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Then carefully fold dotted line 1 its
BE;;;.'- .entire length- Then dotted line 2 and
B0Sg?"&'';,.BO'on. fold each section underneath
jgfey ; -eccnrately. "When completed turn over
Hgg8^J;aM?dt youU find a surprising result,
gg^; : Save the pictures.
Kvfce jMBM Weather Readings.
V^ st cr11 ' s ^ tv rth he^v-l
. events tonight.
^Masonic Hall?Eastern Star.
CnrriIngham Hall?Knights of Malta,
gji; .Homing' Building?Mountain City, K.
"Odd Fellows* Hall?Patriarchs Mflil|sl?v
- Red Men's Hall?Setting Suu Tribe.
Kt.' Maceabee Hall?Owls.
Kg? ' '* Musgrave Hall?Golden Eagles.
-, Normal School?Story Telling Club.
Sfe."' High School?Junior Class Play, -The
BgfcYf Time of Hfs Life."
BE';.. Hickman Run School?Patriotic moetBalkc
' Thie Nelson?Movie benefit of EastK^i
Local theatres (Four Minute Men! ?
(Dixie (9 p. m.) Hon. E. M. Snowalter:
'?'irPrincess (8 p. m.) Attorney Henry s.
- ^ Lively; Kelson (S p. m.) Attorney
Ross A. Watts; Hippodrome (S p. m.)
Attorney George M. Alexander; Grand
7< (St30 p. m.) Attorney H. H. Rose.
War Garden Meeting?At Jaycnnc
school on Friday evening at 7:45
o'clock a patriotic meeting -will be
addressed by Mrs. Ira L". Smith, and
v Miss Blanche Price in the interest ot
| -war gardens.
Meeting at Watson?At Watson to
morrow afternoon a patriotic meeting
will be held. Addresses will be delivered
by Mrs. Joseph Rosier, Miss
* Blanche Price and others.
Movie Benefit?This and tomorrowevenings
the motion picture play. "The
Narrow Trail," will be shown at the
i/ Nelson theatre. It will be for mc benefit
of the Red Cross and the local chapter
of the Eastern Star.
Authorize Mortgage ? At a recent
? general meeting of the West Chester
Real Estate company directors the authorization
of & $45,000 mortgage was
. . approved. The meeting was held at
the office of Attorney George M. Aiex
Increase Capital?The capital stock
of the Fairmont Chemical company
has been increased from $250,000 to
- $400,000. This was authorized at a
recent general meeting of the directors,
which was held in the office of
Attorney George M. Aexander.
Explosive License ? Today A. G.
Martin, county clerk. Issued an explo.
slve license to the American Valve
and Tank company, it is a purchasers'
Minister's Marriage Certificate?To'
day a minister's marriage certificate
. was filed at the office of A. G. Martin,
county clerk, by Rev. R. J. Yoak. of
the M. E. church, south, which shows
that be married Jerry Deems ar.d Mossie'
Strickler on March 19. Another
stows that the same clergyman mar
rled Melvea Yoder and Maude Miller
Ir . on marcn x- ?
Misses Wilma and Opal Hawkins, Dor
Food Demonstration?A food demonstration
is in progress this afternoom
at the Fleming school and women of'
r- that community are being shown how
to use the substitutes for wheat in
bread_ jpaking, etc. The demonstration
work is in charge of Miss Virginia
WANTED?To rent six or seven
~. room house close in. Call 415-J.
POST-?Gold cuff link with initials W.
B- Reward if returned to Box 2ZSZ,
West Virginian. 3-21-3t-35S3.
WANTED?Waitresses. Apply Boyd
K&v Anderson's restaurant, Clarksburg.
JF. Va. "Wages 312.00. 3-2l-4t-35S7
yOR RENT at Oakland. Md.. a beantl^
fnl 12-room brick veneered house.
Tecepim aauip oaui, etc., i<ugG jpvrcu
fej , and large shady lawn. Address John
|j&;- Anlt. Oakland. Md. 3-21-3 t-35S6
Kg-'-' fOR SALE!?Cheap, nearly new De?*/.
. trolt Jewel table gas range, bed
EffeV" Bavenport other furniture and dishes,
pr eai^W-alnnt Ave, Phone 90-KL^ ^
BALK?Han'dsom household furr'
mtnre. a chance to furnish your
B&:; .Stoma from attic to cellar at an atBfyr.
' tractive price. A Real Economy kitchen
range, practically new. 701
Is Very III?Basil Horny, ot Farmlngton,
who is a pattest at Cook
hospital, is la a serious condition today.
Lends Valuabls Glass?SOss Zsaa
B. McCres, K. r. D. Ho. 1. Fairmont,
has brought Is an expensive field
marine class which she desires to lend
to the navy to help detect submarines.
The clan was used la the Clrll War
by Raymond R- McCrea and Is walned
very highly by Its owner.
After-The-Theatre Cars?A special
car will run to Worthington and Intermediate
points following the play
at the high school auditorium this evening,
entitled "The Time of His Life."
Simon Leaves Tonight?Dal ton Sl!
moa will leave Fairmont this evening
for the metrical supply depot at 1210
Arch street. Philadelphia, where he
will enter military service. He has
been inducted into the medical department
of the army by the local draft
j board.
Booze By Blind Baggage?Reaching
'town bv blindbaggage B. & O. Officer
? 1 ' ' - T S
j Haziewcod la^t night airesieu uu j
j Burres. a local negro, for bringing in ;
; whiskey. Two packages containing i
: six quarts and two pints ol alcohol
, were found on the car platform. He Is
; being held by the authorities.
Replaces Flag?Today Judge Hay,
mond placed the service llag on the
walls of the Circuit court room imrne1
diatc'y to the rear of tho bench. This
; flag was presented in open court fh3
o'licr day by- Attorney Trercy Nutter.
I secretary of the Marion County Bar As!
A Very Bosy Man?-'One of the busi
est ncca in Fairmont for the past thirty-six
hours is Attorney Frank C. Havi
mond. who leaves tonight at 9:29 for
j "Washington, 1). C.. to report to the
judec aurocate's department. He rej
cc-ntiy was given a fine promotion. Mr.
; Jlaymond has been headlong in work i
j since he has been home trying to j
l straighten out many of the big cor-,
poration deals and business generally |
in which he had been the attorney.!;
! For a young man Mr. Haymond has
j had an exceptional practice.
Deeds Filed ? Today these deeds
I were filed for record with A. G. Mar:
tin. county clerk: Thomas S. Neptune
-*- " TO
? ct ux. 10 Virginia. uw>uu, iuio j.c? ?*?**.4 j,
j 19 in block 10. fronting on East Park
; avenue. East Side, Fairmont. $2,350;
j John H. Bums et ux. to the Mononga'
he'.a Valley Traction company, tract of i
; .70 of an acre of land in Paw Paw dis- >
j trict, and a tract of 1.13 acres of Pitts- i
' urgh vein of coal, along the Monon- t
! gahela river, in Paw Paw district, $10. i
! Wilt Be a Government Auditor? 1
: Simon C. Boord. a well known young i
! Fairmont business man. has enlisted i
in the cantonment division of the quar- 1
termastcr's department. Ke will be all
field auditor and has been assigned to j <
Fort Monroe. Hampton Roads. Va. He i:
: will enter active service in about ten i
! days. :
Home from Jersey?Dr. and Mrs. H. 1
j G. Stoetzer have returned from i
Wrigthstown, N. J.. where they had
i visited their son, John Stoetzer. who i
I is stationed at Camp Dix. Dr. and Mrs. i
i Stoetzer and their son spent a day or i
' two in New York City during their ab- j
; sence from this city. i
(Continued from Page One.) 1
______ i
i day and are doing the work of two 1
! men. One of the more faithful emi
* ? ?t- - * s J x 4l>. J
pioyees who is expenenuev m luc ,
work at the local office worked Just ,
46 eight-hour days during the 2S days j
iu the month of February. ,
Much work added to the F*r- <
mont office due to the fact that it is '
the central accounting post office for
the county. Instead of making re
ports to the authorities at Washington.
all of the post offices in Marion '
county, with exception of the office ;
at Mannington, make their report to '
the Fairmont office. Here the re- ,
port for the whole county is made up ,
and seat to the higher authorities, the :
Fairmont office thus handling all of <
the accounting work for the other
post offices in the county.
: Red Cross Mission
To Rumania is Safe j
(By Associated FreeSt
WASHINGTON". March 21.?The ;
American Red Cross mission to Ra- j
mania wiich fled from Jassy to Odes- .
sa to escape the advancing German
army had arrived safely at Moscow ,
according to advices received here to- t
day at Red Cross headquarters. J
The party headed by Henry W. An- <
derson of Richmond, Va^ consists of '
?c wamlipw mnctlv nhTfllciam and 1
nurses. ,
School Stops Early ;
For Boy Farm Hands ;
'By 'Associated Press>"
ALBANY, N\ Y.. March 21. ? Boys
and young men. between 16 and 21 j
years cf aga who enroll In the New
York state boys' working reserre for
farm work will be released from school
after April 1 and given full credit* it
they have at that date attained an average
of 75 per cent. In their studies ac- '
cording to an announcement today by J
Henry P- Sayer, director of the work- ]
lag reserve. /? "*
BERLIN. Starch 21.?Bavarian troops j
overran the first enemy line sooth- t
west of Ones at the Verdun front
yesterday and advanced as tar aa the i
Brule ravins capturing 240 men, army i
bs mt m
Federal Trade Commission
Man Says So. After His
j. Visit Here.
Nicholas County Presents
Some Decidedly Unusual
Nicholas county is the greatest undeveloped
coal field in West Virginia, according
to X>r. James McClung. Fuel
Administrator of Nicholas county, who
attended a conference of such officials
of the fourth coal district of West Virginia
Nicholas county has coal from 3*?
to 9 feet thick but it has hardly been
touched, there being only three or four
mines opened though quite a number of
farmers have coal cropping out of the
mountains from which they get their
individual supply.
Coal land can be bought in that county
for from $10 to $40 an acre excepting
that held by corporations, which
is not believed to be on the market.
The fuel situation was so serious in
Nicholas county last winter that the
fuel question became a vital one. A
? " ??? ^A'aiw D ioFiu-anr?
mine W09 V^CUCU ?V1U1? kwvunwwu
from which coal was hauled to supply
immediate demands and the
Cherry River Boom company told its
men to go get wood wkhout cost although
the men have regular work
and urge that there is no time tor this.
Fully onc-halfof the peopte of Nicholas
county use -wood and there is
much interest in wood there owing to
developments in which wood is employed.
Chemical extract wood sells
there at from $4 to $5 a ton.
The biggest tannery In the world 1s
located at Rich wood and there are interests
in which wood is involved such
as the manufacture of paper and
chemical extracts.
Many at Coal Club.
Between the missionary work of ;
Clarence Robinson and the interesting
character of the matters that come
up at them the weekly lunches of the
Coal club are becoming the big event
of each week in local mining circles,
yesterday 62 men sat down to the tallies
and although much business tvas
trowded into the hour there was much
that could have come up but did sot
because of the expiration of the time
limit. Mr. Robinson, who is vice presilent
of the club, was presiding in the
ibaence of President A. Brooks Fleming.
Jr., and he adjourned the meeting
ifter it had run five or ten minutes
iver time, saying that he felt that
seeping the meeting on schedule was
the proper thing.
The men who attend these meetings
tre finding that it benefits them in
many ways. They hear at first hand
reports of committees working in the
interest of the coal industry and they
also get a chance to exchange -news
and views with the other men in the
region. Many of them say that they
do not see how the coal men of the re-!
gion ever got along without the club.
Coal Notes.
O. A. Chandler, of the Federal trade
commission, who left Fairmont yesterday
for Clarksburg for a coal meeting,
after which he returned to Washington.
"I get more coal news at Fairmont
than at any other town I visit."
he said Just before leaving. "The coal
news gets to Fairmont people before
the big city papers have it and before
the trade journals print it." Mr.
Chandler's territory includes both
West Virginia and Virginia.
George Marshall Dye and James
Henry Hustead. of Wallace, and Halley
Hustead. of Dola. are to develop their j
coal interests in this section in common.
organizing a company in which
the trio has holdings.
William M. Mortimer, who was recently
appointed general freight agent
af the Coal and Coke Railway, is familiarizing
himself with the traffic
department of that line.
lie Richland Coal company, at Warwood,
W. Va.. has a new towhoat,
which is the only one within twentyKira
miTae Af f Vi o * aaitvf end finonf
vi kitub yviub ?uu w*v kiucjb
along that part of the Ohio river.
It is a Terr powerful boat capable of
moving large loads. Six sew barges
also arrived at that mine yesterday.
The Island Creek Coal company, of
Williamson, has offered $350 in gold
is prizes to those miners who will produce
the hest gardens the coming summer.
Two cases of smallpox were discovered
at the Bertha mine below Jimtown
last week and as the miners had
mild cases and would not remain In
doors when quarantined a pest home
was established, where Cy Curtis Is
?n guard with his "trusty rifle.' The
victims are said to be members of the
Metz family, of Fairmont.
Howard Robinson, James N. Hfisi
ltd C. J. Ryan have been named to
appraise the value of eoal land In Harrison
county title to which Is held
in the estate of Nathaniel Swing; or
tJnlontown, Pa. .
I . 9 9 . . I ^ W?h 4
American Seamen ^
Accidentally Killed
'By Anaoclatpd Press)
WASHINGTON, March 21.?Explolions
of s depth charge aboard the
imeriacn destroyer Master when the
ressel collided -with a British war ship
s European waters March 19 killed
he American commander and three
enlisted men and wounded eleven ethos.
Both ships were damaged.
In announcing the accident today the
ffavy department gave no farther deans
and withheld the location.
Lieut. Commander Richard C- &
lott was the officer killed. Amo&t
he men killed was Cecil Half, of
Juries ton. West Tlrgiaia.
u- 5a-'r ' ' *2
State Uses West Virginian
and Merchant's Records
_ to Establish Date.
With a potpourri of dates in the case
of the State vs. Harry Jones. Indicted
for robbing Isibore ZaslaC, a merchant
of Fairmont, on the highway near the
Annabelle trolley stop, there were
plenty of lively moments in the trial
today before Judge Haymond in Circuit
court. In the trial ot Manuel Jones,
charged with complicity- in the same.
tit* accused was convicted on tie testimony
that the robbery occurred on
December 14.
In the trial of Harry Jones today the
date was shifted by the state. A.copy
of The West Virginian of fs'ovember
27 which stated that Zaslaft was held
up the night before was offered into
evidence by the state, but Judge Haymond
admitted the newspaper into
evidence only to place the date of the
The testimony tends to show that
three or fotir difference dates have
been introduced into the case by various
sides until a "sea of dates" had
doveloped and a picnic ras at band endeavoring
to straighten matters out.
It appears that at the preliminary hearing
there was some doubt as to the
date, but testimony was given to show
it was December 14. This dates here;
after was carried by tie press. It now
i deevlops that the witnesses have have
got the date of the arrest of one of the
! Jones boys confused with the date
of the robbery.
No records were kept of the robbery
because the perpetrators of the deeds
bad escaped apprehension for probably
a month or two after which time the
Jones brothers were accused and their
arrest followed. The state this morning,
however, submitted the records of
Joe Cantor, who positively testified
J that by the entries of sales on his books
' That he can tell that November 26 is
I the correct date, which is verified by
the original account of the robbery in
The West Virginian. It rill be remembered
"that the officers got their "tip"
on the Jones brothers through the information
conveyed by James Campbell,
who was then confined in the
Ritchie county jail at Harrisvilie.
j Prosecuting Attorney waiter it.
Haggerty opened the case at 10:50
o'clock by addressing the jury. He
1 stated that tho state would be able to
| show that Jones and his brother, Man|
uel. had held up ZaslatT and -robbed
; him.
| Attorney L. C. Mhsgrave then adI
dressed the jury. He explained that
an indictment -was only an accusation
and that the defense had no opportu-1
nity to testify before the grand jury.
He dwelt on the fact that Prosecuting |
Attorney Haggerty was endeavoring to ;
evade the testimony of one of the i
state's witnesses, who swore at a pre-1
liminary hearing that it was "a moon-1
light night." The defense would prove I
conclusively. Attorney Musgrave con-!
tended, that Harry Jones was at Rives-:
ville on the night in question. Up to !
this time Prosecuting Attorney Hag-!
gerty had not mentioned the shift in
Isidore Zaslaff, the complaining witness,
-who resides at 620 Ogden avenue.
Fairmont, testified that ha was held
up by Manuel and Harry Jones and
robbed of $115 and a 20 jeweled Waltham
open faced watch. Zaslaff said
the highwaymen left him 30 cents in
change. He swore Harry Jones yelled |
"hands up." The highwaymen after j
they had robbed him departed toward
Four States according to the witness.
It was a light night according to Zaslaff
duo to the fact that there was
snow on the ground.
At this trial ZasiafT testified that
the offense occurred on November 20. J
He testified in the trial of Manuei J
UOnes Lii<iL it v*uu j-rtrcsmutrt xr*. ?c i
went to The "West Virginian newspaper |
office since the first trial and found
that the offense was committed on November
26. A copy of The West Virginian
of November 27 was introduced
as evidence. Judge Haymond did not
permit the item in regard to the robbery
to be entered as evidence but only j
the newspaper as a means of fixing!
the date. Zaslait gave details of the!
robbery. He testified that Harry
Jones had a handkerchief over his
face. Attorney Musgrave endeavored
to confuse the witness as to the description
of Jones. ZasIaiE testified
that the revolver was loaded. Tie said
that be recognized Harry Jones by bis
Joe Cantor, a merchant, of Fairmont,
submitted hi3 record book, which
shows he had been in Annabelle on
November 26. which is the night of the
bold up. He testified that it was a
""light night" and there was almost
an inch of snow on the ground on the
night hi question. Attorney Bell cross
??WI?UCU t wuw BUUJULCU iuai I
bo had testified that the offense bad j
occurred on Dec. 15, but wben told It;
was a Sunday said it must hare been on
the lGth or 17th. Cantor deaied be testified
that the offense occurred on Friday,
December 21. Attorney Bell
sprang a number of Questions upon
Cantor in the way of showing a lack of
agreement between the testimony given
at the preliminary hearing before
the Justice and that given in the trials
of the Jonses.
Castor positively set the date as November
26, but said he did not recall
that he testlifed before the Justice
that "It was December 21" because of
a particularly order" he had secured
that day. He would not deny that he
testified at the preliminary "it was a
real moonlight night." Cantor on
uiuaaTAriiiiiimuva inuu uai ? mnu
could be recognised 100 feet away. The
highwaymen departed toward Annabelle.
Cantor was asked by Attorney Bell
If be bad bees talking to anyone about
the case. He said be bad sot. He was
then asked "why did yon bring your
book with you then?" Cantor then
explained that there were n many conflicting
dates submitted on previous
occasions that he brought it along in
order to secure the correct date of the
P. P. Upson, pawn broker, of Fairmont,
testified that he recognized the
watch, which Zaslaff had claimed waa
his. He was asked to produce the
PMSRjafigrtt bPflfc FttOb Jfcggj
. ... - iwi-vr *'HrV^ii ffittKifn
fag directing Um to tern the stab 1b
coart this afternoonHarry
Jones" bond in the sum of J2r
000 'was jre-fnrnished pending the outcome
of the present trialAfternoon
When court met this afternoon at
1:30 o'clock, P. P. Llpsoa -was recalled.
Prosecuting Attorney Haggerty
endeavored to have tie pawning transaction
of Manuel Jones put into the
case. The Jury was withdrawn and
the point was argued. Judge Hayxnond
ruled it out as it had no
relevancy as to the accused.
The Jury was brought into the room
again at 1:55 o'clock and Lipson was
asked if he had any particular identification
work on the watch. Lipson
| said that he had not and It was prottI
able there were other watches of the
! same make in existence.
Deputy Sheriff Edward Slack waa
asked if be knew the date of the robbery
to which he replied "I do from
my expense account." Mr. Slack said
it was a rather cold night and there
was some snow on the ground, which
made it a light night. Mr. Slack said
he could identify a man 100 feet away
at least tell whether he was black or
white. Mr. Slack said he tracked
steps 300 yards.
L. J. Michael, a constable of this
county .testified aw to the investigation
on the night of the robbery. He
i corroborated Mr. Slack's remarks. He
j fixed the date as November 26 by his
I expense account. He said the moon
J was shining somewhat.
At 2:00 o'clock this afternoon Deputy
John S. Glover was on the stand.
He testified that the date of the robbery
was November 26, having a record
of it because of an enterv on his
expense account. The note book was
produced?on trial.
rBy Associated Prosst
j MILWAVKEE, Wis, March 21.?Rej
turns In from the backwoods districts
; over night and so far today did not ma;
terially change the relative standing
of the results of Tuesday's primary.
With the vote complete in 22 counties
and practically compete in others Lenroot
today had a lead of 2.326 oves
; James Thompson, the LaFollctte canI
? ?
j Rotary Club Hears
Patriotic Address
The Rotary Club has a very interesting
session today at which the
principal address was made by George
Byrne. West Virginia newspaperman,
who is in Fairmont on a special as
slgxunent from The Jia:iurtiCturers-|
Record, of Baltimore. Mr. Byrne
made what many o fthe Rotarism declare
to have been the strongest address
yet delivered before that body,
emphasizing the importance of patriotic
duty svhich is a hobby with The
Tdanufacturers Record. Mr. Byrne
was at one time editor of The Charleston
.Gazette and is one of West
' Virginias forceful writers as well as
I a clever speaker. His articles on The
New South in The Review of Reviews
j will be remembered locally. R. L.
! O'Neal, a member of the Lynchburg
I (Va.) Rotary club was present today
! after pleading important engagements
! time and time again and made a brief
| address. <
; Several Lunacy
Cases Are Heard j
The county lunacy commission late j
I yesterday afternoon decided that Jesse
Furbee. of this county, -was not insane, j
i Domestic trouble coupled with worri-1
I ment over the death of a son caused
Furbce to develop a queer demeanor i
and on the strength ol that he was
| j'anked before the lunacy commission, j
| The commission yesterday afternoon
decided to send Mrs. Josephine Mason,
of near Farmington, to the State hos- |
pitnl at Weston. \
? j
A Conserving Food j
I ! ? The recognized value i
! | I
I urape-iiucs b
" I
as a "saving" food for
these serious times, rests
upon real merit,
.f Unlike the ordinary i
cereal ^ Grape-Nuts re- ,
quires*no sugar, little j
milk or cream, and re- j
quires no cooking or gj
other prepaxntjon in 81
'fj. A trial is -well worth I
While for those who r
sincerely desire to sa^e. |
''There** a Reason" J
News Lad ?it B. & 0. Train
Jailed for Being Extensive
Lodged in Jail to assurer * charge
of selling whiskey contrary to the
Yost law, John Rose, a newsboy on
j the -B A O. trains, bailing from Glen
j Elk. near Clarksburg, today was sn:
able to procure bond in the sum of
i $500 tor a preliminary bearing before
Justice Conaway. Sheriff Glover and
Deputy Sheriffs Adams and Glover.
Constable Michael and Policeman
Kerns figured in making this important
Rose, who is charged with having
sent hundreds of cases of whiskey
into the county had $50 of marked
money on his person when apprehended.
having sold it at $50 a case,
which meant he was mating $14 a
case for his risk. The county officers
gleaned their information from a foreigner
named Xeff. of Monongah. who
was recently convicted of selling before
Justice Conaway. Xeff last night
bought a case of whiskey from Rose
for the officers between Fairmont and
Monongah in which Xeff tendered
marked money. Roses" arrest followed.
' - -
I Lecture
g At Presbyterian chur
| P. M., Mrs. Juliet V- Stra
% tor to the Ladies Home Jo
g popular and pleasing lec
g Her Halo." Mrs. Strauss
g a splendid voice and delive
g that is most pleasing and
| frorh the Grand Opera t
i church was made necess
| House is occupied for the i
? Tickets on sale at A.
g Single admission 50c.
| Bargains
I Musical In
& Already the changes Incident
& us a number of bargains in used ffi
g the roora they occupy for new sto
g' are going to hand out some real b;
g struments.
| Save $100
? That is what you sate on this
g beautiful burl walnut case, and t!
g well taken care of. You can har<
g is free and light, and the tone a
g at this piano. It is a big value ;
X $350.
1 A Piano Case
it A party wanted to tis.de a fin
g player and we took it The case 1
gj seven full octaves. splendid tone
g for a lodge or Snnday school. Sold
g let it go at $45.
| A Parlor Or:
g This Newman parlor organ ha
g the top.' The instrnmeit is rldic
g buyer gets it at that figure.
,? |
It's Shopwori
? A Clarendon that It slightly
v case, light action, sweet round tot
2 $350. We cannot get the full pric
|: and will move it Into your home 1
I Your Term
On any of these instruments '
that yon can pay 'for it without m
chance, don't miss it. The first bnj
I C. fl. HC
Hc3rnsr?t0!f. "w. va.?* Or- Phragj-jlj
F&Torite Prticrip^oa wa? a naA Mi -a
to me daring expect- ^^j^SgaBpaafl
mney. My heal tit / !3
seemed to fail?I be- f
came all run-down, / jhy _JB>1
weak and nervous. B4F8N
could not eat nor j, W! *- .
sleep and wu nansc- -c&gvX JEgek .
atea all the time. I igS&./U " iw
was In very bad cm- ^r-? ta-w
dition and even the l^n .. .j
doctor did not think "^^^ir^rrTfcSS""' ^
I would set through **
all right, out I began
taking 'Favorite Prescription _and ? JSgg
brought me through in splendid health
and my baby was strong and healthy. I .
do recommend ' Favorite PrescripUosrse
being a splendid medicine."?Msa. A. K> ?
Hicks, 1719 Virginia Avenue. , . ;\qa?b
Disk. w.Va.?"T have taken Doctor-:^
. - Pierco's medicine fot-jjsgg
years; it has dose me I
tn/tm ?VlI t.hhB ATIV
ff V medicine I ever took. ,>^S|
B -55 Five doctors ssfcl I
:Ot ^ c* {V. could not bo curedj '
' flffl* AA Jr,' ^aid I could not live -;g39i
but a few mtmtbs wad . i^gyM
on? so ' S |ti
~--'rF~~ Medical Discovery and J9
It saved rcy life, X am sore."?Jttss. '', >!. vaB
CanLy \viLsoy. - **
Clark sbtto, W. Va. ?" I h*v? taken ..- -.J|
nearly ail of Doctor Pierce's remedies as ' J^'sB
dtfTerent times when in need of a tnodfdao tj.SS-Ja
of their kind and found them all to give .ia^saal
perfect satisfaction. The 'Ploasant .' ,"3S
Pellets* are a splendid regulator of tifca^ySgS
stomach, liver and bowels, and ss a. ~ tsJMB
woman's tonfel havo taken the * Favorite-iSC
I Proscription' and found it fust as good.
| as it is represented to be. The 'Golden '
Medical Discovery* '"s a splended blood ' -^^sS|
un-dicino. also good as a spring tonic. -X
| am glad to recommend Dr. Pierce's reme- 'ssffl
dies for 1 know they arc all good."?Mas. Pavjok
Booth. 221 .Tackson Street. J*??3a
- 1
Course I j
ch, Friday, March 22, at 8 i||
luss, the popular contribu- i|;
urnal will deliver her most : i 1
:ture, "How Mother Gets ;i
has a pleasing personality,
rs her address in a manner iji \|fl
entertaining- The change 1;
louse to the Presbyterian v^j|
ary because the Opera j: '~ Ji
. G. Martin's Book Store. \ /M
stniments I |
to approaching; spring has brought j \; sg
lusical instruments. Wo must har* g
ck that is daily coming in, and w? '*3
irgains in the way ot musical la- \t\ - ;
On a Piano I |
Kurtzman, style It piano. It is a. ; -
le piano has been in a good home gf ~'i33
ily tell it has been used. The action jtf .
a true Kurtzman tone. Come look 8. -:'M
at $250. Cost the owner originally sNl
Organ Cheap ( J
e Stevens pano case organ in an a Si
8 a pretty, dark mahogany, organ Is g .
and -would make an excellent boy ci v
t new for $150, hut we are going to S v! ;: 'i*
gan for $25 |;|j|
s -a flne large plate glass mirror jn 2 wsgaM
mlously cheap for $25, bat the first | _
l?Save $100 j 1
shop worn. beautiful golden oKk |
e. and well worth the original price 5
i on account of its being shopworn |
- v.
is Are Ours' I
ire will make terms so rcagonshie
issing the money. This Is yonr-.; fritfjsi
er in takes the bargain. Call ?ilj S J

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