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nly Unit From One Town I
I at Camp Sheridan Getting
HkfeUJacobs writes from Camp Sher-1
fa that he and Mr. Myers and i'rol. I
Ike. of the Fairmont Normal school, I
B+ery busy holding down Y. M. C. A I
^RNo. 67 In the absence of Secretary
Hght alnd Dr. BroomQeld. They have
dyed into their new building and arc
Billing their moving picture outfit.
Btlaohlne gun men are comiug into
la unit now and alter January o this
it will handle the men In the new
>t Camp Sheridan.
Bfye Trench and Camp, the uewspa^Bt-printed
fpr that camp. In ite Issue
lliovember 6 bad this to say about
i C. A. of Fairmont, W. Va., trom
jlcb the entire unit at Iluliumg 67
Bnc, realizing the many demands
de upon the time and energy o:
^Kietary Klgbt and his co-wurKera,
ssented to them lost wees a lino
lclrauto, and assumed the expense
keeping.it up.
B^e four men In the unit appreciate
: " t T]
' I I I .1* * !?
!y Urn liberality ol lue lolr.s
. This Is the duly unit in
0 favored, ana the auto will
Yulue to tbcrn. Being the
ray of any unit Irora neadnil
from Camp Sheridan
means ol quick transport*
ecrotary Kight returned last
om his visit to Fairmont,
S Drought with him one ol
ikslve young business men
it, Melville Jacobs. Mr. Jaup
a flno position In his
ge wholesale hardwaie bustcept
a place In the unl: at
7. Fortunately for the unit
i, owning his own car at
n position to care lor the
rred to above. In tho near
Ifassor Brake of the Fairaal
school, will be added to
here, thus completing the
^hch that is done, tho
ip of five men at Building
1 fjjom Fairmont, W. Va.
lot be duplicated anywhere
I ho Quyan Valley Thunderer, u
:r published at BarboursvUle In
ell county, seldom sees tilings as
ir editors In West Virginia do. 3:
imo Haddox, producer of the
jhderer, often gets wrong in Ills
>B but there Is somo little sense
a kick he has just registered
Inst the "Upshur Idea." As is
Wn that plan Is to cut out Christ1
gifts this year excepting for the
Iters. That docs not hit the
Inderer as anything like right to
I. kiddles." The editor says "of
jse we bellevo In lavishing money
[he Red Cross but not In thrusting
f hbrrors of war on our kiddies?
I Just yet." Tho Thunderer says
ny tightwad Is adopting I ho "Upr
Idea," pn3ting It on his family
I? with his "bouI and pufte shrunk
he Upshur Record, edited by n
ban, puts one over on her gentle
Kgohferees, observing: "l.ook In
|,'dlctlonalrics, gentlemen, and
lit llalloween is longer spelled
I' an apostrophe."
Be Barbour Democrat says It
Id use something on account from
1500 patrons who appear to have
^winen anout uc weekly paper. (11
H>;e the editor jitEt ears this to
Bid empty space tn his columns. It
^Hnposslble to conceit e that a cour.
Heilitor might actually he anxious i
^Huve his subscription!! paid up.
Hie mall man of The Romney Re !
Hr Is careless about the exchanges!
H has sent poorly printed issues to J
j^H exchange three weeks in succosHho
Braxton tieinocrat is Ave and
columns wide on some pages
H six columns wide on other?n
Bfery of makeup which has printers
H free turkey is given away every
at the 8trand theater ut GrafHand'
the policy wil continue until
Hptsglvlng. The Strand is playlna
Hires again after a short season
^KCse Soothing Musterole
Bin -those sharp pains go shooting
High your head, when your skull
a as if it would split, just nib a
Musterole on your temples and
It draws out the inflammation,
^ es away the pain, usually giving
Hstiaole tfl a dean, white ointment,
iwllh'oil of inustavd. Better than a
Kgd paster and does not blister,
ny doctors and nurses' frankly rec jod-Musterole
for sore throat, bron^ ^OOg^a^ff
neck, asthma, neural ago,
pain3 and aches'of the back cr
Kain^&Mted feet ? colds of r
(it often prevents pneumonia).
Hnm dCDCBdcblO.
jarr; hospital size $2.'.:.
A close scrutiny of this photograph
i/L uvuviul iuu mntKUiincu, jual received
in this country, may give the
clue to German rightfulness, and also
explain why thc~allies do not take much
stock In the "pence offensive" he Is
now leading for the Kaiser.
Sun m cm
Five Permits Were Granted j
by Hoard of Affairs
| ?.,e bunding penults were granted
| a the regular weekly meeting of uie
I Hoard ot Affa.rs. Two of the permits
were for dwellings and three lor garages,
with u total cost of $20,100.
A building permit was granted to
fisrry Shaw for the construction of a
two story brick residence on Morgan"town
avenue, between Mason street
and East fork avenue. The residence
*? 11 ..nut <ci~itnn
n 4it vujk yiu^vu*
J. Snowden won grunted a building
permit to er.-ct a two atoiy trame
dwelling liousn on Pittsburgh avouue.
Tito dwelling house will coat ih.auu.
Ai other building permit was grant
ed upon application o? N. E. Jamison
to erec' a two story l/i:rk garage with
apartments at the rearol TZ7 Columbia
avenue between 7th ar.d Sth streets.
'J ue building will cost <.1,50 >. A. U
Evans is the contractor in charge.
W. N. Ball, representing the Armour
(.-. Company was granted permission
I) construct a privato frame garage
Cor trucks st Fifth street near the Belt
Line, which will cost approximately
'J pun application by E. C. Bcott a
building permit was granted for the
construction of a one story frame
garage on Coleman avenue, costing
about $100.
How to Get Relief
From Catarrh
If you have catarrh, catarrhal
deafness or head noises go to your '
druggist and get 1 ox. of Parmlnt
(double strength), take this home
add to it 14 pint of hot water nnd
4 oz. of granulated sugar. Take j
1 tnblcpoonfnl 4 times a day.
This will often bring quick relief
from the distressing head noises.
Clogged nostrils should open and
breathing become easy nnd the mucous
stop dropping Into the throat.
It is easy to make, tastes pleasant
and costs little. Every one who
has catarrh, should give this treatment
a trial. You will probably
tlnd it just what you need.
1 ' SER}
2 is a word uppermost in our minds
3 scribes the salient features of the n
I We Are Tailc
3 - Fabrics aro durable, styles practli
B workmanship will give you endurin
B Come in and choose the fabric a
R- measure you for seasonable attire.
1 W. E Hart
so:c;-. cvrooKcnoecssoesoeaoeci
Will Organ lis a Red Cross Auxiliary.
A meeting was held in the Christian
church here at 3:30 p. m. Sunday to
take the preliminary steps to organize
a Red Cross Auxllltary. S. L. Postlethwait,
of Washington. D. C., Mrs.
R. L. Klngaland and Mrs. William
Leonard were present and made talks
explaining the work of the society. W.
B. Plaster was chairman of the meeting.
Mesdames Geo. L. Howell, Elizabeth
Wood. Chas. O. Messenger ana
W. B. Plaster were appointed as a
membership committee. As soon_as
they report a meeting will be caUetl
to form a permanent organization. A
large number present signed the roll,
paid their dollar and are wearing the
totton today.
Evangelistic Services Still in Progress.
Tbe evangelistic services at the
Baptist church are still in progress,
with a [airly good attendance and interest.
The sermon (heme for Sunday
evening was "What Must 1 Do to Be
Saved?" Mark 10:17. For Monday
evening the same theme will be dls-1
cnssed with Acts 16:30 ns the text.
Mrs. S. E. BurneU. of Farmlngton,
was the guest of relatives here on Sunday.
Mrs. Sophrona Cunningham, of
Smithiield, Wetzel county, is visiting
lclatlvcs and friends in this vlclnltv at
Miss Jettie Barnes, of Fairmont, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McDaniel
on Sunday.
Miss Katharine Vance, of Enterprise,
was visiting Mrs. A. J. McDaniel
on Sunday.
Isaac Mclutlre Is attending court at j
Fairmont this week having been drawn i
as a grand juror.
"Stack" Martin, who has been in
Kansas for the past ten months, has
returned to his home on Teverhaugh I
and was in town on Monday. i
A. J. McDaniel was a business visitor i
on Bingnmon on Monday. I
J. M. Jacobs, of Fairmont, was here
on Sunday afternoon in tho interest of
the Red Cross work.
The game scheduled in tho "Y" Com
mcrclal league for yesterday evening '
between the Consolidation Coal com
I any team and Hartley's was postponed.
It is likely that it will be rolled
eft tills evening. Tomorrow evening :
(lie West Virginian tlvo will meet the |
Monougah Glass.
% Make Your Own Cough ;;
| Syrup and Save Money
O .
6 i ?
A Better than the rendy-irmflo klfid. 4 *
^ Easily- prepared ut home. * *
Tho finest cough syrup' that money
can buy, costing only about one-fifth as
ranch 03 rcady-maile preparations, can
easily lxi made up at home. The way it
takes hold and conquers distressing
coughs, throat and chest colds will
really make you cnthusiastlo about it.
Any druggist can supply you with
E'i ounces of Pines (GO cents worth).
Pour this into a pint bottle and fill
tbe bottle with plain granulated sugar
syrnp. Shako thoroughly and it is
ready for use. The total cost is nliout
G.i cents nxd gives you a full pint?a
family supply?of a most effectual,
pleasant tusting remedy. It keeps perfectly.
It's truly astonishing how quickly it
nets, penetrating through every air
passage of the throat and lungs?fooscii3
and raises the phlegm, soothes and heals
tho intlamed or swollen throat membranes,
and gradunllv hut surely the
annoying throat tickle and dreaded
cough- will disappear entirely. Nothing
better for bronchitis, spasmodic croup,
wliftnn'ni* iMimli nw n?U.?
vvu^ik vt uiuiiwuai ujnumfc
Pinex is a special and lilehly concentrated
compound of eenulnc Norway
Vina extract, and ia Known tlio world
over for its prompt healing effect on tlio
throat membranes.
Avoid disappointment by ashing your
druggist for "S1^ ounces of Pinex" with
full directions and don't accept anything
else. A guarantee of absolute satisfaction
or money promptly refunded,
goes with this preparation. Jh? Einex
Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
fUl ^^nNE SHoe pousi^b
Just now and nerhana if Hoof Ho. ?
ew clothes >2
?ring for Men ;
table but moBt Important of all our
ig service und lasting satisfaction. i
ind style that you like and let us 3
man & Co. 1
? 1K1 k.V MWt ,?
[h \NftlTT6M
Why the Airplane AUeen
Elys Over flench benches
HP^V-. HjT^
ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 2.?A budding
International war romance hns been
shattered because the girl In the case.
3. daughter ot Dixie, was true blue to
the Stars and Stripes.
Just about a year ago Lieutenant
One for
yOY pr
? ? But tf
partly in w
ing much <
A quarter
But o1
corner, thi
Our h
The k
soldiers is
ranged wit
"kits" with
Better ma]
these kits
1 UD
-MAT \N0B& - ^ /
vivufiu^'i ^ j gy-^ ,
Harry Chlsam. British aria tor. was a
visitor in America. Humor has It he
tost his heart to Miss Alleeu Fielder,
of Atlanta, dm. ot proverbial southern
beanty. At any rate when Lieutenant
Chlsam returned to the old country he
named bis aeroplane "Alleen" tor "the
girl back there" in America. Friends
of the two were confident that if the
"Alleen" lasted the war through her
owner would return to claim the original
ot the name.
But they had not figured on Miss
Fielder a patriotism. Miss Fielder met
Captain Herbert Spencer Struble, United
States Army, stationed near her
Atlanta home at an officers' training
camp. Miss Fielder today is "Mrs. Captain"
Struble, ready, if need be, to follow
litKthnrwl tn Vmnro
Mrs. Cora Araett and daughter,
Tholma. spent one day last week the
guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Henry Matheny
pear Arneltsvllle.
, Miss Florence Thorne, of Lowesvllle,
spent a few days with Mrs. Jesse Arr.ett.
Mrs. Henry Thorne, of Mf. Hood,
spent last Sunday with Mrs. Cora Arcett.
N. E. Fisher spent Friday afternoon
with Mrs. Ellen Taylor at Arnettsvillo.
Arlle Thorne, of LowesTllle, spent
Sunday at Jesse Arnett's.
Mrs. Flsber spent Sunday at Mr.
Fen Lowe's at Fairmont.
Mrs. Lessle Wlsman was the guest
of Mrs. Maggie Wisman at Union last
Hev. Yoak and Rev. Peck are holding
a meeting at Marvin Chapel.
Mrs. Ellen Taylor Is very sick.
Mrs. Hazel Mc'Elroy was shopping
st Morgantown last Wednesday.
R. T. Ctewart- has gone over the
mountains on a hunting trip.
Huelng Groves was visiting at Emcry
Snider's one evening last week.
Smith Wlsman, an aged man, died
Wednesday morning nt 10 o'clock, November
7, 1917, of Brlght's disease.
He had been sick a long time and 1b
turvivcd by his wife and five chtldien,
one brother and one sister. Fuity-five
you, mayb
obably know what tf
e "two for a quarter
te value of a smoke
rho smokes it, and wJ
men who smoke will
ibout it; you want a j
is nothing to you the]
/er in France, where
5 soldiers are hung
^1. 1.1 X- 1 1
5iuuK.es, uiat yuu laK.
)bacco Fund tor So
it of good smokes th<
about double wh;
b the American Tob
45 cents worth for 2
Your quarter will go fartl
way than any 25 cents that y
Three packages of Bull Durl
Cigarettes, one tin of Tuxedc
ing, and a stamped post ca
ke it $1.00, or $5.00
to lellows who need
5 West
fte KCVlEt) ONLY T s<\ *
,omb \m\ll, -im
J ' iJj I j'
ceral services wero held Friday thorn1b?
at 11 o'clock at W? ml#*** to
Her. Yoak. of RlvesrUla. interment
was roaila In the Wlsmsn cemetery,
rndartaker Derrtoj of Morgan town,
wae In charge.
Miss Mona Trlckett and Warn Markley
were shopping at Fairmont Frlcay.
Miss Hattle Groves, Miss Deaaifr
Stewart, Earl Stewart, Virgil Ijood
attended the party at Mrs. Ida Hood's
and reported a fine time one night last
Misses Bessie and Dessle Stewart
went to Fairmont Hallowe'en night and
reported a nice time.
The qquarterly meeting was very
well attended at Arncttsvllle last Sunday.
Some of the folks from Laurel
Point and Cool Spring attended the
meeting Sunday.
Brooks Barker, of Granville wss the
guest ot Brown snider recently.
Rev. O. Dale King, ot Willlamstown.
was the gueat ot Jarrett Lynch Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fisher and
children and Mrs. Jennie Fisher attended
the funeral of 8mlth Wlsman
last Friday morning.
Frank Youst was calling at Claud
Straight's at Fairmont last Saturday.
Mrs. Essie Arnett and son, Erwln, of
Monon, were visiting James Arnett
tost week.
Misses Isa and Sarah Clark were
shopping at Fairmont Friday.
at the Wa
Wednesday Evening
Benefit of
Admission SOc
The Publu
i Cent
e; 100 for?
lat means when you
' is your favorite spen
isn't only in what i
hat it means to him.
give up a quarter wit)
smoke you "drop in"
thev can't "droo in" e
v A
ry for the quarter's
e and enjoy so lightly
Idiers is Supplying
at your quarter will bi
at it buys far you.
acco Company to mak
i - ,D
tier and do more good in this
ou ever tossed on the counter,
ham, two packs Lucky Strike
>, plenty of "papers" for makrd
addressed to you; for 25
or $10.00; send 4, or J
'em worse than you t
:o fi
:o arret* .some - T '"11"'
Tuov^r-i "
neglected colds
"x are mm
Prompt use of Dr. Bell's PiieTer- .
Honey does more then break up your *
cough. It it ay be the "ounce ot prevention"
that saves you dangerous ; --.S
sickness. Doctors declare the oom- 'a
mon cold one of tbe serious diseases,.
with results like pneumonia and tuberculosis
which cause a large portion
of human mortality.
For years Dt Bell's Pine-Tar-Huney
has been remarkably successful with
coughs, colds, grippe, croup and " v-s35
throat, chest or bronchial troubles. vt?
Time has prosed Its healing balsams
will soothe and relieve irritation, I
breathing -will be easier, while" its an- ' >r
tiseptic properties kill the germs -S'
which caused Infection and are retarding
recovery. Children like it..
That "putting off treatment" is dan- ' v
gerous. At the first sign of a cough
start taking Dr. Boll's Plno<TeftHo- ; fi'9
ney. ft
Tear this ad. out and take it to.your \S|
druggist with 25c and he will give sou
the genuine Dr. Boll's Pine-TardtbMCE
tson Hotel
{.Nov. 14,8:30to 12 ^ jfjj
Red Cross ||
Ladies Free
: is Invited .
coMBfrnm ?
a soldier |9
have one; <
t costs; it's -!||B
* *S
hout think
r -f
f li '
'.'? '$&}&>? ^ro^BS.'v^'Jwfm

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