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^ * AGE z
'> ':-- : ;<-y1
I to Ctmptiaice Wifh
Bp T*i Mmm&nti**'
S 0ritr
BSP~*9 ._ ~~~
I Tomorrow for
|| Details of
p Our First
I Sen-Monthly
| Wednesday
f f-*T?itff0RTHEPVp?>?
? On "ECoNonyCoxni^ K* V
? Benefit Dance.
For the benefit of the Mouongah
Kf - auxiliary of Red Cross a dance will be
given at the Lyric theatre tomorrow
evening. Thei dance tomorrow even
fng will be one of the few benefits
given for the local Bed Cross auxiliary
since its organization. The last benefit
was a box supper and was one o'l
the most successful benefits ever given
here. The dance tomorrow evening
will be well attended' and wili
C doubtless be a grand success.
Salvation Army Fund.
The churches of Monongah 2re go: jc'
'. - ting behind the Salvation Army campaign
now being waged in Marion
county and are each taking it upon
themselves to raise a certain sum for
fey: the campaign. in several of ;!k
churches collections for the campaign
I were taken up vcstorday morn ins.
To Help Red Cress.
- The .women of the Baptist church
Will go to the Red Cross work room
on "Wednesday afternoon to help in
the Red Cross work. Other organizations
will attend the meeting of the
Bed Cross from time to time.
John Phillips was in Fairmont for a
short while yesterday evening.
. Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Freed were calling
out of Monongah yesterday eveaMiss
Pearl Eoydoh was calling In
. Fairmont Saturday evening.
v,Miss Anna 3. Connc-ii. who has been
Isiting friends in Monongah and Fairmont
ofr the past week, has returned
to her home in Clarksburg. -?
James Mike was among the local
social callers ont of Monongah yesterday
^ - Tnli*? SmfthWn? ralllT^gT Clit Of tOWll
ye3terfla; evening.
Tony Tropa was in Foirmou: for a
R! short while yesterday evening.
Kr. and Mrs. Max Bear and son.
Kmannal.- were in Fairmont yesterday
H& overling calling on friends.
Mr.' and Mrs. William Evans were
among the local callers in Fairmont
t ' yesterday evening.
Dentil Sharer was In Fairmon* yesHk;
, terday evening as a social visitor.
Hp-: ^ Effort Will be Made to Give
pi-.'*" Remaining: Services
^Bpi, - Much Fervor.
| . . The Brooks revival continues another
week. This asonncemcut came
as a surprise last night to the big
audience assembled in the Christian
&?: " church where Brooks and Lewis, evanE&,'
" gelists. hare been in session for six
K, . _ Weeks, bat the crowd was pleased and
tneny were heard to say that they
eg;.: would have one week of good weather
- aii an old-fashioned'revival, for such
it Mggp. ot bo. characterised by a-i.
; the fervor and freedom of a Georgia
{ camp meting.
Mr. Brooks said that lie called the
pastor o ftbe First Christian church
, at Wheeling, whereby they were to
j have begun tomorrow night, and got
! released ror just out? more wk. lie
| said that it would be impossible foi
them to continue longer than another
: week, so everyone had to work with
; redoubled energy in the few days re!
Last night Mr. Lewis. Mrs. Rowand
I and the preachers trio rendered specI:
ial music.
I Tonight Evangelist Brooks Is to
speak on the theme. "Is Infant Baptism
Scriptural?" The question bo-:
; is to receive special attention, it is
j Also, as another feature of the eve!j
ning's program, there is' to be a "Canj
die Service" for the young people in
i the opening. Every child is asked to
j bring a candle.
? ?
I.unit: Scrivo. aged 1." years,
disappeared from my home Monday.
KcSutary s. Anyone knowing, of his
| whereabouts please advise me at once,
i James Scrico, Box !?, Worthirgton.
I TV. Va. 2-ll-St-33$4
' 88k 9^
"*v ??< ^
A row suop.hot of ei-KiiJg filan:
! tary hospital at Sbepartl's Bush. Kuf
' as treasurer of the Kofi Cross of lingh
/^riecK f.--fiusts\
/ Trt hHX -iilAE
( ?V? "TRtE-DTO
N. Go?r ? J A
lL '
Of all the stars of heaven, I am part
.Which v.-e call the Solar System .ant
Of all the sun's own planets, which.
Are a-wandering 'round their mothei
Of all the portions of the earth. I sir
I prefer the northern portion of the "
Of all the West^Ffe- Hemisphere, beli
I am partial to its middle strip?the
T T >Vi.. T T 9 A I vr ?
I've set roy foot upon the soil of all
I've seen its hundred cities, flaring "1
I have seen the ships flock inward. w
I have seen the ships slip outward frc
I've seen ten thousand towns betweei
I know the desert-dweller and the k<
I know all sorts of people, here and
I know their class distinctions and h<
I know the city toiler, as he treads I
I know the fanner in his field, the m:
I've met them red and yellow-, swart
I've met some common cusses (as yo
But on the whole, upon my soul. I'v
Inclined to look and listen and to trj
Yes. I've gripped hands with Uncle
And now-, if it so please you. I'll be
With a health to-all the family and
We're going through some troubloui
But let's all keep "United" in our Io
Let's stick and work together and de
And when we'ie through, we'll have
:\i '
To California.
j Miss Mary Louise Nichols left Sun-'
, day afternoon for Los Angeles. Cali
fornia. wheer she will spend the next:
i several months with her cousin,'Mrs.;
James K. Grey. Miss Nichols was
joined in Pittsburgh by Mrs. George
H. Robinson and iter mother. Mrs.
! Mitchell, who will accompany her to
California and will spend some time in
; San Diego. Miss Nichols will not re-:
; turn hare until during May.
Entertained at Roselawn.
, Celebrating the -17th 'anniversary of
j Jttdg- George Vincent's birth, an en-'
ijoyabic evening was spoilt at his J
iIicrne, Roselawn. on McXInney street..
Saturday evening. The guests were
; entertained at dinner and following j
: the dinner an enjoyable evening was J
spent. Judge Vincent was the recipient
of a number of gifts in honor of his ,
I birthday.
. . , .
Chapter to Meet.
i The Robert K. bee chapter of the |
i T"nit.;U Daughters of the Confederacy j
| will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 !
?? '
.:c! of Portugal in his office r: the railf;land.
The former monarch is serving
and and as a clerk in the hospital.
f ?KE GASOUKe) ~/^
\ J ( CsOOZf
\ OtJ \T I / j fj\oRt4tt4G I
^ | ^ |
J&*- - tsak,
??J ^ w
ial to Ac one
1 whose center is our Sun.
like chickens from the nest,
* * 11 ? ? r? .t .t t
. wny i xuce i ne C-artn tne oesi. - ->
ig it loud and dear.
Western Hemisphere.
eve me when I say
good old U. S. A.
een its every state; /"*
the forty-eight:
Welcome" at the gate,
rhere Atlantis rears his crest,
the Golden-Gated west;
i and can't tell which is bet.
en-eyed mountaineer,
yonder, far and near:
>w soon they disappear.
?is well-worn track,
iner in his shack,
and sallow, white and black,
u'll meet them everywhere),
e found our people square,
to do what's fair.
Sam. I've found him tried and true,
shaking hands with You.
a hearty "How d'ye do!"
s times, we'll see some doleful dates.
11 _ _
ves as wen as naics,
fy the furious fates.
: a new Amalgamated Stales.
o'clock at ihc home of Mrs. John F.
Phillips on Fourth street.
* *
To Clarksburg.
The Music department of the Woman's
club will go to Clarksburg next
Saturday where they will present a
musical program before the Marcato
Music club of that city. In addition
to those participating on the program
a number of other members of the local
club will make the trip to Clarksburg.
The Marcato club gave an excellent
program recently before the Fairmont
c'.'/o. Among the soloists who
will take part atfe W. D. Barrington,
Miss EdnaJ acobsfand Mrs. C. C. Shepherd.
the latter ot Manningtou.
To Address Club.
Prof. Walter Barnes, head of the
English department of the Fairmont
State Normal school, wilt deliver an
address before the Woman's club 011
Friday afternoon of this week. The
- ' 1?11 h?.*riri fir three o'l-lock in
ilUUit'OO ? ti- wvf>... _
order that teachers of the city schools
may attend. Musical numbers trill be
furnished by Mrs. Forrest FaDkhauscr
and Miss Katherine Moore.
Society to Sew Tonight.
The Young Ladies' Aid society of
'lie M. .P. Temple will meet this evening
at the Red Cross headquarters to
sew for the Red Crohs.
* * ?
Meeting This Afternoon.
The Home Economics department or
the Woman's club was delightfully entertained
this afternoon at the Normal
school when Mis3 Estello Hamilton,
head of the Domestic Science department.
was hostess. Miss Hamilton
with the assistance of a number of her
pupils demonstrated a number of cooked
articles. A large number of the department
members were out for the
event and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon
was spent. Following the demonstrations
a social hour was spent
and the guests were served with refreshments.
* *
Harry Drummond. of Grafton, and
Miss Zoe Murphy, of State street, this
city, were united in marriage Saturday
evening at nine o'clock at the residence
of the officiating minister. Rev.
W. J. Eddy. They have gone to Grafton
where they will reside. ?
m m m m
Celebrated Btrinaay.
Mr. .T. C. Glasscock, or Pennsylvania
avenue, was given a happy surprise
Friday evening from 7 o'clock to 10
o'clock in honor of his 59th birthday
anniversary. Mrs. Glasscock with the
aid of her family arranged the surprise
and the plans well carried out
most successfully. Refreshments
were served. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Glasscock, W. C.
Layman and daughter. Ruth> Mrs.
Xeal Yost. Mrs. Geo. Toothman, Mr.
. seert /
I * GASOUtfe w <-???=-_ \
- I I GeT Art Airttt SCfl I
J \v 6O6S FOR A ROARtrt*/
* -4 - FIFO& ! _jr\
. ^^*4>
* ...
Eleanor and Charles. Mrs. Sarah!
Sapp and two children, Agnes and,
Ada. Mrs. p. E. KerrffieM. Miss An-j
na Smith, Mr. C. X. Merrtfleld. Mr.;
and Mrs. Hush Glasscock and danghter.
Mary. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Tost:
and daughter. Jessie. Mrs. Dent Trip- j
pett. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Eddy and lam-j.
m m m j
To Visit in New York
Miss Helen Quarrler ilRlier left j
yesterday for Xew York -where she;
will be the guest for several weeks of !
Mr. and Mrsv George Watson Fleming.
She was joined there by Miss Caro-!
: line Ward of Charleston who will also ,
! be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fleming.
> '
Grace Ladies AieL
The Ladies' Aid Society of Grace;
Lnglish Lutheran church will meet at;
i he home of Mrs. Lee Haas. Mo. 7251
\VNnut street, on Thursday evening
at 7:30. cCslodt.
f | .
_a__aa???tf?k i
Evening Ghat
; Rev. Baird Mitchell talked to hisi
| parishoners yesterday morning about
: sin and its punishment. He remark-,
cd that many did not go to church
because they did not want to hear
a sermon on hell. "'The gospel as the
Lord preached it is a message ol
goodness which stands in the foreground
but God's severity must not
be forgotten. The Lord came to save
the world?He seldom spoke of pun;
ishment. anymore than a father should
. speak of punishment to the child tryj
ing hard to be good. It was only
i man's awful recklessness at the last
which brought words of condemnation
from the Lord?words in which he
warned them of punishment.
In every congregation are the cart1/^co
invinv with cin find TilftV- '
ing "with fire. They need to be told j
of punishment. The new testament!
savs sin is punished inevitably. We i
live in a moral universe. The Biblti
says there are two crates?one is nar-l
row and the other wide and man may'
choose. Sin is punished naturally?'
not mechanically?in accordance with I
law. IVien reaDs what he sows. He1
who sows to the lower life will reap]
I that?corruption and disaster. He]
] who sows to the spirit will reap the
I things of the spirit. In the court of;
i life there is no cisearriage of justice;
i though in the court of man. many innocent
are punished and many who j
are guilty escape
There are many in the world today]
! who would be happier if they were;
i locked in Jail. It is not possible to'
escape one's conscience. Cain went!
i loose tout with the mark of the mur-,
| derer on him which caused him to'
i cry?My punishment je greater than]
i I can bear. Divine justice Is so just i
' that it becomes glorious. There is]
only one frightful thing in the uni-j
i verse?sin. and while the world is not
! all sunbeams and though there are
j thickets and briers and horrible asj
pects of nature?these contrasts exist
j for a purpose. History is made of
| contrasts?the Bible is a book of coni
trasts?there is the sweet and bitter
j in every human cup. It is foolish.
' therefore, to believe that ire are in
! this world to be babied. We are re;
sponsible for everything?dollars or]
j talenls, and the truth is our besti
| shield. We must than take heed toi
' the word of God?words of blessings'
: or of punishment and never lose sight 1
: of the fact that we are his children i
' over whom he is move watchful than!
any mother." The foregoing were;
Rev. Mitchell's words to his congrega-j
:!on yesterday morning?spoken with;
treat emphasis and much thought and!
; feeling.
j We were very glad yesterday to
J walk unafraid to church. Even rub;
ber shoes were left at home by many?
i for the time in many weeks. Coining
! down various hills about the city
j proved a pleasant journey and it was
j almost impossible to believe that but
a few days ago we faced one of the j
! biggest slippery-ice problems the cltyj
! has ever known. A fine back-whisk
j ered cardinal has made an appearance ]
] in the vicinity of Monroe street and
j the scarlet spot of color here and there
j in the bare tree-tops drates many eyes,
j "Cheer, cheer, cheer." sings the cx|
quisite bird and "Good-cheer-goodclieerl"
Some translate the last to
: "Wet-year-wet-year." but ire hope the
| prediction will not he true for a few;
j weeks anyway. A short while of sun j
i and warmth and gentle days will do |1
i much to establish courage for what]
i may come later. Just now nearly ev- j
eryone is .tired of strenuous weather. J
One robin does not make a spring;
! as we have been told. If it were so? |
j spring would already be here for sev;
eral robijts have been seen about the
city during the last three days. Yesj
terday one sang?"Cheer-up, dearie?
] cheer-up. dearie." Just as plain as
plain as could be in such liquid sympathetic
tones?tones ot melt the
hardest heart of winter. With a
charming cardinal flying from branch
to branch and swinging rapturously
on the tip of a black twig?and two
j Absolutely Removes]
Indigestion. Drngglsfcj
refund mtiney if it fails. 26e?
e* '" '-''*s"' ^
'"' :* " \ ."'"
, V
? ' gjWswP M
t ??iK^BSaE&ttf& ?j
Bg ?r
Alexandra Kolontay is a member of ;
the Russian Bolshevik cabinet?minister
of public welfare. News dispatches
say she issued Jthe order for seizure
of a monastery in Petrograd bringing j
the clash between the church and the j
Rn1*h?Tilti to an ncnte stage. Lcnine
is said to have issued a decree sepa- j
rating entirely the clmrch and the:
state. Madame Kolontay is working;
for endowment of motherhood. She :
was a big figure in the revolution and 1
a few years ago toured America deliv-1
ering lectures.
robins to encourage and cheer?v:o1
ought to he tun of enthusiasm and.
spring hopes on Monday morning.
More and more flowers are appearing
in the city. Webers have an as
sortment of wonderful creations. Car-:
nations, roses, violets, sweetpeas. daf- ,
fodils, jonquils, tulips, astors?oh?
^ftXS&SSS *
816 lrfSS!sssr :
jy BtUer?tUi ItO'-ur !
'SKors St stc??nws
??& PwtudMtftffif/aca,g?mtiifsi* j
>SaeYM^^^^^cJ.fSSeSBS^ |1
but sometimes they're
Keep your prices in ni
"{LOOSE | J?P} LEAF | ?
are used by salesmen
?aa!t of fliom f/\/^otr r
l'JV/A UU WVVAVrj ?,
labor-saving deyicep.
Fairmont Printing
Monroe Street
V^.t: N rv
/oosrtt Yv . "??
V LUCK* I ?CT > ?
IA Y 11
| p
. .1
every kind imaginable?la perfect col- or
and size and comintr nearer to convincing
us of the reality of heaven
than any sermon ever preached. Floivers
are quite the most tangible xnira- 4
cles in existence.
Leamans have many beautiful plants
?some especially larjs fragrant carnations
end some potted cyclamon?
that small manv-colorttl. smart, faced
[lower child wi-.li hair combed straight --"j
back from h?r face tuil head held ' % '".1
Jauntily in the air. A number of unusually
sturdy ierns can b? found
here?-the slender featherly kind, looking
as 'hough made up of many tiny
clencked fists.
Miss Kelly Tells How Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Restored I
Her Health.
Newark. N. J.?"For about three
years 1 suffered from nervous break- -I
.;l- ii . 1 -i. dom and got so -4
ill r'i wca!c 1 ccmld hardly
M r '*nF?S16 stand, and had head\Cyt
aches every day. I
<-r. retried everything I gj
conii think of and
MyhB /r ?r under a pbyW;
1 J> ticiia's care for two
it- 'Vj Pinkham's Vege-1
V< S|| tabic Compound and ;
VVImI; y..wBr she told me about
*v.\ yN|\;'j^r^it. From the first
took it I began
J 4|S^,-^to (eel bettir and
\ /^Sv~^^Pdow I am well and
\ fVX\\ able to do most any
' jjl/ kind of work. X
?!<^?v3P^f*?J have been recom
" " \ maiding: the Compound
ever since and $ve yon my permission
to publish this letter."?Miss
Flo Kelly, 476 So. 14th St, .Newark,
N. J.
The reason this famous root and herb
remedy, Lydia EX Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, was so ssccessfol to Miss
Kelly's case was became it went to the
root of her trouble, restored her to a
normal healthy condition and as a result her
nervousness disappeared.
lon't lie |
! hard to remember. |
ce, accessible shape.
'rice Books 1
everywhere. Better
tlong with lots other i|g
b :1
& Publishing Co. II 1
Fairmont W-Yau. n ||
LJ?|_)__ _n_i~urxri_rLri_rLj~<_n_ri_r\_r^^^^p^
no iw eoss of *e fW^SHwc
MSNDft JOB Wiff^WXst?*?f,en*T?tt?s'oSS
<SO W4 RNO fRW? VOU? f*Ki 4

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