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1 New York
NEW YORK, Nov. Active locks
made -substantial recovery yesterday
(ram recant low quotations after an
early npaam of weakness. Rallies. It
was generally believed, might have
made greater progress, but (or tbe Increased
heaviness of bonds, many of
which registered new minim tuns. The
. obvious reference drawn from the day's
V operation was protracted liquidation
had exhausted Itself, rendering additional
short selling extremely hazard
' ? * l 1 a
out. Apart iruia lower prices lur local
utilities. there were ao Indications
that yesterday's election exerted more
[? than passing Influence.
, Gains were most pronounced in the
stocks which reecntly experienced the
greatest losses, namely, high-grade
rails .and standard industrials.
tun me
Says There is Ample Warrant
For It Even in Midst
of World Tragedy.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 8.?
President Wilson Issued last night his
4 1917 Thanksgiving proclamation, calling
upon the N'tloo- even In the mhlst
o? the sorrow and great peril of a world
shaken by war. to thank God for blessings
that are better than mere peace
of mind and prosperity of enterprise.
The proclamation (lxing Thursday,
November 29. as Tbanksgtvlug Day.
Thanksgiving. lal".
"By the President of the United
States -it America.
"A proclamation.
"It haB long been the honor custom
of our people to turn In the fruitful
auiumn of the year in praise aud
^thanksgiving to Almighty God for His
many blessings and mercies to us as
a Nation. That custom we can follow
now. even in the midst of the
- tragedy of a world shaken by war and
. immeasurable disaster, in the midst
. of sorrow and great peril, because even
/ amidst the darkness that has gathered
f about us we can see the great blessf
logs God bas bestowed upon us, blessings
that are better tb&n mere peace ol
I mind and prosperity of enterprise.
1 "Wo have been given the opportunity
to serve mankind as we once
served ourselves in tbe great day of
our Declaration of Independence, by
taking up arms against a tyranny tliat
threatened to master and debase men
everywhere, and Joining with other
free peoples in demanding lor all the
- Nations ol the world what we then
demanded and obtained (or ourselves.
In this day of the reflation of our
duty not only to defend our own
rights an a Nation but to defend also
the rights of free men throughout tbe
world, there bas beeu vouchsafed us
in full and inspiring measure tbe resolution
and spirit of united action.
We have been brought to one mind ana
-purpose. A new vigor of common
counsel and action bas been revealed
.in us. We Bhould especially thank God
that in such circumstances. In .the
midst of the greatest enterprise the
oyuiio vi uieii uave ever cuiuiuu uyuu,
we have, if we but observe a reasonable
and practicable economy, abundance
with wbicb to supply the needs
o( those associated with us, as well as
our own. A new light shines about us.
The great duties of a new day awaaen
a new and greater national spirit in us.
We shall never again be divided or
' wonder wbat stuff we are made of.
"And while we render tbanks for
i these things, let us pray Almighty God
. that In all humbleness of spirit auu
purpose of service, that by His grace
our minds may be directed and our
hands strengthened, and that in His
good time liberty and security and
peace and the comradeship of a common
justice may be vouchsafed all the
nations of the earth.
"Wherefore, I, Woodrow Wilson.
President of tbe United States ot
i/LiiiHiiLO rino.
This Grateful Woman Pays
Glowing Tribute to
, Mrs. Westell's husband was superintendent
o( the local B. & O. shops at
srtlnsburg some time ago and be and
Mrs. Westell bad a wide circle of
friends throughout West Virginia. Mr.
Westall Is superintending lmportar
government work In the South, a
i Mrs. Westall is residing at the Hi
Vlvlju, Haters town. Md. A short t;...
ago J rs" Westall made a test of NervWortband
so beneficial were the results
that she gave the following state'
"I base suffered with extreme ner.
vousndss for years, followed by sleeplaaanesb.
despondency and low vitality,
due to weak nerve force. I have had
the sei vices of numerous physicians
? end tried all the remedies I could learn
of but gained no relief whatever.
"I learned from some friende of the
greet virtues of Nerv-Worth and con
eluded to try it Since UBlng the fire'
i bottle I am very decidedly improved
end shall continue to use. believing it
j will entirely eliminate all my nervous
Ols. I cheerfully recommend It to all.
aa It has proved a wonderful medicine
to me.
. "Hotel Vivian, Hagerstown. Md."
W. R Crane ft Co.'s drug store sells
Nerv-Worth la Fairmont. Tour dollar
back <f this famous family nerve-hulld"
ir does not help YOU.
life,: '"
Grain and Produce |
CHICAGO, Nov. 8.?Pessimistic reports
as to the slowness of busking
had considerable to do with a material
advance which took place yesterday
In the corn market. Prices closed
strong 1% to 2% cents net higher, with
December 118% and May 1131s to 114.
Oats gained % cent to % cent and provisions
62 cents to 31.65.
Delays to hnsklng appeared to result
largely from the fact that the new crop
of corn was not drying out as rapidly
as expected.
Articles? Open. Close.
31.16% 31.18%
May 1.18 1.13%
Oats ?
December . 58% .59%
May 59% .60%
January 42.60 44.20
America, do hereby designate Thursday,
the 29tb day of November next,
as a day of thanksgiving and prayer,
and Invite the people throughout the
land to cease upon that day from their
ordinary occupations and In their sev>
era] homes and places of worship to
render thanks to God, the Great Ruler
of nations.
"In witness whereof 1 have hereunto
set my band and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed.
"Do-V a In iVtn Dial rlo? />?
VV .v .w v.*u WIOUIVV VI V.UlUlUUld.
this Tib day o( November, in the year
of our Lord 0110 thousand nine hundred
and seventeen, and of the Independence
of the United States of America
the one hundred and forty-second.
"By the President:
"Secretary of State."
Mrs. Hough Toothman and son
have returned from a few weeks' visit
with the former's parents, Mr. and
Mrs.-Rortney of Ritchie county.
Mrs. Harriet Straight spent Saturday
with friends at Fairmont.
It seems to be moving day in this
vicinity. Mr. Richard Arnett moved
to the Talbott property one day last
week; also John Toothman moved
moved from the Morgan property to
Pairvlew. Hough Toothman moving
to the property vacated by John
loom man.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harris and children
were calling on the former's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harris. Sunday.
Henry Morgan and granddaughter.
Miss Sara Watts, of Fairmont, spent
Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Hough Toothman.
Quite a number of people attended
the pie social at the Barker's Run
school house on Friday night. There
were plenty or good things to eat and
a good time for all. The proceeds are
to help purchase a vlctrola for the
Miss Gertrude Harris was calling
on Agnes Straight Sunday.
Mrs. Lovie Fisher was shopping In
Fairmont Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fear and children.
of Fairmont, also Mrs. Pearl
Fear, of South Dakota, were calling
on Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nay Sunday.
Miss Mahala Prickett. of Smithtown.
is spending a few days with her
sister. Mrs. Sanlord Fleming.
Mrs. Ellen Fear .of Fairmont, came
to the home of her daughter. Mrs.
Grace Nay, on Sunday and will spend
the winter with her.
Missionary Society Meeting.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
society of the M. P. Temple will meet
tomorrow at 2:30 o'clock at the home
of Mrs. Thos. A. Neill. 404 Sixth street.
The lesson will be from text book "An
African Trail," leader, Mrs. A. C.
Lyons. Hostesses. Mrs. T. A. Nell!.
Mrs. W. S. Hamilton. Mrs. Geo H. Nelson.
Mrs. Hermione Helmlck.
!j ?2 Instantly! Co
i W Corns I
II No pain! Few dro
I so they fall
For a few cents von ca
C "J a small bottle of the magu
II II freerone recently discover
'S. a Cincinnati man.
ll!r~Y^|j|i Just aslf at any drug
i I A j for a small bottle of fre
' $ ' Apply a few drops upon i
<*\ dcr, aching corn and insi
jjji all soreness disappears
^0 shortly you will find the
so loose that you lift II
root and all, with the fi
You'll Not B<
There is satisfactio
that carries with it a
and refinement. Out
leaves nothing to be c
ty of type styles to se
and note sheets that
dame fashion are he
May we have your 01
better for both of us.
[he Fairmont Printi
KinfTi MTl\j 1 IfKJ^ IJj J
The Gold Coast has sent Its na
Strangely enough tbey excell at the la
When the. American daughter reach-11
es the teen age there is a flurry iu i
the family circle, and a disturbance 1
In the family purse?presaging its deep
enlng depression as young daughter i
grows in marriageability. The excite- I
ment is due to the realization that it Is
time tb make daughter an accomplish- ed
Father Is all for rommonseii3e home '
I training In cooking and sewing, 'rat t
mother knows such staples of educa- i
tion have little pUDlfeity value. *
Now comes a New York art critic i
explaining to motlicis that a bit of <
training in the sense of color would I
double their daughter's success as '
Louie Weinberg, art lecturer of New i
York university says "most women's
knowledge of art is so limited that
they think of color in such terms as' :
blue, red and green rather than as'
values of biues. reds and greens. .
"Color has a definite drawing power] i
fl health" hints] |:
The phrase "common colds." like;
"charity" covers a multitude or sani- ,
tary sins. ,
Curiously enough the name has been i
applied to a group of affections which !;
far from depending absolutely upon ! <
old ere frequently the direct result of
living in close, overheated surround- j
ings and having a lower relative humidity
than the dryest desert known !
to man.
The word "colds" means an acute In-!
feetion ot the lining membranes ot the
nose, throat, tonsils and larger bronchial
The process, however, may be even
more extensive and amount to a general
Infection of the entire body
All of the breathing apparatus ex- 1
cep'-lng the smaller terminal portions
In the lungs may be Involved, and as |
a matter of fact the disease may. and ;
often does, spread to these, producing '
In this connection It may he pointed
ont that pneumonia kills more people '
In the United States than any other.
disease excepting tuberculosis and
heart disease.
Many pneumonias begin as common
rns Stop Hurting! ||
nncpn anrl I iff Out !
ps loosen corns and calluses i
off?Try it! Magic!
n get Just think! Not one bit of
:drug pun before applying freeione
cd by or afterwards. It doesn't
even Irritate the surroundstore
ing skin.
ezone. Hard corns, soft corns, or 1
I ten- coma between the toes, also !
lantly hardened calluses on bottom of
and feet shrivel up and fall off withi
corn out hurting a particle. It is a
t out, scientific compound made from
ngcrs. ether. Get the genuine!
jrilLJlV 1
; Ashamed of
n in having stationery
n air of distinction
Engraved stationery
lesired. A wide varieleet
from, and cards
have the approval of
:re for your pleasure,
rder early? It will be
. !
??? -H'
Jj ^jKjjEwipi^E f
H & -
tive West African trocpa to fight the
at work in civilized warfare?the hai
so why shouldn't the daughter of the
touse study its uses? If a girl learned
something about color she would
rave made a better homcmaker."
Most women say. "If I had lots of
noney. I could make my homo beautilul,
"Now that is all wrong," declares
Weinberg. "Art is possible for everyjne.
If a woman would only realize
hat she is the artist and her own home
ind her own person are her canvases,
Fhe could work wonders. There is no
reason why she should take the word
31 a decorator or painter about her
louse or her dress. Let her do with
what she has.
"Usually removing things from the
rooms, rather than adding makes an
"Assembling colors, not mixing them
requires color Judgment, and this comes
only with training Every child in
school should learn the principles of
colds. Colds do uot produce tuberculosis.
yet unfortunately, what Is
considered as a cold may be In reality
the rirst symptom of the white plague.
The causes of colds are many and
not entirely understood. In every
case, however, they are dependent upon
the growth and activity of living
germs which are always received from
other people.
Almost everybody harbors disease
germs in the mouib and nose, and
Cash Groceri
For Friday a
November, 9 i
White House Coffee
You know the quality Nuf Sea.
Regular price 35c; our special
33 Cents
Limit 3 lbs. to a CustomerPancake
Aunt Jemima's 4 lb bag. Why buy
the small package? Regular price
40c; our special
37 Cents.
Rice! Rice!
We have for this saie bOO pounds
Domino Rica. 1 Il> package. r0r
10 Cents
Limit 10 pounds.
[ Fruits! Fruits!
[ Sun Hist Oranges. Grape Fruit,
r Concord Grapes, Keifer Pears.
[ Black Twig Arples. Grimes Golden
Apples, Bananas, Lemons. Gano
Buckwheat Flour!
Pure Preston county Buckwheat
Flour, per pound
9 Cents
Can Tomatoes
Value Brand. Regular price Idc;
6 cans for
60 Cents
10 ounce can.
Flour! Flour!
Day Star $1.90
Atlas $1.90
Bouquet $1.75
-.5 Bouquet (small) 85c
Swan Down Calte. Virginia Sweet.
!"i Preston county Buckwheat, Potato
| 'lour, Gluten Flour.
| This drummer, being ve
| ate ear after ear. Finally
| she'd brought his 14th or 1
"Don't you think you \v<
a day if you boarded at a 1
New Domino Rice, New Lima Bean
Preston County Buckwheat, New Pi
Cash Groce
Bell 1278 and 1279 Locust
1 draCBfi
?- > ! -?* I
Germans In the East African campaign
) dllng o? machine guns.
these, under favorable conditions, will
produce a cold. Their attacks, however,
may be warded ofT indefinitely if
the body's resistance is maintained
by good health.
! ;
Dandruffy Scalps
Leads to Baldness
If you have dandruff get rid of it
quick?it's positively dangerous and
will Burely ruin your hair if you don't.
Dandruffy beads mean faded, brittle,
gray, scraggly hair that finally dies .
j and falls out?new hair will not grow
?then you are bald and nothing can
help you. The only sure way to abol- '
lsh dandruff for good is to destroy the
germ that causes it. To do this quickly,
surely and safely there is nothing 1
so effective as Parisian sage, which i
you can get from Mt City drug store
and good druggists everywhere. It la
guaranteed to cure dandruff, stop itching
scalp and falling hair, and promote
a new growth, or the cost, small as it '
Is. will be refunded.
Parisian sage Is a scientific preparation
that supplies all hair needs? .
an antiseptic liquid, neither Bticky or .
greasy, easy to apply, and delicately
If you want beautiful, soft, thick,
lustrous hair, and lots of it, you must use
Parisian sage. Don't delay?begin
tonight?a little attention now insures
abundant hair for years to come.
Note: Parisian sage positively will !
not color or streak the hair.
1 Co. Specials
nd Saturday
and 10, 1917
Corn Starch
Cream Corn Starch. 1 pound packages
9 Cents
Ocean Whiting
Contents of can are thoroughly
cooked and are very delicious cold.
May be wanned If desired and serv
ed with potatoes. A delicious fish
salad Per can
15 Cents
Eagle Brand Milk
Borden's Eagle Brand Sweetened
I Condensed Milk Regular price 25c.
our special
23 Cents
1S1A ounce can.
I ^cd Marrow Beans
! We have in for this sale the Red
I Marrow Bean None beter on the
. market 5 pounds for
70 Cents
Limit 5 Pounds.
Alice Pork and Beans
With Tomato Sauce. 1 lb. can. Regular
price 15c. our special
14 Cents
Kellogg's Krumbles, ell-wheat ready
:o eat Regular price 12c; our
11 Cents
Matches! Matches!
25 Cents
Red Band Matches. 6 boxes for
Limit 12 boxes to a customer.
ry fond of corn on the cob,
j the pretty waitress, after
. 5th ear, said tartly:
nuld save half a dollar or so
ivery stable?"
a. Red Marrow Beans, New Currants,
eas and Tomatoes.
ry Company
: Avenue Fairmont, W. Va.
: 1..
LOST?Strayed or stolen from 813 ^
W. Diamond street 2 small pigs- i
Any Information regarding same will ,32?
be appreciated. Umberto Seallse. ?
LOST?Small gold key setting pearls ?
and diamond.- Name. Sara Mere- LE
dith engraved on back. Return to I
Vt>?I Vlrglnlnn nfflre Hiw gng? Re- bit
ward. ~ " ' ll-Mt-3068. mc
LOST?Tuesday near Y. M. C. A. pair ?
of glasses In box. Return to High Ofl
school office. ll-fitl2t-305S J
WANTED?Old false teeth. Don't
matter if broken 1 pay $2.00 to
315.00 per set. Send by parcel post
and receive check by return mall.
L. Mazer. 2007 S. Fifth Street. Philadelphia,
Pa. 10-12-26t-2959.
FALSE TEETH?We pay as high as > I
$17.50 per set for old false teeth, no /
matter If broken: also gold crowns. I
bridge work. Mall to Berner's False 1
Teeth Specialty, 22 Third St.. Troy. N \
Y, and receive cash by return mall. \
10 15-261-2977
WANTED?Men. Steady work. Hel
mlck Foundry Machine Co.
WANTED?Carpenters and laborers. to|
Apply to Armour & Company at
Marlon Products Company.
ll-6-6t-3061 xh
FOlt SALE?S-room house with batb
Big lot Apply 825 JeSeraon street. UN
4-20-tf No 2235 CL
======== ST
** "T
FOR RENT?Seven room brick housu,
508 Ohio A VP All mAAara
?? twvuotu ViVUVCUl
ences. Brooks S. Hutchinson, phone
986 or 176. 11-3-U-305J
FOR SALE?Will sell cheap to quick C
buyer, confectionery store and popcorn
machine. Best location in town,
right at lnterurban car stop. 39 Mar- J
ket street, Mannlngton, W. Va.
FOR RENT?Very reasonable, a well J A
furnished room for one person. Call
it 526 Gaston Are. 10-19-tt-2995
FOR RENT?Furnished rooms for 1
gentlemen. Walnut Ave. 1'hone Fa:
1241-J. ll-6-3t-3058.
FOR RENT?3 or 4 furnished oooma p
for light housekeeping. Phone 2S7M.
FJ '
Store Up Dollars and
You Must Win Out by ! ?
Natural Law. i!i
<90 j ?
( Dollars alone can assure {
S you of a future livelihood. i| i
Other prospects may promise i I
; ?only dollars may be abso- | "i
lutely relied upon to keep that j {
. promise.
To store up money now | ?
means only to omit some of i
the luvuries of today In order
to live above the necessities 1
!of tomorrow. ;
In asking you to use the Na- 1 ?
tlonal Bank ,-irmont as a J Qfl
j money deposltoV. we can of- i >
1 fer you every assutance that j 8
' your dollars will be well tak- I 2
J en care of. Start the account ll 8
t . today. ij
-/fH? f JBSglK HATIOnALfpf
Bank of H||M i
FAIRMONtinill j
West Va. n!|^| i
You May
make a mistake In the payment of
mistakes of others?
Start a Checking Account with thh
and your record will prove who made
This is worth while.
Fairmont Trus
? 117- HATSOEVER mat
8 VV fires, whatsover<
8 whatsoever developeth
S fires or fire breeding m
fig any worth of manhood
you, think of these thin]
? F. E. NIC
Masonic Temple*
iYSiViyiVsviK'si nyrsiyty&a
VNTED ? Maid for generel hoaoo I'M
rork. Mr?. s. L. Corter. Phono
i-J. 436 Benonl Ave. ll-MfcSflC!
MADAM KOSMOS help yoo tj
living your Ule prediction. Send '
thdate and dime. DeLaurane Km- >c
s. Box 291 Louisville, Ky. Vjgt
11-5-dt-MM ?
LESSMAKING?IC4 Washington 8t
3houe 1196-J. Mies Snow Athgjfc
11-7-JWOdC ;3J
' 'i ' >]?
' l Newspepr \ \
(Die tPcst Pi rginian J
A Th? J R:'
\ \ Apw that ten / /
The West Virginian Is on aale .
>ry evening In Fairmont it tht
low ing places::
124U strttt
G. MARTIN CO.. 1S1 Main Stmt
ION NEWS CO.. Traction SUUon
liON NEWS CO.. B. A O. SUUon
vnw c* --- --
o. OULI', 335 Mala Stmt
Watson Hotel BMg.
Jefferaon Street
Main Entrance Watsoa Blflf.
Cor. Bridge t Water Streeta
ST SIDE NEWS CO., Market Sfe
612 Loco at Arenae
Cor. 10th St and Virginia Are. .
Cor. 12th St. and Virginia Are.
Dn sale every evening outelda of
Irmont at the following places:
RrD G. BARLOW'S New* Stead
- a
" " ' 1 ''
rofessional Cardij
SBS^ Optomatrlat and
HMi Optician.
nkHff u ypara nrartlwl
xperieaca. Olaisaa turnlahad it
Of COOT. With
A. B. Scott & Comaan*.
IIU. ' f'ffll . ,3
Representing No bone Corsets.
Bell 487 J 838 Monroe St
"" "I.
Glasses ot all clods ?0?nc(R
fitted. Satisfaction Eimsnisifc
Hall Block over Martin's One
Store. -yaH
Never I
bills, bat can yon control the
i sank, pay all bills by cheek, g
wre wowBc, ouvuiu i/uo WVWt ---i
it Company
ii ii
' i I i i (
;eth for safety from 8 ' ||
it preventeth fires, 8
care in * handling ' 8J|
aterials; if there be 8^
or womanhod in,
?s?Fire Facta,
:hols 'J|;|
Fairmont, W.Va, fij

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