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" ~. J />'- .i. Sj
^ fj^BFiy - D
' 'W?^* | | *?ele*l Comedy
1 i " TT-*-J ? ? p??'
|| > * P?t of the Petticoats
. Photoplays
w| Keleon.The JTarrorr Trail
flP Dixie A Modern. Lorelei
jg Pit?m .. Secret of Storm Country
Bp Amateur Theatricals
jt* ' H. 8. Auditorium .. Time of Hie Life
je?" r Hippodrome?'"The Lost Express"
(screen) sad Girls* Kail Driving
8 . D&le?Chaplain comedy "By the
PT . Princess?Hearst-Pa the news.
?- . rpO be college pals of the red-blooded
American stripe; pais in
. prsnlcs and athletics; sharing
~ file glories and gloom of victory and
"defeat on gridiron, diamond and track.
*.* ? and then ot be separated by the course
5 '=i of human events and lost to each
other for nearly a score-and-five
|2T yean; and then again by tho oueor
B?$ pranks of fate, be suddenly brought
- together in passing alor=: life's menp>
way la an experience to thrill the
jt$v "deadest soul."
Last night at the Grand theatre
EkE Commissioner Ira L. Smith was
W:' booked for a four minute speech.
"Doc" March's show troupe had
?> been at the Grand all week, hut it
< ? was Mr. Smith's first trip to the Grand
k" during that time.
Mr. March was taking care of the
jpt '^passengers" as they entered the
Y door. Mr. Smith passed in with the
[i, line and stopped just a moment to
announce his errand.
j. Both men exchanged glances, then
.$.* stared a questioning stare. Any boy
of the street might have yelled
5J, "well, what the h you locking
Si at!".
But It didn't go that far. Smith
p and March spoke a few words, culminating
in the heartiest hand-shake
either had enjoyed in a long while.
"Doc" March and Ira Smith were
? college friends. Both attended >lt.
Union College at Alliance. Ohio, in
1914. Mr. Smith was so impressed
with the meeting that he prefaced
his four minute talk on "the income
taxT with a laudation of Mr. March
and his company.
In the foyer they recalled boyhood
days; the days when "Doc" March
. was the most loyal rooter for Mt.
? ' Union's prowess in athletics. The
rivalry between contending teams
were always of the hottest, though
the feeling never hitter. "Doc" was
y the most peace-loving man in college.
It but in the "scraps" he was a leading
factor. When a fight was threatening
"Doc" would hand the "bully" of
5; the opposite side his card with the
request that they meet in "mortal
combat" at his hotel. "Mind if you
jfe don't show up. I'll be after you." became
a favorite expression of the
now famous showman. Only once
did the "bluff" fail to work, and what
happened that once was not fully
gathered, other than "Doc" couldn't
be expected to lick the whole crowd.
These two boyhood friends are Just
the happiest men in town today.
Hipp Bill Much improved
Mersereau's Company.. "The SubV
marine Girls" gave a much better bill
at the Hippodrome last night than the
one which introduced this organziation
to Fairmont. The comedy is Oe*
cidedly better, and save for some
"hokum" that might well be loft oat
of the work of the Paramount Four
there is no reason for registering
complaint. The opening, with Lew
Kellner and the chorus, is as "peppy"
aa needs be. Excellent song selections
were Introduced and the medley
of old time melodies by the quarran
A orftH
WftO UUU VUljr syiwuu<u< t - ,but
was a departure from hockncycd
Quartette offerings.
BQly Finnegan, the Irish comedian,
appeared in the character of a "rube"
sheriff, and had the house roaring
Matinee at 2:46. 15c.
Nights at 7:46 and 9:00, 15c, 25e
Cuhimrine flirlc
Ky Specialty Act#?Goad Comedy
Bife' - Active Chorus?Good Singing
KbI 1 - HtUm Uoh*es
Ijg I . Sbmal-Unt**
I I Don't w?a th* big added fe*I
Tonight Girls' Nail Driving
j^tnsuis&s sfldtfs C2b^^**^NBB^r" Ibi^^ ?8S4
It that got the Itiflw, The XSBott
sisters danced and win a' number
which was roundly encored.
The -work of the chores sad a sons
by Hersereaa were other features
of the show.
The same bill repeats tonight, with
the added feature of a naU driving
contest by the girls of the chores.
"The Loot Express" is showing the
.fourth chapter, and It' Is quite some
Tomorrow there wfll be another
complete change of program?a William
S. Hart picture will be on the
screen, .a new play on the stage, and
an amateur program of considerable
proportions will be added.
Dixie Has Spectacular Piay
A diring ballet of one hundred girls
f? an wittiandlnr f<ati?r? of the heail
tiful scenic embellishments of "A
Modern Lorelei" which is the Dixie's
. scheduled headliner for today. Tyrone
.Tower is the featured player and in
all it is probably the most spectacular
sea picture yet presented here. As aa
added attraction Charlie Chaplin in
"By the Sea'* and special music are
included in the program.
Continued Success of "Merry Makers'*
AI. Warner. June Mullin. Eddie
Dettmaa. Ruth Wheeler and Don
Macrnillan were the high lights of the
cast in "For the Love of Mike," which
was presented nt the Grand last night
, to the largest audience of the week.
! The very nature of the play permitted
the introduction of several
mighty good specialties and brought
the splendid chorus into more promij
ncnce than it has yet enjoyed.
i A "pick-out"' number in the closing
i act demonstrated that the "stars" arc
not all in the cast. At loast six of the
j girls introduced specialties that were
I "acts'* in themselves.
} The musical numbers were unusualj
ly catchy anil the song "No Place for
' .Me*' by Tom Dcpuc, tvas a pronounced
j "hit."
With the nightly increase in the
size of the audience it is evident that
local theatre goers are awakening to
the fact that March's Musical Merry
: Makers is an aggregation rarely met
' with. and the likes probaDi7 never dc-i
, fore encountered at popular prices. I
Tonight's offering will be "The Pet!
| of the Petticoats." a throe act musl[
cal comedy made famous by Anna
I Held.
| "Storm Country" Play at Princess
" The Secret of the Storm Country"
' a gripping story well acted Is at the
j Princess. Xora Tahnadge is starred
as Tess. the daughter of Ora Skinner
and the idol of the despised squatj
ter Tiilage. on the stormy shores of I
i Lake Cayuga. Tess. whose father is j
i Ferring a life sentcnco in the pcnitcn-i
tiary. has lost her heart to Frederick'
Graves, a divinity student whose'
mother has high hopes of him of a
; wealthy marriage. Frederick, cqualiy
; in love with Tess and fearing to
brave his mother's displeasure, has;
j persuaded her to consent to a secret |
j marriage. |
Her cyfes blinded by love, Tess;
- TT-dJ
I2.21S ZO 566 LUt? ui *. *vv4 ,
crick's coarse, and her days are spent j
I Special Added 1
Today and Tomorrow |
| Tyrone Power 8
And Diving Ballet of |
In one of the most spectacular I
sea pictures yet produced.
> I ?-1 H
I A muueui lvicici n
Special Music Tonight
Charlie Chaplin
i%THts ^ ME SUES
i tue girr? ?
lr E H
SpEfeaaeS jPo^' I
| missing-ft iv^
Is met aafcto and he Is allowed'* retain
to Ids home. Tees who his bees
hiding as escaped prisoner in the
attic -welcomes him thankfully, and
together they continue to shield little
Andy IBahop, the hunchback.
Hart Picture and Benefit.
One would think that every thrill,
eveiy act of reckless daredevHtry, had
been injected in William S. Hart photodramas.
However, this famous Western
character always figures in some
new and startling adventures.
For instance, in "The Narrow Trail."
the initial Ince-Artcraft picture, which
will be seen at the Nelson today, Hart
portrays an outlaw who falls under the
influence of a beautiful girL He loves
her with all the desperate passion of
which his wild nature is capable, "hna
determines to reform. In doing this,
his source of income Is naturally shut
off. and he is in trying straits for ready
Just at this crisis, a big Rodeo Is to
be held in a nearby city. A cash prize
i3 offered for the principal event?a
"jump in the saddle and away" race?
and the outlaw determines to enter,
himself and hi3 Pinto pony. In doing
so he knows ho is taking a tremendous
risk, as the peculiarly marked pony is j
known to the sheriff and his deputies: J
but goaded by necessity he tafces a :
chance, and in the presence or a crowa ;
leaps into the saddle.
It Is during this wild ride with its I
throngs of contesting cowboys that '<
excitement rises to its heighest pitch. 1
The ICastcm Star and the local chap- j
tcr of the Tied Cros3 are to derive the j
proceeds from this attraction at the
?The Junior class play "The Tiiue I
of His Life" will be given at the High 1
school auditorium tonight.
?One of the features of the ansa-!
teur night program at the Hippodrome i
will be the Young Men's Mandolin j
and Guitar club, which is compused
of Albert Angelilli. Andy De'.ligatti;
and John Russo. three Italian amateur !
musicians of local fame. I
?The Kellners. Lew and his pretty
life partner, will close with the Submarine
Girls at the end of the en|
1 }<e Famous Expone
"the mm
This is an Eastern St<
Bring your friends.
| ? ~~
"The Pet of tl
A Musical Comet
Secured fron
Don't miss seeing I
niest comedian appearing
Sec tfte Deauiy cnorus anc
Friday, Raymond Hitch
Saturday Matinee
& With Tige, Bustei
15c & 25<
HAM.? ToCD) ( \ JSTtU?
AW A. _ St* !*. ) ??
* * V
V . ... ... .
^iQQngStOWS^ OllSOp SSXt woct
prises in store ltrr his friends sad win
spring them at the Hippodrome next
week. We are Is on tbe secret tat
ts obedience to Doug's expressed wlab
we won't tell. He doesn't want Fuzzy
Knight and tbe old Mountain City
crowd to get next. Fleming Is some
performer now?real "big timer.** so
Some Attractive Improve-j
ments Have Been Made
by the Firm.
To keep paw with the times and
meet the demands of a discriminating j
as well as a rapidly growing trade,
the firm of S. J. Courtney and Son
have made a number of improvements j
in their already attractive and modern '
woman's store in the shape of new
fittings and equipment.
Chief among these improvements is
the installation of what is charactcriz-1
ed as a '"rose room" where distinctive j
suit models are exhibited. This "rose J
room" is attractively fitted up in ere-'
tonne of rose hue with rugs and dra-!
peries of an accompanying shade. In :
this room two mirrors have been in
stalled and distinctive suits and dress-1
cs are exhibited. This room is a sort
off companion to .tlie "white room" in ;
which are exhibited exclusive hat mod j
els. this "white room" being at this ,
timo taken up with a new shipment i
of the well known "Rawak" hats.
JCew show cases have been ordered ;
JOB! Today
:nt of Western Life
S. Hart i
im TRAIL" i
ir and Red Cross benefit. I j
- J|
iND Nifar
* :
he Petticoats"
Jy in Three Acts
t Anna Held
?; :
ton MacMillan, the funin
Fairmont this season.
I the illuminated runway.
cock's Greatest Success
and Marv .Tane.
y Night *
c. Night 15c, 25c, 35 & 50c
? TUE POLICE ) / >
2.8 ^ T|oU$?
fire move spec? on the first Door of
the annex file corset fitting room has
teen moved to the rear of the main
room and the space thus left has been
Siren over to the hosiery and glove
The firm has adopted a poller since
"price soaring" began of keeping their
stock as near rock bottom prices as
can possibly be done and according
to the "way the stock in disposed of
daily, the public thoroughly appreciates
this fact The Courtney Una has a
niTtflinf order with the firms from
which they purchase their stock not
to vralt until an order is complete but
as soon as a fraction of a dozen or a
score of garments are completed to for
MriAt7g # ^IWGswk'
=r? YWM1 i
I Be TVui
The mostfitt
of Lincoln is
We are engag
the great prii
coin stood foi
You are a true J
the triumph of
the matter?
V I Y7 WASB You Got - - r
^ 1 71 IvS^f&SCkUSS?*-)
Courtney*" wemal years ajo did j
snr with Om formal smuts And Ml 1
opening but their store has an cpea tug j
each day la the wsek when an accost- ,
odatins clerical force is on, band to ox- ;
hlfolt an. attractive Una of ready to
wear garments, lata, corsets, hoslarr. !
line gloTes, etc.
i Many Send Books to
Mon in t.TiP Sp/nrifie
The appeal made recently for book*
' to be*sent to the soldiers and sailors
! has met 'with ready response and the
1 books are now betas packed at the t?
-flaw MS&:
Lincoln's-? Gettysburg Adda
Nove m bei^ 9^ 8 &5"
__ r rrrf ? fir" r ("tXt't'tt rnr ifrt?>
e To His M<
ing tribute you can pay to th
to buy War savings Staic
ed in a war to extend to all
iciplesof freedom and liberty
fought for, and died for.
American- You are personaixy t?
this great cause. What-have you
f. V* V
. P. LIPSON, 311 Madison Str*
Over Ten Years in One Place
;. ; '
rsr KJ
xioks by mt&OSag thtaxTto 'tiSfySsSSR
wiWtBff ?nrl it tUs Is not coarsr.
o deliver them in person sums t
m called cor by coTiimunKWtng'swji^^
>hoae 1X6 3L A great many cboie* i
jooks have been contributed w faxv
flr /ftjt
- iis
_ ilmjMIt' 3sh
^BIV' ' ', ?-CC
ii^, jn, -^^jpjjjj
BH j*
'jjp .
II z* "^*^331
mbbJ jj
?TWE measles, r^, a... -a
^ 110 llMII ' . .->',"7?saaaB
I j
IJ|RW Cr jj/
ffttfj ^ VI ' v^sjS
- .: ?" * .'x ~**~.,,.-- Es^^B

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