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1|| Dressed in its Hoi
Rp^ Plenty of Suite
|?w y
A Veritable Store House
lyiwltch Filers 811k Hots shown
?urfjet^)?ur. boots snd suit; also pla
/ 55c a Pair
Borrion'a super-fine Silk Hose shov
wanted plain shades, stripes and pli
75c, $1.00, $1.2!
$1.50 Pair
A Unof of USirs for X
(A VfJL J. wxw *v* *
, Moderate]
^ ^ Chlld'a N
^JBSm \ Child's W
i Spotted
Child's N
fi -/ Coney Se
m """"
?0, jMa v\R or Mink
335-?? d0
8 "Solid Comfort," Says F
Means Nei
Wouldn't Mem like a man's Chrij
I. home" slippers; and the numerou!
that Father or Brother could po3sl
so much the bet'cr, when big stocl
per Satisfaction, priced 50c to $2.5(
i My, How the Little Tots W
- a Thickly Populated
t . Come to this thickly populated "ma
tafh the surroundings In all their S|
' Into the hearts of the old as well as
dreds of dolls moderately priced 15
I ana
m a
H Junior
Class by Close Vote
Decides to Put Annual
p ' ". Out.
. Thinking it best to continue the publication
of "Maple Leaves," despite
th? high cost of pnting and other Ini'v
. creasedexpenses, the Junior class of
* the high school, distinguished as the
C. Sh'HutchtoBon clasB, met yesterday
Mid elected a business manager and
p.-. an editor-in-chief. Harry Higginbothan
was chosen business manager, and
S-:,: Janiaon Meredith was made editor-inh
? For the purpose of deciding whether
. the class ehould publish a 1918 Maple
- Leaves, the meeting of the class was
|;' called yesterday. The vote was almost
j? . even, only a few more wishing to pubF
llsh the annual than those who voted
against it Principal G. H. Colebank
attended the meeting, but lot the mem!
Turnno iiatuiim
I inuiid numinu
1 Declares A. S. Barrow, B. &
I; : O. Shop Worker, After
'Testing the Tonic.
fbe desire to tell others about the
blessings conferred by Nerv-Worth,
gVy continues to manifest Itself among
Nerv-Worth druggists' customers.
Here Is a late proof:
"i had been a great sufferer from
r Indlgesttdon for eight years. Could
R': ' find. notBlng to help me until I tried
~ Nerv-Worth, recommended by Mr.
gtr Watson, who had used It. My imfh~'-provement
was very rapid before us? ':
' tng one bottle and I do not have tbat
KE-" misery in my side when I lie down. I,
K feel betfef Sod stronger In every wny.
I There is nothing too good for me to
K:-' day ofNerv-TVorth."
k- , . " . "A. a BARROW."
S04 N. High St., Mnrtlnsburg, W. Vn.
Nerv-Worth whets the appetite, aids
| digestion, .adds flesh, ronses the ltVcr,
1 regulates the bowels, restores restful
sleep, banishes sick and nervous
Kj iheadaches and other aches and pains.
It, "builds np run-down systems. If it
St; does not do this for you your dollar
.hack at- Crane's Drug Store, Fair
May Attire, With i
ible Gifts For
of Gift Things at Usual
HIS XMAS? rV. 1 \
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Id effects; all ' ^ ?i
vn fa all the
5 and .
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ly Priced v /
TT.TH. $2.50
nite or natural urey aa i
Coney Seta *P?5.UU j
atural Grey or Tan Aa [*A i
ta, $3.50 to 1
Black or Grey French d?/l ff/\
uffc, $15.00 down to ..
Black, Grey or Brown French
lack, near Lynx, Natural Red Fox
Fur Seta, ? f f\
wn to ?P X Vf
'ather, Which Naturally
iv Slippers ,
itmas without a pair of good "at .
s styles shown here is everything '
jily want, if he's a bit fastidious,
cs like these are bulging with sllp)
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in juujujr lining nuiivnic
Suburb of Toytown.
ke believe" village and we are cerjlendor
will put grand old sunshine
the young. Here you will find hunc
to $8.50 EACH.
IR THE Pf0^^
v y Cornb r,
- .
bers of the class decide for themselvos
what they should do.
'PVio 1Q1C ifanla T r?n vrnri ?.J11 -
xf av r-scu t co nui uc a war
issue, and will carry out every possible
means of conservation. The issue
will not be as large as the annual published
in past years. Work on the
book will begin immediately after the
school holidays.
Miss Ora Musgrave of near Baxter,
was visiting at Andrew Valentines'
over Sunday.
James Keefover, of Morgantown,
who has been visiting friends here,
has gone to Ciacksburg to spend
Christmas with his daughter, Mrs.
Sarah Parson.
Miss Vidalee Piercin, Lovina :
|| Make it the
Tlie social (life of the fi
tgj? finest thoughts and aspir
tered around that Instrum
gf judgment?It Is the Instru
hfit tasto and appreciation for
jSf dren. So It should bo a p
of a place In your home ai
?? Instrumen
1Y0U K.1
Steinway. Knabe, Hard
I toy, Ludwlg, Matchless W
Your own terms will bri
ble Instruments to grace y
like to convince you that:
a discussion of the matt<
' tlon. Visit our store tod
Dayis, E
? r?.--ra
Sixteen Million Dollar Bond
Issue is Part of the
ONIONTOWN, Pa., Dec. 20.?Two
lew. projects affecting the J. V. Thompon
estate were unfolded here by Arhur
Havemeyer in behalf of the Haul
latlon committee. They are:
1. A tflbrger ot 350,000 acres ot coal
and owned by the Thompson interists
into a combination to exercise
rantrol for selling purposes only.
2. A bond issue of 916,000,000 will be
iffered to all mortgage creditors and
>thers who desire to bold first lien
lghts on property.
The mortgage creditors by tbe terms
if the plan will exchange their holdings
or bonds upon payment ot all deferred
interest claims.
There are 776 owners of coal tracts
ocated in virgin coal fields where
VIr. Thompson's coal holdings extend.
Ur. Thompson owns 160,000 acres of
:oal land and connected Interests own
190,000 acres.
It is the purpose of the liquidation
:ommittee to appeal for a solidification
of local coal Interests so that'a
prospective purchaser may meet with
:ne price. Control ot the selling pool
is to be prorata?each acre of coal
land to exerclso one vote. All options
or prices will be arranged by a board
of trustees or officers to be named
by the organization.
In order to successfully promote
the 316,000,000 bond issue the Thompsen
estate was shorn of everything
that might be ot doubtful value. The
estate then was appraised at 551,000,000.
The bonds are to extend a period
of 10 years and carry 6 per cent, interest.
In addition to the exchange
of bonds for'mortgages 25 per cent,
slock bonuses will be offered. The
remainder 01 tne issue, to tne extent
of the sales deemed necessary, will
be used in promoting the sale of the |
Copies of the new propositions are j
being printld in New York and will be
>ent to the creditors. The details of
the projects to bo presented in these
topics were drawn up by Norton M.
Sross, general counsel for the Hill syndicate.
and have been submitted to Attorneys
Samuel Untermeyer and A.
Leo Well for approval.
Baker and Willie Baker, wero at
lack Straights' Saturday evening.
Miss Elsie and Emma Rice were
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rice,
of Fairmont, recently, who were ill,
but are improving.
There will be a Christmas tree and
program at the Pharoah's Run school
house Wednesday evening, December
Miss Vidalee Piercln, Emma Rice
and Lovina Baker were calling at
Lonnlo Smiths' Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, of
Rivesville, were at M. S. Smiths'
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Minor Fisher were
visiting at Ed. MuBgraves several
days of last week.
Ella and Nora Baker and Geraldine
Valentine were among the Fairmont
shoppers from here Wednesday.
Mrs. Wm. Thorn was visltin.j her
father, Mr. Kennedy of Hagans, Sunday.
There will be preaching at the
Methodist church here, Sunday P. M.
at 2:30. Come!
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rice and two
children, Lillie and Cora, were visiting
at Pearl Huffmans', of' Rivesville
T.iitft Smith wns at T-nnnla Smiths'
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Coogle are on
tho sick list at this writing.
Miss Vidalee Piercln was visiting
relatives at Monongali recently.
Ashby Rico has sold his (arm and
gone to his home in Fairmont. Mr.
Rice waB a good neighbor and will be
sadly missed in this vicinity.
It buy this Chr
r * ?j be a permane
: Finest You Cai
amily, some ot its
ations, will bo cenent
It reflects your
ment that forms the
music of your chlllano
entirely worthy ,
ad life. j
ts That
uuw qMBjsgag
man, Krakauer, Esilton
and Foster.
Ing one of these no- H
our home. We would {B
rou can afford one-: ,
ir entails no ob]tga- I
?y. Open evenings.
lurkham & T
December 20th, 1917.
I stocks,
nprccrc You can
UIvIjuoLu SERG?, A
and GEORGETTE ? MostlyC
dark colors at *J
/CnnHniiPrt From Pair fll
be discussed at that time.
It was the sense ot the directors that
il the rate question bobbed up it might
tako twelve months to arfive at a decision.
The plan is to have the supply
issue decided first, although it was
intimated by some of the board that
perhaps the entire subject may be decided
once for all by the Public Serv
ice Commission, or else bring the matter
into-the Legislature and get relief.
Mr. Dudderar read a copy of the
reslutions passed In Clarksburg. He
said that Clarksbuggers may agrco to
soino slight changes. He said that
Clarksburg would join with Fairmont
and participate in a conference and
that ho would Interest other communities
in the project. He stated that
the Clarksburg Board ot Trade had
spent $8,000 already and that it had
acquired some valuable and accurate
data gleaned from gas company reports,
which he offered for the use of
the local committee in preparing a
case for the Public Service Commission.
O. S. McKinney. speaking again,
though the situation should be settled
at once and this elicited a number of
opinions aB to the best way to proceed.
It was the sense of the meeting that
an attorney be secured to act in con-!
junction with Hon. Fred 0. Blue, of '
Charleston, already selected by the
Governor to be one of two attorneys to :
look out after the state's interests be-:
fore the Public Service Commission.
A Democratic attorney will be selected
so as to remove any suspicion of politics
in the proposition. It was generally
thought tbat it was the best to
swing right in under the Coventor's
lead on the gas problem as he is anxious
for a favorable outcome of the
difficulty. A conference between cities
in this section was suggested for
Fairmont at which the attorney to he
Rftloptarl txrrtiilfl ha in uiianrlonao'
J. M. Jacob?, president ot the Cham- j
ber, said that It was sell evident that:
the Governor is anxious to render !
assistance in the matter and he be-J
lieved it wiso to co-operate with him,1
for he felt that if the Public Service
Commission should side step the issue
the Governor would call an extranber?
you are planning to jm
istmas is going to ??
nt possession. jS
i j|
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urniiiiinimi ininiini?inni hiiihb
ordinary session of the West Virginia
The special gas committee was empowered
to take wat steps in the matter
it deemed proper.
Tho members in attendance at last
night's "meeting were J. M. Hat (ley,
Fred Heimick, it. T. Cunningham, S.
it. Nuzum, O. S. McKtnney, M. A.
Fletcher, Attorney ltoifo j. Conley, C.
W. Evans, j. M. Jacobs, M. L. Hutchinson,
T. I. Brett, It. M. Hlte, Attorney
C. L. Shaver, W. J. AViegel, T. AV. Hennen.
Attorney (J. M. Alexander and E.
JL>. Moore.
Tho Clarksburg resolutions which
ore preceded by u statement or conditions
throughout this eud of tjrc state
are as follows:
"First. That the Public Service Commission
of this state bo and it is now
hereby requested to have made under.
its supervision and through its officials
a thorough investigation into the
practices of the public utilities monopolizing
the gas supply in this section
of tho state in marketing and selling
their supply of gas for use out of this
elate, and that upon such investigation
made the said Commission take such
action or proceedings as it may deem
necessary to secure to the people of
this section of the state an adequate
supply of natural gas for domestic and
industrial purposes, and to compel said
public utilities to comply with their
duties In thlB respect.
"Second. That, it the Public Serthe
pari son of h
that the. one
There A
Two 1
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you can become ft
and truly apprecii
artisfs voice?or ii
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or play.
The second way i
Creation of his voice
performance?on t
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II realistic in its rej
artist's performanc
I I * true conception.
is not
Jj It differs from any and all
| that talking machines five
tion of an artist while the I
Re-creates the artist's perfoi
|| Great artists have stoo
Edison and have eunf?o
ItiNf comparison mui n*
More than 200,000 ransj
and baud tbsaa comparisc
J31 utterly unable to diatingnis
performance from Ed)eon's
Mora than two hundred c
|| H newspapers concede freely ii
that the Mew Edison Re-cr
ill Wa Ta*'"'? ho*r s1*1
II ' Rps
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in the IV
What Could Pos
J.. and be Mi
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S remains at borne or g
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rou hare not
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en Wbar A most sensible gift O
ed?any always usefu
r" 1 are absolutoly assured
range In prico from
at Lower ?00 Q,|j. \
vice Commission shall deem tbnt it Is
without power, or without sufficient
nnwer in enrrort <hn nrofH^no nfnro.
?,ww" ?"
said and compel the furnishing of gas
to the public of this stato by such monopolizing
companies, then the Governor
of this state he respectfully
trged to convene tho Legislature into
extraordinary session for the purpose
of considering, passing upon and adopting
such law or laws as may ho necessary
in the premises.
"Third. That tho president of this
1 S-A-F-E-T-1*
Judge the Futui
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I'oard he and he Is authorized and empowered
to appoint a committee ol tlv?
to represent this Board and upon ltl
behalf present and tile a copy ot tbti
tesolutlon to the Governor ot this state
end to the Public Service Commission,
nnd to confer with like commltteei
Irom other Boards of Trade or Cham'
hers of Commerce representing the
various cities of this state, and to take
such further action as the committee f
may deem necessary for the relief ol I
the domestic and Industrial consumers I
ot gas ot the city ot Clarksburg and '
r F-I-R-S-T
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