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^mktmnfsai Welcome, American.
Talk, American Food,
' WerkWondgrs for Boys
Kfe4^^aiaiMi5t -ConlMstone of * Wife."
Kair Jnst Returned from * Trip
Hj? (fce War Zone Under the Auepices
. ;' ><fc? Americas Red Cross end The
iPeet Vfcstoian.
HSgSsfe'^ I -wish I could naJce you over here
-what the Red Cross Can
Ks teca means to the American soiuier
?&&&'' '; tab strange land,
gv He gets Here a little taste or borne;
felV lft-*et? American food, sandwiches
Pit/- 1ft* mother used to make and coffee,
te? andf chocolate
, - ' ; I stopped a -while in the splendid
: canteen presided over by Miss Given|
-wjDson. at a camp of 30,000 or our men.
MlSS^y V . 5tles Given-wllson Is a slender .girl
BSa?>;'*' - ... and she reminded me of nothing so
ftjSBfeT. much as a flame darting here and!
there. "She and her most efficient!
K8|?g/v/. corps-of young women are soldiers In j
Ksgg'fe- - the true sense of the word. They work i
SSg&r;:-:."- -". until they drop from esha-rstlon and!
WBSfc.'1*besr hardships that the average Aimer- j
ices--woman cannot understand, much ,
: less endure.
Ifearly every young womau that I.
bare spoken to since r came back has!
ftferw said, "Oh. how I -wish I could go over j
SEjr%":! . there." The girls over here saem to j
EES-'; V. think the girls over there are having
pS.v'-r-'" corking times.
?? . Miss GIveawlIson had been at this!
&*&* / ' . canteen when I was there less than
- three months, bat with the exception ;
BgRf'..: of one other youug-lady. she was the !
. only one who had been able to stand
the hardship. All the others bad sac-'
Bags* combed to cold and bard work.
Kgfe v :, These girls get up before sis and
' with the weather below zero tbey make ;
tggUl their own fires in their barracks, j
pSPrf Everything is froten up. even tooth !
iiKMHte,-. -. brushes have to be thawed out before '
. they can be used. Then over to ice;
R^v; *!. 1 canteen, for the men begin to come in i
?sT.; _ - at half past six. I
The big Red Cross but is warm.
MBS*?;' There is a piano, a victrola. a nutn- ]
Kg?*'. ber of tables where one u?iy play dom
KS-"' "- iaoes or checkers or -write letters;
home, but its greatest attraction is the '
Bgkt' ^.counter at wblcb the cats are sold.
BbB?--For six cents, a soldier can buy two
sandwiches, a cup of coffee, tea or!
' chocolate and there is always a line j
_ of American soldiers from the open-;
iag until the closing at seven o'clock
BgS*/ t?. at night.
BgBgai.-.:-- > Right here, please remember these !
B^-vv' girls are on their feet all this time. As :
they tnmble into bed trntil the next
Irefe; morning before ligbt they arc usually
Igfefe-' so tired they have Tery little to say to
ESv-:: r. each other.
Wpt*. - Every American mother knows you
|Bggy' V - cannot fill np the American boy. and
RiPeI: ' I accused some of the boys of getting
i their cups or coriee ana auu?n.u?^ |
.. ' ' and making way with them as they;
lowly wended their way back to the j
end of the line again. '
Jim. cheese, sardines and ham: all [
are made into pastes that can be eas-;
ily spread on war bread.
This bread, which is rather hard of
crust, is sliced usually by a German
prisoner, many of whom are detained
to clean np the hnt
The sandwiches are then spread by
the girls sitting at a long table. T
spread one thousand sandwiches with
; sheese paste on Christmas Day and the
others did better than I. for being new
I was not very expert.
Every boy tries to stop a moment to
: ?ay something to the girls at the counter.
Indeed, one young chap said to
me, "I am not always hungry when I
go to the hnt. but I get so homesick
to talk Americanese with an American
girl, that I Just go orer and buy a sandwish
tor the excuse of saying, 'Gee. but
you're looking fine this morning, you
must have had a letter from home."
Everyone of the young women in
these ran teens is working 12 hours a j
day, quite as bard as the soldiers that j
are drilling ontside, and many of these j
girls have had maids to do their hair j
VimA ^
I And yet yon seldom bear a word or j
complaint over the hardships they are ;
When a girl begins to complain, yon :
. ean be sure she will not stay long; she !
is better off back here in America. !
where she can find fault because Mr.;
Hoorer has asked her not to eat -white .
bread or some other little sacrifice, j
It is the American sirit which you I
It Is the American spirit which you .
work over there in the Red Cross as ;
thoroughly as it does our soldiers, and i
it makes one proud not only of being
' < an American, but or being an American
War Food Demonstration.
The War Savings Demonstration
which will be held in the Domestic j
Science rooms at the local public |
schools tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 j
promises to be of great interest. Miss j
Virginia. Foollc. of Huntington, will!
give a lecture on "War Savings Stamps, j
ut?? T?*nctie "Price, of the State TTni- I
varsity, win give & demonstration on j
H& . Liberty bread, eggless muffins j
and deep apple pie. The Woman's
club under whose auspices the meet-'
las la held, ask and urge every Man-}
uington woman and every woman's or- j
Sj^C sanitation to attend. b j
Recovery Doubtful. !
Bfciv "Word from Mrs. B. Lewis Speacer j
received from Wheeling where her has- 1
Tj '*-- . bend was to have undergone a surgi-!
Btfeel operation for as affliction of the
^Ks&.f stomach, tells that an incision was
| - made, and the physicians found the patient
was suffering from cancer, an .v
* . nousdng that nothing could be done
farther than to sew up the wound. His
Bgg& v advancement is considered hopeless.
R5Sf- Ouest from Chicago.
Vd. A. 8. Kidder, of Chicago, QL.
BE? has arrived here for a few days* visit
g*? ; wttb her sister, Mrs. Jamea X*. Stew?rt,in
Pleasant street.
^ ? Ward Baatty^etarncd a^tertay
r: ' Vinr "^n :
who fins ocen quite in ior luc
week, i6 much improved.
i c
Mrs. J. T. Keen III. 1
Mrs. J. T. Koen has been ill at her
home in Pleasant street for the past a
few days. 1
Too Much Territory. *
Four jitney bus owners were arrest- i c
cd Saturday night for parking their:?
cars on forbidden ground on Market? *
street. The fifth owner was on the \ I
right cad of the street but was on the |
wrong side, which proved bis naisfor-i
tune. At a hearing Monday evening j
before Mayor Charlton the men were- c
warned not to repeat the offense and c
were excused with this reprimand. I
Dance Big Success. t
The Knights of Columbus dance giv-1'
ea In the new Modi building Monday j
evening was a big success from all an- j
gles. The first floor of the building i
was nsed for serving refreshments i j
while dancing was enjoyed on the sec- t J
ond and third floors. More than two c
hundred dollars was raised, which was j c
divided between the K. of C. War fund.'
and the local Red Cross. Skinner's or-j
chestra of Fairmont, furnished the mu- j
in the
If each famu
5,500,000 pounds, 01
three times a week,
barrels in a year.
You can do your si
the war by omittin
place muffins or con
V espcenmifl
ti cups floor
? aalf
14 teaspoons Rc
Sift dry inj
. _ shortening
oven sboat
bread in gn
Car new Red, White and
recipes tor making deli
I 1 ?" v <5* .
I UM?tir ut mm is
KSL/ u ^nSC'ji
?r.. ' -- . ~ ,
^3&JM-S rfc
^?sp^HR^^|E^ 1^
f'r!*5 ?"|1
"v X s. 3
. ^'. . ' . ^ j
?? '*5
Iwlc'n counter at the Red Cross canson.
This photo shows some of the
ic for the affair. The Knights extend
heir sincere thanks to Mr. Modi for
he kind donation of the rooms.
Donations of Clothing.
The plans for the drive this week j
iv the local Red Cross to collect aJl:
ialf worn clothing for the relief of the .
lepple in Belgium and Northern France |
iave been changed, so that all who;
iave clothing and shoes to donate are j
isked to send same to the following
ionics: First ward. Miss Marion I
how. Main street: Second ward. Mrs.!
t. D. Mead. Franklin street: Third'
rard. Mrs. L. J. McMillan. Beatty ave-!
me. j
Daughter Born.
Born. Monday. March lSth, io Mr. |
ind Mrs. Timothy T*. O'Brien, or Jef-1
erson street, a daughter.
Sophomores" Play.
Friday evening. March 22. the Sophimorc
class of the local high school
rill present a farce comedy entitled
The Dear Boy Graduate'" in the school
lidirorium at S:15 t>. m. Tickets are
iow being sold by members ot the j
lass, and the proceeds will be invest-1
id in War Savings Stamps. These
ilass plays are well attended each
ear. and as this effort is for a parriotc
cause it should receive the liberal
latronage of the community.
Death of Child.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robirt
M- Kynd. of Main street, died Stontay
evening after a short illness ot
mettmonia and whooping cough. The
uneral was held at the residence this
ifternoon and the remains taken to
"airmont for burial.
State Secretary Here.
W. J. Eldrodge. of Clarksburg, asslsttnt
secretary of the State Sunday
School association, was here yesterlay
on business connected with Sunlay
school worI\
Left for Funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hollobaugh left
iillion Fan
United I
-Y saved one cup of wheat flour i
more than 28,000 barrels. If th
it would amount to 858,000,000 p
bare in effecting tins saving' and
g white bread from one meal toda
a breed made according to this reci;
Corn Meal Muffins
il 2 tublwpi
/ No
1 cop mil
nl Bsfcfng Powder 2 tablesp<
gradients together into bow}; add tnilk i
and beet well. Bake in greased muffin
20 cmrates. Seat better may be bain
Med shallow pan.
Bloc booklet, "Best War Time Recipes,
a'oos and wholesome wheat saving food:
OWPER CO., DEPT. R, 135 ^
1 jW ?yrttoiJ*>Loa<2A
T V Vflf [email protected] OOMHC* )
' jk ^co?^h^<^?50?a&
s*\i 1
*fj . * PNttWOMj
.. :?... .-..".4 -'v' i--"-is'- .<
There's an unending line to the san J
teens in France, says Idali J^cCrlone Gibj
aasi^ry iiu?ui.au iauo .u uu?.
spent a few weeks with bis sister. Mrs. i s
Jennie Arnett. The latter has been ! t
very ill for some time, although Mr.;.' t
Beatty reports her somewhat im-1
Moves on Farm. ' t
William J. Loudenslagcr, who has 41
lived in Clarksburg street for the past 11
few years, will move with his family jt
to a farm near Katy in a short time, j 1
! a
Boy III. " j 1
Dale, the eleven-year-old son of Mr. j i
and Mrs. Sylvester C. Wilson, has been j I
confined to bis home for the past few 11
days suffering from a very severe ill- j t
ness at the home of his parents at Rv- j
Rier. '
, a
Mrs. Hite Better. jf
Mrs. R. M. Hite. of Furbee avenue.'
~m' "
Monday ewalnt lor OwweliniX OMo,
to attend the ton oral of their nephew.
Lee McKaHy. who died at Camp Merritt
X. J-. where he was a member of
the Medical corps.
Here from Peoria.
Miss Mettle Conaway. of Peoria.,
Illinois, is here the guest of her coos-;
ine, the Misses Lucy Prichard and j
Flora Koen.
Daughter Bern.
Born Saturday. March IS, to Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel E. Tags art. of Hain
street, a daughter. .
Called to Colorado.
Miss Lena Prichard. of this city.
who has been in Pittsburgh. Pa, for j
some time past, left that city last even- >
ing for Colorado Springs. Colo., being
called by the critical illness of her j
brother. Hugh W. Prlchard. who went i
to Colorado for his health.
Visit In North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel M. Leigh left |
Monday evening for a visit at the home !
of the former's parents in Weldon, !
Xcrth Carolina.
Hotel Arrivals.
Bartlett?O. E. Bethel. H. L. Staep- |
perd. Geo. T. Bell, J. T. Wheeler, Carl '
Smith. Wheeling; H. E. Cochrane, ]
Clarksburg, S. J. Appel. Chicago; E. |
E. Pope. Parkersburg; C. A. Lopet, U.
B. Carsrott. P. C. Mamlanda. Fair-;
moot; John B. Le Roux. Fairmont; i
Arthur L'shrisou. New York.
Wells?J. B. Fisher. J. D. Hammond. '
Clarksburg; F. S. Davis. Cleveland,
Okla.; Gay u. vvauace, u. <uuu>.^
Mcrgantowu; O- E. Springer. Salem; :
Charles Kirk. E. M. Noel. Pittsburgh; :
RA\ Jonep. Fairmont; J. C. Edgartou. 1
Salem, o. t
Mrs. Charles P. Flanagan and child '
returned yesterday from a visit with
relatives in Clarksburg.
J. Fred Rex was iu Burton, Hundred
and Littleton yesterday, on an adver-:
Using trip for the C. C. Basnett ttore.
A. E. Beatty. of Yandalia, 111., is here, i
the guest of his sitter, Mrs. Mary J. [
Hough. iD Houghtown.
James E. S* an returned this mom-1
ing after a weeks' visit with relatives j
in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Miss Mary Seamona returned Hon-!
day to her home jn Morgantown after j
a visit with her sister, Mrs. H. J. Mat-j
thews, in Beatty avenue.
Rev. Charles J. Kluser was the guest
of friends in Littleton yesterday.
Oliver Cook, of Cameron, was a
business visitor in the city Tuesday. <
Mrs. C. C. Cotfman and daughter.
Miss Alice spent Sunday with relatives I
in Ciarksburg.
Harry H. Harker returned here yes- j
terday after spending the past few t
months in Akron. Ohio.
31 rs. JohD Radal^augh. of Columbus, 1
Ohio, is the guest of her father, T. E. j
Floyd, on Burt Hill. *.
"Winston t. smitn was a ousraess ,
visitor in Fairmont yesterday.
Dayton A. Rymer returned yester-j
day from a business visit in Wheeling.!
Bliss Eliitabeth ViUIeres has return- j
ed to ber home in Littleton after a vis- j
it with friends here. j
B. Frank Beer, off Moundsville, was ,
a business visitor in the city Tuesday, j
Bev. Thomas Koontz. of Wheeling, j
is the guest of his brother. Rev. J. v.;
Koontz. The former delivered a ser- j
mon in the Presbyterian church Jfon- ]
day evening. I
Mrs. E. O. Murray has returned from :
Hundred where she has been holding a I
series of religious meetings.
T. R_ Hite. of Cameron, spent Sun-1
day with his daughter. Mrs. Lucian ; |
H. Boor in High street.
Mr. and Mrs. Loveland, of Clarks- j
" i
[lilies fl |
is saving was made
lounds, or 4,377,000
really help to win
y and baking in its
sonm toffar
ion* ibattsxinf
isd melted
tins in hot
td as.com
" containing many other "
> mailed free?address
Ml?% St, New York
E WAR Cri~j |
rm ATTm*i*nr TW^I
SmjlitMAi rim
[inu- oo?r met?iio*^A ;
V ?<> V ^- tAvexs>viJj.
s >Xis?^ooBeA'-*-H>CT|
I' v^wae**" fthwaftmjjr
flW^ ^ ^ I -
bars; spent the week sad "with Mr. sad
Mrs. B. E. Mitchell is Hcraghlown.
Charles W. Forbes. of Clarksburg,
spent Sunday with relatives in. the
Mrs. Frank Lillie and little son have
returned' from a visit with relatives
is Bella.;re. OhioMiss
Lel&b Davis, of Fairmont,
spent Monday with lilts Florence Connelly
Miss Fay Mead spent Saturday with
friends in Morgantown.
Mrs. Welier. of Canonsburg. Pa., is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Welier in Washington 8tre?t.
Miss Lottie Glover. ..or Fairmont,
spent-Monday with Miss Hazel Pltser
in Brookside.
Albert Evans, of Clarksburg, spent
the week end with his mother. Mrs.
Samuel Evans, in Main street.
Mrs. M. J. Matthews spent Monday
with friends in Fairmont.
Miss Effie Anderson and guest. Miss
Mary Williams, of Moundsvlile. were
here from Morgan town Monday evening
for the K. of C. dance.
Russell Furbee and Dale Turner, of
the W. V. C. at Morgantown, spent
the week end at their homes here.
J. Lee Arnett has returned after
serving on the petit jury in Fairmont.
Dr. F. W. Vance has returned home
after a visit with his mother a: French
Creek, Upshur county. He attended
the basketball tournament at Buckhannon.
-w hich was in charge of his brother,
Harry Vance.
Mrs. E. C. Devore has returned from
Wheeling -where she was the smest ot
her cousin. Mrs. Etrvna Spencer, at
Ohio Valley General hospital.
Mrs. E. C. Tabler and child bave returned
from a visit with the former's
sister, Mrs. Clarke, in Martinsburg.
The Hawkins saw mil! has arrived
at this place and -will be ready to
saw in a few days.
Mrs. E. M. White, or Murray, wa?
visiting relatives here over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hayhurst. af
Watson, spent Saturday and Sunday
I That Sit
Trade it in 01
That You
Many people are takin
piano, organ or talking ma
set apart this week as trad
low you every dollar it is "s
\7_ r*
If you select your insi
Hardrnan, Krakauer, Estej
- ->
Our prices are as low a
so that you can afford to h
414 Main Street.
U x~> i nmum
! 'Z' - ? .? X
I -Vj-WEU ?uppoe?4' \
\Vtwe4 woouw/< - ,
f '' '. - * ..
In Men's New
A rich showing of doz<
| ful silk four-in-hands, the i
New York. The wise mai
for the future in the necki
instead of more later.
Originators ana Leaders o
; vith J. J. Harris and family,
j Mrs. H. L. Harris and Miss Maryt
j Straley were calling on the family!
! of Penn Priclictt Sunday
! >K. and Mrs. Jesse Shafer. of near
I Fiickersville. spent Sunday at this
} place.
j Mrs. Leonari Curry and son, tVariren.
were visiting friends at Sistcrs|
ville recently.
1 Misses Elva and May Carry were;
ent IS
i one 1 iSs
g advantage of our Trade-in !
Lchine, now is the time to mal<
e-in -week and if you have an
vortii to be applied on anv nev
annot Go }
fcruments from these standard
r, Ludwig, Matchless Milton, F
s quality can be bought anywi
ave the-instrument you woulc
I "
.*>*.*} cowt
? c VLaJ <***
/^ ,. 7 ? *urr
- .'
'?&L r* >v g/ H
. _ II I
"'^1 Ifell
K ' I] -H
ms upon dozens of beautx- ftf
lewest designs direct from J|
1 will anticipate his needs j i||
vear line and pay 50c now | a?
f Low Prices in Fainni*i^^^S
visiting their sister, Mrs. Josepli GalK,';.
bard, near FSickcrsville Saturday and
Frank Davis, of Mt. Clare, will moT?. vgjg?e
bis family to this place in the saw ?||9
future. He will occupy the Prlckelt ?
Sereral of our people hare been at- VJg
tending the revival meeting at Mox> .A" 5j
Literary at Viola Saturday etf71- ~ "3?
Everybody invited. , . -
dman Autctone
Sale. If you have an old if ^
:e an exchange. We have II t
old instrument we will al- if ,;:J|
r instrument you desire to II ^
i/Vrong JI
. makes r^Steinway, Knabe, jl |||
1C VYUltUVlXUl H . :jg
I ' lumbia
Grafonola I
i/e Sell Only [|a
the Best Ja
iere. and our terms are Ifrct

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