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. - S?a6?t:High lost to the Washing*
-a ferine High school team of Clarksh'lrf
ln as exciting game played at
rtfel wig yesterday evening. The
ro^^SaFjIiilMirji in fast and exciting from start
to finish aad was highly appreciated
^r. ::~. <by--the recdidcrowd attending the
Baom?'tb?' game -was over Coach
Hob^abnpsfentiraly changed his lineHess
to center Instead of
i'ilfiDSs^Bstsfldd to a forward position,
and^ttthiff .Hamilton get in the game
'aajgnartt- Tlje score agd line-up fol8
Fairmont 18- Clarksburg, 24.
??!' - Fretwell
jgf Forward
Hess Lewis
?j?f HiH Bailey
fB&is '^-Sarsfleid Lynch
H Guard
Substitutions?Fairmont: Hess for
Mflls^-Sarsfield for Hess, Hamilton for
SaTsffeld; Clarksburg: Fretwell for
^ ! L
rwmpj* aoiicj ivi * *v?w..
Field baskets?Fairmont: Hess. 2;
I "Ie^;:3L Foul'baskets?-Fairmont: Hess.
|p? pt 2;'jMiil8. 2 out of 3. ClarksI
' Stops For Season
Manager Bell, of the Nornfal five.
jatsiSy. yesterday .evening received a teleBP
trramr from Elklhs to the effect that i
SjgiV.*'. :;the-Davis nnd Eikins College basket;"baQ
team would be unable to finish
. their "basketball schedule this year.
-finances'* was given as the princiRSirkvy".
-TPhis leaves the. Normal without a
I reljSvX. T gMnp.-nntil Monday .night when they
play' the Wesleyan College basketball
f The high 'school baekctball team will i
' - -- hold- *; good" practice .this evening in j
$r--' - Preparation for the game with the
-' "-Grattbn High- school in this city tomor- i
Despite the fact that Grafton has j
v--" ." one of the 'best teams they have had j
for many years, the locals are confiEvening
: - ^ We lcve in Fairmont Just now an
[j lived! in. America ^wenfy-for.r years .
Bo&T and says he is-as much American as
H yoa or l. This Is not his first visit
Bpf-l'.- to^it^ Elias Kavam can tell yoc
f.'u f ?*" ? *V<1A A# I
Ill j soft.rperfect-made texture. I was car
- ' rfcdLtwky across the ocean to Saronk,
gSfsv'- . ?where the best oriental rugs'
H^Tt ' lit the'world wore made. Not now? :
"?>' since the war?conditions in the
gC-.v.-'. si,- oriental countries have been very bad.
' * No'-longer do the orientals live hap
: pDy as gypsies indents or huts and
.a .-*alse-the fine class of sh'eep for the
Persian wool-'-the finest in the world :
E:-- '. ?used - in the weaving of the rug
B * which contains 'so much real art. It 1
gh> may . be many a day before new orien-j 1
Hal rugs will be made?perhaps never 1
B under the same conditions. As these ;
togs vapy according to the territory i
in which they are made and according
KlpSv r to Hhe temperament of the people?
j.'/: - *': and as the temperament of the Persian
isi bound to change and very likely his <
rag along with him; rugs in this connAD/
f Pure Chet
-- ;
^ IBBfe "
.*5 :**^!&*t'" <
KKy^. ?. *gg^??jg - '
BE?Sff3fc~ 'V-.-.^i'. ' jjjjif ..,'
\^s* v >.\ *i&\ :" "t-v.'!''
I 28
*:"' ; ^N"v X ..
V?v"-"" ,S. v-^V ' ^ " ' *V ..y "~
mB^SSS^^ISk '. ,;vS... *
PITTSBURGH. Feb 22. ? On t?e
Pittsburgh exchange total sales vera
90.460 shares, of which more than 89.900
shares consisted of mining stocks.
The feature -was Pittsburgh-Jerome,
which jumped from 69c to 61 and closed
at 97c. More than 72,000 shares of this
stock changed hands daring the session.
Mr. Shasta on sales of 12400
shares declined team 38c to 26c, and
>.000 shares San Toy sold unchanged
st 15c.
The regular industrial Issues were
??j??J-n * : Wlniinxf
ezireaieiy' uuu. omv*
Glass Machine common declined to
54%, obviously on the announcement
that under orders of the Federal fuel
administration the window glass
trade of the country would be put
on short supplies of fuel this year
which would cut down their output.
Westinghonse Electric declined
% to 41%. and Air Brake vas quoted
at 55 bid, 95% asked, closing without
sale.' Pittsburgh Coal common
was firm, selling at 53. an advance
of 1% points over the last previous
sale ou the local board. Ohio Fuel
Supply advanced from 42% to 42%,
but other members of this group were j
dull and nominally unchanged. Pittsburgh
Brewing common and preferred I
closed fractionally lower.
Sales? High. Low.1
SO A WG Mach... 55% 55% j
20 Lone Star Gas.. 100 100
10 Mfrs L & H 62 52 I
12.100 Mt Shasta 38 .36!
220 Ohio Fuel Sup.. 42% 42%!
100 Pgh Brewing ... 2% 2% j
340 Do preferred.. 10 9%
50 Pgh Coal 53 53 !
72.250 P-J Copper 1. .69!
100 Pgh O & G .... 6% 6%
5.000 San Toy 15 .15
240 IT S Steel 96% 95%
140 "West Electric.. 42% 41%
51.000 Lib Loan 3%s.. 97.95 9?.96
New. York
NEW YORK. Feb. 22.?A spirited advance
in Liberty bonds, predicated on
try now are going to grow more valuable
in the years ot come.
Trie best oriental rug. according to
Elias Kawam. is made upon a cotton
foundation. The finest rug has about
six hundred small knots to the square
inch?all tied by hand. Sometimes it
takes fifeen years to make an oriental
rug. A small four by seven foot rug
in Hartley's store?of beautiful quality
and color, took a year to make and
costs somewhere near two hundred
dollars. There are no rugs with colors
and texture like those the oriental
makes. This is his special gift?for
generations he has been master of the
art. He makes his own vegetable
dyes. We can't possibly get colors
like them.
The Persian counts his possessions
?so mnch money and so many rugsAn
oriental rug is the same to him as
money in the bank is to us. Pierpont
Morgan has a rug one hundred years
old for which he paid twenty-one
thousand dollars. Senator Clark has
a rug which cost thirty-one thousand
dollars. The most expensive rug
hnnp-Tit-. in fhf? fruited States was Dur
chased by French art collectors in
N'ew York for eighty-one thousand dollars.
The mate to it was bought at
the New York American Art Gallery]
for twenty-four thousand dollars.
It is not difficult to appreciate the |
oriental rug. Rev. Broomfield is said
to be one of the best Judges of the rug
in the city. The back of the best rugs
look like fine pieces of tapestry. The
color is almost as good on one side
as on the other. The oriental rug in
a small size has as mnch weight as a
large domestic rug. It is not stiff hut
firm and soft. It is benefited by washing?the
colors will never fade. The
all-wool oriental rugs become silky
in texture after year's of wear. Some
all-silk oriental rugs are made. To
own one means to possess a work of
art. In every light a new color tone
charms the eye. Such rugs are banded
down. A hundred years is a short
life?with care.
Mrs. Ingle Malone and children, of j
Massilon. Olfio, arc guests at the home I
jf Mrs. Malone's parents. Mr. and Mrs. I
Lee Hoult, on Maple avenne.
ying Gum f
a dav
seconds 4s. "which -were most active,
made an'extreme-advance of 136 per
cent, to 97.26, first 4s risfng from
96.56 to 97.50 and the 3%s. always the
most stable issue, from 98 to 93.14.
Trading in stocks was of the usual
ante-holiday character. Except for
shippings, tobaccos and a few other
specialties, selling pressure was resumed
in the active list. BaOs were
most reactionary, albeit the latest
program of ttiI authorities at Washington
met with general approval.
This was largely nullified however,
by farther "government ownership"
deflates in toe senate.
j Grain and Produce |
. CHICAGO. Feb. 22.?Grain, and provisions
as well, bumped upward bard
yesterday against maximum price limits.
Knowledge that stocks of flour
bad been virtually exhausted was a
leading bullish factor. Corn closed
firm at the same as yesterday's finish
to %@%c higher, with March $L27%;
and May ?L27%@1.27%. Oats gained
l%@2c to 2c and provisions 35c to
Open. Close.
March 3 31-27%
May 1.27 1.27%
March 90% -93
May SS% .90%
49.75 50.55
| Oil and Gas. j
Just as a reminder that spring is not
here zero weather again visited the
Eastern fields. While operators have
been able to complete considerable
new work during the past few weeks
they have not been in a position to
start much new. The probabilities are
that the month will show a smaller
amount of new work under way and
starting than for any month in a number
of years. Many new locations have
been made but the deep snow and cold
Finances seldom interfere with a;
good team, but is often an excuse for*
a poor team.
The above is not the case of D. &
E. They- quit before they lost more
games than W. V. U.
Fairmont high was defeated at
Clarksburg last night, but gave the
Clarksburgers an unusually good
Fairview* high is still wining basketball
games. If they don't have a
championship team, they will certain
ly have a long string of victories.
Salem Goes Down
Before Fairview
Fairview high tripled the score on
i the Salem high school team in their
j game yesterday evening. Davis and
I Williams were the only point getters
! for the Salemites. while Brookover
! was the star Derformer for Fairview.
j At the end of tlie first half Fair
view was in the lead with a 1S-1S
score. In the last half Salem were
; able to get only four more points whilir
[ Fairview made 10 more for a total of
36 points. The final score was 3612.
This evening Fairview is scheduled
to play the Grafton hijh school.
I I To Relieve Catarrhal ?
Deafness and Head ?
Noises. I
If you have Catarrhal Deafness g
or head noises go to your drug- g
gist and get 1 ounce of Partnint g
8 (double strength) and add to it g
? hot water and just a little sugar 8 j
? as directed in each package, g
" Take 1 tablespoonful four times ?
a day. 8
This will often bring quick re- g
lief from the distressing head 8
noises. Clogged nostrils should g
open, breathing become easy 3
and the mucous stop dropping ?
into the throat. It is easy to g
prepare, costs little and is pleas- ?
ant to take. Any one who has 8
Catarrhal Deafness or head nois- g
es should give this prescription ?
a trial. For sale by Holt Drug ?
Company. g
&umsiead's WormSynm
A. nf* sad sure Bamedy log
Itood the tost for 50 years. XT
L-AZLS. To children it is an uagtH J*
cciamss. wo pmeaxc sbebkd. one
Com* BU nun jLo?i ????. ? -![
jieto and deaisrs, or l?y niil-OTr ft Wot,)
Plates $S-00, guaranteed 10
years. Examinations tree.
Call Bel! Ph
Office over 5 and 10c Store, opj
i-. . ' : ' . - ' .
VriVftiV nt^ ' Kh
.Natural Gas compMiii'drflted jits, J?&.
2 on th& N. A. Moore Tans from the
gas sacd to- the Bayard sand. Nothing!
-was found In the lower or any ofthe
On Dent's ran. Mwmington district.
Marion county, the Hope Natural Gas
company's No. 3 on the Ella Kinsey
farm produced 204 barrels the 24 hours
ending at 7 o'clock yesterday morning.
The well was only opened for a
short time and has not as yet been
drilled deeper. In Paw Paw district,
Marion county, the Pittsburgh and
West Virginia Gas company has now
drilled Its test on the G. W. Neptune j
form through the Fifth sand and it is [
dry. L
In Greenbrier district. Doddridge
county, the Eastern Petrol ram company
developed a good show of oil In
the Maxon sand at No. 2 on the A. E.
Dotson tarm. They decided to test in
that formation before drilling deeper
and since the well has been put to
pumping it is producing 10 barrels a
day. Is the same district, the Pittsburgh
and West Virginia Gas company's
second test on the wiram Henry
farm is the same hind of a producer
in the Big Injun sand. Charles Swisher's
test on the John Maxwell farm is
due in the Gordon sand.
Along the dividing line between GQmer
and Ritchie counties there is
quite a little test work starting. The
Hope Natural Gas company is drilling
tests on the F. A. Schulte and A- Hurst
farms- The same company has a rig
completed on the R- C. Jones farm.
The Philadelphia company is due iu
"Corn-Less Day"
for Feet, Every Cay
Use "Gata-It," the Great Corn.lfecovery!
Makes Corns Peel Right
Look at the Illustration below.
See the two fingers peeling off a
com as though It were a banana
peel! And the man is smiling while
he's doing It! All done painlessly.
Joyfully. The moment "Gets-It"
^Jets-h," the Only CenninfcTfcesooghCwn.
Peeler Etc? Discovered. Denlend "Crtrff
touches a corn or callus the growth
13 doomed. It taltes hut two seconds
to apply "Gets-It." The cornpain
is eased at once. You can sit
at your desk or walk about, dance,
think, love and work with absolute
ease You can apply "Gcts-If conveniently
almost anywhere- where
you can take your shoe and stockin
g off for a moment or two. *"GetcIt"
dries at once: then put your shoe
and stocking: on again. There's no
further excuse for suffering from
corns and corn-pains.
"Gets-It" is sold at all druggists
Cyou need pay no more than 25 cents
a bottle), or sent on receipt of price
hy E. Lawrence & Co.. Chicago, XtL
Sold In Fairmont and recommended
as the world's best corn remedy by J.
K. McCloskey & Co., W. R. Crane &
Co.. Fairmont Pharmacy.
iiisiiggBiiia a'm
This superb coffee
is sola only by
Your grocer sells goods
of standard weight and
quality?because it pays you
and pays him. He sells
at reasonable profit?you
get fall value.
Golden Sun
is sold by gioceis only. It
comes to you fresh, fra- <
grant, free from dust and
. chaff. Itsatits
flavor and
He Wool sob
ToWo _ Mis
< ? 1
Guaranteed !
Dentistry i
hat has pleased hundreds of peo- <
ile and it will please yon. (
Fillings 50c and up.
Crowns, 55, guaranteed 10 years.
Teeth cleaned 75c. ,
one 921-J.
00site Court House..
. * '' ' ' ' '' [ ? I
. ' ' . >
foils?/. i
and at a test on-the J. Edertannin
Union district. Tyler county, the
Adams Oil company-lias completed Ko.
< on the K. B. Williamson farm, it
a duster. Is Duval district. Lincoln
county, the Wayland Oil and Gas company's
No. S on the VT. M. Goods farm
is pumping 10 barrels a day from tbe
Berea grtt. 2h th3 same district the
South Penn Oil company is drilling No.
87 on the Horse Creek tract, and James
Potter & Co. are drilling No, 14 on the
Standard Fuel company's property.
to the authority vested In
me by a certain Deed of Trust executed
by J. W. Phillips and E. A. Phillips,
his wife, to Paul G. Armstrong Trustee
bearing date on tbe 20th day of
September. 1016, and recorded in tbe
Clerks office of the County Court of
Marion county, "West Virginia, in lruoi
Deed Book No. 42 page 12. I will on
near the front door of the Bank of Mannington.
Marion county. West Virginia,
at 2 o'clock p. m- on that day. sell to
the highest bidder all that certain lot
or parcel of real estate together with
the appurtenances and improvements
thereto belonging and subject to the!
exceptions contained in the deed here- j
inafter referred to located in the Sycamore
Addition to the city of Mannington
West Virginia, a map of plat of
which said addition is of record in the j
Clerk's office of the County Court of
Marion county in Deed Book No. 208
page 423, that is to say:
Lot No. 22 in Block "N" as shown
on the plat of said addition, which said
lot is bounded and described as follows:
Beginning at a white oak on
the creek bank thence S. 28 degrees
W. 55 feet to a stake in the line of
Right of Way o< the Fairmont and
Mannington Railway company; thence
with the line of said Right of Way S.
53 degrees E. 109 feet to a post; thence
S. 55 degrees 52 minutes E. 65 feet to
a stake, corner to lot No. 21; thence
with the line of said lot No. 21. N.
23 degrees 30 minutes E. S2 feet to
a sycamore on the creek bank: thence
with the line of said creek N. 62 degrees
10 minutes E. 165 feet'to'said
white oak the place of beginning, and
being the same real estate which was j
conveyed to the said J. W_ Phillips by
the Sycamore Land Co.. by deed dated
on the 20th day of April. 1916. and
recorded in the County Clerk's office.
Excepting and reserving the coal, oil
and gas as contained in said deed.
Terms of Sale?Cash in hand on day
of sale.
Given under my hand this 26th day
of January, 191S.
26-31-7-14-21-22 Trustee.
State of West Virginia:
At the February. 191S. Rules, held
in the Office of the clerk of the Inmediate
Court in and for the County
of itlaxion. in State aforesaid. February
6. 1918. the following order was
entered: John F. Nichols. Plaintiff
vs. Bridgott C. Nicliols, defendant,
To the Sheriff of Marion County,
You are hereby commanded to summon
Bridgett C. Nichols to appear be
fore tne intermediate court 01 iviarion
County, at rules to be held in the
Clerk's Office of said Court on the
first Monday in February. X91S, to answer
a bill in chancery exhibited
against her in said court by John F.
And have then there this writ.
Witness. W. S. Black, Clerk of said
Court, at Court House in said county,
the 4th day of February, 1918, and
35th year of the State.
W. S. BLACK. Clerk.
ThieS return endorsed on the back of
the foregoing summons is in words
and figures following:
The within named Bridgett C. Nichols
is not found in my bailiwick 4th
day of Feb. 1918.
Deputy for A. M. Glover. Sheriff of
Marion County. West Virginia.
The object of the above styled suit
is. for the plaintiff to secure from the
defendant a divorce a vinculo matrimonii.
annulling the marriage heretofore
celebrated between them.
An affidavit having been made and
filed that- the said Bridgett C. Nichols,
the defendant named in the above
styled suit, Is a non-resident of the
State of West Virginia, it Is ordered
that the said Bridgett C- Nichols do
appear within one month from the
first publication of this order, In the
Clerk's office of our said Intermediate
Court, at Rules to he holden therefor,
and do what is necessary to protect
her interests.
It is ordered that a copy of this order
be published and posted as rejulred
by law.
Given under my hand this 6th da*of
February, 191S.
W. S. BL^.CK, Clerk.
Amos & Amos,
Counsel for plaintiff.
This order is published for the first
Hmfl TTebrnarv Sfh. ISIS, and to bo
published once each -week for four
successive weeks.
W. S. BLACK. Clerk.
Ia view of the prevalence of smallpox
in and throughout the county and:ity.
the Board of Health of the City
)? Fairmont hereby urgently suggests
ind advises that all citizens submit to
vaccination at once, and that every
precaution be used against the spread
>f this loathsome disease.
The Health Board will do everyhing
in its power to take proper care
>f all cases of infection and will
promptly segregate and quarantine es- j
ablished cases. Let the citizens themtelves
use every care and precaution. .
City of Fairmont. j
f City physician, i
-the best mining booh published. "Mining
to a. Nutshell." by James Wsjdlaw.
Scottdale. Pa. Price $22S. 20-S6t-337T.
Don't matter if broken. I pay $2
to $15 per set. A so cash for oM gold,
silver, aad broken Jewelry. Send by
parcel past and receive check by return
man. Will hold goods 10 days
tor sender's approval of my offer. L.
Mazer 200 S. 5th St.. Philadelphia. Pa.
WANTED?First class A1 machinists,
armature winders and blacksmiths.
Good working conditions, highest
wages, permanent work. Higher wages
guaranteed quickly fo right men. Address
Guyan Machine Shops. Logan.
W. Va. 2-13-7t-S413
WANTED?To trade 5 1-2 H. P. motorcycle
tor new model "Winchester
repeating shot gun. Address P. O.
Box 317. Fairmont. W. Va. 2-19-tf 342S.
WANTED ? Man for position with
large corporation. Both outside and
inside work. Good opportunity tor ad-;
vancement. Most have moderate edu- j
cation, be sober, energetic and willing, i
Address in own handwriting giving ex-1
perfence, age. married or single and
salary wanted. All replies confidential
. No slouch need apply. R. E. L..
Box 182, Wheeling. W. Va. 2-21-3t-3434
FOR SALE ? Several loads manure.
R. C. Gla^s. phone 283-J. 2-15-4t-S414
FOR SALE?1 good work horse, dark
bay, 5 years old. weight about 1400;
one two-horse road-wagon in good condition.
Phone 956. Howard Z. Connor.
Norway Mines. --19-5t 3418.
FOR SALE?5-room house and bath,
lot 40x120. Also lot 40x120 adjoining.
52,700. Phone 23 J. Call 1223 Cliff
Street. 2-19-3t 3429.
FOR SALE?Ford delivery- track in excellent
running order. Price very
reasonable. Inquire of Box 3431 West
Virginian. 2-20-tf-3431
COAL?200 acres of Red Stone coal
for sale at 5150.00 per acre; 5 foot
vein; on the B. & O. railroad. 214 miles
south of the city of Weston. Bank
opened and some coal removed. P. J.
Dyer, 142 Main avenue. Weston. W.
Va. 2-22-6t-33S9
i ~ i
Ross Wadsworth has been employed
as a subscription, agent ot
The West Virginian and Farmers
-Free Press and he is authorized to
receive payments on subscription
accounts and make receipt forth
Fairmont Printing A Publishing
Wt> Steele the Accounts j|: j
of Patriotic Conservers j!;
We Americans, loyal always jfl
have learned a new and fuller jj j ;
patriotism, making sacrifices ?!jf ;
?-a ti?v?r Tnrtew before, deny
ing ourselves this or that? ||l j
and proud to do it. S t {
Most of us haven't felt the r 3 j
pinch, conditions heing fine. tS ]
1 wages good and our services 83
| much in demand. jjjj <
Pay envelopes are repulsing ;i|S
I ' the weekly attacks -with plen- v;l .
t ty of reserves to fall back on. fM j
J, i It is the accounts of these jji-g
4 i loyal patriots, conserving to pg
the limit, that we want. Let nji
Li us take the weekly balance'[jS
[:: and build it with big interest. S;jl
May we not have it? |
BANK of Mi|M i
S VV fires, whatsove
S whatsoever developed
8 fires- or fire breeding:
8 any worth of manhoc
8 you, think of these thi
i F. E. NI <
is insui
33 Masonic TempleSE
r?1 ?
: : All our subscribers t
bonds will please take no1
ed to make delivery- Ret
and receive your bonds. 1
will, kindly do so at once.
. ?&g? v? ;pX
FOR SALE?1?6 I lll l?lllO^Bjjfl|
Rut of Cleveland, 2 tall
coastT seat. B. & O. R. JL JUltk BBj
and brick road to Cte7?lsaB3$&qgEfiH
10 room boose with furnace, J>a koand
cold water, acetylene llalili lii'Hfwg s^V
wood finish. Modem -cow. bar
stent floor, steel stanchions. nwbjMWBI
modem horse bars, granary. cnte$aii?g
honse. etc. Land gently slopm^NSjS
buildings, and Is In good state'dfcjgffsj
tivation. Price $100.00 ner actia.tkiMS3
cash. "Write owner. G. O. Faai|6ltaPson.
410 Arcade. Cleveland. Ohidv^SB
FOR SALE?Ten acre farm, rich level
land, on state road. Ideal >? 55
home or all year residence. . XSjnpi???
barn, garage, orchard bearing. arcvfflfcvffi
dations for 500 chickens. See MotorK
Age September iseue for descriptlonjriC jffMLd |
beautiful country and roads cannectintmg
with parts of West Virginia; ?B ot'^
Maryland. Pennsylvania and the Eiat. . .
Situated on outskirts of Oakland.' Md. " !
Easy terms or will consider Impawned
Clarksburg or Fairmont .property
exchange. W. B: Grim. SMmjatotx. W-jtixS
Va. 2-l?8t 8C7.- i; .gjg
help waited?femau"""
" ^ -lUfS-t l^B
meat consisting largely of govern- I 11 B
ment work. Positions open to gliJa M Ifl
between the ages of 21 ana 351a good.. ;;*'M
physical condition. Steady, profitable- |5
work for those wishing to avmil then*^ jbVg
selves of an opportunity.' Communicate
with or bring this ad. and'
at Factory Employment Office, The . (
Goodyear Tire and Robber Coaapaa:
WANTED?Girl for general lroaty^v^M
Apply 106 hlain street. 2-l?3t44l0.
WANTED ? Stenographer. One ?*' ^jSg
perienced in coal company tofflce
preferred. Send written application ^
giving details of expertence^/to^Bax
FOB BENT ^ v y|||
FOR RENT?3 room house fanriabed iM
or unfurnished:. Edgeway.' Apply ,
W. S. Husse^" Edgemont.
FOR RENT ? Desk room, - phony'sad
girl^jn office. Phone 71-J. 2-12-tf3?98 '
FOR RENT ? Office rooms, M*In WkS
street, second floor. Henn?
ing. over Western Union office. 7t:W.
Hennen. phone 315-R. 2-Z&3%3i?Z ;.*"~gg-a^B
| Professional Cards
experience. Glasses itera^S?Jn'l. !
A. B. Scott &Cemgft?ra I - -i M
OSTEOpATH I (^p^jPHY8?CrAN'" >
uiaaawa wi wnw %y*?iwgr | 7 Hall
Block over Martin's "crag 'jfl
Dr. D. L. L. YOST J
Practice limited to office"'?and.
I Hoars 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. -dally,
| and 1 to 4 p. n. Sunday by appoints . ' a
| Residence Phone 1295 J." ' ?
Repairing and rebuilding' jn- *sc^?
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt j tfl
Metal Worker. 328 Monroe '-St/
i care ^ in^handling
\ *\ t\ t\ v\ t\t\v\*iifrfVfMBffTTw
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