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X* AVX&, iiV
./ of Inborn Courtesy of
Kraif luibor of "Confessions of a Wife,**
Who Hai Just Returned from Eutspt.
Where She Went Under the
v^uspices'of the American Red Cross
and The West Virginian.
^Copyright, 191S. by the Newspaper
ESFTf" - Enterprise Association.)
- Somebody is always asking me when
they find that I have been ""Every
I w&ere. la F r a a c
^ TCres^* i- ? ;
^ :-;:ni -what General
' \ 'The, First Great Contingent of the
American Army" and he treats 'Lc
Croix Rouge Americaine' accordingOne
grows to admire the French
pollus as no other soldier. Ke is so
> simple-minded and sincere.
"when I, saw- the first poiiu settiDg
out of the trains at Paris on their "pcr'
missions" I immediately realised how
apt was some wits" definition of poilu.
It was not the literal "bearde<i one."
which is not always applicable, but
*f , "something to hang things on." which
described perfectly a poilu coming or
going to ths front. He always has
more innumerable cups and pans hang
K:;-,' tag to his back besides his TO pounds of
war equipment, while his pockets
Hp;--; - bulge, and his arms are full of all sorts
of-bundles?souvenirs of battle, if he
is coming home, and things to eat. if
he is going back to the trenches.
- I-personally met the poilu my second
" day in Paris when I started for Erian.
where I was to see the repatriates re
turning to r ranee.
' My train left P3ris at 9 o'clock in.
die evening, and I found it impossible
' - * to get a tasl to take me to the station.:
i and so I tried the "metro." as they call
.the underground rail-way.
I knew I could not depend upon my
' French to get me very far. consequent'
. iy'.I-was rather nervous as I took my
jjf? jt leat across from a splendid poilu -with
sverything on him back bat the kitcbgl'
'sn stove and numerous bundles of uuwieldly
size grouped about him.
He looked at the Ked Cross on the
front of my hat, and rose to his feet
*>? .: and solemnly saluted.
I managed to get enough French at'
Kr j my tongue's end to ask him to tell me !
when -we arrived at the Gare de I'Fst.
and was answered by a flow of lan-,1
gunge that left me absolutely poweryl
r; / less to say another word.
-I gathered, however, more from his J
gestures than his words, that he was
going there also and would see that I
pr was all right.
In a few moments he added my trav- \
I sling roll and bag to his ova bundles.
and'started oif with another outburst i
S of unintelligible language.
I followed meekly, and at last found
J: myself planted in front of a ticket win- j
dow,-through which I thrust nay passport
and my permit to go to Evian.
It seemed, however, that I did not have
my card of identification, consequent-i
ly the man behind the state said he
could not sell me a ticket.
I" I-tried to explain in English that 1 j
> : . did not know I had to have the minor
j paper, but was not able to compete
with the eloquence and rapidity of the
? ticket-sellers French.
. .At last my poilu took a hand, pointing-to
my hat. he shouted long sentences
in which I could occasionally
catch the words. "Le Croix Rouge,
s Americaine Militaire.*
At one tint" I thought there was going
to. be a battle right there at the
v. window, but the poilu finally wearied!
-! the ticket seller out. and with a shrug,
ho.gave me my ticket.
"My poilu evidently thought I was
>' not to be trusted out of his slsht. so lie
js-i "? grabbed my bags again and made for
4 ' the gate, leading to the train.
. There he was stopped, tor my tickI
tConest Opinion Doctor Gave
His Patient
. Bedford Obi-. ? "I war-in a pit if u
K " - condition, weak, nervous and rnr.
down so I could not do my housework
BgtSV*' , f had doctored for years andv trie
HEEj?- svery;":ir.g under the sun. A friend
told nte about Vinol. I asked rv.
doctor about it. and he replied. "It
certainly is the best medicine that can
be had today. I couldn't give you
.any better.* I took it. and today 1
' am as well and strong as any woman
could wish to be. and it was Vinol
that saved me,"?Mrs. Frank A. HorBP&aV
key. Ash St., Bedford. Ohio.
- We gnarastee this famous cod liver
and iron tonic for all sucb conditions.
Crane's Drug Store. Fairmont. Vinol
" Is sold in Mannington by tbe
ESSi Prescription Pharmacy and at the
??>.?. best .drug store in every town and j
cUy in the country, - - ?? i
^ I
, ^ :
ct .vas first-class. and all the French >
private soldiers must go third.
There v. iv another long discussion. :
but in th : end jiypoilu was again vie- 1
.... i i. A ??Ai_ rt ,n ?- r anrl
j IU1 JUU--. wiiu WZ IUUA IV ... - --V , ?
1 with mother scietnn salute ieft mc to
qjv faro whii - be hurried to tbe gate ;
: Millita - .
1 was to b i.ve another adventure that ;
: night, whici vluld illustrate what the
French thin* of us . I went into the :
, diner and was seated at tbe table with ;
two elderly French officers, botb with '
tbe five hars on the upper arm that ;
hi tokened their being in the war from
i the firrt. Loth men also had decora-'
: tions. As I sat down, they bowed, and >
! I heard the words "Madame be Croix '
, Rouge Atnericeine."
They were unobtrusively polite to !
mo all i h rough the dinner, and at the '
end. when they seemed to be bunting
iior the inevitable cigarette, I pulled
: oat a cigarette case, -which I carried ,
for just such occasions as this?and j
: from which 1 gore away a thousand >
! cigarettes during my stay over there? 1
and passed it across the tabic w,ur the :
; words. "La Cigarette Amcricainc." . j
| Each took one. and after a satisfied '
! pul! or two smiled and said. "Tres j
[ bieu." meaning "very good.' i
Just then the girl came around with
j the liqueur, and tlv-y each cook a Bene '
I dictine. and offered me one. which 1 ac|
j Than, with glasses in hand they rose
: rn their feet anil said "La Croix .
i Rouge." and I as solemnly stood, while !
11 said "Vive la Franco."
Ia .'ess than a second that toast wis .
| drunk and 1 f.-und myself stand tig.
j across the table from two strange ;
I French oficers with a band clasped in ,
i each of theirs, while tears were run- :
nirtg down their cheeks.
It was ore of the fcrcat moments of
my life. I was not a woman to those !
men. but an ally, in a great cause?
an ally that had come to them with the
[ words, "Vive la Franee." and the intention
of making France live?live vie- :
torious over her ancient enemy, the
dastard enemy of right and democracy. ;
"Something to Hang Things On" |
Per- etly Describes a Poilu Coming'
from-or Going tcr the Front."
l_ ?
For header throat
Catarrh try the
Need Help to Pais the Crisis Safe
ly?Proof thai Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Can be Relied Upon.
Urban#.I!l.?"During Change of Life,
in addition to Its annoying symptoms. I
had an attack of
K^PP? which lasted
ft r ES a ral&ll winter and left
J W y'v??? *55 8 gffime in a weakened
jl.>.*?> Hll condition. I felt at
\'/ times that I would
1 ? /.2?jPS|HA ; never bewell again,
v I read of Lydia E,
?'j^SC-*"Pink'am'' ?ege>
v fL. jBjTa.Ti6 what it did for
^S?? QkjZSunf women p a as i 11 g
t!> - - ; crfa th e Ch ange
- o; .V. sol told my
-? \ vfi decor I would try
^ \s it. Isoonbejj&nto
"1 gain in 8tr*eogtb
~-rJVUfl|ffl tod the annoying
: ..railfliflnsymptoms allr.
: and your Vegetable Compound '
he.. . ic me a well, strong woman to
I dc all my own housework. I cannot
recommend Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
Compound too highly to women
passing through the Change of Life."
?Mrs. FRANK HENSW, 1316 S. Orcbsde '
St.. Urbana. DL %
Women who suffer from nervousneei,
"heat flashes." backache, headaches
and "the blues" should try this famous I
root and herb remedy, Iydia E. Pink' J
ham's Vegetable CampoundL&S?f^ I
"-^V. "?- *
""v ?
- -----
w _
- ?
- ?
Commercial Department;
Will be Kept Going for !
Some Time Longer.
The evening school which has been
conducted at ih? high school will be ;
brought to a close on next Tuesday
evening. March 19. after a successful
fiTe months course. The Commercial '
department however, will be continued
aa long as there is a demand for such
instruction, probably well into the.
rT"*- ?/\# tVi* oroninr
1 UC vaiiuue v? v?w ? ???c
school have been well attended and.!
much good has been accomplished;
through these departments.
Perhaps the most popular course j
has been the commercial courses 6ucb J
as shorthand, typewriting and book-!
keeping. these having bad a large nam-;
ber of students enrolled and much Interest
has been manifested by the pupils
who are progressing nicely in
these studies
The school lias been carried on under
the direction of City Superintend-;
ent of Schools Otis C. Wilson and
Principal George H. Colebank. assisted
by Miss Katherine Morgan. The
various courses have been taught by .
teachers of the high school and the
ward schools.
The Woman's sihop owned by Mrs.
' "unie M. Martin will be tnov?d from
11~ present quarters in the Shaw-;
Carpenter apartments on the corner |
of Jackson and Monroe streets to the j
adjoining apartment across the hall-:
way which is the corner apartment j
with exposure on both Jackson and i
Monroe streets.
_? /
To Initiate Class?White Oak Camp
Woodmen of the World will initiate a
class of ten candidates on Mondar
Compound and Concentrate It and Vou
Have the Strongest, Best Iron
Tonic on Eearth.
"I knew all about indigestion troubles.
I had pas to form on my stomach ;
and give mc belching for hours at a
tfme. I couldn't eat and food seemed
to do me absolutely no good." says
Titos. S. Halstead. of Ramsey. W. Va.
"I bad indigestion bad," continues
Mr. Halstead. "I had Acid Iron Min-'
eral recomended to me and I'm migb*?
~tr. thnr medicine a boost
<..* ~
myself now because it sure fixes indigestion.
It did the trick for me
almost in a day. I'm feeling O. K.
and fit as a fiddle aad can eat anything.
I've used it and seen so many
others cured by using it I gladly recommend
ft to the sky." continues this
well known farmer.
"Talk about wbcatless days?What!
is the use of eating if you get no
nouishment or strength out of what
you eat? Xobody with their stomach .
out of order can feel good or able to
work long. It isn't natural for the
stomach to he that way and a quick
easy, cheap and harmles way to set
things right is to start taking about
a teaspoonful of Acid Tron Mineral
in a glass of water after meals. It is j
different r'rom anything you ever took
in your life.
Acid Iron Mineral Isn't a vegetable
preparation. It is just plain old highly
concentrated compound made from
medicinal iron ore from the mine and
treated. That's all it is and folks In
the mining country know what ore is.!
This is the good old iron without any;
boore or dope added. It is strong as
t'.icy make it harmless as can be. and j
powerful enough to get down to brass
tacks and uproot troubles of the stom-1
ach. kidneys and blood. Everybody;
needs a little iron. It is a good tonic.;
Get a bottle. Druggists nave it. or
send a dollar to the Ferrodine Chemical
Corp., Roanoke. Va.. for a big
twelve ounce bottle. Write for the j
folder telling all about it. or better j
still fake a thousand people's advice j
-.-Tio have fooled along with weaker'
uiised preparations and know what;
does the business.
"Sold in Fairmont by Holt Drug Co.. j
in Fairricw by Frank J. Yost, in Man- j
nington by the Prescription Fharm
acy and other good druggists through- i
out the state.
I - ? t
i DINNtK |
Daily 40c.
11 until 2 o'clock.
_ >
Broth with Noodles.
, Spaghetti Alia Napolitana.
t Cotolet Alia Milanese.
>: Milk, Coffee, Tea, Fruit.
~ Charles Mil on, Proprietor. 1:
219 Jefferson St.
Opposite Princes Theatre.
Private dining roms on second
^ " 1 * j ' -B
Woman's Club Annual
Election on Today
Election pells for the annual election
of officers of the Woman** Club
opened at 2 o'clock this afternoon in
the Masonic Temple where the club
meeting convened at 3 o'clock for the
usual program. A Tocal solo by Miss
Edna Jacobs, and reports of the chair- j
man of departments and committees ;
will feature the program.
Nominations for offices were made'
al a previous meeting as follows: For.
President. Sirs. J. Frank Ritchie.
For Vice President. Mrs. J. Matter
Barnes. Mrs. Francis E. Xichcla. j
For Second Vice President. Mrs. L. i
X. Yost Mrs. George Price
For Secretary. Miss Calhe Trey..
Mrs. Pa-.:: Hamilton.
For Corresponding Secretary. Miss
Jennie M. Fleming. Mrs. W. D. Bar-,
For treasurer. Mrs. Frank Haas
Mrs. Joseph Rosier.
For Auditor. Mrs. r. M. Hoge. Mrs.
C. E. Hutchinson.
rFi-esh shipment just j
? <
Neu trout i j
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Values for Fri. an
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its in homes, |
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id our terms
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and ; M
tisfactoiy I
m o or Graf-"''
may desire. .
pecialty on - p
" '^82
- '+* I

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