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j Lr ry';"- - -- -'. j ' * '
SgVJTv "WXEGEX. General Manager. 1
1/ -~ Editor. Circulation Manager. 1
HMMnilSC Manager. Superintendent
^^^^hgmbtber of the associated press.
HHDMVtocifcted Press is exclusively entitled to the use for
all sews dispatches credited to it or not
^HMCSiM crnUtcti In this newspaper nnd also the local
MffitollTTslK il herein. All rights of.republication of special
are also reserved.
^2101, HOG. 1107. All departments reached
Jgggpljgprtjnate exchange.
AJterthing Representative. ROBERT E. WARD.
^pjRgggCm Aj'ennc. Kcw Xoric: 5 s. Wabash Ave.. Chicago.
fejBat MA3B?CPayable la advance only.) One year S6.00;
^^MBWcMwiBai SX.00; three months. SI.SO: one month. 60c.
By Villi I < 0 IIII11111 I III Fairmont.) Ono year, J7.00; aix
BMWBja. 63.60; one month. COc: one week. 15a. Per copy
^Si^SrM'KwIWK?(Outside of Fairmont.) One month, 75c:
* THrAA fiVntS.
EBB Ii YjiHiii' fpayable in advance Sj3M|iga'-^rtinr
for change is address give old as well as
^jSpierfel at the FostofSice at Fairmont. West Virginia, as
aS8^a?tg>lajnE matter.
BSii-.r.,. "WESTERN UN;ON."
S'iwUbptT'Nr" on our carrier routes failing to get The West
any evening should call "WESTERN UNION."
KMWtliefact and'give name and residence and a messenger
RjswpSk.doMvcr a paper to your door at once. There! is no
v .charge to the subscriber for this service^
P^:;TOesday evening, February 5. ioxs.
_ . ... =
'<> tin
S-' "- J M"^?.
^^^El'lice administration which permits a few officers to round
?>r? ^^Unvc a I-?r>nr3 from 11
"V Vi ^OlUWiWl^i WAV VIVKWitf M ??. ... .
turn diem loose without even inquiring their ;
"hat might do for a coal settlement with a town !
ut it will rot do in Fairmont, and even the in- j
hninistration at City hrJi ought to realize it. t
lajs a head^now and then does not make any j
npoh the gambling' fraternity, but the deterrant
ang made to go along to the police station and i
re for the posting of forfeits, with the incidental :
t of" a police record, would. That is what *
at'expects its ordinances and its authority to be ;
vould require and I'airmcnt likes to feel that 1
to noise in this sate.
for that side of it. There is another side and I
? ' ? * .T i _?_*
But of the tact that uncicr me present practice uic-ic
dyno thing to prevent a policeman, or a pair of j
even a man with a badge and some borrowed !
>__walk in and "shake do vim" such a gambling '
hat which was raided Saturday night. We do j
at this thing ever happened or that it ever would '
ith the present police force, but it is a possibility '
ide awake city government would tolerate for f
Measures to guard against it should be taken
ill/at once before a nasty scandal of some kind
op out of existing conditions,
iceman' making any kir.d of an arrest anywhere
permitted to take a forfeit for the appearance
ividual arrested. If "the arrest is justified at all
Bar with it the requirement that the man arrest
s like this one cut v. sen uk ?co.?.u?
tan has led us to expect vrarm weatii-I * *
r and high rivers ce:s cur goat. Or.ly drawback i:
Oi course that dees r.ot do as arty;
sod, but it show? we are human and : gut most of the
*ve feelings. t m m . themselves.
KjBgl-t-;.:. ***a ....... Headline."
-had it fro in a fciiow who stands :
^jnr'-yrith the folks who hear all the hot i Tha* :! he anothe'
SpfJitaff that comes off the private wires ' ta?:p./ rs want to k
Kttiat Joe is oat at ixiavenworth for he- not do their regular
B 3 iag a -German spy. j * *
BSfe^T-'V .- "Too busy curryinj
j^gbhtznaybelhis 1 a German | care of little things
f?:.'' ed go to tie police station and "tell it to the sergeant." as
BBs&h'-.'..'they laconically put it where the police departments arc
-conducted upon business principles. Tire man who would
offer a traffic officer in a real city a bill, ostensibly to seH^^
V eare his appearance at a hearing, probably would find him- j
Spl^-sM yanked before the nearest police magistrate to answer
:'a charge that would bring the case before the next grand
Let's put a stop to the Fairmont nonsense of making a
peace officer, judge and jury out of every man who wears i
^Sp^v i the city livery. Let's square the police method with the
city's position among the municipalities of the state.
'?"> LANS for the meeting c? the Central V^estA-'irginia !
HKjdtr 1. Coal Operators' association and the dinner of the
- Fairmont and Clarksburg Coal clubs tomororw after- J
noon indicate that it will be well worth the while of any
.coal operator in the Fairmont district to be here for both
If the operators cf the district decide that they will ask
rajr./ ' the government to permit an increase in the scliing price
' . of coal it will be necessary for every operator in the whole
district to make out elaborate cost sheets to back up the
. request. It means a lot of work and it will have to be
jByfc':'11 -done.'inside of a comparatively short time limit. But it
?/; _ will be less troublesome if the rrcn who will have to sub
- scribe to Re statements know just what they are about and '
W&i bow best to'proceed. * One of the things it is hoped to be
able to do tomorrow is to give a clear outline on this imi'
"portant cost accounting.
-- Mr. Callahan who will bring to the district the benefit
g T:. of his study of the car and transportation situation,, will
- - ? - ? i TM t
3r->v. be.able to give us ail some idea of what can be expeciea
along that line. That, too, is important, for the time of
BlpS&tbe.yeax is coining when coal men will have to be making
plaits for the.Better "railroad situation which all hope is no ,
longer far off. It will help a lot for operators to have a :
B&.-. . , s-.-hsmo to get anoth
mm' Ruff stuff 'se" -tao" ?
Better ask some
gpli* >v~ ... ~ ; peddle the private t
wjP&:i We can stand th,e cold weather when : ters out of the big v
^y-it-ls playing fair.
8s*?'.-: -* * ' Tl">re' isn't anv*l
.; iBnt a cold snap .. t sneaks ap_apon . ;;nc.T all a?Joat. *"
opoly on that. People are suffering on farms and in tae
towns and cities of West Virginia because the gas,
which is the customary fuel, is being pumped out of the
state and the houses are not equipped to make the
burning of coal feasible.
o j
Addressing a mass meeting at Watertown last night, j
Governor E. L. Philfpp. of Wisconsin, said that if he ;
were Senator LaFollette he would resign and ask the j
people of the state for a reelection. If that is meant j
as a hint it docs not take into consideration, the extra j
tough bide that belongs to the pompadoured represen- j
tative of the sovereign state of Wisconsin in the United
States Senate.
) o
Wilhelm Dittman. the radical socialist member' of
the Reichstag, who had genera! direction of the strike
in Berlin last week, has been given live years' confinei.fent
in a fortress. There Is no free speech nonsense
in Germany. Yet a lot of thoughtless people take advantage
of the freedom which this country affords to
play the German game. ^
: o '
Pennsylvania is boasting about auto license fees
amounting to a million one hundred thousand dollars.
In proportion to population West Virginia does better
than that, but it is a fact that the auto license receipts
follow the (Construction of good roads. The more roads
upon which they can be used the more autos in use is
the rule.
With ihe complete organization of the Normal school
ia the War Savings Stamp movement the entire local
school system is in line. It,is to be hoped that there
will be signs of a wider interest among the industrial j
and commercial establisments soon.
Now that the German army has had its beer cut off, j
it is just beginning to understand wSht frightfulness,
really means.?Charleston Mail. \
o v_
February was long on holidays before we ever heard '
of Garfield.?Parkersburg News.
Now tf*Dr. Garfield will make his world ess days come
iu the baseball season, there will be less of a kick coming.?Clarksburg
We don't want any slackers with the hoe, either.? j
Charleston Mail. : i
o i
Never mind. Mr. Groundhog, we've got our eyes on
you, all of us.?Charleston Mall.
Perhaps Chamberlain will retaliate that Baker finds
it easy to stand by his guns when there aren't many.?
Clarksburg Telegram.
er German sympa- W
rhite. building. __J
tbey do not CONSERVATION. ' /
. WHEELING. Feb. 5.?lEditor The
West Virginian]?The following let
that what tbey jer is so strong, so much to the point.
j and of such pc-sifcliity for good that
j we are scndins it to all the papers
simps believe It; 16 the State of West Virginia. Vfe
| trust you can give it space and good
I display. V.'e leave to you the making
do about it but of ''"e btjr>" 'vc^.*?ralyU'yow,
State Foderal Food Administrator,
in hog raising.**? "BISHOP'S RESIDENCE
Wheeling. W. Vs.
February 1. ISIS,
r alibi when the j. h. Brennan. Esq..
now why they do Food Administration,
work right. City.
My dear Sir:?
; the hogs to take J beg to asknowledgc receipt 6t your
like thaw" ?; favor or January 31st quoting a tale- ,
weakened the strength of their foe.
There are softie observers who go to the length of believing
that the whole show of industrial unrest, first in
Austria and then in Germany, was an elaborately staged
feint for the sole purpose of throwing the British and die
American's off their guard. We do not share that view.
The human dement inside the Iron ring is too uncertain;
loo inflammable, to make an attempt to manipulate it for
military purposes safe. But the cold blooded members of
the German general stafr know how to take full advantage
of it after it did occur, and we must see to it that our cause
is not permitted to suffer on that account.
If we are to put a stop to this war soon, and it is admitted
that it is up to the United States to give the war its
coup de grace, we must go at the preparations as though
we expected it to last forever. As Colonel Roosevelt put,
it. we must "speed up the war work."
Just one enemy alien appeared at police headquarters
yesterday to register as required by the government
Tiicsr** nrp not verv many of them ixr the f
city, and it is perhaps natural for them not to be keen
about registering, but it is to be hoped that they will
not neglect this duty entirely. If they do they will involve
themselves in a lot of trouble. They need not hesitate.
They will be treated with the utmost <.ourtesy
and prompt registration will he regarded as an evidence
of good intention.
The dispatches from big cities in the east and west
tell harrowing stories about people freezing because of
the scarcity of coal. But the big towns have no mon
operators the benefit of An m a Ettk fort ^
hand information on the fuel situation as it is seen by pen*
pie who (tave been looking at it from the national stand*
o?? -
SECRETARY" BAKER'S warning of yesterday thai
reports of strikes and other disturbances in Germany
and Austria should not induce the American people
to slaalcen their war effort is. most timely. Doubtless the
Central powers are approaching die supreme crisis of die
struggle, but the only way in! which their people can be
nerved up to taking die steps that they must take before the
krAitaltf tn an *>nA is for Ap Flnt?ltC Allitt to
> 01 -111 !/<. ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? _
present a firm and resolute front.
The much advertised coming great German offensive
is die last important effort of die German people in this war.
Its failure may not actually bring the Central powers to
their knees, but after that the military masters of the people
will not be able longer to conceal the real truth, so they
Just as much as the men will have to stand the shock dread
the coming effort But they are determined to make it
and they will go through with it all the more confidently
if thev have reason to believe that over confidence has
i so vou
gram from Herbert Hoover, National '
Pood Administrator,, in which that
gentleman requests the cooperation, of
the clergy in carrying out the regulations
laid down for Food Conservation !
in the United States. i
I have this day sent Mr. Hoover a ; ]
telegram pledging to him. in the name i i
or the clergy and in my own same, our 1
wholehearted support. ]
To the State Officers of West Vir- j
ginis, I beg to offer the same assur- i
Aole IITAilnoo/lotr /Poh 1 ?*f?v i ,
prox) we commence the Lenten sea- j
son. the main observance of which;
consists of fasting and abstinence. ,
Hard as these requirements may- be, j ;
we shall endeavor, as far'as possible.; ,
to comply with the regulation^ laid
down by the National Food Administrator
After Easter, we expect to equal
and, Jn generous rivalry, try to outdo,
our fellow citizens in self denial, 'in
respect of food.
If I may be permitted I should lik6 '
to urge upon all my fellow citizens 1
the necessity for food regulations '
such as have been prescribed. The '
baseball player, the athlete, even the .
common pugilist goes into severe."
training. The seeke. after learning'
A&Htrfr? t nnfl Mvft* tahnrinnf
days." "Every one that striveth fa:
tli8 mastery, refraineth himself frou:
all things." To 'what end? That lie
may receive "a corruptible crown." r.
little praise or money reward. Our bo
loved republic is now in a great race.
We are in the thick of a grim, bitter
fight. The prize is liberty, dear tr
the heart, without which life is net
worth living. Slaves or freemen; tha
is the issue reduced to its simple?:
terms. We must then, go into train
ing if we would win. Jfo half heartc
effort or mere shouting #ffl avail. We
have had so far, a whole lot of beat
ing the air.
We have not, I fear, been in earnest
The few go to the battle- The multi
aide will not budge from Capua. Thcr-.
is the same made race for pleasure b.
day, the same revelry by night. Tin.
Spartan spirit is lacking:
We all desire victory. But the old;
savtnff mns. "He that wishes the I
liable is a short time according to some
Children Cry
'f'- '& -x.'-*
end, wishes the means." For those;
not on the battle front the most effective
way to help those who aro?our
own flesh and blood?is to see that
they and their sail ant allies shall be
liberally supplied with food. They are
lighting; for us as well as for genera- ,
tiooa unborn. From our superfluity we
relieve their necessity. The thought
of brave men in the trenches should
be with us as we sit down to every
meal and we should be sure that they
will not suffer the pangs of hunger.
Your Obedient Servant.
Bishop of Wheeling.
Rotary dubs in various West Virginia
cities ara starting many move*nr
?h> nmaral mod. The Hunt
ington club is manifesting an interest
in rural schools which is very gratifying
to M. P. Sbawkey. state superintendent
of schools. It is generally
agreed that unless better salaries are
paid teachers in rural schools there Is
going to be a red difficulty in employing
teachers in a few years and the
Huntington Botariaas seem to have
grasped this point in advance of other
R- E. Kerr, engineer in charge of construction
of the Mbrgantown and
Wheeling railroad has been appointed
receiver of that road, succeeding \V. E.
Glasscock, former governor, who had
occupied the position since September
3.1916. The road is now completed to
witkina fourth or a mile of Blacksville.
Eleven mines have been opened on the
line and it is estibsted that coal operators
have $2,000,000 invested. The
road can be made to pay operating ex-'j
censes and make bonds and stock val-i
SI) YC3, s
THAT' t+A"T j
TH'NK YOU " <2/?W
se Tmis PlAC? U/tTH
S'S'S. DAYS' rT rov
"S3 tCVOW TH /OM^OyG'? I ;
GuSY '/,'.
gg*. . . .. ? . . i.
reports made to t'je Circuit court at
Charles Bolinger. who is of tre 113th
Engineers at Camp Site: by; turned up
En Grafton the oilier cay .or a visit to
his parents and the vu-.nl went out
that he was there 0:1 a short furlough
from military duty. A day or so later
lie was arrested, an order for Jifs apprehension
coming from military authorities
at Camp Shelby, charging desertion.
The state hoard of health has prohibited
the knit tins of : wcatcra for the
Red Cross in homes where there arc
pases of contagious diseases such as
smallpox. A warning was issued 10
soluiers la West V.. ' ; a on icave ol
absence to avoid sucli homes.
A. F. Morrison, principal of the
Shina3*on High school. gathered 255
?ggs during January j'- ,m 17 laying
!tSbs. At the present price cf seventylive
cents a doren the eve " coa!d have
been disposed of at ? IC.Ct.
Musterole Loosens Uo Those
Stiff Joints?Drives Oyt Pain
Youl! knot? why thousands tee Mastercie
once yen etipcviaEco the glad relief
it gives.
Get a jn: at cr.cn front the nearest
Irug store. It is a clean, white ointment;
made with the oil of mustard. Better
than a mustard plaster and does not
blister. triors eats and comfort while
it is being rubbed en!
Musterole is recommended by many
lectors and nurses. Millions of jars are
1 " rtt-Annlittle rr.-*?*rv gHff
IttCQ J iUi UiV* V4MWO, W,WMry
seek; asthma, neuralgia, pleurisy, rheumatism,
lumbago, pains and aches of the
back or joints, sprains, sore muscles,
bruises, chilblains; frosted feet, colds of
die chest (it often prevents or.eutnonia),
30c ra^aOcjar^ hospital
At $2
Sounds Impossible with pood
Hundreds of pairs on the barj
ton. A great variety of styles in "i
Easily.worth double the price?1
quick cash.
Some great bargains for women
Soma special bargains for boys
?w rrur th
I ivnu
: Miss Nora Doalin was in Monongah
j Curing the week calling on friends.
| Miss Naomi Springer, of Fairmont,
V- J
Years of Search End on j
Everybody knew iron was good for
people but to find it in medicinal form J
like in Acid Iron Mineral was where
the trouble came, and whiie chemists
were making tinctures, pills and ton
j ics from "'metallic htm" that was opt |
! to rum teeth, upset people's stomachs t
; etc.. a farmer by the name of Horn, !
i almost destitute, was barely getting j
! enough to eat himself ond family on I
| his little farm down in Mississippi.
The windows to his house lacked
T\u.inriow panes and in their place were
' old bits of rags and'clothing to keep
| cut the insects, cold and drafts.
[ COLORe5 man found it.
I Then one day a darkey, old and de-!
crepit, olood diseased and slowly dying
with great sores upon his Kmbs J
,id body which it was said could never j
>o cured, started digging a ditch and j
' me upon this great medicinal iron j
". posit buried beneath a marble-like I
ock and clay covering which shelter- J
t it from atmosphere and water down j
trough the unknown centuries sinee !
lie all-wise Creator put it there. |
& of our officers and emplo
"5 ptron receives proper af
^ Peoples National Bank a
>: nection.
Every effort Is made
% just the kind of service th
Small accounts as w(
i ^ Give us an opporturi
& The People's ?
s Winter S
5.40, $3.40 and !
shoes selling today at the price of t ?
;ain tables in light and heavy weight blac
iVa'.k-Overs. Ha nans. Netfletons and ot
jut they've been sticking to the shelve
' r * * g r% nPTTPE
U H/\l/ Dij m x jc<r
at S1.S5. $2.85 and 54.86.
? and girls.
~i ?
Changes Services.
At a resent business meeting of the
! Baptist church it was decided to "Mnf
the regular business meeting from the
.first Saturday afternoon in each month
to the first Wednesday evening. Hereafter
the regular monthly business j
meeting will take place following the
prayer services. It was unanimously
decided to -make the change.
Eight Below. -
The temperature this morning is
Mondngah averaged from eight to
twelve degrees belfiw zero. The official
town building: thermometer registered
eight degrees below zero. ,
Observed Orders.
In observance of the fnel orders of
j January IT all of the local stores were
closed yesterday afternoon. The drug I
i stores closed early in the evening.
John Talbott. of Chiefton, was in
Monccgah for a short while yesterday
Hiss Davinna Watkins was in Fairmont
Chuck Trader, of Everson. was In
Monongah yesterday evening calling
on friends.
George Leiving was among the Mo'nongah
social visitors calling out of
. 2JW.
AllSa rHJ V OwNC IBa Blip <?W
tte- tliafllMm ^miVte
Sttenbj ncoSnc. '
UJklMVUV . ^ 3
Hot the old darkey -was cured by _.:J|
contact with this mineral and toon
that poor tamlly near Hickory, Ml*" j^aS
sissippi suddenly became rich through
leasing this deposit for ninety-seine
years to the Ferrodine Chemical Cor- ^
poration forms another chapter of thiswonderful
Today, this Chemi*al Corporation^
with latest methods takes the mineral
and by a process of filtering, conceit- . >, ?
trating, testing and bottling makes hi *'
pos3ibie'for anyone to visit the near-. **jM
est dnig store and procure it for the
home treatment of blood, rheumatic, .
stomach, and digestion troubles, and\
doctors, hopital's and surgeons acclaim ''
it a splendid preparation and so cheap. , cSSgS
so powerful, so good and free from'
injurious opiates, narcotics and atwP .
hoi. old and young may take it. Just '
a half to one toa-poorsful in a glass of . j- 3S
water makes a belter, stronger, iron ' ' Si
tonic for you. The following store .
has it, or a large 12 ounce bottle will t ,Z;??
be sent anywhere on receipt of price - *,.<5
by the Ferrodine Chemical Corp, Roan- '
pice. Va.
. v*\l
yees to See that every ?
xention that makes the S ^
i ^desirable banking con- S ; ,4:
to give to each depositor S ^
at suits his needs. w J
ill as large are welcome, g . .
ity to serve yon.
National Bank 3 11
[it of clothes?but It's true! 1
fc and tan?lace, Wncber and tat-3
ber good makes.
s and tre ?aat to turn tbera into II
.. ;
- Vl/fy ' Y"" 2K "Li -^SXTCfeMraM
dufhu. the *eek calling on
Eftcl? day Miss Loutoe Ford,' J*Mb<att
vomao at Verda. Ner.?":baa'
and miToarts t ruckles ds of trar
Important to All Women
Readers of Iliis Flq^r. |
Thousands upon thousands
ca have kidney or bladder tronblo
Women's complaints often prore to
be nothing else but kidney trouble. \-'?|8H
or the result of kidney or bladder dip- J
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the Other .V.^S
organs to become diseased.
Yon.may suffer pain in the baefc
headache and loss of ambition. .igaMl
Poor health makes you nervoua, Ir
nutOiO ana may __ ,
makes any one so.
But hundreds of women claim -that
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restor- ii
ins health to the kidneys, proved to ' v||
be Just the remedy needed to over- J/,
come such' conditions. , ^?38
A good kidney medicine, pusses tug I
real healing and curative value, should ; ,"|s
be a blessing to thousands of nervous. I - ^
overworked women. - i--*%M
Many send for a sample bottle to see
what Swamp-Hoot, the great kidney, - V/ffi
liver and bladder medicine wiH do for a
them. Every reader of this paper, ?
who has not already tried it. by e?- %
closing ton cents to Dr. Kilmer &*Co.. ' j..3
Bingham ton. X. V. may receive sample* 5 ,5
size bottle by Parcel ?pst. Ton can v \ 2
purchase the medium and large size Vjj
bottles at all drug stores.
i-[-M STOW I
\Imost Forsaken Farm .

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