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F '' ' ==.
WASHINGTON*. D. C- March 15.?
r'n Among the callers on Senator SnthLg
erland today at his office were Ashley
E. Binof Elkins. and his
F brother, Lieut. Arden Bin?, wTio is
bere on a furlough; Preston G. Russell,
of Mill Creek; Mike H. King,
of Chaurleston and Elkins; Mr. and
Mrs. Vernon Johnson, of Berkeley
Springs; J. H. Babb. of Jenniagton;
and Dr. Griffith, of Parkersburg.
John K. Kerrwood. who formerly
published and-was the editor of the
Mountaineer at Ripley, is a visitor
in the dry, calling while here to pay
his respects to the congressman from
his district,* Mr. WoooyJ-.nl. Mr.
Kerrwood is now connected with the
Quartermaster's department of the
army and is stationed at Newport
News, Va. '
:? ?
Recommendations by Senator Sutherland:
Lanilon E. Hcskctt. of Piedmont.
now at on aviation mechanic'
training school at St. Paul, Minn., to
* be transferred in the same service to
Washington; Augustus A. Klyna. ol
Parkersbursr. to be transferred from
ith Co., 1st hut.. Camp Taylor. Ky..
to the aviation section of the signal
A claim for an accrued pension
was filed today with the Pension
Commissioner by Senator Sutherland
.for an in behalf of Mrs. Narilla Casto.
of Stoats Mills.
Out of every 1<#0 men that have
been called to the colors from West
Virginia 39 -were certified as fit lor
fighting, according t > a statement:
made at the War Department. Tiii3
fs & high average equal d by but
y three other States?Georgia. Virginia
flnd Oklahoma?and exceeded by nine
. States. Louisiana and V.'yamins. the
highest. with 30 certified out ot every
IOO called.
There has lien another conference
tills week between Food Administrator
Hoover and his loyal bar i of
State* administrators, a larjre attendance.
and further . top., to make s
war btircra. already most efficient,
more no. Tint administrator for VV
Virginia. Cel. IC. V". Ogiebay. was
here. There is also another conference
going 0:1 in which West Virginia.
as an oil-gas-gasoline producing
State it interested, and ationded by
several West Virginians. This ;s a
? meeting of oil well supply men with
Mark L. Requa. director of the oil
division of the Fuel Administration.
Loyal and efficient cooperation of
this important industry has been
- pledged at this, the first conference
held by Its representatives. Tentative
plans were discussed for priorities
in the matter of ail kinds 01" supplies
In which a possible shortage was
indicated. About ~?0 men from this
trade are here in the meeting, which
is presided over by J. II. Barr. of
i . Pittsburg, well and favorably knov. n
to men engaced in the oil industry
in West Virginia.
It seems assured that there will be
to ^ far less waste of government seeds
sent out this year by Senators and
Representatives titan, it is suspected,
lias been the case in previous year::.
Members^ of Congress, feel that this
is true, because of the overwhelmingly
number of written requests received
by tbem from constituents. When
a man or woman, boy or stirl .takes
tho time and tronblc to sit down mil
write for seeds, it is figured thai the
writer means to make good use of
them. Government expert estimators
' have said that the wealth of the Nation
was increased from family truck
gardens last year S350.000.000. The
signs art that that unprecedented
record will bo smashed by a newer
- and better one this year. Another
thing which is clearly apparent in
congressional circles this year that
has never been noticed before and
that is that the members of Congress
?-? ? wnot r3or< 1 nf naJns.
die W IV Q4 V**v ? - ?. v> - ,
and considerable extra expense, to
more carefully distribute the quota
of 20.000 packages allotted to each
this year, which is 0000 less than
last. They want to so pass the
seeds around so tli3t there -will be
a smaller percentage not planted this
year than ever before. Many of them.
Instead of "running the lists" of constituents
they have in their offices.
? have advertised widely in the papers
if their districts and those who wantid
seed for their gardens should write
? /
: Here* the safe!
way to good:
: coffee |
/The way of the peddler 2
is dusty?and so are bis
goods. Here today, gone ?
5 a tomorrow. Why take his
S ^ word? Trade with your ?
5 W grocer'and be sure or
a wbatyoubuy. Only jro- J
2 9 cers sell
/ Golden ;
IV Sun
I It Coftee [
y Try a pound today, a
Revel in its .fresh, fra- J
i-, g grant aroma and delight- a
% fnl flavor. No dust?no g
5 H chaff in it Makes more a
cupito tha pound. Try it g
for this reason alone.
a g Tol<xlo Ohio a
- - , . ?? : | : WWW
3N NEWS ^1
in and say so .the first come the first
served. The response has been
prompter and more general than they
had supposed - it would be. This is
the plan. Representative Stnart F.
, Reed adopted and he say* it is workj
ins out fine. Many of the members
i will not have seeds enough to meet
j the demand made upon thorn.
) The Suit lobbyists hare their gun?J
! trained on the members of the Sen-i
: ate. have pretty well got the range
' and have laid down a barrage on the
trenches of the "gray wolves of the
Potomac." In this battle for votes,
the thing of most interest to TVest
Virginians, both for and against the
suffrage amendments, is how Senator
I Howard Sutherland will vote. There
; nre a good many argumentative shells
j from the indefatigable, resourcefal
! and (some of them)) fair and fascinI
ating pluggers for the "cause." Senj
ator Sutherland is listed by them iu
:h^ir doubtful column. Indeed, those
i who have applied their magnetic
j treatment to him classify him among)
! the very-, very doubtful whom nothing
| will save to them except a death bed
| conversion. The Senator is suspect'
cd of entertaining a very -wholesome
' ar.d respectful regard for that OS.OOO
majority cast against votes for worn.-rj
in the State he represents. The
s<tnte argument by which Congressman
Edw. Cooper buttressed his opposing
vote about when the amend-)
incut w-ormed through the House by
its epidermis. Senator Goff pledged!
: himself some time hack to vote for)
1 the submission of the amendment !
i The Suff loboyists very much fe.-.r;
' that ih~ IVest Virginia Senate dele-;
gatlon is going to tic it fifty-fiftv;
j standoff, when the vote is taken. How- !
ever, they hug tight to their agilatedl
i seives the cheer-up philosophy of thej
vt-n- tat" Dr. Munyon who for years.|
j from the tip of ilis uplifted forefing-l
or at the top-edge of man;.- a signj
! board. asserted that?"There Is!
Among the appointmeiits issued to-j
I day from tlte office of the Adjutant]
I General o" the Army is that of Ivv
G. Shirkev. of t'arbon. tV. Va.. to be]
a first lieutenant in the medical re-j
serve corps.
Commissions aJ; postmasters.,
fourth class, have been issued to.
Alonzn Hudson at Costa. W. Va.; tVp- ]
liatn C. Bobbitt. <'o wen: and Lloyd ?'.
Nanna. Sue. Greenbrier county. Costa
j is the name of a new past office which
i is located in Boone county.
t ?...
i1 - ''
Funeral Services.
Funeral services were held yester|
day afternoon for Mrs. Milton Bejach.
! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hona;
ker of Monongah. Services were con'
ducted at the home of h?r parents
j on Bridge street by the Jfcev. W*. J.
i U/AQ MIMft Tft niF" i
vvnu uviiiu iv i/itm
But Fortunately She Took
the Nerv-Worth Way to
Health and Quickly
} Mrs. Mollie Yaley. wife of the well)
i known flour salesman, of Ports- j
month. Ohio, in the following en-'
j tirely new statement gives her opin-j
ion of Nerv-Worth merits: j.
: "I saw Nerv-Worth advertised in;
1 the Portsmouth Times and decided i
i to try it for my trouble. I purchased'
i three bot'.les from the Fisher Ac Streich |
: pharmacy. I had been confined to my;
; bed tcr days at a time from August.
; Iflld. r-j February. 1917. When I would
I eet o.it of ecu 1 was so 'aintt T would!
'have r.? le.dovn. Atlcr taking 'he
I three bott'-e of Nerv-\Vr?r-.h i WAS
! am fu.t My neighbors remark
i about rr.y Iff king so vol*, and said
I they tnourht I was gains to die. as
; I looKCtt so tad befor-j tcslnn NeivI
Worth and now T am so much lt'shlsr.
i "2231 Robinson Ave.. Portsmouth. O."
Crane's drug str.rc set's Nerv-Worth :
: in Fairmont . Your dollar back if this
! famous family tonic d-os net help
; YOU. '
r * ?i
; Trenches are not Tak- 1
en With Kid Gloves
Neither is financial j
? . '-*r independence ever ac- tl
complished by "go easy" " |;
methods. j 1 j
To most people of Fairmont h
the thought comes?why am ' 1
I not getting a surplus aceu- 3 :
mulated? We'll venture that
this is the reason?the week- . I
y balance after living expenses
are paid is kept in pocket <ji;* '
and easily slips stray by jijji |
i, next pay day. |* i
Systematize your sflafts. {'!;
, With the next pay envelope h
open a savings account and j
a checking account Pay all fn
; j i bills by check and deposit the : |
|. surplus at interest in the
savings account.
bank's^ i|^
west va
Eddy of VUxmont. TbOormJnt the
HuiW: at' the km the body was
taken to the Wcodlswa cemetery In
Febmoet to* faitermeptBooths'
Creek High.
Booths Creek was the highest all
day yesterday it has been tor many;
years. At several points along- the
creek the water did much damage. I
Here at Monongah it was up in the
Holbert and Eskcth property In!
Gas Was Off.
The gas was off entirely in certain
sections of Monongah yesterday morning.
Some people who were in the]
habit of getting up before daylight I
to go to work were compelled to dress'
and eat their breakfast in the dark.
Is Recovering.
Mrs. David Levy i? now recovering
after an illness of several weeks at
her home on Bridge street. She has
been in a very serious condition but!
j Grain and Produce |
CHICAGO. March 13.?Rapid piling'
up of stocks at leading terminals did
a good deal today to bring about a
i?in * ?/? triluo ftf nnrn Prices!
closed heavy to "*@1 cent net low-i
er. with March 127 and May- 126 U-|
Oats Ceil to IZi and provisions 6
to 7. . I
Corn? - Open Close!
March 127-i I
Mav 12714 12">U
Sir* S9v*
May S9 S7"-i
May 4S.30 4S.42
New York
NEW YOKK. March 13.?Revival of
last week's inquiry for rails, especially
the coal carriers, contributed in
large degree to the occasional activity
and variable strength of the New
York stock market yesterday.
The movement took certain of the
professional element by surprise, because
it was thought that overnight
news from abroad, particularly the
fresh Teutonic .offensive in Russia,
might precipitate moderate liquidation.
Reading was again the conspicuous
feature at an extreme gain o' four
points to 34 the maximum eta
ion thas far this year. Dcaii .: in
that issue so far exceeded all other
issues as to excite much conjecture.
Other strong coalers included Norfolk
& Western. Chesapeake & Ohio.
Baltimore ic Ohio. Lehigli Valley and
Krie first preferred, gains ranging
iruou yuc iu i?w i'jui.
A. Ca-Iciuri compound that -wtl! "brine relief
in rnajiy *out? &nd chronic exxeeu
Prov'd-M* in haruli<-Pt "Term, a bautic remodv
hl/rhly rr corn men doi by science. ?"*ontsinx
no harmful drvTry them today.
50 cents a box, including war tas ;
? For oale br >H dnuccM*
Eckrn.a laboratory FliUHdolphla
y If You Join Before
| $6.00. If You Jo
i $25.00. BeWis<
I .lot
St ? ?"
1 Big I
fjj rairm
I At the
| Sunday IV
Isf Hear the stirring a<
g era! of Charleston, Sena
x srflmerv. Commissioner c
o v '
32| tures from Moosehart si
w open at U :45 to receive
^ at 1:30. Come and bring
der see A- H. Logan, L. I
Wash JTlchols km in Fairmont yesterday
as a business caller.
John Phillips, who was formerly located
in Monongah as district representative
of the Singer Sewing Machine
Company is sow employed as
conductor for the Monoagahela Valley
Traction Company.
Miss Davinna "W'atkins was in Fairmont
for a short while yesterday attending
to shopping.
Mrs. Charles Leivlng was calling in
Mannington on Wednc-scay . *>
Mrs. Grover Cochran was among
the Monosgah callers oat of town on .
Mike Martin has been ill recently
| but has now recovered. j
"We honestly believe CRAN'O!
LEXE -will care any case of Ec:
zema or other skin disease. Come
in and let ns tell you about it. Use
one jar of Cranolene Ointment:
h if dissatisfied with results your
i money will be refunded In jars,
23c. $1.00 and $2.50.
Fairmont Pharmacy,
Fairmont, W. 7 a'
Samples Free. Address Cranolene,
Box E, Girard. Kas.
|- : '
j "Gets-It"?2 DropsThan
to the Dance!
! "Goodnight to Com Pains?Cams '
Peel Off With "Gets-It."
i "Say, girls, you can laugh at t :
1 tight shoes, or damp, corn-pulling I 1
i weather, big butnpy comj, calluses | ;
on the soles of your feet, corns be- :
twcea tlic toer. hard and toft corns, ; -
wMSSf ^WB&7 ) IB
""It"* AO Off With Thia Fierc. Cera Now?
'GctoJf UMaeic."
i if you -will just touch the com or
' callus with a few drops of "Gets-It"
I What a blessed relief it srtves to
i com pains: You won't limp any
more: you can enjoy the dance
' every minute. Then to see hov
I that corn or callus will come riph:
, off complete, like a banana peel and
without the !?ast pain. Is Just wonderful.
'Gcts-It* 13 the biggest seller
among corn removers in the world
today, simply becacso It Is so wonderfully
simple and always works.
iBe sure you pet "Gcts-It"*
"nets-It" Is sold at all druggists
1 (you need pay no more than 25 cents
a bottle), or sent on receipt of price
j by ?. Lawrence & Co.. Chicago. 111. j
j bold in Fairmont and recommended :
j is the world's best corn remedy by J.
i II. MeCloskey & Co., W. R. Crane Drug j
I Store. Fairmont Pharmacy. j ^^^^BOSaSgBBBBaSOSai
Be A
i Sunday March 1 7, It
in After That Date, 1
i and Save the Differe
n TOD.
jooster Meetii
iont Lodge
X, '
? 1 < 1
larcn 1 /, at i
Idresses of such men as E. T. 3
tor R. A. Pollock of Canton, C
>f Labor of Charleston. You
nd the last convention at Pitt
applications for membership.
; your friends. For further ini
iTtouffield or any member of t
' -*i' .yr V < V-JfC - -V V
Editor "West Virginian:
You are authorized to announce
Darts EDdns. of Morgan town. Monongalia
county. a candidate for nomination.
by tbe Republican party, for the
United States Senate for West Virginia.
subject to all the rules of the
Republican party, and the laws of the
state governing the primary election
to be beld Aujpiat. 191S.
J. H- McDERMOTT. Chairman.
Jlorgantown. "West Virginia.
P. O. drawer 881. Telephone 100.
Yoa are authorized to announce that
I am a candidate for nomination by
the Republican party, for the United
States Senate for West Virginia, subject
to all the roles of the Republican
party, and the laws of the state
govern ins the primary to be held in
August, 191S.
Huntington. W. Va.
FOR SALE ?^Egi?s for hatching^
Anconaa, 51-00 per setting. J. J.
Thorn .Lowesville. "W". Va.
FOR SALE?Two pens of single comb
Black Minorca chickens, one pen
Columbia Wyandottes. All good layers.
Also eggs for hatching. D. J.
Michael. Broomfield. W. Va. 3-T-6t-C495
FOR SALE?Baby chicks. Guaranteed.
any breed prompt delivery;
10c tap. Write your wants now. EIwood
Pusey. East Liverpool. Ohio.
FOR SALE?Standard make of piano
in fnnA rendition. Mahosranv case.
light action, good tone, and a bargain
if taken at once. Apply 024 Jefferson
St. or call 317 Bell phone. 3-14tf-3523
FOR SALE?730 acres, one mile to
traction and R. R. on pike; good
bridge. 250 A. level, cultivated, coal
and timber. Pay for it $50.00 per acre.
Henry Edtntster. Tronton, Ohio.
WANTED? Miners granted wb<t are
studying for examinations, to get
the best mining book published, "Mining
in a Nutshell." bv James Wjydlaar,
Scottdalc. Pa. Price' $2.23. 20-261-3377.
WANTED TO RENT?3 rooms fuinisiied
[or light house-keeping. Preferablv
near Fairmont avenue. P.
O. Box ITS. 3-14-21-3536.
WANTED?To buy second-hand used
baby carriage. Call 14V2-J.
: :
jru _ :<*
r? tt* g
^ ni
Costs You Only ^
it Will Cost You ^
nee. 3S
_ SS
4.Y - |
c &
igof |
*T S
1>0. ? g
Tieatr% |
:30 P. M. |
England, Attorney Gen- 3K
). and Samuel B. Mont- ^
will also enjoy the pic- ??
sburgh. - Meeting place SS
Booster meeting opens ^
formation .abqut the orhe
order. Isf
LOSTf^Sunday between Cook Hospital
and Tenth street, on Gaston
avenue, leather and canvas barber
strap. Reward it returned to Haim's
Barber shop. 103 Main street.
LOST?Broach set with one diamond
and four pearls between Jefferson
street and South Side bridge. Reward
if returned to Bert G. Linn. Union
News Co.. Watson Bldg- S-14-2t-5537
WANTED?waitress or waiter. Address
Box 3459. West Virginian.
WANTED?Girt for general house
work. 616 Fairmont avenue. Phone
i 560. 3-ll-6t 3519.
j WANTED ? Women to do ^general
hou^pwork. Apply Mrs. J. jr. straignt.
$09 Coleman Ave. S-12-tf-3323
WANTED?Experienced saleslady for
cloak and salt department. Apply
to Harrison's Dept. Store. 3-12-3t-3522
WANTED?Young women nurse-; in
war?s of the Hospital. Must come
w^ell recommended. Good training
school. Three years* course. Including
12 months at Bellevue and Allied
hospitals of New York Gity^ For particulars
apply to the Superintendent,
the Dixznont Hospital, for the Insane,
Dixmonf. Pa.
WANTED?Experienced lady for tailoring
work. Apply orenz Tailoring
Co. 014 Main street. Phone
1209-W. 3-12-2t-332S.
WANTED?Experienced dining room
girl. Apply Tucker House. Jackson
street. 3-14-3t-3541.
WANTED?Yonng women between the
ages of eighteen and thirty-five years
; to take the Nurses' Training course at
! W. S. H. Graduate eligible for State
j Registration. Wages $20.00 per month
during junior year. For further information
apply to Superintendent. Warren
State Hospital. Warren, Pa.
WANTED ? Girl for general housework.
31C Cleveland Ave. 3-15-2t-3543
WANTED?One good fireman at once.
Ciiy Pump Station. $ hours; good
e-n one 'J.II.'XJSSI;
I wajfiC?. van M *w
I WANTED ? Attendants for insane.
Young or middle aged men. Qualified
men may enter the training school
for nurses. Wages 52S.00 per month
and all living expenses -with Increase
of pay after 3 months service. Further
increase can he expected for long service.
Annual vacation given with pay.
Reference required. Address Superintendent
State Hospital, Warren. Pa.
FOR SALE?166 acre farm 30 miles
Hast of Cleveland, 2 miles from
county seat. B. & 0. R. R. interurban
and brick road to Cleveland. Modern
10 room house with furnace, bath, hot
and cold water, acetylene lights, hardwood
finish. Modern cow barn, cement
floor, steel stanchions, new silo
raoaern Iiorse earn. grauarj, i;uiv,iwu
house, etc. Land gently slopes from
buildings, and is In good state of cultivation.
Price $100.00 per acre, half
cash. "Write owner. G. O. Farquharson.
410 Arcade. Cleveland. Ohio.
?Has 5-room frame house, barn and
other outbuildings; well fenced on public
road, mail route over same; apple
and peach orchard 6 years old;
other frnlt; lease for oil and gas; 8 ft.
vein coal under same. For particulars
write Marcellus Snyder. R. F. D. No.
1. Frost. O. 3-13-6t-3532
ISO-Acre Farm ? Freeport coal; Sroom
brick, slate roof mansard house
with bath; barn and otb"X? outbuilding;
tenement house; treated on a
rolling plateau overlooking 5 miles of
Ohio river, adjoining the city limits of
a thriving little city- 50 miles from
' Pittsburgh and 16 miles from Wheqfing.
on the Perm a. railroad; 13 daily
trains; 5 minutes'valk to good school,
churches, business center. 3 trolley
lines, depot, wharf and ferry; magnillcent
summer home, suitable for gar.
dening and dairy; splendid local market;
will grow into high-class residence
property; a bargain at $16,500, onehalf
cash; deferred payments secured
by first mortgage. Pan-Handle Abstract
Company. Wellsbnrg. "W. Va.
OAT P Avarlon/1 PopHcfor In
X* Wife UAuu Viw* --
A-l condition. Phono 343. 3-13-3t-353l
KOR HENT^Desk room, phono and
^ girl in office. Phone 71-J. 2-12-tf-339S
?5 VV fires, whatsov
6 whatsoever developel
S fires or fire breeding
as any worth of manhc
gg yon, think of' these tt
i ^F. E. NI
33 Masonic Temple
i i
LL " 1
*. Not a One
. This company, auth<
of a series of departmen
It can render you as
of any nature, Real Esta
Let us do business vr.
Fairmont Tr
I 'XjK JTfr.._*l/j^' M. "8 Ol\ \* c" y
^mea.^ Inquire 511 ffwlUntm,' <*$3
FOR RJuNT?Two furni3hed.rocm? t5r V^|
light hpuseheeplng. "53J ^Wsdnar^
WA.NTHI)?t'rom l to 4 furnished
or unfurnished rooms. Centrally to- :r?S3
cated. Address Box 3533, Wast Vfa*-"
gtni* office.
[FOR Rt-NT?One tarnished room ad rfiijl
F use of kitchen. Business girl or '
| nurse preferred. Apply at 1st and '
j Fairmont Ave., above Walter & Hy- -'
[land store, or call pbone 521. "'
FOB RENT?Furnished rooms tot
light housekeeping. 23 Walnut
Avenue. 3-13-3t-3S?. $g?2fl
FOB RENT?Two furnished rooms for
light housekeeping. 324 JefferscRt .
street. S14-tf-3538 BUSINESS
MABYLANFmoaey*makinFSr?s "Si i/r^B
sale. Mild climate, productive "land,
stock, iced. Implements included. Possession
at once, good buildings. 03 teas
acres. $4000; 26 acres. $2500;"
acres. $7500; 270 acres. 13500; SI f-SSR
acres. $3000; 20 acres, $1600. Term*
to suit. These are choice bargains, s ;' <
For full description write J. A. Jones,
Salisbury, hid. 3-l-tf-34 SFOB
SALE?Faying furniture and un-'
dertaking business in good locaMtyr~ . . Kkz%
70 acre farm at bargain. Poor health .;:*a?|
only reason tor selling. Box 41, Ken- /?|g
sington. O. 3-5-26t-348S>.
WE NEED a large number of skilled
and unskilled people, between the -Phh
ages of IS and 45. both male and female,
to fill vacancies in production v_^|
departments of our plant. H'e are.doing
an enormous business both in government
and regular commercial linesa
necessitating exceptional demand for " ' ga
labor. Physical examination r^iulred- . .-.- a
Apply in person or communicate with
Factory Employment Office, The Good- -'{vx!
year Tire and Rubber Co.. Akron. Ohio. :
FOR SALE ? 40 acres Bakerstown ' 'a
coal. 4 feet thick, 1,200 feet wragon haul
to railway siding; mine open arid _ j&ft
shipping. No better proposition any- ~ ;j?gH
where; ' big bargain. Write or telephone
today, Parrlsn Realty Company. . f &S9H
.Grafton. W. Va. 315-S03S47
trnTTCrc nop <3 ATTP > '
XLV vmxhj x~ VAW wuMf *"
FOR SALE?5 room house and bath;
1 acre ground on paved street at * ?:-?S|
car stop. Reasonable terms can be at*ranged.
Address Box 3481. West Vlrginian
office. 34-tf-3481. >
FOR RENT?Cottage at Elaora. large -jffaaW
garden, truck patches, bare and oth- ; er
outbuildings. All kinds of fruit- -~-M?
Inquire 305 E. Park avenue, or call Sj
232-3. 3-7-tf-348S>
| Professional^ Cardsj > .ijij
I ' 2S )nn pnutioal; *'->f-';5j
experience. Glasses tarnished In V '; '?&
one hour. With i ^
A. B. Scott & Company. > i
- ">
-- i- , . ?j?1-_-.- - - j _- r_i?l V
08TEO?ATH IC PH*8ICtA* " ^
Olaseei at all Kinds correctly
Ball Block oyer aiartln'eJDro* J I .
Store. -i - 4-.\
_. . '
Dr. D. L. L. YOST
Practice limited to office and . -23
consultation. ' " -SMa
New Location 310 Male St. '.]
i Hours 2 &. m. to 8 p. a daily. "'%%&
I and 1 to 4 p. m. Sunday by appoint- ; \ ' v^aB
!> ment phone?New Directory. 273;
| Residence Phone lz?& J.
. - , ? ' <
' v^Scmh
Repairing and rebuilding an- '
tomobile radiators a specialty.' ;"-"^.V;3SH
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt
and Sold. .
Practical Tinner and Sheet >
Metal Worker. 32$rMonroe St.
8S&8S&&8S8S8S8SSS8S63& I
c^3.f ?y ?r .^|j8
erer preventeth fires, SK'^1
materials; if there be
od or womanhod in ^ ||
V wWCh'-'^'.'S'. '
>A$4G&K*4UC54C*****rtttmim?Jd t<
???<? i r,Trri ]
>rized by law, is made up V
ts each headed by a spec- m^?;
ast^nce on Trust matters Jm
te or Investments. S - *
ithyou. _ SJ I

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