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ess is exclusively entltl
news dispatches crsdl
Iq this newspaper am
iln. All rights of republl
re also reserved.
IMS.^UOe. 1107. All depi
eg Representative. ROB
aw York; 6 8. Wabash
bis In'advance -only.)
tree months. SL50: one
tnontS, 60c: one week]
)ntslde of ^Fairmont.)
Ktoffice at Fairmont. V
r carrier routes falling
ilng should call "WES'
Ive natpe and residence
ir to your door at one
Tiber for this service.
pVyrASBINGTON dispatches say tha
fe ArV has decided to excuse from militi
C-j-v capable of rendering effective serv
Bsftihorsre. willing to serve their country in t!
I * nbo been decided that any men already
igqtt thpir discharge if they are able, to sho'
liken from ship yards and express the d
This is a sensible, practical method. It
|||J|pUb found it necessary to adopt even
B|f$as on a full volunteer basis. Men lite
fc|put of the trenches in FVance and sent b
of England to help malte the ..runitions an
Ife which were absolutely necessary if an arm
fts'-ii the field. It might be added that it
rgr - i??iw uiai wucu uic government ai Wi
S about "selective conscription" last spring .
|i mistakes made in Britain along this partic
' be avoided by die simple process of exei
were urgently needed in the industries froi
Br colors.
jiK; For venous reasons, some of which are
E bid others of which are yet obscure, the
I abandoned and industrial aeeJ: figured I
m * exemption proceedure. But now thai
of trbops on the other side and a si
;,V training here at home the industrial situati
Ki; as the most urgent of the nation's problcn
t must be made especially for the speeding
.building plans lest our army in Europe al
| gar of being cut off from its source of foe
supply. Therefore the decision to take 01
ii ments all the men who can be used in thi
Bj to exempt from future calls all such. The
| icprded popular approval.
K-/ It seems to this newspaper, however, tha
Bpv should not stop at the shipbuilding indust
" industry, which is as imporftnt to the su
g' . don of die war, has beenjiit hard by th
inousanas ot men whet the various t-uropc
; " i? their reserves and it lost nore when 01
out Now that the coal car scarcity is on
^maided the dearth of labor has become tl
' cle to a full production of coaL If the f
out of hand many highly important industi
i~:: the whole military program of the nation v
| /it seems to us, is a matter that merits the ii
|, attention of the administration. It ought tc
|K the attention of the War department anc
V/National Defense by the directors of thi
| association and they cught to have the hi
of every congressman from a coal state.
, Right here in the Fairmont region an
\ -'"a potior similar to that adopted with rega
- ing was to be put in practice would make i
it.- "m the output almost at once. All of the
- army who formerly worked in the mines
upback, but it js almost certain that the m
portent positions and were m.i of respoi
j : now merely units in a vast war machine v
J work as roan as die details could be arr
I ?1 top Of that many men who formerly wor
, / but who have been attracted to other oceu
t 1 t . .1 1 \ .1.1 '
? pay wouia go Dacic to ine oia calling, l
twp for mme'labor too in the interest of
i .. * ? ILITARY experts agree that from
/' iVl Pout of view the Austro-German c
is not very important, but that the m
f" *re highly so. In other words, Germany
g.* though Italy is crushed as completely as wi
jf^bja and Rumania, providing the blow do
' OUo wets Were not tbe only ones
.. that made i killing last week.
% West Virginia's thirsty boys also
isijlve cause to rejoice because ot that
s^evernment order suspending bag- j
. gage searches pending a judicial iu- J
| terprstation ot the bone dry law. 1
^Better be careful, though.
^ That does not repeal the law, f
^ It the government gets the goods c
on you some other way, up you go.
H&It certainly would be tough to spend r
ChidsfQM ^?tUlays In jail. l
* * f '*
*" - I ,e*Fr?nce has pasaee
^roTpa?. '*#. Followed her
rtet situation m that coin
iter. * English may be dap
r- }RSDic. m any fight, but m
1BonTE"1,,r' u bad, and the atei
superintendent. seemt to demand?
PRf8?. staff with a single h
ed to the use fop j . .
tod to it or not and coordinate the
J aleo the local M(J Jt ,L .
icatlon of apodal Z. . B " ,n ,nBI
teutonic amy adn
irtmenta reached tal Upheaval which
"*" tion.
ikrt K. ward. As for this count
Ave.. Chicaao. that the Republic i
us that only heje ai
SSStJToc"041 ' ""y understands
rfii ^Per'copy We ? .??
our personal lives. 1
One month. 75c: moral rkngers are g
r call " lowing the crushing
to set The Wen lAa,k ? #?,in ^
tern union. America can afford
r VETS# dime of Prussia hat
a matter of fact, u
and to think of ouit
' 12, 1917. from which the Re]
kT HIS Is the wet
paign the res:
bership of bet
lishment of Fairmor
Virginia. The mo
ought to go far on
/ many members it n
\ most of those who i
not dune in fe:ling i
The war we are i
not merely a struggl
lions in which it is r
t the government who remain at hom
try duty all men who are on the firini
ice in ship yards, activities count the;
iat way. It has munity at least the
in the army can tively concentrate is
v that" they were When the Fairm
enre to go back as it is hoped this wi
most comolete sense
is the one Great ization. It will be
while^ the army his plea for a horns
rally were taken have .sent into the fit
ack to the shops Fairmont the speed
d build the ships from organization,
y was to be kept opportunity to do s<
was the popular the nation. And tl
ashington talked with every ope who
meant that the fee by comparison is
ular line were to sc. ice in the interest
npting men who i
m the call to the Heavy rains -re i
Austro-Germans Is
now understood the first time
early plan was the side of the Cer
aut negligibly in s?mme last fall ant
t we have got a
nail army under
an is looming up nows tro'
island provision "*at the Bolsl
! up of the shin course- Jt was ln<
m farm ihr J**, fbut it Is a plti th
id and munitions make !t ?laln t0 <
H of the canton- tbat the wi,d 8ehen:
; ship yards and Bible'
plan will be acAccordlng
to dis
t the government tle3 ot ^declared f
ry. The mining b-v government age
ccessful termina- contents ot warehji
e war. It lost cnd we get t0 the b
an nations called ever ?etB out ot ho
. own call went {au,ta
fair way to be
:c greatest obsta- Copenhagen rep<
uel situation gets ?Pments ln Russla
ies will stop and bWkS??"?d tn Gei
rill suffer. This, Paign ln alt probab
mmediate earnest party t0 ho,tl out
i be pitted upon t^ght where It is. .
1 the Council of yearning for peace
m??:?I coins to be more ii
s *' otiuucu vuai ? sarty
cooperation .,n the Past. Then
the En.e-'ce talk of
fibuncement that thing the declining
rd to ship build- not produce.
> great difference
men now in the The Philadelphia
would not come Im'm lahcr before i
who held im- that Is much easle
isibilities but are pl'sh. The truth i
rould Jjc back af could be sent to th
anged. And on duced to the jfhjnt
ked in the mines necessary. The fa
pations by higher to make better use
.et's have egemp- have to learn that
the national wel- are feolng to be tt
all over the world
? equipped to carry j
'ERSE. y
a purely military oun'
,aT . . UJO.V.
:ampaign in Italy ^ ^
o: I potentialities Our ?ld friend, i
v. ? ^luiuuiuo that there's no col
cannot wm even
sre Belgium, Ser- Maybe the Kaiee
es not shatter the to put st little jaz:
ac them in the trenches.
* *
Colonel House, head of 'Woodro.w'R
ittchen cabinet, visited the King or
England yesterday.
\ *
Doubtless the Kink Celt highly hoaired.
The lads who are running Ehfeland
luring the present crisis have negected
him shamefully tor the past
wo years.
And even a kink has feelins.
m ?
After Thursday it will he unlawful
or any one who does not have a govirnment
license to have explosives.
Now it the constables who sptad
nost ot their time hunting red llkter?
.? ?
..... .
n falls?France, England id!
| through one moral emit this yea
first spring offensive, and the pt
itry is far from being satisfactory,
tended upon to make a last ditch
that country, too. the political sit
> which the situation on the war
the 'creation of an Inter-Allied g
ead, Joffte, for instance, to conx
whole military strength of the E
: respect in line with the policy <
illustration?might bring about a
i would have all the effect of a i
ry, while we are all thoroughly
Is at war, there is evidence all i
ad there is there a man or woma
the exact nature of the conflic
bearing which it is going to havi
lie French where both the physic
reatest may simply stiffen under tl
!v* KntK Rrifaii. anrl tl??? rmmlrw
je thoroughly loyal and mtellige
ion mutt therefore prepare to talk
uid traitors by their right names i
; of the military power of Italy,
I in this land. The only time
I to talk peace is when the militai
i either been crushed or starved 01
>e have not yet actually begun te
tins now would be an act of cow
public would never recover.
o ?.
sk for the Red Cross membershi|
:lt of which it is hoped will be a
ween 8,000 and 10,000 and the
it as the leading Red Cross city in
vement has been well organized
its own momentum, but no matte
ets it will be onlv a qualified sue
ire brought into the Red Cross cii
that it is their patriotic duty to en:
n is. as has been said many times I
!e of armies; it is a contest of whi
vecessary for all to take a part,
le must light just as faithfully as
5 line. In order to make the back
t must be organized and in this
point upon which they can most
ill* R Pr/i?
ont chapter includes as many m<
sek's effort .vill bring in, it will be
of the word a community war <
all that Governor Comwell asks
: army to back up the army whi
:lu. It will give to every war efl
at.d effectiveness which can conii
It will give each and every o
unething that will be of great va
tat ought to be the controlling tl
joins the Red Cross. The memb
a trifle. The constant Ct/>pej;atic
of the Republic is everything.
nr.king a great deal of trouble f<
i Italy. This is interesting be
the weather man has failed to
itral powers. He saved them o
1 he probably saved them In Fla
m Russia tends to strengthen tl
tevlki revolution has about rt
svltable that its life would be i
at it could not last long enou
;he infatuated people of the c
ies of the Russian radicals are ii
patches from New York vast qi
ood have been found in storage
nts who have been investlgatin
uses. It takes lots of time, but I
louom oi ims iooa Dusmess, ^n<
ind again it will be the people'!
>rts are to the effect that the i
and Italy have put peace talk I
rmany. Exactly. The Italian
lilt will malie it possible for th
another winter, even if It is I
But when the reaction comes an
!, peace on any terms, returns
aslstent than it has been at any
nothing but a victory that will
peace will still it. And that is :
: si?ngth of the Central power
I Course is talking about conscri
text spring. This is one ot the t
ir to talk about than it is to a
Is that there is not much laboi
le farms even if the country we
which would make labor conscr
rmers will simply > e to lean
of machinery. Soon or late th:
anyhow, for when peace returni
irown into competition with, fa
who have learned the trick an
it on in a large way.
the weather man, is taking gooi
IA eVinptaoa Whnolnlo* Tnlocrn
x -will plead that he -was only (
s in tylstory.?Clarksburg Expc
Will bunt guys with dynamit
they have no business to.havi
can do a useful lick for their cc
* * *
Reckon they wont however.
* * *
Can't work up much persoi
terest in that kind of evidenci
* a a
Saturday was a bad day f
Bolsbevikl. the Italians, and?
Two Fairmont football teami
Have you donned that Red Cro
ton yet?
m m
It's tho only thing that look
on the lapel this week.
/ * * *
So Andy Rapclch takes his
eoifee. r
Well, some of it in ao bad
tan to be eased dQRg the throa
But why. spoil good coffee?
r, *?t j .
dibcal "
.The __
sland WeoPRV?-TOR, I K
??T US** >
upturn aionaire and th4t
front are not allowed to
_.r)1i from the qlktst.s. 3
?*ral them over to aificfli
didate THIS COtvces.ntente
|_3ionaiRc . I
of the _| '
iround "*
But you don't Tec
when THE MOTEL i ' TH
cess if I
de do 1 fyr #n
tz Mr?tLA
Those ! *
ihc?Z What P$opleS
effcc- .
, t And Some Side Ren
'I16 Senator W. S. Meredith wus
organ- ujed to make the "four-i
for id speech on the Red Cross at tt
ch we Methodist Episcopal church ye
'ort of but he pleaded he was no
e only onough posted in regard to thi
ment 10 Prof. Joseph Rosier,
, pal of the Fairmont State J
ilue to echool, made the talk. Prof,
lought has evidently spent sometime
ership tvork of condensing the many
n and 1)8 8a'^ 'nt0 u "four-mlriute"
in ana tor provj(]C(] more informs
that time than seems possible
Rosier made his first t|lk of tl
or the paign at the Hippodrome Si
cause n,Sht and In discussing it, sail
be on "I did not realize what a
in the ed time four minutes was.
nders hardly got started when
was a tap of a ball back i
which was sounded at my ret
just before the time was
re be- realized that Hippodrome pa
in its came to see the girl show
short not waI>' to hear Red (
5norl' iUt under the circumstances
gh to
were most considerate, man
ounty ing much interest Jn what I
mpos- ^ say "
Kd. R. Kelsey, governor of t
cntb district of the Intcrnatio:
lanti- sociatlon of Rotary clubs, did
there to Fairmont for the founding
g t])e fifth club in West Virginia but
seen r airuioat ana nas iancn
n the place. He wired the Fnirmoi
1 It It the other day as follows:
i owd ' . .
Very sorry 1 cannot be
you, as I spent an hour at
half in Fairmont and was
level- much Impressed with the
n the especially with the hotel.
the finest hotel for any cit
cam- |ts gjje | j,ave ever geen."
e war ?-?, ?,
lalted .
d the Hall Brumage's
time Funeral Tomoi
some- Hall Brummage, aged 51,
s can known resident of White Roc
ycst3rday afternoon at his horn
a brief illness. He was a bache
ipting was well known in the section
hinge 1,0
Funeral services will be 1
ccom- Tuesday at 2 o'clock at the Bru
r that residence and interment, will b
re re- in the Brummage cemetery by
... fob A* Pnnnlnnham
ipiion ^ *
X how * '
in- '
or th?
' ^
?, hllt HOeTXlPJtDORB*
Marshal Conrad von Hoet
long commander-in-chief of t
g good Man armies on* the Italian i
probably the master strat
whose brain the whole o
in his against Italy was mapped out
almost the only Austrian-gene
has not lost Ills reputation da
that it war. Perhaps that is because h
U tachcs sre little brothers to '
Ave just ce*RNe-ra that you
coms of somc smooths, guy i
ioiw "Tip" t?e proprietor. ; ?
ic First
tt?weu Civil War Veteran Passes
' prind- Quietly Away While
Normal ' Taking a Nap.
on the
things J?lil Wilson,- aged 78 years, a prumispeech
nont Citlzen ot Winfleld district, died
tion in amiday morning at his home near
Prot White Way creek. Mr. Wilson had
*t ljeeu ul> B'nce the rlsl"B hour and had
ituruay completed, the morning chores about
3 the larm and had laid uown tor a nap.
limit- A tew minutes afterward his daugh1
had ter called him aud on his failure to rethere
spond went to Ills side aud found that
ituge, he 1yd passed quietly away,
luest, The deceased ia-survived by his wife,
up, i u son. James C. Wilson, and two daughtront
ters, Mrs. Virginia DoVault and Mrs.
and * Rosa DeVault, all of Wihtield district.
2ross He owned property on Morgaqtown
they aventie in this-city where he spent the
ifest- winter months and was preparing to
had come here within the next few weeks.
Mr. Wilson was a Civil war veteran,
having served with Capt. ft. D. HeU
he sev- raick in the 17th W. Va. Infantry. The
nal As- news of his death was received here
not get and in tho community where he resid
oi tne ca with deep regret.
be haa Funeral services are announced to
for the be held on Tuesday afternoon a? 2
it club o'clock from the Mt. Zlon M. E.^Church
r.nd interment will be made in tlje Mt.
. Zlon cemetory by Undertaker Musgrave
and 8011.
id a
It Is * P1GS EYE' Minn.?Consternation
v of 'he whaIe llslllns Industry is causxed
by the escape of an educated
whale front the local acquarium into
the northern waters. The wltalo bad
where been taught to read. It- read that
whale meat was being put on tho
leld on market, whereupon ' it escaped and
ramage swam madly- out to sea. A shortage
e made 0f whales is expected as the educated
Under- whale spreads the "news.
Better secure a seat while there is
still an opportunity.
kW Twice Dally 2:15 and 8: IS
I | D. W. Griffith's Colossal Spectacle
or "love's Struggle Throughout tin
See AncISltt Babylon and the famoui
feast of Belshazzer, towering walla ant
hanging gardens, dances of the Orien
in thelr luxurious environment, Judei
4 and the Holy Land in its beautiful sim
zendorf, piicity at the dawn of the Christlai
he Aus- era. Mediaeval Paris and the Court o
[ront, is Charles XI, with events leading up t<
eglst In the massacres of those stirring days
unpaign The on'y picture outdoing "The Birtl
He It ot a Nation"?by the same popula:
irarwho producer.
ring the , Seats now an sale at Martin's Bool
Is mous- Store. Matinees 25c. 35c. SOo^and 75c
Was One of the Best Known
Citizens in This Section.
Felix martin, aged SO yean. Dither ot
Mrs. C. B. Nay, ot tbla city, died last
night at the home ot hla daughter, Mr*.
J. La 110 Farrlsh, in Worthington, after
a tew days' Illness. Mr. Mahln who
has been a member ot the households
ot Mrs. Nay and Mrs. Parrish tor the
last several yoars, went to 'be home
ot Mrs. Parrish a week ago Saturday.
TS- It. * > " '
X7c woa uiKea 111 on weanesuay DUl His
condition was not considered alarming
until Friday. Mrs. Nay went to Worthington
Saturday morning and was'
there when be passed away.
Mr. Martin was one ot the best
known citizens of this section. He was
a son of George W. Martin and Ingleby
Sturm Martin, the former having t
been a member of the state legislature i
when the constitution of West Virginia
was drawn up. Fells Martin was.
one ot a large family ot children tbe
majority of whom are surviving, one
slater. Mrs. Mollte Sandy, is deceased, |
and five sisters and one ijrpthor are ,
living, namely, Mrs. Maggie Nay, Mrs. :
Nancy Cunningham, of Blngainon; ;
Mrs. Louise Hess and Mrs. Nannie Miller,
of Manniqgton. Mrs. Lloyd Week- '
ley, ot Buekbapnon, and Thornton
Martin, of Shinnston.
The deceased was united in marriage
with Sarah Boggess whose death occurred
ten years ago. Two children
survive the union, Mrs. Nay and Mrs.
Fairish. Three slstnis; Mrs. Jennie
. Tate, wife of Wm. Tate, of Sturm'E
Malls; Mrs. Rosa Lee Mclntlre, wife
of T. F. Mclntiro, of Killann, and Miss
Mabel Martin. Until the death ot his
wife Mr. Martin feslded on a farm at
Enterprise. During th? war of the re
bellionrtie drove a commissary wavon
through that section. Ho was a life
long Republican.
Funeral services are announced to
! c held on Tuesday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the Par>lsh residence at
Vorthlngton un dthe tody will be tak- i
en to Enterprise for interment in the J
family burial ground. j
Conscription Aided Napoleon. 1
It was through the power of conscription
that Napoleon was enabled 1
to carry on the gigantic wars which J
characterized Ills rclgn. and by nienns
of It. after losing in tbe snows of Russia
the largest army that up tilt that ,
time had ever been put Into the Held, (
he was enabled to reappear a few
months Inter with noothcr army almost
as large. Out of necessity the 1
oilier nations were forced to follow t
France's example, and conscription be- 1
came general.
Don't stav stutfed-un!
Quit blowing and (muffling! A dose
of "Pape's Cold Compound" taken every
two hours until three doses are
taken will end grippe misery and
break up a severe cold either In the
head, chest, body or limbs.
It promptly opens clogged-up nostrils
and air passages; stops nasty discharge
or nose running; rolloves sick
headache, dullness, (everishness, sore
throat, sneezing, soreness and stiffness.
"Pape's Cold Compound" Is the
quickest, surest relief known and
costs only a few cents at drug stores.
It acts without assistance, tastes nice,
and causes no inconvenience. Don't
accept a substitute.
for Thaoksgiving
Turkey without\itufilug it no.
treat at all. So Is Sage very necessary
to doctor the Turkey up
to a palatable finish. Sage In
packages or- loese. Best known
nroduct, thoroughly cleaned and
carefully pgcked. Stock up on
this now, botore the Thanksglvlug
supply Is all gone
10c Pkg.
W* C* M
l>rug oiurc j |
Family of 1
| ; This phrase aptly expreses the 11
1 depositors and The Peoples Nation
; understands, and the new deposlto
! We believe that it Is Important
to feel perfectly at home as soon
[ ' officers direct their energies.
You are invited to make a pers
; and join our <arge family of depot
the'peopi^es' n
Funeral services over Uio body of
Mrs. J. M. Howard whose death occurred
Thursday in Maaontown. Pa*
were held on Saturday afternoon from
her late residence conducted by Rev. 3
W. T. Robinson, pastor' of the Mssoo- ,-v'
town M. E. church. The services were
largely attended by relatives and
Triends and there was a profusion of
floral offerings. The pallbearers werf
the six sons of the deceased'namely.
Charles, William, George. Thomas, , :
Faul and Dr. E. W. Howard, the Utter of
this city. The funeral oocurred on
the 66th anniversary of Mr. and Mrsf-t
Howard's marriage. Among the (th- .
tlves in attendance from this otty were.. Or.
and Mrs. Howard and daughters, -v he
Misses Dorothy and Mary KMh- .
iryn, Miss Louise Conn, George DeBolt
tud daughter, and Mrs. Henry 8. Livw.
ty and Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Smith.
Women Lifted Thank
Offering Yesterday
Women acted as ushers and lifted
the thayk offering last evening at the
Brace Lutheran church when a Retor- :
tnatlon service was held by the Wornen's
Home and Foreign Missionary '/<!;
society. Seventy-live people atended
the services. Members ol the society .'
had.the major portion of the numbers
do the program, which was rendered
is previously published. Mrs. Amelia
Stanhagen presided over the meeting.
Health All Back Again ASid i
to Nerv-Worth Falls
the Credit. Sf
V ,
This entirely new signed endorsement
given to Nerv-Worth Druggist,
E. C. Shepperd, Martlnsburg, lets im- '
portant light In upon the subject of
lervous Ills and the means to be taken . ; *.
tft tviiril *Hotir? riff
"I was extremely nervous. Appe- ;
tlte very poor. Did not seem to dl- .'M
test my food. Had to take pbyslo all
be time. Gas formed In my stoi&acli
ind I would bloat and It caused me ^
i great deal of uneasiness. Could not
deep soundly and get any rest but \
:ossed about tbe bed all nigbt Had . H
serious trouble with my kidneys.
"I purchased a bottle of Nerv(Vorth
at your store and since taking
ibout three fourths of it 1 AM COM- '
HEALTH and feel fine. All the
roubles mentioned have left me. I >
surely recommend Nerv-Worth to all.
' "P. S. HOLLAR, Li:
"210 North Church St, "v*
"Martlnsburg. W. Va."
Crane's Drug store sells NorviVorth
at Fairmont. Your dollar back
f this famous family tonic does not .
seneflt you.
. ?
Join the Red Grots
The New Cavalier Jj
Model I
Hole the sensible heel and-ts- .
pering toe. We offer It in all
new popular shades of leather. , oj
Some with buck and cloth'tope. r
$5.50 to $8.50
It's a boot thatNdll \dd dis-,
tictlon to any smart (all .rlnter ' .
costume it accompanies.
Other models are constantly ' ;
arriving to maintain our prestige "'-'V
at "The Shop Ahead,"
Shurtleff 11
& Welton |
Wnlk-Ovpr IW Shen Hi
Depositors r^ji
jlationshlp existing between our tt vi|
1 Bank. The old depositor fully 8 ?
r soon learns Its meaning. aS'Si
that the new depositor be made ^
as possible, and to this end the
onal investigation of our service j

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