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9 l_ r
. 1 '?
Musical Comedy.
Hippodrome American Fusiliers
Farce Comedy.
f rond Some Baby
K. Photoplays
r-Jt '*n Sunset Trail
I Dixie Desire of the Motb
| Princes* Magda
Hippodrome?Fatty Arbajltie in "A
[ Grand?Wanda, the psychic wonder.
yA? event of unusual interest to the
jr A amusement world, and one predestined
to make moving picture
Btfstory, is announced in an arrange rait
entered into whereby the Graphic
yilm Corporation, a concern in which
RlPilHam.Randolph Hearst Is interestmm,
becomes the producing company
for the International Film Service Co.
The first picture announced by the
International, under the new arrange mant,
to be released about March 15th..
-Is entitled "Moral Suicide"' and tells
Tka story of Richard Covington, a soefal
lender of San Francisco, middle
-S(ed and wealthy, wno falls under the
fascination of a beautiful lady of very
doubtful reputation, and finaliy marries
her In spite of the protestations 1
of his family. Through her influence
J his fortune is dissipated, his self re-.
. spoct is torn from him and be become.; j
a moral derelict, his final redemption '
feeing accomplished by the devotion
said unselfishness of his daughter. i
. Aside from the intensely dramatic j
sine of the story, wonderfully impres- j
sive Interiors have been used, the To- ;
. cations have been chosen with careful I
. attention to the creation of the right I
atmosphere, a remarkably high grade!
of photography has been secured and i
. th?.;iighting effects have been so skill-1
, folly blended that. pictoriaSS:. this I
* feature will be classed as a camera:
study, -, -. * ~
CHamplin Company Gets Good Start
The Charles K. Cham pi in Company i
'began & week's engagement aL iiiej
Grand theatre last night and attracted
a comfortably filled house. The first;
offering" was "Which One Shall I j
Marry?" and while only nine mem-!
hers of the tronpc numbering twenty!
mere required to complete the cast for
'this production, at least that number
gave a very satisfactory account of;
themselves. The play is a drama. al->
legorically presented, and possesses !
the power to interest the audience at j
the beginning and hold its close attention
until the final curtain.
An added feature which win be present
in all the programs offered
throughout the week is Madam Wands
In a wonderful exhibition of thought
transmission. Her introduction las:
night was well received and she made
proncuucsa uupressiuii. i uo uuiuiici
of questions she answered, in rapid-1
fire order were at all times aNazing!
to the audience and ber questions mar-1
Tried at the accuracy with which she j
detailed her replies.
At the matinee today another Xew,
vorlc dramatic success. "Regenera-I
Htlon." is being presented, snd tonight j
a comedy, which has been precccded!
Hby the fame it gained on a long met-:
Hrqpolitan run. but never before offered .
Hin^this city, "Some Baby,"' will be pre- j
lefara K. Young at Her Best
As Hagda in the screen play by the .
Hi&me Same. Clara Kimball Young, ut
Hhe Princess yesterday and today, h;>.; _
Hsontributed one of the best perform- i
H>rs of her career. The cast in general i
nu excellent and fine discrimination '
Ha selecting the types was shown by
Hhe director, who also brought apprec
Hsiion to thcr details of the produc-j
fin x little Tillage where the father's
Hrprd is law, hiagda rebels against the ;
Hutrrow rlewpolnt and prejudiced at-1
Hitcde of her family end is consequent- i
Hp banished from the home. Self reliant j
Had proud, she goes to the big city and j
^Htadies singing. A great career is!
Hrophesied for her. But love, in the
Hereon of Kelliner. enters into ber life
Hod she goes through a marriage cercHu>ny
which she believes to be real.
^ at~1s later heartbroken to learn that
Hb is not walid. Alone with a child to
Hupport, she straggles on. singing in
streets and in cheap dance halls.
H*tn her former teacher hears her
|ad soon?under his training?she de
H?;ops into me greatest arust 01 iicr
HlThOe sinking in her native Tillage, ]
reconciliation is effected between !
Ineif and her parents. She alstj;
Hlfete Kelliner and he offers to marry ;
met now that she is famous, but he
^KQses. Her fatser is about to kill
Ha. Magda's father overhears this !
Hrd to save the family ifcnor insists
Hat she shall marry Kelliner. She
^Kfcses. Her father isb aout to kill
Hrth her and himself, when he dies of
Ha shock. And so the story ends with
Ha spectators left In doubt as to:
H&gda's future life, although there is i
slight chance for her happiness in;
srriage with a pastor who had loved |
Bit from the beginning and still ofH?
her his name and devotion.
K^ijifns Romance at Nelson
Hkt "Sunset Trail" at the Kelson Vi- j
Hp Martin has been given a role that J
He her personality admirably and as i
little mountain girl who has im- j
^pit faith in the goodness of all. Miss j
BrCm is aitogetner cnanrnn;. a tic t
the happy, barefooted child with ;
mtaseiety and later rises to her j
ptional scenes, playing with power J
inoe her mother's elopement and ?
sequent marriage to a wealthy i
iterner. little Bess Aiken has lived j
Ih her father alone and yearning for:
Hapanionship. So when an oppor-1
icy comes tor her to visit her moth-1
she pleads so convincingly that her :
ter finally consents. And soon
s finds herself in nnfamiliar sur ndings.
There are so many pretty
sSes and so many things to'do that
Is quite happy. Believing any g
her mother does mnst be cor .
she soon learns to smoke, drink
ctails end dance the fox-trot, much
the displeasure of Kirke Living .
who loves her but fears she may
? Inherited her mother's weakness
He Implores Bess to return to her
Her, hot Bess indignantly refuses,
l one day she is given conclusive
Tot her mothers infidelity. Dis^ toncd,
she sets out Immediately lor __
her father's homo. !raveling through!
the woods all night. At daybreak,
near her father's cabin. Kirke finds
her. and is then successful in winning
her consent to marry iiim.
The beautiful scenery, excellent photography
aud direction, together with ;
Miss J.iartin's winsome personality;
arc outstanding features of the production.
i "*
American Fusiiliers Make Good
The musical comedy program offered
at the Hippodrome last night
by Adair's American Fusiiliers proved j
to be exactly to the liking of the three
audiences which greeted it during the
afternoon an<Vevenic;. The company ]
is composed of capable performers and
the chorus is a particularly pleasing,
feature of the show. Th? musical part i
of the program also caught on in good j
style and the work of the T*aradise j
Fou rwas greeted with prelongeil applause.
The present bill introduces!
several picasing novelties. on>i whatl
there is about it that is r.ot absolutely ;
new. was worked over in such a way!
as to give it a touch of newness and j
the audiences evinced their delight in'
outbursts of laughter. The same bill j
will be repeated tonight and a chattgc;
of program offered tomorrow, which i
is the last day of the rtigr/ument. the
company moving out to make way for
"Mv Honolulu Girl." which is the Hip-;
porirome attraction for the last half!
01" the week. Added to the present
program is an Arbuckle comedy v.iih
the delightful "fatty uoinsr an -onof
unexpected things in a Far-snioa;.
screen Iaush-provoker called "'A Rev!
less Romeo."
Siuefc:rd Feature at Dixie
In "The Besire of the ligtb." title
wc:<-'s dees not bear tie e!!e.b:v I'
an::: :2" to the story. Monroe Salisbury
rank; . hi initial in.v.- as a fostuv..
B'r.ce'-r.. player. arcl it is at once possible
ie ~ that i!:i firm-will not iiav
n_nc!. difficulty in developing him into
a popular tnutinco idol. Ke display.-,
a p'emliig pcr.-nnaiity and uses his
eyes ever so effectively. He has rig-,
god himself up in an array of cowboy]
furbelows that are just the opposite
of tko simplicity of cither Hart, or,
Fairbanks and consequently he stands]
out in a < rowti. sa'ti trovrd in this picture
being group of etc el lent horsemen
and good a' ,ors. Even though
he is almost completely enveloped ir> ]
trappings it < an be : era that Mr. Salisbury
is a capable r.ctor.
This story takes us out West, amid
really beautiful scene-, which arc photographed
with the clarity that predominates
in all Bluebird productions,
and introduces us to a typical bad man.
who reforms immediately he sets bis
eyes upon the heroine. He then becomes
the foreman of her father's
ranch, and It is not long after that he
is falsely accused of the murder of a
cowboy he discharged, bat by a ruse
and the assistance of a Mend, the real
murderer is found. It is in these Inter
scenes that many holdups occur,
aopronimrttcly averaging three per incitlcn
This, however, mnkes for
rnnid action.
?King's Southern Maids tcho ljcld
the boards at ihe Hippodrome la~t
| ,
44A Spoke In the Gus Sun Wheel"
SnSn* A place ot 1
H IP V Clean Amusement ?
^ for th- Whole Family
Tonight--7.45 and 9
15c and 25c
Matinees Daily at 3, 15c.
Only Musical Comedy
in Town
The Paradise Four
FATTY Arbuckle
"A Reckless Romeo."
week are taking a week's lav off in
this city. The company reopens at
McKcesport next week.
?The "Her Unborn Child" company
wiiich closed in this city after a recent
engagement at the Grand has been
reorganized at Pittsburg and Manager
Morgan of the Grand has sold back to
the company the scenery which be
purchased from the company when it
<iuit business here.
?H. M. Addison who Is piloting the
"Champlin Players now at the Grand
reports big business for the company
through the easr. The show had one
of the biggest weeks of the present
season at Penn's Grove. X. J., last
wool;. The conlpany is experiencing
.r.ntmr.giim nrr!
I great uitnv.u>tT it.
! in order to set here had to come J
1 around by Harris burg and Pittsburg
| via. the Pennsylvania road. The B. &.
j O. offered by far the shortest route. I
but was unable to supply the necessary
; cars. j
?Pauline Frederick is finishing
work on "The Resurrection" which!
has been adopted for (he screen for ;
Paramount from the story by Count i
Tolstod. j
?In announcing the coming of "My j
Honolulu Girl" from the Hippodrome;
stage last night Ray Adair praised tho j
? -tl _ tnt1n m
f'J XX <% lit. IV JLJU t" "" |
31uebird Thotoplays present
; Ruth Clifford
r i
. !n a rew Bluebird Production
! The Desire of the Moth
| A photoplay of rare artistry j
l- founded on a gripping story by II
| Eugene M. Rhodes.
Scenic Grandeur. Pictorial
Beauties, reflected in- a brilliant
Also a Good Comedy.
Music by our Orchestra Tonight
[j Neat Monday and Tuesday i
j Mi Bara
!| In her newest production
: || "The Rose of Blood"
lo DAYf
\\ mm Thurs., Fri
r| si
! B fc.~ ^B8fe^
v ; > -^4br]ra9EN * %
f> *" w^x.
* " rIffiB
I ! Magnificent Hawaiian Me
i ; r> I I "- WW T T *?.
25 ?HiUJtl"t
j i Get youi
' ^smss^zssssss
I .7 n -.1T. r-. -I ' . - Si
show highly, saying xhar he -was at one 1
time associated with the production, J
and that this'season it was bigger and 9
better than ever. 1
_^-Fred yiblo. the yell hnown actor fl
I is soon to be married to Enid Een|
nett. the delightful motion picture star
| in Paramount Pictures. Miss Bennett
| came to this country from Australia
! at the suggestion of Mr. Xiblo -while
I he was touring the world. Mr. Xiblo
i was the husband of the late Josephine!
! Cohan, of the famous Cohan family.
?George Beban's next Paramount:
| picture "One More American" lays J
i bare the pathetic side of political rot-,
i tenness and graft practiced upon j
I aliens.
| ?Teddy, the dog in Mack Scnncttj
; comedies released by Paramount will {
have a big role in a forthcoming pic-:
ture. Teddy is one of the screen's j
I most remarkable animal actors. Pep-!
j per. the cat. is a big hit also, but as :
Temperamental as a prima dcnna.i
while Teddy is as calm and dependa-!
ble as a plough horse, yet with the [
understanding of a human being.
t .
II Biggest, Brightest and be
Preset!Ling the latest E
Comdv S
f] ton;
1 WMF.
i Special Added Feature
I The Greatest Mental Psych! c i
5 Prices: Matinee-Adults 23c.
]j Evenings, Joe. 23c. 33c. otic.
> ONLY 911
day, Saturday o'cloc
CH DAY AT 2:30 Pri<
Iodic Sensation?Girls Galore,
Singers and Dancers
- seats early. Box office oper
A'K..? 1", lylc
: vrt**3ec?l'-.-g&i^ ??^ua->
HflM^HH 1
fajPSigg"' jB
BaT^MEia^^BygMWBff i
Bridgeport Telephone Company
Net Satisfied with |
Specified Boundary.
Stockholders of the Bridgeport teic-1
phone company met in the county court :
room on Saturday afternoon and decitf- j
cd not to acccrt the service contract
as submitted by the Chesapeake and !
Potomac Telephone companj-. which j
wants the lines within a specified area. ;
The Bridgeport Telephone company '
operates lines in Marion. Taylor anu j
Harrison counties and has 100 tele- i
phones in this county, having proba-'
bly 400 miles of wire in their service.
It has lines from Cross Roads to Fair- j
mont and Booth svilie to Fairmont.
Titers were fifteen stockholders rep- '
resented at the meeting, which was
presided over by Rev. Benjamin Stout.
FIBEE mn 2:39
?????? I u <3
n r,i
st Stock Ever in tfee Citv |
(roadway Dramatic and ftil
uccesses &
[GHT |
367 performances iast sea- &
son. Fulton Theatre, N. Y. f
A play full of laughs. Do I
not miss this howling sue- ?
cess. The best comedy ev- |
er written. j|
:? Ask Any Question Ij
)" the Past Ton Decides. i{
Children 13c. H
im II i? mvm+ oiari^ .
. j
ats. at 2:30. Nights at 7:30 and 9 jj
:k prompt. S j
res: 25c, 35c and 50c. |
Enchanting Music, Native !
' i
i 9:30 A.M.
. . 3
_ jFjfiSE""
; in New Styles j
gets' the new things first
ith a creditable showing
ts and overcoats for men
iv days we've been openps
from our manufactur
Men's Clothing
. Spring
store that
15 ready M
jj \ Jr>^ I S of new sui
fn yfrri I and young
'"rfef' - H r Forma;
' 51* ij B in?uPcas
irvrtf M ers.. Ifyt
.1 ijf Jm bpnngsu:
'LILaS it can be
JKS2E2ss-*.>92*?_ mg in eve
have i)Ien<
that are ;
moderately priced. Man
for sprc'ig ?18.00 to S40.C
I [S
of Bridgeport. Harrison county. By
tlio observance of a certain boundary ;
as proposed by the C. & P. company j
Pickford A
?& *??
i3 adored the world over fbi
vonthfcl charm. Miss Picki
I makers of Pompeian toilet
dosivel y for the 1918 For
Above is pictured only tl
shows the full length figu:
of panel, 28 x 7H inches. .
panel and a sample of For
sent for only 1 Oc. Sec coup
adds a pearly" clearness
BEAUTY Powder has a i
ness, yet it clings and bes
Its delighting fragranc
White, Brunette, and Flesl
beautiful purple and gold b
Guaranteed by the naai
Cream; Pompeian DAY C
idtol powder foundation);
Cream, and Pompeian HAI
. Only 10c r"
and this coupon
bring 70a a 1918
Mary Pickford Art *
Panel and sample of J N ?
Pompeian BEAUTY |
Powder. (Flesh color Addran
rat oalese White or
Bruaetteisaskedfor.) 5
a city?
me duii:
Sprightly Vivian Martin appears
ma so replete with real heart intci
"The Varmint." a big production
of the scrten. Jack Piclcford and
"Shadows of Her Pest** completes >
ary Interest.
>u are ready for your
it or a light weight coat,
chosen now with entire
>n. But more will be comry
day now. and we still N
:v of good winter suits j
all wool, well made and
y are the right weights
1mmmmm '
- ? . %
a number of the 'phones would bo nrd
off an<l this, is what was objected tebj^
the stockholders.
|H I
I j
^?fe B I
-TgggfRgS^MBM^^ Jfl
N. >63EBEjr B
^cfffjSHMi&^ iM w
- ^< ^ H
ford has again booored tba 9
apeian Beauty- Art Panrf. if ?> ne
in beautiful colors. Siza II
M ^
| I
Powder I I
to the" skin. Pompei*n 9
airy softness and smooth- 9
ratifies unusually long. 9 ^9
e lingers and fascinates. J*
i (the popular shade), h 9 1^9
exes. 50c at the stores. 9
efs cf Pooapeian "NIGHT il \^9
'ream (vanishing, and . an
Pompeian MASSAGE I
R Massage, etc. w I
f Stamp* accepted, dime prateMtf
Superior A?c, Cfarokn^. Qfe' 9 .;^H
r, , . , ... anaMii,_mif 9
orgeatnnfc?White or Brnnctf S?XfcedferM /
Wrrtevvryclurilr g /
?? ;'
.SON Today I
set Trail" Jl
at ber best in this dainty little dra est.
and a plot that Is natural and
featuring two well known favoritea
Louise Huff. A good Fox comedy . '
i program that is above the ordis
' -

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