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Id giving these women the in
e( powder you think she means. S
cities to wait until they see the wbit
Temple Guild to Meet.
The Temple Guild or the M. P. Tem-i
pie will meet on Friday night at 7:30
o'clock at the home ot Mrs. F. P. Kelley
on Locust avenue. Members are
nrged to attend.
m ?
Gone to Philadelphia.
Miss Martha Hutchinson lett Tuesday
nlgbt (or Philadelphia where she
is spending a few weeks with ner sisters,
the Misses Florence and Laura
Lee Hutchinson, at Notre Dame. Miss
Irene Hutchinson will go to Philadelphia
Sunday to spend several weeks.
? * *
Entertained Buzz Club.
,Mrs. Friend Holdeu entertained the
'. members ot the Buzz Club yesterday
afternoon at her home on Field street.
A salad lunch was served and the afternoon
was spent sewing. Nent week
L Mrs. George Holdon will entertain the
, / club at her home on Ffelrl the
J afternoon to be spent sewing for the
Red Cross.
? m
To Entertain Missionary Society.
The folowing program will be ren-!
tiered by the Woman's Missionary society
of the First Presbyterian church
on Friday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. G. N. Welch on Rhea Terrace.
Mrs. Welch and Mrs. T. A. Hunsaker
will be the hostesses: Devotional?
, Dorcas?Chairty, Mrs. Amelia Vandervort.
>;* ' The "Cross in New Mexico." Mrs.
J' H. Glen Greer.
Questionaire on Japan, Miss Marian
Soprano solo. Mrs. H. G. Stoetzcr.
.... |
Entertained Mothers.
The Hustler's, a class of the First
M. E. Sunday school composed of
young boys and taught by W. G. Cunningham
entertained their mothers
on Tuesday evening in the social
~ ' room's of the church. Rev. C. E. Goodwin
conducted the devotional service]
ana hiso sang a song ana otners taking
part on the program were Jamison
Meredith, B. Norman Cunningham,
and C. W. Evans. Those present
Included: Mesdames Hall, Fitzhugh,
Butcher, McNeely, Squires,
I Snider, Parrlsh, Ash, Burris, Rev. and
Mrs. Goodwin. Mr. and Mrs. Will G.
Cunningham. Mls3 Kathorine Moore,
. Miss Hazel Cunningham, Norman
Cunningham, C. W. Evans, Ralph Sni,
der. Dale Squires, Blondell Garner,
Robert Monroe, George Butcher, Harirv
Snider, Charles Burls. Clarence
Stuck, Avery Ash, Owen JIcNelly. Edward
Hall, James Fitzhugh, Wayne
Parrlsh, Kenneth Hall. Aubrey Parrlsh.
* * *
Entertained Ring's Daughters.
Mrs. W. S. Hamilton was hostess
yesterday at her home at Edgemont
to the Vigilant Circle of King's Daughters
of the M. P. Temple. The guests
spent the day sewing for the Red
I Cross. Assisting the hostess in entertaining
were Mrs. Anna V?krodt,
I ? ?**?. uuuiao i'UAt iur?. Miurr unci |
Mies Jennie Fleming.
* ?
Announcement is made of the marriage
of Frank C. McCray of this city
and Miss Thelma Martyn of St. Louis
which event was solemnized lust
night at half after seven o'clock in
the parsonage of the First M. E.
} church in Clarksburg, Rev. Mr. King
officiating. A wedding supper fcOow[
ed at the Hotel Gore and Mr. and
I Mrs. McCray left afterward for Pittsburg,
en route to eastern points for
I a several weeks wedding journey.
Mrs. McCray is a daughter of Mrs.
Chas. E. Wells and was located in
this city a few months ago. Mr. McI
, Cray, is one of the city's prominent
young business men and is a son of
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McCray. He is
associated with the McCray Advertls
o;oiuui> ^vuiuiig me RUGSLS Bt IDG
marriage yesterday were Dr. and Mrs.
Earl MeCrav and Mrs. French McChicken
Pie Dinner.
At the First M. E. church tonight
H the women of the church will serve
a chicken pie dinner. Service will
begin at five and plans have been
made to serve 500 people. Chicken
pie is the main feature of the excellent
menu which has been prepared.
For Bride and Groom.
Honoring Mr. and Mrs. Spray Linn
whose marriage was a recent event
a number of their friends were de
. llghtfully entertained at their attractive
bungalow in Woodland Park last
; - evening the hostesses being Mrs. Har
vey Traugh an aunt of the bride and
Miss Georgia Torrey. The event was
s a surprise to Mr. and Mrs. Linn who
received many pretty gifts. Refresh
' ments were served during the even
* ing. About forty wore rn?ort?lncd.
o'.to "Keep your powder dry" the "lad
ie Is telling one of tho groups of won
es of the Austrians' eyes.
ju iu j i v i?a 1 1 u
To Entertain T. A. S.
| Mrs. J. L. Cross will bo hostess this
evening at her home on State street
to the T. A. S. club, a popular thimI
hie club which will spend the hours
sewing for the Red Cross.
W. M. Linn, Engineer, Making
Good Time on Improvement.
Concrete road work in Paw Paw
' district is progressing nicely in that
j section according to W. M. Linn, tho
I district engineer. If the weather per
IUIIO uuuut null VI luv 1UIID Sirmill
of concrete road on the turnpike
leading to Waynesburg, Pa., will he
completed in about three weeks.
This mile stretch Is north of Fairview.
About 300 feet has been completed
to date. The materials on
hand will last about three weeks, but
after that time the chances are that
the work will ce-??! unless tho gov
eminent lifts the embargo on gundolas
or flat top cars. The quarry firms
object to shipping lime stone in closed
cars. The limestone used in this section
comes mostly from the vicinity
of Keyser.
Within two days the work of building
the Pharoah's run road, better
known as the Morgantown turnpike,
will start. This will be of a concrete
base with a brick wearing surface.
This road Is in I'aw Paw district and
extends a mile in length.
The district engineer last week finished
Main street in Rivesvlllo. This
is brick with a concrete base and is
a fine piece of work. Rlvesvllle now
Iiuo uuc ut ma liucoi SlIUl'LS 111 IUIS
1 p^rsonals~|1
George Greincr. ol DePne, 111., formerly
of this city, was here for several
days this week leaving last night for
Washington. D. C. Mr. Grelner Is
manager of the American Express company
In DePue.
Mr. end Mrs. William Knight, of Elk
Garden, are in the city having been
called here by the death of the latter's
father, Edward Winning, whose funeral
was held yesterday.
Mrs. Allen A. Moats, of Philadelphia, i
was here this week the guest of her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Jennie Hupp. She
was en route home trom Kansas City,
Mo., where she attended the InternaSave
In the Use
Of Wheat
By eating
All the food value of
the grain is use,d in
making this delicious
food; and its blend of
malted barley not only
adds to its nourishing
qualities but produces
a flavor of unusual
All FoodNo
iRisrt ?- ?
. ' - it
" u
* s
y instructor" doesn't mean the kind ^
on riflemen formed in many Italian
tlonal convention of Christian churchMr.
and Mrs. D. H. Poling, ot Philippi,
arc the guests ot Miss Minnie Belle
Mrs. Jennie Hupp has returned from
Hundred where sho had' spent several
days with her mother. Mrs. J. A. Johnson,
who has been ill.
Miss Elmer Crigler was called to her
home in Lexington, Va., yesterday by
the illness of a relative. She will return
the latter part of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rownd and the
latter's mother, Mrs. Sarah Cunningham,
haTO returned to their home on It
Maple avenue from Summerfield Bungalow
where they bad spent the summer.
n?.'1 fit - ?
iwiao vittii oiurai, 01 rarmington, is ci
tho guest of her sister. Mrs. B. L. Mar- U
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy ?
lialr is mute evidence ol a neglected
scalp; of dandrult?that awful scurf. j
There is nothing so destructive to I
the bair as dandruff. It robs the balrj
oi its lustre, Its strength and Its very
life; eventually producing a feverishness
and itching of the scalp, which
If not remedied causes the hair roots
to shrink, loosen and die ? then the
hair falls out fnBt. A little Danderine
tonight?now?any time?will surely
save your hair.
Get a small bottle of Knowlton's _
Danderine from any drug store or toil- ?
et counter for a few cents, and alter ?
the first application your hair will take jj
on that life, lustre and luxuriance g
which Is so beautiful. It will become
wavy and fluffy and hove the appear-. jj
mice of bundance, an incomparable m
gloss and softness; but what will
please you most will be after just a | Jj
few weeks' use, when you will actually ;
seo a lot of fine, downy hair?new hair Q
?growing all over the scalp.
Danderine is to the hair what fresh
showers of rain and sunshine are to 5
vegetation. It goes right to the roots. B
Invigorates and strengthens them. Its j jj
exhilarating and life-producing, prop
ertles cause the hair to grow long, S
strong and beautiful. ,jl
N 1
If you arc wise cnougl
(depends on being able
Jwear Beacon Shoes.
.[The shape of the huma
a Beacon Shoe..
MEN a111
>1^. =
in. on Viewstreet.
Mrs. Catharine Hem and daughter,
[re. L. A. Arnett, of Mannlngton. spent
ie day here yesterday with Mrs. p. T.
'itthagh on Florida arenas.
Chicken pie and 'all the flxln'e at
to First U. E. church. Thursday Nor.
,6 till 8 o'clock.?Ad*l
Should not b? "dosed*
for colds?apply "ex*
ft tenylly"?
Jatarrh Distorts
Facial Expression
preads the Nose. Blurt the Eyes. Puffs
the Face. Dries the Lips?How
to Get Rid of Catarrh.
Catarrh not only makes one feel misrable.
It shows this effect in the teaares,
and it usually grows worse. But
liankB to a remarkable home treatlent,
there is recovery in store for
very sufferer by the remarkable Gauss
elf home treatment, which you can
ry free in your own homa.
K 1
- .ftp ... iB jjk.
Is Perfectly Wonderful the Way
the Gauss Treatment Drives
Away Catarrh.
A red nose that dribbles with muas
is an unsightly misery. A breath
lined with the odor of catarrh is an
ifensc against all health and decency,
stomach filled with droppings from
Iseased nasal cavaties may cause un>ld
misery, and ruins the complexion,
lie bowels clogged with strings of
ipy mucus indicates a body literally
icking with catarrh, causing pimples,
lotches and other skin eruptions.
The blood, swarming with millions
t catarrh germs, entails upon the
idncys a labor that may break
lem down; the lungr, and bronllal
tubes, scourged with the destrucve
influence of systematic catarrh,
in lead to anemia and the most seriis
So why continue with all this misry?
Send your name and address toay
for a free trial of Mr. Gauss' fa-1
ous treatment. Mail it to C. E. Gauss,
154 Main street. Marshall, Mich. It
ill not cost you a penny to try It and
surely will astonish you with its
onderful effect. Fill out coupon ana
ail it today.
mis coupon is good ror a package
TREATMENT, Bent free
by mail. Simply fill In your name
anil address on dotted lines below,
and mall to C. E. GAUSS, 3154 Main
St., Marshall, Mich.
R. F. D.
or Street
City State
Hemstitching g
Machine g
Wo have our store equipped 2
to do hemstitching and plcot
edging. Work neatly done; g.
prices reasonable. Mall ordcr3
given prompt attention.
420 Main Street.
i to know how much
to. forgtj. your feet?.
,n foot is the shape of
Manchester. New Hampshire jj |
Blankets to Keep
One Warm and
Comty on Cold
A stock that ranks high
even the least expensive
kinds, for we have put our
best thoughts into getting
the best possible quality
and value at each price.
Fine Cotton Blankets,
66x80 inch size, blue and
pink borders, pair $4.50.
Plaid Blankets, double
bed size, handsome patterns,
$4.00, $5.50.
White Wool Blankets,
with pink, blue and yellow
borders, pair $6.50.
70x80 Wool Blankets
('Barnesville make) about
5 lbs. weight, pair $5.00.
Others S7.00 to $17 f.U
-r * -?~ f ? v |
|Tod^^ " ^
Im Wintei
Be Interest
In Unusual Assc
Winter Goats
Stunning new styles that
will delight you. Come
and see them.
No woman need deny
.1 . ^ _ii? ii i ?
nerseir tne pleasure or
owning a luxurious coat
when she can buy one from
this group for $26.75.
Handsome and rich are
these new coats, made of
Broadcloths Velours, Pom
Pom, Burellas, in rich
browns, taupe, beet-root,
Burgundy navy and green.
A 11 11. 1 1
ah tne moat popular new
styles are represented. We
have bent every effort towards
having the best in
the city at this price.
New Arrivals
in Children's
.... , , - .J,. .
ew Wool Challia 90c
a Yd.
New light and dark patterns,
figured, striped, coin dotted,
pleasing color combination*.
The She
Is Something tor Ev
It is the first of all an exh
like of which is seldom see
pleasure to the eye?deligh
It is secondly, a sale in \vl
on wirrc 4 Kn n #-??"? 4- r\C
wa i. u^o kjx uic vi lent ai c u:
erate prices.
The assortment includes
ors at prices beginning at
The great durability of th
artistic merits, recommen<
sound investment at this til
wno is displaying these Ri
several seasons and we pi;
his methods of doing busir
makes and in the merchand
filth Erfra
0 Fashionsj
Its for Ever]
foak anrl n 1
)rtments and Moi
:rest in the Prici
Beautiful New I
*18 tn 89.5
Styles are a Little Ahead
of Anything Yet Shown t]
at These Prices. n
100 to select from and 0
hardly two models alike? a
every or\,e embodying some 0
little style touch that indi- ?
vidualizes it. 4
Made of serges, Jersey c<
cloth, Velvets and Broad- s<
cloths. Colors navy, biege, si
wisteria, tan, copen ?nd n
green. Attractive new ci
coat effects, bustle effects, b:
high necks, blouse effects g
and many other fetching
style touches. I c<
Manufacturer's J
$18.00 to
This lot includes ultra smai
and exclusive styles; plain tail
sy. Beautifully tailored of th<
trimmed with rich furs.
Even in December You Will B
wing ot
ery Woman to See;
ibit of beautiful Rugs, the'
n in Fairmont, giving
tthe touch.
liich these fine, hand wovfered
at exceedingly modall
sizes, all kinds and col-;
?15.00 and running up to
I '
ese Rugs aside from their
1 them as a particularlyme.
Rug Dept., 3d Floor|
igs, has been with us for d
ice perfect confidence in. II
less, in the statem|nts he It
ise he sells.
r Woman
"t |
resses , \||
e Than Usual j
)ressy & Practical 11
Winter Suits '"M
$45 I
At this price our pa- ||<
ons will find choice of I
lodels of Broadcloth, Vel- Ik
urs, velvets, serges, gab-ij
rdines, etc. Exact copies J]
f the best and newest II
jits for wojnen of taste. 1]
ielted coats, pockets 11
arched or straight, large |J|
.mars, sume sen material, II
>me velvet, others fur, u|
arts with pockets, all the |J|
ewest style features. The II '
ilors blue,beetroot, taupe I
rown, burgundy, navy,?!
reen, etc.
Large assortments, ex- I
?ptional valuesi ' ;'Vsample
$67.50 ||i
t coats that are original 11
ored or elaborately dres- II
2 finest materials. Many 11
arely Purchase

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