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[ OBCOUTIOft mt ?
[ Dafly Average S
j tNov. 1917. . yJ
A Quality Newopator for tha
K-.il-.- --- -- ~dl
( 20,000JIB OFF
it; Reports from 92 Mines Show
ESi Situation is Very Bad
I . Notes of Interest About Han
7 penings in This Coal
Reports from 92 mines In the Fairmont-Clarksburg
region, which were
canvassed by telephone from the headquarters
of the Central West Virginia
Co?l Operators' Association this forenoon,
show that the poor, car supply
I has resulted in a shortage of 20,300
! . tons of coal today.
' These reports are planned until the
car supply improves and It Is thought
tfcat before long tho summary will Include
as many as 125 mines.
! Robert Johnson, of the Crescent
Coal company, was a visitor at the olflce
of J. Walter Barnes, fuel administrator
today, and cited that one of the
. mines with which he comes in contact
had thtee cars one day this week and
te next, drawing blanks other
dajnB. The mine's capacity Is 15 cars
Shortage in Can Not Coal.
J. Walter Barn ? . state fuel admlnis
trator, authorizes tho following: "Inveatlgatlou
of a number of instances
of'shortages of coal has developed that
P. the coal companies, which have been
WJ ^'e?fa|frBrbig the conUn CermawxilftrtiswlMl
it impossible to get coal transported to
H customers and that the shortage 1b not
I. due to lack of coal but to lack of transHj
portatlon facilities. Investigations also
show that a number of cars are on
H West Virginia sidings loaded witn
slack and cinders and that, in isolated
cases they have been at the same place
I' for-several weeks."
Committee at Cumberland.
Tho general operating committee of
the eastern railroads took further
H steps in relieving the coal shortage
and straightening out congestion at
Hi Pittsburgh yesterday and appointed a
H sub-committee to sit at Cumberland
and deal with the situation there. The
H Connellsviilc, Piedmont and Fairmont
Clarksburg region coal goes there in
H' great quantities hut the ruilroad conditlogs
there right now arc better than
i lor two weeks past anct mere is no un/
easiness about great congestion uni
V less the Reading or Western Maryland
railroads declare an embargo on West
Virginia coal which there is no reason
!'l- 'at>thls time to anticipate.
Fire explosive licenses were issued
up to noon today, making eight licenses
from County Clerk A. G. Mars'
tin's office to date. The licenses have
? beep issued In this order: East Side
If Utilities Coi (vendors), George F.
Wadsworth, of Farraington (purchas 'C$y
era), W. B. Monroe, foreman of George
F. Wadsworth (foreman), Harry B
Coal Co. (vendors), H. Johnson (vendors),
John Coyne (vendors). Theodore
Augustus, foreman of the Mononi
gab el a railway, Catawba (foremans),
Edward P. Burnworth. foreman of the
:* Monongahela Railway, R. F. D. FarmV".
ingtou, (foremanB).
A charter has been issued to the Ka
tional Fuel company. Morgnntown,
$600,000 capital stock; to operate
I mines in Grant district, Mononguila
county; incorporated by Davis Elkins,
r-? J- B. Hanford, T. Frank Burk, L. S.
t Meredith and Joe L. Keener, all of
i Morgantown.
>'. E. E. Cooke, of Charles Town, has
been appointed fuel administrator for
Jefferson county, hy J. Walter Barnes.
I- IllAtn fnAt flrlmlnlctmtnp
I The fuel committee of Mineral county
consists of W. C. Grimes, clinirmnn.
iV*;* , (ConrmtffJ on Pace Four/*
- ?*
Kf-C" :i ?
\ famore days
' to buy a
^ forPrcaent
K 1 The West V\
Heme ^
Operations Temporarily Sus |
i pended Because of Lack
of Cans.
llOULT. Dec. 1.?Ab was anticipated I
tbe Monongahela Powder Co. found it
necessary to close down the black j
powder line Wednesday until such i
time as the railroads deliver to them j
shipments of empty powder cars.
Representatives of the Dupont com- j
pany were here this week looklug over i
the property of the Monongahela Pow- j
dor Co. with a view to purchasing.
THfttr inpmpfl woll nlPftRPrl with It. Thft I
purchase of this property by the Duponts
would doubtless mean an expansion
of the business.
i. i o. SPECIAL
Gets Here From Wheeling
at 5:40 This Afternoon
Missed Train in Ohio.
Misting train conection on the B.
& 0. railroad at Massilon, 0., Hon.
William Jennings Bryan, tho silver
i tongueil orator, will be brought from
Wheeling on a special train, which
will arrive here at 5:40 o'clock this
atfernoon and the lecture will start
at 8 o'clock this evening at the Presbyterian
church as was originally
Attorney W. Kenneth Barnes, the
leading spirit in making arrangements
for the lecture at noon today received
here until 9:
then tried to get the B. & O. Company
to hold train Mb.' 52 until Mr.
Bryan' arrived. It was learned this
afternoon that Mr. Bryan's would be
ever a half hour behind tlmo in its
arrival at Wheeling and arrangements
were made at once to send a
special train to Fairmont from Whee'
Despite gossip to the contrary the
lecture will statt tonight at 8 o'clock
and Congressman Neely will Introduce
Mr. Bryan. A 700 crowd is expected
to hear him. The church seats 1000
persons. While here Congressman
Neely will entertain Mr. Bryan.
un ii d mnurv onriu
nuu.d.wunu orcni
Fairmont Board Able to
Make Fine Showing in
Government Inquiry.
At the request of Provost Marshal
General Crowder all states are compil
Ing the cost per capita o[ getting a
drafted man to the railroad station.
The reports are made direct by each
local board, which forwards to headquarters
Its expenses In connection
with the draft.
The 'ocal board for the city of Fairmont
has been able to make a good report.
Not a single penny of Uncle
Sam's money has been expended In getting
the first 58 Falrmonters registered,
selected, drafted and at the rail
j tuuu oiciiivjii icauy iur v^niup ucc.
According to reports, the average
cost of getting a West Virginia drafted
man to the 6tatlon Is $6.78. The total
cost for registration, selection and
draft in West Virginia Is given at $61.000.
The local board members have gladly
contributed their time to this work
; without any payment whatever from
1 the government.
?? ?
; Locust Street Oars
Resume Schedule
Street cars are now running on Locust
avenue and Jackson street. Because
of Improvements on Locust avenne
between Cleveland avenne and McCoy
street, that section of Locust avenue
has been closed. The concrete
work has been completed for several
t days but street cars wore not permitted
to run over the improved streets
until the concrete had entirely set. Between
seven and eight o'clock yesterday
evening the city street cars resumed
their old Locust avenue schedule.
1 The large Mannlngton cars will come
j in hy way of Fairmont avenue for sevI
eral days yet.
irginian's Quality Cii
* Korihern Wi
ruins tint
ION pis
Manufacturers Afraid They '
Will Have to Suspend
Plans Will'be Made to Take
Care of the Interests of
the Industry.
I '
(By Associated Press.)
! PITTSBURGH, Doc. I.?Pottery and
I glass manufacturers In eastern Ohio,
I Northern West Virginia and western
i Pennsylvania were today notified that :
! their products had been listed an non- -
essential by the government and many
manufacturers took this to mean their
plants would be closed for lack of
transpoitatlon facilities and fuel.
A meeting of all the glass associations
was immediately called for Pittsburgh
next Tuesday and Marcus Aaron,
president of the United States Potters'
association, notified its members ,
to assemble In Washington oh the
same day to go over the situation.
Injunction Wanted by Pow
1 dcr Company to Restrain
Use of Road. i
un.L'nt was heard this morning
by Judge Haymond lu the injunction '
proceedings of the Hygrade Powder ,
company ct al.. of Clarksburg, against i
The Orr Coal company of Clarksburg.'1
The plaintiff, four powder companies, !
have a road extending one-third of a ,
miie in length to the northwestern
pike to their plants in Harrison coun- ,
ty. The injunction is to restrain the
coal company from using their road to
haul coal to the railroad siding. The
coal company claims that it has ac
cess to the road due to fact it had mining
rights and privileges on the land in
question prior to the time the powder
companies located plants in that section.
II ? r
uu<i?~c muAni.-n, in iiuiriauu luuiu^i
could not presido over the case as he
was related to somo of the parties concerned
in the litigation.
Judge Haymond will announce his
decision later.
Attorney Philip Steptoe, of Clarksburg.
represented the plaintiff and Attorney
Osman E. Swartz, of Clarksburg,
tho defendant corporation.
across m here
Profile of Proposed Structure
Now on View at
i City Hall.
Plane and specification! for the Monongahela
river bridge w||e received
at the office of City Clerk Albert J.
Kern this morning. The plans were
drawn up by Engineer William Meusser,
of the New York Concrete Steel
Engineering company of New York
City. Sealed proposals for the construction
of the bridge will be received
until 1:30 p. ro. Wednesday. December
12,1917, at which time the bidB will be
opened and tabulated.
The plans consist of 18 large sheets
of paper showing every detail of the
bridge, enabling the 'contractor to determine
to the 100 pounds the amount
of steel needed for the bridge, the exact
amount of concrete, and the cost of
The plan of the new bridge Is at the
city hall ready for public Inspection.
Anyone desiring to do so may go to the
city building and see the bridge as It
will be constructed.
rculation Went Over
k L/i i ? .. iz - &&
is* Virginia's Greatest fiewspc
r , '
American troops In a pratlce trench
blons as they are known In France. Tin
sen instructing the Americans.
rnn tiir nrnAmrn
run int umtmcu;
Thirty One Members of '
Fairmont Lodge Have
Passed On.
In accordance with an established
custom which .V'" be observed, through- !
wt jgkdfiW ttmorrow^Falnnort Lodgft ?
No.?94,.B. P. 0.)?v. will, celebrate its ,
annual Lodge of Sorrow during the aft- t
crnoon at 2:30 o'clock In the First 1
Presbyterian church.
Hon. Charles J. Scliuck. of Wheeling.
will deliver the memorial address
and music for the occasion will bo furnished
by the Presbyterian quartet.
The officers of Fairmont Lodge who
will be in charge of the ritualistic services
tomorrow are: M, E. Ashcraft,
exalted ruler; W. S. Black; esteemed
leading knight; C. H. Neill, esteemed
royal knight; Charles D. Barry, aecre- '
tary; John H. Rock, Jr., treasurer;
Clyde Hays, esquire; George D. Duerr,
Liler; W. If. Randolph, chaplain; William
L. Walker, luner guard, and R.
T. Cunningham, H. W. Scott, W. H.
Roush, trustees. Tho memorial day 1
committee consists of Sam R. Nuzum,
chnirman; W. H. Roush, W. D. Evans,
R .T. Cunningham and C. D. Barry.
The departed Elks whose memories
will bo honored at this service tomorrow
who have passed away during the
< a.. ...... ?? tl,. ..i.t....
Lwviuy jcais ui uic ivusc o CAIOIUIIUU
Dr. S. H. Shorrer... 1S9Y
Charles L. Skinner 189S
Thomas J. McGraw 1900
Frank E. Watson 1902
William P. Eddy ......1904
John M. McDonnell 1905
William M. Guy 1906
Francis J. Mark 1900
John D. Lewellen 1907
Theodore B. Houseman 190S
Herforl Gray .1902
John R. Cook 1908
Lee L. Malone 1909
W. H. Nicholson, Jr. 1909
Joseph E. Sands ..; '. 1909
Charles Kenton 1910
E. W. Chenoweth .............. 1910 ]
Charles F. Weekley ' 1911
L. J. Hunt I.. 1912
W. J. dawson 1912
Cyrus E. Scott 1912
James E. McCoy 1912
James B. Weightman 1914
Ralph W. Lane 1914
James W. Harrington ...'.1915
Frank T. Moore 1915 '
Aubrev W. Meredith 1915
P. W. Burke 1916
J. J. Durrett 1916
Harvey L. Nay 1916
James G. Crawford ' 1917
The general public Is Invited to attend
this service tnmnrrnw
Judge Vincent
Has Court Session
Judge Vincent held a session of Intermediate
court this morning.
A report was filed In the cause of
Stevens vs. Stevens. It Is an amended
cause. In the cause of Harry B.
Gants vs. Arthur O. Mey, an amended
order requiring $100 bond was filed.
Judge Vincent this morning heard
the chancery cause of Audrey Brown
vs. Earl Brown. It was a non-support
action and the defendant entered
bond ot, sufficient amount to keep
his wife.
Judge Vfncent expects to adjourn
this term of court this afternoon.
the 5,000 Daily Avei
[ 'i v. i
eni^gTdecember i, 19:
'J ; IJ " '.w.j.au i i^SMBj
I y ^ fSi
"somewhere In France" learning thi
! trench is situated at an American i
rhis Merely Takes Care of
Company's Employes in
a service flag bearing 16 stars Is
floating from the. Watson building
thlcjsttarnooAo the, w. utere. i?preIffi'lMB
llJ lacu etflpioyes 6f the Mo-'
tiongahela Valley Traction Company
that are now in the service ot Uncle
The 19 stars represent only the employes
of the company that were lonated
In Fairmont and not the many
nthers at Clarksburg, Weston, Stafford,
Marietta, and other points. In
ill eight flags have been put at different
points, each representing the
number of men that have gone from
Lhe respective communities.
Brownsville Man Was So
Surprised He Cheerfully
Paid Fine.
"A working man who labors hard
for his money and gives it all to the
saloon keeper would b? better off if he
were dead," said J. W. Phillips, an aged
man from Brownsville, Pa., who was
arrested about 1:30 o'clock this morning
for being drunk and who was be
foro Mayor Bowen at police court this
morning. He took his fine cheerfully
and afterwards stated that a man In
his circumstances who did not have
any more sense than to get drunk
Bhould be fined at least 110.
When coming out of jail this morning
tie .thought that he was in Point Marion,
Pa. Ho states that yesterday afternoon
be went to Point Marion and remembers
that he went into a saloon. "From
this time on I was dead to the .world.
How l ever landed in Fairmont is a
mystery," he continued. He paid his
fine and was dismissed.
: M s
(x. A. Ri Officers
Chosen Today
Meade Post, No. 6, Grand Army 01
the Republic, this afternoon at Its
meeting In Musgrave ball elected tbese
officers for the ensuing term:
Post commander. E. A. Billlngsleat
past department commander of the
state of West Virginia; senior vice
commander, F. M. Waldo; Junior vice
commander. George H. Richardson;
chaplain, John F.. Jamison; quarter
master. Ell Musgrave; officer of the
day, George. Binnix; delegates to the
department encampment to be held at
Clarksbiirfl next May, Heber D. Mor
gan, George Binnlx. J. J. Lee and F, M.
Waldo; alternates, H. T. Lough, T. T.
McElfrcsh, John W. Mercer and George
H. Richardson. Today's meeting was
well attended.
The officers will be installed on Sat
urday afternoon, January 6, by former
Department Commander E. A. Billings
lea. The post has a membership ol
. ?
rage During Novem
itl 1P?rtly
9 use of the "grenade guns" or trom- t
camp. The French lighters can bo
ipiwl" i
itmvc ucdii ncin!
IImi 0 IILIIU ULhu <
Rev. Father Martorana ?
Preached Beautiful Sermon
Requiem High Mass celebrated on
Thanksgiving morning at nine o'clock
at St. Joseph's church [or the repbse '
of the souls of the Italian soldiers who
have lost their lives on tha-battle fields
of Italy. Rev. Father Joseph Martorana
was the celebrant and delivered
a beautiful sermon touching upon the
bravery and heroic struggles of his people
and the aid of the American soldiers
now in France.
The day being a rainy or. did not
keep the people from attending as the
church was well crowded. Appropriate
music was rendered by the choir
which was directed by JHss Francis
Haggerty, of Farmlngton. Mr. 'Aloyslus
Staud sang a beautiful solo, assisted
by Misses Mary Ramono, Julia Rusbo
and Minnie Yanero. At the conclusion
of the ceremonies the congregation
offered prayers for peace.
Off Again, Caught
Again, by Uncle Sam
fvuiri**? ailtliApliine ussiasiiaii j.ah
vwum.j auviiuuiika j caici na? uiu]i"
pcd tho bootlegging charge against
Charles Jenkins, but l/nclc Sam grab- i
bed lilm on a warrant, served by Dap- :
uty Marshal John D. Moore. Jenkins
was held under a bond In the sum of
grand iury at Parkcrsburg in January
at a hearinfe yesterday afternoon before
United Stales Commissioner J.
Jenkins was charged with bringing a
cargo of li'inor in. on his person. Due
eo a .county of!leer becoming fussed
in testifying as to dates the,county
was obliged to dismiss the case. This
Is one of the few cases of l?s kind dismissed
on a technicality involving the
date. -
?' t A'y|:: v f
General Sit W. R. Marshall succeeds
! the late General Maude as commander
r.f the British forces in Mesonotamla.
ber?The E^ct Figui
ndeeld?r tonight; tmday
k? 1
m biiiois j
British Blew Up Other Bat? "J
teries to Prevent Their vj
'CDI1AU 0IIPPC00 Mill I 1
iLiimnn ouuuloo oirhll
burning Movement Which , .1
They Began at Cambrai
(By Associated Pre*. I ' C-':?l
BERLIN. Dec. 1.?The Germans yeaerday
captured 4000 British and 1ST- -1
iral batteries in Cambrai region the J
rar office announces.
PRANCE. Dec. 1.?In their operations
n the Cambrai region yesterday the
Jermans began a turning movement
tut tlio British were able to pull bactc .
nost of their troops and at the first
ittack and have them from being eat
>ff. Tho big guns blew up a 'certain
lumber of guns.
?? .*
PARIS. Dec. l.?The Germans made
i violent attack last night on the Verlun
front .the war office reports. Two
sfforts were defeated by the French.
German troops ore making a strong ' *
iffort to wipe out the salient which
he RritiBh drove through the Htndec- '. ; ^
ottrg line toward Cambrai... Violent . f
ittacks have been hurled against the
from Hoenvres to Gonnelleo, a front Q '
jf about 18 miles. Except qear Ooh-relieu.
the Germans have been repulied
with heavy losses. Crown Prince
tupprecht evidently purposed to ipake
imeuds for his defeat by crushing the ~
lew salient with attacks all.along .tho
front and with especially strong efforts
at the northern and eoutherii
3nds with the apparent plan of driving
north and south and cutting 'off ;
.he British, east of a line from Moeur
rres to Gonnelleu. On the northern
9ank and west of Cambrai the Gernan
attacks were crushed by artillery
and machine gun fire and heavy loss's
were inflicted. The stroke on the. ; 4
southern flank brought Initial gains, 3j|
the British being driven hack to LaVacquerio
and to Gouveaucourt about
one and three-fourths mllea north |
west and south west of Gonnelleu respectively.
In counter attacks the British regained
the La Vacauerle and Obuzean
court and drove the enemy from the
ridge east of Gouzoaucourt. At other
points between Masnleres and Villors-Gulslain
the strong German attempt
made no impression on -British
defense. There has been little artllery
activity on other fronts. ,
Tho violent fighting on the northern
Italian front has stopped for the nio- ?r~'
ment. The Austro Germans are re- Tg
ported active behind the line and are
said to be building defenses on the J
eastern bank of the Tagllamento rlv-.
er 28 miles east of the Plave.
The allies Supreme War Council V
(Continued on Faas Four.)
Bryan left Wheeling on a special .
train at 2:50 this afternoon, and
Will Lecture at 8 o'clock- :
Special Turkey Dinner
Tomorrow at | -Mjffim
Tavern Restaurant J
35 Cents Only
All members of Ladles Order Qol- 1'
den Links No. 6 are urged to be
preacntat a special meeting tonight . 3BI
at 7:30 Cunningham's hall-to' ar- range
for the funeral of Sister.Cor
rlne Wllfong.
DONAH KNIGHT, See. / ? .,J|
Laborers Wantijd ' S
in Shlppinu Department. Apply -M
re is 5,045

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