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K-W^h^..>v i oX, Feb. 2.?A dclesa- j
on of members of Congress compared'
Hb*. Senator Sutherland and Represcn-1
'ves Woodyard and Cooper, of West j
and Fields and Langley, of
4 Kentucky paid a visit to the offices of
? Secretary of War Baker In. behalf of
Bt3falaf Heber Rice, of Huntington, trho
JlfPhis -.been stationed at ump anciuy
wltfe^Ste 150th Infantry. An efficiency
r board has 'examined and reported on
Major Rice and while the finding has
B not.yet been made public, the friends
HL- of Tdajor Rice are fearful that it is
HKjfennfkeorable to him. They have taken!
Bjpteps to protect his record and tbt J
^conference of this influential delegation
with Secretary Baker was tbe rcIfsnlt
of the efforts of the officer's
The House committee on pensions j
HMfeas. made a favorable report on the
^^H'foUenring three special bills which
f 'were introduced by Congressman
i ToRichard Starr, of Parkersburg.
530'A, month; William Harper, of!
Wood county, $40; and Mrs. Martha ]
WfiSpn, of Elizabeth. $25 a month, and
|I2 a month for a helpless child.
Pension Commissioner has notified*
Mr. Wood yard of the granting
of a pension to Mrs. Kate L. Irvin.,
of SfatersvQIe. to wit. 320 a month:
tron^ June, 1917. $25 a month from'
Oct. 1917. and accrued ' pension due j
iter date husband at the date of his.
^HL ? Bahlin, Lewis county, postoffice has '
B .been, ordered discontinued; also"""Can-.
T^aam'i Upshur county. Postmaster's
K \commissions have been issued to Lois 1
B' Crookshanks at Lizemores; and Ed-;
B'. ward'E. Reyburn. of Vivian. The latI
ter is a temporary commission.
B1* Judge and Mrs. James W. Robinson.
of Clarksburg, and William B. CutHjV
right 'pof Buckharmon. have been in
the Capital this week attending a ]
B. meeting of the grand lodge of the
?-J- ??? nf Cn. 1
B9 (nuta uuuiaiu vi w w ,
r lumbla, Knights of Pythias.
W. T. Derfckson. of Clarksburg. j
I came to Washington and. was "indue-1
; tear -which is the -word 'the govern|
meat used when a man who has alBready
been drafted joins the service
B before he is called to the colors, into
Hr?he army at Camp Meigs, on the outskirts
of the city. He is attached to
Blithe quartermaster's department, at
Oat camp.
. Notice lias been received by Scna >.
tor Sutherland from the Pension BuB
reau that the application filed fori
^^B Mrs. Caroline -A. Taylor, of Buckliaii-.
B lion had been acted favorably on. at!
B the rate of $20 a month from Decern- |
I her, 1916. and $25 from October. 1917.:
Senator Sutherland filed at the same j
B department evidence for Mrs. Caroline
B Pearl, of Stumptown. ar.d Luke P. j
Brooks, of Alexander, in support of
I their pending applications.
Coke H. Hood has been commission- ;
B ed postmaster at Schcer. W. a.
,v' ________ ""j.
Bj|> State Superintendent of Schools M. |
^BFP. Shawkey. Prof. O. G. Wilson, o,"
B? Fairmont: Prof. F. M. Ijonganecker.
of Parkersburg: and Prof. I. B. Bush,
^B! r\f On nil ivoll Irrntrn ^T'f-nrnr:^
J_<1 4V. AM*
g | Oil and Gas. j;
. In the West Virginia fields the Hope j
B Natural Gas Company's Xo C on the .
E Ella Kinsey farm is proving 10 be tiie !
best producer com meted in that state
^R^kince the first of the year. For the 24 !
fionrs ending at 7 o'clock yesterday |
K morning the well flexed 205 barrels.
Daring the past two years MauuincHftton
"district. Marion county, in which
b the well is located, has furnished more
new production than any of the older
/'districts. It was thought the Dents
3tun development had been so thorK
oughly drilled over that in the future
R light pumpers would be the rule.
There is room for more development
K work in the vic.ai^- of the Xo J on j
I the Einsey farm and new work will j
be started at once.'
On Coon Run. McCielian district.:
K Doddridge county. Mclntyre & Co. j
have completed Xo 4 cn the J. O..
Sbrader farm. It is a duster. On
R- Broad Run in the same district the.
E Carnegie Natural Gas Company's Xo,
S on the Marshall Ash farm is not
n?xood for more than two barrels a day 1
Ej/in the Big Injun sand.
r On, Indian Creek. McElroy district.!
| Tyler county, the American Oil Devel
opment Company has completed ana '
v put to pumping its test on the S D
Nichols farm. It is producing 13 bar-1
xels a day.
K In "West union district. Douuridge j
K-coonty, the Hope Natural Gas Com- (
K ^ 18 drilling two tests on the T E .
H 0*DoiraeU fans. On Nutters Fork,j
Grant district, the Carter Oil Com pa- j
R ny is rigging up at a test on the E and '
H J Freeman farm. On Flint Creek in
the-same district the same company j
das due in the Keener sand at a test!
Hon the T R Spencer farm. The Amer- {
Kfcan Oil Development Company has j
E&art of the rig timbers on the ground j
for a..test on the Marion Spencer farm. !
3 On Bear Fork. Troy district, Gilmer J
county, the Philadelphia Company t
drilled its test on the J L Spurgeon j
btarm through all 'sands. It is a dnster
Ktaid the hole has been plugged and
B Abandoned. On Horne Creek in the i
dame district the same company has j
'started to drill a test on the Homer,
Is-Mason farm. On Alum Fork. Free- i
Stabs'Creek district. Lewis county, the '
Rsame> company is drilling its test on
Rtfee wmiam Keener farm to the lower j
j On fishing Creek. Grant district
Wetzel county, the Carnegie Natural
On Company has completed a test on :
Btfce James H Sfareve farm. ~A light
H||nw of oil was developed in the Gor
don sand. On Long Drain Ron,
^Church district the same company
started to drill a test on the Ann
Morgan, farm and it is building the !
rig. for a test on the Alice Edgell farm. !
K On Sugar Cree. Center district the
Hope Natural Gas Company's second
jest On the Christie Brookover farm is t
showing for a producer in the Mason J
ditad. On Knob Fork the same com- i
Sncgg'.i* drilling in the Gordon sand i
I at a second test on the Joseph Brook-;
ioxner farm. On Bartholomew Run.'
KMsamington district Marion cohnty..
the same company is bsilding the rigi
-est on the E H HndSon farm. J
" j j}u H' '.'Tic -s" - " /.'? N '
"\KT \IC\Y/C i
1^1 1\t . .W f. i I
were viators ia the city this veeii.
They were en route to Philadelphia
to attend a isecting of the national
organization of men of their profession.
G. J. Floyd, of Charleston, lias ar-J
rived in Washington, in answer to a!
telegraphic summons, to take an ei-|
animation for a commission ia the
engineering corps.
> '. r.Qpli JU1CUC, Ui. WCSWtl! ?? " / ?o>
!n the army at Camp Lee, has been
recommended for a second lieutenant's
commission in the Q. M. Dept.
by Congressman Reed.
Congressman- Woodyard has'requested
the Post Office department to extend
the service of R. F. D. Vo. o
from Parkersburg to include the Tillage
of Nicollete. It had its post offifice
discontinued few months ago and
the citizens have had poor mail service
Mrs. Ivy Briggs. of Weston, and her
sister. Miss Laura Lowe, are stopping
ofT with friends ia the Capital for a
few days on their way east.
Other West Virginia arrivals are O.
Tippetts. of Keyser. and Judge W. K.
Haymond. of Sutton.
" ii
In a recent issue of the Kingwood,
Argus the following was printed: i
"A freak of nature that has created
a great amount of interest throughout
the county is a calf that was bom one
day the past week on the farm of J.
J. Martin, a prominent farmer living
near Valley Point. The calf has two
heads, four ears, four eyes, two nostrils
and two throttles leading to the |
chert. Although dead when bom the j
strange curiosity has attracted a great I
many people to the farm."
Thirty anto tracks passed through j
Wheeling Thursday night over the Na-1
:io;ial pike. The tracks were from De- j
lroi- and headed for an Atlantic port, i
being loaded with army supplies, ac- ]
ccrding to the Wheeling Intelligencer, j
Sixty other trucks are expected to
pass over the same course sometime
soon. ar.d all are serving a double purpose.
while getting the trucks to the
coast for shipment, supplies are being
loaded on them, thereby using the one j
fuel to transport the two items, sup- j
plies and trucks. _ j
The trucks were manufactured in
Detroit on government orders and it is
just recently that they have been able
to rua over the roads.
There was 25 feet of snow in West
Virginia between the dates of Jan.
26 and Feb. <5. according to the stater,:-*.it
of W. E. Hi!!, inspector of the ;
Third District for the public service;
commission, who returned to Charles- i
lev. front his home at Petersburg, Va., |
.the other (lay.
Mr. iiill wm snow bound for nearly j
two weeks by tlie heavy snow that ob-;
litcraied the tracks of the Baltimore i
S Ohio branch road from Greensprings |
to I'i-itrsburg. The snow from the;
mountains piled up as high as 25 feet !
and the company could not make the ;
usual round trip a day.
The branch is known as "The
Trough" by the patrons of the road, j
Snow shovels 0:1 the engine were use- :
less and the deep cuts had to be cleanod
by workmen. Keyser. 40 miles or
eriand. was cut off from Petersburg
for the period and no mail came into j
the town from that point by automa-:
bile route, temporarily abandoned re- j
suiting from the impassable roads.
According to the the Monroe Watch- [
man Monroe and Greenbrier county
sheep are dying from what is known i
as snow fever. This disease prevails ;
when snow covers the ground for a
long period?and it has done so this ;
winter since early in December. Mr.
S. C. Peters has saved most of his j
sheep affected by this malady by 1
splitting the ears of the animals and ;
feeding them potatoes or beets with
wheat bran and as much salt as they
will eat with it. The ear-splitting lets '
out impure blood.
. _ j
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, Large Cnowd at Central School- |
The Washington birthday celebra-l
tion which was. held at the Central
school building last evening was axtended-by
a large crowd. Superintendent
W. A. Hast end had charge of the
meeting and the following program
was carried out. Song. "America." by
audience; prayer. Rev. J. E. Wells;
patriotic songs by high school students;
address. Mrs- J. Walter Barnes;
address. Attorney H. S. Lively; address.
Attorney Harry Shaw; address.
Attorney E. B. Carskaddon; address. I
Levi B. Harr; patriotic drftl by seventh j
and eighth grade hoys and girls.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carpenter.
Mrs. W. H. Bnrgoyne and son,
Frank, or Xewburg, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carpenter in Diamond
street Thursday night. The Bur-:
goyne family have recently sold their
large farm near Newburg and purchased
another near Youngstown. O.
Mrs. Burgoyne and sou were en route
tn Younestown to join Mr. Burgoyne
who has been there several days making
preparations for their arrival.
Very III.
Miss Martha Linn, of Benton's Ferry.
'who suffered a paralytic stroke a
few days ago. is fn a very critical condition.
Her brother. Samuel Linn, of
this city, has been by her bedside the
past few days.
Mr. Stealey, of Clarksburg, is a visitor
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Johnson.'in Morgantown avenue.
J. R. Miller and family will move
soon from Market street to the A. B.
Cole property in Morgantown avenue.
Mrs. Ada Hawkins, of Barrackville.
spent a couple of days this week with
he? sister. Mrs. Andy Vandergrift, in
Market street..
Miss Ivy West, of Ferry street, is
recovering from' her recent illness.
John Lake, of Prickctt's creek, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Cephas Hawkins.
in Ferry street Friday.
Mrs. A. R. Taylor, of Ferry street,
has been ill for several days past.
Mrs. J. H. Steele, of Little Falls,
who came to the city Wednesday, has
been quite sick at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Russell Malone, in
Blaine street.
Miss Blanch Shurtleff. of Morgantown.
is spending a few days here with
Mrs. Stella Brown, of the East Park
school, is spending the week end at
her home in Harrison county.
Mr. and-Mrs. Dent Nuzum. of GufTey
street, are at Hammond where" they
were called by the tragic death of their
?? 'VlT'yiTm
In view of the prevalence of smallpox
in and throughout the county and
city, the Board of Health of the City
of Fairmont hereby urgently suggests
and advises that 3ll citizens submit to
vaccination at once, and that every
precaution be used against the spread
of this loathsome disease.
The Health Board will do everything
in its power to take proper care
of all cases of infection and will
promptly segregate and quarantine established
cases. Let the citizens themselves
use every care and precaution.
City of Fairmont.
By H. L. 0.R1SS.
City Physician.
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be cleaned and freshen- .
dut unsurpassed methods.
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SON, Local Agent
, W. Va.
1 ' ?"'.' -v - .. .... ?r V
rirtue of the authority rested
in them, by decree entered by tbe ClrIcoit
Cottrt of Marion County, West
Virginia, in the chancery cause of
Elizabeth Maclaren Bailey, Executrix
&c? against Reeve Maclaren Bailey
and others, on the 8th day of January,
19IS, the undersigned' Special Commissioners
thereby appointed for the
purpose, will sell, at public auction, to
the highest and best bidder, at the
_gaa?_frgnt door of the Court House of
said Maricn County, in Fairmont, on
tie 8th day of March. 1918. beginning
at 2 o'clock p. m., on the terms hereinafter
set forth, the following described
real estate, that is to say:
Two separate parcels of real estate,
adjoining each other, one described
as Lot Xo. 9, in Block Xo. 49. in the
Fhirmont Development Company's Addition
to tlie City of Fairmont, shown
by a plat of said Addition recorded In
| the office of the Clerk of the County
! Court of said Marion County in Deed
Book Xo. 59, pages A to E. fronting
50 feet on Benoni Avenue, and extending
back 120 feet to an alley, being
the same lot conveyed to Joseph ?t.
Bailey (deceased) by F. W. Sturm
and wife, by deed dated the 28th daj
of May, 1910, and "recorded in said
Clerk's Office in Deed Book Xo. 167,
at page .17.
The other parcel adjoining the lot
above described, and described as that
part of Lot Xo. 8 in Block Xo. 49.
fronting 15 feet on Benoni Avenue and
extending back 120 feet to an alley,
being the same parcel of land con!
veyed to said Joseph R. Bailey by
J William T. Hartman and wife, by
' deed dated the 24th day of October,
1911. and recorded in said Clerk's Of|
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work lor those wishing to avail themselves
of an opportunity. Commoni- : v??H
cate with or bring this ad. and apply ;
at Factory Employment Office.. The
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
Akron,'Ohio. 2-13-15t-3400
WANTED?Middle aged woman to --islSBI
keep house for family of two. Call
339. 2-22-tf-3442
WANTED?Immediately girl for genv . V-S^gg
eral housework. Apply to Mr. Mapel,
phone 1105 or call at 209 Bellview
Ave. 2-22-3t-3441. -mp?H
FOR RENT ? Desk room, phone and " V: i'-jWt
girl m office. Phone 71-J. 2-12-tf-333S ii
FOR RENT ? Office rooms. Main v street,
second floor, Henncn building,
over Western Union office. T. W.. w(Sm
Hennen, plione 315-R. 2-22-31-3437 -5"^
- -- ' '
Taa?naojBSBua w . S
AAvSil CfcUehfS fi!PalM?m<aTR.OTd/#l\ ...
ySHSHR irou ai ifad end ??id mSSiEVR# Nr-SE
tfih SghStf 5?*2: seJod wBh n? USon-W - %jS
W :S?M
i~ fit yqr?kno.TBBPat.SHfcg.Alw?jsBiii-?lB -~>M
- :\~uSS8B
. ' *,
Professional Cards
Optometrist and fj
26 years practical ? * * vi^
experience. Glasses famished ia
one boar. With
A. B. Scott & Company, ^v^li
Glasses ot all xlods correctly ?
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed. . " ^ ^
??? Block over Martin's Urns '
Practice limited to office and ||i!?|
New Location 310 Main St. i *- !&9I
Honrs 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. dally;' * " pjs
and 1 to 4 p. m. Sunday by appoint-'; : --.vvfjfal
ment. Phone?New number 706 K;
. Residence Phone 1295 J.
: ? . > M
ij-uwu-u-j--- m_ J - JJJ J - -----J-LnjT-nj-u-n.
| Repairing and rebuilding an- | 0
tomoDiie raaiaiors a speuaitj.? }
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt : 3
and Sold.
Practical Tinner and 8hoet
Metal Worker. 328 Monroe St. i
y?*iy?**yf?zy!??i*2y!C*f3fiyt is
?2 : gg&M
M|iC^ - ^
to Second liberty Loan J- ."';
tice that we are prepar- I ?
urn paid in full receipts k |||
Chose that have not paid v j
w * . - . r . ' - >-. <.\*Ad?htSxai?i

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