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M55^^B|y^r OR
tt Oat oat tbii pictqre on all (oar
, jto^^r^|C?refall^fald^doty ljne
fe, ' cloudy tonight and
E$< Wednesday ;<colder
Sffi-*.' - ; nrftfilnUaUnn. trai-n
Si:, fled'Men's";Hall?Marlon Lodge, K. of
[ ;? fiac'cabee Hall?Woman's Benefit Asffis?
. Elks* Hire?Fairmont Lodge.
Odd Fellows' Hill?Marlon Lodge, I.
' 0. O. F.
Cunningham Hall?Golden Links.
Skinner Building?Royal Neighbors.
Presbyterian Church?Lecture ot Dr.
li i H. W. Jones, Freeport, N. Y., Y. M.
B. [ <3. A. Choral Society rehearsal.
i ~
. > Home from Columbus?This morning
Deputy Sheriffs John Glover and
Robin A. Hood returned homo from
' the United States barracks at Coif
. lumbus, O. They took a number of
deserters there.
fSBm '
I-. - Booze In a Basket?Secreting one
Quart of malt whiskey and one Hint
.'land two one half pints of the ordinary
ot "John Barleycorn" in a basketful
of groceries, Elijah G. Wills','
; Jams, of Everson, was arrested at the
f* B. & 0. station last night by Deputy
Sheriff Beatfty. The accused has been
?..> Committed for trial.
-:.t iiw mem i wuay?itusiuuranis in
Fairmont today, began the observance
*of "Meatless" days. No meats will
B " ha served on Tuesdays.
K ^ Chosen '"freasurer?W. 0. Arms'.'
strong, Jr., principal of the Dunbar
l- . school ,tbls city, has been chosen
treasurer of the Colored Teachers' Asv*
soclatlon of Northern West Virginia,
^rhlch recently met In Wheeling.
! Rev. I. A. Barnes Here?Rev. I. A
Barnes, of Benton Ferry, who has just
finished a very successful series or
; meetings at Stablstown in Pennsylva1
aia. was In the city yesterday on his
' .way home. On Monday fae will go to
I [Washington to take part In the great
[demonstration in favor of tho early
I" adoption by the House of the resolntion
submitting the prohibition amendment
to the' Federal constitution to the
states. Mr. Barnes says It Is planned
, to have 25,000 active workers for pro'
hlbltlon at the national capital for thin
& great demonstration.
' Deeds Recorded?These deeds were
tiled with Clerk of the County Court A.
- O. Martin for record up to noon today:
[Viola Springer to J. Elliott Springer.
. tract of one acre in Union district, Ji;
Benjamin F. Lucas to Thomas E. Lu.
cas, tract of forty-five acres and 6*
-C poles in this county along the LltfrBlngamon
creek, |250; L. D. Cochran
and Margaret Cochran to Domenlco
.. c-Dqyenro, tract of half acre In Thoburn,
Lincoln district, $1; Oliver M.
'Arnett to W. C. Lawrence, lot on FalaUna.avenue,
Union district, 5350; Tho
m Fairmont Real Estate Co. to George E.
Reston (quit deed), two lots In East
. Park addition In the city of Fairmont,
(1; George E. Heston to Joseph H.
> Summers (quit deed), lot in East Park
addition, 21; Edna B. Shelton, et con.,
v to T. Wellington Arnett. et al? lot In
th eEureka addition to the city of Fairmont
L; . ' Attended Science Meeting?E. F.
*' ' yangllder a member of tbe faculty
"of tbe Fairmont High school has re'
v turned from Columbus, Ohio, where
' be attended on Friday and Saturday
tbe annual meeting of the Central Association
of Science and Mathmetics
V- )Teachers. Tbe organization has a
. membership embracing the teachers
f-~)Df the middle western states from
Ohio to Iowa.
1 - - -
U f' Will Talk on Navy?"Our Navy In
- Station will be the subject of an address
to be delivered this evening at
the Presbyterian church by Rev.
: Henry W. Jones chaplain of the battleship
Texas in the Spanlsh-Amerl,
joah war. Mr. Jones is a pleasing
- speaker. He addressed the Clarks.
burg Elks on Snnday the occasion of
5: the dnnual memorial service and on
Monday delivered an address in Mani
V olngton. ..r,s:
fe Heme Worn Randolph County?T. C.
:A Moore, of this city, R. J. Shepherd,
\ tad Harry Boroff, both of Wheeling,
- have returned from a gunning trip to
Shaver Mountain, Alpena, Randolph
F , county. They, shot a number of
toMasant and sdulrrel. On ThsnV.riv
t ing day there were sis inches of snow
' ion the mountain t.
y; > Slightly injured?Robert Musgrove,
, - probation officer in Marion county and
a wen known East Side citizen was
bUghtly injured this morning when he
g " {accidentally stepped from his porch
land fell.to the ground. His side was
||| pllfhUjf Injured, it wiU he aereral
Wheling Diocese of the Catholic
eburch, will speak this evening at the
state conference of the Associated
Charities and Corrections. While here
he will be the guest of Father A.
Boutlou, at St Peter's Bectory,
In Pittsburgh?Mrs. H. O. Stoetzer
weht to Pittsburgh yesterday. She
was accompanied by her mother, Mrs.
John Brawn, of Morgaatown.' "*
Here for Conference?Mrs. George
C. Baker, of Morgantown, is a visitor
in the city today, having come here to
attend the Charities and Corrections
conference. vv & '?
Dance rownMttoe "M. JSi Nuzum,
of this dty. la a member & the committee
appointed fn pt*" the uncut
ball of the Baltimore and Oblo Railroad
Trainmen, which will take palce
in Wheeling on December 27. A special
train will ran from Grafton,
Hartsel and Holloway to and from
tha ball. Those planning to attend
sboaljl notify Mr. Nurum to secure
r sierra tiaras on the special train.
The Annnal Meeting?This evening
at 7: SO o'clock the annaal election of
officers will take palce at the meeting
of Marlon Review, No. 20, Woman's
Benefit Association, of the Maccabees.
Effort is being made to have a large
turn out of members.
Community House Work?Work
on the East aide community house is
progressing nicely at this time. A
foreman is constantly on the job and
rolunteer workers will be given work
whenever they apply. A few hours'
work from a number of men will aid
materially in cmpletlng the building
by Christmas. Volunteer workmen
are doing all the work on the building.
To Sew for Red Cross?Women of j
East Park will sew for the Red Cross
at the East Park scheol house form
1 to 4 o'clock tomorow afternoon.
Mrs. Dennis Cotter and Mrs. Charles
Hall will be hostesses.
Salesmen to Meet?A conference of
the salesmen of the Monongah Glass
company Is scheduled to take place at
The Fairmont on Monday of next
week. Several reservations have been
No Work for Draft Board?The local
draft board has received no Information
whatever relative to the date
that the next quota of Fairmont
draftees will be sent to Camp Lee. It
is most likely that they will before
December 15, the date on which the
new draft regulations are effective.
In the past the call to service has
been Issued about ten days before the
men arc summoned to leave.
O'Neal Bnck?R. L. O'Neal, of The
Fairmont, returned from Wheeling
yesterday evening: after a conference
with hotel men relaUve to food administration
In West Virginia.
Council Did Not Meet?The common
Council for the City of Fairmont,
which was scheduled to meet at the
City building yesterday evening, did
not convene. In that the council did
not veto the ordinances, they are effective.
Jailed for Stealing Said to have
stolen 53.75 from behind a picture
where the money was concealed in the
home of Mrs. Celtie Johnson on Bennett
street, Pete Minor was fined 310
and sent to jail for thirty days by Jus
tice Conaway yesterday afternoon.
Held for 36-Hour Law?While effort
is being made to prove that he is a
working man, Joe Moore, colored,
charged with vagrancy Is in the jail
awaiting trial before Justice Conaway.
A preliminary hearing wub held yesterday
afternoon, but the case was continued.
Tried for Cutting Man?Confessing
that she cut Joshua Hawkins, Minnie
Haynes yesterday afternoon was fined
35 and was directed to pay the costs
of prosecution by Justice Conaway.
The felony charge was dropped by the
state . The trouble arose in the apartments
of the Haynes woman on Jackson
Enters Bond?In Circuit court yesterday
Velma Worthington, charged
I with illegal selling of liquor, gave bond
in the sum of $500 to appear to trial
; at tbe next session ot Intermediate
Baker's Board Urges
Cut in Bread Prices
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 4.?Immediate
reduction in bread prices, whereevcr
possible, bas been recommended to
bakers throughout tbe country by the
war emergency council ot the baking
Industry. Bakers will go under government
license December 10 using a
Hftt fnrmillft onrl nrndltclnv n atnnriarrl
lied loaf required l>y food administration.
^ \^?wToco
~1T ilniifi- ~~
vovet CART oo CAPRI
AMtCjUAWlt.e.U. Al
Scheme of That Character
About to be Proposed
in Parliament, ^
(By Assoelited Press) 1
LONDON. Dm. 4.?Dr. Hhrlstnnher
Addison, minister of reconstruction, aocording
to the Dally Express, has been
appointed minister of public health
and hopes to carry a bill through Parliament
before Christmas forming a
new ministry to operate a scheme of
revolutionary character. This schemo
is said to aim at the nationalization of
Ihe medical profession. Involving free
medical attendance for every one without
the element of charge. Premier
Lloyd George, the Express adds, believes
the time ripe for a change holding
that nobody should be prevented
or deterred from obtaining the best
medical attendance on the score of
cost or Charity.
The newspaperbelleves that the government
will receive much support for
the scheme in Parliament.
Will Make Important Address
to the Charities
V/UII1C1 cute.
Dr. Worth M. Tippy. Associate Sec- |
retary ot the Federal Council i
Churches of Christ in America and \
Rt. Rev. P. J. Donahue, of Wheeling,
Bishop ot the Dlocose ot West Vir- i
ginla, will be the speakers at the con- {
ferenco ot Associate Charities tonight, i
Dr. J. W. Rlugruder, direction CI- i
villan Relict, oPtomac Division ot the
Red Cross, spoke to the conference i
this afternoon and to Red Cross wor- ,
kcrs this morning. i
Miss Grace Abbott, head of the fed- ]
eral child labor department at Washington,
is here today and in confer- ,
-epee with S. B. Montgomery, com- ,
missioner of labor and the State factory
inspector Jesse V. Sullivan, executive
Secretary of the State Council
of Defense, and chairman or rep- ,
resentatives of the county councils
of defense ot fifteen counties are attending
tbe conference and taking
much interest in the work being laid
out for county councils.
J. Walter Barnes, State Fuel Administrator
and charman ot the Ma
rion County Council of defense, reported
that this county's council has
been quite actiTe in war work though
not as a body. The committee includes
Glenn F. Barnes, George M.
Alexander, Joseph Rossler, P. H. i
PItzer, Carroll Curry, J. Y. Hamilton,
W. E. Mapel, Harry Shaw and Mel- ,
ville Bunner.
City Hall Notes !
-*i i
When entering the police station <
this afternoon the following message
was picked up by Sanitary Officer 1
Holden: "Mr. Holden, there is a (Jed '
dog in front of Stevens Hole Sale." 1
Only the very best meals are given J
1 prisoners in tbe city Jail. Pork chops <
and steak are frequently In the menu. I
Sanitary OfTicer Holdeh reports that i
many Fairmont people are insisting ;
upon burning trash on the streets of i
the city, -which is a direct" violation
of law.
? 1
City officers are studying the four new
ordnances that were passed by
the Board of Affairs yesterday that
they may know who is a violator and
who Is not.
Supreme Court Holds
Up Open Top Order
(By Associated Press)
CHARLESTON, Dec. 4.?The Supreme
court today suspended the recent
order of the Public Service Commission
which directed the B. and 0
railroad to furnish open top cars to
mines not provided with tipples, but
from trucks and wagons to the extent
of their daily requirements.
Armistice Arranged
On the East Front
(By Associated Press)
LONDON. Dec. 4.?An armistice be>
tween Russia and Germany has been
signed at the headquarters of Prince
Leopold, of Bavaria, says an Exchange
Telegraph dispatch from Amsterdam
today. The armistice is valid for a
period of 48 hours.
TS*- ' "
-SJSi- f?ov*> ooesp \
nx i ? JSSasf'O^SH
- 2: TO HE
~ m
! IS
' r-?s
ui^ u.-.:.i li-?t 1 -
nurngdn, sna one o
"love contest" fop striking "hello" gl rl
SEATTLE, Wash., Doc. 4.?Cupid i
sot one of his most startling assignments
hero recently In connection with ,
the telephone girls' strike. ]
Miss aHrriet B. Horrigan, one ot tho (
striking operators, conceived the plan
tor Injecting tho romantic angle into
the tight for better wages and recog- \
altlon ot the union.
Organizing a street poster contest,
she announced to the unmarried men
st Seattle that the one who made tho 1
most effective display card to euli3t 1
public sympathy could? <
"What do you mean, pick?" asked "
in astonished Romeo to whom the re- 1
sourceful young woman oxplnined her I
Idea. "Do you mean the poster winner
can marry the girl he chooses from I
imong the 900?" . 1
"Yes. Indeed." replied the fair press 1
Samuel S. Phoebus 1
Dies in New York !
Samuel S. Phoebus, of New York' a !
brothor-Ju-luw of (Jaoigo u.-rtddiconi,
jf this city, died last night in the
Roosevelt hospital in New York city
liter a brief illness from meningitis.
Mr. Peddicord left last night for New
York on receipt of a message announc- Ing
Mr. Phoebus' serious illness and a '
jeconu message received a few hours 1
ifter his departure announced the '
leath of Mr. Phoebus. 1
Mr. Phoebus had not been well for 1
:he last several years but had been no
worse in the last few weeks. Last week '
Mr. and Mrs. Peddlcord were In New
York for several days and left Mr.
Phopbus In his usual health. The dc
:eased Is survived by his wife who wat
formerly Miss Ida Peddicord, a daughter
of the late Mrs. Helen Peddicord,
md a granddaughter of MrB. Maria 1
Haymond. Ono son, Lindsay, aged 1
five years, also survives.
Mr. Phoebus was formerly in the hotel
business in Atlantic City but had
been located in New York for several
years. The body will be taken to Old i
, The West Virgini<
Indorsed by the Secr<
Load up the pipes of tl
Cat ai:l ibis Coupon, fill it and send i
buy tobacco for ot
(Each dollar buys four
Tobacco Fund, The West Virginian:
Inclosed find
of tobacco through The West Vlrginl
men In France.
1 understand that each dollar buj
value of forty-five cents, and that In i
a postcard, addressed to me, on whii
will agree to send me a message of tt
Name ?
Street Address
City >,. r<., ?y v r ** .,
' 1 ..
'a4/- '
till \
i :? bottom ]
|) doftmct!- how v*ot?"va piamomos
5l - * jw- - .
? .
to tm6
_ "
f the many poeten offered In the
?* . it1
"But it he and the girl decide the;
Isn't want to marry, why he can take
icr to a show, buy her a box ot cand;
>r something of that sort. ""
"It's up to the man and the girl
\nrt th girl will regard him with iilgl
'avor to start with?1 can assure yot
Such a mad contest among the r.r
ists and near artists who sympathized
ivith the 'phone girls has probably oev
ir been duplicated anywhere. Rlvalrj
grew to white heat, rosters began tc
:ome In by tho hundreds.
The winner has not been announced
?nor has it been divulged whethel
ie'11 marry the girl of his choice or takf
ser tc a show.
"It's going to be a ticklish Job se
ecting the best poster from among th?
Kindreds of excellent ones that have
seen submitted," said Miss Horrigan.
Point Comfort, Va? where Intermeni
tvill be mado on Wednesday or ThurB
lay. The funeral party will leave Nov
fork tonight
1 - . .
Special Venire -:;
Drawn Today
Today Sheriff A. M. Glover and til!
lury commissioners drew the 100 Jury
men which compose the special ven>r<
for the Morgan murder trial, which wii:
ipen next Monday in circuit court. The
Irawlng took place in the office of the
:ierk of the Circuit court.
First Deed That !
Required Stamps
i ne m si iiiKiti puper received at tnc
afflce of the county clerk which re
lulrcd revenue stamps under tho new
law was a deed lllod for record yes
terday afternoon by L. D. Cochran ei
ax., to Domenlco Derenzo.
It contained two twenty-five cen
revenue stamps.
in Tobacco Fund
itary of War and the
of Navy.
to Boys In France.
as much money as you can scare to
tr Fighting Men.
packages ol tobacco.)
to buy packages
an's Tobacco Fund for our fighting
's four packages, each with a retail
each of ray packages -will be placed
:b my unknown friend, the soldier,
11 sow ,-Tviat emit]
\ , BOTTOM OM \T< y
\^.jBtFORe Vvj/
' I * JI
' ' ')," && *' ? Jf- /! ".' ' " i;\Nl
(Continued tram pace 1)
man hands there was always room
for Improvement Re (eared that the
state spent too little money on some
things in an effort to economise' re- 1
(erring to meals (or Insane people
costing as little as tour or Ave cents
each, which might be misdirected
economy. The insane ehnnid he Hi* I
eted or fed liberally at the suggestlon
ot experts. The Governor (eels
that he Is incompetetent to select the ,
heads ot horpltals because he Is not t
up on that kind ot work: he knows ;
a little about law, about editorial i
work, but he has not studied along i
lines which makes him competent to .
select the heads of an Insane or mln- ;
era' hospital. Men who adviso him '
generally urge him to do what they ?
want done. In a multitude of counsel
he has found only confusion.
"Politics ought not to find a place :
in r.n insane or other hospital," he 1
declared, which brought applause, atter
hesitation, led by Hon. Amoa W. 1
Butler, of Indiana, one ot the speak- J
crs at the conference.
"Tho goternor can hardly escape c
selecting a man ot his own party for 8
a position It he appears equally able
a* others in mind."
Tho Governor, fears that politicians
win oppose his effort for legislation
by which the appointment ot hospital
heads will no longer be party spoils.
In an qffort to remove political influence
from such appointments he asks
the support ot charity workers and
all eoort nnnnlo tj? -
, ?U ?? ,
I letter to the State Medical Society, 1
which met at Fairmont recently, and
had casually suggested bis Ideas In c
this connection, but this was the first {
time he had given them public expres- '
The Governor commented upon the
jail population and penltentary prls- '
oners at length. He estimated that
there are 1,200 people in the jails and
as many In the penitentiary. Ten
percent of the prisoners were esttma- j
' ted as being held for felonies. He ,
> could not give exact figures because ]
' sherlfTs In nine cohntlos were so dil- ,
ntory that they had not answered Ills (
. letters. He expected to be adversely ,
i criticised soonor or later for grahtlng ,
i pardons. He had expected Borne one ,
to dig up his pardon record beforo ,
. this. He has pardoned a number of i
I men but Insisted that not a pardon \
. had been granted for political or per- i
r sonal reasons. If he has erred In this ,
) respect It has been on the side of ]
mercy, but he emphasized that all his .
. pardons were conditional and rcolcod ;
, that he had not been required to ar- i
' rest a single man pardoned so far.
The Governor Is certain that crlml- ,
nals are defectives and referred to ]
- Col. Robert G. Ingersoll's lecture ,
> "Crimes Against Criminals" adding
? that he feured that people In West
Virginia jails are not always treated ,
, us wen as iDey snouid be.
"West Virginia is going' to continue J
1 as a dry state," another statement
which got applause eventually, aftor
' Hon. Amos \V. Butler led off, and the
chances are that other states will be
wet for a tijcpe, making the prohibition
laws prominent in jail work. He referred
to justices of the peace who
. aro cither narrow or (leslrtous of
courting favor with prohibition people
who deal out the limit of the law |
, and later regret their course and urge
' hi mto pardon the offenders. He has
written sharp letters in such cases
| and urged moderation in penalties. He |
1 told one instance of a man in a
' neighboring county who visited Cln'
cinnati and brought back more wine
than he should and was arrested at
Parkersburg. This man was fined
J200 whlcJr-tbe governor thought was
sufficient punishment without Jail
i Returning to his pardon record Governor
Cornwell Bald that he bad investigated
every case and had not <le1
pended upon the pardon attorney like i
" hi<t nrmlopofioArn fco/1 ?*?
r>~??>?uNviu wau ilk OUUIO lUOiail' r
r ces. He had given many ot hi* Sun'
days to this -work.
L Dr. Hastings H. Hart, ot the Russell
Sage foundation, don't think It practit
cal to have one board name officers ot
state Institutions and another have
charge ot tile work. He thinks that
| an advisory board might examine men
spoken ot for heads ot hospitals or assistants
but feels that the actual employment
of men should lay wlththoao
In actual charge of the work.
(Continued from Page One.)
slves. This phase of the matter was
worrying SomQ mine workers until Karl
Henry, chlet ot the department ot
mines, got a ruling to this effect from
F. S. Peabody, who is in charge ot the
exp}oslves department ot the bureau
of mines.
Today's Car Report.
The shortage In tonnage In the Fairmont-Clarksburg
region Monday was
2,000 tons and not 20,000 tons as print
ed. The mines In this region are can- I
vaseed ever; day now. On Saturday, t
last, 92 mines reported showing a loas t
ot tonnage of 20,300 tons, yesterday t
111 mines reported showing a loss of 3
tonnage of 2.000 pounds and today ]
113 mines reported showing a loss of (
13,800 tons. c
? I ' ' H
??? v]
rhey Will be On Sale Everywhere
Between This and
Don't mall a letter or package brwocn
now and Christmas that doean't
mvo one or mora little Red ClOia
Ihristmas seals adorning its cover,
rheso seals can be had at any ol the
lepartmcnt stores, drug stores or at
led Cross headQuarters. The precede
from the sale of these Uttts
tickers goes largely to the society
rhlch controls their sale in the variius
towns and cities while a small per
entage goes to the National Rod
Iross society.
The proceeds aro used to combat tu*
icrculosls the great scourge whltfl
early kills 160,000 persons In the Unled
States, one every 3*4 minutes and
latms as Us victims one-tenth to'Oneeventh
of all the people In the world.
It cbsts the United States in dollars
tnd cents over 6500,000.000 annually In
oss of life and labor. Not less tbsn '
.ouu.ovu people are not suffering from
he disease In the United States.
The money received from the Red
'ross sals is devoted to giving tuberpilosis
victims a chance to recover In
irovlding proper food exercise and en- f
ironment for those who can not pro:ure
same for themselves.
You can do your bit toward wiping
mt this scourge by purchasing as mat;'if
the little seals as possible. 3uj
hem today and help a good caua+. '
Pennsy Murders
Are Arrested -i
Two of the three murders wanted
Cor killing another foreigner by the.
tame of Mike Bullcb, at Cheat Haven.
Fayette county, Pa., were arrested
recently by Deputy Sheriff Wayne
Joxy of Morgantown, In Youngstown,
3. About a month ago Sheriff Glover
ind his deputies were notified to be
in the lookout for the men, but it has
leveloped that the men did not come
thin far south. They crossed the
bridge at Morgantown and then went
to Ohio. Sheriff Dlugnn, of Monon- '
galln county, put Cox on the Job and
lie did an excellent piece of detective
work aud caught two of the men,
Miko Popovlch and Joe Cogonas. The .
third man Joe Bo on is still at large.
Deputy Sheriffs Howard Adams and
lohn Glover were In Morgantown on
business recently when they learned
Dn the men being wrested.
It Costs Lets, Is Stronger, and Contains
No Alcohol or Blasting Agent
to Upset Bowels or Stomach.
Everybody Knows Iron Is Good foe
You?Take It Straight,
It's Better.
It everyone knew the Important part
ron plays in your health no on? would
fall to keep the system replenished
vlth it. The hundreds ot medicinal preparations
containing Iron as the
>hlef medicinal elements testify to the. .
mportance doctors and the medtcar -7
raternlty attach to it.
Take the average man or woman.
Their complexion Is not as clear and
-osy, free of pimples and skin trou
jicd na lb qiiuuiu uu. mey BT3 more or
ess troubled with Impure impoverish:d
blood ?ud It you'll notice the statis
:lcs on military rejections you must ;
:onclude the whole nation need* an
iwakening. Iron is as essential as salt
.0 lite. U makes rich red blood. It
lulckens one's step, builds muscles ana i
trotocts ono from poisons such as uric v |
icld and kindred troubledyauslng rlieu- . '
natism, etc.
Now why should the person needing ,
ron take a pill or a dose ot medicine ? \
>ccause It has iron in it, it it also con- . .
ains dangerous alcohol or dope, bltf tng
agents to upset the bowels, or some
(titer element not needed? We recantnend
instead that you get a slrror welvo
ounce bottle ot highly concenrated,
natural medicinal iron a*few
Irops ot which in a glass ot water
nakes a stronger, cheaper better tonic ^
ind blood medicine tor you. Just say.
'Acid Iron Mineral," to the druggist ;
ind he knows you are on the rlaht
rack. It Isn't a patent medietas. It
:ontalns no alcohol. It Is just plain, ^
svery day Acid Iron Mineral, concenrated
And testing over 10 degree* spe:lfic
gravity. Directions with each . v|
jottle. Tbe A-I-M trademark goaran:
ees lull strength and quality. It is
he same scientifically tested and filered
product which for thirty odd
rears has been sold to physicians, hospitals,
and medicine manufacturers." \
Guaranteed full strength by ttie Perro-'
line Chemical Corp., Roanoke, Va. ^
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