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I nrw
I B JL ON ~?co/vo
I H From Our
Rr.;<: - WeSSON OIL?-45c can. This
the best kind tor cooking,
B baking and a great many other
p nses. special for Sat- .-. ...45e
; ' W - 1 Lb. San size
. 15c lb. Fine grade excellent
Iff] roasted coffee, special 4 C _ |L
HD'Saturday sale at I 9C IB
Large, size can of Hominy of
the Famous Dixie Brand, specif
tol for Saturday 10c I
Lp? a i
III Men's Hats at $2.00
Men's New Spring Hats in all
' H9 the new colors and styles, spefor
soft or stiff
M Shoe fecial at $1.9S
i-P c-^ jH '-; This lot consists of Men's,
n 'Boys*. Women's and Misses' sir
Im es in all the wanted leathers?
j Ml special for Saturday. -t M
1 ' H. value to $4.00, pair I iVO
fill "
f.. % (Continued from Page One.)
^have another reason for fightingthis
'war than your mere duty to
BBE^aaaaaitr. Tou'd hate:
gp".?.-^' vWe haTe all heard these tales of
PC* . Atrocities, but reading them far away!
? from the scene does not seem to carry j
p?; 'any reality.
gp-sA,., - ; -It is only when you come actually
" facer-to face with despicable ravage
: "which has been done that you begin
E?v! - to realize what ghastly savages, what
ig&'y- brntish barbarians, what intolerable
ictj ' -beasts these Germans are!
HOiae beautiful grapes led us to!
I nfc'"-~v
Sgir -"IC^Eberjay In the tiny show window
/df ja'tpty shop in one of the tiny narsidestreets
in which Paris
II 'abounds, and. they -were solarge^oT
Toand and plump and purple, and so j
superior In appearance to all their;
poor neighbors, the knotted little ap
- pies and the weazened little sour
oranges, that It seemed only an act
of mercy to take them from their inr
. - appropriate surroundings. ,
A* clang of the litle bell over the
^ shop door, and from the back room,
a fat little woman came running.
. young hut motherly,
v - " 'Ah! the grapes!
She lifted the solitary bunch from j
^t& bed or cotton tenderly, reverently, j
and explained that they were very ex-;
. qufsite. hut very expensive.
Renee IRenee! j
; Renee came hurrying out of the j
vV little back room, a hollow-chested!
woman, with' a drawn face and deep j
/ lines In her brow, and sparse hair;
Streaked with staring strands of sil-'
i ' ver. -and eyes which were widened i
pith a something which seemed like i
a permanent terror; but a very pleas- i
- ant smile for monsieur. j
- Ah! the price of the grapes!
i - It yrza a highly important question, i
-and vastly exciting, for the price of:
. 'grapes had seemed to have gone up |
or down. or something, since their jl
> -daring Investment in this bunch; and ;
: t while the discussion went on another i
" woman came out, quite young, with a j
f jjail, heavy, set->expression on liter |
i"- lips. She looked up once furtively. '
/ - then cast down her eyes and started
*?Tru^L- ? -
UKUilKj?son?on?uui iufur. uy uuj i
more. I
* Cold In that little shop, colder even ;
than in the raw. chill, slushy street:
for the scant hut neatly kept stork
' I"'til fruit on the little shelves, and the
'' 'few tins of salmon and sardines and
i-C other precious hors d'oeuvre, and let-,
tuce and other green goods, had no re-1
:*-frfgerator for safe keeping but the
shop Itself.
. ' '' Ah! the feet of madame!
. - She was tapping them alternately 1
? ' on the floor. i
? They were cold, the feet of ma- j
dame! I
. The two shop women stopped the ;
delicate weighing of the grapes to j
; 'sympathise with the cold feet of ma
Andre came out of the little rear :
C. room, a handsome young poilu. if it!
?j had not been for the eye he had given j
S? to-France. and a sturdy poilu in spite '
~ of his grace, had it not been for the
* srm which was in a sling.
*A pleasant smile for monsieur, and j
jfe'n'pleasant smile with a brightening:
^ of the eye for the petite madame.
Eg-.1 5 Andre! Ah. the feet of madame: i
jS?*fcey are cold! Ah!
: Andre also sympathized with the j
iS-'-'Xoefc of madame deeply.
?VV ; He hurried away, and hurried back |
vJ with a flat bo*, about a foot and aj
|j'?half square and fonr Inches high, j
was filled with sawdust, and J
?n i n?^- ?r?i|
2Ge. For Saturday we offer 4
cakes of standard brands laundry
Soap, sack as "P. N. O.
Xaptha". Fel's Naptha, Octogan,
etc., 4 cakes 4IC,
for ?36
PEAS, special for
Saturday, one pound ~f
can for 136 .
all double cut. special for this j
Saturday Grocery Sale 15fi lllli
ai ? can ? ? ? _
rom Our
I Floor I
Men's Shoes
Men's work and dress shoes 1
in all leathers?very well made
working shoes?with plain toes |
and heavy soles?dress shoes I
and new styles and leathers at 1
same price, special for M 0"f ~ I
Saturday at ?aOf
Regular values to 85.00 I
Men's New Spring: Suits j
Men's new Spring Suits In I
many colors and weaves all Tery J
attractive models for stout and |
15.00 ap |
the sawdust corered with dry newspapers.
Into this madame was invited to
step, while the precious grapes were
estimated by the plump woman and
Renee and Andre.
Not such a tremendous price, not
greater than would have been paid in
New York for the same bunch of
grapes, and while monsieur paid for
the little bundle, which was now tied
with a red string and furnished with
a wooden handle, the three smiled
pleasantly" at madame. who is petite,
delighted that she looked more happy
standing in the middle of the floor I
in her foot box.
It seemed rather cozy through the
glass panel of the "door to the little
back room.
Four small, cloth-covered tables in
there indicated a probable cafe attachment
to the-tiny shop.
Was it possible to secure a cup of
hot coffee at this hour?
Oh, certainly, but not milk with it
at this hour, and nothing to eat with
it at this hour: black coffee, yes, with
So behold us. in the little back
room, with the silent young woman
out there in the infinitestimal kitchen
preparing the coffee,, and the rest of
the family handy to smile whenever
looked at.
It was then., that we sounded Andre
on the matter of the German peace
They were mentioned in a sort of
? - - * UoJ
on-nana iqanaer, dcuiusc wc ??u?
come to have the habit of asking this,
and it had come to give such satisafction
to us to always receive the
same reply?that the onjy peace
France could consider was a victory.
But we had met some reserve, for
it is a bitter subject, and the French
people, like any other people, do not
care to expose their deepest emotions
to strangers.
In this family, however, we Inadvertently
touched the spark.
- There was an instantaneous change
in all of them, as Andre placed the
knuckles of his well hand on the table.
and leaning down a face which
wa- suddenly dark and hard, gave us,
in a voice which thrilled with supI
I A Tabh
that is gainii
ously in publ
Besides bein$
time econoir
sugar, fuel a<
is far superio
health value.
Why not tr
jdif' 11
I have a friend whose brain seems Ilk'
Containing all the knowledge since t
His mental power combines the anal;
And his degree? and dignities are mi
He solves the hyperbolic and logistic
And. differential calculi!?he simply
He takes a prelingoistic noun and i
And with one hand tied behind hizn d<
He knows the past, the present and t
He knows the stars of heaven and tl
And when he tires of simple things li
He makes cuneiform translations o
He's a friend cf all the 'ologies, dyn
But chiefly his delight is in all probl<
There's nothing man has ever knowi
But he can tabulate it. for he dotes
A week ago fie saia to me quite una.
"Why here's my income tax list! I i
. They tell me that hlu mania Is vidlei
And the Doctors of Detention call h
(Copyright, 191S. by the Newsj
pressed passioh, his views of peace as s
expressed above. t
He means it. because in two weeks < ?
his arm will be well and he is going
back to the war, where he does not 1
intend to take any prisoners. 1
He would feel humiliated and dis- t
graced if any peace which it would be ?
possible to arrange now should pre- <
vent him from going back into the t
fight in which he has heen twice
wounded. S
The face of his plump and moth- 1
erly wife had become set like wax. 1
and her arched eyebrows had jumped ?
into a straigth line. i
The hollow-chested woman. Renee, <
stood rigidly, and we have never be- '
fore seen a tint of actual green spread
beneath a flear skin as it did beneath 1
the skin of her face: and her wide <
eyes widened, and the lines deepened <
in her forehead, and the tightly com- j <
pressed lips became colorless.
The dull young woman came in i t
-1-AA#CO Anne in ?mo IA TfAfir ! ?
***VU VVMW vuyu w .
' She held the caps motionless for a 1
moment, then set them down and 1
went ont. dully .heavily, without hav- 3
ing looked up. * J
The young- woman had been one of
the daughters in that 1$ months of t
German occupation, and the hollow- S
chested Renee is her mother, the sister 1
of Andre. t
She had not been a heavy woman s
in the first .place, not even what s
might be called a plump one. but she 1
had lost 50 pounds of weight in that
year and a halt of agonizing slavery, t
The other daughter had died since c
their release, died of her abuse and i
her degradation. i t
It is rather shocking to? see a one-"i :
eyed man cry! Andre has a brother. 11
Michel, who was a prisoner of the i <
Germans, and who escap d after un- ] t
told suffering and privation: and | i
Michel, who might as well have died < 1
for all the use he will be in the world ! 1
from now on. cannot properly tell 1
about the hideous permanent injuries y
he received or the unbelievably in- j j
human treatment which he endured,!
because his tongue was cut out. J h
Thrr <?ii? th?R tft him because he'
ask*-i for a drink of water in French, I
in place of German! j t
There is no willingness in this fam- i v
ily to conclude a useless peace, and I t
lire placidly in a world where the 11
Prussian may prepare again to do his 1 ghastly
There is no possibility in this fairs- | /
ily of a broad and generous charity (J
which can 'acknowledge . a brother- 11(
hood of humanity with the Hun after i ^
the war.
They hate, and they will hate as j s
long as they live, and they have a h
right to bate. o
No. more than a right?a dnty. As
you Iook^into the faces of these
people who have gone through such t
awful horror, as you meet one after a
the other of them, and acquire an ac- *
tual knowledge or what the Boche 1
has meant by his boldly proclaimed 1
intention of Pan-Germanizing the \
world, something more than a mere *
logical knowledge that such things .
must not be permitted surges up in you.
and grips the heart, and send6 '
the darker blood tingling in the
cheeks and into the eyes.
Passion comes as it must come!
We of America went Into this war
jDrinkJ J
ig tremendic
Postum i
l a real warly
in saving
id waste, it
' V .
r to coffee in
y this thorn
Drink . I
'. ; . -'v. >-" S' ''~p. ' V*
WH I. * Hj
I * -- JL
. q
iLOO. ^
s a cultivated chasm. =?
he primal protoplasm,
jrtic and synthetical
dallies -with 'em.
fires yon its declension
smonstrates the Fourth Dimension.
he future of eclipses, j
leir various elipses.
Ike Sanskrit and Astronomy,
if Hebraic Deuteronomy.
amical and statical,
ems mathematical,
i. historical or mystical,
on the statistical.
bly and pleasantly,
nust formulate it presently."
it and durable,
1m hopelessly Incurable.
aper, Enterprise Association.)
is a matter of principle: "To make !
he world safe for democracy," we !
It was like following a precept |
rom a copy dooi:. such as .\ow is .
he time for all good men to come to j
he aid of the party," or "To the '
stars through labor." or "Virtue is its !
nra reward,** or some other high- j
sounding Spencerian principle. !
We have met hundreds of fine, j
;ood American soldiers, volunteers.
vbo hare explained as their reason j
'or coming into the war that they did ;
so "because every man should be will- .
ng to offer hi3 life to preserve liberty I
ind freedom." or "because Prussian I
nilitarism threatened the world."
It is rather miraculous that v.-e i
lave done so much inspired by cold
;thics. and it is a tremendous tribute
;o the high morality of the American
:haracter that this is so.
/ Here is a big and a worthy thing
:o be accomplished, you have said,
md everybody must help: so you at ;
tome, almost unanimously, save your
ood. and buy liberty bonds and send
. our sons far across the sea, to fight :
'or the cause of justice. j
There is something majectfc In ;
hat. something ecstatically uplifting j
n the spectacle of a great nation, far j
rom the scene of this colossal erno- j
ionai tragedy, rising cn masse in re- i
ponse to the sacred call of duty, an- ;
:wering an appeal to the highest acl j
>est promptings of the human soul, j
But. by and by. when the facts |
hat you know with your mind be- ;,
:ome truths burned on your heart, I
vhen you learn more and more |'
hrough the loved ones whom you ' '
lave sent here to represent you In j
his titanic struggle between the God j
>f rfght and the Devil of might, when : .
hey tell you of the awful things, the !
mpossible things, the atrocious, un- !
luman. brutish things of which the j
tell-spawned Hun is capable, you will j :
lave something deeper than duty in j
our more and more passionate sup- 1
>ort of our boys in France.
You will have hatred, and It will
ie a just hatred!
You win understand why the
"rench nation, enduring so much
rith a calm and steadfast courage
rhich has been the marvel of the =
^onci. keeps us idtv iuiucu
oward the west, and its determina- *
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tion set on but one end to this demoniac
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peace, the peace which can only b<
secured by exhausting the Germai
empire, beating it to its knees, en
compassing the complete and entirdefeat
cf the Boche; an end whicl
must be ours, too. if it takes ever
last dollar in our pockets, every las
ounce of our resources, every las;
drop of our blood!
As for ourselves, we who write this
we are unreservedly committed to the
views of Andre Feulot.
We want peace?Andre's peace!
(More Tomorrow.)
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