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I rj?f|e^0es5ttKri
by the Fairmont PrintIn* and Publi
~ Publication Office. Monroe
/ ?
. eieviwr I J. IIONB
f Advertising Manager. I
The Associated Press is exclusively en
republication of all news dispatches cr
otherwise credited In ifcrfs newspaper
news published herein. All rights ol repi
dispatches herein are also reserved.
TELEPHONES?1103. 3I0S. 3107. All d
through private exchar.se.
Foreign Advertising Representative. E
225 Fifth Avenue. Sew York: S S. VTaba
BY MAIL?(Payable in advance only
Mix months. 13.0ft: three months. 13.50; c
BY CARRIER?(In Fairmont.) On
months. J3.60; one month. 60c; one wt
Three Cents.
BY CARRIER?(Outside o? Fairmont
fono week. ISc. By earner inr-o wuu
All subscriptions payable In advance .
When asking for change In address
new address.
Entered at the PostofTice at Fairmont
second elas^ tnalter.
Subscribers on our carrier routes failli
Virginian any evening should ca!K"W
state the fact and give name and reside n
will deliver a paper to your door a* i
charge to the subscriber for this scrvict
ri-rrv.vc TiVr'A
lliri3Lr.\ i -o
IT is most gratifying that the newly c
sumers* association is going to press
of the rights of the people of West
the gas they need from the companies c
Going right ahead regardless of delays,
promise and all other attempts to obs
(\ movement id uic %jn?y itiwuiwu * ?!%,>
' v their rights securely in law. Until th;
be folly to think of any other course.
In the mean time the gas consuming
Ae domestic consumer, should show wh
matter by joining the association. The
x a lead in A is movement are sincere and
' Ae best interests of the community, am
ginia. but unless their experience is goii
ferent from all the attempts that havi
made to make the gas corporations see i
able and fair light they are going to hav
time of it. If they have Ae right kind <
carry on the fight with the same spirit v
gan it. but if the public does as it has
before in struggles against corporate gre
lie spirited leaders to fight alone, there 1
it is over when Aey will be sorely tempti
Aeir hands of Ae whole ugly business.
So. Mr. Gas Consumer, for your sa
the industrial future of Ae state and a:
you appreciate what is being done am
you, send a dollar to George W Dudde
I the secretary, and ask to be enrolled a
dollar will not amount to much, but t
pression of moral support will. Do it r
X partment is piling up a surplus w
has reached the large total of $10.
the meantime the men arc leaving every
vice in droves, those who remain are so
that they are able to do only about i
work that they are capable of under
stances, and the service is being shot
The general manager of a great in<
under whose administration such evil;
promptly be removed on the ground that
ed. incompetent and demoralizing and
man that should be entrusted with a
And in putting a new man in the place
tors would See to it that a number of si
policy were instituted.
In the case of the PostofFice depart
'directors is Congress, and while that b
of the Postmaster General as easily as
poration could get rid of an executive, i
without consulting Mr. Burleson's view
Itroduce the refonns. When these refon
the authority of law Mr. Burleson will
the alternative of enforcing them or gelt
tion he holds with as much grace as he c
One of the first of these refonns whi<
enact is pay adjustments for all the me
justments for some of them. How n
wages are compelled to face the 50 pe
crease in the cost of living which has
then on the pay they were getting in 19
them, but among those who are doing il
riers all over the country. This newspaj
- . letter carriers of Fairmont that they she
lief. They would be entitled to it eve
department was not a money making dep
Butter sells at J2.-5 per pound in
Berlin it is said
That make* it eas:9r to get along
w*hoat it.
a a a
It never gels so far out of reach'
im. this country iha: we do not buv
Of course the pipe tine people are
worried & lot because they couid not
for .YTlf??rrnce.
X: simply breaks ;ii#ir hearts ;o so
sr. taJclss the sas .".'*?> t.-oro Vfw.
Ht ? f "
* But til* looser ttey itt? away the
ess they aril: hate think
about and the iTest Clrstaian* n?
tat* mora.
Sc w# pr?bab?j rill hi to t? yo
^^I jlll branch>af Ae publi
nrqwiiaawi ?u? w.
ho?e.? dep.rt.nait h? bee,
increase any longer1
shins Company.
Street. I DRs
anager. rj-. HAT the Supr
3 V. RE DIC. I ^
coittion vf.wystr J novice act con
OEBOTEr. ! capable of thin
Superintendent. I . t -n r i
I expected, i be feeJ
tttiedto^h. use tor j wer drawn into
ihe^ being sent to Europe
jbiication or special | out or popular error
; the nation could onlj
epartment* reacted j cJgn service and tha
? ! used to repel invasioi
obep-t e. ward. ; -n,at uere anj ,u
sh Ave.. Chicago. i 1 nat ncfc an?
= ! better was included i
if' One year 13.00; j cry is. n?L to ^ WO
>ce month. ?oc. : Hannis Taylor, and
- AA. <* I ... , r
tefc/'lSt' 'ptr'copy ' could be made, tor
) One month. Tic; ! t'03" common ability
L j The present opin
give o:<S an wet] an i power given to Cons
_ j require military serv
. West Virginia, as j the doubt that was
- ! handed down by Ju
per calu : fulj enough to sati;
r.r to cot Th? t blooded enough to
ESTEF.N UNION." i ,i_ _ j- .7 c
,cc and a Tne53?nf?cr ! earlier wars of tJ
once. There ts no j Pjeld said:
? j "Among the
RY 8. 191$. I government is
?t armies' and th
eminent and :
naval forces.'
falls within th
trol over the s
; It can determ
rtate authority
- v..
MM *'U. w uciu^i
J draft, the age
reived and th<
taken, the cor
B8K*T and the fervict
When put to the
: broac! and as deep <
ERS' ASSO. I fJuirc- rt is fai'r to '
>rganized Gas Con- . r;nc* ^'s tbeorv- is sf
vigorously the test i Senator Knox, of F
Virginia to get all lion t0 tflat effect eai
listributiog the fuel, j ?rcs5- There are
suggestions for com- ; v"hich it is well to
struct or divert the i matters?"The safe
1 they can establish i snd "Between publi
it is done it would must Prevail."
g public, especiallv Major General G'
ere he stands in the : l''rmaster general, i
men who arc taking transportation a
filled with zeal for : vrhlch he can feel ;
d of all West Vir- su,ts with a minin
ig to be vastly dif- something that is b:
s ever before been
matters in a reason- Clifford Tiiorne.
e a very unpleasant I committee a lot of i
of support they will ' situation yesterday,
vith which they be- i he did say that on<
so frequently done i the government foi
ed. permit the pub- ; and to the C. B. & C
will be times before > That will look bad
sd to quit and wash s snme1". but the_ full
! being a more wide
ke. for the sake of ernmont is getting
s an indication that which specifics a sn
d will be done for
:rar. of Clarksburg. U-boats sank the
s a member. The ' and there probably
he membership ex- iterranean an Engli
ight now. pedood. These inc
underseas pirates ai
PAY. amount of coamer
J RLEISOX'S deseven
seas they no 1
hich in some years
000,000. And n Former Senator
branch of the rcr- who opposed woma
? * 1 . __
badly overworked i the House sun rape
75 per cent of the i1P jS opposed becau
favorable circum- jng military servie*
to pieces in many | That gives one a fin
' Joe Bailey, who for
fustrial corporation i Pf people believe t
5 grew up would j argument against c
he was short sight- 1 aeo by intelligent ]
not the kind of a , fact 2s it applies to
great organization. . to be based upon th
the board of direc- to be disfranchised
veeping changes of hibernating since li
j tions forced, him ou
ment the board of
ody cannot get rid , Britain's new en
a mismanaged cor- ; j;ar] Reading, lord
t can if it wants to 1 ti,js appointment m?
s in the matter in- ; commissioner, will
rns have been given i rceans that when ii
be confronted with , ;s necessary to lectt
ing out of the posi- ! win be done with
an command. ' lisher could muster.
:h Congress should ; ?
at. and service ad- SHOF
lany men drawing .
:r cent or more in- ; Speaking of old fs
taken place since back to the Ice age.*
\)J. i\ot many 01 Every time you 5
t are the letter car- tricing a sir -' at the 1
per agrees with the
>uld have some re- - , You c^ see the S
-r .l r> .. xi- face of the soldier
n if the Postomce ]OJ1^ within th<> la
artment. for in tnis J Gmius.
ahead and settle the matter without n
Government is going to control the, b
binder twine supplies this year. n
... li
That'll give the Dakota farmers one
more thing to be mad at the govern- _
ment about.. j
. . a
Clifford Thome told the Senate J
committee coal operators are makitg !
tr o much money.
Which is a sure sign that Cliffora
Joes not b3ve much money tied up in
coal producing.
... t,
The real bloated class in coal P'o- ^
duct ion is the miners and they have
been ffii abort K?uons moRt or me "
llrao b^couse thov could not wo-i;. "
; 2
Kcnry a. Wise Wood the wci!
ksovn patriot is "agin" *onri fiuJfrsso
no**, although ce v.scd io be
tor it.
Ptotsblr Jound out that he could
T yjJ*~r " ? -V
-o. M l <h%?
jmmr vmsnm
eservice efficiency is of modi moi
t Bat in -view of die fact that tfi
i piling up a surplus to withhold a
would be rant injustice.
erne court would declare the selectiv
stitutiona! was exactly what every on
king is a straight line about such thing
ing that it was not. because the me
the service through its operation wer
, which many worthy people had. grei
. It was long believed by many tht
r use the regular establishment for foi
t the organized militia could only b
ere a man who ought to have know
n the number who believed in this the
? ' -r-r t lu. i.:_
nderea ar. i nai prooam/ cApiom
! it is about the only explanation tha
Hannis Taylor is a lawyer of moi
ion which specifically states that th
;ress to declare war includes power t
ice both at home and abroad answei
in some men's minds, but an opinio
stice Field in 1869^j>ered the matt<
;fy any one wMSe citizenship is re
be worthy of the men who fought i
be Republic. In Tarble's case Juslic
powers assigned to the National
the power "to raise and support
e power 'to provide for the govthe
regulation of the land and
The execution of these powers
? lino ?r it?; duties: and its con
lubject is plenary and exclusive,
ine without question from any
how the armies shall be rais?
volunteer enlstment or forced
at which the soldier shall be ree
period for which he shall he
upensation he shall be allowed.
; to which he shall be assigned."
test the war power of Congress is a
?s the necessities of the government r<
nfer that Lincoln held such an opinio
larcd by every practical minded mar
'ennsylvania. made a flatfooted assei
ly in the recent special session of Con
two good old common law maxim
remember in connection with all sucl
ty of the people is the supreme lav.'
ic and private rights, the public rigll
oethals. who is already acting quar
s also to be War department directo
nd storage. These are duties witl
at home and he is bound to get re
turn amount of fuss. And that i;
idly needed in Washington just new
who told the Senate investigatin;
liis personal opinions about the coa
was not very strong on details, bu
; Illinois operator is selling coal t<
use at Camp Dodge at one pricJ.
railroad for a much smaller price
in the newspapers read by coal con
1 truth probably is that the railroa<
awake buyer of coal than the gov
its supply on a Ions term contrae
aaller price than the current figure
Harry Luckenbaeh the other day
was some loss of life. In the Med
ish torpedo boat destroyer was tor
idents serve to remind us that thro
still at work, but considering thee
that is being carried on all th<
onger amount to much.
Bailey, of Texas, was among thos<
n suffrage at the hearing held b;
committee yesterday. Bailey say
se women are incapable of perform
f. sheriff service and jury service
? lino n-n the mental attainments o
a Ion? time hade a large numbei
hat he had regular brains. Thi qual
suffrage was abandoned Ion:
seaple because it is not founded 01
women and because if suffrage wer<
iese things a lot of men would hav<
Wonder where Bailey has beer
is questionable corporation associa
t of public life?
abassador to Washington is to bi
chief justice, and it is believed tha
?ans that Northcliffe. the British wai
not return. If that is true, it als<
l the future the British feel that i
ire us on the way we should behav<
more tact than the dictatorial pub
:t and snappy
ishioned winters, this one goes awaj
?Wheeling Register.
lap a stump on your book you art
kaiser.?Parkersburg News.
tars and Stripe- written all over th?
boys who have been home on furst
few weeks.?Uniontown Evoninj
ot run the suffrage organizations.
m *
Henry Js strong for running things
nt some how or the other he doei
ot have much success with any o
" * ?rh.it direction
15 UUUtTt lAMi<e.o ... v.
What People Say
and Some Side Remarks
San] Ft. Xuzum, who is chairman o!
3e general committee of the Elks
iinstrcl. a charity tund benefit, sel
>r January 31 ai\d February 1. ua?
as talking about the Elks shows and
lade a remark that nas been heard in
airment hundreds c-f times:
"The best show ever put on by
the Elks was tt* bcrlesipje on
"Uncle Tom's. Cnhir." There have
been many splendid home talent
shows staged by that lodge but
S T" - _ -J- ' * .w
* _ *
=iP OH, S-^R<g
e' =3 uSTeN?<siR*.ie, I. ncv
e ; NAY, NAY, RA?Jt_tMe,?
^ ~1| NO(aJ UST6N, IF^CXJ XX
o yim??4k=r
WW xi
'" the T'ncle Tom. carried away the fj
?j biggest honors."
On* !. > :! no* hid- " head in dis-, l|
( grace ju.-it l he is not fully alive
! to the importance of war work. There
is plenty of time to get into the work. ! 3
. .1. M. Brov.-nflcld. president of the Peo- J
- pic's Bank, was explaining why that ; K
r , institution did not make such a good !
showing in the first Liberty Loan as !
1 in the second: \ 1'
"Yoti see we didn't realize that i "
5 it v.as so important." . **'
; tl
t There are unfortunately a great
number of people in Marion county K
who have not yet realized that war n
* ' work is important and they should ; s,
( study the War Savings Stamps litera-! e,
t tare. | v]
y iter. II. G. Stoetzer has a new slogan |j
and a timely one: ! j:
"Do. not merely your bit but ; jr
! your best.** ,,
| 7<
' tr
1 i There is an abundance of wood in ; o
. i West Virginia ar.d it surprises those j <
' * t?i- ?- ? :
who arc ::ot acquainted wuu me j'ev>- ?i
p*e of the Mountain State to see coal ! a:
| hauled ten miles by team wltet- wood c;
: is near by and being permitted to rot. '
K. M. Grant, of Mrirgantown. explains ]?i
it by claiming that cutting wood is a
punishment meted out to farm boys )
until they coins to abhor it. He con- ji
? fessed: j n
"I would rather do pretty near
anything there is in the way of ' r*
; , work than t<? cut wood. 1 did ; si
enough of that when a boy. That ' >'<
was invariably t: y punishment for 1 u
wrong-doing and it has tunuo me i P
against that work to this day " tc
; ?v- at
.; i:al
) i This is. Post Wheeler. T". S. diplo- a
mat at Tokio. and Hallie Ermine m:
j Reeves, "who is his tvife. Or, this is
. Hallie Ermine Reeves, the famous rr
[; novelist and Post Wheeler, who is her K
i i husband. The Wheelers have, but rc- ,
! cently returned from the Japanese
I capital, where Wheeler was counsel- 5j
i lor of the American legation. He is su
: on his way to Stockholm to take a SI
I' similar post. Wheeler knows what *>'
the future of the Japanese question |?J
Is, but?he won't tell.
i . ?
uihat 5 no - ER
? Tee-Hes- nee.- nee?_ ]
JN'T B?c?ev/e ng p^"
11 Hecto,
sNgs-mn^: MUST HAve
Evening Chat ;
Speaking of the weatner which is j
more than ordinarily in-.-cresting top j ,
of conversation just now the Pitts- j
urgh Gazette-Times this morning j :
rinted the following which seems to | i
r all right except that >ie has to ga 1
ivlher back than 20 years to find ten- I :
eratures that equal the low ones of i 1
te recent cold snap: j 1
Does nature even up tne weather; t
she given to averages, and does the f
-ysterious pendulum of. censperatur;1
wing from extreme warm cycles t)'
ictreme cold ones, taking a period ot;
ears in the swinging? A'l these que:-1
ons were answered yesterday at tfca!nited
States Weather Bjreau when, j"
t response to a request nom The Gi j
-tte-Times. \V. S. Brotzman. observe
i Forecaster Pennywitt's office in th -1
liver building, proceeded to take the j
mperature records 40 y tars back to
emonstrate mathematically that Tie
re about to move into the pltasar.ter
i-cles soon.
The question was brought up in a
tter to The Gazette-Times by Capt j
H. Johnson, of Smith's Fer:y, ?h<- j
i the-main, asked if we are moving |
to a colder climate for good. or wi't !
ature balance the sheet.
"The experience of the weather bu '
au is that the temperature pendulu i j
.vings back and forth about every 2 j
ears from deficiencies of tempera-1
ires to excesses." Mr. H-otzman ex i
lained. "and wc wlil just go to wor.- J
> see if nature does ave.age her he-.
ad cold spot-Is."
The figures given first cover a period
eginning with 1STS and ending wit:: j
5&7. Capt. Johnson, according to bis ;
tter. was under the impression that j
ature has a shorter cycie in her ba' '
tconfhpr man fixes it
t 20 years as will be shown. (
The 20 years before n?ui ii-clnding
>97 showed a deficiency of 2 550 do-!
-ees. and the next 20 vrars closin-.
ith 1917. shows an excess of 2,665
monstrating we are near the hack
ring of the pendulum.
The unit of cor.'putation t : basei. ;
;>on the average temper-tture a dsv i
id the weekly, monthly and annual ;
ibles are from the dcilv unit. The
rst 20 years showed an excess of 2
>5 degrees and a deficiency of 5.411
ith a deficiency balance of 2.556. Th
st 20 years showed an excess of 4. '
II. and 1.SS6 deficiency, vt'.th an e>:
tss at the end of that period of 2.6Go 1
You May Find j =
It In Stocking I1!
I 1
Cincinnati authority says your |' J
troublesome corns just 11j
loosen and fail off |' \
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns or j J
rns between th? toes just loosen in I j
eir sockets and fall off the next da.-- f
you will apply directly upon the corn 3
few drcps of a drug called freezone. 5
ys a Cincinnati authority. :
You merely put a drop or two of this J
eezone on the tei-der. touchy corn to- 2
iv and instantly the corn stops hurt- ?
g, then tmorrow some time you may J
id the old torturous pest somewhere J
your stocking, having fallen off en- s
-ely without a particle of sorener.*. ;
in or irritation. The skin sit round- J
g and beneath the former corn will 3
as healthy, pink and -smooth as the z
iim of your han-j. 3
A quarter ounce of freezone is suff.- 2
cnt to rid one's feet of every corn or 5
llus. and any druggist will charge hut 3
few cents for it. It is a compound j
: de frcm ether. j
nmstead's Worm Syrup. 3
t nfa and snrs Tannfly tor "Warnxsi 2
sod the tot tor bo raan. xx aranrxsg i
lJT.S, To eMMraa lit is an sng?I^?9 J
^f*. wp^rCj^iL . ^ 2
ttl* kas killed 133 OOBU AH drm*-, J
its sad dsslsrs, or by nisiWOTc a bet. J f
i- C. A. VOOdUM, KB- PklkL. Ps. J
- * \ .
' . ' V- .
- -- '' '
i i
SegrtM. This nearly btfanraa the
books. which advisee that nature xanst
sot be abased at present lor her contact,
bat mast be condoned a period
longer when she will open her box of
weather "goodies."
Harland Lough, a Fair-view young 1
man who left Wesleyan college, where
he was a student to join the navy. <
writes frequently to his sister. Mrs. J.
W. Custer, of Edgway. from the train- .
ing station at Norfolk ana in a recent
letter he enclosed the following bit of
verse which he says is popular with
the boys there:
(After one month's service.)
Now I lay me down to sleep.
1 Dray the Lord my gear to keep.
Grant no other sailor'l! take
Socks or shoes before I wake.
Lord please guard tee in my slumber
And keep this hammock on its number.
May no clews nor lashings break
And let me down before ' wake.
Keep me safely in Thy sight.
Grant no |pre drills at nignt.
And in the morning let mo wake
Breathing scents of sirloin steak.
God protect me in my dre^ns.
And make this better than ft seems. !:
Grant the time may swiftly fly.
When myself shall rest on high.
, . , , .
In a snowy feather bed. [ I
Where I long to lay my head.
Far away from all these scenes.
From the smell of all half baked beans
Take me back unto the Had.
Where they don't scrub down with
where no demon typhoon blowt:
Where women wash all the clothes.
God Thou knowest all my woes. '
Feed me in my dying throes:
Take me back. I'll promise then.
ver to leave "Home Sweet Home" '
?Copyrighted. 1917?Sea Going Tony. .
Death an Uninvited j.
Guest of the Holidays j j
. j
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Mumford and ! J
sons have returned from Baltimore ;
where they had spent the last two
weeks. Mr. Mumford and family went ,
there to spend the holidays with j ,
Mrs. Mumford's parents Mr. and Mrs. i
E. P. Stutler. On Christmas eve how- '
ever Mr. Stutler was taken seriously .
ill from heart trouble brought on by , :
indigestion and died within a few min- i '
rtes. The deceased was a farmer re- 1
siding about HO miles from Baltimore. > 1
FTis wife and seven children survive 1
him. (
Children Cry
U A I yrxm '
When Woi
The fa
^ " jp ^ Dsatlu"
^^?j| | women c
. I i liM S are ligfc*
tions, p;
id kindred ailments, the "Fave
jenefit. This herbal tonic is prepared
The "Prescription" contains no
form by almost all druggists for 60 ce
Invalids' Hotel. Buffalo. N. Y.. for lar
| JOIN <
f Christmas &
~ It offers an exceptional
v accumulate a fund forC
v poses. It's Free! .No Fe<
^ to lose, i
5? . Tell us the amount yoi
^ will arrange the paymen
Jjj If for any reason you &
Jf payments you will get ba
5E in. Join this club yourse
5E friends to join also. Coi
5E us explain anything you 1
2E ^avitip's habit?it's a sroo<
^ ? C3 ? - - r - w
I The Peoples
s Bank of I
: m- vA < ', v- . -, v " :
Asso. Charities im \p
Need of Fundd|
A. campaign to aecure funds for the# ij
rork o ftfce Associated Charities wills '
be pat into effect this i&onth by th?l H
organisation. This was decided nponl ||
at a meeting held yesterday of theft U
joard of directors held in the rooxns m
in the city building. The campaign!
was to haTe been carried out some J
time ago but was postponed on. ac-1
count of the Red Cross membership! ^
driro which was scheduled for. the!
same time.
The charities organization is in
need of funds at this time to care far
the many needy families in the city'
and ricinity. From now on the calls
for food and clothing will Increase for
several weeks and the money win b?
badly needed. |
Miss Marie Ferreli. of Cjarksbarg. is L
;he guest of Mrs. Dennis Cobur. ^
Can anything be done for children)
crippled as a result of this disease!-V .
inquire of Mrs. Fred Smith. 814 Gas-'
ton Ave.. City; Mrs. George E. John?>c.
333 Chicago St., City. 1-S-U-32S4
Have you ever stopped to reason i
why it is that so many products that
are extensively advertised, all at once
drop out of sight and are soon forgot- S
ten? The reason is plain?the article
did not fulfil the promises of the man- I
ufacturer. This applies more particu- Y
larly to a medicine. A medicinal pTep- \
aratiou that has real curative value I
almost sells itself, as like an endless .:
chain system the remedy la recom- M
mended by those who have been bene- I
3ted. those who are In need of it. H
A prominent druggist says "Take to
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a ' jfl
preparation I have sold for many years
?nd never hesitate to recommend, for M
in almost every case it shows excellent
results, as many of my customers '
testify. No other kidney remedy that M
L know of has so large a sale." \ jj V
According to s*oru -ststgmaniS andj.1
verified testimony of thousands whoT/V
have used the preparation; the success J J
of Dr .Kilmer's Swamp-Root is due to .g fl
Lhc fact that . so many people claim, ft H
it fulfils almost e~-ery wish in
coming kidney. liv?r and bladder ail-- tfl
stents, corrects urinary' troubles and fl
neutralizes the uric acid which causes
rheumatism. fl
You may receive a sample bottle of I
Swamp-Root by Parcels Post. Ad- ?
iress Dr. Kilmer & Co, Binghamton. ll
S". Y.. and enclose 'en cents: also men- a fl
Lien The West Virginian. Large and {
medium size bottles for sale at all drug IB
hIE WAR! jj
nen Fight ,3
,ct that Russian women xsaaww ?
est called the "Battalion of- , m
which w?5 the ftrst regiment o? % '
rs the history of civilization, 7 ggj
ed up the question whether ouf 11
ould form a line of defense for I fl
ed States. f 9
w?an'r burdens in the wax \9
JSiel when she i?rrns: to the 29
edicLue. If her eaisteace is J 9
-amy by the chrunic weaknesses, ||l
derangements, and painful dis- |9
lat afflict her sex, she will find jf 9
nd emancipation from her [ 9
in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pro- w )m
l If she's overworked, nervous^. 7^
down,'' she finds new fife and
It's a powerful, invigorating J II
1 nervine which was discovered f M
* * -for f ^9
L oy 2LH CSHl'JZZ1MM* yujol-? r.
ar in "female complaints" and
ses. For young- girls just It
-womanhood, for women at ,yl
times; in bearing-down sensa* : .1
ains, ulceration, inflammation, '1
rite description" will sorely! j jl
with glycerin. I U
alcohol, and is now sold in tablet ?'_
into. Send 10 cents to Dr. Pierce, J'aB
ere trial oackage of tablets.
OUR 1 1
lirinnc Pliih 111
Jiiiiyo uiuu g-.>j
PEN 1)1
opportunity for you to .
hristmas or other pur- s I I
js! No Fines! Nothing | j |
a wish to save and we j: Tj
hould not keep up your s f |fl
ck every cent yon paid g i|
tf. Get the family and S J jM
* ? +Vio K?j-nlr on/1 Q III
lie tv uxv wwum rr^m
wish to know. Get the . 3?fj
> National i.'jl
Fairmont %
/</' > . r ^ jH

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