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f :l
f \. Xeq
:> il . I
I The Celebrated
Direct Action
v Gas Rang
with thermostat oven control
$95.00 Range $85.00
$85.00 Range ...... $77.00
Jj $62.50 Range .. $55.00
$57.50 Range $52.00
t v Gas Range
$65.00 Range $55.00
$30.00 Range $26.00
$40.00 Range ...... $33.75
( Dining 1
In Mahgany, American
Walnut and Oak. Jaekobean,
Fumed and Golden Oak.
In a wide range of price,
complete suites;?Buffet, Extension
Table.. China Cabinet
and Six chairs.
"Were $118."30, now 894.00.
i* Other suits: j
Were 3133.00. now 8139.30 I
$1-85.00 suits, now $139.50 1
$250.00 suits, now .8219.00
These include all the popular
period styles, Queene
\mna "Willi:.-! .11 r>r <1
Louis XVI. Adam. Winsor, _
Art Mission and Colonial. V? <
I " ever including many old piets
Chairs. All reduced in price.
J your oppoi^ahicy.
Brass Beds
f Sieel 3
" I
t 'fRV 1
I w [email protected]
White Enamel, Venies M
$17.00 Beds $1-1.00
$16.00 Beds $13.25
$15.00 Beds $12.90
$ 9.00 Beds .
I Very Specis
Pi With 2-inch continuous po
These can be had in three f
I double bed size.
&s. .< .
"- ; ? ' '
The I
?HE month of Febri
activity in the furr
Furniture in our st
reductions of 10 pe
reason for offering
prices is that peopl<
towns have come 1
horre institution. Tliey knew th
quality and style, and that we are
i hat may perchance go wrong.
Room Sets
5 are showing a larger stock than
is?Bullets, Extension tables and
If bat one piece is wanted here is
_ >j~A
at Old r races
0 Brass Beds $4S.30
0 Brass Reds $38.75
0 Brass Beds $33.00
0 Brass Beds S2S.75
0 Brass Beds $24.50
0 Brass Beds $19.80
0 Brass Beds . $16.95
Beds in
I Finish.
"artin and Oxidized Finishes
513.50 Beds $11.35
$12.00 Beds $10.45
$10.00 Beds $ 7.95
$ 7.15
i!==Stee! Beds
st, 10-inch fillers at $7.95.
inishes and in 3 foot 6 inch, or full
Buy War Sayii
?, - Bi
iome Fw
of the
iary will be a month of intense
liture section. Every piece of rr
ore will be offered at bona fide ti
r cent to 40 per cent. Our only sj
our Furniture stock at reduced
i of Fairmont and surrounding
:o depend upon our sale as a 0
at they can depend upon our *1
are not slow to right anything k
On January 12th
to its read
Chicago Amerk
"The recent priority order o
w hicft denied the use ol certain
and materials entering into the
and musical instruments shoulc
folks stop and think. It may j
buy row rhe furniture needed.
Furniture manufacturers <
wood for war purposes is gro\
er without any sign of letting i
Ihe effects of this scarcity
of us every day folks who have
chair, the table, the buffet, th
room suite and the bed roo msu
rather than something we can 1
Now ThenWith
no chance of prices g
and everv indication that
they are now?this is a mome
Reliable furniture in quality, m;
ship?reliability combined with
Furniture which offers the mo
You w ant to make choice v
erzealous salesmen. You dem;
arid information that you may
the furniture after it has been <
Therefore It Musi
Occur to You?
That "The Hartley Store"
ing cheaply, its unswerving fide]
is the place to buy furniture at
so during our February Furnit
* _ i
lay tii
To prepare for this great
lorrhs ago taking advantag
^.asportation facilities made
:ock well nigh impossible,
he best lines we have assemt
ffer the usual good values?i
nan ever. We can truthfull
row when we will be able t
- ? _i *
dvise you to ouv now ana xa
t in an article
ers the
;an Writes?
/ - *
f the Railroads War Board
i class of cars to furniture
manufacture of furniture
1 make a good many home
move a wise precaution to
igree that the demand for
ving stronger and stronglp.
naturally falls upon those
: been raised to regard the
e parlor suite, the dining
ite as an absolute necessity
very well do without.
;oing down in the near futhey
will go higher than
nt to buy good furniture,
aterials, design, workman1
handsome apeparance.
st possible value for your
without being urged by ov- '
and honest representation
not be disappointed with
ielivered to your home.
with its facilities for buylity
to the "Quality Policy"
any time and emphatically
ure Sale.
te 12th
; event for our customers we began
e of the market before prices and
the accumulation of a satisfactory
By carefully selecting from
>led a worthy stock and are able to
n some instances even better values
"? * * j i * A? J ^
y say tnat at tnis time we uu nui
:o get more stock shipped, and we
ke advantage of the low prices. L
An Extraordinary
Beautiful Bed Rc
At Very Afctra
3-Piece Doofold I
In Mahoganv, Fumed Oak, Jac
holstered in Tapestry, Leather and
Three Piece
5115 Suite, now .598.75 3
$190 Suits, now $79.85 5j
Odd Dave
Long or S
S55.00 Davenport, now
?4? nn
V* ? ?vv
I -$45.00 Davenport, now
Library Tables an<
In Mahogany, 0;
Very Sj
A beautiful Art Mission Fum
struction?a good $20.00 table at 3
vVe have twelve of these* tables
will get these tables. One of our be;
filled on this table.
V * .* , v ' ' i";- :
- -v
arc* U
The Famous I
Sellers Kitchen ;9
Cabinet 9
Just received 30 Cabinets : 5j|
purchased months ago, /':||
which we will offer at the '
old price less 10 per cent. Sel- . ||
lers Mastercraft the finest. 9
cabinet market affords. J&' ,9
Large size regularly |5f /
$45.00 JNow $40.50. I II
Sellers Special regularly Jj /.
$40.00 now $36.00.
These are the same prices asked a I] jl
year ago. All have porcelain tops. U :J
automate lowering flour bins and all II
modern improvements.
lomFmritoe^ | ' M
" A. ' Wy Vf .,
H * '
In Mahogany, American H 1
Walnut, (Quartered Oak, Cir- H < J
cassian " Walnut, Birdseye H r$m
Maple, Red Gum and Enam- H ' H
ei. J. 11 est; suius rouge u .
price from $75 to S250 and -cj
are all radically reduced. An :
inspection of same will be i||
convincing proof of the ".J
great values we offer. Many gja
odd dressers, chiffoniers, y-M
dressing tables and wood
beds included in the sale. \ j . *
led Davenport
ko'bean Oak, Golden Oak; up- H
craftsman leather. . / H
I 75 Suite, now $65.75 H :f
> 65 Suite, now ...... $54.90 H
$37.50 Davenport, now*^ 1
$35.00 Davenport, now ' H
jI :>v'? mm
. -ii -
d Ladies' Desks ]|
>.00 Values, now .. .... $2450
.00 Values, now $21.00 jj
'.50 Values, now . $18.15 if
>.00 Values, now $1655 fl : |
r.50 Values, now $14.00 / 5>:J
>.00 Values, now $12.00 jjfl
1.50 Values, now $10.75
= s
led Oak Table of heavy con- V
i?first twelve customers here ^tt
st offerings. No phone orders h
\ '#1

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