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( MUZZLED > v. x-N
1 tAT THAT HE. STtLL- >r.
Cut out the pictur eon all four sides. j
Then carefully fold dotted line 1 its
entire length. Then dotted line 2 and
so on. Fold each section underneath
accurately. When completed turn over
you'll find a surprising result.
Save the pictures.
_ "V^'est Va Locat!
snows and^slfghfly.l
tr -WeathergReadlngs.
Temperature at '
" JLJ 'Yesterday's -weath;
-'ItTf^T/ er. .clear; tempera?
Trty^r 1 ture- maximum.
? J 33 ;i minimum. IT;
precipitaion, .04.
i ?
-jGranJjnglfanL' Building?Knights of
Isfcizmer Building?Lady Golden BaTTlimiiis
Building-?Mountain City
Lodge. K. of T>. i
Odd Flow's Hall?Patriarchs' Mili-.
fant., .. - i
Masonic Hall?Eastern Star.
Red Men's Hall?Setting Sun Tribe. !
I-O. R. M.
(Maccabee Hall?Lady Owls.
Musgrave.Hall?Knights of the Gold-!
en Eagle.
Norma! school?Story Telling Club, i
Chamber of Commerce?War Savings j
stamp campaign committee meeting.
Normal 8chool?Senior class's class !
Armory?Dunbar vs. Lincoln high
School. Wheeling.,basket ball.
Presbyterian* chuich?Presbyterian le ,
K. of, C. Hall?Knights of Columbus
BarrackvJJJe?Red Cross supper at K.
of P. Hall.
Bell Run?Betsy Ross Club will be
entertained by Mrs. Lacy Bright.
, i ^ 4a;xl??eLicepsei?Today DeputyC^unty'ClertCjPhUlips
issued the fol lo^rtng
marijsge ..licenses: George R:
Bryte,- 24. OcSnellsyille, Pa, sEd MolWe.
Btangard..-24. Fairmont; Solomon
. Btewy 48, andfPeari .Carson, 22, Man-'
n'iSfecpn';' BHgair. G-V Brown, 22, and
. |My?tfe"G.~Sh'?ys." 2i; both of Fa'lr'merit.
' ' * <
; -1?- i
., 6. 44 O.'.Ha* W.'S. Sr?War savings j
'stamps are now on sale at the local i
freight station. Freight agent J. D.'
Anthony yesterday received stamps i
to the amount of- $5. Others will be
secured through"the post office when
Aumiller on acation?D. B. Aumiller
owner of the White Cloud restaurant
left this morning for Chilicothe. O.,
where he will spend several days.!
Mr. Aumiller has been on duty very i
regular]y during the past few months !
and is taking a little vacation.
Arranging Sealers' Meeting ? Sum- .
uel^B. Montgomery, state sealer, and 1
? - - -- -a ? r
I county dealer kjl .uuib??-;
town, were in Fairmont yesterday to
matte arrangements ior the meeting of j
the connty sealers of Vest Virginia,
which will be held next month in Hunt- j
A Roads Meeting?S. L. Shaver and i
M. V. Millan, members of the Marion
county court, are at Morguntown today
attending the s.-.'iool of good roads '
at West Virginia -w iversity.
Birds Are Wising Up ? Frequent j
shots at the pigeons at the court bouse j
has caused them tos eek flew haunts, i
Now they hang up it the vicinity of t
Adams andM onro- streets. It is truly^
case of the "bi -ds have flown." |
Irregularities in Flour Weight?j
Sealer W. D. Straight, of Marion coun- j
ty, recently discovered sacks of flour |
being sold here, wh o.-, were 17s pounds
short while the sj.no firm had some j
sacks that were t-vo pounds long in j
weight. The firm, v hu h is located in .
Barbour county. Immediately was no-;
tified and the mru'er has been satis-'
lactorily and amicably adjusted.
- i
L. M. Davis Leases Hospital?L. M
Davis who hatl bees a patient at C'ooi. j
hospital for the d. r.t several weeks!
having undergone s-t operation for ap
pendicitis. is recortiing ar.d today ;
went to his home on riorpont avenue. ;
Will Hold Social? 1;.night the Chris-j
turn Endeavor sovcty of the First.
I>reshyterian chute;: will hold a so |
dal In the social rocnis of the church. .
This will be a young people's event
and the turnout should be very large.
Refreshments will i><- served.
Has Pneumonia?Dui.c Br.uuu a well;
known resident of Barm -kville is fir j
K " 111 with pneumonia at Ics home. Mr. |
Brand is a. well known contractor of
this county.
Another Coaster Hurt?Cerald Davis.
Of Alexander r !a< e. is a p: ient
Wr - at Cook hospital si-Toring from injuries
he sustained when his sled ran
into a pile of bri--k. The boy has a
jTCANTED ? Two or three furnished ,
B . rooms and bath .'or Tight housekcep- ,
Sag. Centrally located. Apply I'. P. j
K Xiipson, 3lf Madisoi St. l-lT-it-32931
badly lacerated Case and a fractured,
bone In bis right band. The child is
a brother of Sirs. W. H. Shfrnmel. His
mather Is visiting relatives. in Mcj*
In Morgan town?Otis G. "Wilson, citj
superintendent of schools was a business
visitor in Morgantown yesterday.
Evangelist at High School?Evangelist,
Brooks wkho'is conducting the;
revival?services at the Central Chris-,
?cn-church tonducted the chapel"ez-;
erciaes' at the Normal school this >
morning at tea o'clock.
Guest of Son?Mrs. Sarah Finley j
who had been visiting relatives in
Cniontown is the guest of her son,
Arthur W. Finley in'this city.
Bargain Seekers? Hundreds of worn ;
en were out today hunting ba'rgajus;
in stores where bargain sales and "re-J
due:ion sales were advertised. These
stores were thronged rturOing the ;
morning hours wi'h eager purchasers
and ma.iy bargains were seared as;
tliey were advertised.
'Firm Started Each One 0*f'
With a^Card and Oiie
Tlxe i'irm of J. M. Hartley and Son
company yesterday piesentecf each of :
its employes with a Government.
Thrift' card "bearing one twenty-five
cent war savings stamp and the firm
hopes thereby to encouraeg the employes
to purchase these stamps from
time to time ther?!>y aiding the govern
man r and at the same time encour-,
aging thrift among tne employes.
The thrift cards were presented at
a meeting of employes held yesterday
evening "aftlr the store closed for the !
day and at'tiie same t;me a thrift club '
to be known as tne Hartley Thrift
club was organized among the heads
of the establishment and the employes.
Another feature r,t the meeting was j
the presentation of enecks to the em
ployes which covered their percentage ;
of Christmas sales. Tue store enjoyed
a splendid Christn as trade, perhaps j
the largest December trade in the history
of the firm. j
City Police Department Gets
Instructions for Duty
Beginning Feb. 5. j
The city police department yesterday
received its instructions for registering
enemy iditns. The notice j
was received by Chief Harr from Cni-;
ted States Marshal c. E. Smith. Registration
will begin at 6 o'clock a. m. j
February 4 and will continue each day .
thereafter between the hours of 6 a. j
m. and S o'clock p. m. up to and in- j
v.iuutu& r cumai.v /. <
As regarding who shall register the
instructions-read as follows:
"All natives, citizens, denizens or ;
subjects of the German Empire, or Imperial
German government, being!
males of the age of fourteen years j
and upwards, who axe within the Uni- i
ted States and not actually naturalized
as American citizens are required
to register as alien etemies."'
All registration cards will be made
out in the police court room on the
first floor of the city hall under the direct
supervision of the Fairmont police
Civics Class Will
Help Y. W. C. A. Fund:
The Community Civics Class of the
Fairmont High school, which had j
such phenomenal success in the presentation
of the motion picture play. <
Alice In "Wonderland, wherahv ii j
cleared $12.". for the Christmas boxes)
sent to the soldiers abroad, will pre-1
sent Marguerite Clark. Harold Hack-!
wood, and Jack Pickford in Wild;
Flower at the High school auditorium j
Friday. January 25. both afternoon j
and evening. The proceeds to be giv
en to the War Recreation Fund of the :
F. AT. C. A.
Intense interest has been manifest-'
ed in this patriotic work by lite High)
school students, and already the hoys .
tit the American Hisrorv class have
tartde a Jjnudsom? donation to the
ause. The nr.me of each person who i
,'eiis life tickets i? posted in th? Tibtorv
of the Department, and a small;
American flag is posted opposbe the;
name for each additional five tickets ;
sold, so that a friendly rivalry is on
anon; the students in the department. '
The pupils of the different schools in
the city will also be privileged to enter
this contest and it is to he hoped .
that a large donaiion will be secured
by these war works.
The Community Civics Class has a ;
record number of magazines to. be sent j
out this week, having been presented
with one hundred ninety at one time*
by Mrs. S. L. Watson.
M. P. Satterfield. of Lexington. V
C.. lias been visiting the past few da.'
with his sister-in-law. Mrs. W. IGillette.
* i
Prominent OletV'-anders including
several bankers lia.c come forward
with', offers . of ball for. Elmer Hupp,
wealthy Clevelantl'oii'man. who killed;
Charles L. "Joyce, traveling salesman, t
The shooting occurred when.Hupp un-!
expectedly returned home and fonnd !
Joyce, a "friend of'theJa'mily," hiding!
in the attic. Mrs. Ilupg, who intro- j
duced Joyce to her he-band, has an- '
nounced that she w>>! aid her husband's
"unwritten law" tIofir:se_ * :
Id'- W ', i |
f*~*4> i
- zmni# ?r j
[ .;M?^\t%?>,
1 i'*mmly?'^ _ j ;
The Russian moujiic. shov/n above.' j
is it:;; "Grout Qut uion" in a land oi l
great qtv stionr;. There are millions !'
ot l.im. The peasant population forms !
th" s~ t' I.'.iik cf the Ru. '-'an people ;
.Most of the nioiijiks are itliieraie. but j '
they take hago interest in government- '
nl Qftp.ir.--. and any government that;
doesn't : u:t them cannot saccced.
Whatever may be met or some wtions
in 11. : iicrn Russia There are r.o :
pro-Cerni -.es cr be ravers-nmon.7 the
peasant pocy> of the great fertile
south Ru sia v.-here nine-tenths of the '
Russian v.-he at is rViv.n.
rtow Robert 1
grGws-5/7^ no wander
seys feffreHlow he ests
|e?T i!
IbSSaiES ?
OP?? ?
... ; , v.
* Tx*JlL P ^
Two Teams Have Been
Chosen ana it Will Last
Seven Weeks.
Members of the Business girls' class :
at the V. M. C. A.ifcjve organized and i
will'this evening begin-an a! I-around ;
contest which -will continue tor seven :
weeks. At the end ot the seven weeks i
the team having the itast number of
points will be obllg^d^t? give an en
tertainment for the., .ictors.
Miss Ella Hunt his Leeti chosen captain
f>C Team Xo. 1. while Miss Xelle [
Oongan lends Team Xo.
Pointa will be scojcd as follows:
Attendance at gymnasium classes ?
- 1
Bowung ?
Swimming 2
fcames (Saturday afternoon) 2
New members ~
The members or the two teams follow:
Team No. 1?M>js Ella Hunt, captain:
Goldie Swag-.i. Virginia Yock
rodt. Mary Hamilton. Margaret Ice.''
Florence Jack. Dos.;:? May, Fear I Morris.
Florence Richard :on, Grace Rob-;
icson, Christine Story, Ida Stone. J
Louise Con'a. Letua Mann. Margaret:
Arnett. Mrs. Homer Eell. Mattie Ber.tell.
Neva Curry. Anna Dietrick. Ethel :
-Itisher.', Ruth Flcie'ms. Hazel Frey.
Ma'dehne Gaskill. Miss Greitzner, !
Erma Henry.
-..Team No. 2?M .-s Nelle Dougan.
captain:.Mrs. Snodderi ,ylva Hustead.
Dora Cox. Ruth Rt^se. Lucy Baney.
Gladys Bennett, Georgia Conaway.
Beulah Davis, Gypsy Dodd, Lucille:
Fisher, Mary Ford, Marie Frum, Mrs.!
Gillette. Blanche Henry. Edith Hunsaker,
Milla Ice. Neltie Johnson, Eva'
May .Gladys Polling, Ruth Ross. Pearl!
Scott, Ella Straight and Mrs. Thomas.
?tit ?-?
/"fest Vmfinirs Greatest \ \
/ \ \
A / ^ * X \
f Hirginisn
\'Ai Ci The ' -- ,J / j
\ \[ ft?psr that Zoea '/ A
The West Virginian Is on sale
every evening in Fairmont at the
following places::
A. G. MARTIN CO., 101 Main Street!
124 Main Street
UNION NEWS CO., Traction Station
UNION NEWS CO., B. & O. Station
CLYDE S. HOLT, 325 Main Street
Watson Hotel Bids.
E' ST SIDE NEWS CO., Market St.
Jefferson Street
Main Entrance Watson BMg.;
Cor. Bridge & Water Streets
512 Locust Avenue ;
Cor. 10th St. and Virginia Ave. J
Cor. 12th St. and Virginia Ave. >
?? %
On sale every evening: outside of i
Fairmont at tne io:iow:ng ptaccs: j
FRED G. BARLOW'S News Stand j
Served and for sale by The West j
Virginian's own Carriers every even- i
ing in the following towns:
I , , |,IM I , . mil
Phones 110-5, 1106, 1107.
In answering blind ads in
The West Virginian classified
columns, please be careltU to
use the. precise address given in
the adv. Write the address ? .
plainly. Letters brought to The [
West Virginian onice go not re- :
nuiro stamps. Always inclose
your answers in sealed envelopes.
Advertisers or others inaulring
about a classified ad.
must desifehato the ad. number
at the end of the ad, as we have !
no other means of referring i
:o It.
- ~~ Jr? I iSm
BEB> -^5 B*.
fltoifc*-' >?.&: - 9^HH
'Hty *
Youth is no bar to war service j
; amfin r the noblewomen of England .J
: Lady l'clham, who is still in her teens,"
it one of the most ardent war relief;
workers in Britain. She is the elder of
the two daughters of the Earl of Cht-"
Chester. Her father is serving as a
major in a Susses regiment.
mifinn? snMfTT
mum Antii
| oe at mm
End Came For Popular
Young Soldier at Early
Hour This Morning.
Russell Arnett. a sea of Mrs. J. M.
Arnett. of this City, who has been
critically ill of pneumonia at Camp
Sherman, Chillicothe, O., died this!
morning a* half after one o'clock ac-1
cording to a message received by relatives.
Mr. Arnett was taken ill about
ten days ago of p!ejr:sy and bis mother
and sister. Miss Margaret Arnett,
who were in Morgan-own to attend the
funeral of the former's sister. Miss
Zena Coleman, were summoned to his
bedside . Pneumoni t developed and a
transfusion of blood irom a comrade.
was resorted to bu. without effect.
Russell Arnett was aged about 27:
years. He had ocea a resident of j
Akron. O.. for the tasi two years where I
he was employed hy the Goodyear!
Rubber company, prior to his entrance
in the army several mouths ago. He
was the son of the late J. M. Arnett
a former merchant of the Eighth ward,
and is survived by his wife who haa
been with, her parents in Akron. O., j
and his mother and s sister, Miss Mar-1
garet Arnett. all or whom had been .
with him during his illness. Another I
sister. Miss Daisy Arnett, died in Mor-J
rinfriTi'n in Anri! Of mat VPtt.
? - - - ? - - The
body Trill "a.-; Drought here for
interment but the t:me of arrival is
not known. . s
Judge Vincent v<:
Busv With Court i
? i
' Quito a number of matters were'
transacted by Judge Vincent in intermediate
court last night and today.
In the cause of Gertrude Shroyerj
vs. Charles Edward Shroyer evidence]
was taken on behalf of the plaintiff. |
The defense wiil take its evidence on j
Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Actor-i
noy Harry Shaw represents the plain-:
tiff ctud Attorney M. W. Ogden the defendant.
On Wednesday evening Judge Vincent
heard the case of Goldie Mason
vs. Thomas Davis Mason, a divorce!
action on the grounds of infidelity.]
An absolute divorce was granted.
Tn the cause of Millard F. Boggess.!
executor of I he last will and testament
of D. B. Fleming, vs. Harold S. Fleming.
cf al? c. petition was tendered by
he First National Bank, of Fairmont,
r.u di't-. liquidating committee. Jutiae
Vincent granted an order filing the
Miss Mary Riggr. of 505 Fairmont;
avenue, who had been ill for somei
time, is slowly recovering at her;
hem?. I
Scores oT Fairmont people can tell:
yo:i about Doan's Kidney i'ilis. Many j
a happy chizen makes a public state-;
meat of his experience. Kerc is a I
case of it. What better proof or merit i
can be had than such endorsement?!
G. L. Mundell. 42S Adams St.. Fair-1
mont. says: "My kidneys were a!-|
ways weak and I had a dull ache;
across the small of my back. When |
I did any heavy lifting or any stooping.
the trouble was worse. My kidneys
did r.ot act as they should. I
got Doan's Kidney Pills from Crane's
Drug Store, and they put my kidneys
in good condition.**
Price COc. at al) dealers. Don't simply
ask lor a kidney remedy?get'
Doan's Kidney Pills?the same that:
Mr. Mundell had. Foster-Milburn Co.. j
Props.. Buffalo. X. T.
o.,: d . . . "
y k. ' -
County Health Officer Tost
WiH Use Slides Loaned
^ by Government.
* u. " . 1"
. y
Trvlnc to tench the community the
aloe of knowing how to prevent typhoid
fever and other contagions and
infections diseases. Dr. L. X. Tost.*
county officer, has arranged to hold
the first of a series of illustrated
health talks in the county court
room in the court house next Tues- j
day evening at 7:3 o'clock. Men,'
and women are urged to attend the :
lecture, which will be free.
The talk w::l be illustrated with;
a large number of special-y prepared
slides, which are famished Is? :hcj
occasion by the United States Pub-!
lie Health Service. "Washington. P. |
C. Dr. Yost expects Dr. L. M..
Schwartz of the United States
Health Service, to be in Fairmont i
tbat .night and deliver a talk alio.
Health work of this tv.-i; has been
a specialty of Dr. Yost's for some
time and he is well informed on '.he'
subject as was evidenced at the last
.meeting of the West "* irgir-'a State
Med.?ai Society in :Vs city. -when :
he accessed several suffers c.l vit-1
al import&n along these lines ;
Anion? the slides are some Riving1
the results in pictures of the survey
of a certain comity in tVest Virginia. |
In the course of his talks Dr. Yost '
wll point out the economic loss to
a community when it has disease
in its midst, reducing the matter to :
dollars and cents for the enlighten- j
ment of-his hearers. A series of
slides will deal with the value or
rural sanitation and at length he
will dwell on the sanitary results ob- j
tained from the use of concrete on
the farm. He will show -what con-.i
crete cellars, concrete stables and j
barn yards mean to the fanners and :
the consumers of his milk and milk ,
products generally. Special a<-.
tion will be given to the dairy interests
and farmers and dairymen are
urged in attend ihe meeting.
In the spring it. Is probable that
Dr. Yost will deliver a series of lectures
on the subject at several
places in the county. Tor the present
he bad dropped this part of the i
scheaule because of the severity of j
" - ?? J la. 1
ure winter snu uiiiiiuK/ w :
the places of due to the conditions
of the roads as well as the uncomfor-!
table condition of meeting places. He |
will wage a "spring drive" however. >
It is probable that Dr. Yost will de-1
liver several lectures in the City of j
Fairmont, but nothing definite has j
been arranged.
Dr. Tost was a very happy man
yesterday when he received his consignment
of elides from Washington.
D. C.. which had been or\ the way
or considerable time.
it*. - - ?
The food experts in charge of tho
Office of Home Economics of the 1".
S. Department of Agriculture have estimated
the daily food needs of each
family of five at 10.000 calories, or
units or heat and energy value.
The "average family" is one of five
persons, two adults and three children.
and "average" menus for a day
are planned for that number. In a
recent bulletin of the V. S. Department
or Agriculture is given a basic plant
of meals for one day which may be'
Pursuant to the >uthority (vested in
me by tvo certa'a deeds of trust
executed by Frank Gregory and Flossie
M. Cregory. his wife, to Paul G.
Armstrong. Trustee, dated on the 4th
and 7th days of Apt i, 1S17. respective-1
ly. and recorded in the Clerk's office i
of the county court of Marion county, j
West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book j
No. 43. pages SI aud 83 respectively, J !
will on SATURDAY. THE 9th DAY!
OF FEBRUARY, IMS, at the front!
door of the court house in the city of ]
Fairmont. Marion county. West Vir- J
ginia.sell to the highest bidder, all ,hat
certain lot or parts! of land, together'
with the appurtenances and improve-'
meats thereto belonging, located on
the North Side of View street in the
Eighth ward of the city of Fairmont, j
Marion county. West Virginia, that is!
to say:
Lot No. 6 of the O. J. Watkin6 plan i
of Jots, which said lot is bounded and I
described as follows:
Beginning at a stake in the north-)
ern line of View street corner to Lot;
- ?- ? -t_- t; T 1
.".O. a; tnence wiui ice nne ui j.*ut?
Xo. S. X. 9 degrees 40 minutes \V. |
120 feet: thence S. W. 50 feet by u
line parallel with the line of View
street to the line of Lot Xo. 7; thence
with the line of Lot Xo. 7. S. 9 deforces
40 minutes Host 120 feet to tfcci
line of View street; thence with the
line of View street 50 feet to the:
place of beginning and being the same!
real estate which was conveyed toi
the said parties of the first part byBirdie
Xutter and K J. Xuttcr. her
husband, by Deed dated on the 2nd'
day of April. 1917. and recorded in 1
the Clerk's office if the County Court i
of Marion connty. V.'est Virginia.
Excepting however the coal and min-1
ins rights and privileges as contained '
in said deed.
Terms of Sale?Casn in hand on day
of sale.
Given under my hand this 17th day j
of January. 121SPACL
Jan 17-24-31-Feb 7-S Trustee, j
L "* ^ ?
Ov C?
mr-~?j -rinrr ,
, The plan Is based on what Is knows ' sal
as a cereal diet?that la, eriBK at
ranch cereal as possible without male* J9
ins the diet one-sided and xaonotop- H
When cereals are used so IreeU they
must be znade as attractive as
possible. The bread mast be excellent.
the breakfast foods thoroughly
cooked and salted, and calces and puddings
most be carefully seasoned. dB
Rice and macaroni are better combined
with small quantities of meat or
cheese than served a'.one. and vans- . <dfl
tions with canned vegetables and 2H
flavorings should be made as often as
Specimen family meals for one day
{mac. woman and three small chll- jjl
Fruit?1 1-4 pounds fresh fruit
{equal to 3 medium-sized oranges. 5
small apples. 1 quart strawberries),
or 3 or 4 ounces dried fruit?(equal to
12 dates or 5 tigs, or equal amounts of <9
dried stewed .apricots, apples, pears.
prunes, raisins, peaches, etc. >
Cereal breakfast food?1 1-2 pints
after being cooked. The equal in uncocked
cereals wonld be 5 or 6 cupfuis.
j -jS
Milk on cereal. 1-4 cupful for each
person. M
Sugar on fruit, on cereal, or in coffee.
2 1:2 level teaspoonfuls.
Bread. S slices, or g ounces.
Butter. 2 1-2 cubic inches.
An egg or 2 ounces of meat, fish
or poultry for each older person, and
a glass of milk for each child. H
Meat or fish. 1-4 pound for each
? - * -i i 'H
1 grown person: lor eacn cn:ia an egg
I or a glass of milk. \
Potatoes. 5 medium-sized. t
One other vegetable .turnip, spinach.
corn, cauliflower, etc., equal to X
pound in -weight.
Bread. R slices.
Butter. 2 1-4 cubic Inches. s
Steamed apple (or oilier fruit) pud- /
: ding. < Ingredients: 2 cupfuls flour. 2 i
: lablespoonfnls butter. 3-4 cupfuls
! milk. 4 nplcs. 1 teblespoonful sugar.)
! Sauce?Recipe: _l-2 cupful sugar. 1
II 1-2 tablespoonfuls flour. 2 teaspooni
fuls butter. 1-4 cupful water, flavoring.
Gravy?Recipe: 1 pint skim milk.
1-4 cupful flour. 2 level teaspoonfuls
hurter and 1 cupful salt or smoked
tioh. To this add beaten egg-yolk left ,
from cake mentioned below. . , ?
Rice, 1 cupful measured before cooking.
Bread. S slices.
Butter. 2 1-2 cubic Inches,
i One-half of onc-egg cake. Recipe
i for whole cake: 1-4 cupful butter. 1-2
1 cupful sugar, t egg. 1-2 cupful milk.
1 1-2 cupfuls flour, 2 1-2 teaspoonfuls
baking powder.
Frosting made with 1 egg white and
1-4 cupful sugar.
Porte r-Gantr.
Miss Ethel Marie Gantz. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Gantz of East
Park avenue will be united In marriage
tiiis evening to .T. D. Porter of
Richmond. Va., at the home of the
bride's parents. Mr. Porter and his
bride will go to Steubenville, Ohio,
to reside where the former is employ
ed with the Bell Telephone Company.
After January 20 they will be at home
at 1240 Maryland avenue. Steubenvilie.
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Indigestion: Drasrciste
refund money if ft fails. 25c
Leg Sore I
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D. D. D. Irritation and pain trcnc. Sweet, refrrshiair
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rare. We piuxrantce D.D.D. :
O.O.O. I
Hie Liaciiici Win; si?
Mountain City Drug store and Hall's
Drug Store.
Free Help for 1
Your Foot 1
T roubles
Dr. School's 5 f I
Foot- ^
offoot. jcrr** na^r-rernrm-^ast^
itnd clate fitting.-Wcmlayoar ocap?rT?hoq>-IuliALiTt?footJi^|??t?'JLAL
A foot expert will be
here Monday, January
MiHeTs Shoe Store 1
127 Main Street.
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