; Brookdale, Ml
i Beatrice Hall, Miss Kathryn Prlci
<or '
i one day ,\/ u J
dreea or yip V y/fi y
bird Floor (
S 50c S^m! V
velty ba- \x|^s>/^' ? I 8
*o li'an- \/J | Lffl
or blue
erna In \\ \
;ht-wov- A)\ L.
140 Inch??Zi??r
t^=T^ il
I \j
SMonongah proper, Miss Davinna Watkins.
Other mining towns along the
river: Miss Adrain Talbott, Mrs.
Harry King, Mrs. Howard Fleming,
SMrs. L. S. Smith. Miss Hallle Orr,
and Miss Gertrude Pyles. Lodges:
Pocahontas, Mrs. David Levi; Rebecca,
Mrs. Sanford Hall; Pythian
Sisters, Mrs. Walter Gaskins;
churches: Baptist, Mrs. Frances Esketh;
t'atholic, Mrs. Tony Chirmo;
C Polish Catholic, Miss Katie DeFoe;
Methodist Protestant, Mrs. Leo N.
Satterfleld; Methodist Episcopal, Miss
Davinna Watkins.
Members of the Monongah Auxiliary
will go to Fairmont this evening
to observe the work in the work room
16 of the Fairmont Chapter,
? Colored Man Held For
'nu Having Slot Machine
Dug Howard, colored, was arrested
lo yesterday on a charge of owning an
old fashioned money slot machlni,
v which he is alleged to have had in
of use at a colored club house last Sat
lg urday night. He claimed that he did
so it only for the purpose of amusement.
fit ouui v muiuiis iv,iH nrbi miervieweu >
n. by tho officers, but he denied that ho j
j owned the machine, Later Howard
. appeared at the prosecuting attor- 1
' ney's office and admitted that he own'
ed the machine.
' Howard wll be beard by Justice
' Musgrave. E
\ Custorr
22 years
and today is
wing" fas
lan evei
steaa ot cott
here's a Reaso
i faiiy m
jrand Master Fullerton, of I
* I
Morgantown, and Other*
Will Attend.
Whnt promises to be one 67 the
ilggest Odd Fellows events in Northern
West Virginia in' some time will
ake place on Saturday evening. De embur
13. when a booster meeting
* 111 he held In flitd k-.tlnw.1 Hnll
ommencing at 7:30 o'clock. George j
3. Fullerton, of Morgantown. the]
trandmaster ot the Grand Lodge oil
.Vest Virginia, will bo in attendance]
.? will the other officers dt the Orand i
.od gc.
Tho grand officer* expected are as!
ollows: Grandmaster, George S. ]
"ullerton, Morgantown; deputy grandmaster,
Lee T. Bnker, Weston: grand
lecretary, A. J. Wilkinson. Huntingon;
grand treasurer, George G.
3tout, Parkersburg; senior gTand
'epresentatlre, W. F. Holllster, Cowin:
Junior grand representative. C.
j. Simpson. Huntington; grand chapain.
Rev. S. L. Fllcklnger, Sbeplerdstown;
grand conductor, O. M. i
Junnoe, Fayettoville; grand marshal,
lan 13lnnlx. Morgantown; grand guarlian.
J. S. Rohlnson, Fairvlew; grand
terald, Emll Stephen, New Cumberand.
Between 200 and 300 Odd Fellows
ire expected to turn out at the booser
meeting and because of the fact
hat effort Is being made by the
[randmaster to have this extend over
i wide scope, It Is expected that Odd
rellows will be present from all parts
>f the State.
The first degree of the order will
re conferred upon a class of candtlates
by the first grade teanl of Motongalla
Lodge, No. 10, of Morganown.
This lodge has tho work put
>n In a very creditable way. The-c
s great rivalry for places on the fir.
cam. A second team Is constantly
it work and as its members acquire
i degree of proficiency over those on
he first team they replace them and
is a result there are always great
?fforts put forward to romaln on the
Irst team with the results that this
odge has one of the best degree
[cams In tho State, which is espec.ally
fortunate Inasmuch as the grandnaster
comes from Morgantown this
Not only will the grandmaster and
.ho degree team from Morgantown
:ome, but a large number of the memiters
of the lodge are also expected.
District Deputy Grandmaster A. T.
-astro, of Morgantown, will pay his;
first official visit to the local Odd
bellow lodges at that time.
The plans are to have a committee |
it arrangements from Marlon and i
Palatine Lodges and It wil be In;
iliarge of the booster meeting. Pal-j
itine Lodgo at Is meeting last even-;
ng named J. A. Hess, chairman W. C.
Snyder and H. W. Stoneking a com- ;
nittee and next Tuesday evening Marlon
Lodge, No. 11 will mako It's selection.
A special play will be made to havo b
[he brethren from the county lodges 3
ittend the booster meeting. The Odd c
Fellows are very strong numerically fi
In the county. The lodges of the v
county are as follows: Elite, No. I
(23, Rive3Ville; Mill City, No. 110, .
Falrview; Monongaheln, No. 131, Mo- nongah;
Electric, No. 67, Farming- f
'.on; Minnie, No. 165, Bunner's; Au-1!
;usta, No. 231, Mctz;-Marion, No. 11, |
Fairmont; Evening Star, No. 54, Mannington;
Worthington, No. 179,
Worthington; Palatine, No. 8*, Fairmont.
Chicken supper at First M. E. church
Thursday evening, 5 till 8. Price
- ' 1
|B| ?
4St . ?. -
. * '
Store ^
Opens at
8A M- ^0^
"fcT 0_
lxew ser
The Source of C
In the Choice ot
See mr
These ??C
Dresses ft* gin
^ur tft? 1
Window Jp 1 ,
Are Really 1
More than tl
Special Sale of Trimme
Excellent value and smart i
been offered to particular buye
eltles In metal, ostrich and ch
Mrs. John R. Moreland and lit
aughter, Caroline Prlscilla. of Gal
urg, 111., who hare been visiting M
loreland's brother. John S. Hensha
if Walnut avenue, for some time, ha
;one to Uniontnwu where they v
islt Mrs. Moreland's father, Willii
lenshaw, before returning to llllnc
fried All Kinds of Remedies E
Found a Few Drops of Iron In Wa
ter Each Day Brought Relief.
lays Acid Iron Mineral Is Cheap
Better Way.
"Rheumatism, rheumatism, and th
ome more rheumatism seemed to
ay lot In lite. .. It would attack i
t unexpected times and almost kno
ue out tor good and all," says L.
lours, ot Luray, Va.
"For two years I wasn't able to
nythlng and couldn't even dress r
elt, and at night I simply tossed a
oiled with agony and, due to the b
ley trouble, 1 reckon, my dreams w<
itful and bad and very often I woi
rake up In the middle ot the night a
vhen 1 would try to turn ovei
ouldn't. I would struggle and the pi
vould become almost unbearable e
ny breathing would become difflct
tnyonc who liaB suffered as I did, c
eallze my gratitude and appreclatl
if Acid Iron Mineral. I thought
night help me and I used one 60c t
le and two $1 bottles before 1 co
ice much change, but on the third c
ar bottle I felt like a new man t
:an do a good day's work and rest w
"I urge people to take this li
nedlclne wherever I go because it hi
id mo where a great many other rei
lies tailed and after trying four mon
ind continued to get worse 1 gave
leing treated and found relief In A>I
i want to call special attention of to
:o the fact that when they take A
lo hot stop with one bottle but be ei
:o continue and you will get relief
[ know what It will do," declared L.
Sours, Luray, Va? R. F. D. No. 4.
Rheumatism, when It grips the i
tern, chases around through the vel
sometimes In one spot and then In
itber. It must be removed from
blood. It needs the help of Iron to
rich, purify and cleanse the blood >
Acid Iron Utneral. In Its highly c
contratod form, testing over 10 degr
specific gravity makes the ideal ri
edy. All druggists have it Sold
Fairmont by Holt Drug Co., In Falrvi
by Frank J. Yost, in Mannlngton by
Prescription Pharmacy and other gi
druggists throughout the state.
g aytfa HJ
1 **"
ge Dresses
Greatest Satisfaction
these Serge Dresses
Six Different
Styles to
Choose From
All are fashionable 1
E|p and all the colors that
are being worn. All
f sizes. All have touch- es
of style and fact
2? similar of high priced
[J/ models. Box and side
r plaited, embroidered
collar and belt, etc.
> FfC These
> # O Special I
).75 T
2.75 Days Only
Worth a Third
le Above Prices
;d Tailored and Semi-Tailorlats.
tyle?by far the best values that have
ts this season. Trimmed in new uov
emille, values up to $10.U(fc
Price $5=
W 1 1 '
tie Children Cry
lVe .
$ ' Saves Hair!
i &sl!
ion - Pompeian HAIR Massage
" will stop your Dandruff and
|?lj keep your hair beautiful,
tot- Daily, letters of thanks are
ind receivedfrommenandwomen
'c" all over the country. One day
rou it is a Connecticut man who
,]p. writes us, then an Oregon
310- woman, then a Michigan man
ths, ?almost youthfully enthuup
. siastic about Pompeian HAIR
J*1*: Massage removing their un,i
sightly and dangerous Dand>
ure; ruff.
f?r; Pompeian HAIR Massage
w- is a liquid (not a cream). Not
iyg. i oily. Not sticky. Not overnB,'
perfumed, but just as delightan
rul to use as it is effective.
LADIES-Your druggist can
anpply you with Pompeian HAIR
'?d Massage. Start today and beautify
on* yonr hair,
3m.' MEN-Cet bottle today at your
jn druggist's or have your barber give
le?. you a Pompeian HAIR Massage
,. treatment and learn how refreshed
?, your aealp will 'eel after one appliTOU
Bottles with economical
? ahaker tops SO/ & SLID
8 Pompeian HAIR Massag*
is mad* by Ik* malm of
\ i the reliable Pompeian
I MASSAGE Cream and
y I Pompeian NIGHT Cream.
SI I ThaVewpciaaMti* C*. Oarataad. OUe

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