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I 22
(Continued From Pace
Mines, formerly of Montane, a eoal
miner, was the nest witness. He gave
the boy a good recommendation. Mr.
Carpenter testified as to certain 10
and-12 gnage guns being owned In the
"community. He gave detailed testimony
as to gun shells.
Thomas Bowers, of Montana Mines,
was called and testified as to a number
of residents in that section having
12-guage guns In their possession.
P. P. Lipson, pawn broker, testiffed
that he sells 10-guage shells.
Fred Wilson, a fireman, of Morgan.
Mines, testified that he never heard
i. at. ? .t.__ I
iMiyuuuB uauriiucuMkUi iuo uvy p cuor- i \
acter. He teitifled that be had en-11
Joyed a good reputation In the community
prior to his being charged with
this offense. Mr. Wilson testified
that a number of foreigners live In the
houses at Morgan's Mines.
W. E. Michael, a teacher of Marion
county for 14 years, was called. Mr.
Michael at the present time Is one of
the acting county superintendents of
schools of Marion county. Mr. Michael
is a teacher at the Rlvesvllle
school. He testified that he became
ncqualnted with Connutte in the autumn
of 1915. As far as he knew Connutte's
reputation was excellent prior
to the time of the alleged offense. Connutte
attended the school he taughfc-v
Dr. C. M. Ramagc. physician and
rurgeon, the new head of the Fairmont
Hospital, testified that he was acquainted
with the Henry B. Morgan
premises. Dr. Hamage formerly taught
school in that section and has done
considerable rabbit hunting thereabouts.
At considerable length Dr.
Ramage explained the ".'ay of the land"
In that section.
Dr. Ramage located the cherry tree
mentioned in tho case and testified
that it was closer to the keyser home
than to the Morgan home and can be
seen from the Keysqr home. The Mor;
gan home is located back of a ridge
I nr^l the tree cannot be seen from the
! Morean home. T)r Btimaw
as to 10-guage shot guns being owned
by a number of people in this section.
Some of tho shells he used appeared
ti< be similar to those found in the codefendant's
Prosecuting Attorney W. R. Daggerty
then proceeded to cross-examine
.the witness. Dr. Rnmage admitted
that he was u friend of Mr. Morgan,
but testified that he went to the Henry
Ls. Morgan home at the request of Attorney
Meredith. He denied that he
bad gathered evidence in the case, excepting
as to the topography of the
premises on which the alleged shooting
occurred. He told of the purchase
cf two 10-guuge guns one of which he
secured and the other one Mr. Morgan
I secured. Dr. Ramage told of a number
! of foreigners occupying houses near
the Morgan farm.
Dr. Ramage testified (hat he knew
; Connutte for six years and "he gave
1 him a good reputation of peace and
good behavior generally.
I Reuben W. Connutte, father of the
' boy, testified that he came to West
I Virginia in 1901 from Lawrence county,
O. The father said the boy's mpthi
er died in May, 1912.
The accused will be seventeen
years old on Thursday of this week.
Mr. Connutte said his father was a native
of Virginia and later located in
Kentucky. This evidence was introduced
to show that the boy was a native
Americau. Mr. Connutte said the
accused has two brothers in the United
States army at the present time.
Mr. Connutte testified that he waB a
I miner ana was employed at Montana
The father told of his boy's visit to
' the home on the afternoon of the day
I of the alleged murder. Connutte came
home between 3 and 4 o'clock and left
1 for the Morgan home about 7 o'clock.
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testimony In regard to the fox-hunt- i
ere on Monday afternoon. Sheriff A.
M. Glover was recalled. The sheriff
was questioned in detail as to who
was at the ICeyser residence after
the alleged crime. Sheriff Glover
testified to the finding of several 12gauge
gun shells. A revolver was
found on a dresser. Ho was asked liy
Major Necly whose finger prints
were on the freshly oiled gun. Sheriff
Glover replied that, he did not know.
Sheriff Glover recalled that Will Keyser
had said that they were his fingerprluts.
He picked up the gun in an
unaccustomed place in tbo co-defendant's
barn and so explained to
the sheriff how his finger prints got
on the gun.
The 10-gauge and 12-gauge guns
were placed on exhibition and iden-i
titled by the sheriff as the firearms
that ho had got on the premises in
The next witness was Dr. George
Yost, of Rivesvllle, who was recalled.
He told how Thorn had been shot in
the back of the leg. Large wounds
were made by the shells. Largesized
shots the physician found' on
the opposite side of the leg.
James Ha^hurst, a brother to Harvey
Hayhurst, one of the men that
was killed, testified as to the. group
of little foxhunters that were' assembon
the "Henry B. Morgan farm on the
night of September 15, when the alleged
homicide occurred. He said be
was a resident of Mononagiln county.
He told how his brother and Thorn
were assembled below the fire when
bullets struck them.
James Powell, of near Rivesvllle,
testified as to the finding of bullets
in a tree. Prosecuting Attorney Hag
gerty maeavoreu to araw from tne
witness the exact size of the bullets
which he failed to do with any degree
of exatcness. The answers Powel
made to the questions failed to elucidate
the matter which was finally
dropped by the prosecuting attorney.
R. C. Jones, the Fairmont undertaker,
testified to extracting a shot
from the body of Thorn. There were ]
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other shots In the body also. He testified
that they were made of shot gun
wounds. The wounds were in the
right leg. Attorney Meredith asked
Mr. Jones on .cross-examination
whether all of the wounds wero made
by the same gauged shells. He
thought that they were the same.
The defense asked for the recall of
Sheriff Glover. Major Neely asked if
)ie was at the residence when Jphn
Keyser went to his home between 2
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The State closed it case at 4:20
yesterday afternoon. The defense
opened its case immediately by putting
character witness on the stand
for Connutte. Among those called
were Dr. Fred W. Hill, of Montana
Mines, who swore he knew Connutte
15 years. M. M. Malone, of Bellalre,
formerly of Montana Mines, and engineer
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mmmwmmJ J
Company, laid he knew the boy for \ J
years. Both of the witnessed gate 1
the young man an excellent re com- II
mcndation as to character prior to
the time he was charged with this ,fl
offense. Prosecuting Attorney Haggerty
asked Mr. Malone If he had
beard the report that Connutte bad
beat a school teacher. Mr. Melons
said that he had never heard such
a report. Court then adjourned until "
9 o'clock this morning.
Week? ;
the ^ear !
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