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W. J. wiEGEL. General lln
?^.'. ' '/ J A MRP C. HZBBSBT. | CHARLES
Editor. Ciren
P?y A. lATMAPEt. ] J. MONRO.
Adret&luc Vartier. I
The Associated Press Js*a?tfobive!y entl
republication. <St all newe* dispatches cr?
otBecsr'Ise credited In-tWa-newspaper a
" . An.rf?*(r. ^ ,-r,
dtspalsSea hwfa are aiaor?crV?<l.
TBUEEHONZS?1103. HOC. 2107. All icz
through un?a*o ?peftaneg.H^L;r.
11 ~~
Yoreirn Advertising Regret m t atTae. P.O
'236 YuSi Ax-er.Ce,.>j[ew. York:.?, 8. wabaa!
' . ~ ' " " '
BY ILUL?OPaynble i= ad\-ance,on!y.>
- six montSa. 22.00; three months. SI.SO: .on
B?T CARRIER?tin jr?irmont.> Or.e
: 1 month*. S3.CO; one month. 60c; one wen
TKrie Cents.
Kfe ' .. .. ]SX CAREDEK? (Outside of Fairmont.)
-" one"we?k. ISc. By carrier Three Cecis.
All-subscriptions payabie in advance .
When asking tor change in address sr)
nets address.
B.- Entered at the PostoPtee at Fairmont.
second-class matter.
Et; Subacrlbers on our carrier routes ratlin;
Vtnclnlan any.-evening should call "VTE
ESV state the fact and srtre Ttame and resident
wpi deliver a paper to' your door at o
charge to the sobscriber for this service.
It- . t . m i . . - - - ??
""j ' ODAY President Wilson is sche
X series of war conferences with mei
Republicans as well as Democrat:
obiect is to secure an agreement on a p
(organization of the government to brin
efficient conduct of the war. but it is
conferences will be carried on througho
of the war if they prove of any practica
The idea is an excellent one. and it i
newspaper that much practical good wi
does not turn out that it was adopted t
? think. * great pity that it was not adope
m that connection it is interesting, altho
not at all important, to note that this v<
ing the executive and legislative branches
into accord with each other in the condu
to prevent opponents of the administr
. advantage of the peace time machine!
block the efforts of the President, was su
Itnme of Pennsylvania, in a speech wh
I in lhe war extra session. At the lime
having trouble with the members of hi
held tlien, as they hold cow, importan
man ship; and were using their pow er
* ' administration.
? ^
But Senator Knox probably will not
dent' of this circumstance.. For the p
matter so much whose idea it was. It i
to do, and if Mr. Wilson adopted it w
; - to go about it in that spirit without v.-ri
vAt undertaking would be impossible, I
of the war is quite likely to wear a new
long, for the first thing it will do will bi
little Democrats who have been playing i
and thus making the position of the Presi
at a time when every one should be doi
s?ble to support him. Of course it wi
'the Republicans who have been secki
national to partisan interests. That tc
thing. The people want this war fough
quickest and best way possible, and I
politicians of any stripe to interfere will
' ? ' 'rtOI ivAKD dollar fines for wha
IX' to the men upon whom they were
ins more than holding an opinion
to hold tinder our form of government
with diem something of a shock. Nor
entirely free from surprise at the sever
imposed yesterday in Federal court at
the three Belington men who confessc
provisions of the espionage act
Bpt these men were carried away
They sought to obstruct the orderly pi
^ . ment at a time when that government
"---earnest. Had there been much of the
these men supplied the draft, which wa
wonderful displays of patriotism the pec
ever gave, might have been attended by
as to make it a practical failure.
The trial of these cases and the sent
convey no suggestion of heat or vindicl
liberation and Judicial calmness of the
makes it all the more impressive. The o
I | Ruff Stuff [J
When- the country's it war and you
do not like what it is doing?
m m m
Be dam sure you'r right before yon i
start to fisht it.
That's the morel .of those fines th? ;
Belington guys will have to pay.
|\\ Being a minority of three in a hun
dred million country is bound to bo i
expensive in one way or another even '
if it is not against the law.
Nothing doing yet in the way o? '
cleaning up the streets.
m m m
Better not put off that vaccination
another day.
Pf t
Is so::j 11 g too darned common
around this county to be at all
Tortured a confession ont of a J
moke' down, in Tennessee yesterday
ssdthen burned him "at a stake.
I It 11 t T '
?" - ~/ owe.-*;
. v * MAKE.
3020>at '* MONDAY'S B
gs??,ps^- 1 iVl wayAe Marj
. We tiank it <
ySVr. -- ' reproduce it in full:
Ultior. 3Ci-.:^cer. '
fiS^dent. Probably tb
the pinch of
> press. Richard B. CI
Lied to the ece ror . f' ,
Sited to It or not Place, WHO. 3
od- also the local Beach at the
ilicatlon cf special given until Pe
ja?J. Clark is
jartinents reached sufficient to
___________ home and.two
BEBT E- w?gn tf> work To
% A.ve.. Chicago. was conseqnw
- Western Poire
- | Prior io i>e:
.SStTS.?"* " notified by the
yefer. JT.OO; ?j- ating Compan
ic. I Sc. Per copy with tbe poti'
One month. 75c; hid to, doa ?
;Ve oM ? ? i ,mated. shod
====== | therefore srar
West Virginia, as recu re one.
>ER CAtlfc. That w precise!
r to xrt The Tfest ginia act which has
STERV naOJT." u.? _______J t? __
?2r.ii r. expected to op
ace. There U no t result. At the hai
only are the idle
? gamblers and other
iR"i 1.., 19JS. it about time some <
There is a lot of
at Washington, tl
many other things
triots who are so fn
V ?the other fcllov
^ look around them t
that are being just ;
to they can apply
Let's have a li
officials who are
' passed with the obj
"e& during the hour of
LE.VC?S. '
duled to begin a ! County Road Er
libers of Congress. } *> th? road super
s. The immediate ! to tb? count
rogrr.m for the re- j ^es th* point 1
,g about the more J etches are taken .
intimated that the j expense will be ss
ut the continuance ; roads r.ll the time
I value. ' during the coming
, > - r .i - i attention will be ]
s the beliei or tins , .
,, c - < is scarce the peopl
II come or it tr it , , . . ,
, r something tncmsel
oo late. It is. we i
d long ago. And i Direc,or Gvam
ugh at Probably is ; ,.mrn;i.,^ to rter;8
iry plan for bring- ; ^ coM he)f
of the government : a!Tloct h? gp
ct ot the war. and , , . .
, . , - J terways or one ku
ation from taking . ?
r r . project vra sa goo
y ot Congress to r-.o.. ?,? ,
} it o . work. Cncertnej
ggestcd by hcnator ; ^ ^ commi
K.h,hc?a,dc =any i out the real reas<
i.nd uncivilized country.
. m .
T>on'f laugh about that guy who I
was peddling bonds through This covin- ?
try. i
... ^
Russia paid the last installment ofj
interest tine to Americas holders of
her bonds.
And besides until long after tha
Spanish war unprincip'ed cusses need
to invade wise Mew York about once
a year and get Confederate moneychanged.
Hope the Chamber of Commerce
will not administer too strong a slap
on the wrists of the transfer brigands
this afternoon.
No one would want these hardened
extortioners to be hurt.
* * -* ..
"Final test of arms will he made
along the great western front"?
m m m
That has been said so often that it
is beginning to create a good and
healthy doubt.
# I
What if there would not be an/
' i i i i
U . s- . m,\ I*/... ? ? - - - JZtZSm-'
~ " * **
. . . - ;
i&cttS^aatnMj a report of the
rland Compulsoiy Woit law. operates.
>f sufficient interest and importance to
e first, of th" "iale .rich," to fe-?i
the Compulsory Work . law is
ark, 32 years old,' 1512 Euiaw
rbec arraigned before .Justice
Western Police Station, was
binary 33 to yet work or *o to
married and enjoys as income
maintain a rather pretentious
automobiles. He was reported
ureau as being unemployed'and
eety. notified to appear at the
e Court.
ng summoned, however, he was
( bureau to go to the Tin Decoi :v
for a job. Clark complied
ce. hut when he found that he
rerails and do manual work he
eh decided that Clark, being edd
>.a*-e a better position, arid
ited him more time in which 'to
y the way in which the West Vircorae
to be known as the 36 hour law
erate. But how different has been the
ad* of indifferent local authorities not
rich unmolested, but also bootleggers,
social parasites and law breakers. Isn't
>f these officials woke up to their duty?
criticism about the way the government
ae railroads. - the army training and
are being, mismanaged, but if the pate
with their opinions about these things
,-*s work and responsibility?will but
hey will find some things close to home
as badly mismanaged, and if they want
some immediate personal pressure upon
ttle heartfelt criticism of West Virginia
not carrying out West Virginia laws
lect of enabling this state to clo duty
the nation's trial.
igineer Wilfong is out -with au appeal
.-isors and the citizens ot the county
y roads some timely attention. He
hat if stopped up drains, sewers and
:are of right away a lot of work and
ived and the public will have better
. instead of only a part of the time
summer. It is to be hoped that some
>aid to this appeal. Now that labor
e who use the roads will hav- to do
res to keep them in repair.
I McAdoo has appointed a special
e methods for making the waterways
> the railroads carry the freight. This
tent millions upon millions upon wand
and another. Theoretically each
d thing, but in practice it failed to
>rcss of actual necessity and the enerftee
perhaps we will he able to find
m for the failure. We rather susipal
trouble was the lack of initiative
tippers and consignees. Perhaps the
>f the past year will make all'Ameri
little more alert about such matters
incuts .if quite numerous these days,
ice is not as far off. perhaps, as the
could seem to indicate. Premier Lloyd
added the latest demonstration of
ising the House'of Commons upon the
nt pronouncement of-the two spofces1
powers, and taking practically the
President "Wilson' <"".1 Jr. his address
: in the -reek.
ieh the. spokesmen for the railway
tcting at the hearings before the Kail sion
Is not helping the cause of the
Some one ought to take these noisy
o a corner and tell them that there
pnism on now and that r?e only W2y
[ gain thei.- point is by establishing
:laim tbey make.
e Cologne Gazette, the German govS
the city of Stutgartt with prisoners
ed attempt to discourage air raids in
made by the Germans. That sounds
the time comes for shooting tip Gerr
America will hare a voice in the
orointnit irtn tcill ho In in
) dropping. If Germany is -wise it
oner barrier nonsense and keep right
which it is reported has been adopted
le famous Krupp works is being put
nd Secretary Lansing are reported to
rcnce. but that's all we'll ever know
IS Register.
! that, up to this time at least, we
listrator orer air and water.?Clarks"final
Eutfjust a nice clean blow up In
Vienna or Berlin.
And when .the smoke all cleared up
?no mere Hohenzolierns and no more
III of Pneumonia.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Bar
Mackey, of McKees Rocks. Pa.. ?h<
are quests of relatives here, is quit'
ill of pneumonia at the home.of Mi
Mackey's auht. Mrs. Michael Hair.:,;oi
in Houirhtown.
For Months Visit.
North West, the young man who w*
a survivor of the Steamer. Rocking
ham when the ship was sunk by i
torepodo off the Irish coast last May
arrived Monday for a mont'V'. visit a
the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs
James B .West and family. Mr. Wer
is in the employ of the Marconia Wire
less Company on the Standard - Oi
Tanker Frmcetom^havin r left
i - - - ..
WUSOn t j pect that the princ:
? own party who . ;ipoii tl]<> part or s]
t committee chair- _
i i \ costly experience o
to embarrass the
* re.n business men c
. in the future,
remind the Presi- j
resent il does no I j verbal bombard
is the logical thing r iad;Catinf: that pe:
:llmgly and means j military situation r
i:ch the success of , Qe>or^^ yesterday
he political phase ; t:,^t k:n<i by addrcs
aspect before very I subject or the recc
e to smcke out the * men 0r the CeDtra
politics all the lime i sun>;. ?rour,i that
ident more difficult j t(, Congress earlici
lug everything pos- I
ill also smoke out j u.?y in trh
ng to subordinate ! jrrotherhoods are a
o wii! be a good : y-~y "Wage comtni;
:t to a finish in the : men very.much,
they do not want i individuals off int
.t-. -Lr t .
ynai OOJ^.. j J. no p0liti;.aI cam
i In which they cat
I.\ES. the justice of the <
t probably seemed j
imposed was nctb- j According to th
they were entitled ! eminent is pacfciU!
must have carried ! of war in cn avow
will the public be ) reprisal for those
ity of the penalty | natural, hut when
Parker.'burg upon many from the ai
d to violating the matter and not mi
discriminate bomt
by their opinion. 'Kin drop this pris.
ocesses of govern- on TT't"n liie Policy
was verv much in ! ?t E?S?D- whei'e tl
kind of opposition { und?r ground.
is one of the most 1 "
pie of this country SMO
so much confusion _ , , _
Colonel House a
have held a confe:
ence of the judge about it.?IVheelii
tiveness. The de,
, Thar.b goodness
v.hole proceeding have had no admit
utcome of the r we ] burg Telegram.
Vet most Tennessee people probab-i
Iv think Russia is a very barbarous!
<y SON- CUR.IN2 - \3
i Avrcnoattjs H&OU^rz. ]=
CfiNTce RffiMwoeR J:
! sel at Jacksonville. Florid?.
I ?
Successful Operation.
An opcrai ion for the removal of luaj
3i's and r.denoids was performed upon
' Fdna. the two-year-old daughter of
i 3f". and Mrs. James W. Coad. of Bluff
j r-cree.t. Sunday by Dr. E. E. Flowers
j of this city. The child is doiug nicely.
Death of Mr. Bainbridge.
Elihu Baiubridse. a prominent citizen
of Downs, died at his home there
Sundzy. after an illness of about a;
' year. Deceased was sixty-eight years
of age and is survived by his wife
I and four sons. Gofl". Albert. Harley
and Elza. all of whom are living in
1 4 - -? Cfn.rtc Tlia ritnpvitl ivliieh ?? I
; wcsitiu oimivs. i ??v- ? ? ...
' <n charge of the Furbee Company was [
announced for ft a. rn. today with ia*[
, iermeat, at Mount Harmony.
Resiflns Position.
Miss Nellie Imranetti has resisted
her position at tr.e Barton Cafe here;
rncl has accepted a similar position.
' in Fairmont.
From Camp Sherman.
T.ieuteuent and Mrs. G. Blake arrived
Monday from Camp Sherman. O.. j
: for a visit with the latter's parents.;
J Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. jones in Lo-j
J cast street.
Paul Vibbert Here.
Paul Vibbert. a former popularj
i sr.are drummer at the Burt Thea*re:
! Itere. now travelling with c vaudeville
I < omnany. is in the city, visiting old
! triends.
Corpora' Ash Visits.
Corpora! John Ash. of Camp 7.e-\
; Petersburg. Virginia, is here for a!
" - -- 1- ktr "Or- 1 C t <? '
: snort vji^l ^ mi ini> ^C4. -
' city.
Little Girl lit.
i Mildred. the little daughter of Mr.]
j md Mrs. James W. Gump. is critically j
. 111 at tbe heme of her parents two
miles west of the city.
Small Producer.
! The Anchor Oil Company has com!
D'efed it's Xo. 9 well on the George
i W. B^atty farm on Bufa'o crc~k ar.d
i has a small producer in the Gordon
i sand.
Guild Meets.
j The Wests; hitter Cuild held a study
j meeting at the club room last evening,
j at which their annual election of offi
cers too. place.
Mannington Boy Survivor.
Julian Jolliffe. a well known former
Mannington boy was on the big
k ~ "TP
' By Edmund
Yes. the B;g Chief is a hero.
And the trench-lad is no zero.
As he bang; and bayonets his way
I But right here I grab some gramm;
| And a word or two I stammer
> For the loyal boy in denim, with !
j No I do not mean the knocker,
j Or the mucker or the mocker,
s "Whose hammer and whose self sh
rr~ But I mean the man who hustles
And who rustles and who tussels
And whose song of Hfe is written '
s So to you. O Lads of Labor.
Loyal to your land and neighbor.
' Yours,-the hand which holds the 1
X Some of us can chat and chin it.
Some can jab and javelin it.
But a modern war is Labor and i
(CojjyrisHt, 1918, by the Newsj
rr- ? < otv.jiuwu.' 1
. s ? - ...
'*.w j*-"5'--'-t'e "!
I ^ I * } 1 ^ ll
?-ft UrAtd'T
_r=?--ri-rH IN K.IMJK OP>=^=^?-1
chan<zlihg. mv
K TOO i<UIV />* *KOOr\'JO I?,
rs "me to $
CR??AS<5-.S* - -*
H??.ie<S UJIXH Yb<J AZ A
troop ship Tuscania that was torpedoed
and sunk off the Irish coast a
few days ago. A message from his
brother. Arthur, who resides at Houston.
Texas, to his father. E. O. Jo!liffe
at Morgantown reads: Julian
was survivor of Tuscania.
ncncAMa I e
ri.n?VMn k.w*
Charles Martin left Monday for
Wheeling where he will enter tne Elliott
Business College.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dent, of Fairmont.
spent Sunday with relatives in
the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Watts and
little son. of Fairmont, are here the
guests of .Mrs. Watts' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas.
Miss Mary Haught. of Earnshaw.
was a visitor in the city yesterday.
l)r. O. C. Brady, of V.'adestown. was
a professional visitor here yesterday, j
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Beall. of!
this city and Mr. and Mrs. Gore Brad-!
ley. of Littleton, at tended the funeral I,
of Mrs. Reeves Bradley at Barrack-'
ville Sunday.
Benjamin F. Wells, of Glover Gap-j
was a business visitor here yester-'
B::rr Hammond, of Fairmont. Paul
Smith and Elmer Stewart, of Farmington.
attended the party given for
William Schoop in High street Monday
C. B. Woodruff, of Moundsville. was
a business visitor here Tuesday.
Mrs. Alonzo Price spent Sunday I
with her sister, Mrs. Dee Watkics, ol J
William Gillingham. of Littleton, I
was in the city yesterday on business, j
Roy H. Stewart was in Fairmont j
on business yesterday.
Mrs. Ralph Burt, of Fairmont, was
the guest of relatives here yesterday.
Webster Grove and Herschel Simth.
of Moncngah. were among those before
the registration board yesterday
Dallas Hamilton has returned to W.
V. L". at Morgantown after a visit wtih
his parents here.
The Misses Mary and Ella Prim. o?
Grafton, spent the week-end with relatives
Miss Christine Morrison has gone
to Cleveland, Ohio, to buy millinery
for Morrison and Humes. ,
Dewey and Ira Shaffer, of Jfairmont.
spent Sunday with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. W. Shaffer here.
Mr. and Mrs. Orion Lazear. of Sistersvillc.
are guests of relatives in
the city.
Harry J. Haugbt was a buisness visitor
in Fairmont Monday.
Mrs. Oscar Hayes has returned
home after a visit iwth her sister.
3Ep: ji
Vance Coo\e.
to smash the Modem \cro.
die hand - holds the hammer!
ould be in Davy Jones' locker.
V ' * '
to the music of his muscTes.
jammer, is as vital as die saber!
t*s up to you to win it!
taper Enterprise Association.)
after *Prisit with bis parent*
The Martinsburg World reports that
a number of farms -in the northern
end of Berkeley county, totalling about
3.000 acres, bare been cleaned since
the first week in January of cedar
rust, the enemy to the apple industry
in the section, by a force of about ten
men under tbe direction of A. W.
Brown. The work is directed by the
State authorities but is being done
actually by local men. Farmers have
shown the utmost cooperation in
work, which has been done on their
plants. Among plants already worked
over are those belonging to J. E. Baker.
J. E. Porterfiled. D. H. Dodd, C.
E. Martin, Mrs. Bell McDonald, ana
Mr. Sam Lefcve. all lying between
Falling: "Waters and Little Georgetown.
The work will require about two
weeks longer to be complete. The
work this year has been the biggest
undertaking is the six years of cedar
rusting extermination in the county.
Mrs. Btma Jemieon. of Middlebourne.
has a Rhode Island Red hen
which began batching her brood ol
chickens on February 1st. and which
produced a chicken from nearly every
egg, despite the intensely cold weather
which prevailed a considerable part
of the time of incubation, according
to the Tyler News-Star. She has
kept a flock of some twenty hens ol
this fine "breed and has averaged a
sale of from three to four dozen eggs
each week as well as using them freely
in the home in addition.
John McVaney. of Sand Fork, informed
the Glenrille Pathfinder the other
day that two or three cows in his
neighborhood had killed themsTlves
within the last few cays, by tailing
on the ice.
According to the Braxton Central
practically all oil and gas leases In
Braxton county have been surrendered
in the past few days. The different
companies holding leases have had
representatives in the county doing
the work. The farmers will miss their
quarterly payments frcm this source.
Luther Fletcher was at Clarence
Rumble's last Sunday.
Most all the children that have the
whooping cough around here are some
better now.
Joseph Stevens and Samuel Estel,
of Fairmont, were visiting the former's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Stevens here Ijst Saturday night and
Lester Fletcher was visiting Larney
Garlow last Sunday.
Mear! Moran who works at the
White Day mill, was visiting his parents
on Banner's Ridge over Sunday.
Mrs. Hilda Bunncr and two children
spent the past week with her parents.
Berkley, Cal..?"I was nervous.
Irritable, no appetite, could not sleep
and was always tired, so my bouse
work was a great effort. After many
other medicines had failed Vinol had
buiit me up and made me strong. I
have a good appetite and sleep well.
Every nervous, ailing woman should
try if."?Mrs. N. Edmunds. 2107
Dwlfehn Way, Berkley. California.
We ask every nervous, weak, ailing
woman in this town to try this
cod liver and iron tonic on our guarantee
to return their money if It
fails to help you.
lime 10
Smoke Meat
There Is no better or easier
-tray to smoke all kinds of meat
than with
Wright's Condensed
A liquid smoke, which you
simply apply to me*: with s
brash, giving it the same flavor
as obtained smoking it the old
One bottle Is enough for a
naxrel of meat.
Price $1.00 Quart Bottle
Drug Store
? of our officers and empl
S patron receives proper ;
Peoples National Bank
? nection.
w Every effort is made
&? just the kind of service t
5e Small accounts as "w
Give us an opportm
? Tfte People's'
- ' '
again. '
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smythraffl^^B^
fly -were at George Stevens' last Sfl
day night.
Miss Ellen Smyth. who has ' fl
working at Fairmont, came bom?B
Lloyd Shumun. who worn a^B
mines, spen. last week with his B
: ily hero
Miss Wanna Musgrave was Tlsfl
! Miss Ruth Bunaer last Sunday.'-., B
i Pen rl Poe has the mumps at fl
I writing.
Mea-l Moran was calling on E. <B
! low last Sunday. -B
W. M. Johnson and Joe Banner lB
j calling on S. K. Koe Sunday las^B
j get the mumps.
W. M. Johnson lost his horse B
1 dav last week.
The ice went out of White ifl
creek without doing any damage.
S. D. Smyth was calling oa Hil
Cumpton last Sunday.
The little son of T. X. Robe has B
whooping cough at present.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Robe were c^|
low on "VTf tnH Xee XT F1.-?.? iH
1U5 VU .'11. una .Uio. I-.. Vl?iivw
Sunday. v
S. D. Smyih pot some sails-la tfl
corn crusher and tore it np so that
can't crush any more till the repaS
' come.
In all China there are about
newspapers. The arerape is not xnoH
than 3,000 copies an issue.
+* : ** '
Draw a Moist Cloth Through Hair anil
Double Its Beauty at Once. fl
: j Save Your Hair! Dandruff Disappears
>.#( u.:. ?... r- :? ?--*
? ~ ? wwpa vvimny wyw
Immediate? Yes! Certain? that!
the joy of it. Your hair become
light, wavy, fluffy, abundant and a]
' pears as soft lustrous ?niT limnHft
,'as a young girl's after an applicatio;
j of danderine. Also try this?xnoiste
j a cloth with a little danderine an
' carefully draw it through' your hah
j taking one small strand at a time
This will cleanse the hair of dust
! or excessive oil. and in Just a fei
j minutes you have doubled the beaut
i of your hair. A delightful surprisi
! awaits those whose hair has beea
j neglected or is scraggy, faded, dry
| brittle or thin. Besides beantifyinl
I the hair. Danderine dissolves . ever
j particle of dandruff; cleanses, pari
! ties and invigorates the scalp, for
j ever stopping itching and falling hat
but what will please you most wil
I be after a few week's use. when you
| see your new hair?fine and downy
j at first ?yes?but really new hair?i
j growing all over the scalp.
Lf^uueriiie l? IU uiv UAU wuai u?<m
showers of rain and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes right to -the roots
invigorates and strengthens them.
Its exhil-rating. stimulating and lifel
i producing properties cause the halj/
j to grow long, strong and beautlful.|
You can surely have pretty charm-,
i ing lustrous hair, and lots of it, it
i you will spend a few cents for a hot;
tie of Knowiton's Danderine from
any drug store or toilet coaster and'
try it as directed. : j
I ; ?
I Buying Shoes j
as money in l,
Your Wallet I
We are closing ost- oU lots 1
and broken lines at -'Bej
: j 1-4,1-3 and yz Off the]
Regular Prices ?
i Only Three Days/||
for you to take advantage of H
! these savings. Sale wilt ctosel
SMMf 8 Wis f
I - - - -" ^
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JIT HATCKFIllEto ? oyees
to see that every ara
attention that makesthe; Sj|
a desirable banking coxk m
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hat suits his needs. Y^jjjS
National Bank
', '^SSotJ
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