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The Way of Fame.
(Copyright. 1917. by the McClure
v Newspaper Syodciato.)
>^HICKE8TER CARR had two
;V WW ot thinking deeply. One
^ was to close his eyes and press
the tips of his fingers together. The
- *h{r ?u to fix hlB gaze on somciRing
in front intently.
As he sat on the car seat, swaying
.with the train, the importance of bin
thoughts took the boring form. He
was debating the problem of tailor or
> ready-made suit. There would be a
difference of $10. The tailor thought
was due to associatting with the
lice friends they were making out at
heir new home In the country, a sav;d
$10 was almost indispensable to
is salary of 150 a month.
His gaze happened to be upon a
pocket, a pocket that bulged and lookad.
unnatural. The owner was a big
than, with a furtive watchfulness in
his eyes. The eyes had noted all the
movements In the car and at once became
aware of the gaze on his pocket.
3areful1y he slid a hnnd over the
D'ulgc. At first ho had passed almost
unnoticed the little man. on whom a
roy's suit would fit nicely. He glared
at the little man. He studied hint.
He squirmed under the intent, rjxed
jyei. He tried to twist the bulge
rom view. He slipped a, newspaper
rrer it and under cover of the newspaper
sought to remove it altogether.
But he was nervous now. His
irm trembldd. As the hand went
lown into the pocket and then with
irew siowiy, gripping me ouigr. a
midll glittering string of It slip: : <!
;alf its length tetwoon the fin
he end below the edge of the 11
taper. On this end was a curiops
rcscent pierced by a scimitar, ea^h
e* with three diamonds.
T'i3 sun was slanting through the
ar window and it flashed on the i
ewol. The intent gaze did not fllckr
nor shift. Tho furtive eyep w-re
.'etching him covertly. i
But ClUekester did see. though the
antshlng tailor suit still occupied
Is mind. Tho hand under tho news- 1
at- moved more boldly now. and
ihlcVcstcr noted proceedings l>v the ]
tirrfn; of the newspaper. The bulge ,
Ba^ been placed on the car scat on ;
lib other side. The newspaper was
fread out to cover all. By the rise '
nd Call of certain parts he knew the 1
f'. was being distributed to tho
Wt pocket, tho hip pocket, and trousrs
pocket. The newspaper was
jlded and laid on the window end of !
1*3 acai.
Chlckerter was troubled. Somehow
is acimltnr-crcsccnt seemed familiar. ;
If course. In the newspaper. Never
avlng owned a diamond ho was fond '
t reading about flicm aud picturing !
Imaelt as having a pocketful. That
clmltar-crescent one was stolen from '
wealthy society woman. He had read
, in the newspaper.
Now the train began to slacken. Pas*
angers reached toward the racks for !
alt cases and wraps. The man oppo- I
Ite picked up a paper and slipped it
ito his pockftt. 1
Then Chlckestcr knew. He had <
tought the papeN looked familiar.. It
ad fallen from his scat into the aisle
ad ic man had picked it up. Chick-1'
iter was a umia man. bui ne rusn- i
1 across and caught the man by the 1
eove. 1
"Givo It to me, quick!" he ordered I
The man gave him a glance, then I
"Did you over Ceel, Mrs. Margie," |
tie letter of the "woman outside,"
ontinucd, "even while you wore voemently
asserting that you would do '
certain thing, that yon would never
ctually do that thing? 1 knew in
ty heart that 1 would never go away
dth the man. but not for a moment
Id I dream that the change in our
slationship would come so quickly.
"I left the city in which he lived
tat night after our restaurant dinner
nd was gone two weekE. All the
me I was gone I dreamed and wonered
what was going to happen. I
ild myself that I had a right to be
appy at any cost.
"Yes, Mrs. Margie, I told myself all
Hien have told themselves under like
^ rcumstances since love came into
Hit world, and then I returned to the
^ ty In which he lived. I telephoned
Him as soon as 1 got in and he came
Hrer to jiave lunch with me at my
"Agalu wa sat at the little table
Hhtch was usually set apart (or me
Hgalu he was just as tender and
Hreet as I had ever known him. Again
felt myself expand and bloom under
Hat radiance ot his smile.
"All at once he gavo a low chuckle
Hid without any preamble he began
H tell me that the night after I had
^ t him two weeks before he had met
woman, a very beautiful woman,
Hho had taken possession of his
^ 'nsea to such an extent that sbc
Hcame an obsession.
"'She had the most exquisite skin
^ ar,' be said, 'not delicate, pink and
Hit* like yours, bnt creamy and old
^Be. Her lips were scarlet, ber teeth
Hailing and her eyes were always
Highlng. She was a fool, dear, and
Htsed to wish that she would not op
her mouth to talk, for what she
^Hd bored me to extinction. But ncv
In all my life have I met a woman
Hio exerted such -a strong physical
^ taction for me.
H' 1 could not eat or sleep for think
of hsr, although all the while i
^ s cursing myself for being such a
Hak idiot, but?why, whst is the mot
H, sweetheart? There are tears in
Hur dear eyea.'
H"Mrs. Margie, I could not help
Hlllng at hla native surprise, it
Hd never occurred to that blessed
^Hy that what he was saying to im uld
hurt ma in the least so care
Hly had ha aeparated and labeled
^H> American Beauty and me In hi
egory of women.
H 'Bnt yon don't really care, swett |
^Hart, do your be aaked in great nu|>
s " th
This lovely "butterfly wrap" or silver
gray Bilk velvet ts a garment
whose beauty seems its own excuse
for being.
The butterfly draping Just below the
shoulders Is reminiscent of the lovely
obi of Japanese ladies?and it la only
after the first pause of admiration
gives way to a hit of thought that wo
illBcover that the "butterfly" lifted its
wings so high for the express purpose
of sparing tbo gruceful puffs of the
hustle on the evening gown beneath.
The shoulders and sleeves of this
handsome cont are heavily embroidered
in silk of darker gray and it is collared
and ruffed with black fox.
spraiig past hint toward the door.
"(jot out of my way, you runt."
Chichester held on-.for three seats,
then he remembered his lunch box
n the rack and whirled swiftly to get
,t. Then he plunged "forward again.
Chickester crowded umong and by
ilto passengers ns a small hoy might.
The big man. in spite of his haste,
.ouldn't make much headway. As he
reached the platform Chickeslor threw
limsclf squarely 011 his hack. He was
jxcited now.
"Give it to me!" he reiterated.
A policeman was standing near.
"Look hero, young fellow, who do
, ou mean by Jumping on a man's back
ike that'.'" lie called sharply.
"He's got tlio Jowels stolen from the
"lydo house last niglit," he cried. "I've
.-aught hkni"
"It's a lie!" snarled the big man.
But tlio policeman's hand was on his
diouldcr and something ill tlio snaring
voice caused the officer to peer
closely into the fnce. Suddenly a
i?nil went lin nnd remover! the tin! ntnt
lair, leaving a nearly bald head. Thei\_
he samo hand made two quick mo>
"1 winked the tears back and said,
'Would you care if I should relate
something of this kind about myself?'
" 'Oh. that is very different." he said
with decision.
"I made no further explanation, and
he continued. 'But sweetheart, don't
you understand that i need not have
told you this? I might have kept it
all to myself. 1 am citing it to you
just as I do everything else, because
you are my other self and because
the thing interested mo from a purely
impersonal point of view. If anyone
had said to me that any woman in
the world would have so affected me
as did this American Beauty, I would
have sntd, "Tut, tut, you do not know
what you are talking about.'"
"Sometimes, Mrs. Margie. I wonder
Just what a woman does when a man
who still insists he loves her tells
her episodes with other women, for,
of course, I know that I am not
unique In this matter. 1 am sure that
many other men have tola many other
women of what they usually term
"obsessions" and they have perhaps
been quite as surprised as the man
who told me this that wo could not
understand and accept fealty?with a
string tied to.it."
n OH,l F<JBffOT,HELei
kt 0'NlsJG HEttCAMOUl
iSS*.. : li-' $^;sVl5hr.:., I .. :
Bjpyuuuiuj .iji. imiuijj.
IB WJttfr VlKUlNiAN -~FAiI
* | Each day The \Vest Virginias pi
i by,Mrs. S. J. Brobst, Fairmont's tori
| Cut them out and save them. Todaj
Cook one-half cup celery, one-hal
rot, each cut in small pieces, and Is
j cup butter ten minutes, stirring const
crumbs and one quart boiling water <
add one pint hot milk and two tai
Season with salt and pepper.
The power of the onion as an eat
old custom, etill fairly common in c<
sliced onions in the room with the bo
disease. The practice was based, no
cning of the onion under these conri
by demnostrating that the onion do
and thus purify the air.
The old Idea of hanging a string of
smallpox also Is more than a mere si
lions across the face and mustache and I
evobrows disnnncarrd ! 1
"Aha! Four-Flushglowed the offl- i'
cer. "Glad to meet up with you again, i
But I don't believe I'd know >ou ex- i'
copt for that snarl. I've heard It be-;
for<* Spunky little chap who brought j
you to earth, though." gazing admira-;
bly at Cliickestcr. "Private detective, I
maybe. Want mo to run him in, now ''
you've got him. sir, I suppose."
"Of course." replied Chlckeater. | [
"You'll Hud fhe Jewels In his right:
coat, hip and trousers pockets. May-!
he there are other storage places that I.
I don't know- of. Better search him >,
carefully." i J
"I certainly will," promised the offl-'
eor. "And let me sdd you're a won
der. locating the boodle and atackingl.
a man nearly three times your size.
But say. you'll have to come along
with us, you know.' 'for CJitckestcr had I
changed the paper from the prisoners j
pocket to his own and was starting off.'.
"You'll be needed In making tho charg !
es and as a witness, and tben there j J
are towards for the capture of this |
crook and for the recovery of the Jew- j 8
ols. Not many of us arc rich enough t'
to let such n thing slip by."
Another policeman had Joined them.''
and Chichester had queer sensation !'
of walking to the station house with 8
a noted criminal, with an officer on 8
cither side. Ileportcrs gathered at lite '
stalion. They interviewed lilm. Two 1
of them had cameras and photographed
him. After It was all over he felt j'
n foot taller. And In his pocket was ,8
uiviu muii^y man ne una ever oreameri | 1
of possessing.
He "approached the tailoring eslah-|
lishraent ho had entered for price, lie
walked in boldly, looked over the sunt- 1
pies, and gave an order, including a a
dross suit and overcoat. From there a
lie went to a jeweler's and purchased d
a diamond ring-for his wife. a
When he left the office for his train z
the afternoon papers were being cried, c
He glanced at one surreptitiously and v
' J I
'i 1
J ,l
1... -
Soma women take ice all winter and ':
some take it the year around. Both | j
clafses will find a window food chest!.
convenient and economical.'
Motal boxes made to fit windows of I
various sizes and fitted with sliding
screens arc to lie had at hardware 1
shops and a : the kitchen uter.sils coun
ters of department stores. i
- When these are not obtainable, the
man of the house ought to be able to
put up an excellent cold cupboard at a
small cost. i
A clean wooden box should bo trim- 1
med to lit the kitchen window exactly
and s^hild be supported on brackets.
. t?
1MFN. ,
jbllshes one tested recipe prepared
most authority upon culinary art.
r's recipo la for?
f cup cabbage, one-third cup car>o
onions thinly sliced in one-third
anly; add three-fourths cup bread '
and cook vegetables are soft:
blespoons finely chopped parsley.
v i j
rmy of disease Is recognized In the !
mntry places, of standing a disb of
dy ot any person dead of Infectious
doubt, on observation of the black- '
Itions, and science has approved It
>cs attract disease germs to Itself,
onions in a house to guard apajnst
aw hla pieturo on the front page. He
lought generously ot all the different i
ines and had the newsstand man wrapj
hem Into a bundle so he might not be!
aken for a news vender himself.
His wife met him at the gate, her
ace anxious and wondering.
"But what docs it mean?" gasped1
lis wife, after she had looked at the I
1 in mo ml aud kissed him.
Chlckcster drew a roll of monev
rom his pocket and pressed It into her
"Just for capturing the man," he exi.lalnn.l
" lltnut *0 SOrt 1 U?1I I
fou'd better go to the city tomorrow |
ind get some cjothes. Any lelt you
night deposit In a bank."
Local Boy Signs
Up in U.S. Navy
Charles Knox, son of Mr. and Mrs. j
lobert Knox, of No. 11C2 Gaston aveme.
a surveyor In the employ of the
^annelton Coal company, of Montgom- c(
>ry. on Monday signed up In the United m
States navy at the recruiting office at j)(
Charleston and after passing the final (j;
examination at Parkersburg Monday w
eft for the United States navy yards rt(
it Norfolk, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Knox ac- ,j(
eompanled him as far as Grafton and 0I
hen they returned to Fairmont yeserday.
Mr. and Mrs. Knpx have two sons In
he se-vice?one in both arms. Their ?
ion. James McS. Knox, is now at Camp
.ce. a"
Funeral services over the body of
lugh Pierce, who died several days ?
.go in Akron, Ohio. A*eer held this
fternoon at 2 o'clock from the reslItanpfi
nf lita hrnHtor T.eo M TiUeno
t US High street. Rev. H. G. Stoeter.
cit the First Presbyterian churrh, cc
onductcd the services and interment w
ras made in Woodlawn cemetery. ra
n J
| !
'* -.za
It should reach bait way up the lower
;ash. and should contain at least two
shelves. When the sash is raised, the
lishes on the shelves could be easily
In freezing weather, the sa6h should
be left up so that the heat of the room
will moderate the temperature of the
A less expensive cupboard can be
managed by simply hanging a clean
woodeu box to a spike- In the outside
frame of the window.
All window cupboards should be lined
with asbestos paper to equalize the
extremes of temperature. If the shelves
are covered with white oilcloth they
can be easily cleaned.
,l wAMrVsuTOTvuee T=a I
f /M TH? NBXT BOOM? , 1 fr- 1
rs is A srbat .success! 1
a and it is Ear r~.
*sr iwtoye
tf Sou EVEg SAW ,1<-> j /r^\
1 - '. >'." ' " /
The well regulated garden, especlly
the war garden, produces turne,
beets and carrots as naturally as
turn out potatoes, tomatoes and
>rb. Ttio root vegetables are not
erely fair weather friends. With a
Ltle protection from wet and coid
iey will furnish forth a feast both
holesome and tempting In winter
lys when lettuce, radishes and the
dlcatc tomato are hut tender memles.
Chop boiled and drained turnips Inrather
large slices Return to
ewpan, and to 1 1-2 pints of turnips
Id a teaspoonful salt. 1-4 teaspoonful
ipper. a tablespoonful of butter, and
tablespoonfuls of water. Cook over
:ry hot tiro until turnips have N'irbed
all seasonings. Add 1-2 pint
eat stork or milk, and serve at|
Turnips are usually spoiled by over
oklng. Flat, white summer turnips,
hen sliced, should not be cooked
ore than a half hour. Longer cookg
turns the vegetable dark and
akes It strong flavored. Winter turps
should boll 45 minutes.
Turnips eaten raw are wholesome
their crisp freshness furnishes the
I Your
I Worn
I Are Told H.
(Relief frc
Nashua, N.H. ?"I am
every month for two yean
would often faint and havi
such pain I did not know
and tried so many remed
I read about Lydia E. !
Compound in the newspa]
try it, and that is how I f
pain and feel so much bette
When I hear of any girl sii
as I did I tell them how I
Pinkham's Vegetable Con
helped me." ?Delina JJ
29 Bowers Street, Nashua,
lydia E. Pinkham's V
made from native roots at
narcotic or harmful drugs.
m $
I tion for S
as well as
their prod
ciate the e
if you will
new style
the most 1
bulk needed in our too soft and to
concentrated diet.
Turnips are eaten boiled, hashed
and in soups. To prepare boiled tui
nlps7 peel and slice, dropping th
slices into a stow pan with enougi
boiling water to cover. Cook unt!
tender and drain well, season wit:
salt, pepper and a little butter am
ninsh with a wooden vegetable mast
er. Serve at once.
Wash beefs, being careful not t
break the skin. Put In stew-pan wit]
enough boiling water to cover am
boil until tender. In winter beeta bf
come very bard and require severa
hours' boiling. Beets, after boiling
are delicious when sliced thin, ani
served with salt, pepper and a libera
dressing of mdlted butter.
Carrots are used both as a vegeta
ble, as a flavoring tor soups and t<
cook with other vegetables such a
peas, rice and potatoes. When flrs
gathered carrots are so tender the;
may be cooked without water, but a
they age they develop a strong flavo
en |
uw co nna
>m Pain. II
nineteen years old and
s I had such pains that I
3 to leave school. I had
what to do with myself ISBSM
ies that wore of no use. JBgBj
Pinkham's Vegetable MmBP
lers and decided to mSjff
ound relief from
jjins, J
egetable Compound,
id herbs, contains no
, and is, therefore,
M> M MM.* Mm?
)ME -:-|
[ m
""he regular value
of which range from
$6.50 to $7.50.
These Hats are
) from several New
York Hat Manufacturers
who have an
established reputamart
Millinery Styles,
Neat Workmanship in
Ucts. Y ou will apprextra
value in these hats
I try them on. All the
;s in Black, Blue and
wanted shades $5.00.*
o and a woody quality at the heart.
To cook carrots, scrape slightly and
I, cut into large dices or aliees. Boll
In salted water, allowing a toaspoon0
fill to the quart o? water. When tenIt
der drain and servo with white sauce.
>1 Another method is to boll and
h for every pint of carrots add ~fy
d 1 tablcspoonful of butter, 1 teaspooni
ful of sugar, 1-2 tcaspoonful of salt,
and 1 gill of meat stock. '
? State of Ohio. City or ToltdO,
a Lucas County, as.
1 Frank J. Cheney mokta oath that ha
Is senior partner of the Arm of F. J.
, Chancy ft Co.. doing business In the City
of Tolado. County and State aforesaid
i. and that catd firm wltl pay the aum of
, and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
' cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
tny presence, this 6th day of December,
a (Seal) Notary Pybnc.
, Hall's Catarrh Mcdicino ia taken to- '
, tern ally and acts through-the Blood eat!
t the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send "
y for testimonials, free. ! .
_ F. J. CHENET ft CO., Tolado. a ?
51 Sold by all nruggtata. 15e. , S
r Ball's Family Pills for constl pattern.' ;
Ian! *

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