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In These are the kir
- HI should expect who wis!
r . m more than we ask for.t
A woman even sligh
|U know that, \with a glar
| effective models in thei
trimmed models with Tr
lum models: Pointed Pej
belted models, and other
All finely tailored c
HJ poplin, and khaki shade
nfl with Peau de cygne, n<
[HI kin blue, grey and copen
|| Come in. look them
I * c?jv -ECOMO
I B7
They Were Put Back in the
j i . War Income Tax
. JLRKER.SBT. RG. W. Va.. March 7.
?The re-establishment of the partnership
income tax return by the Internal
Revenue Department is causing
some concern at the local office in
charge of Collector S. A. l-Iays. The
local officials fear that many partnerships
throughout the state are going
to fail to make this return through a
misunderstanding of the lavr. The income
tax law does not tax partner
K-- snips, but tftfe excess pro!H5 liff UHl'K.
\Xi^ Many members of partnerships arc
going ahead under the idea that if the
partnership makes an excess profits
Oi. return and they, themselves, make
their individual income tax returns,
they have fully complied with the law.
Rife? - 'This is not the case, for the Commissidtacr
cf Internal Revenue has lately
decided to require the filing of an income
tax return by all partnerships
whose income was 56,000 or more for
the taxable year. No income tax will
be assessed against this return, and it
HkiV will be nsed only to establish the corpus"
^ rectncss of the partnership's excess
profits return and the individual income
tax returns of its members.
, The fact that no partnership income
tar returns were required last year
places both the partnerships and the
Collector's force under a handicap?
the former of ignorance of the law and
~ _ the latter.or time. The list of partnerships
at the Collector's office has not
<"ixeoc1a^ Coz twA roars and in
WCU VV44WkCU IW v?> v ?
Kg? therefore out of date. Under these circumstances
many partnerships will
not be reached with blank forms from
Pt;:.; the Collector's office. It Is therefore
Rifs': accessary that each partnership take
B&vS: ' this matter upon itself, and make every
effort to secure a return blank, Form
K 1965, within the time limit.
I wSIHces
I ' m F080 RULES
M-: "Mare Bleat May Now be Eat
en by West Virginia
?? The folloiring message was this j
morning given out by E. W. Oglebay,
Federal Food Administrator for West
Eg Virginia:
> "To the People of West Virginia:
"Kindly change the rules given out
\ brme a short time ago so as to change
breakfkst from a wheatless and a meatr?
leas meal to simply s wheatlgjs meal
except en Tuesdays. EliminAe the
portlws Saturday. Let all the meals
oa Tuesdays be meatless as far as beef.
g? real and 1x5k and ell cattle and bog
g?:\;, protects are concerned, bat let mutton
and lamb be used on that day by anyone
so desiring. Let this rule apply
?? to hotels and reetanrants as well as to
F&j.: home*, "vspe.. . ;
" '7? the people of West Virghiia
le of Wmrm'sI
" |||
^ 111
$32-50 jj|
W -w-|
- ?^OD#Uv
id of suits that a woman j
les to spend a good deal ||
tly versed in values would 11
ice at any of the twelve [I
r new fashions,
ivith cluster pleats, braid jj
ixedo Collar, Pleated Pep- it
)lum models, military and ||
attractive styles.
f good serge, gabardine, ||
burella, coats lined mostly ji
ivv blue, black, sand, pe- (I
. Sizes 16 to 46.
over even if you are not I
- ? ?- ?- i-irzn p/,E 11|
JK l fit rtw" wsg"*
'AtyCoxNB % i
cxieud my most sincere congratulaI
lions on ihe fact that their co-opera
tion ha3 been of assistance in making
i these new directions possfble. The
Food Administration has saved meat,
of that there can he no possibility o?
: a doubt. We now desire to give to ali
. our members the benefit this saving
and to permit them to use meat except
in the one instance v.-hero restriction
is held. The retention of a meat
less Tuesday with nothing forbidden.
' even then, except beef and pork, will
work no hardship on anybody. Let me
i call to the attention of the people of
1 the state the excellent work which the
Food Administration is accomplishing
: in making it so easy for everyone to
j do his part. At ihe present the whole
' work of food conservation lias pracci
cally boiicd down to wheat conservation.
Of the importance of that we
must never lose sT'lit. In wheat lies
our national salvation, yet the rules
; for wheal conservation which our
' chiefs hare given out are so easy that
; no family need suffer because of them.
: Keep your Mondays acd your Wednes;
days and ali your breakfasts whcatless
I and use plentifully Victory bread at
! other times?in other words, save alt
i the wheat you can and you will be
! helping the Food Administration in
j the very way in which holp is needed
i inos:.
"With violators of our food rules
j there need now be no sympathy whatj
soever. With meat allowed every day
: in the week (as mutton and lamb are
j allowed on Tuesdays and we do not j
I restrict at all on any other day) and
' with practically no rules to observe
' outside of the wheat conservation rule :
: and a little thoughtfulness in the use
: of sugar and fats we are coming to a
! point where failure to observe the in!
structions of our government can be
j regarded as nothing short of a wilful
I desire to obstruct the progress of the
: cause for whose righteousness we are
: now contending. Please say to all that
I the rules must be strictly enforced and
j inquire rigidly into any violations
! which may be reported."
i 0 The city police have been unable ;
; to locate Frank Rice, who is charged
i with beating a valuable Alrdale so
I badly that the dog- had to be killed.
| It is alleged that Rice took the dog
j to the river bank on Ihe East Side
and there tied the dog to a poet and
proceeded to beat it to death with a
club. Chief Harr was called to the
scene hut before he conld capture
Rice he bad made good hie escape.
It ie claimed that the dog le valued
{ very nigmy ana mat nice naa no reasona
whatever for treating the animal.
| A warrant has been issued for his ar'
t ??^^^i?? ?
px. I
When I was s yotm
Killed with fr?h-ey
This assassin ot my
Kept my spirit oad?
Kndlessly it follows)
Xach against my w
t t? n* mm th< ?-?n
Come and dj the da
Marriage made eond
Mother aririns way
stjll pursued the fi
Ot the sons of Ada]
Pajiy did my surnrac
After loaves and Ss
In compelling tones.
F.'ease to do the d
I fear not that hell
.-tuiphiirona and ore:
Put I fear its flres
i.ndless thinxs for i
Then, when Satin h]
He'll record his wis!
Saving. "Whert's th
Make him do the d;
< 1918, by the .N'etrsj
;P 11
Students Organized.
The Thoburn high school is now organized
for selling ll'ar Savings'
; Slaui;>s and can be depended upon lor
; <i ispcsing of the!*- quota of sucips.
The War Saving Stamp movement at;
, Tboiv.irn is headed by P. M. Confer. s;j-;
, per*ntcadent of the Lincoln district;
Will Elect Chairman.
A special business meeting of the I
Muuougah auxiliary- of Ked Cross Las i
bcr.i called b; Chairman Mrs. Lee >f.!
Sat.terfield to he held at the Red j
_ Cross headquarters tomorrow evening. I
i The purpose of tits meeting is to elect j
' a new chairman for the wort uoiri. j
ITra. C. Salvatj. the prevent chat--;
' mm has resigned after several months |
; of faithful service.
Surprise Party.
Friends and relatives of William:
J..ivs jaShV-ed at bis home in iluiu!
."tree: Tucoday^cvening for a little j
birthday party in celebration of his i
birthday anniversary. Nothing vrtaai-j
c\ cr wcs Known o; toe party oy _vi r. .
: Ajn"'; until the crowd cr friends made j
their appearance. Several friends |
.n<I reia;iri_-< nom out of town were j
hero to attend the part v.
Scciety Meats.
A real good program has been plan I
ne<9 by the students of the Thobttrn !
hi.oh school for tomorrow afternoon.'
The program will be given at the i
weekly meeting of the literary society. !
Patrons arc invited to attend.
[ 'Miss-Mar;.- Killeen was among the
1 Motiorth callers out of town yester[
day. ~
Mr. ar.d Mrs. John Piggies were ca]iI
ing it* Fairmont yesterday eveaiag.
I James Price was among the local
' social visitors to Fairmont yestcrdav
Marvin Morris was a bnsiness ct?licr ;
to Fairmont yesterday afternoon.
George Leiving was in Fairmont yesI
terday evening for a short while.
Take "Neutrons Prescription 99" and
All Soreness and Stiffness Will
Fade Away As If By Magi*.
"Keatrone Prescription 99" for rheumatism!
Nothing like it in the wide
! world. It Is a nrescriDtion that tvery
body Is talking about, and when one
takes it. it penetrates to the muscles
and Joints and qiuckly drives out the
causes of the painful trouble.
Druggists are selling a whole lot of :
j~Neutrone Prescription 95" to people
who most hare tree and strong muscles
to support a rigorous body tor <
Get "Neutrons Prescription 5J" for 1
weary, stiff and painful masclet and 1
Joints. Get it to take out the igony i
from those palnfnT limbs. Use this
sure relief, not only for rbemmtfsm. '
bnt to clear up the kidneys, mats the <
Urer work and purify the blood. A i
week's treatment for 50c. Lmrgt aiae '
bottle. S1.00.
Mountain City Drug Co. and lead- i
tag druggists everywhere.
Ciah boy. " ~
ed. restleea wond?r.
i me.
[ "Wil-lie!
Jtione worre
to Madam:
a*I cars* %
>ns com?,
hes, ?
will look
will cook
as his fill,
at lost soul. BIO?
is hes" *"
>aper Enterprise Association)
i (
Commissioners in New York Say
it Will Run Million ,
to the Good. 1'
? ' !?
Information lias been received In .
Fairmont Uiat the drive carried on in j '
the United States by the Lptlieran 1
church for the soldiers and sailors of J"
that faith in the service has been over-; 1
subscribed a million dcilars. accord- j ,
ins to the commissioners, located in
New York city. The amount aimea J
for was $750,000. but with the over
subscription, that means Sl.75v.000 has .
been secured. j:
jState Chairman Oito Schonk, of. ,
Wheeling, reports that West Virginia j ,
has given four times the amount that j
it was asked for. St. Paul's church. I,
Charleston, raised $1,100 among 200,
Lu'herans. ]
Grace English Lutheran church, this
city, raised $50. This campaign fol- j:
loured the regular church debt cam
paign tor which much, sacrifice was ; t
made or else the shoeing would even j i
hare been greater. The local canvass ' i
for tse soldiers and sailors was con-; :
fined to the congregation.
Wheeling Man Tolls How Hy
JBvikier. Restored I
and Str<
"My daughter was in a general run- i 1
down condition," says Mr. Ed. Haynes, c
living at 45 2Cd St., Wheeling. W. Va. r
"She had no appetite, no ambition, and t
sat around the house In a. dull sort of <
way. She had not been well for sev- t
oral .years and several doctors had 1
been called in but none of them helped
her in the least. In fact, they wanted
to take her to the hospital and operate ;
on her. *
' nypo'Uoa was moiauivuucu w .
as & medicine of merit." continues Mr. :
Haynes, "and I must say that my *
daughter has Improved through its ?
use. She feels better in every way. la f
gafning weight fast Before faking *
Hypo-Cod she was very delicate ana *
puny bet after taking only one bottle
she gained so in every way that we
were convinced firmly of the merits t
of this splendid medicine, so we bought t
her some mora. She has now taken e
three bottles and bag an awful sppe- ?
kits, in fact she warts to be eating c
U1 the time and has increased her
weight in proportion. If anybody wants I
to know personally shoot the merits t
of Hypo-Cod send them to my home 5
ind I will gladly tell them about it and I
what it has done for my daughter." F
The above statement, coming from St
t 'Wheeling mm speaks volumes for C
the merits of Hypo-Cod. the greet Y<
&&Tv >
-** /' - c.
March 7th, 1918. j OOC
Many Oi
would take an holur to tell
Fashion await you in the n
Coats Su
Charmingly Displaying In the New
The New Straight Line ' les That .
Silhouette All the
12.50 14.50 j 18.50
16.50 18.50 25.00
Voti will surely find among ther
mer.ts ant' If j ou do. you will su
mar hod every garment with a prie
Th? above merely represent the poi
at less and others still higher in p ri
True Values
C. B. Cratcher left last night for
'umbcrland. >ld., where he will be for f
several days.
S. B. Schnitter returned to Fairmont j
a ,; right after a visit of several days .
11 Wheeling. jI
A. D. Simon was a business visitor f j
n Parkersburg yesterday.
rs. Ingle Malone and children who j
iad been hero on a visit to the for-!
iter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. I.ee Hoult. :
jn Maple avenue, have returned to j
:heir home in Massilon. O.
Mrs. J. M. McDonnell and daughter. !
Miss Grace.-attended the funeral in J
riarksburg yc6terd3y of Mrs. Mary
Moran McDonnell.
Mrs. Hollo Conley Is the guest of !
relatives in Pittr burgh for several
lays. Her sister. Miss Mame Hall.
[ rho lias been there for several weeks :
will accompany her home.
Richard Anthony Taylor, of Chilli-J;
:othe. O.. has returned there after a
l isit he-re with his sisters. Mrs. E. H. :
Ford and Mrs. C. L. Barry.
Fred Gibson, of Pt. Marion. Pa., was :
i visitor here yesterday. i
Mrs. Opal Watts Kileham is a parent
at Cook hospital where she will
indergo a surgical operation. Mrs. '
iobert Lake, a professional nurse, is in j
ittcndance. j
Mrs. J. C. Ward went to Pittsburgh I
po-Cod. the Great Heaith
>aughters Health
lealth builder. It proves conclusively
hat Hypo-Cod is a real remedy, -not a
nakeshift or just "another medicine."
t is effective because it gets right
lown to the seat of the trouble and upoots
it in a clean, simple and pleasant
nanner. No sickening or nauseating
dements to upset the stomach. On
he other hand its pleasant wine-like
lavor Is delightful.
And yop can rest assured that in
aking Hypo-Cod you are not running
he chance of contracting any dangerous
drug habit. It contains nothing
>ut the very valuable medicinal exractives
from' fresh cod livers combined
with Iron, malt, eodium. magnesium.
? l<?. ?IM />V?i-nr
jjfv^y*voy"n?*> umi'I "?** ?|
rark. quinine and aroma tics, a combilatlon
that cannot help but be beneIdaL
dak tout doctor.
Hypo-Cod can be obtained at any of
he'folio wing druggists tor only fHSO
or a large bottle which contains
nongb of this splendid tonic to treat
he average size family for weeks,
let a bottle today.
Hypo-Cod Is sold bare by Fairmont
barmacy. Crane's Drag Store. Martn's
Drag Store. Holt Drag Company,
fountain City Drag Co., and Hall's
rtng Store: in SMnnston by Johnson's
barmacy; in Farmington by "W. p.
[oran; in Moaongab by Windsor Drag
Ompany; In Fairrtew by Frank J.
.NT V6D f Wl> I #4 0 s* 00
iginal Touches
s New Spring I
When all outdoors is busy
utting on new colors and
ew vendure, it is but natur1
that we too, seek excuses
o lay aside winters apparel
for the light, bright, airy
ew. things that Springime
always brings. To be in
Eme with the season we will
e glad to adopt the straight
lUU CUiiVU\?VVV ??.'
rought to us in these new
Ipripg apparel arrivals, for
bey add to our youth, in apearance
at least
There is no use of numerting
all of the many things,
rhen a short visit * to this
tore is now so interesting
nd the glances can capture
i a moment what cold type
L Representative styles of
its I Dresses
Spring Sty- Embracing Quaint Sty
Are Xow lea With tie Various
Rage. Panels and Overskirts.
21.50 12.50 ' 14.50
28.50:16.50 18.50
o one that Trill answer your require*rely
purchase it. because wo have ''
? that will be impossible to resist.
?ular price ranges?we have models
Cnm, in and see them all.
Court neys'
yesterday -where she will visit rela- j
tfves. j
Miss Nell Prichard of Maidsville.
Select Your 1
From a Coir
With spring approach
to think of cleaning up the
Many "who have pianos wil
those "who have no music
want to put an instimmei
To those who expect to bur a
rou to come in and look over the 1
ready for ike spring business. Thi
grade cr finish to be desired, and
equalled only by their sterling won
At tho head of this list we pi
Cncle Sam's navy. Two hundred o
more like home by tbe addition o
are particularly proud of is tbc Gra
beautiful piece of cabinet work, con
that is es near perfection as hum
juts k>ve to bare you play it. It i
perfect control of tempo and tone t
spent you are able to play with a n
one to tell whether the music is hai
Other makes we hare right or
excellent player with the harp atti
almost perfect imitation of the uli
standard instrument, the Leasing. M
HOC DCy any piano oy picture, cm
glad to show you any or all of oar ]
yoa are getxinr. This firm has be
City for a long time, and you can d
ly and squarely.
In case yoa want a pii
spare the ready cash, you
here to get very easy term
about them. There is no <
119 Mam Street. Ff
yoonn*?T *|
See |
Lpparel 19
Charming: Indeed
Are the
Courtney-* aa }ij
Special 1 -w Ifi
(Worth More)
What a wealth of beantiea era
| hare constantly on h^pd to cA' ' ft
fer for your Inspection and Selection.
Yon will replenish yonr
wardrobe with a couple at least M
?perhaps enough for your entire
Spring and Summer tusrta ?wben
once you lay eyes eh
them. _ '
On Our Center Tabled
A Vast Assemblage of
Envelope Chemise, GoWBl fl
and Camisoles.
All Manufacturer's Samplea **d. . : I
at a bare margin of their worth.
95c and 1.15
108-110 Main St
here today en rout* to ?axte< -1
where she attended the funeral Of bet
cousin. Boss Cunningham- A
*layer Piano 1
lplefe Stock I
ing, one naturally begins B
home and refurnishing it. jM
1 want player pianos, and
ol l'nctrnynnnf of oil tflll -II -
ai xiioci uiiivnu at II S
it of some kind in tb^lr ||
piano or player piano we jbvU? M
Ine stock of instruments bar?
ere is a piano or player of every I
I their handsome appearance- Is I . .
ace the Autoplano. the cholc? Ot II
>f our battle ships are made little B
f the Antoplano. The model H"
nd Prix Exposition model, a || *jH
taining a piano player xnechanl&OT- H
an bands can make. t*e -would D r
s so easy to play, and you B*?e -H
.hade so that with hut little tithe It j
aturalness that makes It hard for B - |f
ad played or mechanically placed. Jft \
> our floors are the Pianist*. %a I
ichment that allows one to ?^ve H
:elele. the Smith-Barnes, another B ,'ji
arshall and Denniston. You Utod |? ;
ne ritcbt in here, and we will he - || -a!
lianos. and you can see just what II
en in the piano business In tfafe M'Aa
epend upon oar treating 5*ou ^ H
mA ?n<l flntf ron oanwytf I
can make arrangements
a Come Is and ask us s,
^ligation to boy.
UStTttE^e . ^f]
ttttAMMKtf fR|
Twctvoue _ ^TTH
pays:: V/*&i| > ,M
'fl ' ' .'J

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