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How You Can M
The Latest Driv<
Giving the Patri
Safeguarding Hi;
I The United S
woman who could not buj
Uncle Sam Sa
will be worth So January
plus almost 3 per cent int
The United S
the people of Am eric;
cate is $5, but for those wl
Everybody C;
quickly grasp the way in
Thrift Stamps cost 23 ce
your letter carrier, eithe
You will be given a car<
spaces for 16 Thrift Sti
your card will be exchar
worth S5 on January 1,:
Stamps until after Febr
April and so on.
Thrift Stamps bear no int<
cates immediately can be 1
United States.
War Savings Certificates a
cr will be placed on each cei
may be registered at any I
so registered are paid only
Thirty million thrif ty. Amc
War Savings Stamps
Traction Company offices,
Buy I
This Space
.? *" ' *
WAK of!
ake a Low-Cost Investment
g to Raise Two More Billioii
ot of Small Means the Opp<
s Country.
Itates Government has
i a Liberty Bond will now have the chanci
lys to you: "Lend me $4
1,1923. If at any time, however, you nee
ercst. I will pay you 4 per cent interest
tates Government has
i. It is your part and ours to get behin
10do not have the full $4.13 now necessar
an Understand This
which Uncle: Sam has in this new monej
irift Stamos
nts each and draw no interest. You can bi
r city or rural route, at the postoffice o
d to paste them on. This costs nothing,
imps on this card. When your card is f
any time before March 1. pay 13 cents ai
iged for an interest bearing War Saving;
1923. If you do not exchange your can
uary 2S, you will pay 14 cents in March
nest and are not negotiable but War Sa
urned into cash, with interest at any p<
re not transferable. The name and addri
tificate at the time it is issued. War Savir
>ost Office of the First. Second or Third (
to the lawful owner.
ricans arc expected to take advantage of
and Thrift Stamps can be secured at ever
Bell telephone offices, from any Consolid
Some War Sai
-ys *
Patriotically Donate
le Monongc
> - -
r .
rs THI
, Get 4% Compound in
l Dollars to Help Win 1
prtunity to Profitably S
> begun another Vv
i to feel the thrill that comes with
1.13 now and I Will
d the money, go t o any postoffice z
compounded quarterly?S8 cents ii
called for $2,000,(
d this perfectly rounded War final
y to buy a Certificate outright, Thj
Simple Plan. Or
r raising plan made saying both po
ay them from During
r your bank. cost yo
There are
nil t?k-o it in When,
dditional and by the
I Certificate terIy
I of Thrift .
, 15 cents in -vou $8be
tvings Gertifi- ity for a :
istoffice in the loan will I
jss of the own- of. God is
igs Certificates as they rii
L'lass and when _ , , ,.
Get behm<
is not too ]
this opporiun- dom and ]
y post office, bank and trust compa
ation Coal Company superintende
nngs and 1
d to the Cause of 1
ihela Ban
* t Si
. - >. . . ' ^
- "V
f V - - ' - -
Dinr <
111! I V
terest and Do Your B
^he War.
ave His Money and s
? -=r^F ?
rar Fund Campaij
personally sharing in the great
ftivP vmi a War S
A ? V J Vf M %J* V r l^JL
md you will receive the full valu
iterest if you loan me $4.13 for fi\
300,000 to be rais
icial plan with enthusiasm,and d
rift Stamps that sell for 25 cents
le does not have
pular and profitable, as well as p
rar Savings
: February you can get a War S i
u $4.14 during March and one (
January 1,1923, rolls around, yoi
U. S. Government. This gives yo
You can buy 20 War Savings Cer
i.40 and their fa<;e value at the tic
safe, profitable and patriotic inv
be devoted to the one great aim <
Wilson in his latest message stii
laid upon the nations. He will :
sc to clear the heights of His Ow
i this popular loan. A War Savir
much to expect of a nation whose
itighteousnesg. iv
ny in Marion county, at the ra5!r<
nt or store manager, and at ah
: J
" v-"
Thrift Starr,
" '.a'rhrift
and War Si
m 0k M |
k of Fair
r. ti ^
- ** .
_ " >
v* *<? '^ -. ? > :-.l' v\sv"
. '*-' ; *' -22?-r-::-:7-.: *:v " : **- '-' - .' ' /
vV'-t:';- ;;*^";.'>v ** \-r ; Ssj
it for Liberty.
it the Same Time Share ii
gn. Many a man and
fight for country and liberty.
avings Certificate thai
e of the Certificate at that particular tim<
c years.'' ^
ed in small sums from
ollars. The unit of a War Savings Certifieach
may be purchased.
to be a financier to
patriotic. Here is this plan briefly;
; Certificates
ivintrs Certificate for Thov wiTI
:ent more as each month of 1918 comes,
ir Certificate will be redeemed for $5
u 4 per cent interest compounded quartificates
at one time. They will cost
tie of redemption, January h 1923, will
estment. Every dollar of this popular
Df winning the war for democracy,
red all hearts when he said: "The hand
show them favor, I devoutly believe only
n justice and mercy." * -;
tgs Certificate in every American Home
heart beats time in the cause of Free>ad
ticket offices, Monongahela Yalley
most every hotel and store. ^ .
,>4, ' ?dc?J. . ;i?
' i-_-e ips
wings Stamps by
Ljw. ~y
llf Tfc * #8*
- ' v?4'iTrt>- <
?-* ^ *
? *?, '.ra.v? ?y? -l .
"mmr *
' -
- ~4?^H
".^ I
7. : ;'.?<
lmmmmm? :
~' ' ^'. ..

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