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fppgr Feb. 4.?Business lor
Mr session of the New York
Sange on Saturday was much
in on the two preceding days.
Cup 344^00 shares stock and
v. bonds. The price moveYrregular.
A number ol spe?re
strong and lalrly active.
)H advanced from 33 to 37%
d-at the top. "C. S. Rubber,
-iHWe, General Motors, Disdependeut
Alcohol and Genetic
advanced sharply. Steel
moved within the narrow
96% to 96% and closed at
jr.!York Central, St. Paul and
dosed fractionally., higher.
m UlBll~ vOOyQT' HqvHiu.ru A uvuai
s? ?' Shipping shares were firm.
SSd_5BBnalnder of the- list was not
[ -> trading operations covits
tbaisg a week-end session. Mount
SfayEfc; attracted the largest amount
^Ccqa^^notwithstanding ^^good rel,:
^iWIM to'larg gone again into one ol
-e*aittDjf* over 4,000 shares, it sold
town, to 60 cents a share yesterday and
gg /point*., Sob Toy mored np to 14 cents
*'.1.V7\;^pi6n|trlal8 again, were the. strongIs?//'
Wt-feMares on the board, with Axnerini'100
to 101 and American WinSpofats**
Machine common gaining
BBS?/ . - ~'SSfJPOX9 Oil 24% 24%
Htefts/ .v?? San Toy 14 .14
PS* HO West A B 96 95%
g|p^>: ' ??> West Electric.. 41 % 41%
?jjg? . ; |j $?000 lab. I* 8%s 9S.1S 9S.16
Ifii ??*?,'a.'meeting of the Public Service
BBfet-Cv Commission of West Virginia, held on
p. "the" 22nd day of January. A. D. 19 IS.
jfe . - _ Caae No. 663. Hope Natural Gas ComApplication
to Change Rates, it
fcCfj-*: - - being the day fixed for the
?" . hearing of the application Sled by
gggK;1;? MDQjugjjyatnral Gas Company to change
K-tgSs - its rates for natural sas, now comes
Si-:,..-' ' the .-said Hope Natural Gas Company,
glp'v;;"* :Sy.rCbristy Payne, Charles Powell and
> *' Xemble White, its attorneys, and
- ; coma also -Tamw R MWTnrM- nf -\'.n.
I>; V ClJte^A McCln?r. and Ross Wells. attorneys
for a number of protestants
hir- w$o have filed protests in this matter.
,Vv: wjifcb appear in the record, and thereupon/the
notices required to be given
by?t}?e applicant by a former order
entered herein, together with the rev.t
tornstof publication and posting there
of and the returns of the service there1
o?,-upon all of the consumers of tho
applicant, are now presented to the
Commission, and the Commission findof
its requirements in re*
speot.'to the publication, posting ana
sendee of said order and notice have
been."complied with and .that said or ?iYtf^--aad'.notice
have been published,
posted and served as required, it is
' now ordered that the said notice end
' order and the certificates, affidavits1
I ana returns or ine puousmng. rasucs
and: service thereof, be and are made
. parts of the record hereof.
, " "And the applicant. Hope Natural
Gas-Company, now applies for permission
to file herein its amended and
EHj| supplemental petition aiid application.
- s in triplicate, and Exhibit No. 2 there-.
| * with. And the Commission, having
r^ad- and^ examined the said amended
tion and such exhibit therewith, doth
graptthe applicant the permission
ashieid. It is. therefore, ordered that
the^applicaat be and is hereby perTrnXabf^L.
to file its said amended and
supplemental petition and application
\.r and^Exhibit No. 2 therewith, and make
- the -same parts of the record hereof,
; an at which is now done.
"'SSnd the said applicant askeing that
; the'-date -for the hearing of this appli
cation on the said amended and
' adpidementa! petition and application
. and the exhibit therewith, as well as
. on the. original petition and application
ahd Schedule PSC-W. Va. No. 5
. therewith. be fixed for the 1st day of
March. 1913, it is so ordered by the
I Tfcis further ordered that the ap _
' tffrapt, publish a copy of this order
once, each week for four successive
weeks in two newspapers of opposite
; politics,-ifsuch there be, and of gener"
al circulation in the county or counties
aJTetced by the proposed change
BjSt hi 'rates, both by the original application:
and petition 3nd schedule there.
with and by said amended and supplemental
petition and application and
fSzbtbtt No. 2 therewith, and also that
*' copy of this order and said proposed
igg ; rates he posted for public inspection
?,'< : at the office of the Mayor in each of
the towns affected by the proposed
changed in rates, for fonr sucessive
weeks prior to March 1. 131S. The
Commission deems it unnecessary to
. In this .matter cause the applicant to
?irn-4bor serve on each of its consum
H??&;. ers affected by the proposed change
sfeT ';- in rates' farther -written Dotice.
" **Andit is further ordered by the
Commission that, pending the siring
. of thp aforesaid notice, the rates In
Bp?;!'., effect at the time the original appli:
istion and petition was filed shall contfvje
and remain in force and effect
onto the 1st day of March. 191S. or
?ntO farther order of the CommiS.
Ilope Isatoral Gas Company.
hwarfarii Tenanting the oat- [
look for peace did a .good deal Saturday
to strengthen the corn market. The '
outcome -was a firm close to % '
@%c net higher, with -March 51-27 1
and May $1.24 [email protected]_25. Oats gained i
% to %c and provisions 17 to 37c. ]
Articles. Oen. Close. '
Corn? - 1
March 31^7% 33-27
May 1.24% 1^4%
Oats? . ^
March .81% .82% 1
May - .79 .79%
Pork? > (
May. 47M 4716 ']
s . i
1 " Oil and Gas. ['
The week-end' of development work. ;
in the Eastern Held was only a little
more interesting tjtan the earlier part.
With the registration below zero
there are no prospects for a general :
resumption of operations in the fields.
The oldest operator cannot recall >
when there was a time tnat use
weather was cold for_ so many con
tinnous days: Operators are trying .
to get in material to start new work,:
as soon as the weather moderates.
On Fishing creek. Liberty district,
Marshall county, the Carnegie Natural
Gas company has drilled No. 3 on the <
H. G. Fair farm Into the Maion sand. '
jf Ml
' IfoT
! V.~1
*""1 ?? *"
. --? ?i
a c
. NOTE: 300 minion pounds,
how much Virginia tobacco was
into cigarettes bat year over 4 tt
much as any other tobacco. Am
mint it the biggtsl-ttUittg Virfam
rctu in the vnrUt,
e r cr^ek.
eifon district* the -same company's
" ------ - ' ? ? -Ml-*-*
use on me x. lAinwy wb is * **&"*?
gasser In the Gordon sandIn
New Milton district. Doddridge
county, located on Spring rim. the
Hope Natural . Gas "company has
irflled a test .on the D. E. Cos. farm
through all sands. Nothing was found
is any formation except a light show
to the Gordon sand. They have
plugged the hole below that formation
and wm shoot and test. On Bole
Camp run. Union district, Harrison
county, the Crude Oil company has
its test on the E. M. Ferris farm comleted.
It. is a fair gasser in the Gorton
On Steer creek. Sherman district,
Calhoun county, the Hope company's
test on the I. B. Fowler farm is a
gasser in the Big Injun sand . On
White Oak ran. in the same district,
the same company's test on the M. JDtifffeld
farm is a duster in the Big
Injun sand. A small show of on was
ieevloped in the Maxon sand. It will
be tested from that level . In the
way of new work. Sherman district.
faTVwinn rnnnHr Viae aa mnrh or more
than any In the lower counties.
In a number of districts there is
test work of more or less importance
starting. On Cove run, Troy district,
Gilmer county, the Hope company
has started to drill a test on the
F. A. Cbulte farm. On Alum run,
Freeznaas Creek district, Lewis county,
the same company is drilling in an
the Owen Quinn farm and has a' rig
completed on the J. J. Taylor farm.
The Philadelphia company has started
in I mumiM11
>mii* urn,, o.,-.,. i
? - ??-j ?.
r _
IRGINIA, the oris
mellow as the gold
d Virginia tobaccc
i a n 1 ?j
5 mat go ana aa?
igarette a cigarette*
made ' \
Dies as
negte camBroria* rtrfrttng 'a seednff
test on the WHIiam &ns. Os
Pickenbangh rim. Grant district, "Wetzel
county, the BlackshereOfl and Gas
company is drilling in the top of the
Big Injun aahd at-a test on the M- Z>.
Snodgrass farm. Snyder & Fentz
bare started to drill another test-on
the J. L. Stevens farm.'
On West Fork, Washington district,
Calhoun county, the Hope company
is drilling in the top of the Big Injun
sand at a test on the A. E. Knotts
farm. The- location for a test on the
Knotts heirs' farm has been made.
The rig tor & test on the ?. C. Knotts
farm has been completed. On Walnut
ran the same company has started to
drill on the Lewis Bennfett farm. "On
the Little Kanawha river, Sherman
district, Godfrey L. Cabot is due in
the Bis Injun sand at a second test
on the Laura V. Ash farm.
On Elk Folk, Washington district.
Jackson county, Godfrey I* Cabot has
the rig completed for a test on -the
Virginia Casto farm. On Crooked run,
Ravenwood district, the Raven-wood
Oil and Gas company has drilled to a
depth of U.00 feet on the John Barber
farm and shot down. On Billy's ran.
Washington district, the United Fuel
Gas company is due in the Big Injun
sand at its test on the J. C. Medis
farm. On Millers run. Spencer district,
Roane county, the Ohio Fuel Oil
company is drilling a'second test on
the Ira S. Wines and has the rig up for
a test on the J. Newlin farm.
ZJtes |[
% TO1 f Is
iinHiiwununili L>
jinal of all tobaccos
en sunshme^of the.
i is the only tobac<
:h" to its faftfA that
H Hi JHI^b '
i ' ' ' ' "V ' '
cxerrs onice m .uus wmjy vwm. w*.
Marion county, West ^Jiginia la
Trust deed book 5 at Page -? to secure
the creditors of said Association.
I wffi on Wednesday the 13th day" of
February, 191S. at 19:00 a. m. of that
day at the store room of said Association
located at-the corner of Tenth
street and Virginia avenue in the city
of Fairmont, hlarion county. West Virginia
offer for sale at public auction
all the merchandise of said Association
consisting of groceries, canned
goods, notions, one automobile track,
store fariture and fixtures, book accounts
and all other property of saiu
Association upon the following terms:
Cash in hand on day of sale.
Said stock of merchandise will be
offered in bulk in separate lots as desired
by purchasers and if said sale
shornld not be completed on that day
the same will be -adjourned from day
to day at the same place by public
4-11. Trustee.
t, is as I 11
& that
Sc,and 10c
a package
- - Cv':
EXPERIENCED- young laay "wants ot
flee position. Phone 6SG-Wl-26-6t-S320
MEN" NEBBED" ? Structural- *on
woik0T8? mechanics,. pipe fitters
and helpers. 40 to 55c 10 honrday.
Apply Steere Engineering Co, Hope
Station, sear Downs, W. Va.
v. l-2?12t-33Sl
WANTED?Male stenographer sho
will -work st Downs; Apply B. - H.
Stuck. Harriett Hotel. Marnifngton.
? 2-l-6t-3346.
WANTED?Maid for housework and
young "ladies for Nurses' Training
school. Cook's Hospital. l-2S-6t-322S
WANTED?Cook and dish washer.
" Apply .Davis Restaurant, Shinnston.
W.Va. l-2S-6t-8334
WANTED?Woman to help cook and
take care of small boarding house.
Write at once stating age and salary
desired. Address narvey wnippte.
Wyatt. W. Va-, c-o Gen- Del. 3337
WANTED?-A girl for general hocsework.
Apply 406 Guffey street.
WANTED?Glri at Gould's Bakery,
Madison St. S-2-lt-334S.
AGENTS?Make bis profits selling our
extracts, perfumes, cold cream, face
powders. Bplces. medicines, etc. Beau
tifnl high grade line. ExcdlnslTe territory.
Sample soap tree. Terasslan
Co., Dept. 95, St. Louis. Mo.
1 2-2-lt3347.
OLD LIKE accident and Health Insurance
Company has excellent proposition
to offer whole or part time.
Agents In West Virginia write National
Casualty Co, Detroit. Mich.
LIVE MEN can earn 91000 monthly
selling isp* Florida farms under
reclamation: new plan, long time
payments, tarns quick sales. For particulars
write Box H, Melbourne,
Florida. 2-2-lt-3353.
FOB RENT?Nice clean and comfortable
rooms. Central location. Apply
304 Qnincy street. l-29-St-3333
jTUlt l?X wo. lunusuea rooms lor
light housekeeping. Call 7S0-R.
FOR RENT?Nicely furnished rooms.
one block from court house. Call
1196-J. 2-2-3t-3351
t iiii? I~fc II< ' >
now drilling 2.000 acres, proven
Wyoming field. Get paying oil 650
feet. Indications deeper drilling will
bring independent fortune making
gushers. For particulars and money
back proposition write or wire colject.
Carter & Co., Brokers, Casper, Wyoming.
LOST?Pair nose glasses between
Opera House and Denham's store.
Finder return to Box 3322 West Virginian.
Start Now With the il
Bank You'll Always
Stick to. ||
I'1 The right kind of a bank- 11
jU tag connection builds pres- i'S
?;! tlee" II
I, When you begin to put mon- jitS J
Sv ey In the National ftanir 0f jjja
|i Fairmont, you will at once jjil .
J" realize the full force of be- j>!j| |
| tag virtually a .part of an In- |9 j
j:; stitution that represents the ||1 ]
| j strength of a community. liM
| tj Make the connection notv j,-j ]
E|: while 1818 is.young. Mm !
&? _rM
S ** fires, whatsove
?5' whatsoever developed
5 fires or fire breeding:
6 any worth of manhoc
g you, think of these thi
I F. E. NI<
? Masonic Temple*
v V
rf* .
| This bank has employed
B Hunthifftoh- W. Vsu Fede
who will be at the service
February 15th and 16th, 19
Meet his in. the directc
your income tax report wil
. charge.
. Fairmont Tni
FORJ5AIJE?Good pilch com*,
WANTED?Small furnished booster il
Cat; ten minutes walk from joooxt
boose. Money no object if soifisd
WANTED ? By Norm*! school-ko7. z'%
employment afternoona and Satprurday.
Call 365-R. S-I-acS&fc
WANTED?Two furnished rooms .tor ?|
light housekeeping. Box 3S52. West
Virginian. 2-yst XSST '&
76-ACRE FARM FOR SALE-Locat*! in
one of the best ami trait ' SB
communities in Eastern QMp; ,*?? "'rag
good bafldings, water and timber. A "
bargain within 60 days. Also 1*8
acres near Lisbon, Ohio. J. R (jti< i
breath. Lisbon. Ohio. Route 1. i
IN CALIFORNIA?Our Ne# "Home- . ?
soaker's Guide" one handredpsgsaj-de-. 3
scribes vacant lands in California and
other Western States. Wlth legal dee- lag
cription of thousand* of acres la this A
county. Gives homestead, desert aBd j
timber laws. .Read official warning >,
against land locators. Our -magnTtne i1 sj
directs yon "How and Where" Tadimt
lands can be found with United State* "
and county maps. Call or man us gL00
The Homeseekera Guide, 3S6 S. Broad* $3
way. Los Angeles, California sulta X3&- "aSo
222-223-224-225. ' JW? .
FOR SALE?Farm of 600 actprjahd 4^1
with or without coaL InqutreAiH. . ?
Honsater, Fairmont, or wrtta X. 7.
Dean, 221 Fairmont Ave. ; .-3?
. : M
FOR SALE?Sir farms 'ion pared ag|
streets, street car line. Free'e?e. fls
Will make size to" suit paniaeer. |>
Also six nice residences in Fairmonts
Also three fresh Jersey cows. ~4btfl7
M. A. JoDiffe.' 2-4-6t-3ZS5 -tg
- . . ? . ii jg
There will be a meeting of f^a
stockholders of Stevenson Company . '-SB
at their office la Fairmont. WLvFa., ;;i|
February 12th at 2:30 p. m.. for fh? ;J>.
purpose of transacting any business ; SjS|
which may properly come before said v ',
meeting. .
h. l. flower, Setfy..
The annual meeting of the Cook " 7j||
Hospital Association will be held'at V'JI
the hospital in the city of Fairmont. - 3
>TT 1-- /v. . '-sB
February, 191S, at four o'clock p-m, *3
J. M. HARTLEY.'. * _
^res&en*.; yi*M
Professional CarjS
25 yean practical ^
; experience. Glasses xornisped ta< I
one bour. With
A. B. Scott & Company: S|
i DR. A. B. SMITH* M
Glasses ot all jdzute correctly . , j
j Hall Block over Martin's One
Dr. D. L. L. YOST
have moved bis office AO- 2}0 J . . ||
Main street over Rlbddaffer *:'.
Brownfleld's - Jewelry store.-. :
Honrs 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. d*Sy. ..* ..
1 to 4 p. m. Sundays by appoint- ' New
Phone 706 R. Res Ids no* --1
Phone 1295 J.
akethfor safety from ?
rer preventeth fires, i b'; \
1 care in handling
materials; if there be ^
>d or womanhod in ^ ; Eg
ngs?Fire Facts. jj
Fairmont, W.Vsu.
' - .
, jg
? ?
u.-^ ' - >^>^_>-?v^'^%^^B^aPB8B"pWwiMBWBiB!^^^^B

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