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BBtBft" toy tta psirmoat Pi-lntina an<j Pui.il*
patllcarlcm Ogle*. Monroe
r W. J. iVjtCEL. Genera! A1j
BE?? i" j .'. ' Editor. Clrt
Ls*f j?A?a. J. ato.vBc
>wci!sfct 34anaser.
MBr ' * ' Th? AAooei^ted Press la exclusively eel
r?pubilC4ttloi> of ail new* dispatch'*. cr
: odierartae cre<l!te<l la this newspaper
Kr;' news pobllased herein. All rlsl.ta of rep-.
KSL .. - - diapnrche* b?reiu are also reserved.
TEtEPJUOA'ES?1105. 1105. HOT. All <3.
- through private exchange.
Jt^SraeSta Adater'-lslng Repraenu-.:"- R
N'te Tort: S S. ^aba
I subscription rate
BY XAIV-'Piyaii!? in advance ?n!y.
{; fix months three irnntM. jl.M o
I." """ BY CAftfJUiR?(In Fairmont.) Or..
Sc month*- IS.CO: cue month. ?0c: one "e
(- *nrree Cents.
Kv " BY CARRIER?(Outside of Fairmont.!
ODo weelt. IS". By carrier Three Cents.
r . AU sobscrlp-tons payable in sovar.ee .
When aekir* for chance in ?ddr"J :
near address.
Entered at the Pvr;.>Jf:ce at Fairmont.
feconrf cis.sa matter.
Subscribers or orir carrier route? fall:r
v&XlnSah any eveninu shr?r;:i .2;i "tvi
e ftate the fact and Rive name and reslden
*Ul <jeiiver s paper to >" :r .foor a* t
charge lo the subscriber for this -"rvice
* - Friday
eventxcT"ma: rot
' "'--r'* I 1 " ?
A LO^'G with the others who are ?
f-\ ing occur which would reflect up*
th? Fairmont region The Wcst\
fied that die first day the-government in
..; ? ing for dhty coal they found nothing 1
We trust, however, that no opera)
j account of this first day's work will jurr
^KgjTf ' that a bucket full of lime and a white
part of the baggage carried by the ins
paJ business has beccme a real grievam
and the Fuel administration is in dead
urination to clear it out. That means th
per ton dockage which the regulations n<
does not do the work shipping facilities
I "" .1 m
I from offending mines, or some ouier equ
'J-- , will be employed.
Producers niust not issue a perfunc
mines that only clean coal be shipped ai
gsjIf they are wise they will see to ;t that
that anything but clean coal can be ship
are any operators in the Fairmont distr
careless about this matter they had 1
methods before the inspectors get aroun
The coal industry is just getting back
of the public and a desire to foster t
ought to be enough to make level heade
about die quality of the coal they put 01
- ryERHAPS the dominant charactr
I Steven Black, whose death, af
occurred yesterday morning, was
sincerity <?f his friendships and the cons
always sh^ed for them. To be accep
ic the very wide circle upon which Wii
stowed his confidences and to which hi
* -- *'? ?? ? firiffl nri\
mat x*? mm *vu? if vnjv* u ...4W r-...
Like bcKets like, and the natural rest
this rare friendship was repaid with regt
K'yilion- It rf^y be doubted that any man
generation Held His friends in a closer b
Naturally he will be greatly missed at
; ed. Likewise the lack of his activities ?
felt in malty important Fairmont organic
cently when his illness reached the point
wtih the w'Ork and social habits of rr.anj
was very sctive and influential in mon
and quasi-public nature.
a M army would not last long even
f-\ a battle unless it was supplied u
physicians and surgeons. In oui
killed and incapacitated more men :har.
We are doing better this time, but it is s
St" |~Ruff stuff";
Tbs Ast?ni?her become more a
&-.< ironisbing cver%- day.
* # * *
Last nig^t oae of the ?. ?.\ Assistant
Editor8 wro'e a piece in which
he said that ihe reason no Democrats
bav? come out. for Unite]
States sepe-tor is because the Democrats
are so in;?nt upon the prosecution
of ftie war that they have for0
fcnsh. if thev evur h<=ar about that
little essa?" in Washington sev&r?i
folio** arc liab'.c to laugh themselves
- -If the pres.c agents; and t!ie relit:
cal manipulator* that have been at
work over iT> that burg for some time
B|i?V are not running senatorial campaigns
for West virginia Democrats, what
BeSffv, are they doing?
.Perhaps ;He secret service had betfor
give tbpfn the once over.
Troth is that a lot of West Virginia
Democrats are so much interested in
- politics that they hare forgotten tbat
there is a -farThere
ar4" : - three well defined
senatorial campaigns on. bat the
-proprietors or thetn are either afraid
or ashamed 'o achr.ewledge them.
Out in ^"iscor.sin they have removed
a cSairtn3n of > county of defens#
became he was not strong for
the war.
Is this hegiQfcfeg of a shake tip
?I these orxiceffi throughout we
toaeE-" ___ |. squired for the me
scnim-y " ! w3I be brought in I
trta* Company. } __ ;
street. I Be government
' to do many of tire t
; v. REDIC. to do wnen the su]
ruUitton Manager. ?3?t is the raedica
>E BOi.'.R. , ,. .
Sur-ertatendent. , have medicai men :
d PRESS. . even it every practi
to the a*c to; his professional, ph
to *! or , f ?i t
an<2 *l?o tb<* local the JUpptJ' woilid fc
Lblication of special a
I These are thing:
ipa.-tment* rear:-.*) 33 O^1 *? ?iv
said at Charleston
osEr.r E. svaRU volunteering in the
Ss Ave.. Ch'.caao. is a trine hard to
^ . fact that as a who
-1 One year ?5 0": (he war ar.d the re
?a the amount of s-ri<
-k. 15c. Per copy
1 One month. 7Sr: VE.T&R.
~w 7 E expected
CM as -el! as Republic. ?
~ -- 1 Americans
V>at Virginia, as ^ ^ w
r,-z, r-1 I Rainbow division '
p.r CALt _ _ ^uately in the fac
SSTERS UNION" Good for the o]
ce end a messene'r u_ !,;[] aTlcj <Jcv.Tr
.nee. There f? no ^ . .
i to tell some or rt w
~ | ad nasear.i hy the
15. 191 s. j then, and here ar.<
? - said to be by the
; |he Boche veterans
ed as it R it know
with a right good
! ft is all just like
)|n. j raw levies of the n
| its head it cool an
FVjj j testation for this tf
j and determination
i that kind of an insp
: army ever was b-1
tory. Our guess i<
| All that the an
j home. It has sho
S- j itself. Fortunatcl;
solicitous that noth- | beginning to mater
jn the reputation of ;n grcat quantities.
Virginian was giat:- sacrifices in order
cpectors spent hunt* j and the Republic.
out the most favor i
Milwaukee's Sc
tor who reads the been kicked out o!
ip to the conclusion oil of defense bee
v.-ash brush form a questions n-ith re
pector. The dir'.y The flare up grew
:e in the coal tra.ic connection with 1
crnest in its deter- sards the action
rat if the fifty -cents ; banded usurpatio;
)\v in force provide entire accord -with
will be withdrawn ries with it a van
ally drastic method have a right to o
will do well to he<
:tory order at the sharply drawn in
id let it go at that, for the governme
there is no chance being regarded a
ped. And if there ground.
ict who have been
setter reform their J Yesterday the f
d to them. , of the members
in the good grace: houses of Congres
iiis condition itself cil of the V.'ar de
d cca! men careful satisfy thecuriosif
i the market. | who thinlc they c
! the conduct of th
'OS. to result in any it
fristic of William the arrny .althoug
tcr a long i'lrcs:. mittee sec it in th
the depth and the
iccratien which he : Dutch ships tli
itccl on full footing wherever they are
lliam S. Black be- the Entente allies
; revealed the best an outrageous exe
ilege indeed. the Netherlands ]
ill of this was that any way out of
l..^1 Alton r>. - nnnot sav so. L.<
C*l?v- V'VJI UJ1 V ' ?
in Fairmont of hi: Dutch were afraii
or.d of loyalty. hut they will bei
id sincerely moiiT- armies in France
tnd counsel will be .-hipping If to b? i
ations. for until re
xvbere it interfered Congress havin
years Billy Black crnment control '
:ments of a public peoted to sign it
a limit for gover
cannot hind acotl
ED- day may in the fut
if it nocr fought ?o the economic
;th plenty of good day does mark th
part wars disease it means that pre
the guns of the fee. '"g power now en;
;oing to take eternal portation will be ;
, country?
Being chairman of the county council
of defense sounded last sunt met
.e a Prince Albert coat, a ping hat.
aor.te nn'i a carnation on the lapel.
* *?
It turns out that it is shirt sleeves,
"lcphone at elbow- and desk piled
high with work, and no time on: for
| holidays.
i ^
i n?re is no rotirrj ?<>r u* n#mcnum
guys or ornamental ways -while this
war is on.
The Teu's ar? using their T'-boats
now to cut off the food supplies of
the Scandinavian neutrals with the
idea of forcing them into politician
land economic dependence upon the
Central powers.
As most of the things the Potsam
bunch has undertaken since the war
: be=an has gone hy contraries your
j fncle Sam may have a lot of new
j allies before very long.
Judge Vincent
Grants Divorces
Judge Vincent in intermediate
court yesterday handed down final
decree in four chancery causes. Absolute
divorces were granted In these
Oscar F. Xease from Loulis H.
.Vease. Herbert Morris, attorney for
the plaintiff. I
Frances Lucile Fleming from Ralph
Fleming. R. Leigh Fleming, attorney
for the plaintiff.
pansy Freeiand from Russell Freeland.
M. Lb Sturm, attorney for the
Goldie Mason from Thomas Davis
Mason. M. L. Sturm, attorney for the
plainUSU '
o i.l. jfij., * - _ |
n already with the colors and those who
ty the seeded draft
can call in practical men from business
hings its own experts have been schooled
pply of trained men proves inadequate.
J service it is quite different I*. must
ind most of them must be volunteers, fo: j
Iboner of military age without regard to I
ysical and mora! qualities, were drafted
>e inadequate.
s to which the physicians of West Vire
very serious thought just now. It is
that the physicians of the stati are not
proportions that other states show. That
understand. It probably is due to the
?e the medical men here have not given
Jatton which their profession bears to it J
jus consideration to which it is entitled. '
them to maintain die traditions cf the
of cour-e. but it i; our guess that most
yesterday feit a big thrill of elation.
as cabled over that the first time tin
went into real "action, and looked death i
c. it covered itself with glory.
Id National guaid. It has been cussed
dale by the military expert*?and truth '
as pretty bad?and it has been flatter: J
newspapers of the states?and now and
i there, it really was as good as it was ;
flatterers?but when it went out against I
it showtd that raw as it is. and untra:ns
how to stand its ground and fight i ack
: that.jhe Regulars, the Guards and the .
[esv National army. Its nerve is steadv.
id alert and its heart is fired with a deling
which the German army stands for
to stamp it outfit whatever cost. With '
nration. and equipped and supplied as no
fore it ought to make some military his>
that it will. j
ny needs is the right kind of support at
wn that it is fully able to take care of
r the support at home that is needed is
ialire and before long it will be coming
Who among us would hesitate to make
> -t . . i- i
to back" up an army tnar covers uscir.
with glory every time it is put to a test?
icialist mayor. Daniel XV Hoan. has .
r the chairmanship of the county coun- .
ause he refused to answer a series of
gard to his attitude toward the war. ;
out of a platform which he issued tn :
lis campaign for reelection. He re- '
of the council of defense as a high I
n of authority, but It probably is In !
: public opinion, and the incident car- ;
ling that other people who think they j
ppese the war effort of the Republic j
ed. Every day the line is being more I
this country, and those who are not j
at in this war cannot hope to escape
s against it. There is no middle ;
irst of a series of weekly conferences
of the military committees of both ;
s with the members of the War Counpartment
took place. Tbi3 ought to
:y of those members of the committees ;
lught to get their information about
e war first hand, but it is not going
nnortant lmDroverr.ent in the work of
h it would be bard to make the com
at light
rough out the world are to be seized ,
found and pressed into the service of :
On the surface of tt this may seem '
rclse of power, but the government of j
jrobnbly welcomes the action as the
an impossible situation, although it ;
seated right up against German.the '
3 ro make any move in this matteT. !
lefit alou? with the British and the
now that their million tons of idle :
ilaced at work.
g passed the bill providing for gov- ,
sf the raiironds.' the President is ex- i
within a few days. The bill provides
nment control, but ae one Congress
ler that clause is worthless. Yesteriure
be looked upon as a turning point
history of the United States. If the
e beginning of government ownership .
conn o Irt* ?-> f finft Krflinc nnf? (1 riv. "
gaped upon the practical aide of tran _ ivailahle
for other fields.
j What People Say !
; and Some Side Remarks j
i T*
III. S. Lively, wlo presided at yesterdays
meeting of the Fairmont Ro|
tary Club, told how a man cannot
move his membership from one city
to another, taking a chance of getting
in at the second point as the
business heading under which be
would naturally apply may be filled
;'He told of Governor Cox, of Ohio,
j coming to Columbus and getting in
! as a mechanic. It was observed that
j it was strange that the governor of
a state should enter cn such a classification.
when R. C. Miller spoke np:
"doesn't he ran the political
Dr. Hugh Carr 5a quoted a* saying:
"If the people of Fairmont
Veep on eating war bread, the
first thing you know there will
be no work for the physician*."
Ei-Governor A. B. Fleming, who is
a regular attendant at the meetings
of the Rotary Club, was in evidence
yesterday and commented upon the
"It look* more like summer
than any day yet." ]
This was at noon time before the
rain came.
F. E. Murphy, of the Consolidation j
Coal Company, is quoted as saying at
Cumberland, in connection with the
meeting of coal operators:
"It la an obligation upon the
coal men to maintain as high a
standard of efficiency as they
: possibly ***7 "
(I ^^5^'* ' *.*?' *
^=~ | U'HAT IvIU- ycU
I T/ibte. r*arz th/it
1?1 ioHISTt_e: *
l - ;?7
j Brfs^dF^n
Gilbert B. Miiler. long editor of the
New Dominion at Morgantown has
become editor of the Morgan town
Post. In announcing the change
J. L. Keener, president of the Morgantown
Post company in a signed
rinnr\rt?? otVirr ripp fh{n??
said: "No mail in Morgan town
knows bettor than >Ir. Miller the
whims, temper, desires, and aspirations
of our people. He has been a
close student of local, county and
state politics. He has a keen knowledge
of the industrial development ol
our community. He lias a rare instinct
for separating the chaff from
the wheat, and his journalistic diplomacy
well fits him for a place
among the editorial writers of our
This weeks issue of the Weston
Independent contains 'he following:
' The sale of dairy co?'< by Taylor
Kaiiey and Son. at Westfield. last
week was a success in every way. IS
cows sold at an average price of
SllC.75. One Holstein cow brought
the top price of $205.0". This was
one of the best heards of dairy cows
in this part of the state."
Wheeling churches on March 24 are
to have a Soldier" Insurance Sunday
when the pastors will either deliver
a talk upon the feasibility of the
soldiers" insurance movement or that
they will at least embody in their
discourses mention of the movement.
This suggestion has been offered by
ITiram Si. Taylor of Wheeling, who
? ? * - _ V* ' nr-* ~\~i in "
is pres mem ul me ?i ...........
Life Underwriters" association.
H. T>. Hoiir. county agricultural agent
of Taylor county the other day
reported that Charles 1. Scmnge. ot
Grafton. Route 4. had five ca's which
raised seven lambs last year. These
iambs were weighed and sold in August.
Weight was fift pounds and
at 12c they brought S75.S0. From the
five ewes he sold 21* 1-2 cottr.ds of
wool a* ?>ic per pound, which amounted
to $1S.02. This was a iota! return
of Jfi' S2 on the five eves, or an
average of S1S.9H per head.
The state house has had it- first
romance, says the Charleston Leader.
Walking into the offices of the public
service comim-sion. Cupid received" a
hospitable welcome from Miss Tessie
Oarnold and E. B. Williamson late
statistician of the commission but
now in the coast artillery.
The engagement leaked out with
the departure of Mr. Williamson for
John T. Harris will hs asked to
add pages in the official register for
this precedent.
Louie Kalafat. a Gree"k. and one of
the proprietors of the Palate Restaurant
on Second street at the bridge
in Weston, has volunteered his services
to this country and will help
"Uncle Sam" lick the Germans by going
to Columbus Barracks Friday to
take training for Coast defense. Lo
uic. -with his "smiling eyes" win oe
missed much by the patrons of this
0 How to Get Relief From ?
| Catarrh. ;?
g If you have catarrh, catarrhal ^
p deafness or head noises go to jo
2 your druggist and get l oz. of Q
p Parmint (double strength), take g
8 this home, add to it hot water P
Kid Just a little sugar as directed ?
in each -package. Take 1 table- o
spoonful 4 times a day. g
This -will often bring quick jo
relief from the distressing head g
noises. Clogged nostrils should g
open, breathing become easy and O;
the mucous stop dropping into ?
the throat. jo;
It is easy to make, tastes 8
pleasant and costs little. Every g
one who has catarrh should give ig
this treatment a trial. Ton will ?
probably And it just what you g
need. Holt Drug Co. -will sup- g
g ply you. H
- - -.1 - .11. " II
0NDQ3 " ' ' |a
YCU ^ j
jU T- r li
i IT^ I
, popular eat in;; place. sa>s the Weston _
independent, but there is oue consol-' _
ation. the men who work along; be- - '*.-'"11
n.i-1-ra*- hove Thf? hlllf" :
MUC liliu ? in m. .
as he is a "sunshine maker" either! e,
day or night. He has spent six j 8
I years in this city and says "J w-jn I J
return for good after 1 gets de Kai- J
r" ? ? I
Minister Here.
Rev. J. M. Wynne, of Freeport, Ohio.' c
! arrived here yesterday to arrange for ; S
! camp meetings to be held in this vi- j E
i ciuity the coming summer. jj
Four Minute Men.
The local Four Minute Men are now ; 1
j speaking on the income tax. The as- i a
I signmeats for last night were: Burt's , 1
. theatre. Chas. L. Broadwater: Dixie. J ?
C. C. Coffman; idle Hour, David A. i ,
I Ward. j x
Hotel Arrivals. | t
J Bartlett ? WT. C. Amos. Wyatt: I
: Mayme Ft. Lytle, Toledo. O.: J. H. Doak. s
E. i. Allen. Parkersburg: J. A. House- '
i?oitrshnrsh Pa.: John Swan. '
I iiUIU<b4 . *. u...
i Marietta. O.: H. L. Hendershot. Park- j
jersburg; J. \\\ Woodell. Boston; C. V.
Uaumer. Zanesville, O.; W. R. Ginon.' t
j New* Vork. t
J Wells?O. E. Xelson, Clarksburg. J
; Clarence Biggins, I. B. Gross. C. P. ?
Pitts. \V. H. Langreth. "Wilson Ilyley. T
Clarksburg: A. C.Allison. Salem; Guy ' f
j Hill. J. R. Miller. Cameron. I
Personals. ?
Miss Alicia Singleton left last even- j
, ing for a short visit tvitb friends in j m.
xSucknannon. ! I
Thomas Downs is spending today J
j with friends in Fairmont.
| James F. Gump has returned to bis p
home in .Fairmont after a few days" ij
business visit here. ! Mrs.
Mamie Kindleberger has gone .
to Wheeling where she will be the j
guest cf Mrs. Julia Revells for a few
; days.
J. Bowen Knotts left yesterday foi
; a business visit in Pittsburgh. Pa.
Mrs. H. C. FarreH. of Me", was the
guest of friends in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Mary Jones, of Uniontown. Pa . t
i is the guest of Mrs. Fred \V. Bartletf.
| at Hotel Bartlett.
| Sam B. Montgomery, o? Kingwood.
' was a prominent visitor at the district
convention of Pythian Sisters .
: held here Wednesday.
Mrs. G. A. Brown has returned to j
. her home at TVyatt after a visit with 1 j
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cot-j
r trill, of Burt Hill. 11
Mrs. Nora Dailey. of Buffalo. N. T . ' j
and Miss Anna Ryan. of New York j
j City, art guests of their brother. M. G. | j
i Ryan, o." Locust street,
j Mrs. C. L. Cottrill spent yesterday
toe guest of Mrs. H. P. Hawkins in 1
Fairmont. j
William Eschenbaugh left yesterday t
for a short visit with friends in Pitts- S |
burgh. Pa. ! j
Mrs. Frank W. Bowers has gone to ;
Sldn trouble costs j
many a roan his job |
i\"o matter how efficient a pan may i y
be, if he baa an ngly siin-eruption, ?
there are positions in. which he cannot J
be tolerated. He may know that it is >
' not in the least contagious, but other j
people are afraid, they avoid him, andbe *
must make way for a man with a dear, J
; healthy akin. Why ran this risk, when -J j
j Resinol I
Ointment and Resinol Soap stop itching I}
Ttd clear away eczema and azzniiar j'
| _ lacoora. so quickly uad caaily * I i
.. ..... \
B-IiUft tin & vX&Kt
Harry J- Kaughl ha? returned borne H
ifter attending the Oil Well Supply
Jealen" convention at Washington. i
?. C. i
| ) 4
. - I; i
From Camp Lee. !'
Mrs. Mary Barnes Linn, of Benton's
"erry. has re'-urned from a visit to her ,
itisliand. Lawrence L::;c. at Camp Lee. ' 1
Ir. Linn is no* cor.tined lo the hos- ;
>ital with a broken les tie effects of, 1
>eing kicked by a horse. ?
In Frrrcc. , [
Forest Dcuolt. another Fairmont 1
nan. hat made a safe arrival in France ' |
.ccordicp to word received yesterday |
>y his '-vife. Mrs. Eshel Minor Debolt. 1
ir. Deboit nelorced to the Signal
."orp: and vva? with the large number.
>f soldiers who left Mew York harbor;
bout February C7. many friends
kill be glad to know that he arrived
Mr. Sr.pp Much Setter.
Benjamin Scpp. of Independence,
vho has been wry ill : the home of
us daughter. lit . J. \V. tVaaia. in
Icnway avenue, is improving and ?nl;
oon be out again. j
Chapel Exercise:.
Wednesday morning's chapel protram
at the Central school was fur-'
tithed hy the eventli grade pupils
nught by Mi- Mury Eli., on and was
.n interesting one Thursday's pro- j
:r.uu which v as excellent, was given
iy the firrt grade pupils taught by '
diss Edna Jenkins and v. very much J '
tijoyed by the school . Mayor Bowen
nd City Clerk A. J Kern were present
it the East l'ark chapel < xcrcises this .
coming and made short talks to the j
chool. Their presence was very I
ouch appreciated by the school.
Mrs. A. R Taylor, of East Ferry ' j
treet, is 'icii-porcd.
Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Carpenter are;'
loving from Vermont avenue to apartDents
in Mrs. William flail's house in. 1
i i
a : <
American Beaatj '
How glorious and wonder- j 1
<fal Is the advent of another ' ?
?^*sr life, When baby Is born | ,
jg J there conies into the world a new ;
SI J, soul, the real American. Beauty, j _
mtjf When the hour arrives It should be ' Hp*
the dawn of & new and perfect '
fmf future. The Joy of motherhood :
Bt7 should he as free from fear and
9u danger as It is possible to make It. j
Mil Thousands of women have used '
S?.i the safe and reliable application.
lerful help to nature In relieving strain .
md distress brought about by expand- '
ng muscles. The nerves, too. win be 1
aim, making the period one of cheerful
lays sad rertful nights. The breasts are i
tept In good condition and the abdominal
nuscles relax with ease when baby Is I
?m. "Mother's Friend" males* It possi>Ie
for the expectant mother herself to 1
ictually aid nature In the glorious work to
to Bcrformcl, and no woman should neg. (
oct or fall to give nature a helping hand. ?
t win seis infinitely less palm. at the
r>o not fan under any circumstances to
;et this greatest remedy, ever comtounded
for espectant mothers. Write to
he Bra<Jfield Regulator Co.. 3>ept. J,
00 Lamar Building. Atlanta, Go., for their
100k. "brotherhood ard the Baby". They
rill send it free. It is not only very useW.
but will make you helpful to others,
icmesnber to ask your druggist for ? hotle
of "brother's Friend" today.
jsy| A remedy for infection,
WjM Of 1 ?r the urinary tract.
Kfn fif PaioleM. uoa-poleonoua
l|? 9and will not stricture.
BriVAwX ^^8 Relieve* in 1 to A dajl.
aree! Teit if deaired ? I-rice Si. or a bottle* SC.TS.
Prepared by
Our knitting: yarns ai
for Army and Xavr use. H
shades. Also special sock ;
at $3.50 per pound. Cash
Oppo rt unity to increas
hare the right yams and th
ting yarn business is still ir
Write us for samples and
East Libert}
114 N. Highland Ave.
| Doing Things
JF The thoughtful young man ear:
v cor Bume line ot life -work. Toda;
J* >rder to do anything worth while,
kg He also early sees tjie necessit
aire needs which are sure to come
V If you are not now saving nut:
? or opening an account with this h
2 No matter how small the begiz
i The Peoples N
(Tea. of Moaongah are Tilting A*. ^ .
Miss i.alu Bishop, of UfGngton. m l
he juest of Miss Davinca Bn?s la 'j
Tol-mbia streets
Mrs. Ambrose. Mrs. Fv H. Brumoa***'?
;i!d Mrs T. B. Henderson spent WeffeJiS
lesdsy at Manningion.
VitgB Wat'.dns otteniied the baskets* II
jail pme at Backhaanon Wednesday *t3
evening ;~r*S|
Mrs. Sailie Prickctt. of Montana. 4?jgj
-pending n. few days with her son. JbaqiM^M
rc-cco IVickett. in Slate street. Hr*-?
Prickett has been Quite sick the past % n
few days.
mm Mir |
If you euro for heavy hair, that7"*'jB
gln-ims with beauty anil, is radiant. . j
with lite. has an incomparable sofO 'J
ness and is fluffy and lustrous. trjr_ .-"j
Danderiue. . is2p!^9
Just ono application doubles the s|
iitj of your hair, besides it lmmcdj^^H
ttei: dissolves every-particle of dan<t y^l
ruft': you caunot have nice, heavy. '<*1
ne.iltby hair if you liave dandruff. This - J
destructive scurf robs the hair of ?t^j<ra| 1
lustre, its strength andJits very life,
ind if not overcome It produces a fo> -<yl
rerishctess and itching: "of the scalp;
he hair roots famish, loosen and die;
th?>u the hair falls out faSt.'
If yottr hair has bce'n neglected anal . .SI
s thin, faded, dry. scraggy or too |
>ily. set a small botle of Knowlfconfo ,^1
pandnrinc at any drag store or toilet
:oun;or for a few cents: apply a litOo
is directed, and ten minutes after yon
trill say this was the beet investment hf
con ever made. /. *
We sincerely believe, regardless of
everything else advertised, that If yo?.--'-;
lesiresoft. lustrous, beautiful hair anff;.
lots of it?no dandruff?no itching
scalp and no more (ailing hair?yon.
must use Knowlton's Danderine. M :, 5,
ventually?why not now?
I Ai j-Tr^^w ?f] H
nuuui x iiuci^w || i
to Clean House
Ton might hare known that :||
housecleaning time 'would coma II I
almost with warning- Prepare If. ;
for it now when housecleaning B
needs can be bought ahead ot II >;a
the demand and thus -so much II cheaper.
We carry a complete -Jl. v' ^
line of housecleaning goods. II ,.;:1
They are all 19-IS quality, They 'Ir-jg
are all ready for anybody's pur- H
chase and employment. Ammo-. If J
nfa. soap .brushes, floor oils, pol- -H
ishes. rubber glovfes. chamois. .11
sponges, disinfectants, fumigat--!! !
ors and all the scores of house- II.
cleaning and home purifying IX .
needs. eBtter stock up while II <
this thought is in your mind.
Drug Store j
re Government standard
eavy or light weight- All - :J
rani. To, the retail trade ^
with order. Samples on . . j
,ERS . 'M
e your yarn business. Wc |--|
e right prices. The. knit- 3..-j|
l its infancy. Go after it. it
wholesale prices. Spot o
7 Woman's -t?
fyfy^yo^ry^yfyfi^i^! y^yfyh^
Worth While M
" 3SC8K
ly sees the necessity of trstnfnc ; Jjj
y training; is very accessary in g
y of accumulating money- tor fu- , iSEB^B
your resolution into effect todaag|:-3
inlog 1t is "welcome. t-;v
-"* '- X'c -~ *' 1-' c^:
- "oj "i -

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