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v played general' Improvement to the !t'
early etagea of-reateWaya dull ?es- (c?
tace'm* material, and in lome caaea In
*h#Of loit later, moderate eatltog auc- "*
.fefaffadffiaee ?' *re,W#at 12
,, W influents a f,'
S'i'lcea and fhe extent of the abort In- ...
11 uresis ware lectors ol varying Import- ?,
">' i anotln-tht earlr improvement. t,
? ' ~ More then *0 of the mora prominent of
i> ml*, industrials, shippings and specialties
ware comprehended In the c<
i day's dealings, the market making up
In breadth what it lacked In activity.
Coalers, trunk lines and Pacifies were Oi
Iroageat. of transportations, but that
entire division fell back on a sharp
I reastloti la Canadian Pacific and St. P<
f kvening ChatT I
Rev. IT. '0. Stostter, if the Presby- bt
tertan-inarch, made the point Sunday ?
moaning- that the Red Cross workers ^
might gut acquainted with eat h others i:i
, name* as wtll as In person when re- et
terrtng tu each other, following a few "
momenta ot embarrassment Dr. John J"
W.-MaDonald. who is chairman of the 11
Red Cross committee of the Presby- ut
- terlan chtirob, got up and announced f
fi thkt a representative of .he National }l!
Kea Crass wae present and would "
speak and naming him mouthed 10
g ' wme sort 01 * auue which save the I ;',1
' W?e odea asiuranco that he had lost 1,1
thereat nattt.. He said something like ca
a Combination ot Harry Hartley and ot
Bob Cunningham, calling bun Mr. t"
. --Baftlttgnam. There wae aome ember- ln
< -?M?aig momenta when aome one spoke * '
that Mr. Postlethfealt would apeak, rhe
KM' OfOtt organiier then aroae and lf
during ah excellent speech wished to ?;
- mention or. McDonald, but touid not ^
think if the name end called him Mr. ?!
f-C" Hartugham. amusing the congregation c
V end provoking Rev. tt toetier to turn ?l
ttOII'lightly with a get-acqilalnted- ,u
... wlth-namea jeat. j|l
! ' -Breaking ot doga ? Mlse Floaaie *'
Fleming baa a number of very Inter- "
| citing onea and tells n number of very
' tunny storiee about them. She can t|:
. also till' storiee that make you teei 0
that the dog fe indeed a faithful eoui.
Sy We haVe heard many a dog tale but *
& ' v ' ' ? to
' si
r ' rf w
[ Private MyrteHey, of Olldden, to., pi
1 (above) and Private Thomas Earight tt
[ share with James Gresham, of Evans- at
eg, vflle, fad., the honor of being the first in
" Sammies killed on French soil. Hay'a d<
l'? father Is proud ot his son, and will of- at
IS*V. fan tlia Aftomw Aarr 10 If .mnA^A V.
V* M?> WW4V? *V| U UBOUliUi l><
J Lij.
i The West Virginia
Indorsed bythc^Secrel
' *-' Load up the pipe* of tin
ItJjK QjftOji tils Coupon, fill it and send ai
mm buy tobscco for oui
V- (Each dollar buys tour i
r H' Tobacco Fund. The West Virginian:
Eft*' ? >I Inclosed find
r ;l; of tobacco through Jhe West Virginia
man in France.
K X understand that each dollar bnyi
r- . |' value of forty-five cents,*and that In ei
L?r CI- a postcard, addressed to me, on whlcl
'' I win agree to send me a message of thi
f l' i Name ,,ojf ii -a1 ?js? ?>?. t w ?.v
I '
r Street Addres|,.._.?.J....J
| J City
' y'-' - w -
Grain and Produce.
CHICAGO, Not. 1j.?Both In actiV
and strength, oats yesterday led
rn. Scarcity ot corn available {or
b movement of oats proved the domttlng
factor. Oats tlrflshed 2 to 2?,
i nigner. corn gained lft to Zft,
using unsettled, with December at
OH and May at 115ft. Provisions
vanced 2ft to 50 cents.
Attention focused on knowledge that
though a large stock of oats existed,
e supply was not In a position to
ter readily Into commercial chants.
It was expected that producers
A become extra cautious about sales
dsts to arrive for nearby deliveries.
Open. ClAe.
December 21.19 ft 21.20ft
May 1.14ft 1.15ft
.01 ,63ft
May 62 * .63%
January 44.50 46.57
e tale of the dog right at home may
me to us with added interest TIP
II you about them as she told them
Once on the court house steps a large
ill dog sat lonely, fierce and unfriendMauy
will remember trying to- .
ake up with the animal because many | J
tereoieu in uogs?among mem meu I '
iderstauding them (airly well?
opped at dllieredt times in the day
id endeavored to Induce the animal
move (rom his placo of vantage,
he dog came Irom somewhere?no
le knew (rom where?he was sick and
re and starved and showed Bigns of
ivlttg been beaten. At every approach
' showed ugly teeth and snarled and
r nearly two days stayed in his corir
disgusted with life. The Times o(26
in sympathy with the animal
.lied MIbs Fleming and she went at
ice to the dog's aid. So fully in symitby
with all animals is Miss Flemg
that she did not attempt any unelcome
urging but Instead sat down
islde the unhappy boast and soon had
e dog In a statu of such friendliness
at he lollowed her gladly. Later
e dog fully recovered from marks of
tuse went to live with a family In the
ty but could not be persuaded to
ay?time aud time again he was rented
but In vain?the dog Insisted
ton living noar Miss Fleming and
last the family decided it was no
is and tbe dog stayed where his heart
Mies Fleming has at the present |
me about eight Interesting dogs. ,
lie little lady it called "stall" ana la .
it much bigger than a toy dog though ,
itell" woulu acorn being called a ,
y for the la most dignified in dispotlon
and very particular and fustldi- .
is. At ode time a large dog visiting ,
e house drank from her special pan ]
id 'Stell" upon discovering It, which j
ib did,?refused to drink from it at |
1 until the pan had been thoroughly t
ashed and refilled. "Stell" will not (
mp and play and has very little to ,
i with anyone. Another email dog t
lied "Pet" follows one about and site ,
iwn with two paws in the air at the (
iproach of anyone as though to say, .
See how cute 1 am?" ,
Cogs seem to know that Miss Flem- ,
g will always prove a friend in need
i them for many wander to the house
f themselves. The other day one .
alked right into the living room as '(
lough to say, "Dear me, I hope this is
is right place!" - j
Miss Fleming has a time getting rid ;
' her dogs?she trlea to find good <
ames for all Of them but In many 1
ises they come back again and again,
ne dog In particular came back as |
igulnr as could be?sometimes drag-. J
hg a long wide tape behind?and la- 1
ir a piece of rope.) It got to be a joke f
-sitting at the breakfast table one '
Ml? ??1--J ' 1
iuiuiu|j Miss i'leutiiitj iuukcu up auu
iw two ears Just above the tence and J
10 Bald, "tbere she comes again?
ght through the mud too. Just look
; her; she must have taken the shortit
cut regardless o? everything." She i
>d to be washed and led and was |
ion at peace and happiness In tront
! the (Ire . This time she stayed for ,
xid?the owners deciding It was not
bit of use trying to keep her. Anoth'
dog was offered In exchange.
A large collie barked loudly In the
ird. "There," said Miss Fleming,
hat dog shows off entirely too much;
3 barks until we are nearly distract- ;
I." Four small pug faced dogs out- '
de stood up along the fence bouncg
and Jumping bright-eyed and alert
i they attempted to tease their moth
Inside for a game. "She's too rough
1th them," said Miss Fleming. "She
'ags them all about the yard by one '
g; she's only playing but they don't 1
so It."
Miss Fleming tells about a dog she .
ice befriended for a few woeks and '
ten gave away Into a good home. A I
>ar later she was talking through a
Lth Ollt hfvnnrt now Wnvmnl tttVi<~?ti 1
10 pasted a dog which after glancing
; her, suddenly jumped upon her and
dog language made known his great
illght at seeing her. For a long time
le conld not remember her dog friend
it It was not long before she met the
11 Tobacco Fund
tary of War and th?
if Navy. ^
s Boys In France. .
1 much money as yon can spare to
Fighting Men.
jaekages of tobacco.)
.... to buy packages
n's Tobacco Fond tor our fighting
i tour packages, each with a retail
ich of my packages will be placed
i my unknown friend, the soldier,
L?sVs>V*r? tVgVs't e ate geTaeVe e'HV*>X
'.??> ?,M? e a e a oo M ?.? IM?>'.?
i i
r^; ;^r|^4*1|'* ^E^^3y^yflBip|i^i^^fc
V- ^
This war photograph, one ot the m
oeani. Note the men ot the Brltieh arm:
Jerman shell bursting immediately in fi
he imoVfe cloud and the sky.
cg's (oiks and such a time as was had c
.citing the dog to go on with his lain- t
ly. Ue insisted upon staying with
diss Fleming aod finally he had to oe
led to a rope and dragged along tor
ome space.until convinced he must a
;o where he belonged. t
Miss Fleming says she has never yet i
:cen a dog who once be loved you ever
vent back on a friend?ho will stick
.loser than many a human friend as
sany can testify from experiences of 1:
heir own. (
Miss Fleming also has a number ot I
tats. Any animal In distress finds a J
time and care with MIbs Fleming, i
fears ago the Humane Society in Fairnont
was started. Miss Fleming and
.v/o other ladies being the first members.
It was started through great 11
toncern at the abuse of horses about i
.be city and tbougb many may nave
it one time or another felt sympathy t
or his work?none nave devoted morn
time to It than have Miss Fleming and ?
Miss Nola McKlnney?two of the best 1
irlends all distress of any kind have.
Upon leaving Miss Fleming's home i
:oday a large friendly cat bounced i
.vithout ceremony upon my shoulders
-claws well sheathed. Though the <i
drooling was rather sudden, it was ac- 1
repted for it's worth. i
Some time ago Miss Fleming baa
l cat who occupied a warm aud most t
.omfortable basket in the kitchen. By
look or crook a small dog had tried u
.or some time to gain possession ot
h inviting nest All schemes to get 1
.he cat opt had (ailed. Finally alter (
.cine thinking the small dog comaenced
bounding and jumping about
ne kitchen aB though to say?"Please Z
:ome out and have a game." Now Miss
-at liked games immensely and was
perfectly willing. She came lortb, tali
sailing back and forth. At once the
rly dog jumped into the basket and
pretended to go immediately to sleep.
Not only dogB and catB but babies
tnd homeless children come to the aid
of Miss Fleming and Miss McKinney. (
It ever two women worked uuseKishly J
[or the good ot suffering and loncll- nesS?these
two women do and they !
certainly deserve far more reward than '
comes usually to the deserving. ]
In Hospital. '
Guy A. Leonard, proprietor of the ,
ltwa stand on Market street, who has j
iieon In falling hea.th for some time, ,
>vas taken much worse Saturday and !
rn Sunday entered Cook hospital for (
ireatment. ,
From New Jersey. ' |
James Egglman and Robert Worth- I
tnglon, of Como, N. J., tire guests of J. >
ft. Swiger and family on Maple :-.ve
aue. The two gentlemen 6pent Sun- ,
Jay with Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Turkleson
it Clarksburg.
Mrs. Sara Orr, of Virginia avenue,
r,-ho passed through a severe surgical
.iperatlon recently, .Is getting along
rery nicely. Her slBter, Mrs. McKeev- j
Accuracy in examinations.
Accuracy in fitting. j
Accuracy in adjusting
Accuracy is our watch j
word and the keynote to
our constantly growing '
business. i
' 'v- - ,: * o\ I V'
? /? *... Ai ..* /. .1 A*.*.. *. /.... wVXt - .""
sst remarkable ever snapped, shows
r dodging behind shell-riddled tree si
-ont ol them. The camera has caugh t
r, 61 Kensington, Md., Is here with
From Grafton.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Poe and children
nd Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Poe, 01 Grafon.
were guests ol Mr. and Mrs. J. 0.
>oe on Guffey street Sunday.
From Clarkiburg and Shlnnaton.
Mrs. Anna Westfall, of Clarksburg,
as been the guest ot her sister, Mrs.
icorge Shomaker, since Saturday.
>;rs. Mary J. Wyatt and little son,
fchn B.. were also guesta ot Mrs. Saonaker
Solomon Horner and family have
aoved from Beeves street, this city, to
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnle Linn spent yeterdiy
with friends near Mt. Nebo.
Kirs. Throckmorton, ot Hundred,
arrived here yesterday and Is visiting
rlends in the city.
Mrs. Janlo McKlnney Hlgby and
:on, of Morgantown, are visiting the
orrfier's mother on Newton street
Little Miss Louise Boy era, youngest
laughter of Dr. and Mrs. William
ioyers, la recovering from a few days'
Mrs. Effie Cumpston spent today
vith relatives at Murray.
Mrs. Horsey Fople, of Morgantown
.venue, returned Saturday evening
rom Cumberland, Md? where she visled
her daughter, Mrs. Adam Frost,
or a week.
Mrs. Lamar Malone is visiting her
A. Real Hair Grower
Here's good news for men and wo
men wuoie nair is railing out, wno
aro growing bald, whose scalps are
covered with dandruff, and whose
aeads itch like mad. Mountain City
Drug Store will supply you with the
genuine Parisian sago and guarantee
that it will quickly stop loss ot hair,
iromoto a new growth .entirely banish
t,very trace of dandruff and Itching
scalp, or the cost, small as It is, will
le refunded. Thousands can testify
:o the excellent results from its use;
some who feared baldness now have
ibundant hair, while others who suffered
for years with dandruff and
Itching head got a clean, cool scalp
after just a few days' use of this
splendid treatment.
No matter whether bothered with
Tailing hair, gray hair, dandruff or
Itching scalp, try Parisian sage tonight.
There is nothing so good for
any form of hair trouble. It's easy
:o use. delicately perfumed, and will
not color or streak the hair.
The genuine Parisian sage (liquid
form) is sold and guaranteed by all
;ood druggists. Just one application
makes the hair and scalp look and teal
100 per cent better. v
The telephon
is issued
for the good
It is accurate
J J^4
Please consul
before maldn
A call
for an incorr
delays all cor
and often api
a third party.
Always call i
never by nan
T "
what "bombs bursting In air*
Lumps to oscaps fragments of a 1
the shell fragments, black against
1 mother, Mrs. Nixon, at Antioch. 1
Mrs. William Shatter, ot Morgantown
avenue, who has been quite sick. J
.'s better. 1
William Robe and family, ot Bunner's
Ridge, were guests ot Mr. and =
Mrs.. Lloyd Garlow Sunday.
Howard Pople and family are mov- <
icg in the Kuhn property on Morgantown
. i
By virtue ot the authority in me j
vested by two certain deeds ot trust
executed by Zoe Martin and John H. t
Martin, her husband, to the under- t
signed trustee, the first bearing dateon
the 16th4 day of September, 1916, and
ot record in the office ot the Clerk I
of the County Court ot Marlon county,
West Virginia, in Deed ot Trim
Book No. 39 page 431, and the second =
dated April 29th, 191C, and of repflrd
in said office iu Trust Deed Book No. 41
page 177, to.secure the payment ot I
certain notes to the /armors Bank ot
bblnnston therein designated, and de- c
fault having been m&dq in the payment r
thereof, and the undersigned having 1
been notified py therowner and holder
of said notes to sell the property thare- .
in described, the undersigned will, as
such trustee, On SATURDAY, NOVEMBER
24TH, 1917, beginning at one *
o'clock' p. in. at the ftont door ot the '
conrt house of Marion county. West
Virginia, sell at public auction to the
highest responsible bidder, all of the 1
Mine foot or rtttahui *h vein of eoal
together with the mining rights ana
privileges appertaining thereto, situated
on the waters oi Plum Run In Marlon
county, West Virginia, containing
CJi.75 acres.
Being the same coal and mining
rights which wero conveyed to Zoe
Martin by O. J. Davis by deed dated
November 1st, ltUL and recorded in
the proper ottlce In Deed Book No. 181
page 66, reference to which Bald/deed
is here made tor a particular description
of said coal aLd mining rights;
and likewise being tne same coal and
mining rights tyhico were recovered by
Zoe Martin in the efectment cause ot
the said Zoe Martin against the Jamison
Coal ft Coke company et ah by decree
ot the Circuit Court ot Marlon
county. West Virginia, on tho 10th day
of October, 1911.
laoo m cauu ou aay oi sale.
Given under my band this the 23d
day ot October, 1017.
Oct. 23-30 Dec. 2-9 Trustee.
troa, WoedworUac ?nd Coatneton* MmSImtv '
Now and second band ilachias tool a, etc* Garafo
Machinery, Gu and Gasoline sarin**. Pumps,
electric Motors, Enataeo, Boilers. Planers. Bead* '
eawt, etc. Sat?-mill 'Hitfltf- Bdtiit Pulleys,
Shaft!nr. Contractor's sauiDzneat, Concrete
SJSOup. E??rtttoa to maeUactr and
'""bjURD toAOHUtBBX COM Plttsbnak, Pc
' ,
e directory *' '
of the service,
?. ' i
t it j
g calls. j
_ . \
c?t number
teemed '
? v . . ' ; j
\y number,
? "
. . J j!
I-': U ' ' - -J
IjjP &
^O*" .T aiHiw ????i11 VBAMW ??*MH '
wvrw* unvuw aiunu u? bvwvii nowtx
Reward II returned to Scott'a Jaw?lry
Store. ll-12-<t-3087 J
LOST?Strayed or stolen from 816 \
W. Diamond street 2 small pits,
iny Information regarding same will i
36 appreciated. Umberto Seallse.
ll-7-6t-3067. j
LOST?Tuesday neag T. M. C. A. pair of
glasses In box. Return to Hlgb
icbool office. ll-6tl2t-S058 (
WANTED?Old false teeth. Don't '
matter If broken 1 pay 63.00 to
(15.00 per ML Send by parcel post 1
and receive check by return mall.
L. Uaaer, 2007 S. Fifth Street, Phlla- '
lelphla, Pa. 10-13-;6t-2959. 1
rALSE TEETH?We pay aa high as
617.50 per set for old false teeth, no *
natter it broken; also gold crowns,
iridge work. Mall to Berner's False ,
Teeth Specialty, *3 Third St, Troy, N. 1
r, and receive cub by return mail.
10-15-26t-2977 "
WANTED?Two or three rooms fur- ,
nltbed for light housekeeping, or
unau rurnisaea nats. Phono 501.
U-10-2t-3083 j
^? ? ?? t
FOR SALE?Second band Ford auto- (
mobiles In good condition. Seo c
lobn Robey, agent Phono 1053. 01- ice
Hull Alley, near Monroe street. 1
, : ?
Through the columns ot your paper i
ire wish to thank our many friends
ind neighbors for their kindness 1
ihown us in the death ot our sister
ind aunt Fawcett Family.
-,ET MADAM KOSMOS help you by '
giving your life prediction. Send 1
>lrthdate and dime. DeLaurene Kosnos,
Box 291 Louisville, Jty. 8
ll-5-6t-3038 I
DRESSMAKING?324 Washington St.
Phone 1196-J. Miss Snow Atha. I
ll-7-3t-o06S j
FOR SALE?Will sell cheap to Quick I
buyer, confectionery store and pop10m
machine. Best location in town, r
Ight at lntsrurban car stop. 39 Mar- e
iet street, Mannington, W. Va. r
^ ll-7-3t-3064 HObaES
FOR HALE?6-room house with batn 1
Big lot Apply 825 Jefferson street
4-20-tf No 223C .
waavjw* T UV1V1I VI
Man-Power jj :
\ Men u well as food mutt
, be conserved in this war. It j
,| is tbe particular work of the ;
| Red Cross to minister to the
j sick and wounded on the field ||
||j of battle.
Their efficiency depends on j '
lij the support we at homo give
them. Every man, woman and |
i:: child in the United States of |
i Amerioa as a patriotic duty ji as
a^ obligation to the fight- ij c
ere for freedom in this war, <
w:i ought to Join the Red Cross. S
jL'I aJUlIl luuajr. Ik ID kUV tuBivaw ij"* r
KM thing you can do in this war. 1J ?
Bank of
Fairmont ffiftSil
g 117 HATSOEVER m{
? VY fires, whatsove:
8 whatsoever developeth
8 fires or fire breeding \
8 any worth of manhoo
!? you,, think of these thi
I F. E. Nli
? Masonic TempleK
| Sometii
a depositor asks a favor oi
comply with?not because
. because it is against the p
This bank always adher
has never refused a deserv
lYour account inyited. ?
i. Fairmont Tni
VANTED-Girl for ' soneral ko*?e- 1
work. Small family. Qood wafaa j
o competent maid. Telepkona^lMtn .j
VANTED?Men. steady work. Salmtck
Foundry Machine AallitfA
' ,'si
aiiuuiu a
iarlon Products Company.^
WANTED?Rodman. Call at tMm ^
galley Engineering Oampaft^|\^"
'HYS1CIANS WANTED?KegtltefWd ? 1
in West Virginia tor advertising of'cea.
State remuneration desired,
uallftcatlona and telephone number
n first letter. Addresa Phyaloiani,
are the \VS?t Virginian. lMMt-8085 ,||
VANTED?Contractor to repelr two
miles of railroad and bttlld (Ida ->?
rack and tipple. Phone lite. >. A. i
laccl, Fairmont, W. Va. ll*104t-M77 .
VANTED?Two good carpentet* tti
some good laborer'* on Farmlagton
chool building. . Good wages; ootae
Puesday morning to work. S. W.- -V.J
Vooda, Farmlngton, W.^Va.^ mX . , v
booms?yxrktnagoto, ^
'OR RENT?Very reemtble, a weu .
furnished room for one portion. C&li
t 626 Gaston Are. 10-lP-tMtlB
or rent ? Furnished
or rent?1 to 8 rooma tor Ugkt
Housekeeping, furnished or uafttr- ->?
ished, 910 East Park Ave., near Cdo- / 1
le's corner car stop. Also garage tor
nr, novrfu j"*' -w
' V-TAW ivmni. MBH lurmpuea njuut ior
'OR RBNT~Two^rooaU
Professional Cards)
m?L 26 raw. mtlmKi
experience. ^OIaims faflltghlfl }r>
Rapregeatlng Nnben* OnifWIM. i? -HJS
<MM>MU?MAMWL ' jgfl
H^Bl^^afManin'i pgn J
. .J
?? ? ^
' gV*"*:; -^SM
ist Company

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