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i*&j?moving picture -funnies.
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smpleted turn over
surprising result.
West Va.?Snow
onight; Saturday
insettled and Warner.
Weather Readings.
F. P. Hatl, Ob.
Temperature at S
i. m. today. 21.
resterday's vreathr.
clear; temperaare.
maximum, 2G;
ainimum,- 10; prcipitation.
Snow Z inches.
iodern Woodmen,
jgree oZ Pocahon
T VhOlllH
fdCOUUi SluBR k
try societies.
erracs?Temple Guild at home
s. Ernest Sherwood.
ters* Certificate?Today at the
I the coumy court a minister's
e certificate was filed by Rev.
loffman, of the M. E. south
which shows that he married
. Stanley and Steiia Emery on
sd Explosive' License?Today
asers* high explosive license
ited to S. W. Manlcy. Watson
who says he wants it for his
in the quarrying of stone.
to Morgantown?Today a num
tembers of Fairmont Council,
iommercial Travelers went, to
own'for the purpose of initiates
of candidates tonight,
hose who made the trip are
wing: Lloyd Canning. L. E.
D. A. Swjgard. X A. Kinkcad.
red Third Rank?Mountain
ge. Knights of Pythias. last
ferred the third rank upon a
set at Mann^ngton?Much intiters
in the meeting of the
ounty assembly club which
eld at the Baptist church at
on on Sunday afternoon at
ick. Those who will attend
ing-from this city will take
t'clock car. A splendid probeen
arranged for the meet
I*' Bess Merrifieid Held?Jus-lice Consway
yesterday afternoon in default cf
-t vbail in the sum of S1000 committed
g? Bess Merrifield to jail to await the ac'-r.
tion of tie grand jury. SI:-' waived
?;. the examination. Attorney E. R.
pi Bell represents the accused.
Later in the day the accused n as arv
rested by United States Deputy Mar-1
ahal Moore on a charge of violating
the JRced amendment by bringing in;
toxicants into dry bone territory,
v. -Thmed-States Commissioner Kirby
;',y-eoimnitted her to jail to await the!
. action oftbe jiext federal grand jury |
Charged With Bringing In?Frank
/ .Lenoricli was arrested last night at
'the B. & O. depot by Constable Michael.
Deputy Sheriff Glover and Policeman
Bchols for having a suit case,
-.which contained eight quarts of alco:
hoi. three quarts of whiskey and three
- pints of gin. Lenovich was bound for
"Wendell Mines from Pittsburg when
, he was apprehended. Jlc has been
committed for a hearing before Jus-'
. tice Conaway.
- -
.Arrested at Mannington?Steve Pos-i
' tOTich was arrested at Mannington
B jresterday by Constable Jones on a
. charge of bringing in a gallon of cor-1
dial. He was taken before Justice,
Barrack and sentenced to serve sixty,
^days in jail and pay a fine of $100.
O. D. Masters Here?D. D. Masters
t^hr Fairmont today en route to his
Home in worcnester. .viass. xjc *?--> i
KSfoV *ent to Camp Greene. Charlotte. N". C. |
Sjfi ' There lie was rejected because ot
physical Inefficiency. He is now retnrnlns
from the southern camp to his
A home in Massachusetts.
Deeds Filed?These deeds have beer.
Kg Sled, for record with A. G. Martin,
js.v. oonnty cleric: Jacob S. Hayden to Emj??A.
ma il Jolliff. et vir.. and Gazelle
^^ Eg?\;Smith. lot containing 715 square feet
&j*ln the second ward in the city of Fairf
mont, $1; Jacob S. Hayden and wife
Eja&tp Gazelle Smith, a parcel of ! I ' in
^^^^Hgpthe Second ward of the city of t-'airBirioint,
$1; I. B. Kay and wjie to AnLATE
WL.: WANTED?At once, a first class farm :
jfe-'>er with team to farm on shares. '
House ready. Splendid location and
g opportunity for a man with references,
t. Address Box 066 Uniontowu. Pa.
BS&iiV * 2-21-3t-3435
DSn^ '..v S-f
g?WANTED?Middle aged woman to
85^,'' keep house for family of two. rail
E&rWfc 2-22-tf-3412
K' WAKTED?Immediately girl for gen
'V- .-..oral housework. Apply to Mr, Ma-!
. pel, phone 1X05 or call at 203 Bcii-|
cinzton districts S860 ' "" " "nTir"H
; 1_ ~ :
\ >*'v JR&f ' > :-' : v ". '/' ; -?A : V --,>''3
Has Entered Band?Frank Lenorich
this afternoon entered bond before
Justice Conaway on s charge of bringing
in whiskey.
" '?
Dismissed the Case?Justice Mcsgrove
this morning heard Howard
j Edgton on a chhrge of threatening to
kill Bessie Preston, of Dakota. The
j magistrate dismissed the case.
; Valiey Belle Here?The Valley BaUe
j was anchored at the local wharf last
sight, bat sailed down stream early
this morning. The steamer brought
a couple of barges to one of the mines
aioitg the river, coming on to Fairmont
to anchor over night.
Capt. Jones Here?Captain Breckin;
ridge Jor.es, of Charleston, was " in
' i-'airmont for a 3hort'.whi!e yesterday
evening on route Wheeling. Cap
tain Jones is the man at Charleston1
j who sends out all military orders, to
; the draft boards of the state in con
j nection with tne selective ?=t>
i illations.
I Pythian Sisters to Celebrate ? On
Wednesday evening. Fenruary -7. Mt.
' City Temple Xo. 5, Pythian Sisters.
J will celebrate their 16th anniversary
! to which all the adjoining temples are
i invited, also each member of Xo 3 are
J asked to bring one or more friends and
j each person to bring a penny for each
j year of the Temple. The entire proceeds
to gc to the ltod Orcsr. chapter,
i A splendid program will be giver, and
I refreshments will be served.
Elizabeth Man is
Judged Disloyal
(By Associated
PARKEKS&mG. Fob. 22.?H. E.
Kirchner prominent merchant of Elirabetlj.
\V. Va.. near. here, was today
found guilty of violation or the e?poinage
act in Federal court here- af
j ter the jury had deliberated for about
J t wo hours.
j He was charged among other things
i vviili making disloyal remarks coui
cerain; the government and with ob
atructing draft.
' Immediately following announce
meat of the. finding of the Jury coun!
sel .for the defense made a motion to
' '-erjaside the verdict and this matter
wilr be argued tefore Judge Dayton
late this afternoon.
Kirchner was found guilty a few
weeks ago in Federal court of evad!
ing payment of the war tax by buying
a ticket l'rom liis home to an intermeu,
iate point between Elizabeth aud this
city and then purchasing another ticker
for iiie rest of the distance.
Esthonians Welcome
German Invaders
<By Associated Press!
BKRLIX. Feb. 22. ? A regiment of
Fsthonian troops has gone over to the
I Hermans the war office announces.;
; The German troops advancing in
i Esthonia have .captured Hapsal on the
; coast near entrance to the Gulf of Fin- ;
! land. They marched into Rieshitsa j
j about 100 miles soutliest of Riga and j
were reecived with rejoicing by the in- j
] habitants, the statement says.
! Further south the Germans pushed i
on to Louzin. Minsk was alsooccu-j
; pied. The Germans came into touch I
j with T'kranian and other columns j
j marching on the Volhvnian fortress oC \
r nf rho "RaititS i
; uuono. u.bLixyin%i ?f? v/-.
provinces of Russia into -which Germans
began an advance on the open-1
ing of hostilities giving the explana-1
tion that these provinces were large-,
j iy German and that Bolshevik! were J
persecuting the inhabitants.
~ |
| Much Food Saved j
| On Meatless Day|
| CBy Associated Preys')
WASHINGTON. Feb. 22.?Meatless
i days in the United States have saved
| HO.OOO.OW pounds of beef in four
I month?, the food administration anI
nounced today. During this period
, 1 G5.000.000 pounds of beef were exported
to the allies together with 400,000.000
pounds of pork products,
i The figures were made public In a
| statement explaining why the food ari'
ministration refused requests of cat11c
and sheep growers to remove beet
mutton and Iamb from the conservation
rules with resard to meatless
The administration again declared
that meatiess days, were established
for the purpose of enabling the United
States to feed the allies by saving on
meat consumption.
Health Conditions
| In Camps Better j
<By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON". Feb. 22?Health
conditions in all American army
camps showed a decided improvement
during the week ending February 15
and for that week there was a lower
.Ota in .,11 mmn? than St anv
other time since last November.
I PO'.SOM 2 )
fl f'
1J' ' - Programs
Arranged Wffl be
Carried Out Throughout
the County.
I In keeping *ith the Program artang:
ed Fairmont and Marion county people
i this evening vrill celebrate TVasfctag|
ton's Birthday by holding ? series or
meetings. Meetings trill be held this
[ evening in the High, Barce?, M>Jler.
! \Chlte, Central and Donto*r scJ?ois
I and at Norwood. In the county a number
of meetings are schedule to take:
place also. At a late hour this after-1
noon it tos said at the offfce of the j
County Council of pcfenaO that ai! ]
; the meetings -will be carried out in ac-1
| cordance with the plans arranged I
The Sons and Daughters of the Rev- i
j oiution are observing Washington's i
| Birthday by enjoying a light luncheon j
and addresses were deliver^ by Attor-1
i ny F. T. Martin, or Grafton, and Hon.
i J. 11. Moreiand. of Morgantowa. Mrs.
: George DeBolt related the activities of I
! the Daughters of the American ReVolu-:
! tion in this section.
; One of the most interesting of the;
community meetings will he that at j
the Kigfa school where the following 1
'program wiil be rendered; . S?hg.<
j Amoriea; 2. Invocation, ftev. gaird
Mitchell: High school quartet.!
: "There's a I.ong. Long Trail "Winding," J
j Miss Pauline Reed. Miss Ionise Rock.!
! 31 r. James Anxsyll, Mr. Raymond Sal- j
i vati: 4. Address. Hon. O. 3. McKin-!
j ney: Z. Song, Battle Hymn ot the Re;
public: . Address. Judge W- S. Hay- !
i mond: 7. Star Sangled Banner." Rev. i
I Mitchell, presiding.
? . I
. One Hundred and Fifty Five I
Men Wiil be Examined
This Time.
The second physical examination (
! held by the local draft board chder the
i new selective service regulation heJ
san at the Y M. C. A. this morning,
i Examinations will continue tomorrow.
! Ih these two days 153 men will be
; examined.
Eighty five of the 155 called for the
j two days were summoned to report
| this morning. There v.ere several dei
Iiixiuen'.s but most of the men summon
I ed were on hand. The percentage of
| men passing the examination, this
[ morning was much larger than the1
percentage passing the last examination.
Most of the men taking the
last examiaution had already been rejected
because of physical inefficiency.
The ex-imination this morning was
in charge of Dr. C. M- Ramhge nnd
John Hen shew and was held in the
auditorium of the Y. M- C. A- Dental
examinations were made by Dt H. h
Satterfield at his office on Ms*8 street.
Men whose condition are questionable
are sent to the Medical advfctory
i board which will convene at Cook hospital
this evening at 7:30 o'clock.
It will he several days before the
men examined this morning ?re flnalI
) I?I ?
Special War
Bring Your basket.
California Hams .
Sirloin Steak - . .
Beef Boil ... 18c
Boneless Geef Roast 22c
Fancy Candled Eg
Special Prices on FRES
y V^ftEROPUPtNe ?Olso?J'?
_. ^?-r~^ tf
'AeRopuwiEf^ ^ t
Sosze of the nan an **mn*med to
myeag *t 8 o'dodc others at 9 o'clock
aauX others later 1b the
National Army Men
Parade in New York
(By As<"oci*teS Prcsi>
NHW YORK. Feb. 22.?A parade o?
tear thousand troops from the 77th division
of the National army at Cazap
Upton part of the Metropolitan division
was the distinguishing feature of
Washington's birthday celebration in
Jfew York.
??? *
(Continued from Page .Oce.)
quire in order to permit an advance in!
selling price in this region. Ernst & '
Ernst, Cincinnati accountants, have !
been engaged to start the work of fig-!
tiring cost in this section and S. C. I
Boord's office will continue the work j
to a point where the final campilation i
starts when the Cincinnati experts will t
again take charge. * j
Barnes Districts Stats. I
? '
J. Ws'tcr iwmes? * uc;
tor for West Virginia", has found it advisable
to divide the state into eigt
different districts. In order to fact,
tate the worit laid out by the Fear.
Fuel Administration- He finds a net a
for a, territorial unit between state sen
county in order to handle the administrative
matters and believes that there
are certain groups of counties which
have the same fuel demands and prac-;
ttcally the same source of supply. The
eight districts named are:
First?Hancock, Brooke. Ohio, Mar- j
shall and "Wetzel.
Second?Marion. Monongalia. Pres-;
ton. Taylor, Barbour, Randolph and
Tucker. j
Third ? Mineral. Grant, Morgan '
Berkley, Jefferson, Hampshire, Hardy
and Pendleton. ]
Fourth?Harrison, Doddridge. Lewis.
Gilmer, Webster, Braxton and Nicholas.
. I
Fifth ? Wood. Pleasants, Tyler, I
Ritchie, Wirt, Calhoun, Jackson, Roane ;
and Mason.
Sixth?Cabell. Wayne, Mingo. Lincoln.
Logan and Boone.
Seventh ? Kanawha. Fayette. Putnam,
Raleigh, Summers. Monroe,
Greenbrier and Pocahontas.
Eighth?Mercer, Wyoming and McDowell.
Mine Foremen in Demand.
Capable mine foremen are always in
demand in the Fairmont district and
there is splendid opportunity for the j
miner who aspires to a responsible position
in connection with mining. The
mine foreman is a very responsible position,
too, being classed by leading
operators of the region as the "hub"
in the production of coal. The state
lavs of West Virginia make the mine
foreman the "boss" in the mines and
make him responsible to the state
both as to the conduct of the mines
and in regard to the safety of the men.
The mine foreman make good wages,
being paid as much as the bankers,
as is often pointed ont in connection
with the money paid out for the producing
of coaj. There is not only a demnad
for mine foremen hut for men
for fire-boss, and tipple foremen. The
mine foreman-is often advanced to
mine superintendent when he proves
himself capable though the fact that
a man is a first class mine foreman
does not necessarily fit him for the du
Time Prices
Conserve gasoline.
? 30c
Fancy Rib Roast 25c
Leg Lamb 35c
gs 60c
V r \ \ SHOULD
) ( *"*" \ SHftV SMO i
/ [ vgftV PSftPLY 2j >' -
ll '
information. It is probable that the
*i mill lin of tht latter frightens many *
miners from aspiring to mora Important
Coal -Notes.
E. E. Winters, railroad inspector of ,
the public service commission of West;
Virginia, was taken 111 with ptomaine ,
poisoning at Clarksburg and rushed to :
Huntington where be planned to enter !
a hospital. He had been engaged on .
work in northern West Virginia in con-!
nection with the zoning system
Ray E. Doyle, aged 27. boss driver
at the Elkora Coal company's plant at
Mt. Claire in Harrison county, was
killed by being kicked by a horse. He
leaves a wife and two children.
F J. Patton was in Clarksburg yesterday
attending the Clarksburg Coal
club dinner.
The First Rational Bank building
at Uniontown will be sold at auction
Saturday afternoon to the highest bidder.
The forces that have opposed the
sale, with the idea of protecting interest
in the J. V. Thompson property.
an> -greed to the
r /
i 'First in 1
ON the annfver
pays homa;
at this tinw
X tice ''thrift
Like the words
the advice of "The
. "Economy
i (
Watlirnffftn's j
" " ? 0
humanity just as th
.Washington knew tl
that national thrift is
Yon who retffe
Make thrift your eve
your savings into
War {
Go to the posfe
feed agency and star
Savings Stamps and
tory v/iiile saving fo:
War Saving* SUmpi
Cert OurJnr T 9
Worth $3.00 In 1933. '
Tbb Space Contributed b}
:pf "
I to p> J
. - .l ???-Mrn
m^keth| 1
I ' Meats and Groceries H
I Prime Rib Roast . 25c Extra large can Tomatoes ..18c
H Loins of Pork .. 29 l-2c Extra large can String Beans
fj Fr- Spare 250 All* brands Sweet Corn '.'.'.'.I 15c
H Keck Bones. 3 lbs. Tor 35c Sweet Peas 15c
II Pnre Pork Sausage 25c, 60c All brands of milk, per can ..14c
H Fresh Beef Liver 18c (3 cans for 41c.")
During Lenten season we carry full line of fresh
H and smoked fish and oysters.
^* J?k^3ksIs^M? WT
By jL^^. mi - /,;?
wt?& r jy | '-9
jatfl^BJK _?_ jnnauvEnDHHHB JA
B <^!** *B^BflH9B^^^l w
^K, / AB^MBMQB^Btt' , W?
( jjlm
^j^?WHg&y l/f
War, First in Peace," I
- rm i?i
< irst m Tftnit
sary of the birth' of Geofge Washington, the natlot
%e to the memory of this great man. No tribut#
i can be more fitting: than a firm resolve to pracfP
; of father to son, down through the years, comes Jj
Father of His Country*"' to the people of America
makes happy homes ami sound
?instill it deep"
America fought for the principles of liberty and
te America of today fights for these principles,
le terrors that war held for the ?he knew
; necessary to win a war. fU
- Vlfll
re the memory of Washing'.o::. .vi his words. .
ay-dav rule of living, and regit!;: rh- put a share of
. SM
Savings stamps m
ffice, near cist banK, tru?fcompany or other authort
the helpful habit of buying and saving War
U. S. Thrift Stamps. Help your country to vier
your own future.
/ "%-3vsSH
^ U. S. Thrift Stomp#
?.?.* \kl C 6 mr k? hmd se ase mA a?
W w changeable for War StTlaci Sttmffc
r vutS0iMSisnMP9
War Saving* CotmnhtM
* GOVERNMENT^ ?* Di*riet of Columbia
_ : .
/one W*OP\\ w^u??w?^?WESwt 8 ;.--(J|^^^B
^ J ^wwi6?te>i. ??nc^^ft^^3MCT n

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