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ISTTSBEBGH, March 20.?The
atnro ol the local stock was the
S weakness Ja. (lass shares. American
"Window Glass Machine common
PP^tttck. *? 51% sad closed at the lo*est.
Its weakness was ascribed to;
Bjffiv the tact, that the directors declared:
the regular quarterly dividend on the;
Ba^T ftbnafarred stock, bnt took no action;
^ -
on as initial dividend on the comI
moo. The market for glass stocks in
seser&l was affected in some degree
Bfc. by tie fuel restrictions placed upon;
Br the industry. Pittsburgh Plate Glass !
Re eoid at 114 Vt, a decline of l1: com-'
K . pared with the last previous sale.
1 Pittsburgh OH and Gas -con-Untied
Ifv in demand and was the feature of its
group. Over 1.200 shares changed'
|P"c''. bunds within the range of 7'i and
I. 7%. A small lot of Oklahoma Gas !
Fold at 24.. but none of the others'
- was traded in.
* Summary.
fc-Sf Sales? High l.ow.
*280 A W G Mach ? 33'i
Ik5 125 Fireproof 4 4
Kj.'. 10 Do preferred S1, S'?l
?1' 50 La Belle Iron 107 307 i
4200 Mt Shasta 42 4 3 j
?&>" 20 Oklahoma Gas 24 24
?|" 2400 P-J Copper S3 S3
*>' nn a Gas .. 7U 7J.
Plate Glass.. 1!4?- lM'iJ
'70.1; S Steel SO". :??
[ New York j
NEW YORK, March 20.?Delay in
... taking OYer the Dutch vessels now in
American waters, the German chancellor's
declaration that no signs o'
peace are risible and intimations that
the next government bond issue may
total 910,000.000..000. gave pause to
the stock market yesterday.
There -were no developments of a
general character to furnish any incentive
for bullish operations. Prices
were firm to strong at the opening,
but a sharp reversal in shippings
soon effected 1 to 2-point declines.
Desultory rallies followed during
the intermediate period, shillings
making up the greater part of their
losses on a demand for equipments
and popular war issues.
Grain and Produce |
CHICAGO, March CO.?Indications
that lor the present the rash of corn
I *-- s- Mftw tondM)
CO narsec waa ?wui> w.v* ?
" yesterday to strengthen prices. Largely
as a result the close .although
unsettled, -was %c to [email protected]%c net
higher, with March 1.27'4 and May
1-353&1.25&. Oats gained l9ic to
A S%e and provisions [email protected] to SOc.
5? Articles? Open Close
I Corn?
I March. 127% 12714
May 124"4 125%
March SS flO-4
May 84 T~ S6-5i
47S7 4S30
* 1 Oil and Gas. j
Two good producers on Dents Run.
Maasington district. Marion county.
B _ VT Va,, are declining. For the 24
a j? - ?* T iwelnr/1'il*
Iuuuro euaiiiK at. w tiuv#
morning the Hope Natural Gas Company's
No 3 on the Ella Kinsey farm
produced 515 barrels. The Blaclc
shore'Oil and Gas Company's No 3
on the W S Straight farm dropped
to 33 barrels during the same period.
The new work under way and starting
in the vicinity ol ibe good producer
on. the Kinney farm is attracting
attention. It will be several
weeks before any ot the wells now
drilling will he due to get the sand.
Reports from many pf ilie West
Virginia districts, where there has
been nothing doing for several months
show new work in starting. Operators
are anxious to start new work.
Their desire to get busy Is inspired
AH Thronsrh This State Peop
Tonic are Taking I
H '
jfc* NOarty everybody in "West Virginia.
^BtV who amy J>e weak, run down, are
. . underweight, sickly or ailing general
ly ars taking Hypo-Cod. the great
- - Health Builder that la being put up by
H:: the Earl? Chemical Co.. Wheeling. W.
Hv Va. They have found that, although
M* - ' it lias been before the public but a
jfe little while, it is a splendid tonic, promottog
health in general tnd that it
serves its purpose wen.
fy*- . To you. the reader, this is conclusive
- ?& proof of the merit of Hypo-Cod. The
B days of the "quack" medicine mas
are passed. To be a success nowa 9>.
-' days .the preparation must have mert
It or" fan by the wayside. Hypo-Cod
Is stasding tbe add tests of public opto
H||&, km 'with dying colors- Druggists
Kgst svary where are continually reorder-ing
in larger quantities?farther proof
^HBpr -tbSt'Hypa? od is a success and that it
old w^^USUbx i^^utrmgtb by all'
by the belter that the market is to be
advanced in the near fume. Two
grades of crude in the aid-Continent
fields have been advance! within the
last few days and the advance in other
grades is confidentally expected
Development work' in Lincoln comity
has fallen off within the past four
months. At the present time there is
very little under way. bat some -work
is starting. On Eli Fork of Cobbs|
Creek, Washington district, femes
Potter & Co have drilled Xo 14 on
the Standard Fuel Company's property
through the Berea grit. It is
showing for a four or five-barrel pumper.
Ob the left fork of Reedy Creek,;
Harper district. Roane county, the;
Vnited Fuel Gas Company has drilled I
its second test on the Louisa J;
Queen farm through the Berea grit, j
Nothing bet a light gas pressure was,
encountered in that forma: ion. On
Elk Tork, Curtis district, the Fisher j
Oil Company and the West Virginia!
Gas Company have the rig completed i
for another test on the J B Whited |
rams. On Millers Run the 8onth1
Penn Oil Company has started to drill j
No 5 on the J M Perrinc farm. The;
Pure Gas Company has started to j
drill a second test on the John H.
Greenlcaf farm. Both wells are on
.Little Creek. Spencer dStrict.
On Greenbrier Creek. Greenbrier]
district. Doddridge county. Ernest]
Randolph has put his No 4 on the:
Walter Ross farm to pumping. It is
producing three barrels a day from'
i the Gordon sand. In the same district
the Hope Natural Ghs Company]
] is drilling at I.200 feet on the J H
! Smith fartti. '
In Central district. Doddridge county.
the Hope Natural Gas Company
I completed a second test on the T E
! O'Donnell farm. It is showing for
ia 10-barrel pumper in-the Big Injun
I sand. No 1 on the same farm is hoi Ii
ing up at 20 barrels a day. In the
same district tlie carnetie ;saiuiai
i Gas Company is due in the Big Injun
: sand at its test on the Catherine
Brannon farm. The Open West Oil
Company has the rig completed for
a second test on the J E iValdo farm.
The Imperial Oil and Gai Company's
second test on the D Mason farm is
dry and it has been abandoned.
On Indian Run, Ragle district, Har-;
rison county, the Carnegie Natural
Gas Company is drilling a test on tho j
Ann Roby farm. On Davy Run the!
Southern Oil Company is building the
rig for another test on the L D Beaty
farm. On Grays Run, Mannington
district, Marion county, the same company
has started to drill a test on
the S C Brown farm.
? ?
Evening Chat
I heard several children talking of
Lent last week. One of them, said: I
; gave up peanuts Because tney aon'i
! agree with me anyway. Another said: |
j Well. I gave up grape-fruit. I don't!
hike it and besides it's too expensive.;
.Not all children have this attitude.
A fiv-yearold youngster was heard
to remark recently when offered some
very tempting candy? "No, thank
you. This is Lent!" She was very
serious about it.
The school children who visited the
museum last week at the court house
were very much impressed with what
they saw and went back to school
with a lot of notes prepared to write
a line essay.
A small girl said?"They've got a
j little bed called a trundle bed. Why
don't we have one now so we could
push it out o fthe way ju the daytime?
An dthey've got things a hundred
years old. I saw some books
used in 1703?worn and dirty. I saw
a gold embroidered table-cover. There
' is an old broom like they used to make
! in Winfield?made of saplings shaved
! fine at the end. There is an old
j spinning wheel?some old candlet
imMorR and an old emu lined in iho
! Civil War. The most interesting
i thing is an old calico waist made of
tie in Need of a Good, Reliable
fypo-Cod. the Great
means give Hypo-Cod a trial. Get a hot
; tie Iron your druggist and nee it faith;
fully as directed on the bottle. It
costs but S1.20 and contains enough of
' iiis splendid tonic to treat the average
family for weeks since a tablespoonfnl
i before meals and at bedtime is a dose.
; f for children a teaspoontul before
' meals and at bedtime Is sufficient.)
Hypo-Cod contains nothing bat the
' very valuable extractives from fresh
: cod livers combined with iron, malt,
' quinine, wild cherry bark, msgnesse
aromatics. bypophosphates, lime, and
i a dash of sherry wise, a combination
| that is powerful and efficient for build!
ins vp and strengthening weak, rundown.
nervona. delicate tsS sickly
men. women and children, jutk yonr
Note:?M you can't set Hypo-Cod
from your druggist send 31.20 to the
Baxle Chemical Co., Wheeling. W. Va.
and a large bottle will be sent anywhere
HypoCod is sold here by Fairmont
Pharmacy, Crane's Drug Store, Martin's
Drug Co.. Mountain city Drug
Co., and Hall's Drug Co., in Shisnston
by Johnson's Pharmacy; in Farmington
by "W. P. Moran: in Monongah by
Windsor Drug Co.: in PUrriew by
Frank J. Yoafc
^ _ , rMM l ^ l 'jr"~1
a jitdnraric qoilt nwflt by Virginia ;
Manley. X saw some confederate mo
The children are very much interested
in the museum and many fine
essays are going to be written. A
number of grown-upa tried to visit :
the museum but could not set In.
In East Park bat week there was
a small run on Teal linen towollng in
one .of the small stores. Someone
discovered that it was being sold for
fourteen cents a yard while across
the bridge the same quality went for
twenty-eight cent! a yard-. It wasn't
long till the linen materia! disappeared
entirely. Those lucky enough to
get It went home rejoicing. Linen
next year at the rate it is disappearing
will be one of the rare things
highly prized. Linen towels sell now
for three times the price asked a
year ago. Toweling bought for fourtees
cents is a bargain indeed!
Some of the young men in the city!
arc growing hair straight up like:
wheat. Or, as someone put it recently?like
a porcupine: How they
sleep at sight without the hair lying
down on them remains a puzzle. A
number have wondered what happened
when it was washed or got caught
in a storm'
A Cine, fat lemon mciingue pic is!
today one of the luxuries or life. Ju.s?(
I to make one about two inches deep!
would be ample cause for furder?if]
a fellow sot near it and was not allowed
a bite. Recently one of our:
housewives managed such a one by,
economizing on wheat flour and lard;
for two weeks in advance?and she!
called it?reward for faithful attcn |
Lion to bran bread, rice muffin*
buckwheat, gems, etc. Once a month
she has promised such a pie to all
' who eat without complaining, all tbatj
she sets before them. Nobody dares,
t grumble!
The Ten Cent stores In the cit>
just now are making quite a feature
out o? pretty colored yarns done ur
Br virtue of a deed of trust executed
by Seymour Mclntire asd Alminu
Mclntire. his wife, to the undersigned
James Powell, Trustee, dated the
28th day of May, 1914, and recorded
in the office of the clerk of the county
court of Marion county. West Virginia,
in trust deed book No. 36, at
page 432. I will oifer for sale and se!>
at public auction to the highest and
best bidder, at the front door of the,
court house in Marion county. West1
Virginia, on Saturday, the 20th day oil
i April, 1918. between the hours I
of 2:00 o'clock and 5:00
o'clock p. nr. ot that day. thej
following described lot or parcel ofj
land with the buildings and appurtcn-;
ancea, situated is the Coogle Addition
to the East Park Addition to the
Cltv of Fairmont, (now Second Ward)
5n s?id Marion county. and more particularly
bounded and described aa;
follows, that is to say:
"Beginning at a stake In View;
street, at corner of lot owned (or
formerly owned) by Adam F- Carpenter
and Mollia Carpenter, and running
thence with said Carpenter property
line a distance of one hundred
(100) feet to an alley; thence along
the line of said alley a distance cr
forty-six (4G) feet to a stake; thence
in a line parallel with said first line
a distance of one hundred (100) feci
to a stake in View street; and thence
j with the line of View street forty-3ix
(46) feet to the place of beginning:
and being the same real estate that
was granted to the said Seymour Mc
Intire by Lillie L. M"ads worth and her
husband by deed bearing date August
20. 1913. and of record in the office
; of the Clerk of the County Court or
j said Marion county, in deed booh
I No. 191.. at page 1S3."
j Term* of Sale?All the purcbasn
! money cash In hand on the day of
Given under my hand this ISth da?
of March. 1918.
Jesss C- Wright.
Agent lor Trustee.
Mar. 20-27-Apr. 2-S.
A Connection Here is a 3
Big Step in the Right |
Direction, j;
* Being connected with this
l-ig strong bask alone means
i i> vestige to as; individual or
{ business house and our many |
> success helps are sure to be 3
I t: ippreciated.
1 f
fWe have never refused to '
' do * favor that did not en- |
: roach upon the methods of
:j reasonable and Intelligent
. hanlcinc. for asv of our do- i
fe: poBltW*. ;;1
I-; It alws?? aflords n? ?rsat rl
pleerone to titlp wh?r? and 1
II whan w? ems. : 9
..rf" * " J- - -'- ? ' ft, i
is each gnadto coats lea cants, (hat
makes each sqnare cost thirty eentsAs
it reuires fifty squares ut make
a robe?the cost of the robe is $15.
Many snch robes are being made
and nothing could be warmer. Many
years from now. one of them may find
it's way to our new museum here and
be the subject of much discussion
and interest by our grandchildren.
In many of the yards in the city
the ground is bringing forth a veritable
miracle in the shape of beautiful
tulips and crocus. The tulips are
both single petaled and double and
come in different shades. Just now?
to see them popping up?their small
heads so fresh and dainty?fills many
a heart with pleasure. People passing
can not resist stopping. Tber
bend over them and look and look.
There is nothing prettier in Fairmont.
F. H. S. Cheer Leader
>T??, TT?1 C5+- n n?a
1* UW UpilXOlllg KJbCl^O
"Fuzzy" Knight, the high school
cheer leader who distinguished himself
as a cornmcdian at the state basketball
tournament last week has actually
gone on the statge. He is in
the Junior play. "The Time of His
Life" which is to be given at the high
school auditorium on Thursday night
and takes the part of a colored butler.
tVhiic a butler in New York he has
a scare and starts home, later coming
back to find another person has taken
his piacd. He plays his part very
well as does James Carpenter who
plavs the part of a pessimist.
The I
Iron ,
iii r\. .i._ ift
J UUK6 5
How the Battle of
Waterloo was won
103 years ago
the "Iron Duke"
held back his eager
troops until Napoleon's
famous guards
were exhausted. Then
he launched a series
of charges that tore
Victory from the
grasp of The Man of
That same quality
of Good Judgment is
today making Tom
Keene the favorite
cigar of carefulsmokj
ers everywhere.
L lac im?vi
of deliberately chosen, leisurely
- ripened tobacco,
Tom Keene adds the delicate
aroma that comes of
Good Judgment in blending,
filling and wrapping.
Tom Keene, is doubly
good. Good tobacco plus
Good Judgment.
ru.ft.ii i?
! w TteGgar made with. ws
! ^ loodJod^Doenlr g
ntritHmWBBiiwgeinyU*' I
lhcry?Dklrtaji.fi,iG<od}odt- I
attoNodibasTaaSMO. I
! 6C
BRO. & Co. I
Pittsburg-, Pa.
11 I
Editor West Virginian:
Toq sra astborizod to mooMitbit
Darts ETktns. of Morgantown. Mooontton.
by His Republican party, for the
Doited States Senate for West Virginia.
subject to aS the rales of the
Republican party, and the lairs of the
state governing the primary election
to be held Augnst. 1918.
J. H. McDERMOTT, Chairman.
Morgantown. West Virginia.
P. O. drawer 881. Telephone 100.
Ton are anthorized to announce
11 am a candidate for nomination by
the Republican party, for the United
States Senate for West Virginia, subject
to all the rules of the Republican
party, and the laws of tbs state
governing the primary to be held in
August, 1018.
Huntington, W. Va.
FOR SALE?166 acre farm 30 mile*
East of Cleveland, 2 miles from
~p a. n. r R- internrban
and brick road to Cleveland. Modern
10 room house with furnace, bath, hot
and cold water, acetylene lights, hardwood
finish. Modern cow barn, cement
floor, steel stanchions, sew silo
modern horse barn, granary, chicken
house, etc. Laud gently slopes from
buildings, and is in good state of cultivation.
Price $100.00 per acre, half
cash. Write owner. G. O. Farquharson.
*10 Arcade. Cleveland. Ohio.
j ?Has 5-room frame house, barn and
J other outbuildings: well fenced on pubj
lie road, mail route over same: apple
and peach orchard 6 years old;
other fruit: lease for oil and gas; S ft.
vein coal under same. For particulars
write Marcellus Snyder, R. F. D. No.
1. Frost. O. 3-13-61-35:12
130-Acre Fartu ? Freeport coal: Sroom
brick, slate roof mansard house
with bath: barn and other outbuiid:
ins;: tenement bouse: situated on a
rolling plateau overlooking 5 mi'> of
Ohio river, adjoining the city limits ot
a thriving little city r?0 miles from
Pittsburgh and 16 miles from "Wlieel;
ing. on the Penna. railroad: 12 daiiy
trains: 5 minutes" walk to good school,
churches, business center. 3 trolley
lines, depot, wharf and ferry; magnifi?
ovrtnor fesvmo sulfa hie for ear
tVUl O UUJUl w* a.VM.w, w
ilening and dairy: splendid local marKet;
irill grow into high-class residence
property: * bargain at 316.500, onehalf
cash; deferred payments secured
by first mortgage. Pan-Handle Abstract
Company. Wellsburg. W. Va.
FOR SALE?One of best farms In
State; 26S acres on macadam road
- and two miles from State road; 14
miles from Baltimore; used as a
stock farm; buddings large and In
fine condition. Further information
on application. C. J. Moore. Tall is'.on.
agent for owner. 3-16-6t-3551.
for sale; good old Chester and Lancaster
county farms along the main
line of the Pennsylvania railroad. 3S
miles from Philadelphia, Pa., within
close proximity of Coatesville's large
market, the hustling steel city of the
East. It is worth your while to stop
and look these over, as they are selling
fast. Can arrange a large first
m/irtimm Possession at once. For
an all-round square deal, see me.
Every customer a satisfied one.
Harry A. Nichols, Farms Everywhere,
Real Estate, Coatesville, Pa.
OPPORTUNITY?Blacksmith wagon
maker. Good 10-room house, barn,
granary, shop, half-acre, fine shade,
private gas well, fine basement;
stores, churches, school, $2,730; an'
other new 7-room house, barn, large
hen house, half-acre, natural gas. cement
walks, close to pavement, county
seat. The town has electric lights,
water, sewer; $1,760 for quick sale.
, Also two farms, small and large.
Write M. M. Coon. Box 195. Jefferson.
Ohio. 3-lS-6t-3563.
i FOR SALE?One hundred and fifty
acres of the Smith Creek. Greer.e
county. Pa., coal at an attractive
; Address "coal." 1113 Penna
Station, Pittsburgh, Pa.
FOR SALE?-5 room house and bath;
1 acre ground on paved street ai
car stop. Reasonable terms can be arranged.
Address Box 3481. West Virginian
office. 3-4-tf-S4Sl.
FOR SALE?1 seven room bouse and
1 five room house. Both close in.
All modern conveniences. Address
j Box 3556 West Virginian office.
' . ^ . . .. W AKTEP
WANTED ? Miners wanted who are
studying for examinations, to get
, the best raining book published. "Min:
tag in a Nutshell." bv James Wajdiaw,
Scottdale. Pa. Price 82.25. 20-26t-3377
! WANTED ? To rent about May 1
i house furnished or unfurnished.
j Phone 325-J. 3-18-3t-356o
j WANTED?To buy good, bad lighi
i launch. Address replies to boa
! 3569. West Virginian. 3-2<Mt-3569.
I FOR RENT?Desk room, phone and
girl in office. Fbone 71-J. 2-12-tf-339S
! Notice is hereby given that on 01
: about the first day of April. 1918. thi
: undersigned, Albert Pethtel, will ap
! ply to John J. Cornwall, the Qover
I nor of the State of West Virginia, foi
a pardon, and aslt that he "be released
from aai sing the remainder of hb
sentence in the State Penitentiary a:
Mound rrHle, W. Va.
Mar. IfrSS.
! FOR RENT?Property known ai
Woodland Park with good stx-roos
house on paved road and street cai
. Un, with 14 warns of land, 6 acre
under cultivation. Five cent car fare
Utilities Corporation. 101 Main street
i !
LOST?A gray Idd gk>T# between T. 2
n r a and street, East
Pirk Ave. Under can 11SSJ. j
8-lHtWO. 7
LOST?Sunday by rotdekle on Carry
arenne brown bicycle trimmed in c
peep ?ad sold. Finder please re torn j
to 96 Fairmont arenne and recetre reirird
3-IS-it-3564 |
FT ANTED?Waitress or waiter. Ad- ^
dress Box 3459, West Virginian. ,
3-26-tt4459. WANTED?Girl
tor general house 1
work. 626 Fairmont arenne. Phone
509. 3-12-6t 3119. j
WANTED ? Women to do general 1
housework. Apply Mrs. J. F. Straight.
$09 Coleman Are S-12-ti-3523
WANTED?Experienced dining room
girl. Apply Tucker House, jsck- .?
soa street. 3-14-3t-SS41. j
WANTED?Young -women between the
ages of eighteen and thirty-five rears ?
to take the Nurses* Training course at s
W. S. H. Graduate eligible for State a
Registration. Wages 920.00 per month a
daring Junior year. For farther infor- s
nation apply to Superintendent. War- t
reu State Hospital. Warren. Ps. (I
3-l*>-4t*3?>4o WANTED
? Girl for general house- F
work. 316 Cleveland Are. 3-lS-lt S543
WANTED ? Waitresses. Apply Boyd "
! Anderson's restaurant. Clarksburg. c
; W. Va. Top wages. 3-lS-3t-356g f
j WANTED?Kitchen maid. Cook's i A
| Hospital. 3-19-tf-S367. j
! WANTED?A waitress. Mast have 3
experience. Apply B. & O. Rest J
| House. Mr. Donaldson.
3-19-3t-35SS. e
I fobsaLE I
j FOR SALE?Standard make of piano j j
in good condition. Mahogany case. J .
1 iiflit action, good tone, and a bargain t
] if taken at once. Apply 324 Jefferson | _
St. or call 317 Bell phono. 3-14-tf-3539 1
i FOR SALE?730 acres, otto mile to
| traction and It. R. on pike; good '
> htiildings. 250 A. level, cultivated, coal s
i asd timber. Pay for it $50.00 per acre. 7
! Ilcnry Edmister, Ironton. Ohio. J
3-20-61-3340.' v
FOR SALE?Household furniture. (
526 Gaston Are. 3-16-4t-S552.
FOR SALE?Soda Fountain and all 1
Implements at a bargain. Apply I
200 WSter St. 3-16-3t-3553. s
FOR SALE?Baby chicks, guaranteed *
any breed, prompt delivery. 10c up. ?
"Write your wants. Elwood Pusey.East I
Liverpool. Ohio. 3-18-6t-3657 \
"WANTED ? Attendants for insane, i
Young or middle aged men. Quail- i
fled men may enter tlie training school
for nurses. "Wages $2S.OO per month aid
all living expenses with increase r
of pay after 3 months service. Further |
increase can be expected for long ser- j
vice. Annual vacation given with pay. ;
"Reference required. Address Superintendent
State Hospital. Warren, Pa.
3-14-4t 3544 j
WANTED?Driver for furniture
truck. Apply J. H. Snider Furniture
Co. 3-2<M>t%570.
FOR SALE ? Eggs for hatching.
Anconas, $1.00 per setting. J. J. ,
Thorn .Lowesville, W. Va.
S-ll-52t34"S. i
FOR SALE?Two pens of single comb |
Black Minorca cmcKeni;, one peu t
Columbia Wyaudottes. All good lay- | :
. era. Also eggs for batching. D. J.
Michael. Broomfield. TV. Ya. 3-7-6t-3495 j
FOR SALE?Baby chicks. Guaranteed.
any breed prompt delivery:
10c up. Write your -wants now. Elwood
Puscy, East Liverpool. Ohio.
SALESMEN?To sell Universal Guar- '
anteed clothes. Leaders in men's
made-to-measure suits direct to wearer.
and S1T.50. Exclusive territory.
liberal commissions for live,
hustling solicitors capable of earning
flOB weekly with best selling line in
America. References required. Universal
Tailoring Co., IS Washington ?
. Place. New York. 3-16-lt-3549. 1
AGENTS?Make big profits selling j
our extracts. perfumes. cold
creams, face powders, spices, medicines.
etc. Beautiful high-grade line. !
Exclusive territory. Sample soap ;
free. Lacas&ian Co., Dept 95. St. :
Louis Mo. 3-16-lt-354S.
'. g VV fires, whatsove
g whatsoever developeth
; g fires or fire breeding i
: g any worth of manhoo
= ^ you, think of these thi
1 F. E. NI<
; S insui
g Masonic Temple?
? I l III?I aav
Not a One I
This company, authoi
of a series of departments
It can render yon assi
[ of any nature^ Real Estat
sr Let ns do broiness wit
Fairmont Trt
S^SsfSS^"^^1 - .:''' ^*A?>?2E3^M
^waRkr* cash vmcnagS 1
"OR RENT?'Two furnished rooms ISsli
light housekeeping. 623 tVataut
ive. 3?-t?3dM::v >?
VANTKD?f>om 1 to 4
or unfurnished rooms. CeitaQf loated.
Address Box 3653. 'West Vinin
is office.
'OR Rt'KT?Two forutshed rooms
light housekeeping. 334 Jeffsraool' - 7]^
treet. 34i-t?35S3' '--T^S
"OR RENT?Three basement roomie 5
ost Flats. Geo. H. Brohst Watson
"4?- 3-mtn3S54. ". c?g
"OR RENT?X furnished roost. fintleman
preferred. Call HSb* or at - '
"OR RENT?One furnished roaaj', W?8
SOS East Park avenue.
JARTLAND money making ttnna gM - '/--j
sale. Mild climate, productive land, . - .
took, feed, implements included. Po?- ' -.~323g
ess ion at once, good build lugs, -S7
cres, $4000; -6 acres. $3500 ; 307 I-r. j* ^iSS
ere a. $7500 ; 270 acres. $3500* 5<' .^.-shS
cres. $3000 ; 20 acres, $160?r Tana*
o suit. These are choice bargains. sf
'or full description write J. A. Jones, S
lalisbory. Md. 3'14f$KS> ,
'OR SALE?Paying furniture and un- : ^
dertaking-business in good locality.
0 acre farm at bargain. Poor Health - .
nly reason for selling. Box <1,^Ken-'.
fE NEED a large number of skilled ?5
and unskilled people, between the * ..
to .....l it Wh Twain and to. ""WiS
nale. to fill vacancies in production
lepartments of our plant. "We are do- , -'igjS
asr an enormous business both is. govrnmcnt
and regular commercial linos, . lecessitating
exceptional demand for .-.-JS
abor. rhysical examination required. .. <'
Ipply in person or communicate with ^19
factory Employment Office. The Good-s %
ear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio. "
'OR SALE ? 40 acres Bakers town r-%
coal. 4 feet thick, 1,200 feet -wagon ?i|||
taul to railway siding: mine open ana '
hipping. No better proposition any- ???
chore: big bargain. "Write or tel* ~
hone today. FarrisS Realty Company.- : 'Sag
Jrafton, W. Va. S15-6t-3547 XA.SH
Don't matter if broken. I piy $2.00
0 $15.00 per set, also cash Cor Old : ,
mid. silver, platinum, dental pld and . '
01 gold Jewelry. Will send cash by
eturn mail and will hold goods 10 days
or sender's approval of my pries. Mad tg
o U Mazer, 2007 S. 5th St., BiltsrtrfT^aBi
)hia, Pa. ' 2-lS-26t-3S5S "
SNAP ? Ninety acres Freeport
$$,500.00, on Ellc creek nearly two
niles from railroad. Inquire W. L 3f9^H
tfason. Volga, W. Va, Rt- 2. 3-lSSt-3561
PrrtfpRK* nnal Cards]
Optometrist and
experience. Glasses furnislitd la;
one tiour. With ->U '. ' "$%?
A. B. Scott & Company, s r J||
DR. A. B. SMITH, I .
Glasses of'all Kinds cometty . - : ^
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed. _ ~hi
Hall Block over Uartin's Ota* ' I
Practice limited to office audi
consultation. i
Ne<* Location 310 Main 8t
Hours 9 a. n. to S p. m daily.
and X to 4 p. m. Sunday by appoint- :' -v?
ment phone?New Directory 273; J ' '* . ',g?|
Residence Phone 1295 J.
? ,. * ... ?n
" P''
Repairing , and rebuilding so- " "'v'-i?|
tomobile radiators a specialty. ;
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt
and Sold.
Practical Tinner and Sheet
Metal Worker. 328^Monroe St. ' : . - , . ;
wueiiiryryeytyrwyfyrviiifiaf '
rer preventeth fires, f
naterials; if there be *!
d^ or womanhod ia ^
ized by law, is made tip I
5 each headed "by a. spec-:
stance on Trust matters ^
2 or Investments. I
byou. . . ;||

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