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i|^?it?slcal Comedy
e drome A Trip to Honolulu i
Kelson.".The law of the Land '
Dixie... ..'Vengeance and the "Woman i
f| r-peHS*aacces? achieved by General ]
new "A Daughter of Dar- i
"^Batorta* ?r one~reel railroad J
w| coniie^bne ot the wonders of the screen
^gggdl-^jfow a new series of fire
tfSctowhs the success of the
" cr aTJDartng" has proved'the mqst |
. wttaftr book series since Kalemj
or t??e tremendous hit they have
waspredicted. the new bill put
on by Haul Ryan at the Hippodrome
X ' yesterday was stronger in comedy
bill. And too, it was
vfuf, 'oT "the sort that Hipp patrons like.
^^fe^."<!!ljni3es' Wo^t. who hadn't a chance to
.hay a. word in previous performances. >
. appeared in an ^altogether good black !
gl^gJ.'aEsoe comedy; part and Mr. Ryan had.
' i'%V t;>,? new linc of 'chatter, none of which
Jailed to be quickly interpreted by the
KyS-. good sized audience'fin attendance last
night. The-girl part of the show ofRSf'.f''
Jered.-several new specialties. Flo
- -w^kwo?d executed a classy fairyland
' 'lexiwichorean*-novelty which was well
Miss "Walker, was "an unusually strong
Jektnre in two particularly good voca'
&f : numbers- 'Her rendition of "Hawaiian
ButtesBy- was exception!!" well re- j
BGjfiSa^? '^ceivedj partly on account of its popu-1
" ' VaAoneo 11 TC.q rz f>V- !
Ee. The prancing; Miss j
deservedly encored for
her complete change of
ared. introducing a pleasi
"A Trip to Honolulu."
's Latest Conquest,
voted .sweetheart never
's latest adorer who apr
in her new ParamountLaw
of the Land," at
[apted from the play by *
> UCOi^trJ3iWouii.iui>u
Always at her beck and call and j
twinging her smuggy "drorings" of her-}
seKof sticky packages of tafry?all!
this and more is Ted Sawyer, the seven-year-old
boy who takes the part of
K:1.?: This Is. the youngster's first appear
|- - ance beftoradhe camera and he is more
than enthusiastic, about it. He likes ;
"close tips" of himself and his idea of
ta- good' picture would be five reels of
8*1. himself sitting within a few feet of the
camera" asad peacefully absorbing a
five-pound box of taffy like the one
' 'iMme. Petrova bought, him one afternoon.
:: ^ . Director Maurice Tourneur. however,
who. directed the production and
who has made it one of the finest cf
whole-notable cayeer. says the boy j
K'-,'.. '. will be heard from k>mc' day and in-:
sists that these vagaries are nothing 1
more than tfie "artistic temperament" '
MTr,,.- - - ?in ?1? ^ill j
" V iWWCOf uac M1IUUW, ?
Big Serial Starts Today. |
V story of"aRoman's peril and a man's j
gSttl?;;' -loyalflghtfor her in the face of over-!
whelming odds, is the title of the newt
Kfe'4'serial -of the "Vjtagraph Company of ;
?. America, which will begin its local run ;
pSvr'"att'tfie'Bfcsie today. Like "The Fight-'
I It's here! A High
CROWDED with action th
, It's;staged on the lofty
"vand women, too, who can ri
; a^^nerve. And featured i
' T X /?* T TXT
who appears la one of.the leading roles
of "Oh Boy" has been hailed as one
of the "finds" of the current season.
Altho a comparatively new recruit to i
the field of musical -comedy, he has {
made marked headway in his work,
and received unstinted praise from the
public and press alike. Comstock and
Elliott, the producers of "Oh Boy,"
have already cast him for a new play
in the Spring.'
ing Trail." this absorbing picture is
given in fifteen episodes, and the management
of the Dixie plans to exhibit
one episode on each Friday. William
Duncan, the- Sandow of the screen,
- ? ' ---n .hft foarlpss and 1
ana taroi nununaj. ? t
beautiful actress, have the leading
roles in this newest serial. The players
in this feature are said to take their
lives in their hands many times during
the action of the story, bat manage
miraculously to survive the perils that
confront them.
Remarkable Factory Scene at Princess
A complete outfit of machinery of a I
woolen knitting factory was installed
in a'scttins at the Metro studios in j
New York city for the scenes in Ethel
Barrymore's today's Princess feature
production. "The Eternal Mother,"
adapted from Sidney McCall's novel,
"Red Horse Hill," by Mary MurillQ,.
and directed by Frank Reicher.
A11 the factory atmosphere was genuine
as the machinery was transported
to the studio from a factory in
Brooklyn, and a foreman from the factory
^supervised the erection of the
outfit in the set. Fifty children were
engaged to. work in these tactory
| ~C2_OSE UP3" j
?Zarrcw's Little Blue Bird Company
is coming to the Hippodrome nest
week with Jack Fuquay playing the
leading role in all bills . His blackface
comedy is the most hilarious and most
original of any on the boards today.
With him in the company are Johnny
Snead and Gladys Clark. Miss Lillian
Ziegler, Billy Fenton and the famous
Bluebird Trio. The show is playing
Morgantown this week and they are
going wild over it there.
?The Small Town Guys got back
safely from Pittsburgh without anything
unusual happening to them. Several
times they got separated and had
? - V..?.
a hard time finding eacn oiuei, uut
as each of the four adhered strictly to
the compact previously made there
v.-as at no time serious danger of them
getting into the "lost and found" column.
We did have some misgivings as
to the outcome of the trip, but after
it was all over we discovered that we
were unnecessarily alarmed. Had we
known that the Buckhannon coal operator
chaperoned the party we could
have saved two inches of space yesterday.
They report that the wholesale
houses in Pittsburgh are conserving
fuel by closing early and. on this
occasion tbey lost some business, too.
The retail stores remained open till
train time, we are told.
?The Hippodrome has completed
arrangements for the showing of Paramount-Mack
Sennett comedies. On
Monday next in addition to the regular
stage show there will be presented
on the screen "The Pullman Bride."
The cast cf this picture includes Gloria
Swanson. Mack Swain. Chester Conknn^jsr
t-Powered Photopla
e the red blood to le
at rings true, that's REAL, ths
IreaterVitagraph's newest, bes
heights and in the sweeping i
de and rope and shoot! It's a
r Blake and his love-mate wh c
n every thrill-laden episode ar
rhe Fighting Trail. Com
piday on
>. Special Music by Otn
the drcaffc. JEW? strong!
combination of talent and when they :
come to the Hippodrome tn the rery ,
near future there will be some show.
?The emotional acting of Baby Ivy 1
Ward. Metro's child actress, has fascinated'
Director Frank Reicher. who
produced "The Eetemal Mother" starring
Ethel Barrymore. After a wonderful
scene the other day. Director
Belcher said. tGod bless yonr little
emotional heart." and he presented her
with a doll for crying so well in the
Monro niooa "pHTlfl
Gets a Contribution
The E. B. Moore class of 'the high
school is in receipt of $10 from A.
Brooks Fleming. Jr.. sponsor of the
A. Brooks Fleming class of '17. The
money is a contribution to the Student
Fund of $500, -which the E. B. Moore
class is now endeavoring to raise, and
is given in behalf of the A. Brooks
Fleming class.
The Moore class will put on several
entertainments from time to time and
will endeavor to have the $500 for the
fund the close of 6Chool in Jnne. The
last entertainment was a box supper
and was a complete success. A meeting
of the class was held yesterday
and the sain? committee that was appointed
for the box supper was chosen
to prepare all future entertainments.
The class will endeavor to have one
entertainment'a month until the fund
is raised. The proceeds of the annual
class play in the spring will also :
go as a benefit to the fund.
Jolm S. Caldwell
Dies in Seattle
John S. Caldwell, son-in-law of Mrs
M. J. Grove, and a brother-in-law of!
Mrs. C. E. Manlev, of this city, died ,
1*> hie Viftmo flt Seattle.
Ull ?|auuai J am I*h u?w ?
Wash. No details of the circumstances
surrounding his death were
named in the message which bore the
tidings. Mrs. Caldwell was formerly .
Miss Willa Grove and is a daughter
of Mrs. Grove of this city, and a sister
of -Mrs. Manley and of Mrs. Mac [
Clayton, of Mannington.
" I?IIS " .
PRICES: 25c, 50c, 75c
r a mjr*i
y Serial tbat in EVE
ap through yourvei
it imperilled lives in the making
it serial.
/ alleys of the majestic Rockies,
throbbing love story, a tale of
>m he defended with all his wc
- ^
e xne gicaic^i, mu^i tuuia^wu
anenring Today and Confmni
lie: anj^
^Orchestra Tonight.
oT*?he Setting ^^5 I
Fairmont yesterday evening. The third '
iegree was given five candidates from
Monbngali Initiation, -was in ' charge
of the degree team from the Fairmont
lodge. Several local people attended
returning on the late cars.
Changed Date.
The box supper which the local auxiliary
of Red Cross was planning to
have on Saturday evening has been
postponed until Monday evening of
next week. The chance was made in
order that more local yoimg people
might attend. It is customary for the
young people of Monongah.to go to
Fairmont on Saturday evening. It is
believed that Monday night will be
much more convenient.
Free Show.
Hundreds of local people attended
the show at the Lyric Theatre yesterday
evening. The admission was
ira? callinc in Fair
. OUilu v4?.'wm ^
rnont yesterday evening. |
John Davis was among the Monongah
callers in Fairmont yesterday evening.
J. T. King was In Fairmont for a
short while yesterday evening calling
on friends.
Miss Otis Janes was among the ont
of town callers in Fairmont yesterday.
Ben Fletcher was calling in Fairmont
for a short while yesterday.
Jemes Mike Vas in Fairmont yesterday
evening as a social caller.
Virgil Hetzel was in Fairmont yesterday
Mike Martin was an out of town social
vistlor yesterday.
Clyde Leonard was among the local
people attending the meeting of the
Red Men in Fairmont yesterday eve-j
3 '
Miss Helen mott m
yesterday evening calling on friends.
Lawnie Carpenter war amo;s the
Monongah business transactors to
Fairmont yesterday evening.
John Smith -was in Fairmont for a
short vrhile yesterday evening.
Meats at Federer's. Ill Fairmont
Ave. Phone 118-R.?Adv.
First call a physiden.
Then begin hot
A applications of? fcfj/jfcS
A. H. Wood? 8
V. Farcical Frolic in Three
Acts Entitled
[ Mr' 111 1 ftl J T"^
Worth While Seeing
A Laugh a Minute Ofames
Tis Effervescent and
Seats on Sale Monday
9 AM.
, $1.00 and $1.50. |
RY Episode will
?that's "VENGEANCE
It's peopled with men?
lives orecious enough to |
~ ~~?- ? - - ndrous
brain and brawn II
s superserial stars in the
ng For fifteen Weeks.
k'ery Friday
brought to the Marlon county jail test
nfght by Deputy United States Marshal
John D. Moore. Idler a year
ago escaped from the jail at Phllippt
after beating a jailer and after he 'was
held for the federal court by United
States Commissioner UBey. of Grafton.
yesterday, be was pat in a "safe"
Jail He Is charged with taking thirtysi*
pints of whiskey from Westernport.
ltd. to Kingwocd.
Another prisoner placed in jail here
by Deputy Marshal Moore is William
Thomas who was arrested In Kingwood
for bootlegging. Recently Deputy
Moore served warrants on P. C.
Clingen and Pearle Mitchell for bootlegging
but they are in jail at Grafton..
Large Congregation
Heard Dr. Koeime
Dr. J. B. Koehne who is conducting
a series of services at the First Presbyterian
church in this city, preached
an excellent sermon last evening on
the subject. "Christ and Xicodemus."
Dr .Koehne's sermons are logical
and deep and appeal to the thinker and
the man searching for truth and light
on matters pertaining to tii^ Bible and
and its teachings.
A large audience heard Dr. Koehne
last night. The public is invited ana
urged to attend these services which
will continue' tor several weeks. t
. i
"A Spoke In the Gus Sun Wheel"* j
H 0 Clean Amusement I
^ for the Whole Family R
Tonight?7.45 and 9 I
15c and 25c
Matinees Daily at 3, 15c.
. ;
Another Change
Tonight, j
Featuring Claire Walker, prl.
ma donna, Bobbie Couixice. soubrette,
Paul Ryan and Charles
West, comedians.
Clever Chorus of Live- j
ly Steppers.
Next Week
with Little Blue Bird Co !
"Every theatre ticket- helps
Load a Gun.?
a* ? w
? li-JL
& ============
I Uerm
A detailed account oi
France and Belgium by
| Grand Op
| Saturday, J
P Newefl Dwight Hillis,
vears pastor of Plymouth
pt mer making a tour of im
g ghim. He saw, personal!]
S mans have been expelled;
g| the first overwhelming" as
?& man atrocities.
& Held under Aus
| mittee of Marion
mine, ri
the famous Russian actress, in an
well known play. "The Law of the '
ran on Broadway a short time 84
directed by Maurice Tourneur. T1
her strength, who shoots the brute
boy. The verdict of 'any jury won
cumstantial evidence was never cV
the verdict of the Inspector who
yon must see that lor yourself to
ry story, ard "A Bargai
Kate Price.
* The Most Brilliant Mas
SECOND^?Year at the P
- eo nn ci rn
X 1 ItCS . v-L-<-"J
Seats Thursday.?Get yours now.
the smartes'
of all musics
- the horrors oerpetrated I
era House,
lanuarv ?fi
J ?"7
, one of America's, foremos
Church, Brooklyn, spent Jn
estimation through the batfc
r, the great devastated reg
-knows the exact .conditions
semblage of e vie. .::ce confii
tpices of War Savi
: 50c on sale at Martin's Dru,
. -J
ian Atr
LIKUVA ttfgg
adaptation from George BroadBmrrtSft
Land" which had a sensationally lose' <'"3
to. This is a Paramount photoplay '
le story is of a -woman, tried beyond^ ' *
i of a "man who attempts to heat her r M
Id have been against her forth? ehV'T earer
against the vilest criminal, bet ,
was sent to look up the case?welt,
appreciate tt. ^
Skylight Room,'' an 0. Hen- ..
n at $37.60," comedy with *v'J|||j|
????????^^smmmm i
deal Event of the Season
tre, New York?SECOND ^||
$1.00, 75c and 50c. "01
C ars to Falrview, Mannins*on and ' V^x
1 ^
. V -:4
i ' - i -.'j
~ < i
?$X&&?Z*$K$n$*$*9*f*fctfrCSw ',;.
ocities I
z Store*:;
>y the Kaiser's troops in ^
t HillisJ
Fairmont ^ ^
8:00 P. M.?
it ministers, for ii^teea..;?^
ly arid August of last san?.*?$
(efields of France and Bet- ~fJj|
ion from which the Geivl K j||
> prevailing, and presents^ |.
ming the. reports' of ftgSsp jf ' .-v
' -* -1''^ Nw -'j:

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