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mr r ~ u*'. # - xi
Kik^^nWjlVVI; ''i\^^ww II
Musical Comedy.
K.tw^?fMn? Hotel de Boyal
Grand....... ....For the Lore of Hike
|g||c-;,-' Photoplays.
P iSelson... Son oC Democracy
E>Plilfl_^^?. Princess Virtue
f. .Secret of Storm Country
Fox comedy and Holmes
ne?-The Lett Express."
arlie Chaplin. f
-Hearst-Pathe Xew?.
r A. MARCH, known the
ent over in theatrical cirs
"Doc" March, hails from
Jo. HIb Musical Merry
at the Grand this week
- upholding "Doc's" reputation as a
showman of the first division. Doctor
V.March likes politics as well as the
show game, and has been a conspicuoos
figure at all Republican National
conventions since he has been of voting
We first met "Doc" at the conven?
tion in Philadelphia which nominated
; .-Theodore Roosevelt for Vice President.
While in the lobby of the old Walton
??> ? Hotel Mr. March invited us over to the
z-r. cigar courier xo usvc ?
? \ Just fresh from an inland country
p,. town, we had not yet acquired the vice
'.r . ol smoking "luxurious" cigars. "Doc"
s? threw down a dollar bill, saying to the
gg clerk: "Giro us a couple of smokes."
I leaned over the cigar case in unv
sophisticated fashion and called for "a
. good five-cent perfecto."
The clerk' snickered and replied:
"You can't get^. five cent cigar here."
Before I could recovor irom my erabarrassment
Mr. March's wit had asv
serted itsei* and be jovially remarked:
"Oh, yes yon can get thera here, but
.# not for five cents."
New Bill at Hippodrome.
t - ' A change of program at the Hippodrome
today will bring to the boards a
brand new line of comedy, songs and
S. an elaborate display of wardrobe and
I The "Submarine Girls" have been
?" ^rnwrit: ail this week
' Qt&WUl^
[ despite the fact that they were unfortunate
to offer s biH that had been
worked nigh onto death at this theatre.
1 Individually and collectively the members
of the company are qualified to
give a faultless interpretation of the
new comedy called "Hotel de Royal"
. and general all-'round satisfaction is
now assured. There are some comedy
- bits in the new program that are de_
clared "positive screams." and with a
vein of wholesome htimor running
through the plot of the play there apparently
will be plenty of material to
dispel the severest case of "peeves."
41 On the screen comes the fourth
chapter of the thrilling Helen Holmes
serial, "The Lost Express.' It is called
j_- "The Oil "Well Conspiracy."
Eti- "Valquer. the diplomatic crook, orders
Helen, unconscious, she having been
brought there from the wreck, removed
at once. This excites the curyno'sitv
of Detective Murphy, who sees
In Valquez's anxiety possible explanation
of the mystery of "The Lost Ex?
press." Helen has traced "Harelip"
* - to a lonely cabin where the missing
V part of the Thurston parent is bidden.
Then it is discovered that. "The
Leech." "The Hare" and "The Baron."
have found duplicates of the Thurston
key plan and that they have been paid
$100,000 for it by Valquez. Pitts is revealed
as "Harelip."
^?Merry waiters \JWUi V. *?? I J
-T?m? Mullin and Ruth Wheeler carried
away the singing honors of the
feminine portion of the cast which yesterday
appeared at the Grand in "My
"'Best Girl." In a duet with Don Mactnillan
Miss Mullin was vociferously
encored in the song number "I Do Like
Vonr Eyes," and again in a selection by
herself scored a pronounced hit. and
. later with Mrfl Macmillan again proved
a delightful somebody is "A Cottage in
1 the Country."
Miss Wheeler is a vivacious soubrette
with eyes that won't behave
and gestures that add to the "raggy"
' musical numbers in which she appears
several times assisted by the excellent
A A1 ^garner figured in nearly all the
musical numbers in which male voice?
I A Superb Bluebird At- ;
H traction Today
fj nivii. mvimni
I a In a special 8 part Bluebird
H**B''' ;-v ' 3- '
M Louise "Winter's widely popular
r* navel of the same name. In
M this production Mae Murray dlsI
J| plays some of the most elaborHlM
-ate- and daringly original gowns
-H and dress creations ever shown
KM-fipon the screen.
n' .;.; Also Today
II Charlie Chaplin
1 ;i Tomorrow
|| -iufd ifiO Diving Nymphs to
"A Modern Lorelei"
required ^
hw *wto*fcas iTvoto# that In rich is
quality and the number -was adntir-,
ably soltec. The comedy of the piece
Is rollicking, sad the irrepressible
MacmOlan could sot be overshadowed
by the various other members of the
cast who introduced witty lines ana
played important parts.
There is no gainsaying the faofc?that
Mr. March's company is proving a rove-;
lation to local theatre patrons who are!
not tamlliar with the fact that such a I
good show were possible at so small
a price.
The chorus work was splendid and
the runway oat into the audience was
frequently used. "My Best Girl" is a>
military satire with just enough plot j
to give continuity to the fun and it |
is replete with patriotic numbers beau-;
preanonH onH fftnltloRfilv r#*n>!
dered. |
The scenic environment* were In;
keeping with the whole production.1
"For the Lovo o? Mike" is the ottering
Chapin Picture at Nelson.
Benjamin Clupia's series. "The Sonj
; ot Democracy.' one of which Is at the
j Nelson theatre today, has met with |
( immediate success. The stories, prei
sented by Paramount, are humorous.
' pathetic and full of adventure. Mr.
Chapin's portrayal oi Lincoln Is re-1
! markablc. That he does look like Lin
coin is proved by the fact that window
J cards, being distributed nationally.
! bearing pictures of Wilson. Lincoln
; and Washington, actually show a picj
ture of Mr. Chapin instead of Abraham
i Lincoln. The man who made the card
] used the Chapin photograph because,
i he explained, "it looks more like Lini
coin than any picture of Lincoln 1
I could find."
, Added to this feature today is a Fox
comedy and the famed Holmes' Trav"1
T?*r? Is* viati*c rtf
I C'iUM^V. i I1V tut IT; 1 <?UV ? tv > w v?
! "Yellowstone I'ark" and the photog!
raphy and manner of presenation are
, a' positive delight.
. "Princess Virtue" Elaborately Set.
Mae Murray's first flight on the
wings of Bluebird has the appearance
of being a very expensive proposition.
She has been given a production lav!
ishly staged and her gowns, one for
! every scene, are gorgeous creations,
| even if a little extreme for the draw!
ing rooms, ball rooms and boudoirs of
! real life. As a fashion show for ex!
tremits. "Princess Virtue" (at the
Dixie today) can be said to have few
; competitors amons recent prcduci
' "Princess Virtue" has a story that
j would be thoroughly interesting were
I it allowed to predominate. It follows
tko career of an American girl who is
being reared in Parisian society. It is
a fast set tbut the producers make
them travel slowly), and in it are various
men angling for the girl's attentions.
After some rather hectic incidents.
including duels, testings of
j faithfulness and fisticuff encounters,
j this aggravatingly insincere young
j woman e>_?oses a handsome native of
; her own country for her husband. He
; is visiting Pavis at the request of the
girl's guardian to look into the matter
I of her ward's nickname of Princess
i Virtue.
I Miss Murray and a capable company
i in support thoroughly interpret the
story whenever it pops up amid the
,! gorgeous settings and costumes.
? ?
: Norma Talmadge at Princess.
A story of mother love is the theme
of "The Secret of the Storm Country"
' which is scheduled at the Princess for
b^d t
3S 500 SEAT8 AT 15e I
400 SEATS AT 25c
2K 200 SEATS AT 35c
! .
Dollads- 3+>A*
/ TUlNlfc. OF TW' I
{'Sons' I could j 1
V_^5W-.G?E! J g
'* 1AMS*
L-.V.-. Vl- -. _ __ :*"% . >,\ ;,'
wl.vii of jflfe*
hood against motherhood possess
duality sufficient to appetoe the .most
exacting or loreis of emotional dramas.
| ' -CLOSE UP3" ]
?Izetta. who Is with Fepple &
Greenwald's "All Girl Rcrae,' has
beard from Harry F. Rose, her husband.
who has been getting out a show
paper called "Vaudeville" In Chicago
which announces that he will suspend
his paper as he goes to war March 29.
Izetta expects a visit from him at Uniontown.
Pa., or Grafton, W. Va. Mr.
Rose is in the draft and has been expecting
to get started for some time.
?Norman Friedenwald's "My Honolulu
Girl" company, which recently ap-1
peared at the Hippodrome and breafc-;
ing the company's own record of the
* i? eltwlww Af>iPr
previous seasuii, uu?? ? ,
dates in this section, being at Keyset !
today. The show is doing a remarkable '
business everywhere and is getting en-!
thusiastic praise from the newspapers j
as well as honse managers.
?Vorna Elliott, a conspicuous mem- i
ber of the Merrymakers' chorus at the i
Grand is the Cniphone's only rival in :
| volume of sound, but~sbe completely I
j outrivals that -bell-calliope" in qual-;
I iiy of tone, for she possesses a rich con-:
itralto voice that has had audiences:
| literally by the ears all week. In pri- i
jvate life Miss Elliott is Mrs. Lew'
i Pietei. Her husband is now "over,
j there." having left for the bmtlefront '
I less than two weeks ago. Mrs. Piotel 1
; visited her husband at Charlotte, X. |
' L".. wheic he had been stationed pre- <
ivious to liis departure for France.!
I When wife bade husband good-bye j
j neither one had the slightest idea that j
iMr. Pietel would be "called" so soon.)
i and it was in the nature of a surprise j
I when "Miss Elliott" rejoined her com-i
j pany tc receivo word that he had j
i "gone." '
' i
?"The Time of His Life." a comedy.!
i will T?c given by the Junior Class at j
Mho Wieb school auditorium tomorrow;
i night at S o'clock. i
! First Warder Held
For Pistol Toting j
Jesse Morris, of the First ward, has '
, been prosecuted before Justice Cona|
way for pistol toting. He was arrest-;
: ed late yesterday afternoon. Bail has 1
I been entered for a hearing on Satur- j
; day morning at 10 oclock. Attorney ;
| E. R. Bell represents Morris.
I The funeral of Mrs. Mary A. Boyles.
I widow of John Boyles. whose death oc-1
icnrred at the home of her daughter.;
I Mrs. Fred Kerns on 'Murray avenue.:
' Bellview. ou Sunday morning, took i
!place this afternoon at two o'clock!
: from the residence, and interment was
: made in the Jones cemetery by Under- j
; inker Musgrave and Son. Rev. Clarjence
D. Mitcheli. pastor of the Central
j Chris* ian church, conducted the iujneral
services. *
I The body of Robert Michael, the in-!
I iant sou of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Rvnd.;
| whoso death occurred yesterday morn-'
j ins at the home of liis parents at Mani
nington, was brought here this after
noon ana interred in tioiy i^ross teiue
' tery by Undertaker R. C. Jones.
CH'S l/
f & BIGHT F(
People in the cast. The
most beautiful made of its
kind in America.
freckles and his frie
'ewaso .Li? o|,
w / jwuiifX
EOttS M^OOStY. 4
r"AWST ^ '
fflisni. JOKES
Charged With Having Rob-!
bed Isadore Zaslaff, a
Clothing Salesiftan.
Last night at 6:15 the Jury Is the.
case of the^ State vs. Manuel Jones
indicted fo rholding up Isidore Zas-j
laff, returned a verdict of guilty or;
robbing the complaining witness on
the highway without a revolver.
Twice the Jury came into court to
ask instructions beiore they arrived
at their verdict. First they wanted j
to hear Judge Haymond's charge and I
Seconals' they came into court ior i
purpose of ascertaining whether they
could find the young man guilty of
holding up Zaslaff without having a
revolver. The jury arrparently did
not want to send the young man to
the penitentiary any longer than nec-j
essary. The charge of robbing on the i
highway without a revolver carries j
with it a five year sentence in the
When the jury was polled* and ihe [
verdict given. Attorney E. R. Bell.;
representing Jones, ntade a motion to j
set aside the verdict and asked fori
a new trial. This will be argued la-1
Attorney Musgravc in his remarks j
to the Jury argued that the Jonses [
Set the date by the illness of Man-:
ucl's mother. He picked flaws in tljc.
evidence of the State. He urged ac-:
quittal for the young man.
In his address to the jury Attorney i
Bell attacked Zaslatfs description of j
Sayi Hixsoa LadyWbo, On Doctor's
Advice, Took Cardtd
And Is Now Well.
Hiison. Tenn.?"About 10 years ago
I was..." says Mrs. J. B. Gadd. of
this place. "I suffered with a p&in In
my left side, could not sleep at night
with this pain, always In the left
~ " *- -??l ? ;
JIT doctor COJQ me iq use lyoruui. i
took one bottle, which helped me and
after my baby came, I -was stronger .
and better, but the pain was still j
I at first let It go, bnt began to get
weak and In a rundown condition, ]
so I decided to try some more Cardul, .
which I did. !
This last Cardul which I took Blade ;
me much better, in fact, cured me. It
has been a number of years, still I
have no return of this trouble.
I feel it was Cardul that cured me,
and I recommend It as a splendid female
Don't allow yourself to become :
weak and run-down from womanly
troubles. Take Cardul. It should sure
ly help you. as It has so many thousands
of other women in the past 49
yean. Headache, backache, sideache,
nervousness, sleeplessness, tired-out
feeling, are all signs of womanly trouble.
Other women get relief by taking
Cardul. "Why not you? All druggists.
/ Nc-isa
rhe Big House Next to 3C?
-t-t -
me jrosLUiiice. ^
11 for Fun?Fun for All
30s |
===== p:
-MATINEE, 2:30.
IE KIDS OF 4 AND 94. **
of the highmamea had dufc bm]
eye? and wore a. liwmt suit Attor-j
new Bell ashed how It was jiossible.
for Zasloif to stake such a minute description
on si dark night. Attorney1
BeD attacked the State's contentions
especially that in reefrence to identlfication
of the highwaymen.
The prosecuting attorney nrg'ed
conviction and the case west to the
jury at 4 o'clock.
At 5:30 o'clock the Jury came into
court and ashed the court to again
hear Judge Haymond's instructions.
L. G. Holbert, the circuit court stenographer.
read his stenographic notes.
After the trial Judge Haymond told
the Jurors in the case that owing to
the similarity of the facts that none
of the same jurors could serre in the
case against Jones* brother, Harry..
who will be tnea toaay.
Both men are charged with being j
implicated in the same offense. The |
evidence in both cases will probably!
interweave. Dae to this fact Judge!
Haymond said, "gentlemen do any !
of yon desire to be excused for this J
term of court?" Immediately a few j
signified their willingness to decamp
and within the next moment the et;-[
tiro twelve said the-y wanted to go.
Judge Haymond then dismissed then:
from Jury service for the remainder
of the March term. Court adjourned I
until this morning, after which the'
jurymen on the Jones case presented .
their bills to the clerk.
Croup ?
Spasmodic croup _ is si
usually relieved with
A one application of? /yijijgJ
111 I DDI
n i r r i
Home of Tabloids
? Matinees at 2:45, 15c;
| Nights at 7:45 and 9:00,
15c and 25c.
H Change of Program
| Today
HOTEL de !
Specialty Acts ? Good
I Active Chorus ? Good
I Singing j
On the Screen
4th Episode
I i
Helen Hclmes I
Sianal-Muiual I
j Don't miss the big addI
ed feature Nights
i Girls' Nail Driving Contest
and Amateur Night
Funeral services over the body of
Mr*. Eden Laymen Meredith, wife of
W. F. Meredith, whose death occurred
in St. Mary's hospital in Clarksburg
early yesterday morning vere held this
afternoon at two o'clock from the
Highland Avenue Methodist Episcopal
chnrch- The body arrived here last
evening on the six o'clock interurban
car and was taken to the home of F.
J. Smith and this afternoon was removed
to the Highland avenue chnrch
where services were held. Following
the services the body was Interred in
the Jones cemetery by Undertaker Eli
Musgrave and Son.
In every country at wir women!
ire performing the work of men j
Ln many occupations. They will
sometimes do the heavier work
fpr which they are supposed to
be tmfrtted. It all depends on a
woman's health and condition. If
a woman is -weak, tired and listless
all the time, dne to tb? -weaknesses
or diseases of womankind,
it will he impossible for her to
take her place among the brave
American women who are renderng
aid in every way to the mem
it the front. This is tie proper
ime for every woman to "put her
lonse in order" and-tOjgain. in
trength and energy.!Qjjft^Mp**V
A strong, neajtcy woman can u?
natained and her condition imtroved
by taking a well-known
ierbsl tonic which ha had a
borough test in- the past fifty
mo Such jM Dr. Pierea'a TFmm.
A rattling good story centered a
farmer tc lake advantage of Tom L
Abe, who can read, discovers the s
who trounces the fanner in a rousi:
discouraged Abe's efforts to leara t<
A two reel For drama full of liu
A Holmes travel story of the
"William S Hart in ''The Narrow
I mi #
J -will sell at public sal
Mud lick, two and one-hali
ITl*84l#fcl| II
n luaj, n
Beginning at 1
m; dairy herd of registered and h
registered cot>.-s and sis grade cows
has been carefully selected from '
country and nil are A1 animals.
Terms made krtOT
_ . Shinnstoi
i*-"? \; ' " ' A-. /-'. %. .' -.
2|Lr- ' .: - - '- ; " rfxJ
sSwt sr" ? wir 5*^ "= *?? *.--fl
nyytaiooo ltcpuiu M
Clyde 3Boxxtat C- B. niwHai and C,
V. Peer, appraisers of the ftfaac
Co-opera tire Association. tuuiNu: I
debtors, vsi filed Infiie office .of tie
county cleric late yesterday after*
It shows that the total aiftrrli aniWsa
stock in trade amounted to S1.75&1T*
The total accounts considered aa ?ot? ' 'a--a
lectable are 5473.31, while thoaa.ooo*
sidered bad amount to 92ie
accounts considered doabtfttl amount * fi
to $31.39. The total bank balance and ' cash
on hand according to the report.:.
la 112TOS.
- - -v"
criie Prescription- It'e a. legitfrt>iU>
medicine for woman, carefully md ' s|S?
apted to her delicate organisation. . .A r-jM
and never conflicting witn any ? a
her conditions. It regulates taxi
promotes all the proper function^ :'
builds up and invigorates the satire
system and restores halft jad
strength, -v- '
'Are yon weak, atavons and aS> '
ing, .or "nm-dcrwa" and array . -lata
worked? Then the Favorite Pre- ~
Bcription will brief yon suseial V-\SS33
help. It's the mother's friend. Ts
be had at all drag stores in tahict
or liqnid form. . In tablet ftorm 40*
or send 10c to> Invalids' BiofeaZ,
Buffalo,$N.^Y.,|for trial package
tablets^OT^irrite^for^free^ jnecttwl
Dr. Keree's Pleasant Pdtets reg.
nlate stomach, liver and bowels . '
sogar-coated. tiny grsxrole*. 'AD
dmoadsts. Is nak 2S caata
.SOW Today I
iround an effort of an unscrupulous '
lncoln'a inability to read. The hoy '"*'-^Ssi
* tt.? ?!>. ),<
UldtfJ piS&Vl&W, ?UW WI10 t ? ~ 1 _ . __
ng fashion. Tom Lincoln "who had > ".'j^SS
o read at last realizes the value of ;
mor and catchy scenes.
most famous park in the United
Pm." rj"%
e or outcry at my farm on ,
: miles from Shinnston on
riaruii ll rm
o'clock p. m. ' S
igb grade Jerseys, consisting of 1* v:s
also one Durham cow. Tills herd. -
the best herds in the iunrounding
m on day of sale,
Anderson 'IH
" '
i ? .1 ufniiiiaiiiwa?r
E Seward )
I |jj \s
I C6^jk^\^*w I
^r&^S^Bt t <
fg< ?, ?^?.; " g|. .vV^.-^\;

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