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Dally Average A U
October 1917 ? > '
A Quality Newap ner ,for th
? a m
NewGoverment Ir
PafvAn-vo/l Matac
x ^uugiau i-ianvcj
Many Political
Premier Kerensky Has Ap
parently Not Yet Been
(By Associated Press!
LONDON, Nov. 9.?A telegram
reaching Amsterdam from a German
source and forwarded by the
Central agency says the Russian
army on the northern front has
joined the Maximalists and is
marching on Petrograd.
PETROGRAD, Nov. 9. ? The
Congress of Soldiers and Workmen's
delegates today appealed to
the Russian army to stand firm
and to protect the revolutionists
against imperialistic attempts until
the new government had obtained
a democratic peace.
PETROGRAD, Nov. 9.?At a meel
eg of the Congress of Soldiers' am
Workmen's deputies last night a nieir
ter of the Revolutionary military com
mlttee said that on Wednesday Pre
mier Kerensky at Gatchina, 21! mile
from Petrograd, addressed 6.UU0 sol
dlers who were on (heir way from th
front to Petrograd. After u confereno
the soldiers decided not to proceei
for tbe time to Petrograd.
The Military Revolutionary commll
tee has decided to bring Gen. Korniloll
leader of the recent revolt and sup
porters to Petrograd and lmprlsoi
them in the fortress 01 St. Peter am
St. Paul. They will be brought to tria
before a military revolutionary tr.
Leon Trotsky, president of the Ex
tcutlve committee, of the Petrograi
council of Soldiers' and Workmen'
Uolegates explained that the arrest o
certain members of tbe Kerensky got
eminent was not an act of vengeunc
or of political repression, lie said al
members of the late government woul
be tried for complicity in the Kornilol
Tbe political party to which th
Socialist ministers belong have deck
ed to turn over all ministers, Socla
lets as well as others, for trial. In tb
meanwhile tbey arc being held unde
domiciliary arrest.
Confirmation was given by commit
sioners in command ol the fortress wh
received an Associated Press corrt
jp'ondent and personally explained t
tim tbe details regarding the confint
ment of ministers. The cabinet men
bebrs, he Baid, were all arrested at th
Winter palace after Its surrender tt
They-were taken to the fortres
where tbey were placed in solitary cot
finemcnt but were courteously treatei
in auuuioi: ciuei ol Mini uagraiuc
ind many of bis subordinates were ai
The commissioner said he did no
know the whereabouts of J'remler Kei
tnsky who bad "run away."
It is impossible at ibis hour to ascei
tain what the casualties were In tb
Winter palace battle although they ar
teported not to have been many.
The fighting proceeded with the rlva
V forces alternately in possession of th
-/ tuge piles of wood stored in the plaza
> part of the city's winter fuel Bupplj
The Women's battalion which wa
J rmong the defenders of Winter palact
aurreadered yesterday before the bai
r He began.
Naturalization Court
In January Nexi
fTsturalizatlon court will be held 1
>' Fairmont on January 16, and tber
are twenty-two making applicatio
Tor citizenship papers. Two of th
men are natives of Hungary and on
of Austria. There an- quite a nun
her of Russians and Italians on th
list also.
A . , 1 ,
rrm a a t tr%rt
| British Forces Right After i i
Them Dropping
(By Associated rress)
LONDON, Nov. 9.?The entire Turkish
army in Palestine is retreating toward
the north. British aeroplanes are
following up the retiring Turks and
bombing them. Forty Turkish guns
were taken, says the British official
statement announcing the Ottoman retreat.
British and French naval forces are "
co-operating against the Turkish com-j V
munlcatlons along the Mediterranean | *
ccast. n
y.M.cTciiiifiN |
j H
:.i ? 12
[ I Committee So Decided at 11
s Meeting Held Yester- v
e day Afternoon. i.
B "
Marion County's campaign to raise 'j
> $8,300 for Army Y. M. C. A work and '
for war camp recreation has been
postponed until November 20. Action ?
II to this effect was taken at the meet1
ing of the twenty-five business men
' held at the office of the Fairmont
' Chamber of Commerc9 yesterday at- ~
ternoon. The campaign as planned (|
will begin on Tuesday morning. Nod
vember 20 and last three days ends
ing Thursday evening. November 22. "
I Ae, the meeting yesterday chairman .
' J. 0. Watson announced the city coma
mittee and a number of citizens from
II neighboring towns that had been ap- 8
1 pointed to look after the campaign in jj
$ their neighborhood. V
The appointments are as follows: *;
e J. M. Jacobs, chairman; J. M. Hart- c
I- ley. 11. T. Cunningham. J. Walter P
1- Barnes, Glenn F. Brant. Frank B.
e Pryor, A. Brooks Fleming, Jr.
r Some of the men named for the ?
county are: Monongah?Lee Satter- L
i- field, John Riggins. the Curry Broth- c
o ers and Dr. A. J. Reidy. Wtytliing- 0
!- ton?A. J. McDaniels who Is delega- ll
o ted to select his own assistants. v
>- Fairvlcw?Dr. J. W. Jarvis, O. E. Mor- u
ris anil J. X. Weaver. Mannlngton? u
0 Ellis H. Clover, J. R. Burt. Rev. H. D.
). Clark, T S. Ilardesty and L. S. C
Schwonch. Farmlngton?W. K. Ma- t
a pel, chairman; J. A. Bock, P. M. Con- t
i- ley. Howard Coleman, L. N. Whit- a
L, latch. li
" Deputy Sheriff Harris \
1 Gets a Bear on Trip 1
Deputy Sheriff W. E. Harris return- 1
e cd today from Randolph county where
o ho had a very successful hunting trip
rear Valley Head. He secured a bear,
il si* pheasants and seventy squirrels,
e He was accompanied by some hunters
i, from Randolph county and the party g
as a whole secured the following: One
s bear, three deer, 15S squirrel, eight 8
!- pheasants, two squail, and three rac- d
L- coons. Mrs. Harris accompanied her s
husband. j.
TV T 1 '
Busy indexing *
b Chancery Records "*
n Work on refiling and Indexing the ?
e chancery court records of Marion r
n county Is now being done by C. M. c
e Cott, of Columbus. 0., and a corps
e of his workers. n
i- The records date back to the be- c
e ginning of the county in 1S43. It will tl
require several months at the least h
Some Impoi
^ ' J\orihern W
v r
1 iJ" pj .
wffg& Lvr
mied m i
jMrst of Their Kind in This
Region and Largest in ,
The New England Fuel and Transortatlon
company, the liostou concern
hlch has the largest mining plant In I '
Vest Virginia at Grant Town, and I
Inch was the purchaser o( the lm-'
tense tract ot coal land north of its ,
resent operations, which is known us |
le DavisDlkius tract will lake pos- ,
sssion November 20. J. W. Devison,
eueral superintendent o( the Now
ngland Fuel and Transportation Co.,' "(
ould not talk much regarding the
tal. when seen at his office at Urant
own, hut finally stated that the plaus
ere not determined as yet.
When bis company does start operaons
it will likely he on the river so i
lat barges as well us rail transporta- <
on will be possible. !
Mr. Devlsou has just returned from I
win iiranch, in McDowell county, I
I1CIU uu uuu UCU1! lUUIVUig uvur ulliur I
oldiugs of Ills company, on the Nor- 1
ilk and Western railroad. I
Mr. Uevison says that the Gram <
own mine always has cars, and that '
. works practicully all the time?cer- '
tinly UOt) days In every year. The comany
owns tiUU of 'ts own cars, which '
ccounts tor its always having cars.
The New England Fuel und Transortatlon
company has just installed a
t-w hoisting machine at the Grant
'own mine, which is the first one of
:s kind In the Fairmont-Clarksburg reion,
and Is believed to be tbo biggest (
r.e In the country. It hoists coal from ,
be shaft and is capable of dumping
iur cars per minute (wblch is equal to .
tvclve tons a minute) bringing it from j
depth of 300 feet. The hoisting enme
was manufactured by the Litch- j
eld Foundry and Machine Co., of ,
.Itcbfleld, 111., and tho Allcn-Garcia ,
ages were supplied by The Pros com- (
any. of Terra Houte, Ind.
Coal Notes.
The annual meeting of the stockhold- ,
rs of the Abrams Coal Co.. the Osage .
oal Co. and the Monongahela Coal
!o. were held this week at the offices .
f Major '3. D. llrady. The principal
i-.plc of discussion umong stockholders '
as the operation of the enterprises
nder war regulations and present conitlons.
The Hood mine, of the Rivcsville
:oal Co., which is located right In that ,
r.wn, did not work Wednesday owing
o a misunderstanding but was at it j
gain yesterday. The mine works ten ,
eaders and has a capacity of 200 tons ,
. day. Cars have been scarce recently ,
ut the outlook Is a little better now. ,
V. A. Tollock is general manager of
he company.
Police oil Trail of !
Physician's Slayer
(By Associated Press)
CLEVELAND. Nov. 9.?Torn bits or
n express receipt pieced together and
pund to relate to an express package ,
hipped to Cleveland from Chicago to- i
ay set the police on the trail ot the <
layer of Dr. Harry L. Chapln, Cleve nd
physician, author and world wide i
raveler who was found dying from a i
actured skull in a down town hotel
tte yesterday afternoon. Dr. Chapin
led soon after being found. ,
Coroner Byrne declares Chapln was ,
lurdered by being struck with a heavy |
,'capon, probably a piece of pipe or ]
nper wolght wrapped In a bandkerbief.
The suspect is a former Cleveland ]
inn with whom the murdered physl- i
Ion had business dealings for more <
han two years, the history of which j
as been given police by the widow. ;
tant News in the
.. t
M ill
est Virginia's Greatest Aewyj
TkTinr r\ r
ru 1 IriS
/ ?
' '^T
But Their Majority is Too
Small to be Comfortable.
(By Associated 1'rcshl
CINCINNATI. Nov 9?With. li'J
counties having reported officially and
unofficial, but aparently reliable and
complete figures, from 1!) others the
anti prohibition forces still maintain
lead in wet and dry election by the
rerv scant majority of
When it Is considered that considerably
more than one million votes
have been tallied this margin becomes
so small that any over turn of considerable
nature from unofficial returns
la any of these 19 counties may
have a material effect upon final result.
John C. Boggess
Dies in Huntington
John Calvin Boggess. a son of Thos.
T. Boggess, former residents of this
:ity. died this morning in a hospital
tl Huntington where he had been a
salient for some time, lie was about
forty years of age. The body will
ifi bronchi here for Interment nnil
tvll arrive some time tomorow. Ills
'ather is in the Soldiers Home In Day:on,
O. and arrangements for funeral
services will not be made until he
las been communicated with.
District Institute
in Session Today
Approximately one hundred teachbra
representing Fairmont. Wlnfleld,
Srant and Union districts arc in sesuon
today at the Fairmont State Normal
school building. Prof. J. N. Deahl,
if Morgantown, is present and addresssi
the morning and afternoon sessions.
II. B. Ice, district superintendent of
Fairmont school district, presided at
.he sessions. Round table discussions
featured both sessions which were participated
in by teacher from the four
istricts. Schools in the four districts
i.amcd held no sessions today in order
:bat the teachers might attend the con
ention today.
Mannington Firm
Buys Ice Plant
In the county clerk's office today a
feed was recorded from H. S. Sinsel to
Lucien H. Boor and Ira \v .Davis, trading
as Boor & Davis, coal and feed
Scalers, of Mannington. This is an ice
iJzmiL which mr. oiiibci, 01 uaineron,
equipped about a year ago, having acquired
the property from the old
Eehmulbach Brewing company.
About a month ago Davis & Boor
bunched In the Ice business in addition
lo coal and feed. The consideration
is given as $9,000.
| City Hall Notes
With two calls In one day the fire
department force is beginning to rellizo
that winter Is approaching. Two
calls yesterday made a total of four
this week, which Is almost as man;
is were received throughout the summer.
Samples are now 011 display In tip
bffice of the finance department 01
new fire hose. The samples are from
the Voorhees Manufacturing Company
of Jersey City, N. J
One more arrest was made today.
Blank programs have not been very
numerous this week. With the exception
of one day. there has been
t violator of the law. of some variety
trrested each day. ,
Advertisements Toe
^NOVEMBER 9,1917
'at mj?\i
Will Of Ml III
Special Effort Will be Made
to Enlist Every Member
of Family.
Groups Will
Meet Tonight
At 8 o'Clock
Three group meetings o( the Red
rosB membership campaign wili
be held tonight at 3 o'clock at
Campaign headquarters in the
Fleming building on Main street.
The groups to meet are Professional
women, Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson.
chairman; Presbyterian committee,
Dr. J. W. McDonald, chairman,
and Baptist committee, Mrs.
C. O. Henry, chairman.
Any other group will be privileged
to' meet at this time when
buttons and application blanks will
bo distributed.
The Red Cross spirit has such a hold
on the workers in the rifembershlp
drive to be undertaken next week that
many of them just cannot hold back
tueir memoersmp utunKs until tnc lime
for the drive rolls around. The idea
ic to start the campaign (or membership
next week and It is taking a little
advantage to be already signing up
n embers just because you happen to
nave your blanks and buttons. This being
an open campaign where eveij
worker can tackle anyone that happens
aloug those who start before the
stated time are taking an advantage.
Due allowance must be made tor the
enthusiasm of the workers which
boiled over when word got out that
the pupils of the ward schools had already
joined the Junior auxiliary of the
National lied Cross In a body. Some
nf the committeemen who are representing
lodges huve already signed up
some members and while the Interest
being manifested is gratifying to the
general committees still it must be emphasized
that the Red Cross drive does
not actually begin until next week.
Preliminary arrangements are occupying
the time of those iti charge of
ihe campaign this week. Half a dozen
different committees will gather at
headnuarters at the Fleminsr huildinc
today, meotlng there at various times
ot the day, and arranging details of
particular branches of the work. "The
organization is moving along perfectly
there having been but few slipups?
r.one worth recording as injuring the
chances ot the success of the campaign.
"Every Member of this Household
Eelongs to the Red Cross."
That will be the reading on a card
being gotten out by the Campaign committee
of the Red Cross drive which
will adorn the window of every home
in Fairmont, Monongah. Fairview,
Fermlngton, Grant Town and other Intermediate
points where the entire
family joins that organization in the
drive of next week. These cards were
determined upon at the last minute, :
an Idea of Mrs. Edwin Robinson, chairman
of the extension commltteo of the '
local chapter of the Red Cross.
They were deemed necessary as '
there is a disposition on the part ot ,
(Continued on Page Twelve.) ;
ed to First floor Arcade Building.
Cleveland avenue.
lay?Read Them A
Bt C
' Jf- -' ** """ x'
" .' - y ' '" "' '"' \
- . wA;?,;?>MW>W/' . * 1
Canadian Army on Tha
Front Has Become Wonderfully
Efficient. '
(Canadian Press Limited.)
FllANCE. via London, Nov. 9.?Hindei
tiurg's orders to his troops to retail
PasscUendaelo at all cost havo not yc
rcButled in any enemy lntantry acti'
lly before Passchendaele.
Both yesterday and today havo bee
exceptionally quiet except for the artl
ltry which has been maintaining ha
rassing fire on all routes of the a|
I . caches to the centers of activity l
the enemy area. Reports of an eas
ward movement of the enemy batterle
possibly Indicates that he may be pr<
paring new gun positions to supports
attack on the ridge but In the meat
time the Canadians are strengthenln
their new positions and preparing fc
all emergencies.
Recent captures confirm reports c
heavy enemy losses. Our troops wer
over so rapidly and followed the ba
rage so closely that numerous case
pie reported where the enemy had n
chance to use his machine guns befor
cur infantry was on top of htm. Ou
counter battery work and artillery cot
centration have also been so effectlv
recently that enemy battery position
have been changed constantly.
A WVITT On ? ? T1
iiiiuy OUypilCB DUI'Il
at Camp Nichols
(By Associated Press.)
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 9.?Fir
started from a defective flue lu th
quartermaster's building at Cam
Nichols In the old city park rac
track near here today, destroying th
building and causing a loss of severs
tnou8aud dollars. Virtually all arm
supplies wero removed.
Difficulty in obtaining a water sni
ply caused army officials to fear th
entire camp might be destroyed and
general alarm was sounded. Th
(lames were controlled after tw
hours of fighting.
Oversubscribes the
Jr. Red Cross Func
Oversubscribing the Junior Re
Cross fun the scholars of the J. Wa
ter Barnes school today claim to hem
all other city schoolB in this regart
The amount of the allotment was {4
and the pupils subscribed $64.55.
Prof. Glenn A. Keister Is the princ
pal of the scbool. This school woum
up its canvass on Wednesday and wa
>he third school in the city to complet
the work.
HONOLULU, Nov. 9. ? Ex-Queel
Lllluokalanl, of Hawaii, was reporte
(<ylng today. Physicians said she couli
not live many hours. The forme
queen has been in poor health for man
months. Recently she Beemed to loa
ann antipathy sho felt toward the Un
ted States for the loss of her klngdor
and when the first Liberty loan was o
fered subscribed liberally.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The tax books for all of the
Districts of the County are now
ready for collection. I will give
a discount of 2Vft per cent on.
all taxes paid on or before November
30th, 1917. There is always
a rush during the last few
days of discount, so please call
at mv office at your earliest convenience
and avoid this rush.
Save TIME and MONEY.
| A. M. Glover, Sheriff.
II Carefully
Fair and slightly warmer to- '. J?
jht: Saturday fair.
! Mill
The Austro-Ger
; >g
: man Forces Have |
Crossed Liven- :
i za River
J wjfffl MP
i '-<}
British and French Troops '
Nearing the Front in
~ 1
s Italy.
it ll'iitlsh Admiralty, per Wlreleai
BERLIN, Nov. 9.'?Austro-OeruiaD
forces in northern Italy, overeomlni
u the resistance of the Italian rear
Ei'ard, are advancing, toward tilt
r- l'lave river, the War office announce*.
f~ The communication follows:; -...i''
u "The Ltvenza river haa been teoaa^
I- ed. The allied (Austro-GermsU) ^
s at my overcoming the resistance of the
* Italian rear guard is advancing ct#a?- ,.
n lessly on mountain roads and on the , i
plains In a driving snow and pouring ?
g tain toward the Plave."
day.?Both British and French troops ,
it are going toward the front The
r- French and British representatives- j';
b who have come to Italy had a confer- -VS
0 cnce of two hours today with King
e \ Ictor Immanuel.
1 The mllltarv measure* tnr
i- Hip present situation were discussed .^e
e in active and cordial collaboration.
h On leaving tlie King, the party vlallied
French and English troops going ,
toward the front.
Nov. 9.?Th conference'' 61 #2
o British French and Italian represem ' 3
tntives has resulted In the creation '
ot a permanent Inter allied .military'
commiftee. New leadership for tha ' '%
el Italian army has been provided. Gen.'...
c Cndorna who has been in supreme - .
P I command of the Italian army sincee,
beginning of war has been given; ntv
e place on the new committee.. jf.
y RME, Nov. 9.?The Italians are still ;-;i
holding hack the Austrlans and Ger- '
>- mans by rear guard actions wljile;
e main bodies of troops it establishing '
a Italy on positions chosen for resiste
unce says today's official statement, a
Nov. 9.?A dozen bridges have,
been blown up on the Llvenza' rivet - V;
to arrest and delay as much, as pos- .alble
the advance of the Austro-Ger
I ! mans toward the Ttnve river. The 'tfi;
Llvenzn Is a smaller stream than the
Tagllamento and of^u fewer dlfUCul<1
ties to the Invadin^nny to cross lt,j
I- but the retiring Italian army Is no*
il better organized than It was on Ota' V,
I. banks or Tagllamento.
i Intermediate Court
I Ends Tomorrow' !
. Judge Vincent said this afternoon
that he would adjourn this terin of ln; -j
termediate court tomorrow-at noon.
I No session of Intermediate court will fiffi
d then be beard until the third Thesda/
II !r. January.
r This morning Judge Vincent sent a"
i' girl to the Industrial Home at Salem
K for being Incorrigible. She was return- ,Sfo
eo to the Intermediate court by Jus- h
tlce Musgrove.
Laborers Wanted
In Shipping Department. Apply !
! MA r-UIKIC "/^irSPWiM
j W. j j
A discount or 2V4 per cent will!
be allowed on City taxes for prompt j'ti
payment. Office open ?Tenlnis,7jp
J. C. ROBINSON. City Trees.

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