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I Prtctc wnnl mixtures.
I Some half lined or lined thrc
At $1
?Coats of wool Kerseys,
-cloths, etc. Some haif lined
ues to $25.00.
At $1
? ?Coats cf Bolivia, pom p<
- ours, etc. Some lined throi
ues to $-30.00.
Li ro
' ;|( MONONGAH |!j!
irTTT**" ~ 1 '
Much Work. i I
Some eight or tea -workers who came j t
to the Headquarters of the local auxiliary
to -work yesterday evening estabUsbed
a record for the amount of ]
-work completed. Before the head- ]
quarters -were closed yesterday eveuiag
the -workers had made just ?52 .
gauze sponges. 52 hospital pillows and 1
- ~ six hospital shirts.
??? i
< Rev. Mark- Here.
At the Baptist church this evening <
.. Ser. I. T. Marks -will preach. lie v.
mr Mr. Marks comes to Marion county ,
from the southern part of West Vir- ,
* ginia. for some time he has been
pastor of the Baptist church at lien- ,
j 1
Iorrouc viudcu.
t .
The bridge crossing the Monguhela :1
river was closed for a short while;
this morning while employees were i 1
hauling cinders to the bridge to build J i
the foundation for the bridge np- j
proach. j j
Mrs. Thomas Wat kins war. in Kair- j t
ttont for a short, while yesterday at- j i
ternoon. ? ; c
v Mrs. Alva Moore was among the lo-: '
- - - ? ?.?.....i
Icai suopptrs m raumuiib .jt juiv} c
afternoon. < c
Mrs. William Cornell was in Fair-, ,
mont yesterday evening calling 011>
friends and relatives. ? ;
Miss Ollie Jones was among the;
local callers *in Fairmont yesterdayj
evening. {j
Mrs. J. Lee Janes -was in Fairmont i
yesterday afternoon attending to bus-11
inees. 1
Marvin Morris was in Fairmont yes- terday
Albert Janes v/.s among the local 1
wit of town callers yesterday even- I
Fred Cochran was among the local *
callers in Fairmont yesterday."
George S. Hall and Hershel Smith
were in Fairmont yesterday evening, i
Max Bear was among the .Monongaiij
business transactors in Fairmont yes-i
Mrs. Charles VanHorten was among j
the local callers in Fairmont yesterday !
evening. '
W. E. Michael and Dr. Howard, of :
Fairmont. George Haught. O. A. licck. :
? Asa Tennant, of Rivesville. were business
visitors here Tuesdav.
- - - - - ? I 0
i- Mrs. Amos smttn wno nos oeen situ |
with grip, is improving. i
"W. I. Booth, of Shinnstcn. and K. X. i
Fddy, of Fairmont, were business visi- j i
tors here Tuesday and attended the di- j .
rectors' meeting of the First National j a
- bank.
Miss Lillian McBce was a Fairmont, *
Visitor Tuesday. i "
Mrs. Grace Martin Seymour, of | _
Wnices-Barre. Pa., is visiting her broth- J ?
e^? Ben'H. Martin, at Bridgeport. ..
Mrs. Cinda Gump Michael, of Fair-,
most, is visiting her mothrr. Mrs. E. j .
w. Gamp. : ;
Miss Lillian McElroy who has been ' ?
hATWave xri?h hf?r fnth- I
Ies; C. S. McElroy. and grandfather. P.j
T71 .Tost, has returned to Wesley&n ?
college. Buckhannon. to resume her.
stndlw. I ?.
W. EL Hall, of Pullman. was a weest L
end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Hall J
Charlie Goodnight, of Murgantown. .
fi , da visiting relatives hero.
Miss Maudu Pylee. who was here
for the funeral of her father. E. W. ?
Pyles. has returned to her work at
Cynw Hall and W. H. Hal!, of Pull-!
Stan, were business visitors at Mor- i
p santown Tuesday.
"W. 8. Hamilton, of Fairmont, was
at business visitor here Wednesday. j
. Mrs. Wm. Fox. Mrs. St--.Tfn~ Tooth-!
man. Mrs. K. D. Eudy. Mr... D. o. i
Kane.'. Mrs. C. C. Hancs. Misses I.il- i
lign McBce. Agnes Gretaer. Jc: 5e i
Sheets attended the "Unborn Child"* at '
Ts a Brisk Place ]
zese Price
*w*rr\ arr
In Winter
for Women,
Misses9 and
b First, Come
And what, splendid coats
x ihey are. Warm coats or
all the cozy winter coatins
materials with cozy |
coMars of far to snussle j
into. All have had their
prices reduced sreatly.
7. SO
cheviots, astrahkans, etc.
ughoufc. Values to $12.50"
burellas. velours, broad- !
or lined throughout. Vai- j
Dm, silvertone. Suede vel- !
ig-hout or half lined. Val\
r the ?e0Pj9^ !
ryCoKNB jj
- V ' ' . . =11
:he Grand "Wednesday afternoon.
?nf nothM. was a busi- '
J-Ui'.'a xjiotp*. v. ? ?
:iess visitor here Wednesday.
Miss Ruby Snoclgrass has returned j
o Fairmont io resume his studies at I
he Normal school.
Mrs. David Stnrgess. who has been i
. isiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Machesney. has returned to her
ionic at Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Austin are the
mppy parents of a baby girl.
Frank Toothman, of Fairmont, is
. isiting relatives here Wednesday.
Lyle McBee is working at Akron.
Clyde Haught. of Camp Lee. Va..
pho has been visiting his wife, has
V.lUiUV?. Paul
Ilanes. of Xew York, -who has
jecn visting his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
E>. O. Hanes. has returned.
Mr. and Mrs. Dink Tennant are the
lappy parents of a baby girl.
A Red Cross society was organized
icre October 24. 1917, with 30 mem
Jers. During the membership cam- j
jaigu we gained 165 new members.!
LTp to date we have 259 members. The :
vork we have sent In are as follows: j
:ix dozen and seven sheets. 2 dozen |
tnd seven towels. 11 bedshirts, 11
obes. 10 suits of pajamas. 15 sweaters.
three scarfs, six pair -wristlets,
ife are starting well in the making
>f surgical dressings. The members !
>f the Red Cress society wish to thank j
he K. of P. lodge. J. T. Reidcr and A. i
V. Mitchell for their generous gifts of !
noney to the society at Christmas. |
ilso we would like to express our ap- j
ireciation and thanks to the K. of P.:
odge for its generous donation of its j
ooms for the use of the Red Cross j
Really docs" put upset stomachs in
>rdcr?"rcall-- docs" overcome indigesion.
dyspepsia, gas. neartburn an-1
ou mess due to acid fet mentation in
ive minutes?that?just that?makes
'ape's Diapepsin the largest selling j
tomach antacid and regulator .n the j
rorld. If. what you cat fermen's and |
unis sour, you belch gas and eructa:i> :
indigested food or -water, head is dizzied
aches; breath foul; tongue coat
d: your insides filled with indigestiilo
waste, remember the moment
Papc's Diapepsin" comes in contact
ritli the stomach all suca distress vanshes.
It's truly astonishing?almost
aarvelous, and the joy it its harmless-!
A large fifty-cent case at Pape's Dla j
epsin is worth its weight in gold to ;
sen and women who can't get their j
tomachs regulated, it belongs .o j
oar borne?should always be Kept
laady- in case of a sick, sour, upse:
toaaacb during the day t>r at night. It's
he quickest, surest antacid f;r the ,
toroach in the world.
Fifty Millions Tons Deficiency
Due to That
& '
: INDIANAPOLIS. lad.. Jan. 10.?
: That in excess of Sfty million addi|
tional tons of coal would have bean
' produced during; 1917 by union miners
in the United States is the statement
; mad? today by John L. Lewis, vice:
president of the United Mine Workers
r ol Amerca.
Mr. Lewis was forrneriv statistician
; of the miners* union, and at th9 time
cf bis elevation in October to the vicej
presidency as a result of a vacancy
[ created by the resignation of John P.
White to become associated with the
Federal Fuel Administration, had inj
progress a nation-wide investigation
in i^'nCffl'l^'lft4 HfnQs^
^>n ; l__%J*g-J<^Every
This Year's G
Begins Tomorrow (Frida
The excellent quality of the me
this sale must appeal to all careful
*hae fh^w lowu Drieea ml
tion and enlist the interest of evtr/
Velours, Fancies, I
Beautiful Wini
| '19'
S23.C0, S27.50, ar
I must go to the $
Fasnioix and buy xne
That's what many women ?? )
will do when they read this ^
Georgette Blouses good
enough values at $5.95 and
$6.50. .*ar
Exquisite Blouses, flesh, <1
pink or white. Some with
flower or conventional designs
traced in bead work.
Others more piain. >cni In
embroidered in si'k?-all love- pink
ly. med
$6.00 ao.d $7.00
Silk Skirts $
In pretty colors, stripes, checks i
of heavy durable taffetas. Elastis a:
bands shirred and pleated?novelty j
SI.50 House 85c
Dresses i
QSr m J,
?" ?- ? ?
Of standard percales embrolt
and ginghams, choice full cut
of several styies and
many patterns.
$1 Muslin Gowns
Mostly all slip-ons.
mbroldcred and lace e" *orgi
styles. trimmee
into car shortage ?r?rth[ *???- ter-j
? j ~ j
is na??t cf all: iflt dwl
tee to car shortage treat the 2,760
olcal aiihHB comprising the' international
body from December 1. ISIS,
to November 1.1917.
The lite of the eoal industry bating
; been a lean one prior to the n inter
i of 1916. the miners* local anions have
; not universally adopted as yet a recj
ord-feeepinn system that afforded ac!
curate information. Bat by comparI
ing their local records vrith those ofi
; the coal company offices at the mines
; more than 350 locals responded.
C-me Comparative RcsurtST
# i
i OHIO?Oat of a membership or 40.-,
| 553 embraced in 450 local unions. 53 j
! locals reported, with 6,323 members.'
loss of time due to car 'shortages the
equivalent of 1.521.5SS tons.
ILLINOIS?-Out of a membership of87J.S9
embraced in 307 local unions.'
38 locals, with 12.137 members, report-:
ed loss of time due to car shortage the j
equivalent of 2,314,273 tons.
j PENNSYLVANIA (bituminous)?1
Out of a membership cf 79,932. em-:
braced in 422 local uniens. 44 locals. I
with a membership of S,762.reportedi
loss of time due to car shortsgc the.
equivalent of 1.22S.C0S tons.
INDLtNA?Out of a membership of i
'Tk/j-t-w r
lU.fl 1'J.UOL lit I <
y), January 11 /
rchandis* offered in
women, to say nothing >
ist command the atten- t
economical woman.
Cersevs and
ter Coats [^
id 329.50 RE*
;. SA\
If i
1,50 Voile Waists 1jljjjj
9Sc hM
uite an assortment tn sir- '?j|tj|i
!S to 46. W|
50 Lingerie Waists |||
$1.75 <?|f?
me very handsome waists w HEM
egufar and extra sizes to
2.56 Silk Waists
9 1 -95 $1.00 M
white, flesh rnaise and <
: embroidered lace trim- ?
and tailored styles.
Heavy rib
end Plain eoio.-s
nd regular waist
sockets?buttor-s i lil^i
Petticoats wfUI
eon fiign c
and gaba
od muslin?deep ________________
iered ruffles, "STYLI
50 Skirts TTip
I.i5& JL iiv
blue manipulat .
e skirts, button ?j<^.
!. _________
"The above results in the central
-6ornpetlUre field ffiustratss the extent
of idleness the miners hare suffered
throughout the couptry due to car
shortages, and places the blame for |
the present-day coal famine squarely
upon the rail roads, according to Mr.
Per Capita Less.
By -fivuvinr the bnsic averages for
all r.ni?; coal fields for reported loss
of production due to car shortage it
is estimated that the per capita producing
pone- of the 410.000 union j
mircrs vtsk reduced approximately.
S2.7 tcna per ctn cmp'oyed. aggrega
tint- a total loss of If.760.715 tons.
Only 25 per cert of :h? membership ;
reported, of which tolly 5 per cent j
could rot secure accurate information.
to make answer to t>>-> ^.tcstjonuoirc. j
Fifty Million Tens Loss.
If all the local onions rrpcrliny.
whoso membership had suffered Idle
ness due to car shortages had main-:
tain 3d records ?*r. Lew: a believes i
that the total loss for the union fields
alone vrcr.'id h;.\e etc ceded fifty mil-.
licr tear.
' y-?7~y-^" C iC * '
-I'"/*--*-'-Jr'."; ; ;\'V '
7iv of This F
$21.50 to $25.00
.Silk Dresses
SI >1.95
tiful dresses, one of a style and si:
for afternoon and street weaft
^ u
k 40c Children
? wear
\ 19<
Heavy ribbed Tt?
pTOv.\ and drawers, eVerj
Sft VjT' 50c Misses 1
rail' 2S?
ffl FlRlmir&Vl Medium weight
' WSllUHv white, fleeced rfbb
W 00c Women's
111 Suits
4fjif SSi
Medium weight i
k . es to 44.
isses Union $1.50 Women':
Suits / Suits
35c $1?1
Alliance brand
bed, sizes - to 14 quality?bleached,
fleeced ribbed, eve
$25 and $27.53
lien's Suits $19.
lass in every respect?serges,
rdines, silk lined, tailored and
* lirrmTTATTrr 1? VTO A Tf 4 r? A
It niin.VUl UAJLAWl T
- . * ' - . " \
V.;:" *N -*? 'A'_Iv ,
I " - > "jj
Georg* Downing. or ftWnrwU.
has retained here Tram * ?Mt to 2C?w
York City, where sho was risittas^wr
?? traiaior aocr
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Moore ere the
happy parents of a fins baby jrirl.
\Y. A. Furbee was a business visiter
in this place Tuesday.
Vaughn Richardson was in this place
Sunday en route to his work ax Earnshaw.
Mrs. John Hushes, of Mannington. j <
was calling on her daughter. Mrs. j'
Lawrence Campbell. 1
Mrs. Lee ruartin has returned from j'
a visit to Pittsbu-gli.
Mrs. Fraa- e* Miller and daughter |1
have returned to their home in Tunnel-' 1
ton. 0 j'
William Showles. of Mannington. j ]
was in this place on business Mon-;!
T no U ri * ?.< / ollot) *r? ! ]
co rbr the seriju;" illnes - of her sister. 1
Mrs. Ruddleson and c'nildreii i
are visiting the former's parents in ]
Harrisvillc. :
.T. H. Ktnkead has been ill of strip!t
for the last t-vo weeks at his borne |i
on Pittsburgh avenue. <
ashion's Wont
The big effort i
spring goods that
Big price cuts have f
of this store. The resu
merchandise just invent
fcA an(1 a" "T'bracing barg;
Iik order to fulh
I a successful sale y
compare them to
i .$33.50, $
ce?all Lu>
a=^ \ Wint<
Choose from 1
's U11- , i an<3
-oed iMrts
"*"8" J (Ik
^ S2.00 Combination
Union Snits
ecru or
Tr.-Jn- Jersey Silk Bust?five rj
L'ilOn bed combination suits fie:
\ S5c Flannelette Go?v
ibbed, slz69c
5 Lnion Good weigtit in pink si
blue figured.
? heavy & Children's Hats
white? n f*
ry slxe. OOC
One targe lot cf assort*
faemprfv *aIH ?+ tli
95 j *
poplins Women*
In U^ck or blu<
~""???? poplins, high class
y Clearance
UN Miliinc
rT Choice of a
~ u' i Fashion, I'
Too Late to Prevent Your Cold! But I
Now*a the Time to Prevent Me fl
Ton will not find a better remedy
ban Dr. Bell's Plue-Tar-Homor to pre- 1
rest toot cough from developing tote
l grave and even dangerous ttewn*.
I"b is pleasant balsam preparation ts
mtlseptle. and - quickly effocttre x \ H
fioaer. you check the screed of infe? > fl
"our germs, loosen and help elhiiimtft ]
be phlegm, soothe the taflsTn.n.-tfcir.. j
ind relieve that grippy .eeQng. . I
Get a bottle of Dr. Bell's Piue-Tar I
Horsey and watch your improveoen. ?
rom the first dose. Do not be setlafle- 1
rith half-treatment, botterer. Take
Or. Boil's Pine-Tar-Hocoy till youi fl
rnppe. cold, or broncbtU. is conjlete
y relic-ret'. Tor hoarseness actf sor?
hroat use also as a gargle. The taste
s so pleasant, children take it -with
)ut ccatiing.
lerful Sal 1
' ? J ? ? ? ? -? ?-s iU a *r faw
is to prcpaxe wit; xvi
"will soon make their ap>ensirated
deep into every section
It is a merciless mark down of all
oried assuring you a real, thorough
Jin event.
j appreciate our efforts to
- a j
ou must see tne gooas ana: >
what others are offering:
>35 and ?3750
[iirious 1
sr Coats j;
13M, '
rr_t T> 3 1
yerve&Sj oroaaciouis m M
/ \
Worth 31.00 to. $1^0 1
Woneo's Liagerie
and Silk Waists
5? 69c
Aim fflPM Irtf fha* hnna
been discarded from their I
^ boxes during the Holiday ssa I
. j Worth up to $L9Q I
Womertjftto I I
mussed from the busy'sesaoe 1
after one washing yoed as
:d new?and look at the m l
>.50 and S7.00
s Skirts $4,951 I
e mannish serges and American- W.'- JjS
skirts In every respect.
ny hat in OS I j|
ivo groups W * "
. . - :' x, - . '?> .sabw^M
V*?< "'
./... - >-'- ' r fr -J~'- nrnB^M

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