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p; I jl
Her Industries All Interre e- sk
lated and Women are
Doing the Work.
Rere is the Sixteenth Article on j
France today, written l>y George I
Randolph Chester, world's greatest 1
reporter and originator of "Get^H9??-'*V'.
Rich-Quick Wallmgford.'' and his
wife and collaborator. Lillian
Chester. The Chestcrs went to
o ' ' France to get these stories exclusively
for The West Virginian and '
other members of the Xe^ spaper
Enterprise Association. 'i hese
stories will appear in Fairmont
only in The West Virginian.)
(Copyright, 191S. by the Newspapei
Enterprise Association )
PARIS. March 7.?The iron-worker
who had her hair marcelled caught
our eye. and held it. She was a peachcomplexioncd
young woman, and she
was turning things in two lathes, casings
for shells, we believe. Old Statistics,
here to represent i he Core
Maker's Quarterly and The In get Jour-t
nal an dtbe Steel l^poch a " rmlc
string of such light and frivolous publications.
could tell you precisely.
The marcelled girl was working with
her hands folded in her lai>. and a
IBS-Shs; iOOK or mcrraoie coniem on m-r mit-, i
v and an occasional touch of a' wcil-man"
icured fingertip to the marcelling.!
B.When lathe number one -was through |
> tapering down the shell casing to a:
high polish and a fine taper .it stop-.
ped of its own accord, and tostod the I
'thing into an automatic runaway.!
through which it went somewhere else!
to hare something else done to it by j
? some other woman: whereupon the,
lathe young lady pulled a lever, which i
" - raised another casing into place: this
||i- r she delicately dusted, and started the
*.' machinery.
BJ/v ' Starting the machinery is the specjsgi'i
laity of these mechanics: no one lifts
p" ' or carries anything to amount to anything.
In about five or seven minutes,
lathe number two finished its task,
and wanted more, and the l2the young
lady accommodated.
She gets 12 francs a day for
that, and Is having the time of
fir her sweet, young life, as well she
may, considering the attention she
attracts; for she is the newest
thing in France: the laboring woman!
The young machinist next to her
drears her hair in the latest kr.ot.
which is a near-psyche, and she isn't
quite so placidly non chalant about her
work; but she makes up for it in public
interest by looking around more.
The adjoining mile or so of factory.
hands blended into a sort of general j
perspective, for there were too many 1
endless rows and cross rows of them
under that maze of whirriDg pulleys
. to notice individually.
Old Statistics got the exact number,
three or 6ix thousand or some-**
* -at-- V ,,c
I Tiling, anu no is> wcituuaw, uul tvi >
it- was sufficient that they -were so!
vast that they dwindled away into the !
dim distance in every direction. When !
anything fills the entire limits of liu-i
man comprehension, what's the use j
of figures?
Clang! Clang! Clang! A girl on!
a tiny motor truck came whizzing out;
of Trench 11 and turned down Alley'
rl. - B. twirled in a dexterous curve, poked
the nose of the truck under a rack
of shells, twisted a lever which lifted
v'-. the rack from the floor, hacked, cir-j
cled. and away she sailed.
She was a mighty pretty girl, with
a.flower in her blouse, and a bright
eye, and a smile for the obvious ad- i
miration we gave her: and if ever a
face expressed solid content wtih one's
lot in life, that girl's face expressed
ii-We had a thoroughly enjoyable day |
We saw thousands and thousand."
women?and men. where ahsolut \
necessary?taking the raw material j
'f*-X ?nd transforming it into tbfe most won
? i
View's the Time to Prevent Its Serious
Yon will cot find a better remedy
r than Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey to prevent
your cough from developing into
This pleasant balsam preparation is
antiseptic and quickly effective. TThen
rou take Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey you I
eheck the spread of infectious germs, j
K' loosen and help eliminate the phlegm.
soothe the inflammation, and relieve :
- that grippy feeling.
Get a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine-Targ?-V~
Honey and watch your improvement
[g from the first dose. Do not be satisled
with half treatment, however. !
take Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey till I
tour' grippe, cold or bronchitis is completely
egjj^-r .
t . ' - -
lerfnl perfected death-dealing devices,
it the rate of so many a second and a
traction oyer.
AVe sew" them working with the
molten iron in great, dim rooms which
flared like an Inferno; we saw them
handling the ponderous machines
which draw the iron into thick bars,
which break the bars into suitable
lengths, which stamp the red-hot
lengths into hollow casings: during
an entire eternity or so we saw women
handling the enormous presses which
force ocld lead into rods, and which
stamp rods into bullets and which
measure bullets into shells; but before
we could see any more .thank heaven,
the machinery suddenly stopped, and
w<? all went to lunch.
We've had some remarkable banluets
and some remarkable luncheons
hut this was the most remarkable of
all. and positively the first time we
woro ever fori hv motor truck?. It>
quite the large:;: building on the
grounds, 'hat enormous dining salon,
and we were served In style with extremely
square meals, each meal piping
The only difference between the
wage earners and the boses is that
the latter have their tables set on
a balcony, but they all get the same
luncheon at the same time and at the
same price?about C5 cents Four
plates stacked up on top of each other
at each place, a separate plate for each
course, 'each course brought on swift
little motor tru-ks from the kitchen
to the long rows of warming ovens,
from" whence they are carried to tlic j
long rows of tables by neat waitrc'ses (
and served out of big bowls and p!at-j
One helps one's self; a second heip
ing if desired 1
The little bottle of wine which;
stans at eacb place costs 5 cents, if j
wasted .ard is the on!v thing which !
is restricted to a single helping.
Old Statistics snoyed us very much, j
Ke discovered that the factory is losing
money on this luncheon: he knows
exactly how maDy centimes per person.
But they don't expect to lose
any money after the war. when prices
resume the normal aspect.
There comes a strange note from
down belcw. Instead of the clatter of
knives and forks and plates there
rises the bum of pleasant conservation.
An inspection from the balcony rail
down those long rows of tables is a
profound study in contentment.
Tbe dejeuner is timed to be through i
at a certain instant, so that there shaii j
be 50 minutes for recreation. Fully |
haif of the diners still sit at tbe ta-l
hies with their coffee .the men smoking.
tbe women sewing, and loiterers
-tin-" from groan to group. There's;
a comfortable hom" atmosphere about
thc-whole thine!
From the hieh steel rafters, on
this day. hung a myriad of pay
paper lanterns, left over fvotu the
last fete: for thev hold frequent
entertainments in this big hall. a'.I
free, of course, and mostly provided
by tnc talent which any such |
large gathering of people is bound '
to produce.
Back of tbe balconv is a club room j
for the bosses and the office employes j
?billiard tables .checkers, chess, back I
gammon, dominoes, writing and reading
materials, rest chairs and tete-atete
corners everywhere. They arej
now building a club room for the!
wage-earners, which is to be as large
as tbe immense dining hall, and they
win have the same advantages as th-.
bosses and office employes.
Xo one need worry about the heal::wealth.and
happiness of this purlieu:.'.
working girl. She is doing very nit
ly. thank you!
After luncheon the testing laboratories.
where women have found an
ether new field and the draughtin::
rooms .and the dispensary, and the
hospital, and tbe manicuring parlor
where the members of the culinar;
and certain other departments were
Stop That Cough! Check That Grippe!
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Millions of people have found in this
nation-wide standard remedy a long?means
of relieving
avuftu<. v..~
coughs. colds and grippe without incon
venicnt after-effects.
For fifty years it has sold for fift;
cents a bottle. For fifty years it bar
warded off the dangers of neglected
colds, unchecked coughs. For fifty
years it has stopped impending cold:
before they had a chance to develop
Equally effective for grippy adults and
croupy children. A bottle in your
medicine cabinet is the best known
safeguard against cold and cough
dangers. Sold by druggists every
The Evils of Constipation.
Leaving waste material in the body,
poisons the system and blood ar..'
makes you liable to sick headache:
biliousness .nervousness and mudcy
skin. Try Dr. King's New Life Pill..
Prompt relief. Still 25c at all drug
/ SONNA. 0 k
f: // ] tM NBXT S*\
^ 'y ~~
- r- ' ---J&fZ. H mr i
manicuredregularly, sad the splc and
span dental offices where any may
be treated, and prospective mothers
must be, and the -wonderful poupenniere,
-where factory babies sleep in
snow-white cribs, and receive nonr-'
lshlng visits from their mothers every |
three hours while still new, and are !
raised scientifically by trained nurses;
until they are three years old, and are t
the pinkest and plumpest and prettiest,
and happiest babies imaginable, which [
is a remarkable tribute to science.
After tbat, more factory. We plod-!
ded through interminable streets and]
alleys and backyards of it, into ana;
out of one building after another, like
determined visitors to a world's fair;
but it suddenly dawned on us that wc
weren't seeing anything we hadn't
seen before-; not a single new face!
Anyhow we were becoming a trifle
homesick- for this was exactly like
calling on Cousin Bill or Uncle Joe
- - u:- ? * a-~ Tr*? on im?r. !
<s*. iiiS Ut Uii'iu-rco. w ?iean.
American bus*:? In Franc*: But
woman machinists in France: Both
conditions arc startles: the;- are still
startling to the av >age j> :rfcmaa;
for these things are totally against his
idea of a desirable life.
It has been the traditional habit In
France to Keen women in the home
or in purely feminine occupations and
surroundings: and the Frenchmen was
perfectly contecded with his domes-J
tic arrangements. He was Jur-r a* well i
contented wtih his leisurely business'
methods. !
Where could be the artistic Joy of
making a million things a minute, and '
all alike? lie infinitely preferred to
make each thing by itself, for the pleasure
of doing it well, and as a result
he gained recognition for excellence
of manufacture.
If you nought a French automobile,
you bad an engine which was built j
like a watch; and it would last. The !
Frenchmen ?a very nappy in that;
When France was plunged into what j
is now the sole business of the world,
killing as many Huns as possible in,
the shortest possible time?she was
confronted by two stern needs; men
to fire ammunition, and ammunition
for men to fire.
The men had only to be called, and
it is one of the already written pages
of glorious history how swiftly they
responded to the need of La Patrie.
Ammunition, however, has no patriotism.
It had to be made .and shells
cannot be made with individual care,
a >Lell a: a time, when they arc to be
shot off by the ton .
Not rlie least courageous thing
Franco did vas to so prompuy puu
tip by tbc roots two of licr most cherished
national traditions, for it takes
courage to break life-long habits.
France went into the railliOD a minute
s.oecialry. paying America the compliment
of copying wholesale our
methods of manufacturing and organization:
and. since her men were gone
to the war. she called her women out
of feminine surroundings?she had only
to call?and set them at man's la
Great Scott, how France has organized!
Radiating throughout "the land,
from huge factories such as this, are
countless ramifications of effort, each
interlocked with the other; agriculture.
manufacture, science, art. everything
has combined, and is combining
To Have Sound Sleep,
Steady Nerves, Rosy
Cheeks, Red Lips,
Snap and Energy. [
PaRKEKSBGRG, TV. Va.?" When I wa3
a girl I ha-" the measles and alter that
* became all runtfflfr'siL
down,weak and nerv?
Mr JB oue. I suffered with
Br A * suppression and my
- i. Vj/ft mother gave me Dr.
g=S- /?<?? Pierce's Favorite Pre^^=^1
ecription and it completely
restored me
-fgBgy tJrer to health. I had been
ailing for at least
' ?*? two years before.
Had doctored and taken medicine without
relief, but * Favorite Prescription *
soon did the work where all others failed.
It is a fine medicine for youDg girls or
women who are ailing." ? mss. G. A.
Thobjtbckg, 815 7th Street.
Wheeling, TV. Va. ?? All through
my married life Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription has
been a great help to
me ? has saved me
many doctor bills i
and lots of suffering. /' W?
I have taken it dur- f yx.*
ing expectancy and . L
found it a wonderful
help in keeping me ?j5&?v?- - J
well and strong, and /y#W
my children are all 'Hrrv*
healthy. I also took
it when I was suffering from a nervons
break-down and it restored me to health.
I,really do not Eee bow I could have
gotten along without ' Favorite Prescrrption.'
It certainly has been a
great help to me and will" also help other
women who are ailing if they will give
it a fair trial. No matter bow much I
would say in praise .01 tnis meoicine j.
could not do justice to it. I am always
advising mv friends to take it." ?
Mbs. Lauka.G. lielmkb, 722 Market St.
W . \. .> V
M' VJWfctt I > I
t ' - ' /. .
*? - V **' '
Xw^?i^?'i^^?i^^?^:^?- /l?WH5 r*-~ ^r
more efficiently werr day to deliver]
men and ssppiies to-thfe *,g<|"?|r front, J
over the shortest routes, and with the'
least -waste. Not one resource has;
been neglected, and not the least of;
her unsuspected -wealth has been these
strong, capable, adaptable women!
We met Old Statistics again when
we were leaving, and he was indulging j
his mad passion for figures by finding
out the exact height of a flag pole.
We revealed to that man the inmost
worries of our minds; thus
What might be the economic I
outcome of the successful'employment
of all these women: of the
payment of them of more money,
in the aggregate, than they could |
ever h?.ve hoped to earn; of the
social topsyturvydom which must
ensue when this race of mareless
women has passed away, and
there comes the normal readjustment
of aimost ?n equal number
of men and women ?
Old Statistics?he's a typical American.
and about 30. and a hard hustler
at the lob when he> on th? Job?tap-1
ped the loose tobacco out of the end
of a much-needed cigarette, and etu i
died the question profoundly.
"I don't know." he decided. "But;
did you observe that blonde on thefirst
machine, to the ri;N as you turn-'
ed into the center aitle?"
Oh .yes. we had. Why. It was the;
girt -with the marcelled hair!
What about her?
"She's a pippin!" he said.
Another Chester article on Trance;
today will appear in The West Yir-j
gistan tomorrow.
! ' - !
At Cook Hospital.
1 James Tetrick .of Wood street, who
I is ill of paralysis, has been taken to;
I Cook hospital for treatment.
Interesting Meeting.
I At the meeting of the McElfresh
Thrift?and Thrift
DON'T think for c
as you are rea
fields of Europe. 1
order to keep the ene
can soldiers "over th
Throughout the L
They are doing awaj
j and helping themsel
formerly making net
leased for buying, th<
A share of their savi:
offered to its peopleWAR
r V V
class of the Diamond Street Sunday .
school which was held at the home of f
Mrs. W. A- Gar low In Newton street' \
on Tuesday evening it was decided to
hare Her. J. Jones and children, of
Halleca. give a recital some time in .
the near future. ReT. Mr. Jones and
children have been heard before by
many Fairmont residents and are assured
of a large audience at the com- ;
tng recital. \
Enters Hospital. ':
Edward Gilbart. of East Park ave- '
nue. has gone to Rochester, ddinn . to '.
enter Mayo brothers' hospital for j"
Purchased Horses.
Purl Shaffer, of Uorgantown svenue..went
to Triune Wednesday where
he purchased a fine horse from W. H.
Gwyna. A few days since he purchased
? pair of horses of Louis Williams, i
of Triune. The horses are being
bought tor use in the coa! mines.
Moved to Pennsylvania.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Swearingen are
moving from East Pari avenue to
Lynn. Pa. Mr. Swearinyen has accepted
a position as manager of a stOTe '
at the above named place which is
near Brownsville.
Coming Here from Clarksburg.
W. H. Barnes, who is salesman for
the S. C. Wat kins Product company, is
moving from Clarksburg to this city
and will reside in Reeves avenue.
Fairmont Astonished
By Merchant's Story
A merchant relates the following: j
"For years I could not sleep without
turning every hour. Whatever I ate I
caused gas and sourness. Also had
stomach catarrh. OXE SPOOXFUL
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
mixed in Ad!er-i-ka relieved me XX-'
STANTLY." Because Adler-i-ka flushes
the EXTIRE alimentary tract it re-,
lieTes AXY CASE constipation, sour
stomach or gas and tends to prevent
appendicitis. It has QUICKEST ac- j
tion of anything we have ever sold, j
Martin's Drug store.
v>^\^l|KiMEaSi^w . ^?*f. ^SffBtMBSpLfl^ts
Alone? Will Enable Am^
i moment that war is a thi
ding this, American boys
rhese American boys ha-<
:my from fighting HERE,
ere" you can at least join
and, men, women and chile
r with the buvine of need]
ves by practicing the hel]
jdless things to make supi
sse people ask themselves
rigs regularly goes into th<
ed at ever
V "J ion county
k Valley Tv;
I from any <
store mar:!
THE War Savir
SU l?f ( Go00 MOANING " \
rWULLoi)S D0 7 '
.:.-ite. .. . ^Utt^SPA X 1
- - ?
Essie Ticfaaell. ofHoclt. Is visiting'
lis annt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Frank!
riehn-U. in Market street.
Miss Eferyl Jenkins is confined to
ler home in' East Park avenue by iiiscss
from vaccination.
Lloyd McBee. of Uttie .Falls, is a*
racst at the heme of his father in-law.
Mr. Manan. at Hickman ran.
M:s6 Florence .Swisher. of Smithown.
who was the anest of Miss Helen
Ftiggs in Kaymond .street. has returned j
mk 'm w w
Express shipments w<
mand for these beautiful
taffeta, sann. etc., made in
some pleated, some with
new pockets, etc.
Originators and Leaders o
erica to Keep the Enem i
jig of the future. RIGh
are laying down their li
re been sent to fight the
If you cannot join the gre
the great army of U. S
iren are joining the great
ess things?they are hel]
pful habit of thrift. Thi
>lies for our soldiers. Be
the question, "Can my a
i best" investment that th:
Will Help
savings Stamps and Thrift St<
y post office, bank and trust
, at the railroad ticket offic
action company offices, Bell
Consolidation Coal Company
r.ger, and at almost every hoi
:pace patriotically contribute
>gs and Thrift Stamps by
The Insurance Agency of Si
? You'KE w tADV
- . i '. -
.'rrv. - - - - .u;* fik
hoae. .
Unseen Malone. of Blaise street.
Tcho was very ill. has recovered sod ^He
o m again.
Jliss Edith Satterfield. stenographs.-S
for the Owens Bottle' Machine cost- - HH
pair. is ill at her home 504 Maryland
Glenn Springer has been the go?st.
ofllr. an J Mrs. Arthur Rich at Flatty ;tSJ
>I?dow for a couple of days.
Mrs. Nelson, of Merchant street is ,'^H
vinline her sister. Mrs. McGregor, at > '
k Skirts j
ere too slow to fill the dencw
spring skirts of silk -;TM
tlit newest spring models;
elastic waist bands, large 1
1;| J
f Low Prices in Fairmont.
ifisSS^DIl fr'^fJyaBSKmCTK^S l^M
ifrom Our Shores
IT NOW, perhaps
ves on the battle-1
enemy THERE in *
at array of Amen-*
. SAVERS 'over M
army of "Thrift."
Ding* their country
sy allow factories
:fore money is re3iintry
afford it?"
is nation has ever -'' 'M
I the WAR ( j
imps can be securtompany
in Mare,
Telephone offices,
superintendent or
:ol and store.
d to the cause of
- ;^3^^^be^&S6SB
v *-'-. ' >. s:'u~j ^KHgra
-^ifc "''iv' i Vwiij "ii j i'V^/1<P^^''I' '*i"ll

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