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( Z3TI^ ^ J I PS ^-1-'. J 1 r A A A A 4^ a1 ?e-hbedpeather *!
mum* r s\ a a m ml w%0? 0m I a0%0vm 0m I T^i IT11 ^iT? r- ?? - I
Da3y Average 5 ?44 \Fl ilE %J 1 | U||||^iH * J2? ZfSSZFXK? FrUv .. ^
S Fci). 1918 ? ^5-^- 1 W ^ J*r ~ ZjlJ- ' ? J '4^1
P L X Earthem West Viu&na's Greatest ]Se#sixwer
I " ^T^ismrn 1BB?. ??BE? ???a?TE. >??? FAIRMONT,,WEST VIRGINIA, THURSDAY FVEN1NG, MARCH 14.1918. tod.vs sews tod?v PRICE THREE CEN3S \:|gM
I NAT 10 N A
<*5nd Came This Morning
Shortly After Four
HI ' O'clock. }
ps *'
Prominent Citiezn and Mem
ber of Many Lodges {
1 and Orders. !
""William Stephen p;<v-k. f.ler-v of
The circuit eotirr a:id a promisee.- arizen
of the city- died this mom.nz
shortly before four o'clock at iis !
home on Jefferson street af'er a Ion;.'
For the last three month-; Mr. Blar'
has been ill. but only recently waf it
admitted that his condition wa.s net j
essarily fatal. On Tttestia-- it unstated
th2t he could survive but a:
short time and Wri- his death war.)
therefore anticipated it has novcrthe- j
. less shocked the community deeply.
Mr. Black was ascu 50 years, and
bad been a resiti-nt of Fairmont since
1S96. He was a son of William Walter
and Catharine Martin Black <>(
Brooklyn. The latter survives, til- >
two brothers ami two sisters, all on
whom reside In the cast.
Mr. Black had been n reri-.lont or
T"alrmont since ISJG having conic here
? in the employe of the Montana Coal
Company which later became a part of
the Fairmont Coal Company's holdings
now the Consolidation Coal Company.
Mr. Black remained in the em j
ploye of the Fairmont Coal Company
until tb *? vrar 1305 when he tftok up i
Br*- - ----- ..
the insurance b'itlrios"! In which he;
gjjP. continued until the year 1?0?. trher.
be was elected clerk of the circuitcourt
which orficc he held at the time 1
of his death. 1
Mr. Black had also served as citr:.
of the City of Fairmont a number of;
yeara aco. In the year 1900 Mr. Blacl: 1
teas united in marriage with Miss
Mary Rebckah Clark, a sister of Mr'. j
Tohn A. Clark of this city, who surrive
The deceased was connected with a :
lumber of fraternal organizations 01''
:lie city. Including the Masonic frs-J;
^ fcernity. having membership in the j
Blue lodge, chapter, commandcry anil j
brine. He was also :? prominent I
member of the Elks lodge where he!
bad served as Exal'cd rrlcr and also '
bad the distinction of being the onl> j
- * - _ j - - . 1.... jn
w member or inc ora?r i-# m o.
membership. Mr. Black also was a?
member of the Knisjliis of Pytbia .!
the I. O. O. F. and the Woodmen or |
the World. 1
The body of Mr. Biaek will he taken
to the home of Mr. and Mrs. John A.
Clark on Gaston avenue, probably late
Saturday evening. and funeral serv.
Sce& will be hold from the Clark residence
on Sunday afternoon, the hour;to
be named later. Interment 'a ill he '
In eharstc of Elks t.oilae No. 29-1
Mrs. John A. Clark and >011 Harry J'
j Continued on Patre Eight.)
| Official Announcement to
This Effect is Made at
Berlin. j
[;. BERLIN, (via Loudon). March 14.?
[V? (British Admiralty per Wireless Press.' j
feermaa troops have entered Odessa. (
ine oinciai announcement was maut. .
last night. i (
g> The preliminary peace treaty signed
by Rumania and the Central Powers ]
on March 5 contained a provision engaging
Rumania to support with all ' j
Its strength the transport of troops of I?
the Central Powers through Moldavia J
and Bessarabia to Odessa. The pur- > <
pose of the Central Powers in insert- j t
L, tag this clause has not been made :
Cat clear, although the explanation was!
given that the primary object was to'
? secure the importation of supplies ;J
from the Ukraine. After tho treaty j
.was signed the semi-official German ;
pews agency announced that Germany i
y- had acquired a direct route by way of!
[;> Russia to Persia and Afghanistan. r
Uittle news has been recci? cd for the :
last fortnight of military operation* in j I
the east, although it has been reported t s
that the Austro-German advance was ! t
I**? continuing in some regions, notwith- j
% standing the conclusion of peace with ' J
%. Russia and Ukraine. Odessa, on the i 1
?., Black Sea. is a city of some 460,000 j 1
& inhabitants. ' c
_ _ The Big
i E
^ j *g**SAW
S \ u
V .
vKUN(rARY< \
... . ...ill . : ? ;.: ;
? a TP ^ T\
I - ^
in the "direct free route by v.j
Asian roumries. and -a ill continue to
her Roumanian conquest, atul the Bia
The Tr.tnS-Caucasus region in the tor
"rem this r^citm there are tv
rfottcq iinc aere :s Persia. i-- southwar
hope,] to reach by ;ho Bagdad railr-ay.
tel 9 MHIitf i W 9BKS BB WB*
Five Persons Were Killed
and Nine Injured at Hartelpool.
< D> Associated P.-c i
LONDOX. March IS.? Id iaii night's
air raid one air ship crossed the coast
and dropped four bomb.-. on Hartlepool.
Sis dwelling houses were demolished
and r.o damaged. Five persons
were kiilcd and nine injured.
The following official statement
Tv.->- issued:
"Only one air.-'iip cresr-cd th? coast
last night. It dropped four bombs on
Hartlepool. Ti e raider -which was
operating at a great altitude only remained
overland a few minutes and
the remainder of its bombs appeared
to have fallen into !he sea.
The latest police reports state that
flic following casualties occurred
"killed one man. one woman three
children injured three men. one worn
an five children "
Last night's raid w-a- the second
made in two days over England by
Zcppc'ms which previously hart not
been employed in :h? attacks for several
months In neither case however
was an attenml made to reach
the London districts where German
dirigibles met with disaster on precious
Hartlepool attacked last niehr is a
North sea port of some SS.fiOO inhabitants
in northern England.
Morgan Trial Not
Coming Up This Term
Trials of Willie G. Morgan and WaJ:er
Connutte. charged with murder.
>n a second indictment, will not come
ip for trial at this term cf the Circuit
mart said Prosecuting Attorney Hag
>T5 J tuua; .
Both of the men were acquitted last
December of killing oa? of the fox-1
hunters, Fernando Thorn, but they j
Bust answer a charge of killing the
second fox hunter. Harvey Hayhurst.
Morgan i? out on bond in the sum of
810,000 while Connutte has furnished
>ond jn the sum of 55.900
Another Smallpox
Case Quarantined,
Another light case of smallpox was
luarantined today.; The patient !s ]
"Xim" Hawkins, who resides at 341 j
Maine street. This makes the twenty-;
;ixth case that has been reported in |
his city.
Hawkins resides near the home of |
i'ohn O. Thomas and associated with i
rhomas while he was ill. There is j
ittle doubt but that Hawkins got the
lisease from Thomas.
News From the Bat*
)8MEN Gl
. P*0'9COW
S S I A, f
W(S?^ \ p els 2
0./ J i \?L *. S'/sfaj0.jmsw
"3 I: ^vtr^ ^
\ X: \
. . V'rA !
v of Russia to r?rr-ia and Afsiianieta n."
tho Indian frontier. Cermany evident
ck Sea. -which through her Russian sac<.-<
ritory that she took from the Bolshovil
o routes to India. The firs: it indicated
ri from :nc Caspian region along a si ancie
coal starts li
mmm fed
First Day's Work Shows
That Coal Shipped Here
is All Right.
I ' I
: ' ?? ?
i Coal Mined in
In This Region
Is All Clean
The result of the inspection ot
coal mined at various points near
i Fairmont yesterday is very grati- '
j tying to coal men of the region,
j The inspector found ail mines visitI
ed were specializing in the prep.
aratton of coal, penalizing the mini
ers not loading proper coal. The f
j report to the Dictrict Reprexenta- '
i tive :> very flattering to the mines ;
I inspected.
i i '
Under the provision of the order
j caliing for "clean coal" which went
! into effect Monday of this week, there
j shall be an inspection system operat- [
! cd throtigb the District RepresenlaI
tives of the Fuel administration, and
J F. .r. Patton. wt.o is acting District
j Representative or the Fairmont dis- :
j tri<_t. which has been designated as
| twelve and a half counties in West Vir
] ginia. directed John'Davidson, who
; had been a car tracer for the Central
' '.Vest Virginia Coal Operators* associa- j
' tion. to start on the -work. His first
' inspection made Wednesday was at.
"Wise's mine, the West Fairmont shaft. '
Parker's Run mine. Morgan mine and
other mines in Paw Paw district.
; Today Mr. Davidson began at Clarksburg
and is working this way. His ;
j duty in this connection is to inspect!
i the coal as it comes from the mines j
i and after it is placed in railroad cars.!
j though at the beginning he will devote ;
i his efforts solely to seeing that the.
j coal is clean as it comes from the
The spirit of the regulation regarding
chri coal is generally commanded
by coal operators c-f the Fa'cmcnt dis- 1
j trict. The ruling provides ti st coal j
Tacking preparation or tonir:/>ing a;:
high perc'-r.use cf imparl ?ca -will be j
sold ?'or fifty cents a ton less than the
fixed government price for the mine.
There is one provision of the new order
which almost vetoes its effectiveness
with the present demand for coal j
for it reads "the consignee, after ex- j,
amining the coal may at his option
pay and the operator shall receive the [
full authorized price."
Assigned Car Fight.
Testerday at the Coal club meeting
J. E. Watson. Jr.". revived tho "assign- i
ed cars" proposition which the Fair- i
mont Coal club, the Central West Vir- "
ginia Operators' association, and the i
other operators' organizations of the i
state and nation as well as the directors
of the National Coal association :
(Continued on page S.)
He Front is Breaking
s i b e *
tpT U R\C I S T
^ ,1 -WW
? ~--y t
?*sucf tjZ
Mr V*" J/
mm V. \/>
' Germany plan? a hisIiway to the Ha;
ly intends to use the seaport of Con sta
:sscs practi'-aliy becomes a German ?e;
\ i.
by the heavy black line on the map.
nt caravan route. This route enters.t
Guilford Castle Was Unsuccessfully
Attacked in
Bristol Channel.
f Tt A * ? ;<?? i n t cl Pre ? > ^
LONDON". March 1-The hospital
ship Guilford Castle was attacked unsuccessfully
by a submarine in the
Bristol channel on March 10. It was
announced officially today.
This is the second attack on British
nusyiiai niji^'o ? cv,ton ? . ;v i'ji uusm
ago 'lie Glenart Castle waf sank in
the Bristol channel, aliout 130 lives
being lost. The sink in;, an official
announcement said, -was a violation of
the German pledge as lo the immu-!
nity hospital ships in that area. The J
Guilford Castle is a ship of S.036
tons gross.
The official statement follows: "The
British hospital ship Guilford Castle.
Capt. Thomas X. Lang. E. X. R.. homeward
bound, was unsuccessfully at- :
tacked by an enemy submarine at the
entrascecf the Bristol channel a: 5:35 ;
p. in. en March 10. She was flying
Red Cross flags and had all the hospital
lights on."
Two torpedoes were flred at the
Guilford Castle. The first missed and
the second hit the vessel's bow. Although
badly damaged she was able .
to reach port. There were many sick
and wounded on board who were trans
ferr;d to a hospital.
Kanawha River
Is Again Falling i
(By Associated Press)
CHARLESTON. March 14.?Sta
tionary here since 1:50 this morning
at a stage of 33.03 feet the Kanawha
river was reported by the United
States' engineers to he falling at nine
o'clock and as there has been no rain
aDOve xne city oiLjiei jn intr nau<v?h?
or Elk valleys the fall is expected
to be rapid during the day.
The Elk river has not been rising
here since four o'clock this morning..
Neither the Elk nor the Kanawha had
gone out of its banks here except in
a few low places from which the back
waters flooded a number of low
streets and many houses in these sections
reached from one to three feet
of water.
> *
Robbers Scale Porch
Pole and Rob a Store I
Climbing up a pole to reach the
porch and then effecting entrance, by
breaking a pane of glass in a window,
robbers ransacked the store of the Consolidation
Coal company at the shaft
mine at Barnstown on Tuesday night.
A. large supply of shoes, groceries and
flour were pilfered and the loss will,
run several hundred dollars.
For the Afternoon 1
S'DIA. j
* I A. J
-prrrm ;
,/*V> .
y'^S, ?? v
C \ s : . e e t ;
oua/rTA\ ^, |
S**1* .
t that will traverse these Central
nza. which she claims as part of
a. to reach the port of Batuats in
The second roue ind:catc<1 by the
lie same region that Germany ha<I
mm m
"ft * ? nuirnn
People Living in the Low
Places Had to Hurry to
Get AwayHigh
water raging on the West Fork
Tygart's Valley and Monongahela rivers
after 9 o'clock last night drove
family after family from their homes I
and almost completely disconnected
this city from the outside world as
far as transportation service was concerned.
The West Fork river swept
down the Valley late In the night and
tied up traffic on the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad on one side and the interurban
lines of the Monongahela
Valley Traction Company on the oth- |
The flood came quickly and for this (
reason did much more damage than ,
it would have done otherwise. Late
ycstercay aucmoon ana ?rau? .coieiday
evening the -water in the local !
streams began to rise but gave only j
slight indication of a big flood which i
was coming. Most of the people liv
ing in the lower sections along the j
streams were fortunate in moving out I
last nighr before the water reached its ''
maximum height.
At Clarksburg and Weston the river J1
began to rise rapidly yesterday morn- j 1
ing. There was no big change in tb? j
height of the Monongahela river un- .
til after S o'clock yesterday afternoon. !
The big jump in the height of the river j
came about 4 o'clock when, by actual j
measurement, it was rising just 18 ! i
inches per hour. It continued to rise j
rapidly until after dark, then rising '
un^il midnight at about six inches .
per hour. j |
At midnight the Tygart Valley. Vest i
Fork and Monongahela rivers were j I
at their highest. At the local bridge, j
the water guage showed exactly 30.4 j
feet of water, approximately 15 feet j
above the normal height. Between 1
midnight and 5 o'clock this morning I
the water was almost stationery, fall-'
ing only a few inches. At 8 o'clock1. .
this morning the Monongahela river j
here was about six inches below the I
hi Kb water mark made at midnight. .
Since thia morning the water has j
been almost stationery, tailing only
& few inches. }
The last street car on the interurhan f
line between Fairmont and Clarksburg
arrived in this city at 5:15 o'clock '
last night. After 5 o'clock there was i
no more through service on the Clarks j
burg line, due to high wa?er at Lime- !.
stone Junction. At 12 o'clock last j
night water covered the 6treet car J1
track at Limestone Junction for a I1
distance of half a mile. After 5 o'clock j
this morning the water fell below the ,
track and street car service between
this city and Clarksburg was resum- '
ed. 1
On the Fairriew and Mannington i
lines the water was also high but did <
not come np above the track at any i
point. Due to high water and heavy
(Continued on page S.) 1
yapets~-Better Subscr
Commander of Eigh
gratulated the A
Upon the Wa3
American Losses in the Eng
There Were No Missing:
partment Gives R?
fBv Associa
repulsed the German raid of
second or Rainbow division.
guardsmen General Pershing
The commandant of the
serially congratulated by Gei
the Eighth French army fo
Americans conducted themse
General Pershing's mess
department follows:
"Summary of activities
front night of 4 and 5 of 1
trench raid early morning It
with losses to the enemy. C
missing or prisoners. Gene:
Eighth French army congra
on way in which the troops r
Eighteen Feet of Water does
a Great Deal of Damage.
1 Special Di-patch to West Virginian)
ELKl.N'S. W. Va . March 14.?Damage
amounting to hundreds of thou-|
J r is* hrtfin tin no Irr i
ORUUO Ui UV'Ol.1 <>? ...
Elkins and vicinity by the high water j
which at 2 o'clock this morning rcailt-l
ed a stage of IS feet, a foot higher|
than any previous record. Htrgireis,
of homes are flooded and in the
country around Elkins much damage,
has been done. The Elkins Canning
company >s paid to have been damaged
to an extent of ?100.000.
High at Grafton.
GRAFTON'. W. Va.. March 14 ?
High water in the Valley river put
the city pumoing station out of commission
today. Many houses along
the river are flooded.
Manual Training Supervisor
in the Grades Leaves
For Texas Monday.
. i
On Monday morning 'William H.
Stanhagen, supervisor of manual,
training in the grades of the Fairmont j
public schools, will leave for Waco,!
Texas, where be will become a cabinet
maker in the aviation corps of the .
United States service.
Mr. Stanhagen has been identified *
with the manual training department j
>f the city schools for some time. He
las also been prominently affiliated I
tvith Grace Lutheran church and at :
the present time is secretary of the ;
Mr. Stanhagen is a son of Mrs. Ante- j
ia Stanh&gen. of 72S "Walnut avenue.}
ibe For The West V
. *. ., , . , \
* .; .. ..
H B I V B B^l V I Bfl H||'B
I ^1 III III I II . - '
x^B 11 II B c jfl B B I ^B^B B B^ BH ys~^22K^Bj
t r rencn Army tun< 7^
jiierican General
7 the National >
n Behaved
tells he sianr m
" vyij:
fakement Were Light And 7|11
or Prisoners?War De-1Sv?
jport to the Press.
'f - "" " V5s^bSBB
14?American troops tha*-.
March 5 were from the Forty
.vhich is made up of National
American division was per- -??rgja
neral Gerard, commander of. |||S
m the manner in which *tfie~'^ll|i
age as given out by the War
on 42d "Rainbow" division ^
larch -5. Raid was repulsed
)ur losses reported light; ho
ral Gerard commanding the ??jg
tulated division commander '
VllbV I I IMIIIIIbV suite - ,
British Airmen Have Been ; 1
Having the Best of It '
* '^?%ggm
(By Associated Press? . - sisH
BELGIUM. Tuesday, March 12.?This - has
been another day of ideal fighting
weather, but there has been no change
in the situation.
The British are German military -villi
machines tuned up to the finest pitch
and probably as near perfect as It la
possible to make mem. are sun unit- - ~s?SjiM
ing the itrna! which will send them >s|sH
crashing against each other. ^->*S
The British airmen have been do- ...
ing marvelous work recently. Tht^fnt;.
ten days of March as a whole Jj*ro r
been among the best yet recorded' lor
the service. During that period In aid-.
dition to a vast amount of recontoiter
ing and photographing the iateepid; s;
Britishers destroyed 39 German:?aaW^s3BM
planes and brought down 40 others ost
of control. Against this great tota4"^v?$S|
British machines are reported xawiDg.
There have been many air battles.
and virtually all have occurred behind . *
German lines which means that:tits
British airmen have been carrying. fl^>V?3
aerial war vigorously into the enn^^
Of the German machines destroyedr^-jgBj
all but two were sent crashing doqp8jga|fjj|
back of the German lines.
L. C. Keener bavins sold W?Ja-*
1 terests in business to L. H. Keener.]Ti t;
: all debtors are requested to please ?
; call and settle all accounts due. ;
Laborers in shipping department
Apply v .
' ^ ^ ''V-S>^3 MM
>> rv-'

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