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Women's ai
Upwards of one himdil
j Slid Dollars of Generous 9
_ttis sale! I
R Timed to meet tne en*
1 for up to the minute suit
| popular prices?it merits v
jj "will brine: women from fa
Remember they are id<
I and/trimmings with $35 to
1 m serge, poplin and gabarc
R copen, quaker gray, sand ;
| The coats are simply 1
poplin, gabardine, suede v<
most all shades and si
MBgp : Go with any Costume
SI 7.50 TO $20.00
HpSl ^ Readv-to-wear ai
I I Hats and T
1 Splendid Choice
|)| fou'll surely buy your
I you see this host ot prett]
go with any costume.
$5 00 TAILORED <?1
HATS ?P?Values
that cannot be ]
^ too highly. We purchase!
from the maker of some
; ^' smartest ready to wear ha
we sell. You should sun
them, of Milan braid with
- v ed ribbon bands and bows
$1.50 to $3.i
New models with flowe
|jg ribbon, all new wanted sh
Wings, Quills and Feat]
25c to $3.0
Best styles, black,
1 ro
fe -
Comity Officers Also Serve
the Papers to Legalize
the Transaction.
Niello your summoned to serYe on
JShe Jury of the Circuit court was tire
message that floated over the telephones
of Marion county last night
when the deputy sheriffs were obliged
5 to "speed up" to get their men on
- - - hand for court this morning at 9
o'clock. As the verbally summoned
jfeg jurors reached the court house they
t ' . were served with the necessary papers
to 'fnl*" the transaction. Mot
long ago a Taylor county court held
& telephone summons was not legal,
but the local sherif's force checked
op to make sore everything was right.
InwAwe wawa g nrr.
IJjRJ.- AttV M/UVVTiU^ Jaaavrao nC? ? W?M*
h.' inoned on the special-renlre:
Fainnoat?Albert Crawl, C. F.
E8vr'. Crane, Ala Hustead, George Hj;
.. eon. George S. Holdren, W. J. Wiegel.
g- Msnnington?W. D. Michaels, E. E.
El Hamilton. W. T. Smith. A. C. Crim.
Ei.-f;Paw Faw?Louis Amos.
. Galon?John K- Richards, John F.
^Hgj| Xilncoln?Charles Parrish, Id. * H.
- Reese, Thomas K. Jones. . ?/'*.
fctV - - Grant?Harry Danley.
Merlon Body and i
R| . *" Those m-"r on Mr. and Mrs. j
i- Wesley lake Sunday were Mr. and j
Ei'v Mrs. Arts Henderson. Mr. and Mrs.
? .. _ - ; Rem Rudy and Leonard Satterfield. i
: Mr. and lira. Henry Rudy and chil- i
R-' * Urea, Freacee and Lewis, were the i
hV *. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tho- j
Bp ; - . nu Vangflder on Goose Creek.
Miss Nellie Morgan, of Samaria, :
M-'- was the guest of her uncle, Randoph i
' .The many friends throughout the j;
Wjjr%-/Z--L- county will regret learn of the.
Bed Cross Anxious to Get!
Used Garments for
Them. ^
- ii ?
Collection* of clotite* donated to
the Belgian relief -work which is be- .
rcg handled florins this -Steele by ysalr-j ,
moot Red Gross chapter, will be made j ;
id Misses'' I
ats, Suits I
-esses I
ed stunning modes^=> II |
Savings are involved in jj
>rmous Easter demand || |
s, coats and dresses at ][
widespread interest and ||
r and near to share. -*
mtical in style, tailoring 11
$40 models. They come ||
line, in navy blue, pekin, II
and brown. Sizes 16 to II
>eautiful made of serge,
elour and tricotine, in
zes... $19.50
rid Untrimmed
at Little Cost.
Easter Hat here when
r styles and colorings to
i them VI "^i .
of the V H
J-- -Li?x
white and colors.
? *1.1
*yCoRNE X"
I ?
death of Edward Thomas Henderson
at his home on Sunday morning.
March 10, 191S, of an attack or pneumonia,
at the age of 70 years and 22
days. Mr. Henderson was highly respected
by all who knew him and
numbered his friends by the score.
He was a member of the Primativc
Baptist church for the past thirtynine
years. He is survived by his
wife who was formerly Miss Jane
Xecl and the following children: Cordcr
Henderson. Mrs. Marcellus Lough.
.Mrs. James Linn. Mrs. Rem Rudy,
Mrs. Arthur Allender and Miss Mary
Henderson at home. The funeral was
held Monday at 2 o'clock by his pastor.
Rev. S. A. Cleavenger. The in
terment -was made at Glady creek
cemetery by Undertaker John A. Mc
Cabe of Grafton.
Judge Haymond
Issues a Decree
Judge Haymond entered a decree of
partition in the chancery cause of J.
Howard Coleman vs. Estclla L.
Straight et al., yesterday afternoon.
Cnder its decree the court appointed
II. J. Hatzel. J. E. "Wells and I*. X.
"VHiitlatch as commissioners to investigate
the matter. If the commissioners
shall determine whether it will be
advantageous or not to partition they
shall so report the facts to the court.
I XV XVCUCTC !*.**?.* v>
Deafness and Head ?
Noises. |
If you have Catarrhal Deafness ?
or bead noises go to your drag- P
gist and get 1 ounce of P&rmint 2
(double strength) and add to it fi
hot 'water and just a little sugar P
| as directed in each package. 3
I Take 1 tahleepoonfnl four times p
a day. 2
This will often bring quick re- g
lief from the distressing head '<
noises. Clogged nostrils should $
open, breathing become easy g
and the mucous stop dropping ?
into the throat. It is easy to ?
prepare, costs little and is pleas- c
ant to take. Any one who has ?
Catarrhal Deafness or head note- g
cs should giro this prescription 2
a triah Holt Drag Co. will ?
supply you. |
oil Friday, xr me peopir auvu
clothing will telephone headquarters. ;
Following Is a. list of the garments \
that are needed: . ;.
Men's Wear:
Shirts {preferably of light colored
flannels), undershirts, underwear,
trousers, coats, work-suit (overalls),
i suits (3 piece, shoes, overcoats, Jer- ;
seys, sweaters, socks, (sizes 10 1-2 and
11.) ,
Women's Wear:
Shirts, drawers, coreet-slips, petticoats.
blouses, skirts, overcoats, suits
(2 piece), pinafores, shoes, cloth hats,
knitted caps, stockings, (sizes 7 and
8). shawls. r .
> Boy's Wear:
Shirts, union suits, undershirts.
: trousers, coats, suits, shoes, overcoata, .
jerseys, socks, (sizes 1 to 9.)
; Girls' Wear:
l>resc,C3. skirts, overcoats, night;
; dresses, drawers, stockings (sizes 1!
; to 61. undergarments, petticoats, su:t3
j <2 piece.,) blouses, shoes.
tt ?,.,i ninafores. woolen ; I
; ra uuuvu vn^w, i
j suits.
j Infant s Wear: j
I Swanskin, swaddling clothes, cradle j
I cbemics. bodices, cradle dresses, bonI
nets. bibs, neckc'nicfs. diapers, shoes.
' baby dresses, hooded cloaks, jackets,
j shawls, sweaters, socks.
Miscellaneous: ;
Bed-ticks, bed-sheets, pillow cases,:
: blankets, mufflers. !
Here is a list of a few articles not
i needed.
| A few don'ts:
' Please do not send any of the fol-j
lowing: Men's stiff hats (derby.!
straw, dress. > Women's stiff bats. |
women's fancy slippers. -Goods con
raining rubber in any form as: Susi
penders, garters, etc.
{ As leather goods not In the best
j condition deteriorate in shipment.
kindly see that the shoes you send in
i are free from mud.
j Do not send in damp clothing.
Do not put any notes or messages
! in the pockets of garments as no
i written matter can be sent into the j
j occupied territories wun me x-om-j
I mission's goods. (
ooghTSsacts i
I |
I Orders Entered by Judge j
Havmond in Three Dif
ferent Cases. }
I i
In Circuit court this morning -with
Judge Havmond on the bench, the
court entered an order in the cause of
Clarinda Hayhurst vs. Perry G. Havhurst
and Charles A. Snodgrass et al.
in which it entertained a motion grant
1 i
! ins a replication. Au.urae? .
was given ten days to file affidavits in
support of opposition to the motion, j
Attorney Ogdcn was given five days ;
thereafter to file counter-affidavits.;
The matter was presented in court to-!
day by Attorney Osden.
Today Attorney Ogden presented a .
writ of certiorari in the case of the j
State vs. Edward Sypult. Last Friday I
Justice Price fined Sypult $23 for bav- j
ing shot a gun across the public road
and for discharging a weapon on Sunday
although the testimony did not develop
the tact that the alleged crime
was perpetrated in Marion county. (
The defense then declined to offer any
testimony after a motion was ignored 1
; to dismiss the charges on the grounds
| previously stated. By the writ the justice
will he obliged to send up to ?he
'Wbest doctor!
That's What Mrs. B. T. Mollinger
Calls Nerv-Worth,
and Adds, 'It's Most
PAnvronionf "
VVIt V v>ftuvab?>
Pretty well put Is it not? A good
| doctor and a convenient doctor. Nerv:
Worth certainly is?one you can al- j
: ways summon in a minute's time from I
I the medicine chest. Mrs. MoHInger
lives in Louisville. O., and this is
what she said a -week ago to Marietta's
; Jferv-Worth druggist:
"Will S. Richard stm?Yon sent me
: a hottle of N"erv-Worth by mail a few
! months ago ??"?* I now am in town
for a day and thought It would be a ;
: good idea to boy a tew bottles to take
: home with me, as I find Xerv-Worth
to be the best doctor I know of?and
: most convenient. Nerv-tVorth is a
' splendid family medicine which
I always expect to keep In the house.
Crane's Drag Store sells Nerr-Worfh
In Fairmont Tour dollar back If this
famous family tonic doe* not help
YOU. Ask for Jfexv-Worth UaiWre
Tablets. 25c a box. .They cleanse
the bowels and rouse the liver. Especially
valuable in the spring when
taken in connection with Kerv-Worth
..the liquid
f .- n . _ ~| - ~ | I
m rurse
A Special Suit V
A* (11 CA That Is filling
At ?j>?1.0U-mand for t:
vt uuiau. OIAC?>.
Vatai | Save W
court his records for review. The court;
granted the writ.
The court this morning allowed the j
motion for judgment in the cause of j
Alphonse F. Carlone vs. L. S. Jenkins I
and H. F. Jenkins. The judgment is
for $385.
? i
Walter B. Clarkson is now i
General Supt of Chesa- j
peake & Potomac.
Walter B. Clarkson has succeeded J. I
E. Boisseau as general superintendent J
of the Chesapeake and Potomac group :
of West Virginia. Virginia. Maryland.
Shoe Shine and Hi
Try our shoe shine ai
124 Main street
Wc will employ absolu
ing and shaping of ladies'
VT e ttiau uuij a wui
using tiie proper dressings
We will give you a pol
guarantee our dressing to
This will be the only p
will get your work done qi
Hat Cleaning
To Perfection
' Shoe Shining and ?
.. ? . 'jsi* v 124 Man
a 7" r\,
en luur
gainst Our (
Nothing is m
nothing easier to
enBK bination will be ri;
it be too bad not
before Easter?
the last minute z
iijy \ \ nish your selectio
/ I V We've gone to %
) selecting of by far
5 i\(/' * in our history, wil
\H Fairmont women
: \f y?u "vrill choose i
-r sortments are her
j In Our Main Gan
I - Will
Four Worn
P Values $14
P6 $19.75,
J J In all the desire
pr navy, copen, tan ;
assortment of n
poplins, serges ai
Varied styles, pi
more fussy mode:
Suits of On
will be for
alue I Our Rose Room
a bis lie- The suits are indivi
lie thrifty and fancy models.
heat I Courtm
District of Columbia and adjacent territory.
.Mr. Clarkson was division manager
of tlie Central District Telephone
company at Pittsburgh until thi6 promotion.
Mr. Boisseau lias taken a position
as publicity manager of the Bell
Telephone company and associated
companies with headquarters in Philadelphia
. This is an advancement forj
Mr. Boisseau also.
F. X. Sharpnack. local manager of I
the company in the Fairmont sub-dis-!
trict. is gratified with this change be- J
ing personally acquainted with the new j
commercial superintendent and a fast i
friend ot Mr. Boisseau.
Mr. Clarkson was a member of the !
committee in charge of the merger in !
the state of West Virginia, having been i
a division manager in the territory .
prior to the merger. E. T. William- j
son. of Charleston, division manager,
was associated with Mr. Clarkson in
connection with the merger.
"Telephone business is heavy in i
West Virginia at present." said Mr
Sharpnack. "Demands are the great
? - 4:?#u..n j
est ever known ana are wry uuuwh (
to meet on account of the scarcity of i
labor and material."*
it Cleaning Parlor j
ad hat cleaning parlor in j
tely new methods in cleanand
men's hats to perfec- j
plete line of polishes and
s for ladies* and men's
ish' that' will last long, and
prevent your shoes from
lace in the city where you
lickly and satisfactorily.
IA Shine That Will
[at Cleaning Parlor,'
isires and \
jfferings an
ore important?
do and the com- TVfor
ght. But wouldn't
; to have done it ncm on
Don't leave it to
md then have to
n. -.*&&.' j <
jreat pains in the g
the largest stock
:h the needs of all
in mind and hope Wil
vhile the full as- in this sto^
erly designed
Satin ai
ment Section you Sets $1.00
Find Tailore<
ierful Suit n Ru^le<
.50, $18.50, ?r?andy
$21.75 The N<
id shades. Blach? afe in *
and grey. A large quotm* make
, 2: l beautiful in w
latenals, tweeas, an<iwooL
id novelty cloths. ~
ain tailored and Ti,Co,artn5
5 for the younger Plaid ana
? Our Millii
e of a Kind
md in And w ar
at $32.50 to $50. requirement.
gro-prrain anc
dnal styles in tailored a marvel at \
gys' BuyW. S. S.
! Get Back oo dieRoad
By Keeping Yo
Don't Let a Sluggish Circulation-Drag
You Down
Whether you earn your <3a3y bread
by the sweat of your brow, by the
daily use of your muscle, or by tasks
requiring less physical exertion, yon
need every ounce of strength, that
you can command.
It is of utmost importance, therefore,
that you keep yourself in tiptop
physical trim, and that yon take
every precaution to safeguard your
health from the many pitfalls which
disease has spread so promiscuously.
Keeping thoroughly well and strong
is simply a matter of resisting disease.
Why is it that your neighbor is always
heatlhy and robust and strong,
while you find yourself succumbing
i to even the most commonplace little
ailments that tend to drag down your
vitality? It is true that yon are both
liable to the same attacks, but why
**** TftTI d?A not? 1
The answer can be found in the
condition of the blood supply. If you
lceep yonr blood thoroughly purified
and free from all substances that
tend to impair its full strength and
vigor you, too. will be able to promptly
throw ?ff all efforts ct disease to
I . .- -fc " 1 "
II >. Ordinary soaj
out stains. I
! || Just txy Fela-N;
grease stains,
mint stains, xxx
The results will
In ffte rtd and,
.IS atyoarown&t
DATiqKYA A ,7 t f It ^ | * L L / 4
id Prices I |
' ' 'mTJH
e Rawak Hats IB
isplay in our white room \
in lndividanl type that only Ra- . r't
sol and knitting bag is beastfr- ^ ;
right Spring 1
Neckwear ;||B
I be very Popular
ring you will find many new clerI
styles to satisfy erery possible' i ..
rid Pique Collar and Cuff J|9
i and fancy stocks 50c. 'M
I. Fancy and Colored
Sets $1.00.
iw Spring Skirts ..
ibundance and the prices "w* are Z'ZSsSM
them irresistible raises, most,
dors, materials and design of sfUc '*??
sy Special Skirt in Bright I
Striped Silk at $5.73.
lery at Little Prices is m ? JIB
Big Demand. /;"
e amply prepared to meet erery .
Some just simply banded in .'J#
I others more dressy. Each bat
ihese prices. i-.ljgfMB
$2.75 to $5-00
Qi 108-110
Stamps Main St. ^
to Health 1
or Blood Always Pore . I
-? V~". _
attack your system, and enjoy mt all
times the same robust vitality tot H
your neighbor does.
XXTHati won Koonn fa -f?T Ji Ifttt
appetite, and a feeling of T?riturto \ J
and weakness begins to pezvado tho
system, this is nature's warning that . - *::~1
your blood is in need of a. thorough ||
cleansing to sweep oat of your sy?tern
all imparities that are ?/ i mit"- -'jM
lating to clog op the circulation and I
make it sluggish.
S. S. S-, the great vegetable blood J-'-', E
remedy, is without question the ... J
greatest blood purifier and system- K
builder that you can. take, and a few ?
bottles of this fine old medicine wfi?
prove just what yon seed to give new ;
vigor and strength to yvue ayateni I
and put you bade on the road to * I
vigorous vitality. S. S. S. has been t I
sold by drug stores for nearly fifty \r-c.M
years, and it is recognized every--" "v-iTt*
where as being in a class to itstlf for
thoroughly cleansing the sy&Uat
all imnurities. Go to year dxnsrstaro '* I
and get a bottla today, and you -?SE
soon find yourself enjoying the new |?
strength that comes with an abundant
supply of pure, rich, blood.Send . ??8
for free booklet that tells 30a all
about the important inactions ?f tbW' ^
blood, together with any fnee Tnafiraf
advice that you may seed.- rtitfra?
Swift Specific Co. SO gg& lafr ffi
oratory, Atlanta, <Gau
* r? ?
> Bl
>wont take
at soap aaa
krotfeta where ?
^ood^rtaln^" ^
please you; . B|
trtert wrapper

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