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atcvumm 7 A
Daily Average A (.Jf
October 1917 ? ? ' *
A Quality Newapauer for the
- tin miss
ft i ?
Trotzky Is At the
Head of Foreign
s.* .
Ambassador's D i s p a tches
Throw Mo New Light'
on Situation.
PBTROCJRAL), Nov . t Tile all
Russians congress o? Workmen and
Soldier delegates Is reported unofficially
to have named a cabinet composed
of Bolshevik! and then adjourned.
The cabinet is headed by Nikolai
Lenine, as premier and Leon Trotzky
holds the post of foreign minister.
The cabinet will serve until the
jv.- Constitent Assembly improves it. or
selects a new
WASHlNUTl, a- The fir3t
l1 report from American Ambassador
Francs on the upheaval in Itussia or
rived today, but added nothing to the
8 news dispatches already received.
The Ambassador's dispatches, tiled
ion, November 7 apd .November S. 34W
that up to that time all the ministers
of the provisional government except
. Kerensky had been arrested.
' American representatives of the
Bed Cross In Fetrograd were all safe
and no mention was made of any harm
befalling any otliei American.
Although the city was quiet when
Ambassador Frances sent his report
he Indicated that It was then too early
to secure a dcilnite idea of condi
Hons, especially outside the capital
Until the situation lias been more
clearly defined there will continue
practical suspension of official relations
with Russia. It v.as explained
today to continue negotiations now
. was Impossible because it is not
known just who is in power in the
different departments. To obtain inh
formation from the country beyond
3 the limits of Petrogrml Mr. Francis
' reported was next to impossible, because
the wires were all in the control
of the Bolserlki.
This Will Complete FairV
mont's Part of the First
On or immediate!) alter November
20, the remaining members of the 76
Fairmont draftees tvili icave the city
for Camp Lee, according to Information
given out by Captain Kemble
White,-of the local draft board this
. morning. Tbo last quqola leaving Fair\
mont will consist ol eighteen men.
With the recent certification of the
right colored draftees Fairmont now
I - has a total of 58 men certified for ser%
vice and will complete Its quota of 76
by aendlng the remaining IS just as
1'.. noon as the government cau make prep
aratlona for them. If possible they
will be ordered to service on Tuesday,
November 20. There Is a possibility
fc. ' . i Ihat tha frnvorrvmoni will wr>? /??<!
I O- "" ?<= "'/
,r-:- J tor them by this time, in which case
%? 'I they will leave Immediate thereafter.
I Captain White has been out of town
* / tor the past week, a large port of his
jm*} ' time being taken at Pbillppi where, for
2^ I the past few days, he has been aiding
Hki In the reorganization of a draft board.
He returned to Fairmont yesterday
0 'evening.
Ceorge Stucklan, a negro of this
i , City, who bad been a patient at Cook
f, . hospital died last night. His body
' Sh " was prepared for burial at the Cun
> nlngham undertaking establishment
and will probably be Interred tomordt
row in the city cemetery.
j|| | The WesT
% 03
Horn* ^
Purpose Of the i
fiv MRS. Ebwi
Chairman Extension Committee i
Red C
AO of ui can't go across with gum
come across with a membership in the
membership is only a dollar?a small
drive of the coming week is an effort t
ter and the aim of the organization is to
although one means the same as the oth
to have the head of the house take f
members of the family than to give the
k.r "
It may not be geenrally known thai
| afflicted people all the time?all over
i the events in the history of the Red C
Cross handled the San Francisco fire,
floods, the Messina earthquake, the M
the Titanic and the Eastland disaster,
life and a part of your inheritance; ii
proud of your country.
Costs Man Who Did Not
Turn Up When Ordered
Dollar More.
Charged with running over the fire
hone while the firemen were attempting
to put out a (ire on Fourth street
Thursday evening. Kobert Delrlck was
arrested and summoned to appear at
police court yesterday morning. He
did not show up at the time ordered,
but came around to police court at the
r.lne o'clock session this morning.
City Clerk Albert Kern, prcsidiug as
mayor, imposed the minimum fine ot
42 for running over the hose ana an
extra $1 for appearing at court one
cay late. Detnck paid the tine ot 13
and was dismissed.
M. D. Causey wus ordered to come
to police court this morning, also
charged with running over the (ire
hose. He did not show up and the po
lice wore unuuie iu mm.
Tony Prudent was arrested yesterday
lu front of the mayor'6 office for
striking a little colored lad. He appeared
at court this morning and paid
t fine of SI.
A truck belonging to the Bell Telephone
company also ran over the tire
hose and Its driver was summoned to
appear at police couri this morning
The driver did not show up and his
case was continued until Monday morning.
People of That Town Are
Anxious to Make a
Good Showing.
IB. B. Meredith l'ress Bureau.)
FARMINGTON. W. Va., .Nov. lu.?
Unafraid of losing present honors
Farmlugton bas entered tbe Bed Cross
membership campaign enthusiastically
aiter making a showing in Linerly
bonds on which tbe town might nave
rested its fame. A meeting was held
toda yat the Bank of Farmington at
I wbicu an auxiliary campaign in conuec
lion with Fairmont chapter of the Ked
Cross was arranged for next woek. W.
B. Mapel, who did niulic good wurk in
connection with the second Liberty
loan, is active in this campaign but 1*.
M. Conlln it chairman of the committee
in charge and Mr. Mapel is only a
committeeman with F. G. Groy, J. L.
Eeck and K. C. Cooper. S. L. Postlethwait,
the National Red CroBs organizer.
who is at Fairmont for a few navs.
spoke bore today, lie is a native ot
New Martinsville and bis mother and
relatives live at Wheeling althoogh bis
home is now in Washington, D. C.
Glenn Bock has gone to Mt. Clemens
to take treatment (or stomach trouble.
Mrs. Frank Campbell who has some
paralytic strokes, remains quite poorly.
Mrs. Rev. George A. Llston has been
sick (or seven years with a certain
variety o( rheumatism, and does not
Improve the way ber (rlends would
Ell Neston, the oldest man In this
vicinity, is past 83. He Is not In very'
good health.
Rev. 1. S. Tyler, pastor o( the M. E.
church. South, Is at Folrvlew assisting
Rev. Kauiman in a protracted meeting.
William Murphy will be back In a
few days atter a stay in a hospital at
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. parish will go to
their winter home at Auburndale,
Florida. Is a (ew days.
The town is putting In quite a bit ot
cement walks getting ready (or winter.
Virginian Goes Into
Jioiihem West
art nr
mil vi
Red Cross Drive U
sf the Fairmont Chapter of the
i on our shoulders, but everyone can
Red Cross. The cost of an annual
amount which all can afford. The
o get membership for the local chapget
members more than to get money,
er. The committees prefer, however,
ive annual memberships for the five
five dollars as a "contributing mem- yy
t the Red Cross re-cues stricken and
the world. The war is but one of i
iross. In the last ten years the Red
the Chinese famine, the Mississippi
lonongah mine disaster, the wreck of
The Red Cross is a part of your
t is a big factor in what makes you III
Service Every Evening Ndbct *?
Wppk at Pircf \f F Sui
Church. ECt
f nUI
The Epworth League of the
Methodist Episcopal church wfll ob-|
serve "Win my Chum" week jbcgln- P *
ning with Sunday evening. The-cam-|<1B
palgn will continue through the w$ekl
and close with Friday evening whenkJa
an address will be given by Ri^v. JtmM
J. Yonk of the Sonthern Method?
Episcopal church. The motto ad?I^^P
cd by the campaigners Is "Good^^^M
diers of Jesus Christ, Not a Slacker *r
Among lis." It is hoped to Increase '-e
the membership of the League cou- 1
siderably by this campaign. '>r
Both the young people and the older
I folks of the church are Invited te at- niv
tend these services. Congregational or'
singing will be conducted each even- m
ing by the pastor Rev. C. E. Goodwin, we
The following program will he observ- cit
cd during the week: ,-- ? -cis
Sunday at six-thirty?"Taking Men thi
Alive." Leader, Miss Virgean Hale, tbi
The Male Quartette will Blng. cu
Monday at seven-thirty?"The Red 1
Badge of Courage." Speaker. Mr. ca1
Harold Rogers. Music by the Male 1r
I Quartette. tiv
Tuesday at seven-thirty?"A Minis- cn
toring Angel." Speaker, Mr. W. E. rt|
Uuckey. Music?lJuet by the Misses iui
Toothman. co;
Wednesday at sevcn-thlrtyt? wl
"The Happy Fellowship of Youth."
Speaker. Mr. O. G. Wilson. Music bv Ba
a Sextette composed of young ladies I'd
of the choir of tho church. uu
Thursday at seven-thirty?"The pa
Far-off Battle Line." Speaker. Mr. J. \Y
F. Shreve. Music by the Ladles Quar- ?h
tette. pr
Friday at seven-thirty?Address by
the Rev. R. J. Yonk.
W.H.&F.M. Services h
at Grace Lutheran
A Four Hundredth Anniversary
Tbank-offering Service will be conducted
by the Woman'# Home and Foreign
Missionary society of Grace Lutheran
church tomorrow evening at 7: JO. The gt
program will be as follows: Hymn,: te,
"Faith of Our Fathers! Living Still."
Ifesponslve Reading. Psalm, 46. Luther's
Battle Hymn, "A Mighty Fortress
is Our God." Prayer Rev. John
I tiomnbon; Luther's Cradle Hymn, by!
children: The World's Debt to the
Ueformation. by ten young ladlOB;
Trading, "Luther." Mrs. George Colebunk:
talk, "Our Four Hundredth Anniversary,"
Enfield Learaan; hymn.
'Now Thank We All Our God;" Our
Thank-offering, by the Thank-offering
secretary, Mrs. C. A. Pllson; reading.
"Comrades." Miss Clara Leaman;
Gathering of Thank-offering: offertory
tinthe mby the choir; prayer, by Enllold
Leaman; hymn. "Take My Life and
Let It Be." The closing missionary
? ?
Gets Certificate
To Teach School
This morning W. E. Michael and
T. C. Mooro, acting county superintendents
of county schools, received
the emergency certificate of Miss Mlnta
Shaffer. She received a B grade
certificate and will be stationed at a
Sawmill school in Union district. It 'T
Is probable that the school will open
on Monday.
; Quarry Avenue
Property Sold t
i... court house steps this mom- at
; Ing Frank R. Amos, trustee for Mur- H
ray G. Skinner and Anna L. Skinner, ec
to secure I. B. Davis, this morning st
sold the Skinner property on Quarry!
avenue In the Rldgley addition to the! et
City of Fairmont to Morgan Billings-' sc
ley for $1000. sc
More Fairmont Hot
I Virginia's Greatest Aews/ja
ill Run for Twenty Weeks'
If It is Decided to Start |
teresting Meeting of the
City Union Was
I splendid session of the City Sunr
school union was held* last even;
at the First Methodist Episcopal
ireh when prominent Sunday school
rkers of the city addressed the un;
on various phases effecting the
nday school toucher. Fifty teachers
iresentlnc the vurious Sunday!
tools ot the city were present. This j
mber Is considered excellent owing
the (act that the Marlon county
nday school convention was In sesjj
last evening at Barrackville and
nunber of the Sunday school teacht
attended this convention.
.Teacher in His Relation to
jy^Christ and His Conduct," was
fcpestlngly discussed by Rev. R. J.
pa3tor of the M. E. church,
uth. . M. C. Lough gave a splendid
k: concerning the "Teacher in the eparation
and Presentation of the
sson." '
Rev. E. B. Turner, pastor of the I
esbyterian church at Clarksburg, '
s present and gave a comprehensive
d entertaining talk on "The Teachs
Relation to His Class. Individually
d Collectively." Rev. Mr. Turner Is
ill known to Bible students of this
y having conducted a Bible training
iss at the M. K. churcU South; Id -,
is city several years ago. Following J
3 special talks short round table dlssslons
were enjoyed by the audience.
The Union is discussing the practibility
of forming a City Teachers
aining class to meet for 20 consecue
weeks for the study of the Bible
d appointed a committee who will
jui i uil urjsani/.auuii ui ine DHL meet-;
5 of the City Teachers' Union. The
mmitteo conaists of Rev. C. E. Goodn.
Rev. K. J. Yoak and O. F. Jenkins.
A committee consisting of J. Walter
irnes, J. A. Swiger and Rev. W. J.
lily was named to decide on the next
ieting of the city union and to prere
a program for the meeting. Rev.
. J. Eddy, pastor of the First Baptist
urch. and president of the city union,
eslded at the session last night.
led Cross Is
Protected By
Fpdarni T.nu;c
Following section from tbe United
ales statutes was passed for the pro:tlon
of the Red Cross:
Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives lot the
United Slates of America assembled:
"SECTION 4. That from
and after the passage of this Act
it shall be unlawful for any perBon
within the jurisdiction of the
United States to saUely or fraudulently
hold himself out as or represent
himself to beb a member of
or an agent for the American National
Red Cross for the purpose of
soliciting, collecting, or receiving
money or material, .or for any person
to wear or display the sign of
the Red Cross or any insignia colored
In imitation thereof for the
fraudulent purpose of inducing the
belief that he Is a member of or
an agent for the American National
Red Cross. If any person violates
the provisions of this section
he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,
and upon conviction in
any federal court shall be liable to
a fine of not less than one nor
more than five hundred dollors, or
imprisonment for a term not ex
uaculug > int. ur >;uiu. lur eucu
and every offense "
!wo Teachers For
Lincoln District
Two new teachers have been selectI
for service In Lincoln district. Miss
ary Dorsey has been cboeen as assunt
teacher at the Bethlehem
:hool. She will assist Miss Harriet
ogue. The school this season start1
with nineteen and now the tneraberllp
Is np to fifty.
Mrs. Maud Harden has been select1
as the teacher at the Helen's run
:hool. This had been an abandoned
:hool, but was reopened last week.
nes Than Any Otl
, NOVEMBER 10,1917.
Tbis is the Bolshevik! leader who
and gave the extremists the upper ha
.i.i...* - 1.1.^ 1_ Va.1. ?>U n
^itiuro woo iokcu iu i>cw iuiiv, who
Ing editor of the Russian Socialist pa
^ - - r- '
lis Retirement as Vice Chan
cellor is a Liberal Victory.
(By Associated Press?
BERLIN, Nov. 10?Dr. Karl Helfflch.
vice chancellor, lias capitulated
ind political peaco has once more been
eBtored. The cabinet containing
^ount von Hertling as chancellor, Frtidrich
von Tayer, vice chancellor and
Herr Frledberg as vice president of
.lie Prussian ministry means a virtual
joantion iiuerai government.
Chancellor von Hertling relumed to-1
lay to Munich where he will assist In '
:he reorganization of the Bavarian
ministry (rom which bo retired. His
first public appearance as chancellor
Is expected to take place when the
Reichstag opens Its next session Nor.
Scholars Handle
69,000 Food Cards
Estimates made by W. E. Michael
tnd T. C. Moore, acting county superDtendents
of schools, and County Farm
Agent H. L. Smith showed that fully
1.900 food pledge cards had been sent
Dut to the school children of the city
tnd county.
The state headquarters at Wheeling
lost night wired the local people to
nake an estimate, which was done,
rtere was a great shortage of pledge
tnd home foot) cards as pell as window
:ards and buttons. There was really
sot enough to go around and several
it the school districts did not get what
was needed.
The cards distributed among the
school districts were as follows:
Fairmont Independent 2.100
Fairmont SflO
Winfietd 400
Paw Paw ana
Mannington 1,000
Itrant 400
Union Independent 400
Lincoln 900
Total 0,900
Wets Still Have It
In Ohio Election
(By Associated Pressi
CtNCINATT, Uov. 10?With official
county totals from nine counties received
and announced today by the
secretary of state, included In the tabulation
the vote In the Ohio -vet and
dry election at ten thirty today showed
a majority of 1.0S5 against prohibition.
The tabulation which Included returns
from eg counties officially received
by the secretary of state. 141
county seat official returns and six]
unofficial but complete county returns
showed for prohibition 522.445. against
prohibition 523.530.
her Paper Because
9 ,
L.^L cloudy.
turned the coup that ousted Kerensky
nd In Petrograd, it not in Russia. This on
te Trotsky spent three months as act- 0u
per, Novy Mir.
i iinTiirn i itti r niinu ,V,
British Go Forward 800 w
Yards in the Passchendaele
(By Associated Press;
Nov. 10?The British troops which at- sll
tacked tills morning In the Passchcndaele
area were reported at an early
hour to have battled their way forward p
as much as 800 yards at some posi- U
The British passed many strongly
fortified farms north and northwest of
The line was pushed northward
along the Passchendaele ridge almost
to tho point at which the highest crest lei
starts sloping downward.
Trsrlno'a nnopatinno a'nro aerrlnH "CI
on a 2,500 yard front for limited ob-J so
Jectives which had been virtually all in
gained by ten o'clock. w'
, se
Chancery Causes ?
Before the Court "
This morning Judge Vincent held a _
fession of chancery court. In theI
ci-urt of the State vs. Arthur C. Moore j
tnu court decided to send the accused
In the Reform school at Pruntytown.!
lie is a lad of fifteen years.
in the case of G. X. Davis vs. E. C.
Frame, trustee, et al.. a decree was en- ,
tcred allowing Robert Davis to withdraw
notes. *?
In the cause of William E. Watson ~
snd Harvey Sbaln vs. John W. Irvin
et al, a second report of sale was submitted
and a decree wss asked confirming
the same. It was submitted by Attorney
Frank C. Raymond. The case
will be argued this afternoon by At-. .
torney Henry S. Lovely, counsel for the i
demandant. The court will take time i
to consider the matter. ;
uue ui tuo pressure 01 wusiueas
Judge Vincent will hardly be able to ~
adjourn court before Monday after- ~
noon and possibly not before Tuesday.
t t }
Knights of King
Arthur Started1
With a membership of twenty a;*-"
branch of the Knights and Ladies oi j ?
the Round Table was organized last j ?
evening at a meeting ot Red Men and ,
Degree ot Pocahontas In Red Men's j
hall. Mrs. Waneta Hammers was elect-1
td King Arthur, tbe presiding officer; ;
Mrs. Essie Tucker, secretary; treas-;
urer. W. A. Reese.
Other persons holding office are as j
follows: Mrs. Lncy A. Hunter, Miss :
Sallte Reese, Mrs. Inez Amos. Mrs.!
Blanche Smith, Mr. Frank Hall, Mrs.I
Etta Wilson, Miss Minnie Evans, Mrs.!
Ethel McDougal, Mrs. Margaret Mc-'
Llroy. Mr. Isaac Wilson. I
The new organization will meet ev- ]
cry Friday evening alter the regular!
session of Waneta Council at least!
for the present. |
it Prints all the Fail
id w.-rrmer tonlfht; Sunday *
AM? A*
ine oh ihe rum 1
ome Reports Rear Guard 3
Have Fought Them-'
selves Clear. Vvj
tuationon Whole Italia?
Front Continues to bu . t
(3y Associated Press)
UL'UI TXT V?.. (A wl- 4 &J3ti
i\u?i 1119 AUBirO1
irman forces which are Invading 3
rth^ Italy have reached the Plav?
rer. Aslago has been taken. '
The Plave river has been reached $51
I way rrom Susegana to the Add- i
Aslago lt> on the Trentlno front 20 }
les west of Plave river along which
ilians have been expected to fight ?
decisive battle. The capture ol
ilago Indicates that German and
istrlans have begun an offensive
i the Trentlno front In an effort to
tflank the Plave line.
The breaking of the Italian fronl
this port probably would entail re- -J
rement of the Italians lfom the .A
ave line.
Susegnna Is at the footmills of the . :'i,
Germans have reached the Plavi
I along Its course over plains '
irthern Italy.
The Italian Report.
ROUE. Norr TO.?TH8- enem
len checked In the Ledro valley the
ar office announces. A hostile
rust in Brocon in the Teslna bssir
so has been checked. From Suae*
ma to the tea the Italian rear.gBrds '.3
sengaging t hemselves from' the S
lorny, crossed the Plave river blow* v' .
g up bridges.
An Italian rear guard force wuh..i
id beeo surrounded at Lorcnsa.'.c f
iccecded in forcing its way out.
reneral Bond Sent
To Camn Shelbv ,
x .I'iwfv'
~ H
By Associated Press) . . 3
CHARLESTON. Nor. 10?It was
irned unofficially here today that Ad- 5
tant General Bond was commission1
I a major in the United States army
me time ago and who has been waitg
lor a call into service for several
eeks has been directed to report (or
rvlce at Camp Shelby, Hattlesbnrg,
lss.. where West Virginia guard
oops are In training. It Is understood
at he has been assigned to duty as
isistant Adjutant General of the thlreighth
Fairmont Building and jg
Loan Association A|;f|
Has moved to First Floor'of Ar;
:ade Building. Cleveland Avenue.
Laborers Wanted I M
in Shipping Department. Apply j ~?S
A discount ot 2*4 per cent will
lie allowed on City taxes for prompt *.
payment. Office open evening* 7 . ja
to 9 P. M.
J. C. ROBINSON. City Treai. - f.
-i- ? ru-.in.ri -i-i.-lp.-u-u-u-u-l?ior< ** * "
Notice to Taxpayers* '
Tiie tax books (or all of the :
Districts of the County are now
ready (or collection. I will gtTe
a discount of 2H per centVon."
all taxes paid on or before No-. -3
vember 30tb, 1917. There Is al- . ,?
ways a rush during the last few ?
days of discount, so please call
al mv office at your earliest con- 4
venlence and avoid this nub. - . ,*5
Save TIME and MONET.
A. M. Glover, Sheriff.
rmont News - '^|j|

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