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I Much Ground Will be Lost
|| if They Stop, Says I
r ^ ? i
Kiss La tie Stearns, a member of
"the Executive Board of the Genera!
Federation of Women's club, address- j
. ?d the Woman's club on Saturday af-'
Iternoon at the regular meeting of
that organization. A large audience J
"heard Miss Stearns whose subject i
i . "*? "The Business of Being a Club.
J .'Woman" and "Regulate Your Hurry.";
'.Miss Stearns emphasized the import*ance
of club work during the war pei
riod and urged on the club members
{ that such work abandoned for the
time-would be years in building up
again and therefore should be main- j tained.
The business of women's!
clubs. Miss Stearns affirmed, was to; I
. make conditions ideal and she told i I
, ' various incidents of the remarkable! I
' ventures launched by women and car-j
ried through sucessfully.
Among measures advocated by Miss ! I
. Stearns are freedom from taxation of j j
improved property, so far as the im- J
provements are concerned, which she!
affirmed is a tax on industry an<t j
Thrift; development of the finer arts : 1
, along with the every day business of!
urenaration for life work, municipal j
supervisorsbip of public amuse ments
I About each of -which she could tell
of its practability having been prove!
somewhere in the United States.
Musical numbers of the program
; were of unusual excellence. Prior to j
Miss Steams address Mrs. C. C.! t
Shepherd sang an English song "The J ]
Snow" by Parker, singing ns an en- j j
core "Miss Marien" by Bartlett with ! t
Miss Katharyn Moore as piano uc-i,
I companist. Mrs. Shepherd whose!,
husband is in Prance with General j ,
Pershing is spending the winter with ,
relatives in Mannington. Following
the program Dr. Ernest Yost who is I
i home for the Christmas holidays sang j f
two selection "The Two Grenadiers |:
and "Love's Trinity" with Miss Moore, 1
at the piano. i '
. Four new members intituling Mrs.!5
' Mrs. JJ. \Y. Parker.'1
Miss Ethel Toothman and Miss Lucy]'
ij Johnson were received by the eiuh. Jt
-Mrs. James A. Meredith president.!]
presided at the meeting.
, locaTpTople going:
tiktatp mumm!
I U U Ifll L i niEivi uiiuii ;
Prominent Men to Speak at
r W. Va. University This
~ Week.
x f
I Commencing today farmers' week is {
being observed by tn . agricultural col- 1 r
' "ifin ege of West Virgr-.a University at J
jss?. Morgantown. It v.-n. continue until j r
Thursday afternoon A program of in ! ,
terest to farmers and their families i s
will be rendered. !1
F. R. Heck, of Ka.'ntont. It. F. D. ! !
secretary of the Marion County Farm :
Bureau, who has ooen selected to rep
resent that body f i an official way.' '
will leave for lile.-gantown on Tues
day evening. Mr. H?-:k states that ful- ;
fdrmorc This COUIltV have 1
1J UUI?; . - - . .
signified their int.* :;ion of attending. .
but owing to the fact that their live
stock takes their attention. he is un- J,
able to state for .a certainty just how
many farmers will make the trip. !
The boys and girls who are eligible ' j
I to make the trip oe -ause of winning j
show prices are as 'ollows: Joseph i ,
Arnett. Paw Paw district; Walter'
Hibbs. Paw Paw district: Jarris Ro<*d. ;
Paw Paw district: Flo Atha. Manning-: f
1^ ton district: Stanley Atha. Manning- i f
ton district, who ntn prizes at the']
county show-. : J
Those who will make the trip by : ,
t virtue of winning prizes in the district: .
farm shows are as follows: Roy Amos. !
Paw Paw district; leshuh McCoy. Paw 1
Paw district: Wj h i Downs. Mary 1 "c
Downs. Lester Atha and Pansie t
Hughes, all of Lincoln district. The ..
girls who were prize- winners and en- j
titled to a free trip o Morgantown are ,
as follows: Denie f nrrv. T'ninn dis- ;
trict: Sylvia Rigg.. Pew Paw district: |
Hazel Straight. Paw Taw district:
Margaret Wilhelm. t'r.w Paw district,
an'd Mabel Clayjott. Dexter. j ,
There are fifty-fire farm bureaus in ,
; the state, or one far each county. The j
bureaus represent 20.?00 farmers" fam- j
ilies or approximately inO.OOO people, ;
* * i t"
f , ' k ] ;
I Bl*
^?; 1
x ' Spies in America have reason to
fear this man. He is rateil as one
of the ablest lawyers in the country.
- He Is in charge of the war activities
of the department of justice, tinder
H Attorney General Gregory. O'Brian
H . Is a. Repnblican and was district at
H' attorney of New York under the Tatr
HI administration but politics cut no ice j
- when Gregory called on him tor war i
m 1
HgHk y,7 - ->.
* " <flH
Reports from Russia say that
ana <"ana!. and other members of tl
out her railway tansies.
Above are: Stevens; W. L. 1
ating vice president of the Wabash
J. P. Grenier. chief consulting engin
were en route to Russia.
\ffair Will be Held in Grace
Church on Thursday of
Next Week.
for th% purpose of having.the lay?..
i ?i . phnrcl' meet
ilKSIL %JL Vliavt ... .... ?
he newly elected p'.-?or. itev. H. O.
teynolds, of Sidmat. Cambria county.
Pa., a banquet will be held on Thurs j
lay evening. January 17, in the base ,
nent of the church. The members ot j
he Ladies' Aid soc:;ty will be asked 1
.0 serve the banque". tor which no fee 1
vill be charged. I
A meeting of th<- laymen of the con- !
jrcgation was lielu yesterday morning '
ifter the regular service. which war
veil attended. W:':.-, ni Cantz. acting
president 01 the church council, called ,
he meeting to order. After prayer by j
lev. John s. ICobii tn. who had been
he acting pastor tor six and a half
nonths. Rev. H. O. Reynolds, the new
jastor. was handed he gavel.
On the motion of j F. Shafferman
t was unanimously agreed that a banjuet
be held. A c-romlttee composed |
>f J. 1-'. Shaffernian chairman, T. J. t
rithorington. Frof 0. H. Colebank. Oii !
."er A. Wood and K. T. Cassell was ap- j
jointed to arrange :oi the banquet. A
vays and means committee incident j
o the banquet was appointed as fo!- j
ovs: C. If. Duutip. chairman. Wil i
iam F. Shafferman and nerman ura?.
+ +
Honey is the original concentrated
weetness which the primitive house- I
vife found ready for her use. l.ong j
>efore sugar was used in baking, wo-:
neri had invented nice ways of sweetening
food with the loot ot wild bee
lives. But their recipes went out of;
ashton as sugar grew cheap. Now ;
hat tiie sugar barons have decided to .
initch the housekeeper's purse, some
>f those old recipes will come in
nighty handy.
Cakes and muffins made after the .
Ollowing Colonial recipes have been
ested recently and found delicious.
Honey and Nut Bran Muffins.
One and a half cupfuls honey, from
4 to 1-2 teaspoonful soda. 2 cupfuls j
>ran. 1 1-2 cupfuls milk. 1 cupful flour.;
-4 teaspooniul salt. 1 tablespoonful
nelted butter. 2-4 cupful finely chop- ;
>ed Knglish walnuts.
Sift together the flour, soda and salt '
md mix them tine with the bran. Ada
he other ingredients and bake for 2>'
>r CO minutes in a hot oven in gem !
ins. This will make 2'> muffins.
Butter Honey Cake.
One and a half cupfuls honey. 1-C'
upful butter. :: egg ySlks. 5 cupfuls
11 tcssnoonfuls grand cinnamon. '
-2 teaspoonful salt. 1 1-2 tea spoonful I
txla. 2 tablespoonfuls orange flavor.;
water may uc substituted), whites of |
> eggs. ;
Rub together the honey and butter,
idd the unbeaten yolks and beat thor-J
mghlv. Add the flour sifted with the :
innamon and salt and the soda dis;olved
in the orange flower water.
Seat the mixture thoroughly and add 1
veil beaten whites of the eggs. Bake
n shallow I ins and rover with frostng.
Nut Honey CakeTwo
cupfuls brown sugar. 6 egg i
volks. speck of salt. 2 teaspoor.l'uls
,Touna cinnamon. 1-- it'ii&puuuiui .
trotind nutmeg. 1 cupful chopped raisns.
1-2 ounce candiea orange peel cut
n smnll pieces. 2 cupfuls hor.ev. 3 cupuls
flour. 1 1-2 teaspoonfuls soda. 1-2
easpoonful all-pice. 1-2 tenspoonful
rround cloves 1 ounce citron cut in!
unal! pieces. 2 pounds almonds coarsey
chopped, -whites 2 eggs.
Mix the sugar, honey nnil yolks
>eat thoroughly. Sift together flour.'
Huh 1 jr
....... :. , . . '
Bl &*..A ***^-' M
the Red? have arrested John F. Stevl
Darling. chief engineer of th" Norther;
: George Gibbs. former chief mecham:
eer of the B. &. O. This picture of the
For VJiso Stearns.
Miss Lutie Stearns of .Milwaukee;
vvlio addressed tiie Woman's Club on'
Saturday afternoon was a guest of
honor at a dinner at The Fairmonti
Saturday evening at which the hostesses
were members of the Board
of Management <:' the Woman's club,
("overs were laid for Miss Stearns..
Mr J A. Meredith. Mrs. George DeBolt.
Mrs. J Frank Ritchie. Mrs. A.
I. J-ehman. Mrs. Frank Kaas, Mrs. J.!
A. 1'ickinger. Mrs. 0. G. Wilson. Mr:;.
II G. Stoetzer. Mrs. M. A. Fletcher.
Miss Steams spent yesterday at The
Fairmont. and in the morning attend
crl The First I'resbyterian church.!
Sh< was entertained at dinner l>> ,
<ir ^nrt Mrs \ I r.ehniun and left
ihis morning for principal cities in
Florida, where she nil! address other;
Women's clubs.
? *
Guests Leave. !
Mr. an ! Mrs. <\ R. M. Donald and'
n itenwick. and the Misses Elenn
?.r and Jane Roberts. Mrs. S. S. Pho
litis am! sen Lindsay who had beer. ]
ihe guest cf relatives here for the:
lasr iwo weeks Jeft Saturday for;
their homes in New Vork. Mrs.!
dark Greenwood and children. Clark |
and Clara who wore also guests here'
leave tonight for their home in Philadelphia.
Meeting Postponed.
Tiie meeting of the Queen Esther
Circle of the First M. E. church announced
to be held tonight at the
salt, spices, soda. Combine all ingred-:
ients. but the white of eggs. Heat
whites of egg ti-1 they are sti'T ant! add.
*? T- * ** d/Micli To lllP
Iitui 1U9L. * VMl ?-.?v ?
depth of about 1-2 inch into well juttered
tins, and bake in a slow oven lor
1-2 hour.
Every housewife, anjreci.'tes the
value of hia- substitute foi : yrup
with hot biscuits or griddle cakes.
Even custard wh''.!? is both meat
and drink for some children may be
sweetened with honey.
Baked Horsy Custard.
Beat the whites and yolk-- of 5 erg- |
together: dissolve l-S teaspoonfiii p: \vnered
cinnamon and 1-4 teaspoenful
salt in 4 cupfuls scalded n ilk. mix
with 1-2 cupful honey, and stir into the
beaten eggs Turn into cups, and
bake in a moderate oven, ."he taking
dishes should be sot in wat'-r.
Whooping cough is a very serious |
and "catching" disease.
It is contracted by children coming
in contact witn others having it. I
It begins like an ordinary cataruial ,
cold and cough. the distinctive whoop .
not appearing for a week or tec days,
it is spread by the 'natter thrown out
in coughing, sneezing or blowing the
If there is a baby in the family and
another child gets -whooping cough, ib
serve every possible precaution. 5_"nIess
this is done tlie baby's life mav
be the penalty.
If precautions cannot, be taken and
if the baby canot be sent away, tbrn
ask thp health department to . in .
all other children with whooping
cough to the hospita'.
Don't waste time or mc.i?v 1:1 patent
"cures'' r'or whooping Cf -.gli. t'resh
air good food, rest and sleep Pre the
standard retnedie The child shmil'i
have a separate bedroom which should
be kept well aired day and tughr. Do
not dress tin- child too warmlv. After
the second week the child should be
kept out of doors n? much as possible,
subject to the provisions L.ier".in:i
cd above.
The Brest dancer to babies 'nun
whooping cough is pneumonia. If the
child becomes lancu'd ha<= fevnr. rapid
breathing and a constant couth ca.'i ;
the doctor
Neuralgia is caured by nerve irrita
The deep lying disturbances which
v. A UANBWEfcCHtEP iMbra
f Bluing to mawb ,Ti <
it MHUITE: J '
ms. former chief engineer of the Panby
America to beip Russ.a straighten \
t Pacific: Henrv Miller, former ope-- ^
;il engineer of the Pennsylvania, and
commissioners was taken when they
home of Mrs. \V. J. Boydston has been j
postponed on acr.-jutt; of revival ser->
\ice3 at the church.
m m m *
V. D. C. to Meet. .
The regular meeting of the Robert
E. i.ee Chapter of the V. C. will
lit: held on Tuesday afternoon at 2::?o
o'clock at the home of Mrs E. C.
Km me on Mairt street.
Sew for Red Cross.
The Young Indies Aid Society of
M. P. Temple will meet at the lied
Cross rooms tonight at 7:20 to sew
for the lied Cross.
With Mrs. Scott.
The Young Marr:td Women's club .
will be entertained on Wednesday afternoon
by Mrs. He.ry Scott at her
home on Oliver avr.tio.
Meets 1 or ight.
The MueFarland Chapter of the |
Westminster Guild meets this evening1
in the ladies" parlor of the Presbyterian
church at six o clock, at which
hour dinner will he served to the Guild
Lutheran A;d Society.
Members of the Ladies" Aid society
of Grace Lutheran rhurch will meet
on Thursday cveutf.c at 7:45 o'clock
at the home of Mrs t harles A. Pilson.
N'o. 70k Benoni avenue. This is the
annual meeting and officers will be /
elected for the ensuing year. ^
set tip this symptom may be an in- I
flamed ear canal, an infection of some i
one of the bony cavities of the head J
or a diseased tooth. Diabetes or ma- I
laria may be contributing causes.
This nerve irrila';cn is usually ag-1
travated and brought to a head by cold
or by an injury. |
Heat is one of the best firs! aids
for neuralgia. Tlii-t slioald be applied j
to the tender spot and when removed j
ihe part should be protected agamst 1
further chilling by rapping or bind- j
ins with woolen cloths.
In some cases the .-kin swells as in j
r."itle rash. In others blisters and
sores appear.
Electricity and certain drugs have ;
proved effective in the treatment for
relief front these ne rve pains, but such
measures should ae undertaken only j
under the direction of a physician.
Dior plays an important part in
neuralgia prevention Thin persons j
should fortify themselves against wind ;
and < aid h'.- daily consuming pientv
of miik. cream and butter Gouty or !
rheumatic people she iid confine them-j
selves mainly to a trait and vegetable
Tor permanent relief a thorough
physical or.aminati 11 to locate the
real cause of the nerve irritation is
necessary. In some cases it may be
accessary to remove :he injured nerve
by operation.
Many People Hear
Evangelist Brooks
-? I
The revival at the Central Christian ]
church drew large audiences yestcr-j
cay. limn morning aim cveuie*.
Sam Lewis, the Welsh tenor, sans!
' The Lord :s my Light" last night
and fully justified all the complimentary
things that have been said about ?
his remarkable voice. Mr. Ilrooh? "
said to the audience last night that he
understood that Fairmont was a mus- '
iea! town and that be was glad to
know that and was pleased to say J
to the musical critics of the town ^
that he hail a real artist with him. a
man who shines in the musical world
Brooks, the evangelist, spoke ,
at the Butcher tchool this morning at
nine o'clock. Mr. Mitchell, the pas- .
tor. said he had filled the week for t
the evangelist, every day. having a '
number of speaking and singing en-; '
gagementr. visiting all the schools l '
/ COME WITTY j | ( Bj
i . UJP y> -"**l iiijioiajL-vM
Fur Coats, Se
Pieces Spf
Women who have delayed buying
from the Hartley collection of new
which we can endorse with our lafc
ful lines that have made furs so w
tuoas coats, smart muffs and scarfs
at % Less
"?,7 IC
u ^
Our assortment is am
greatly favor you.
Blankets suggest clos
open when buying them,
not much.
Good Cotton Blankets a
Wool Blankets, line and
Automobile .Blankets .
FLANNELETTES?27 inches wi
tan. Patterns very suitable fo
FLANNELETTE suitable for
dressing sacques, etc.. 27 inch
New Vicft<?
74S93?She Wandered Down the
Mountain Side.
Rainbow of Love.
SS3S2?Danny Boy.
1^411?There's a Green Hill Out
in Flanders. Say a Prayer
for the Boys Out
J nere.
tnd many of the shop? and factor-]
Tonicht Mr. Brooks will speak on j
he subject "The Bible in One
Uncalled for Action.
Mary was visitinc in the country
ind had been stun? by a bee. She ;
ildn't seem to mind the pain so much.
>nt she had a sensitive disposition. |
She ran sobbinj: to her mother and ',
tnid. "I don't sec what he did i; for, j
cen-'-c i hadn't done a thinjr ' " '
I IK ( \muat ON EAR
- vou doing
1' * 1
Thursday, Jan. 10.
Annual Inventory.
;ts and Separate
icially Priced
Furs will have the advantage of choosi
and fashionable furs that are of a quai
tel. They have the smart style and sra
earabie this winter. Beautiful sets, sun
. all
Than Formerly
/omen's Smite
\nd Women Are Wi<
at Their JNevv L
These are suits possessing every merit
ity. distinction in line and finish. Xo woi
of these suits, so wenrble arc they, am
$25.00 to $37.50 Suits
$40.00 to $47.50 Suits
$55.00 to $57.50 Suits
$60.00 to $75.00 Suits
fcs That Are R
pie and carries with it pric
ing eyelids. h>ut our aavice u
There are meaner things th
re $2.50,
de. pink, blue and SERPENTINE CRE
r kimonas. Yard Pretty patterns p
blue, etc.
house dresses. waists and for mi:
es wide. Yd. 15c. checks and plain cc
(Third Floor Annex))
Records ??:
1SIU!)?Somewhere in France is |
the Lilly.
My Sweetheart is Somewhere
In France,
1S414?Hail! Hail! The Gang's
All Here!
Bring Back, the Kaiser to ;
Me. |
Major Murphy Leaves1'
Red Cross For Army , '
Major Grayson M t Murphy, of Xew .
York, has resigned as head of the
American Red Cro".s Mission in Europe
and his place has been filled by
the appointment o: Major James H
Perkins, vice president of the National
City Bank of New >oik.
Major Murphy ros.gns his position
with reluctance thouf-n he believes as
To ,<M RlKiS
v \ I I I
jj&l ~
H J'? -
M ; 1
Are Being '
Ooft 9
>e to Buy Them^-- "1
,ow Prices
?excellent tailoring, material of
nan will regret having purchased
i such good values. , Tjg
* 5?
eliable I
e advantages which-*
5 to keep eyelids .wide; -|fl
an mean blankets^-but?, .
$3.50, $5.00,. $5.75 pair-' ?
,.. S6.50 to $15.00 pair v dH
$3.75 to $17.00 9
PE. 30 inches wide. Yd. 25c.
11 light blue, light pink, dark
idid material for boys suits, - o '*
ildy blouses, shown in stripes.
)lors. 30 inches wide. ya. due. j
r January a
7011S?I Love to be a Sailor.
18399?Will you Remember?
Just a Voice to Call Me, *
1S40S?Wait Till the Cows Come
A Sweetheart of My Own
?And many others. .
(Victrola Dept., 4th Floor)
i graduate of West Pomt Military acaa?
,v.o, ho pin h? rf ereater service
o his government cv serving in a miliary
Modart Corsets
Blouses |
Mrs. Minnie Martin
Second Floor, corner Jackson "
and Monroe streets.

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