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* prfc*
B - themselTes
ue. Ton ca
you will no
B $12.50 to $15
h * B K
||| si2^(
s W &
if. **Our
Solves the Higl
Webster's Stra-wberry Preserves,
Z lb. 4 or. cans MA
Special, per can at &UC
? * v
California Evaporated Peaches.
Pears or Prn&es IK*
Special at per pound IwC
KStffl?/-' ? ~ *"'. White
House Ground Coffee, of
rich, excellent flavor at OC*
per pound w?G
I"/ Hawaiian Sticjcea. nneayyiv. x *u.
14 oz. special at 4Aa
^ per can UVV
^ Uad?
|? Ja o/v nEcojvc
:j-.' Chapter Development.
The work of Fairmont chapter A. R.
Iitf L. is growing proaigiousj y. .-.omuie
of the kind has ever been witnessed in
our city, hut of course conditions arc
unpsreHeled. and the chapter growth
is a reflection of the spirit with which
i" . our people are meeting the war sltua'V'
. The greater problem now before the
/ naenbership win be the means by
whSch all of the willing hands may
be provided with the materials to
make the desired garments and dress v
. * iags. There can be nothing, that will
be more detrimental to the chaDier
: than the turning away of those who
->-come to work, or the inability to supply
the circles and auxiliaries with
p31. materials as required. Just is the
.critical and indeed the crucial mor.
ment with Fairmont chapter. The inJ
^ ' terest of the people has been secured
I,;~ ?everywhere tne members are rany?
ing to the work rooms, the support
'Which the leaders hare so earnestly
desired, and so untireingly labored
' - lor. is now offered over wheimingly
and the chapter simply mast rise ot
7*.- .the occasion or the failure will be dismal.
All over the country doubtless.
Chapters are confronted by the same
situation: how to-keep the Red Cross
: . flag aloft in the general war relief
j, melees. The local chapter does not
doubt, however, that, as in the past it
lias succeeded in its striving for mem"
bers, for personal labor in the work
. rooms, for the sympathy of the pnb"
lie, so it will trimphantly surmount
-> the difficulties which now present
^ themselves.
' . y
Report from the Gauze Room.
The report of the guaze from Kdhp'
ruary Stfi to 14th fellow's: Workers
present during the week. 121.
Dressing, gauze and muslin. 5.322.
Pupils and work of Miss Heintzet
man's-class are included in this report.
The financial report for January
7" appears elsewhere in this issue as the
7 chapter desires that all of the public
7" read the monthly statement. The majority
of the membership are interAatftH
?w thA Ti?d rrftss Buletin and
Kfi' . read it regularly, but tbere ate others
who hare not the time, nor the perK
sonal interest in chapter news to do
tcK' this. The chapter is snxlcu? to g've
thm widest publicity to the financial
njB '' , reports so that every person who
F': gives a contribution may he assured
Ec;. that the money given to the local Red
" Cross-is producing results and devot
jS?f%v ed to the proper purposes.
Watson Auxiliary.
Kk; The Watson Auxiliary sent in to
s*, headquarters this week a most interEr..
esting report of their work and proBj;'~
" gresa. This auxiliary reports four
Bnew members?Mrs. Alice McC;ay,
Miss Blake Huffman. Mrs. Lola De?
' vault and Mrs. Sarah Wilcox. There
SEAk-.- is much interest in the work, and the
ffr K - ' K. of P. lodge has kindly given the
Jp- ?-. use of their lodge room to the auxil fe.jK,.
iary for a work room. The lodge is
? _ . given the thanks of both the auxiliary
gey , and the chapter for this courtesy
LA?':-; ' Like' the other auxiliaries Watson has
R?*-" been hustling^ for work room supplies.
Ks&l They started with one sewing machine
?_ n " and as need for other machines beW-came
urgent. Mr. H. B. .Fitzhugh took
yK; " up a subscription from the men at the
E;1Ev'-" mine mad they gnve so generously
fe" - that a new machine was immciliatey
Installed. The auxiliary is now raiajRSyi-,'
' - fog the price for a third one. sad will
be most grateful for 3:-Ti?tauet> from
BKMfe.:; - ' any one wishing to offer.
gjs?;i... . The Watson ir.en are oath:; tie
*? &. > ' Xrcahmcn-u at dSc uieit'hty rieo'tpg,
gp , .Witfcont help from <j:e women. The
- ' . h-.gdoaur;.v
showing the greatest line of Worn- J
stilts and coats tn the city at this !
? of FIVE DILLARS?the garments
gpeak truly of their wonderful t*1n
search the whole city over and
t find suits and coats for lees than
.00. Special Saturday sale price at
I to $15.00 > A
r Department
? Cost of Living
Carnation. Pot. Every Day. Honor.
Borden's. etc.. Evaporated
Milk. special, per -J J _
can I Tv
"Mother's Oats." the 1 lb. 4 or..
size. Special per box . 11c I
Pinto or Speckled Beans special
or Saturday at 4 C_
per pound - IvG
Special Yellow Split Peas Satur
i any uuijr,
| per poond I? 2*
w/corne k "
jjTO s s
anvi ojg>^? t
! donations of any kind of substantial
! chairs, (not rockers t will be grate- j
j ; fuly received. This auxiliary has a ]
' j motto "'Work and Win." It is a
!. splendid slogan and angers well for,
11 auxiliary interest.
Hurrah for Annabelle!
The Ked urops treasury was tn-:
: j creased by the sum of $S0.00 this |
jyeck. the 'proceeds of a benefit gives::
; * Annabel. Mrs. Turff. the auxil-j
; f rv treasurer sent in the check which '
j was very welcome indeed. Every aux-:
' iliary donation to the chapter treas-;
j-ury is so gladly received, for the chap-1
i ter must have the support of the aux-j
j iliaries not only in the making up of j
: garments and supplies but financially j
i also as far as they are able.
Other Donations.
! The American Boys Patriotic so-;
! ciety. a*tine Juvenile organization with i
John Fisher, president. Edward Sli-1
; royer. vice president. Paul Walters,;
1 secretary, and Carl Fisher, treaour-i
er. donated to the chapter the sum 01 j
S1.00 this week.
Little Misses Elizabeth Fisher and;
Lucilc Satteriilcd. each gave a dona-,
tion of 23c. These are two more little j
girls who are saving their pennies for;
the Red Cross.
The Bridge Tea benefit given in the'
Masonic Temple resulted in securing'
the sum or $S8.25 above all incidental i
expenses which was slight. Mrs. A1-)
exander. chairman of the benefit committee.
turned over the amount to the
} chapter. This committee worked
! hard for the benefit and the chapter
! desires to express utmost appreciation
j for their efforts.
| Mrs. J. G. Smyth donated two sniil-i
! age books to be sent out with the
sweaters in the next shipment. The I
I Eighth Ward Bible class, turned in j
through their treasurer. Mrs. Maude
Jacobs, the sum of 55.00. The chapter
is most grateful to this bible class
for their interest.
Mrs. J. S. Atha donated one pair of
socks to the wool department, and
Miss Lucy Fleming gave $4.50 for
wool for a sweater which she is kniN
ting. Miss Fleming has a lovely fashion
of buying her yarn for a sweater,
knitting the sweater, and then turning
it baclc in at headquarters, to be sent
to 'The hoys." This is the second i
sweater Mrs. Fleming has turned in.
Couldn't Come. But Sent His Dollar.
The chapter received a letter from
Arthur Fisher, a well known local
boy at present at Fort Wadsworth, in
wbich he enclosed a dollar and said
regarding his donation: "Just had a
j paper from home and saw about the
IKea cross aauce. l am sorry x wuiu i
not be at bome to attend, but ami
sending yon my fee which T certainly
enjoy giving. X -would have been
"Sammy on the spot" if I had been
at home.
What a wonderful place the Red
Cross holds in the hearts of our soldier
boys. Never too far away to give
?never too busy to think about the
home chapter. Half the letters coming
back from our boys at the front
speak of the Red Cross and urge the
home folks to do their best for it.
Lunch for the Workers?
The Rebecca's served a supper for
j the Odd Fellows lodge Thursday evening.
The women had such a bounti|
ful supply of good things that even
; the large number of large appetites
| present failed ot make way with it.
! it rss suggested that the remaining
I good things be properly packed and
! ' ;rorerI ai headquarters for lunch for
iii"- vorkcrs present Fridx". This
<~e:: ?".or>". and "diss Ivelte Merrifiled
uga. the package up to a corps of
- vi :'ul laborers.
'jr': rtacm H-port. !
C 11.- "i.V.rir.? ?Tl\i
^a " H *.!
! "1 on remember in- Ac spring-time h<
And all Ac happy, little bu
! Were shaking out their dai
A-preening and a-greesing and a-la
. ' And ch! the spring was fres
iCv5.~ All ether seasons past comp
I K r'-::
You remember how Ae summer trie
When every day burst swet
And every hour the garden
And life surged in your temples ant
And ch! you cried. "Let s
And never, neve
You remember, m Ae autumn, hov
Upon the rosary of Hfe.
I Each one more redolent anc
With harvest and with nappmess ui
And oh! it seemed the besl
The happy fullness of the
Yet there's something in the winter.
Which rises in you blithe as
Which leaps and laughs to
To beat it and defeat it! as you f?
For oh! die year has given
To fit you for the wintry to
When the war is in its winter and i
When the glass is at its zer
Then's the time to test the 1
And there*!' be no whine or whimpe
War and winter shall not s
And The Spring is on its vs
(Copyright. 1 ?1R. by the News]
I ments returned completed. 312; tow-!
; els returned. 27: garments out. 280. j
Mrs. Stealey. chairman, wishes to!
. than!: all those who gave Such ready j
j assistance with the fracture pillows, j
j The chapter was apportioned 1.000'
: pillows, but like everything else [,
| Fairmont is asked for. did a little bit j
| more and made 1270. The following i
' boxes went out from the work room ;,
j this week: , i
Box No. 20?14 packages pillows, 10 !
; in packages, 140. j.
Box No. 21?14 packages pillows,;
10 inch packages. 300. j
Box No. 22?14 packages pillows, i,
10 inch packages. 140.
Box No. 23?IS packages pillows, |
10 inch package, ISO. |,
Box No. 24?30 packages pillows,:.
IA inrh na^knire. 290. !,
Box Xo. _6?21 packages pillows. .
10 inch package. 210.
Box Xo. 27 was packed Friday
morning containing 2S packages of '
hospital shirts. 5 in package. 140.
Box Xo. 2S was also packed con- '
tabling 22 packager. 5 in package,
The Woo! Report.
Sweaters returned, S4. ;. Helmets
returned. 4.
Scarfs returned. .7.
Socks returned. 7 pair.
Wristlets returned. 12 pair.
Yarn sold $42.00. i
Yarn given out 2S4 hanks of khaki.
Yarn given out. 3 1-2 hanks of grey.
This department shipped box Xo. 2o ;
containing 79 sweaters. ,
J ;
Sunday In ;
The Churches
v G. A. R. <
Comrades: This Post has received i
a most cordial invitation to attend a i
patriotic service commemorating the
anniversaries of the births of George <
Washington and Abranam Lincoln, at <
which service a flag presentation will |
be made. Service to be held in Grace
Evangelical Lutheran church, corner '
Third street and Gaston avenue, at j
7:30 o'clock Sunday evening. Febru-!;
ary 17. ! j
Comrades, we should make a spe- i
cial effort to attend this service as the t
time is now at hand when patriotism 1
commands the highest premium and ;
1 am sure that "Old Glory" is as dear <
to every old soldier as she was when ]
we marched' under her Stars and ^
Stripes. : r
The Post will meet at headquarters .
at 7 o'clock sharp, and proceed in a '
body to the church.
Commander. <
Farimont Ave. and Fourth St.
Claude E. Goodwin, Pastor. j ,
Sunday school at 9:30. Last Sunday {*j
was the- best for attendance in a long f
time. Not very far below five hundred
last Sunday. Let us "go over the
top" for a full rounded five hundred ,
for tomorrow morning. Every teach- '
er and every member are urged to do
his "hit." Classes for your age and j
all ages. A spienaia orcnesua. oms- 2
ing that is inspiring. Music that is
worth going a long distance to hear. ;
All abroa? for Sunday school. Public
worship and sermon at 10:45. The subject
of sermon. "The God Sent Man." i
Give us a hearing ftke last Sunday j
morning, and we shall be happy. Ep-;
worth League devotional meeting at;
6:30. Topic, "Our African Missions." I
Leader. Mrs. L. H. Harr. Public wor- J
ship and sermon at 7:30. The subject j
of the "discourse will be. "The Heritage i
of Fifty Tears." This will be illus-;
trated with slides. This subject has;
much in it for us to think about. The,
membership of the church, will enjoy
the development of the subject. Visl
tors will find a cordial welcome at all |
the services of the day.
Corner Diamond and Market Sts.
J. Elbert Wells, Pastor.
The attendance at Sunday school
last Sunday was 35L Be on hand at
3:30 and help to make it 400 this Sonday.
\t 10:43 the pastor will preach
iho 1st-1 in the series of five sermons.
% 0
^V^B*? 1 ^w -B
~^m^m _ 1 1 _
>iV^i?<^tr<yfo . ^
sw you watched the season v.-afte.
nty duds.
ughing for your salte?
ih and fair
"" * * _. |
Ided through die glass of ! m-.?.
st with dew
* 1
1 the year was at its prime? {
ummer stay
r pa* away,**
v the golden days were strung
I rife
an when' - young? i
: H ail. " I
which is tonic to the blood,
d warm,
meet the storm,
si life at its flood,
its best
??- , i
ts weather n:V or.::' ::.r>g-.
x as we face t'-> Y. r>, . A
ray! J i
?aper Enterprise association. >
the theme being. "The Gospel 01 ;
- - - - y fbp . .
Work." John o:i?. iue icauvi , j
Ep worth League service at 6:30 is; j
Mrs. J. Elbert Wells. "Our African j,
Missions." Psa. 68:31: Isa. 45:14 wih i,
be an interesting topic to all and there j j
should be a large attendance. Even-1,
ing service at 7:30. sermon theme.;.'
"Christ's View of Life." The entire j j
church is beginning to take on new j j
lite with the improved weather condi-1,
Hons. Onr Sunday school orchestra '
was out in full force last Sunday, the :
reorganization of the Sunday school i
took place on Monday night, and the ,
officers and teachers are going for-,
ward with renewed zeal, the choir is
working hard, the Junior Preparatory
class is organized into companies and
is working for 100 per cent, efficiency.; ,
the Epworth League will soon be in ' j
the midst of tlie spring drive, so ici ,
rally to the work that this church may j
do the highest possible service to the j
community. The latch string of thi3 .
church is oat to everybody. (
J. C. Broomfield. Pastor. ' i
9:30, Sunday school, in charge of j i
VV. W. Conaway. superintendent: j <
10:43. morning services: sermon by : !
Dr. Ccorge H. Miller. Pittsburgh. Pa.. [ 1
subject. "What God Knows About Us;" j I
5:30. Christian Endeavor: 7:30. even-! i
ing service, sermon by Dr. Miller, sub- J
ject. "Who is a Christian?" Monday's
svening Young Ladles' Aid society!
will hold a business meeting in the i
pastor's study at 7:30. Election of;
officers will be held also payment of. i
mnua! dues. After the business ses-;
;ion the society will go to the Red
"ross room for work.
*- ? ri r> Mirier. .' 3
b/iarencc ?-* muwuctx v. v.. ........ ,
Four hundred is the goal for Sun-' 1
lav school attendance next Sunday i '
noming. The revival services close ! !
Sunday night. Dr. Brooks will speak , I
toth morning and evening. Prof. 1
uewis will render a solo at both serrices.
The public will receive a most
ordial invitation to all the services
>f the day.
Baird Mitchell, Rector.
7:30 a. in.. Holy Communion; 9:30 j j
u in., church school; 10:45 a. m.. j
>rayer and sermon, "The Problem of f
sorrow;" 7:30 p. m., musical service: *
he choir will render Gounod's "Gallia." ;
iVeek day: Lenten services Tuesday
it 4 p. m. and Friday at 7:30 p. m.
ronfirmation class Friday 4 p. m. The '
adies will sevr Wednesday afternoon. J
Vltar Guild meeting Tuesday,at 3 p. .
n Wnlpome. j .
""" ! 1
W. J. Eddy, Pastor. ]
Tomorrow will be tie closing of tie (
evangelistic campaign with Rev. F. t
f. Harrtll as evangelist. There will
>e services at 9:30 in the fashion of
jonday school. 10:45, regular morn-!
ng sermon and Junior serpjon. At |
: o'clock Brother Harrell will likely j
;ive his sermon on "Breaking the Ala>aster
Box." 7:30 will be the last ser- ice
conducted by the evangelist. We
rant t<^ make this a memorable day in
his church. Already many have made
irofessions and many others are givng
the matter consideration. 2:00.
lev. Harrell will speak at the chapel.
::00. Junior B. T. P. TJ. 6:30, InterCorn
is fine Gift I
food for cold I \ ;
weather when fr-V
you can get j
crisp.sweet SafiS. !
* N ...
Ground-Hog 1
Spring Is
Earliest opportunity U
put off the winter things
and don the charming ap
parel of spring is provid
ed for here, as evinced bi
the rapid and almost and
less array of arrivals
Ricrhf nftw is Tint flnP da*\
too soon to come and ge
acquainted with the nev
things for spring. Oui
block agair.s.t rising pricej
is, to be carried righi iat<
the spring selling" Lool
at our pr:<ts.
Be Ready for Spring. Ther
See O*.. Apron Dresses
Yu will Want them for sprin;
house cleaning. Bnt you will d<
well to buy them now. They ar<
called apron dresses since they art
as long and full as a dress ant
have belts and pockets. All sizei
and wide range of combinations.
$1.19 TO $2.25.
True Values
mediate and Senior B. Y. P. U. Co *
with us for this day.
Robt. J. Yoak. Pastor.
There was an encouraging increase
a our Sunday school last Sunday.
Let us see to it that there shall be an
iher increase next Sunday. Sunday
* ? - A -OA a m Pi?llv throa hnn
ill. ?7.?>V a. ut, *. u...? V?. -WW
ired attended the public -worship las)
Sunday. X wish to invite them to Come
:ga:n and to bring their friends
[ Teaching, >0:45 a. m.. subject of ser
non, "The Supreme Judge." The Ep
.vorth League is to be conducted bj
VIrs. Yoak at G:30 p. m. Dr. F. S. Politt
will preach Sunday night at 7:30
IVe shall want a meeting of the off!
;ial members after the sermon.
H. G. Stoetzer. D. O.. Minister.
You are most cordially invited tc
worship with us tomorrow in the fol
owing services: Bible school. 9:30;
L-lasscs for all ages; Mr. J. Waltei
iarnes. superintendent. Morning ser
rice. 10:5; reception of members, ano
sermon by the pastor of the church
in this text: "They Were Strangers
ind Pilgrims on the Earth;" subject,
The Pilgrimage of Life." The Junor
Christian Endeavor society will
neet at 2:30. The Senior society,
;:30, leader. Mr. J. "Walter Barnes:
.opic. "\V hat My church is uotng.
Evening service. 7": SO. sermon by the
lastor on the subject. "The Voice ol
he Past in the Life of Today. or The
toad to Peace and Power." Midweek
jervice Wednesday, 7:30. ^
Sunday school at 9:30.a. m.: preachng
at 7:30 p. m.
"The Home-Like Church."
J. W. Brown, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:30. Prof. W. A.
tustead. superintendent; morning service
at 10:45, sermon. "A Man's Reigion;"
B. Y. P. U. at 6:30: evening
service at 7:30, sermon. "Habits." The
>ublic is invited to all the services of
he church.
C. C. Lawson, Pastor.
Sunday school is growing nicely unler
the leadership of J. A. Swiger, the
superintendent. We hope to see the
argest attendance out Sunday mornnsr
there has been this vear. Fathers
ind mothers make a special effort to
ome to Sunday school and bring your
rhiidren. Sunday School 9:30 al m.
Public worship 10:45 a. m. Theme,
'If children?What then?''
Evening seiwices: Christian enleavor
at 6:30. Let the older people
:om^ out Sunday evening and helf
o make this service what It ought
o be. Sermon, 7:30. Theme, "Try
ng to Borrow Religion." This church
las a hand of welcome for all who deires
to come and worshiy with us.
did week prayer meeting on Wedneslay
evening. ^:30. W? would be glad
:o see yon at this service.
Rev. H. O. Reynolds, Pastor.
Right in line with the patriotic
Does it need cleaning and pros
sing or a new collar or new, edges
on the sleeves. We do all kind
ot altering and repairing for ladles
and gentlemen; Salts and
overcoats made, to measure.
Hairy R. Cole
121 Main Street 4T
FbonflHl? J.
Day Is Slipping
On Her Way.
ning Days Are I
> -
Speaking of New Arrivals
Are Some Real Values 1
Hats that are as icinsomely
pretty as thought and care can j
make them.
$4.00 i
- At S5.00
r $&oo '
T Judge their real value by com- S
. parison. a
w Sweater Vests for Warm
Spring Days
Oa these warm spring-like days
I you are often tempted to venture
forth without a coat A Hug-metight
Sweater Vest will stand off
that spring cold which is so easily
3 contracted. They will assist in al>
lowing you to make an earlier pur?
chase of your new spring suit,
j Then too they are really attrac3
tlve and in big demand. Ours are
most reasonably
PRICED AT ?3.00 to $4.50
'and of the Lutheran denomiation af
i Has service will be beld in Gracej
' English Lutheran church on Sunday j
evening at 7: SO oclock. The congre-j
j gation although small in number has'
i' four young men in Cncle Sams service?three
of who signed up during
J the past week.
A beautiful silk Sag will be unfurl-'
ed. The service is held midway bei
tween the birthdays of Abraham Lin-'
, coin and George Washington. The
j chief address will be delivered by j
I Captain Thomas B. Reed, one of the!
' 'most prominent citizens and Grand i
; Army men of Fairmont, who saw ser-!
. vice on many battlefields during the'
t War of the Rebellion. Captain Reed
j will speak on the "Life of Abraham i
I Lincoln** on which suspect he is well
| read.
?: iJuring tne evening tuo pastor. no v.
H. O. Reynolds, will also deliver an
; address. He arrived today from Sid
man. Pa., where he had spent the
! week with his family,
t j Patriotic airs will be sung and the [
t; choir will render special music,
i i Other appointments at Grace church j
, i for the day are as follows:
! 9: SO a. m.?Sunday school. TT. E.'
' ' Shaiferman. superintendent: 10:30 a. j
,! m.. divine services, sermon by the pas- j
I tor. "Knowledge Plus Zeat:" 6:30 p. .
; m.. Young Peoples meeting, subject >
? i
! "Pane's Diapepsin** Is the Best i
Antacid and Stomach Regulator
| "Really does" put upset stomachs In
j "Really does" upset stomachs In
' j gestion. dyspepsia, gas. heartburn and
' i sourness due to acid fermentation in
; five minutes?that?Just that?makes
Pape's Diapepsin the largest selling
| stomach antacid and regulator in the
\ -world. If -what you eat ferments and
. turns sour, you belch gas and eructate
' undigested food or -water; head Is diz'
zy and aches; breath foul; tongue
coated; your insides filled with indi,
gestible waste, remember the moment
| "Pape's Diapepsin" comes in contact
with the stomach all such distress
! vanishes, it's truly astonishing?almost
marvelous, and the Joy is it's
; harmlessness.
A large fifty-cent case of Pape's
Diapepsin is -worth its weight in gold
to men and women who can't get their
stomachs regulated. It belongs in
your home?should always be kept
handy in case of a sick, sour, upset
stomach during the day or at night. Its
the quickest, surest antacid for the:
: stomach in the world.
|| FOL
uvninivs THAT ARF, 44
iTJL L'lXl&WW ^mm?m
Carpets, rugs, portieres,
j blankets, comforts, furnifc
j v Now Is 1
j to look over your spring
' parel and send them to us
ed for extended service bv
! Fairmont
I ta?p?
*'" x *' ' . - " .... ; "X
fSf. . ; - . - - ' .-'-j'1 /.yr.iv'rJSi
Into The Past 1
The First II
in Spring Millinery Here 5|a
that Will Create a Stir
It seems as if Spring bad tripped
ightly through our Millinery Secion
and left a trail of new things
ehind. Rotable right now ar? the I
mall close-fitting bats that are so J
deal for early season wearing.
inactions spring winds are* unaaillng
against these neat models.
tee these hats in our centre case
.nd windows.
Right at this Time Supply
Your Needs for Spring <4
and Summer
A waist for which every woaaa
has real use.
The Courtney Special $1
(Worth More)
Large supplies of the wonderful
waist values will always be on J
hand here. You will have no trouble
in making suitable selections, / ~
as the styles- are numerous. Sizes
range from 3$ to 53. . . \
* i
108-110 Main St. j
' : . |
for discussion. "Why I Am & Lutheran";
7:30 p. m.. patriotic service.
Should not be "dosed?* {gj
for colds?apply Tea- fspfjm
ft temally"? /rM?r.
< cocoa; ]
kas ^reat
| ^ood. value
t rT"\HE food value $
? A of cocoa has
been proven by cen- |
turies of use, and
s dietitians and phy- .
sicians the world $ ^
over are enthusiastic
in their endorsements
of it. It is .
said to contain more jjj
p nourishment than Ij
(a beef, in a more U
Ja readily assimilated n
form. The choice;
however, should be a
? high-grade cocoa,?
"Baker's" of j
It ia delicious, too
T rade-mark S
oa every package/ f
fSj' I .A Made only by 8
M) \ Walter Baker I
KM j] , J la flf* Co. Ltd
Iqg IN jjjj AuHAJiyto K
M.IU.PAT. orr. OorcAoster, JCaML r
tf I
Leaman & Sen J
CI aQ^evttA
nuwci uiuiw |
Monroe St, Opposite Postoffice'
Phone 1654 J.
Cut flowers of all
kinds for all occasions.
Come in and see us.
lace curtains, linen blinds* j|
lire covers, draperies, etc. I
Tie Time v 8 |
and summer wearing ap- it vjl
to be cleaned-and fresfaen-Hl * ^
our unsurpassed methods. 1
ISON, Local Agent v,.. I

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