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pa! to _keyseh now
I Determination to Win is
Important Part of Their
H The T. M. C. A. basketball team will
^leave at 12:30 o'cl- -:< today for KeyHjtser,
where this evening it will meet
^ the strong Keyser Collegians. Tomor
tow evening it will be in Cumberland,
where it wiii play the Cumber
land Y. M. C. A.
B. With no exceptions whatever, the
;Kcyser Collegians i ow have by Tar
the best record any basketball
team in the state. " hoy are predicted
bT many a? being n easy winner of
*' - - -to haciotjjaii chaunoion-1
IDS amv ?
Despite :lie good record made by
I the Keyser team, tnc Y. J! .C. A. five :
His gains io Keyser with no other ex-;
Bpectation than -winning. It is said;
Hthat the Keyser teitn has won every i
Hgane played on their home floor this '
^Hyear by a margin of ?1 points.
^ ___________ '
mmschool sgrsds.
VFeam Under Assistant
B Coach Carpenter to
Visit Clarksburg j,
Br '
-Tilt higltscbool scrubs is the latest
^fcaske"tb~all team to be organized in
"airmont. The team is under the;
.harge of Assistant Coach L>. V. Car^H>$nter.
The scrubs will play their first gnme;
Clarksburg on Saturday evening :
igainst the Washington Irving hishj
ichool second team. While the1
" v-i tt,n
I.CTQDS are playing m viai.-vo.n.4t,. --- .
regulars will be pterins the Hunting
on high school team on the Y. M. C.'
X. floor.
[ Many of the best- substitutes willi
emain In Fairmont on Saturday to re-j
nforca the regulars, if such is neces-i
any. There arc about twenty can 1
iidates our. for the high school toatn.j
rhich still enables Coach Carpenter j"
o have a wide selection as to whom:
e will take to Clarksburg.
Tiio scrubs played the regulars on j
he Y. M. C. A. floor y .'cHav eves-'
or and rnrde a real g-cd rT.ow'nc.
t is very likely thai other games will!,
e booked for the second s'rtng men.
MII ill (LI.
Company Honors Went tc
~\lz>rhit->r> Gun and Coast
If Artillery.
ItTonfhly reports from ike Junior B;
[nd Junior C companies tn iho V. ?i. i
I. A. War contest show the Machine
run Company and "iio Coast Art ill ::
ft the lead. Nichols v.-inj high honors
i the Junior 3 company white Adams i
t; high in the Junior c company,
tin the Junior c company Adams;
t orcd 90 points and i:. entitled h> lite j
nnk cf corporal, company emblem
nd high individual honors. The fol-!
Rwine recommendations hate been.'
bade: That Nichols. J. Old. T). Oid.i
fewis. Dears arrl Tchinsai be given i
iq rank ot corporal and be entitled;
? wear one red strip". Other offi-l
l^rs are now serving bnt until Theyj
|'in their rank they arc only acting. |.
| Individual points for the Junior rr
pmpany follow: -Aviation Corps: K.'
odesco. 43. Bnrr 35. Knight CS. Ford
4. C. Calise 46. Thompson <S. H.
alls* 3S. Jonn l.'rs 42. Barber 22. K. i
l^rris 34. OHk"r 21; total 414; Qnar-i
trtssrter Corp?; Ruddy 47. Cooper
I. Holden 44. F. Rose 50. R. Woody
3, D- Woody 26. H. Woody 33. Ice
>. Aldridge 37. I ierpont 32. Sars field
t. total 431; Coast Artillery; C. Kecn
43. J. Ross 55. Hiil iS. Adams 96.
raham 49. Gilkeson 5t. R. Keener!
1, Joe TJrs 40. Salerfieid -14. Wii %r I
!, M. Holden 34: total 312.
>The standing of the teams In the
H Bruises and Sprains
? Have Sloan's Liniment handy for
f bruises and sprains and all pains and
I aches. Quick relief follows its
B prompt application. No need to
Tuh. It quickly penetrates to tha
trouble and drives out the pain.
I Cleaner than isuisy plasters or oinra
mmrs. Sloan's Liniment does not 1
"t*" the akin nor do; the pores.
For rheumatic ^aches. neuralgia.
: '. - B
* JmSSa^^
f -_,
r* - ? J"V " ?-5^
' ' ; liv-W
/; . ' 'y ' .? '.' ** /
y--..--L?S ,?? ? .
^ V ^
"Battrez for tuhday's game, fer
Camp Gordon, Sherry Smith and Jen-;
And the Sammies who face this battery
will have cause for apprehension,:
for Camp Gordon is already plannins T
to build its basebaii club a round two;
world series sjhrs. Shcrrod Smith, form?i-Tv
of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and .
Joe Jenkins, of las- ; ear's champion
White Sox.
Jenkins didn't get into the -world
series last year, mainly on account of.
basketball league is as follows: i
Won Lost Pel
Coast Artillery ..... 5 525:
Aviation Corps 4 4 500 i
Quartermaster Corps. 2 4 a.",:;
Tiie individual standing in rite .Tti-I
iiior B. ?Vtapany folior. ": Un'-LV '
Cun Company. Nichols 100. Pierre -1 '
P.oss 4?. J. Oid 9o. rat Larson 2S. lit.- is. ,
> . J. Brown 27. Riiey 51. Keener 17.
D. Oitl 90. Bickerstag. 24. rota? 541;;
Signal t'orps: Rouiino SO. C. V.'< irieli t
r.s. i'. De'soro 54. Lewis 22. V.', :r47.
Talkinjrton 31. H. Kccle 4S. Stealcy
45. total 44S: Hospital Corps; Dean
!>;>. llelinielc 37. D. Ross 49. V. Deisorclo ;
44. B. Knight 50, Tchinski 90, Hatter J
40. Schcoley 44. Hopkins 35. Seggi- .
total 522; Headquarters: Brown i
" i. Conley 40. Ambrose 53. KJ*eisoI 03.
Johnson 53. RiheMaffer 52, Gailighcr.
. flevault 43. total 41?.
The star.ein gof tit- teams in iho'
ba.-keibali league follow:::
Wr.it Lost V :
fLr-rel Corps 3 0
ci?:rio Gun Cosjpanv 2 1 5>>o
r:s:.::al Corps 1 3 nr.:.
Headquarters Co 0 2 OtW!
Wheeling Colored
Team Sere Tonight
Dunbar high school tvlIT open Its
basketball season on the Armcr; floor!
i iis evening with the Lincoln high
school of Wheeling as their oppon ,
eats. The Lincoln high school team
i'. considered one of the b?-st coioreti {
school teams in the state. The school J
i sal ways represented by good teams!
in ai! athletic departments.
The locals have bcc.j practicing r>tt-j
Iv 3 short'while and have not developed
their team to its maximum
strength. However, they are confident j
of giving their opponents a rral livebasketball
engagement. The game will j
begin at. Sr.10 o'clock.
HI Now Ford Prospt
?Pjr ing a good num'oe:
ia?g; freight^ but just hot
gill"' no one can tell.
?f| Do you want a F
use? If so. let us
I 'f are here willing to
fi| must work tcgethei
k i ter acquainted and
lj want your car, anc
something of the efl
I to secure extra cars
K r Come in, let us t;
jg| f we can be of more
Hi ; than when spring
Br " agent under the Pi
l|j t calling Cars.
Central Antonio!
HI ' 419 Hull Street
l " ?
a rather well known person by the;
name of Ray Sckalk. but lie was con- i
sidered one of the Jivest xonng catch- i
ers in the league an t wouiu hare been 1
a regular with many another club j
Which did not boas; a. Schalk.
Smith was the losing hero of the
15JG world series when he pitched and j
should have won a 14-inning game,
.gainst the Red sea. the game being '
thrown away by Robinson's erratic infield.
If Sherrod Smi'h and Jenkins can ;
: " '?
Blank -wap a busy member of his;
lodge. lie found time, however, to
make hurried sick calis. lie drop.Vd
in on one member who was low with
pneumonia :i:on hastened 10 talk over
affair:- with another member who while
act ill w.:.-. plainly nn clown and in
poor ccr.ai --n. Smartly afterwards"
i --? latter was taken down with pneumonia.
His friends were naturally, surprised
but the}- shouldn't have been for it is
a well established fact that pneumonia
s a germ disease. It should be regarded
by every perron as % condition
.':ar can li? transmitted by apparently
v :-ii people to those w ho are uot^so
For this reason people should visit
i.rjp-.es where pneumonia patients are
toned only in the most urgent cases
of necessity.
'i nere i= no doubt whatever that
pneumonia is carried from the sick
r gc
| S:cp Sicking Eczema
Ko-.-r rur.d hoty often you have tried
- r i failed, you can stop burning; itching
rsao.-ua n.uchly by applying a little zemo
* urri t. rd 07 saty drcgrist for 35c. Extra
large bottle, fi.CO. Healing begins the
tr.crac.tt zcrnols replied. In assort time
usually every trace c? ecrcna, tetter,
pimples, rash, blr.-iir.eac3 and similar
si'.ltt diseases will be r~moved. T.%c
r-J -Tr?-r f^r? cVTr* nrirJ mr?:cipcr it;
vijsrcurly healthy, always use zcmo, the .
pa: -irzii.tg, antiseptic liquid. It is not a!
;'ca:y ralea aad it docs ret a tain. V."oen ;
o:h"s inil it is the cne dependable treat* j
rccr.t for shin troubles of all kinds.
_ . |
sets, we are recti". ' fihji
r of Ford cars bv
v long this will last, |gjji
r, we must get bet- ? ?
know when you i
1 you should know
fort we are making >
ilk it over, because | |
service to you now |!
comes and every j
ttsburgh branch is
sile Co., Agents j
Fairmont, W. Va. j J
629. j j
G ~:-:*B0
Jv >*! .jwj^^^&MgglMMMHBMHPHMMMR
hold their own :n tne nig ieagu?r? uo=-=- ]
ball players in the other camps are {
wondering what they are likely to do |
with the sandlotters which probably
will compose the bulk of the camp
teams. j
There's one team down east, however,
that even Smi'b and Jenkins can
be leery of. It's from the Boston Xaval
Reserves and in the lineup will be Jack
Barry at second base, Ernie Shore for
the first string pitcher, Mike MeMaily
at short and Chick Shorten in the outones
to others through the medium of
visitors. Belsdes this the patient will
have a better chance to recover when
visitors are kept away from him and i
the spread of the germs by innocent)
carriers will be greatly reduced.
Bodily fatigue is another very ocm- j
mon condition that invites pneumonia j
and makes people more susceptible to ,
its attacks. People therefore should t
be very cautious about exposing them- j
selves"when tired, worn and hungry.!
to severe weather conditions or to the j
presence of sick persons.
r M ? wrs iTiKinASS
J[ that a high da
? ceroid be pro
providing the rolt
the buying of mai
tailoring them in
selling the finish c
f That this has:
by the remarkable
- business.
But, old est
most be changed
ibnonul tin if >
junacJied. throusrfc
- Jfc- - ?
tar traditional "No
The present
roolen market ar
future make it im
business to produc
standards of qualii
Itr scalps: j
BU^- .
field. " |
Very few of the ttrr.ps will be slight-!
ed when it comes 10 good ballplayers ;
in the spring. Men are being called i
from the big league ranks every day I
and perhaps 200 major and minor J
league players are already in' service, j
Connie Mack lo 15 players, most;
of them youngsters. Cleveland gave j
Guisto. Torkclson. i-vans and De Berry :
to the service. Boston lost in addition J
to those named. Giinor. IToblitzel and .'
Duffy Lewis. De'teir and Chicago;1
were not hard bit. .St. Ixmis lost Baby!
Doll Jacobcen and one or two other;
youngsters. Washiuigon lost Lavan. j
bought irom.St. Ltsis and the Yankees .
must do without Willy Fipp.
Many stars br.~e gone from the N"a-1
tional League. Hank Gowdy was the |
first and Maranvillc has also joined j
from the Braves. The Giants lose j
Dave Robertson and Brooklyn Sherrod J
Smith. Cadore and cue or two others.
was founded on the principle
tss tailor-made suit of clothes
duced at a given low price,
one was sufficient to enable
ierials direct from the mills,
large, modem" shops, and
sd garments direct to the
\c idea was sound is proven
growth and success of the
abhsbed business methods
to keep pace with these
We are, therefore, now
i sheer necessity, to suspend
More, No Less'' poficy.
unsettled conditions In the
id the uncertainties of the
perative that we adjust this
e garments of three definite
ty instead of one.
Winter GIo1
~ ~ r J
| for
j the
WmMZZ. ble
"' lin<
?0r fn
Underwear " Tmjl
jV JMj A B JB Sj Hrl
The fire local basketball teams -will!
either win a reputation or lose one;
between now and Sunday morn in?.!
During this short period, Fairmont J
; teams play six basketball games.
Two more Fairmont teams appear]
on the map?The high school scrubs ;
and the Dunbar high school.
v . i
The Scrubs have come to the rescue ;
of their school mates?the Fairmont
high school regulars.
Last Night's Bowling
Match Was Postponed j
Hartleys and the Mor.ongah Glass:
teams were scheduled to bowl on the
V- M- C. A. alleys yesterday evening, j
The game was postponed until a later j
The next match will b?* roiled tomor-'
row evening with th" West Virginian |
and the Consolidation Coal Company'
teams as opponents.
On and after, Mond:
191S, this will, therefore.,
trade-mark and only prices:
We vrifl center oar effoi
in the production of our ui
451. Aawing the
of woolens at this price.
The $18 and ?24 gam
so that we may center our <
of these lines, as the marb
- warrant, without going to
expense of changing all ouj
to satisfy the man dispose*
less than ?21.
Ill illd&Ui^ who aiiuut
fcflawiag our time honored
the public into our confident
faith that the people appreci
to make fhem the best poasa
naoney, at aS times.
)Olen Mills
* " j * ' * - ;
- I
(res for Men - fl
>Iany a cold is saved by 33
>d warm gloves. No need
nipped fingers?even at
North Pole, it would
m. So many comforta,
cold-defying ~ winter
les here. Woolen Gloves*
shmere Gloves, fleece lingloves
and even rich fur
$io.o? M
_______ "'
The wife of a merchant had elomacht
rouble so bad sue could eat nothing
but toast, fruit and hot water.
Everything else wot'ld sour and ferment.
ONE SPOONFUL, buckthorn y - 3
bark, glycerine, etc. as mixed in Ad.Icr-i-ka.
benefited her INSTANTLY.
Because Adler-i-ka flushes tha EN'i
TIRE alimentary tra .t it relieves ANY
CASE constipation, sour stomach or
bus and prevents appendicitis. It has
QUICKEST action ot anything we eTer
sold. Martin's dru? store.
Leaman&Son I
Flower Store 9
Monroe St.. Opposite Poctofflca
Phone *554 J.
Cut flowers of all i
kinds for all occasions.
Come in and see us.
- - ~ ^
"* *
ly, January 21st
te our copyright;
ts, for the present
real high standard ' |^H
largest assortment
ients are included
ifforts upon either
et conditions mzy
the trouble and
advertising:, and, ^
5 to pay more of
in cement -we in
custom of taking
x, having implicit .
iate our endeavor*
He dotbes for th*
.. . .
" V 'A?3

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