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| -8*~ J I / / I ^ E^i I R/ B Kr Bl BX yiy ^ '' Bp B 9 III I I B >1 I B I Wednesday fair and warmer. I
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| JuRUS.. , l"'o ' j B' y"r ? v . y * ' m * ' '
^ L- * ' Jforthern West Virginia's CreutestlNefVspaper , . . . . .
^ ?? ? -?-??>
IjiJi- * jua^
? i^h^H
^B_SK MB jgBsp iUj
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M Bfl nn m
V SB Be B5 3HEB5 EflB ?
^ ' ?rvv" - :
n. 3.021 m
- en at The Fairmont tomorrow even^""""""""InS^by
the Fairmont Coal club far the
members of the Clarksburg Coal club
will be one of the largest and most in-torcsting
gatherings of coal men ever
held In this district. Amoag the acceptance
of invitations sent to oat
of town people so far received Is that
of T. L. Lewis, of Charleston. Mr.
Lewis is secretary of the Splint Coal
association and one of the most prominent
coal men in the state.
The nnexepected arrival of sub zero
weather, which made humanity shiver
and cubs, laid an icy hand upon the
local railroads and as a result the
snpply of coal cars In. the district this
morning was about on a par with that
of;Iast Saturday.
. ? New Car Statement.
iToday a new car supply statement
I teas Issued. It shows that for the
pprtod ending January 21 the MononjSgfc*
gah division mines got less than one
per cent of the cars to which they
were entitled. The statement of over.
.axes and shortages shovrs that this
- district is short 3,021 fifty ton cars
fc-;.' and the Pittsburg division is long 2,r
. 290' ears. Only one other coal district
* on the entire Baltimore and Ohio system
Is short, the Conneilsville division.
All the others show overages.
The Pittsburgh district shows the lar?
gest overage, however, and the operators
claim that the statement as It
stands is the best evidence In the
world that the B. & O. is discriminating
against the -Monongah division
and in favor of l*te Pittsburgh.
Wants a Conference.
This morning C. K. Jenkins, president
of the Central "West Virginia
Coal Operators association received a
telegram from tne onice 01 tne umwu
States Fuel Administration saying
that it is the desire of Secretary Mor
/ mtr of the National Coal association
"Who has tbeen put in fall charge of
tbe zoning system by Dr. Garfield, that
JPajrmont operators have a conference
with hfr. Eljiott about zoning. Jnst
who Mr. Elliott is beyond that he is
6 . associated with Mr. Morrow is not
known here, bat the local operators
are perfectly willing to confer with
him at any time and a telegram went
forward to find out whether he wants
to come here or wants the operators
to-meet him in Washington.
The regular monthly meeting of the
? - CmiI IWaW
central west VU^UUA ~
Association is scheduled for tomorrow
afternoon and the gathering of coal
men will have more than usual inter.
est inasmuch as the proposition of
_ ' ashing for an increase in the selling
V ' price of coal wiil be considered.
Fi Oil INflUSTRf
. ' - .
: I
All Distributions of Over
100,000 Barrels a Year
Must be Licensed.
^:U;- WASHINGTON. Feb. 5. ? Governk
: txtattf control of industry was extended
to oil in a proclamation by President
- - ..-.lor- u_
Wflaon ast mgnc pciuib iumv. _
1 waw the manufacture and distribu.
. tfon of all fnel oils. Xo mention Is
/made of other oils or oil products, including
gasoline and kerosene, but
they. too, probably will be put under
.-control soon.
-Authority under the proclamation is
to-be rested in Marl; L. Rcqua, of Cal
?.?-<> thn
I . ; Uonus reecniiy dud;'ju ??
I fbel administration's oil division. LiI
Cense must be obtained before FebI
' raary 11 by all manufacturers and
butors whose gross sales of fuel,
Y ) feotadiug gas oil. amount to more
\,' than 100.000 barrels a year.
. A aeries of regulations drawn by
^tfce Joei:ministration establishes in
Vea: . list of preferential conawowv
? lio must be supplied in the
^m^neccs316 slven reEriIt^lcss
I Fairmont
Pittsburgh Division is Long;
2,230 Fifty Ton
| bis banqufTto morrow
Fairmont Operators Asked
*-? o P f7^
f or i^omereiice im tuning
Judging by the way the reservations
were coming in at the offices of the
Central West Virginia Coal^Operators* j
tnria-v the din'-^r to be giv-1
umr Tsssrr nrnn
niut ifiitr dCLid i
Fellow is Bold Operator and j
H?.-: Rckbed Number of
Places. '
A cow hide thief, who.- "ity is
unknown has been opo.:. ..j Fair-!
moot daring the past weak. Despite;
efforts of the local officers, he is still i
at large. Recently several of the local |
slaughter houses have been entered,
and valuable hides stolen.
The cleverest stunt the thelf has .
pulled yet occurred the other evening j
when he entered the Wise slaughter;
house on the East Side and stole a
hide. The next day the hide was taken
to the Wise meat market on Madison
street and sold to its owner.
^ast night the theif entered the
T/\Hn Vr?>no slaughter house on the
East Side and stole four hides, valued j
at about $30. . The thief broke oat a <
window glass and made his entrance
into the building. Freeao had other
hides in the buiiding, valued at aboat
$1,500. which the thief did not get.
Ten Degrees Below at Pittsburgh
Makes All Kind of
j {By 'Associated Press|
WASHINGTON. Feb. 5. ? Severe
cold today gripped the country east of
I tii? Mississionl ricer from Its north
ern border to the Gnlf of Mexico, add- j
Ing its share toward making this the j i
one of the most extraordinary winters ;'
of modern times. j
The present cold wave however Is]
not. expected to be of foag duration W fe
there Is .tddlcstion or -moderation in
the lake regions and Ohio valley to- .
night, in the western portion of the.*
middle Atlantic states tomorrow and'1 i
In the Atlantic Coast district Thursday.
From 35 degrees below zero In the >
St. Lawrence valley th e a>ld gradual- J
ed to unseasonable temperatures as
far as the extreme southern part of
I PITTStJUttU-n.reD.o-?icu ,
' below zero was registered by the
i weather bureau here today and this
j held between seven and eight o'clock
i this morning. At nine there was a
i rise of one degree but no encouragej
ment or reiie'f from intense cold was
1 ott'ered. The prediction was for about
! 10 below zero the greater part of the
| The cold wave blew over this city
i shortly after'sundown last night and
[the temperature continued to fall
f throughout the night: as a result few '
i street cars are r.ble to run while local
! train service is most unreliable and
! trains are run without regard to
schedule and as often as possioie to accommodate
crowds that abandon I
trolley service suburban stations were
crowded from early morning and all
trains -were forced to pull out leaving
hundreds of commuters waiting unable
to board an already overcrowded train.
The Allegeny and Monongahela rivers
that have been partly opened up
by ice breaking steamers and dyaa
mite in an attempt to avert serious
block conations and ice gorges are
again frozen solid and the vor't of the
r>aet frnot ban been undone by the
Four Minute Men Will Head
For Mechanics to Build
I ?r.
I For the purpose or planning a ?itw|
ous campaign in tire interest of stimi
ulatlng enlistments of-mechanics who
: are needed to help Uncle Sam build
his big fleet. Attorney Frank C. Raymond.
chairman of the Four Minute
Men of Marion county, is meeting his
co-workers at the rooms of the Cham ber
of Commerce this afternoon, commencing
at 2:30 o'clock.
Mr. Haymond explained the campaign
to the Four Minci:-.- Men.- who
number twenty-four. He has a batch
of literature on the subject, which he
distributed at that time.
Estimated that there are 20.000
j tons of coal which can be reclaimed
J from the Schsylkill river between
j Schuylkill Haven and Auburn. Pa.
f People Always Wan
: ...
- . . . A..; : ----s
^ *
\ OF
IVP s Vgxn a
A Picture Wit:
?. . I
Asked to Take An Interest
in Movement.
Fraternal organizations of Fairmont j
are being urged to cooperate in the 1
drive being made by the Salvation ar- j
my for $2,000 In Marion county, which
will take place on February 11. 12 and
13. This week the educational features
are being delved into for the purpose
of "putting the punch" in the
campaign so that it might be put "or-;
er the top" in one day? next Monday, j
The fraternal feeling existing among j
lodges generally is more widely spread
than in other organizations and that ?
is the purpose o* apepnling to them I
as they have been kevad up to ti?it
liigh regard of the brotherhood of man. ,
Here is a copy of the letter which '
V/. J. WlegeL manar-ir of the ram-;
V>ou cent ort tft t+><* various I
? -
lodges of tie city and county:
Dear Sir:
The Sal vet fen Army Is engaged
in a drive to raise Sl.000,000 I
tVar Fund to keep op the wort
among oar soldiers in the cantonments
be-rc in the United States
and in the camps in Europe. This j
work has the strong endorsement I
of President Tviisca. Secretary of '
- * T"? _ _
War Baiter ana vjcucrai r-tis'niDjr.
The leaders in the Atbv
Y. M. C A. work and other war
service agencies, state that the
work done by the Salvation army
is a splendid work, does not duplicate
the work they do. bet sop- .
pigments and aids It.
Marion county's share of this
fund has ben placed at 52.000 and
the undefsigned has been appoint;
ed by Hon. John S. Darst. State
Chairman, as Chairman tor the Marion
county Committee to help
raise Marion county's .share, and
plans are being xpade for a three <
day campaign starting Monday. 1
February 11th and ending "Wed- ,
nesday, February 13th. Seventy ,
per cent of the amount raised Is
to be used in France and thirty <
per cent in the United States. 1
Tour organization is always j3
ready to help In a good cause and j
I will appreciate It if you wSl pre- j 1
sent the caasc .of. the Salvation . j'
Army War Fund at your next
meeting with the hope that it will j '
make a liberal contribution - to '
this worthy cause. The amount I.
csn be tamed over to Glean F. ' {
Barnes. Cashier of The National |'
Bank of Fairmont, who is Treas- |
nrer of the County Fond.
Yours eery truly.
County Chairman.
Already a number of speaking engagements
have been arranged by W.
Continued on Page Bight.}
t to See What The Pi
-/V *
[i '
fc=?^poorrk ) ) i
jt "
hout a Title.
???I? ?^
Salvation Army
Head's Message !
Cheers Wilson :
19 November. 1917. i.
My dear Miss Booth: j j
Yon may be sure that yonr tele- j,
gram of November fifteenth warm- I!
ed my heart and brought me very 1
real cneer ana escourageucau n {
Is a message of just the sort that j
one needs in these trying times and
I hope that ycu v.-ill express to
your associates my profound appreciation
and my entire confidence
in their loyally, their patriotism,
and their enthusiasm for the great !
tvork they are doing.
Cordially and sincerely yours.
Miss Evangeline C. Booth,
Salvation Army.
Chicago, Illinois.
Fairmont Boy Finds That ,
Condition When Opening ' !
Christmas Box.
Perhaps yon minded the cold weath- '
sr today, bat Just thick of the.boys ,
In France. This morning A. G. Mar- ;
tic. coonty clerk, received a letter '
Ybm his nephew. Frank Martin Fish- 1
>r. who states that the ink was frozen ,
In his fountain pen. when he opened ,
its Ofcrfrgtrnn^jhrrr
Mr. Fisher stated that the letter that ,
be had written >was the product of the)
same pen and Ink. however. <
The letter "was dated December 30. L
utd be stated-tfljtt^fce had a present]'
Zhristmas day. ' - ... . J
This afternoon County Road Engineer
Wnfocg received word that the
road alo&s the West Fork of the Hor '
nonsabela leading to Monongah has1
been cleared qt ice drifts. 0
Vest Virginian Has t<
mm RACK IN fi
I lULIIHV unwn mi | .
Like the Gat They "Came
Back" Stronger Than
Ever at That.
- Like
the cat that "came back" the
pigeons at the court house returned
:oday and at one interval there were
thirty-three in number. They were
:ooing and showing themselves in all- -i
heir glory.
For some time Sheriff Glover, who
s the custodian of the court house,
nade an effort to rid the place of them
pecause they became a nuisance. To
that end TV. E- Harris, the Janitor,
who is a marksman of note in local
~3 nftnnfaflr
<UUOOf UiOU >*>?> ?? f-m-m- I, -
>ff one by one. He did well and In one
lay dropped something like sixteen.
The birds wised np to the situation ,
ind tor a time had their headquarters I
it Main and Madison streets, bnt to- I
lay they sought their old haunt. In '
(act their numbers were augmented
ind they mast have got some recruits
n the neighborhood.
The matter of their slaughter is an
apea one. Some people think they
should be let alone, while others feel
that the building is suffering from
their depredations.
8V*? ?w
; ~ . i
Much Complaint Heard Regarding
the Rates They
Many complaints have been heard
recently concerning transfer mtes In i
i'AlCB WHO laoa^ ouuvuTv wm?. ?? .
les.- f
The transfer men of the city hare
Increased-their rates jnst 100 per cent,
within the last month. They now
sharge fifty cents to more a trunk,
where they previously charged twenty(ire
cents. It costs a traveling man
jnst two dollars to move two trunks .
from the traction station down Jefferson
street to The Fairmont hotel and
retain. Complaint at the hotels Is not
>nly from a few hut from most every
salesman who is compelled to move
trunks. . ' "
Residents of Fairmont who use the
transfer companies to move articles i
irom one place in th city to another j
jiave also expressed 'complaint. It re- j
cently cost a local man 510 to move a ] ,
piano from the second floor of a build- ;
ing down the stairway to the first.
The Fairmont hotel has recently par
chased a transfer wagon of its own to !
escape local transfer rates. The team
of horses, wagon and harness cost
s309. The hotel transfer wagon will
charge just half the rates charged by
Fairmont transfer companies and then '
malte money. iICE
Detour in Taylor County j
Road?Piles Twenty
Feet Deep.
- */?-. em ? rnmhpr of the :
county roads although Frank Wilfong. ;
(he county engineer said today that t
(airly good progress- was being made !
In cleaning them.
gang of men are at work on the i
Rivesville road, which mast yet be:
cleared for a quarter of a mile. At''
some points the ice is twenty, feet -.
deep. Mr. WTIIfong has decided to
abandon the idea of cleaning the en- 1
lire road, The detour made to reach :
(he Taylor county road which leads to ' <
Grafton is as follows: At the top of;
the hill near the old poor farm torn
eo your right, passing the farm of S.
L Sharer, which roads connects up'
with the main road to Grafton.
By this detour the road from the
lid poor farm to the road near Hull's ;
Is dropped as this road is chuck foil
af Ice.
"Within a day or two the road between,
RlTesrtlle and Hawkiaberry <
Hollow win be dear of Ice and ready '
Bor "traffic. "Work is still being done
on the rfrer-soad.
nrniffiSK Hd_ Fteb. 5.?Fire Of
tadne* boSflhes here eariy today ea*losses
which total aboot $100.j
Say -There's a Poi
1 t
PiiriiT nun 11
5?German plans to raid the 1
Lrated this morning. Ameri<
heavy barrage in front of an
believed to have been filled
ihg the -signal to attack.
Jt was discovered that at
intended to carry out a siler
fore the time set all the Amei
fire, where, according to the
massed. It is believed heavy
on the Germans.
They have dropped a nui
hind the American fines.
Two men were reporteThe
visibility remains bad.
? i
Water Department Fore- j
man's Home Waterless
For Past Month.
Domenick Castelhicci. a foreman em-:
ployed by the ciry Water department.
!s a very busy man these days. The
more cold weather we have- j\ more
Domenick lias to do. Dcmc-rlck has
been devoting every spare minute for;
the last two months helping the people _
- nir.oB
or Fairmont ui? r.t?
thawed oat. In fact he has been so .
very busy helping others that he has ;
not had dme to help himself. The wa- <
ter pipes at his heme on Washington |
street have been frozen up for over j
one month and are still frozen up. He
and his workmen have thawed out j
about 60 water pipes in Fairmont, and !
still he has nfct had time to attend to i
his own.
Domenick carries his water just the .
same as people had to do when there j
were only a few wells in the community,
and he never, grumbles one bit.
or at least none of bis friends have1
heard of him expressing complaint.
Sometimes be gets terribly worried listening
to people call Water Commissioner
Smith on . the phone only to get
impatient because the city cannot send i
a man direct to their homes to thaw :
out water pipes.
When Domenick gets all the other i
pipes in the city thawed out, their he is
going to .Washington street and begin
on his own. *
f!nW Wpathpr Mav
'SpoilGarfield Plan'
CSpecal Dispatch West Virginian.)
WASHINGTON'. Feb. 5.?Most discouraging
leports on- the movement
of freight and coal, cause of the extreme
cold threaten to defeat the plan
to abandon the Monday industrial closing
As Director General SIcAdoo and
Fuel Administrator Garfield went into
conference ot dlacnss abandoning
hestlees Monday reports came In
showing coal movements veast of the
Mississippi est more than 15 per cent
in the last two days.
inter In That For Ac
MLLfll Mill U
Plans Were Discovc
Gunners Concent
Trenches Where ]
Efforts to Envelop An Amei
Gas Results in a FailureShells
in Road Behi
' (By Ass<
last tew flays as tiic Gennstw
been sending over a cossidgrablc'attgt- -^
her of shells. Xone casM''layer this;
afternoon but an alartp was slvetfrfl
cln'eC of staff or one division and ' aaHSaKgS^^H
other staff officer who were motoring '
to a vitlase bach of the line come nppv
several companies all the inen is" "
masks. The officers hurriedly pnt ds-1 :
their own masks and rode og"'U?wuied^:yr^^^^W
the firing. - jjg
At the next village the men. were'5?
wearing masks, the o?ficerskepMhelry.~ieg:
"" how oaw AtirmirTi ii gfiihJl hftte
uii UU\,II tuv.??um?
in the side of a brick wall 50 infantryen
with no masks on rolling dice
nothing bad happened.
Italian Held for'Cutting ? Genj^f
RecriscJ. the Italian, who" is iliajjgdyg
with being implicated in the-cuUh|g^
affray on the East Side, warn arrested
this afternoon from a waiiaut'-fswft^a
by Justice Conaway. He gs^K'hOHt^
to appear for trial on Tuesday^ Febca-?-|
ary 19, at 10 o'clock in, themmmrmbhi
~ ... -
I DQrcrs w anrea,,^
> In Shipping Department. Apply V
Proceeds 'for the Red
Thursday. Feb"y. 7th, 8:30
3100 per person. "
< -.. - - -
. - ^^SEomF '-* -'^vSsl
* ' : r . > Vii'i'-Jir V-* v?aSi
- ?
ican guns^conce^
show that great courage wag exhibited
by our troops during the heivyjGfer- /;.^
man bombardment of Saturday-r-iA '?>*??*
number of men who were MftWty.
wounded by shell splinters were tjreht?d
in the line with first aid pidwh
and insisted on remaining-^t' tliete-.}2??j|
posts until the fight was finished.i
One man who was carried toa tteB?jf?%
dressing station returned to hia vj?
radcs in the line after his wounds had c*||h
been attended to and rejnaJned on : ..j.-*
duty until the firing ceased and.the 1
danger was over.
' Mupy of the Americans have
their first experiences with gas in-th*
h __ ? ?- -:?-vg
c ue u as itiosbii^ ^ * ^
rican Battery POffltianHWr ^
-Germans Have Dropped
ind American Line.
American trenches were fruszan
artillerymen put downer'.
id on the German line wta^^
with men and officers awaitit
raid. Fifteen minut^is^fts^

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