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&*MP ' " PTTTII .Ttrcrtcn nair.v trvcncPT ?i
Eft fej- hf the Fairmont Printing and Publlshlr
Kf _ Publication Office. Monroe Sti
[ < W. J. WIEGEL, General Mam
fflf: The Associated Press is exclusively entitl
republication of all news dispatches credi
ES5& otherwise credited In tbls newspaper am
Bat / news published herein. All right* of rcpnbll
y'1 dispatches herein are also reserved.
; Foreign Advertising Representative. ROB
KS Fifth Avenue. New York; 5 S. tVabash
HffiiS w wtw /m.-u. _ -3 --1- *?
K...-NT n ? 1"!' - - in uu,.incc- 'ml) . I
WeSaX 'tbe month?. 13.00; three months. 11.50: one
Jgr'c i'-BX CARRIER?(In Fairmont.) One :
M(S month*, 11.60; one month, 60c; one week.
K- * Three Cents.
BY CARRIER?(Outside of Fairmont.) i
ono week. 18c. By carrier Three Cents.
Be All subscriptions payable In advance .
When asking for chance In address glvi
new addres*.
iw'';; Entered at the Postotflce at Fairmont,
aeoond clans matter.
ff/r Subscribers on our carrier routes ratlin;
?f; Virginian any evening should call "WES'
K. state the fact and give name and residence
E.'jC wor deliver a paper to your door at one
r\ charge to the subscriber for this service. /
?/ UDGE HAYMOND'S charge to th?
4?, 1 terday was a fine example ' f just wha
.... ' J should be. Judge Haymond has alv
I to the point when he addressed the grand
remarks yesterday were exceptionally well
tot conditions in the county.
: It is to be hoped that what he said aboul
zens to do their part in reporting violation!
bear te kind of fruit the judge expects,
the law are not as Vigilant as Judge Ha
thinks they are; but a judge on the bench
- tion to find that out. Nor is he expected
f. with details of that kind. It is altogethci
ever, that there would he less to complain i
J" of city u.id county officers if those worthi
| . citizens generally were keeping an eye on
ft:' . No .community that pursues a let-Geoi
G .toward the enforcement of such police r
ft "traffic, liquor and sanitary laws has a
to be well governed. The West Virginian
I . ing that doctrine/with all the force it c
many monlhs, and .t is naturally gratified
views emphatically uttered by the court.
I in the scholarly style and statesmanli
ij" ' so well knows how to affect when h
K document for the contemplation of po:
Was a lot more punch in it which the man
understand than is usually the case with
On the whole this Buffalo speech stands
- t>f thundering down the ages than some of
deliberately dressed up for that impressive
He said, for instance, that Germany i
; intimating, very politely, of course, that tho:
tiling else, especially "German authoritu
throats. He also said that what he oppo
. their stupidity, and that "the pacifists knov
peace, and I do."
Most any one can understand that kind
: | Indicates that the Woodrow Wilson who t
. Uacious way has traveled a long distance
:' attitude of die professor-politician who tol<
>. auojencc jusi niicr uu. uica\ing oui 01 uii
B"' ' that there is such a thing as being too prom
.Only a small percentage of the peopl
" Philadelphia utterance ever understood it,
few in this country or in Germany, or evei
' are not able to follow Mr. Wilson in whai
filo. It is to .be hoped that he will i
speeches. The tonic effect of their st
^ ' Shoulder vigoris needed just at this time.
?0? -
Var/EST, VIRGINIA'S farmers wou
\Y and a much more prosperous lot if
in the habit of taking the advice
put to them in the bulletins of the Departi
tvtre, Some of them do, of course, but i
not, proving thereby that they are just like
states where agriculture is much more ad'
West Virginia and the advice handed o
" costs many times more than the same b
v handed out in West Virginia does.
s*' In * all ^seriousness, however, the farme
pi Ruff stuff | ?
| That charge to the grand jury prob- ?
h: ably gave the auto Bpeedere a tittle ot
that w. k. all gone feeling in the pits
|v " Vf thjtXjr tummies last night, . t,
Sr-'V The next driver mixed up in a kill|.
\ lag will have to face a jury.
own* one along the line will be tl
fealed Into court to explain.
ft , ^JAad Juries are oncartaln articles, -v tl
/-.^Wlth every one howling about the
p.' Speed mania tbey are apt to be-darned
fe, ' Gasoline was selling at a dollar, a b
- fcallon in Clarksburg yesterday.
&?'v ' But even that is much less than the ti
rcj.: Clarksburg .price for red llkker.
< In the excitement ot the Red Cross n
j&" frmpalgn do not lose sight ot the fact t:
Bv -wat this state's most important foi)t- o
ibwfii w'" 1)0 vcrpetrated har? e
bsammmohdwcagg" in1n 'ifjj?
!. - ? more attention *o Ae
llll(ill"1 more adrantage of A
" at Ae school of agrh
M1,w ' ; The men who ate in
jnuat monwealA are amont
ig^ompaBT. doing Aeir part and i
lg#r porting and Ae peop!
r. r.EDic, All Aey need to acct
'boVer!1**"' tion of enough farmer
luperlntehdent. Al part of Ae can
preu. belongi from an eco?
Sfih M wle Of Ae state m
i also the local tional effort to grow
cation ot special ^ ^ necei|ity
rtmants reached cr*tic ju"ice. the mor
prepam now for Ae <
ERT E. WARD. >-e?*. . , , ,
Are., chicaeo. It is the Aought or1
not next spring, is Ae
Ono year jB.oo; plow, arrange for Ae
rear,tUt7Sn?: al* material for Ae orcha
idc. Per copy negotiate for Ae pure
3ne month. 7S?: one other things that <
turist?and he is right
i old aa well as Do it now.
eat Virginia, aa TAinlrlitr to ? or
R CALI__ in the Reichstag, i
stated that the army
0 act The West lul"
cern union*," ble to provide mora
and * messenger , , ...
e. There Is no young girls of Alst
' requisitioned for w<
? j one-half .of them ha
t 13j 1917. at the front." How
r country that has b<
Fatherland. When I
going to find that ttv
this one which Is ei
1 labor, but which is r
Za slave raiding. And
2^ known.
Major General Wl
yK, fcrinR department ol
"QPb Ing the fuel situation
i making a eilfgle chi
| saving in railroad e
coal to New Englai
; grand jury yes- easily reached from
I such an address men have known tha
trays talked right were not interested
jurymen, but his the things this counl
adapted to pres- or'three years is tha
to a much greater e;
the duty of citi- the marketB of the v
i of the law will ?
The officers of Last night's Over
ymond evidently surprised even the n
is not in a posi- thusiasm and esprit
to keep in touch not often that any t>
probable, how- braces the whole cc
af in the conduct been done here in ti
to knew that the an earnest that the
the situation. como be capable of
rgc-do-it attitude Any one ought to be
egulations as the bc-rship of sucli an t
right to expect ?
has been preach- ibe expected has
an command for run.
to hear the same "
Baltimore and Ohiy
? make Inquiries regai
;?. which the switch stai
Buffalo was not th'e swltch a perman
ke vein wl ich he ^ ^ wholesale horn
e v. .v ts to wr.le nQw the prIncipai 0l
sterity, but there but (t the peopie vh
in the street will Fa|rm0nt avenue km
a better chance ?f>ht It with alt thei
those that were signlncaDt line taken
role. across the river will
started the war, of the town tf is P'
re who say some
lie in their Wall street is gottl
ses in pacifists is PaV to get on the tot
v not how to get the money market g<
of language. It QtmPH
alks n that pug- OXlUivJ
from the mental That Place in the i
i a Philadelphia ably the biggest am
: war in Europe ma8S?charI?ton W
I to fight. So far as the con
e who read the that's what's the m
but ther^ will be Inteiligencer.
i in Russia, who Make war on the
t he said in Buf- advantage of the wa
pake mote such Neva,
raight from the Thc retfti, plrates
surrender, as Hoovei
Id be a haDDier When Martin Lut:
" happier ei..lly are the blgt'S
they were more earth." he was sayii
which is handed lest of time.?Charle
nent of Agricul
nost of them do Tlle coaI operatori
farmers in other
ranced than it is
ut by the experts " Hurrah for the ci
rand of wisdom 10 m.ak<La pumpkinl
toes: tie uus out
I program?pumpklnli
rs ought to pay | feastless day.?Cbar
at off for another week at the request U
C the people that are to be regulated, it
One place outside of that country
here the Russian method of running h;
government ought to be thoroughly t<
nderstood is at tho City halt
* * ?
The war tar flurry is over and the ns
)lks are ponying up as if^bat bad been
art of the game all their lives.
The war will be over as far as this b
ountry is concerned when they tako i
hese taxes off.
Used to he that to be a member of
he Red Cross was to be the excop- j,
'on. a
Pretty soon merchants will feel safe A
o offer to give away goods to tboss a
'bo can prove that they are not metiers.
... -y
Two Cincinnati cops wore killed yes- A
frday, li
. e r
Which illustrated what Judge Hay tl
lond had in mind when he intimated ;i
hat careleseueaa about the sanctity tl
t human life Is likely to Income a e
rental habit. c
Lulletmi of the department and tale
e fad] hies that are thein to command
ailture of West Virginia University,
charge of these activities of die com5
die best in the land, and they are
ore to make West Virginia self supe
who till the land more prosperous,
mplish their ambition-is the cooperas
for a few years.
paign to put West Virginia where it
>mic standpoint and in order that die
ly the better do their part in >he nantore
food at a time when food is
to America and the cause of demot
recent bulletin urges the fanners to
:rops which they intend to grow next
Commissioner Williams that now, and
time to fix fences, put in tinderdrains,
supply of lime, fertilizer and spraying
rds, attend to the repair of: .achinery.
hase of new, and do a hundred and
will occur to the mind of the agricul;
Every farmer in the state knows it.
atest made by an Alpatian deputy
the German government formally
administration had taken the trouI
and religious supervision for the
ice and Lorraine who have been
irk with the army, and "Scarcely
ve been subjected to force to work
r becoming such a policy is to the
;en known the world over as the
t is ail over the German people are
e thing hardest toilve down will be
lphemisticaily called requisitioning
10 more lovely or moral than Congo
the world's verdic^on that is well
lliam S. Black, chief of the enginyie
army, who has been investlgati
of the country reports that without
ingc in terminal facilities a great
qulpment can be made by sending
id by the water route from ports
the bituminous coal regions. Coal
it for a long time, but the railroads
in economies bf that kind. One of
t has got to learn in the next two
it It must usp water transportation
stent if it is to hold Its position in
o . <
the Top dinner or the Red Cross
tost optimistic in tho amount of ende
corps which it developed. It is
own develops a movement that cmimmunity,
but that seems to have
be case of the Red Cross, and it is
'ocal chapter will in the months to
doing great things for the cause,
i proud to be included In the raem.rganization.
. happened in the matter of that
Yesterday representatives of tjie
railroad appeared at City hall to
rding the ownership of the land on
ads because the road wants to make
ent affair so that it can deliver cars
ses that are located along It. Right
ajection to this switch is aesthetic,
0 own property on Main street and
aw what is pood for them they will
r power, for this comparatively in1
in connection with tbo new bridge
in the end change the business axis
emitted to become a fixture.
Ing over its pessimism. It does not
iQggan every time the gentlemen in
it a bad attack of cold feet.
iun reserved for the Kaiser Is probi
the deepest hole in the blazing
tention of "personal liberty" goes,
atter with the Kaiser.?Wheeling
retail inaerchants tbat are taking
r to akin you on prices.?Kanawha
might as well run up the flag or
ia atter them hot foot.?Wheeling
her said "The German princes gent
tools and the worst scoundrels on
ag something which has stood the
ston Mail.
i will have to arrange to.give away
; otherwise they don't get it.?Con
lllnary genius who discovered how
ess pumpkin pie out of sweet potathe
ideal Uoovcrized Thansglvlng
sss pie, turkeyless dinner and a
leston Leader.
;e lads Itf the trenches and have it devered
on time.
Which ought to remind you that you
.... t. r.M _ i.?. .?
avo uui Hicneu iu ivi ? iui, ui uiuawvu
>r a long time.
Da It while the matter Is on your
Meaning, do It now.
dillersville Lit
To Meet Friday
Friday night of this week the MilsrsvUle
Literary- society will have
meeting and an interesting program
as been arranged for the affair.
>mong the numbers on the program
re the following:
Recitation. Gladys Martin; select
eading, Beryle Dexter; select reading,
'Irglnla Carpenter; select reading,
.vis Martin; recitation, Garnet Tomnson<
recitation, Gladys Shackelford;
ecitatlon, Anna Smallwood; recltaion,
Virginia Spencer; recitation, Pau.
ine Shackelford; debate, "Resolved,
bfct home llto in the country has greatr
advantages than home life In the
Ity;" to. affirm. Ora Shackelford,
'rank Spencer, Charles Hall; to deny.
"i&\ | * ? "
-1 ,Ss
WASHINGTON. D. C., Nov. 13.? !
Official notice has been given Con- *
gressman Stuart F. Heed by th?vPen- ,
iion Commissioner of the granting of a
1 ension, at tbc rate 6C.323 a month, to ' li
Mrs. Annie ?. Davis, of Shinnston. i
Mr. Reed haB up with the same ortt- I
ctal the claims of Mrs. Mary Aukrom. c
of Minnora, and James 1. Seedars, of
Central Station. . u
The application of A. H. Drcckstein, t
tOJTGther with ? sfrnno nnronnn 1 nn.
(lorsemcnt by Congressman (Recti, lor
e commission In the aviation corps, has t
keen tiled with the chief ol the signal P
cervice. . v.
Postmaster commissions have been
Issued to Car,"ie Gum, Avon, W. Va.; c
Claude L. Morton, Burnweil; Golda H. li
What People Say If
, i
And Some Side Remarks i
When Mrs. A. C. Ross paid fifty
cents f* her ticket to the Grand theater
yesterday and paid five cents
war tax at the same time, she not on- \
ly paid the extra vickcl cheerfully but
she commented upon her pleasure at
having the opportunity to do so: T
"It brings the war home to us p
to pay such a tax. It makes us .,
realize that the United States is v
In the war. It reminds us of our (,
obligations to our country. I pay ,]
the tax cheerfully and I have a ,
boy in France." 1
General Leonard Wood has Issued \
a statement endorsing the' $35,000,000 J
war work fund of the Y. M. C. A., t
which receives attention here next c
week. He says: f
"Excellent as the Y. M. C. A. s
work Is and has been elsewhere, i
I believe that the work It is now t
doing in the great cantonments, t
where our troops are being train- c
ed, is perhaps the greatest and
the best it has ever attempted. c
One has to see it to appreciate
it. We must give the men places
of the right type to go to, places
wbero healthy amusements and T
decent surroundings, as well as
reasonable recreation, can bp secured.
This Is where the Y. M.
C. A. has secured, perhaps, its |
best results. It has not only
helped suppress vice and evil doing.
but It has given the men attractive
places to assemble and
wholesome amusement."
Capt. GUllnwater, who speakes at
Clarksburg this afternoon and tonight,
was talking to a Fainnonfbr, and remarked:
"Bloodshed is frightful, you
IriiAWi Vast T haws ahnnf oamo
feeling, or lack of feeling, in killing
a Hon that I have In killing
a rat or a snake."
Cost Just $11.50 to ;
Encourage a Fight!
A. 0. Evans was before Mayor Bow- ]
en at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon i
charged with being Implicated in the1 '
light that occurred at the Baltimore '
and Ohio railroad station last week j
betwee Guy Fleming and Sturg Hot- ]
sletter. Evans was charged with en- ]
couraging the fight, stating that he i
Would pay Hotsetter's line in cast he :
was arrested. After hearing several
witnesses in^the c/se Evans was given ;
a line of 210 and costs amounting to
, 211.20 which he paid and was dia- ;
, missed.
; : ^ .
y * - - '
)N NEWS -:By
tump, Ureckvale, and Forrest L
iumptor, Cyclone.
Henry H. Wilson, a contractor whi
j building connote roads in Ititclu
ounly, accompanied Senator Sutbci
ni l to the -hipping officials yosterdao
sco about getting supplies needei
hrough to tlie cortrari on which 111
ompany is working.
Miss Eva Ulil, the competent am
econinicdating steuograpber to Son
or Sutherland, is spending her vaca
ion with her sinter in Purkcrsburg
Notice lias been received by Sena to
lutiierlnud of the granting of pen
ions at the sale or $20 a month to Mrs
larali Dawdln. of Shanks, and Mrs
largaret Myers, of Wolf Summit.
Mrs. Howard Sntlicrlaiid has return
tl from Huntington wnere she visilei
er daughter.
FAIRMONT, Nov. 10.?[Editor Thi
Vest Virginian: J?I wish to call youi
ttention to an erroneous statemen
thieh appeared in the issue of youi
apcr on Saturday, Nov. 10. In you:
rtlcle, RivcsylUe High lose? it Fait
low, you state, "Until the gamo yes
erday Rivcsvillc High, under the abli
Irection of Coach Sheets, had a cleai
ecord. etc." This is untruo. Oi
"hursday, October IS. Fairview Higl
[ofeated Rivesville High on Rives
dlie's ground by score of S3 to C
like Hamilton of Fairmont Norma
icing the referee. In tbo publicatlo:
if this article, you are .either misin
ormed or you dill not Invostigati
ufficicntly to find out the true stand
ng of the respective teams. In Jut
ico to yourself and both teams, w
rust that you will issue a correctloi
it the above statement.
Assuring you of our appreciation
if said correction, I am.
Very trulv voure,
unucr w iiu.1 upsei your siomacnKhich
portion o( the food did the datr
ige?do you? Well, don't bother. 1
-our Stomach Is in a revolt; if sicl
;t?ssy and upset, and what you just at
is# fermented and turned sour; hea
lizzy and aches; belch gas and acid
ind eructate undigested food; breat
oul, tongue coa'od?Just take a ltttl
Pope's Diapcpsin to help neutrallz
^cldily and in five minutes you wonde
ahat became of the indigestion an
Millions of men and women toda
know that it is needless to have dyi
[icpsia. A little Diapepstn occasions
ly keeps the stomach sweetened an
they eat their favorite food3 withot
[car. N
If your stomach' doesn't take care t
your liberal limit without rebellion;
your food is a damage instead of
help, remember the quickest, surcs
most harmless relief is Pipe's Diape
sin, which costs only, fifty cents for
large case at drug stores. It's tru
> i*a*V** vV- 'I
-!. - it.. <_ .-/??y.'M .? ..' . ?; '<$ : >,r.v <
igTEf*-- ^
City Buys Lot 30 Feet Front
on Cleveland Avenue for
Purchatj of a lot along Clevelano
svenue for the new South Side bridge
was authorized at the weekly meeting
of the Board of Allaire this morning,
The lot is known as the O. S. McKl#
ney property and Is located between
the present office of the John F. Casey
company on Cleveland avenue and the
.north approach of the South Side
>ridge. The-lot la 30 feet along Cleveland
avenue and runs back 115 feet
Approximately $23.0*00 will be Involved
in tbc purchase.
n-*.- * -
.uu wis "III |IUI Dinru llic piUpCll.V
from C. L. Hliavy who had previously
purchased the some property from 0.
S. McKinjiey.
The northern landing of the new
South Side britfge will run down farther
on Cleveland avenue than that of
the present bridge, which change necessitated
the purchase of the property.
Mr. and Mrs. W. r. Sutton of Oklahoma
wero weok end guests of the
former's brother, John L. Sutton.
Mrs. J. B. Storey was a weok end
guest of her daughters, Mrs. Sam
Jones nnd Mrs. James Lanham at
M. J. Bnrrackman and son Donill
of Barrackvillo were visitors at the
National IIouco Sunday.
I). B. Chalfant was ot Morgantown
Sunday to attend the funeral ot his
aunt, Mrs. James E. Dent.
Frank Hogue of tho VC. V. U.'who
has been spondlng a few days at
homo returned to Margantown to resumo
Mr. and Mrs. Charlio Engle ol
. Oniulgee, Okla., are visiting Mr. and
W'm. I'arrlsh an dother relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lambert oi
Save your hair! Beautify it! It is
only u matter of using a little Dander.
iue occasionally to have a head of
1 heavy, beautiful hair! soft, lustrous,
wavy and free from dandruff, it is easy
and Inexpensive to-have pretty, charmins
hair and lots of it. Just spend a
lew cents tor a small bottle of Knowltcn's
Danderiue now?all drug stores
lecoiumend it?apply a lltio as directed
and within ten minutes there will
Lo an appearance of buudance; freshness,
fluffiness and an incomparable
gloss and lustre, and try as you will,
you can not find a trace of dandruff or
, lulling hair; but your real surprise wilt
bo after about two weeks' use. when
r yqp will see new hair?fine and downy
t r.t ffv at?vnu?mo1Ii? *???
.... ? ; vu wu? tvnti; ucn uu i.
r sprouting out all over, your scalp?
r Itanderlnc If. wo believe, the only sure
liair grower, destroyer ot dandruff and
* ci ro for itchy ncalp, and It never fails
to stop falling hair at once.
' If you want to prove how pretty and
soft your hair really' Is, moisten a
c'.oth with a little Danderinc and carefully
draw it through your hair?taking
; eno small strand at a time. Your hair
j will lie soft, glossy and beautiful In just
j a few moments?a delightful surprise
awaits everyone who tries this.
1- ' '
for Thanksgiving
Turkey without stuffing Is no
treat at all. So is sage vory neeessary
to doctor the Turkey up
to a palatable finish. Sage in
packages or loose. Best known
product, thoroughly cleaned and
carefully racked. Stock up on
. this now, before the Tk&nksgiv'
lng supply Is all gone
? 10c Pk*.
i Drug Store
d L?
* |??a?^e?ggc8a^???K8??me?^
lb Family of
!" 8 This pbras9 aptly exprescs the
v s depositors and The Peoples Natl
i ? understands, and the new deposi
" S We believe that it ts imports]
. g to feel perfectly at home as soc
if 8 oSicers direct their energies.
. g You are Invited to make a pe
iti ? and Join our 'argc family of de]
?' ^ i 'Vv1 ~
Honogah were watt end roasts o|
tho litter's mother, Mr*. Sl*n Pow?
ell. . ' ' i ->?.
Dr. D. L.'Lu Tort end Walter Johm
ston of Kalnnont were visiting ths
1 former's mother, Mrs. Mallnda Yost,
Mrs Alico Kuhn. Mr*. Wm. Parrlah
end Niekolns Yost attended the fu>
neral of Mrs. Margaret Engl* al
Grafton Saturday, . * : '
Ray and Doss Engle of Oklahoma
were visiting friends here Bnnday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Tennant were
visitors at Wnynesburg, Pa.. Monday; 3
The Misses Mocklcr of Mannlngton
were week end guests of Mis* Malls- I
sa Price.
nirappnQg W '
SYKUP Of ncs
Ddn't scold your fretful, peevish
cliild. See if tonguo U coated; this Is - ' j
a sure sign Its little stomach, liver and $
bowels are clogged with sour waste. " . -&
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
' cold, breath bad. throat sore, doesn't ~
cat. sleep or act naturally, has stomach* .
nche, indigestion, diarrhoea, give a tea , ;
spoonful of "California Syrup of Figs." ,
end in n few hours all tho foul waste,
' U e sour bile and fermenting food passes
out of the bowols and you nave a
; well and playf Jl child again. Children '
li.ve this harmless "fruit laxative," and
mothers can rest easy after giving It,
because it never fails to make their
utile "insiacs" clean and sweet. 2
Keep it handy. Mother! A little given
today saves a sick child tomorrow, but
' get the genuine. Ask your druggist for
a bottle of "California Syrup of Fifs,", .
which has directions for babies, chil*
droit of all ages and for grown-ups ^
plainly on tho bottle. Kcntember there !
ere counterfeits sold here, so surely 1
look and see that yours is made by the . .
"California Fig Syrup company." -a;
Hand back with contempt any other fig * /;?
' Saves Hair! ^
i >
Pompeian HAIR Massage
! will stop your Dandruff and ' [
keep your hair beautiful. * ifjj
Daily, letters of thanks are T
received frommenand women .J"
all over the country. One day ;
it is a Cnnn??rtiVtit man ivhn 'r>K
writes us, then an Oregon
woman, then a Michigan man 11
?alipoat youthfully enthn- ; ?|?|
siastic about Pompcian HAIR,
Massage removing their un-| :-.l.
sightly and dangerous Dandruff.
i Pompeian HAIR Massage '
! is a liquid (not a cream). Not y\r
oily. Not sticky. Not over- ./
perfumed, but just as delight- '
Jul to use as it is effective. . j; '
LADIES-Your druggist can
supply you with Pompeian HAIR
j Massage. Start today ond beautify t ''
your hair. - .j, ;
-MEN-Get bottle today at your
I druggist's or have your barber pre U
you a Pompeian HAIR Massage yjj':.i-vj.
treatment and leant bow refreshed
your scalp wilHeel after one application.
Bottlea with economical
abaker tops Kf & $LtO
Pompeian HAIR Manage '
is made by the makert of
the reliable Pompeian ' A.'J
II MASSAGE Cream and . fl
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3bal Bank. The old depositor fully 9- ;g
tor soon learns Its meaning. 8 ' - l
it that the new depositor be made. S-%^55
n as possible, and to this end the ? .Vi'.jjj
rsonal investigation ot our service

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